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Storrs Cemetery (Old and New)
Mansfield, Tolland County, Connecticut

GPS (old cemetery): 41.812144, -72.251034
GPS (new cemetery): 41.811399, -72.255734

N. Eagleville Rd
Mansfield, CT 06268

Published: July 14, 2016
Total records: 2,540

Surnames A-E

Records published here were acquired from the City of Mansfield on July 12, 2016. The City had combined records from both the old and new cemeteries into one, causing us to publish them as a single, combined transcription.

Adamcik, Anna
, d. 12/10/2006, Windham, CT, Sec 5, Lot 40, Gr 6-R
Adamcik, Frank H., Jr., d. 8/4/2008, Windham, CT, Sec 5, Lot 39, Gr 6-R
Adamcik, Frank H., d. 11/12/1991, Windham, CT
Adamcik, George Stephen, d. 11/12/1979, Windham, CT
Adams, Arthur Anthony, d. 10/20/1942
Adams, Edgar Eugene, d. 3/10/1906
Adams, Elna, d. 9/16/1971, Highland Park, IL
Adams, George Edgar, d. 2/21/1959
Adams, Ida Lewis, d. 4/25/1965, Windham, CT
Adams, Phoebe Estella, d. 6/21/1956
Adams, Richard John, d. 12/17/1987, Mansfield, CT
Adams, Walter Lewis, d. 7/6/1976, Windham, CT
Ahern, Thomas Edward, d. 2/1/1998, Windham, CT, O/40/6
Akus, Evelyn Anita, d. 6/20/2007, Mansfield, CT, Sec 8, Lot 59, Gr 3-B
Akus, Julian, d. 2/21/1981, Windham, CT
Alassi, Antonio, d. 1/9/1977, Windham, CT
Alassi, Maria Diquinzio, d. 6/6/1987, Windham, CT
Albee, Emily Farrick, d. 6/8/1984
Albee, Peter F., d. 11/21/1996, Manchester, CT, F/56/6
Alexander, Charles S.
Alexander, Nell Green, d. 2/28/1961
Allard, James William, d. 8/15/2006, Windham, CT, Sec N, Lot 36, Gr 5
Ames, Frances Ofreay, d. 3/4/1974, Windham, CT
Anctil, Eleanor, d. 1/19/2006, Dover, NJ, Sec M, Lot 40, Gr 3
Anctil, Pierre Henry, d. 9/6/2004, Morristown, NJ, Sec M, Lot 40-4
Anderson, Emily (Twin A), d. 8/22/1981, Farmington, CT
Anderson, Eunice Freeman Storrs, d. 3/13/1893, W of Samuel D., B-10/19/1819
Anderson, Holly (Twin B), d. 8/22/1981, Farmington, CT
Anderson, Luther, d. 6/14/1847, Age 76
Anderson, Samuel Dwight, d. 10/25/1881, B-6/22/1810
Anderson, Sarah, d. 4/17/1848, W of Luther, Age 67
Andrukewicz, Stella Helen (Reburial Ashes), d. 1/3/1989, Mansfield, CT
Arjona, Jaime Homero, d. 1/25/1967, Mansfield, CT
Arjona, Jose Jesus, d. 7/10/1962, Willington, CT
Arjona, Olga Marie (Ashes), d. 4/14/1998, Stocktan, CA, I/64/2
Armstrong, Hannah, Vernon, CT
Arshad, Iftakhar, d. 6/5/1974, Hartford, CT
Ash, Edith R., d. 8/8/2001, Windham, CT, F/65/1
Ash, Frank Howard (Ashes), d. 12/20/1985, Haverhill, MA
Atwood, John W., d. 8/19/1973, Damariscotta, ME
Atwood, Marion T. (Ashes), d. 11/11/2004, South Kingstown, RI, Sec G, Lot 27, St 3
Aubin, Henrietta, d. 8/31/1996, Windham, CT, M/28/1
Austin, Adele, d. 8/13/1987, Waterbury, CT
Austin, Joseph H., d. 6/29/1976
Averill, Lawton Everest, d. 6/11/1987, Hartford, CT
Averill, Violet Snow, d. 1/15/1982, Windham, CT
Avery, Edward Allen, d. 12/28/1967, Mansfield, CT
Badger, Charles N., d. 9/27/1907, B-1858
Badger, Estelle J., W of Charles N.
Bailey, Alvin J., d. 2/18/1985, Windham, CT
Bailey, Helen K., d. 1/20/1993, Windham, CT
Bailey, Sara Ann, d. 9/19/1980, Windham, CT
Bake, Eunice, d. 12/20/1819, W of Moses, Age 25
Baker, Albert A., d. 8/9/2004, Sec O, Lot 6, Ste 1
Baker, Charlotte (Ashes), d. 9/1/2007, Stafford Springs, CT, Sec 1, Lot 6, Gr 4-O
Baker, Daniel Charles Edward, d. 9/30/1968, Windham, CT
Baker, Elisha M.
Baker, Ellen Elizabeth (Ashes), d. 10/9/2005, Highland Park, TX, Sec 8, Lot 61, Gr 7-J
Baker, Harriet Louise, d. 10/23/1983, Windham, CT
Baker, Jennie L., d. 8/9/1987, Colchester, CT
Baker, Joseph Merrow, d. 7/30/1930, B-10/12/1914
Baker, Joseph Merrow
Baker, Lois, d. 8/6/2001, West Hartford, CT, J/61/6
Baker, Pauline M., d. 4/14/1971, Dallas, TX
Baker, William M., d. 12/20/1997, West Hartford, CT, J/61/5
Baldwin, Catherine A., d. 7/9/1994, Manchester, CT
Baldwin, Charles B., d. 6/14/1863, S/Seth P & Celinda, GAR Marker, B-7/4/1845, 18 yr
Baldwin, Levtham, d. 2/23/1750
Baldwin, Phebe H., d. 10/6/1900, B-3/7/1825
Baldwin, Robert C., d. 11/7/1988, East Hartford, CT
Baldwin, Seth Perry, d. 4/15/1892, B-7/3/1812
Ballard, Adah Ruth, d. 3/13/2010, Windham, CT, Sec 7, Lot 55, Gr 1-E
Ballard, Frank Willard, d. 6/4/2010, Mansfield, CT, Sec 7, Lot 55, Gr 7-E
Ballen, (Baby)
Banks, Vilma Metz (Ashes), d. 9/8/2005, Hot Springs, AR, Sec D, Lot 57, Gr 7
Barchauski, George Joseph, d. 12/30/1961, Windham, CT
Barchauski, Jeanette L., d. 2/11/1964, Windham, CT
Barchauski, Theodore G., d. 2/22/2004, Wethersfield, CT, Sec F, Lot 39, Gr 2
Barlow, Clement S. (Ashes), North Bergen, NJ, Sec 8, Lot 64, Gr 2B
Barnes, Carl Wesley, d. 6/30/1986, Mansfield, CT
Barnes, Rexford D. (Ashes), d. 4/23/1988, FL
Barnett, Esther Dodge (Ashes), d. 8/26/1992, Windham, CT
Barnett, James Harwood, d. 6/6/1992, Manchester, CT
Barnett, John Dodge, d. 1/2/1943
Barrett, Lavonne, d. 12/31/1973, Manchester, CT
Barrows, Abia C. Baker, d. 1/1/1907, Vernon, CT, W of William H., B-1831
Barrows, Andrew, d. 1/1/1872, B-1781
Barrows, Catherine E. Cheney, d. 1/1/1915, W of clark, B-1844
Barrows, Clarissa B., d. 1/1/1901, Norwich, CT, B-1867
Barrows, Clarissa Storrs, d. 1/1/1920, W of John, B-1840
Barrows, Clarissa U. Fuller, d. 4/30/1908, W of Ethan, Age 82
Barrows, Clark E., Ellington, CT, B-1848
Barrows, Cook Welch, d. 1/18/1824, S of Gurdon & Sophia, B-1/23/1807
Barrows, Dinah, d. 9/29/1841, W of Ethan, Age 76
Barrows, Dorothea B. Usher, d. 1/1/1908, B-1902
Barrows, Edison G.
Barrows, Edwin L., B-9/18/1866
Barrows, Edwin S., d. 6/21/1833, S of Salmon & Joanna, Age 11
Barrows, Elisha, d. 4/16/1804, S of Ethan & Dinah, Age 19
Barrows, Elisha, d. 9/8/1775, S of John & Mary, Age 16
Barrows, Eliza, d. 11/3/1935
Barrows, Esther M., d. 12/15/1834, D of Marcus & Maria, Age 4
Barrows, Ethan A., d. 1/16/1856, Age 32
Barrows, Ethan, d. 7/20/1809, Rev War Marker, Age 48
Barrows, Everett White, d. 1/1/1859, B-1858
Barrows, Francis Williams, d. 1/1/1853, S of Joseph D & Mary K, B-1851
Barrows, Franklin
Barrows, Frederick Otis, d. 2/26/1926, B-6/16/1876
Barrows, George Morrison, d. 1/1/1850, S of Joseph D & Mary K, B-1849
Barrows, Gurdon A., d. 3/7/1837, Age 9 mos
Barrows, Gurdon, d. 2/14/1823, B-7/1/1775
Barrows, Hattie L. Miller, d. 1/17/1928, W of Edwin L., B-7/30/1862
Barrows, Huldah, d. 9/12/1775, D of John & Mary, Age 6
Barrows, James H., d. 1/31/1840, Age 1 mo
Barrows, Joanna, d. 1/19/1825, W of Dea Salmon, Age 36
Barrows, John Otis (Rev), d. 1/1/1918, B-1833
Barrows, John, d. 9/10/1773, Age 42
Barrows, Joseph Addison, d. 1/1/1842, S of Joseph D & Mary K, B-1842
Barrows, Joseph D., B-1817
Barrows, Julia, d. 1/1/1844, B-1822
Barrows, Katherine E.
Barrows, Laura M., d. 5/15/1881, W of Lyman, Age 70
Barrows, Lewis Otis, d. 8/11/1871, S of S O & Mary A, Age 4 mo 9 da
Barrows, Lucius Clark, d. 1/1/1895, B-1824
Barrows, Lydia Aurelia Cleveland, d. 4/22/1924, New Britain, CT, W of Royal R., B-1839
Barrows, Lyman, d. 6/10/1890, Age 81
Barrows, Martha J., d. 9/9/1842, Age 17 mos
Barrows, Martha, d. 9/8/1802, D of Gurdon & Sophia, B-11/8/1799
Barrows, Mary A., d. 11/4/1921, Vernon, CT, W of S. Otis, B-8/21/1839
Barrows, Mary Eliza, d. 11/9/1839, D of Salmon & Sally, Age 3 yr 5 mos
Barrows, Mary K., W of Joseph D., B-1815
Barrows, Mary, d. 2/6/1873, D of S O & Mary A, Age 2 mo 25 da
Barrows, Merlin A., d. 9/11/1919, Priv Co B 124th Engrs WW, B-1/28/1897
Barrows, Royal Robinson, d. 4/30/1915, B-1827
Barrows, S. Otis, d. 12/23/1925, Vernon, CT, B-9/28/1838
Barrows, Sally Dimmick, d. 10/25/1857, W of Salmon, Age 64
Barrows, Salmon Addison, d. 10/26/1833, S of Salmon & Sally, Age 1 yr 6 mo
Barrows, Salmon, d. 4/4/1883, Age 97 yr 8 mo
Barrows, Sarah Ann, d. 2/17/1900, Age 72
Barrows, Sarah Storrs, d. 1/1/1868, W of Andrew, B-1787
Barrows, Sarah, d. 1/1/1887, B-1815
Barrows, Sophia Welch, d. 11/25/1837, W of Gurdon, B-9/1/1770
Barrows, Sophia, d. 9/25/1801, D of Gurdon & Sophia, B-4/27/1801
Barrows, Sophronia, d. 4/3/1818, D of Gurdon & Sophia, B-2/9/1811
Barrows, susana A. Andrew, d. 1/1/1860, W of Royal R.
Barrows, Thomas, d. 5/11/1843, Age 40
Barrows, Thomas, d. 5/4/1802, Patriot's Grave Marker, Age 59
Barrows, William H., d. 1/1/1902, B-1830
Barry, Elizabeth, d. 2/14/1988, Putnam, CT
Barry, Jonathan, d. 2/14/1988, Putnam, CT
Bartley, Clayton Earl, d. 5/4/2003
Bassano, Annie P. (Ashes), d. 5/15/1983, Palm Beach, FL
Bassett, Ruth M., d. 2/3/1970, Danners, MA
Bassett, William Edward, d. 7/25/1976, Boston, CT
Bastow, Dale S.
Battye, Emma, d. 10/4/1864, D of John & Mary A., died at sea, B-2/8/1858
Battye, Forest, d. 10/16/1889, S of William E & Mary A, B-9/4/1889
Battye, John, d. 11/18/1882, B-6/30/1833
Battye, Mary A., d. 6/10/1924, W of William E., B-6/11/1855
Battye, William Edward, B-2/22/1857
Bauer, Elizabeth Sarah (Ashes), d. 7/19/2009, Mansfield, CT, Sec 5, Lot 40, Gr 1-N
Bauer, James M. (Ashes), d. 1/16/2009, Mansfield, CT, Sec 5, Lot 40, Gr 1-N
Baxter, Clarissa, d. 6/24/1900, Willington, CT, W of William P, Age 66
Baxter, Rebecca Jean, d. 7/2/2000, Hartford, CT, G/52/8
Baxter, William P., d. 7/4/1911, Co F 12th Regt CT Vols, Flag, B-2/3/1832
Beagley, Carol K. (Ashes), d. 10/1/2002, Sec E, Lot 64, Gr 3
Beal, Harold Mumby, d. 3/13/1967, Windham, CT
Bean, Earl Kenneth, d. 9/13/1990, Windham, CT
Bean, Kyle Aaron, d. 3/22/2002, Providence, RI, G/2/7
Beattie, Dorothy Grace (Ashes), d. 4/19/2010, Mansfield, CT, Sec 3, Lot 18, Gr 8-R
Beck, Althea, d. 8/7/1997, Mansfield, CT, I/52/1
Beck, Ann, d. 8/10/2002, Avon, CT, Sec I, Lot 52, Gr 6
Beck, Audrey Phillips, d. 3/11/1983, Willington, CT
Beck, Meredith Wayne, d. 3/11/2011, Brooklyn, CT, 7-56-8-D
Beckel, William
Becker, Celia, d. 9/4/2011, Mansfield, CT, Sec 5-G, Lot 38, Gr 6
Becker, Ralph C., Sr., d. 1/9/2004, Mansfield, CT, Sec G, Lot 38, Gr 5
Beebe, Ada Madeline, d. 12/28/2003, Rutherford, NC, Sec G, Lot 32, Gr 5
Beebe, Clinton R., d. 4/24/1958
Beebe, Dale Alden, d. 3/29/1937
Beebe, Doris Gardiner, d. 7/6/2005, Windham, CT, Sec 1, Lot 18, Gr 6
Beebe, Doris Janet, d. 4/24/1927, Mansfield, CT, B-1927
Beebe, Elliott Garland, d. 5/11/1970, Clearwater, FL
Beebe, Fannie Matilda Chadwick, d. 8/18/1953, W of Homer V., B-1881
Beebe, Harold C., d. 9/15/1907, S of Homer V. & Fannie M.
Beebe, Homer V., d. 8/19/1923, Mansfield, CT, B-1875
Beebe, James Reynolds, d. 4/27/1981, Windham, CT
Beebe, Kermit R. (Ashes), d. 1/6/2005, Rocky Hill, CT, Sec M, Lot 39, Gr 5
Beebe, Lloyd Vincent, d. 7/15/1983, Hartford, CT
Beebe, Mabel Fitts, d. 6/3/1984, Hartford, CT
Beebe, Marie A., d. 4/1/1996, Windham, CT, Tier 1, Lot 19, Gr 3
Beebe, Maude Whitehouse, d. 10/23/1972, Mansfield, CT
Beebe, Milton C., d. 9/6/2006, Mansfield, CT, Sec 3-1, Lot 18, Gr 5
Beebe, Phyllis Ann, d. 7/29/1931, B-1928
Belli, Quirino, d. 10/13/1985, Vernon, CT
Bennett, Samantha Preston, d. 12/12/1853, W of Ira B., Age 34 yr 4 mo
Benoit, Earl L., d. 1/1/1973
Benoit, Earl Latimer, d. 10/18/1973, Windham, CT
Benoit, Loretta Pearl, d. 11/21/2011, Windham, CT, Sec 6-A, Lot 47, Gr 3
Benson, Charles, d. 4/8/1967, Mansfield, CT
Benson, Charles, Disinterred - Farmington, CT
Benson, Olivia Olsen, d. 6/5/1938
Bergeron, Audrey
Bergeron, Michael J.
Bergeron, Nancy B., d. 7/4/1997, Windham, CT, H/19/2
Bergeron, Richard J., Jr., d. 1/1/1972
Bergeron, Richard John, d. 11/26/1997, Mansfield, CT, H/19/3
Bernat, George, d. 9/1/1980, Windham, CT
Bernat, Helen, d. 4/19/2002, Mansfield, CT, R/38/8
Berry, Anna E., d. 5/1/1996, Windham, CT, Tier P, Lot 32, #8
Berry, Elizabeth Hanlon Margaret (Ashes), d. 2/23/1995, MD
Berry, Wallace D. (Ashes), d. 8/2/1971, Baltimore, MD
Beyor, Jennifer Kathleen (Ashes), d. 2/16/2008, Windham, CT, Sec 4, Lot 29, Gr 6-M
Bicknell, Deborah, d. 2/20/1795, Wife of James, Age 80
Bicknell, Huldah, d. 11/21/1809, Consort of Moses Bicknell, Age 66
Bicknell, James, d. 7/31/1777, Age 75
Bicknell, Moses, d. 10/21/1807, Patriot's Grave Marker, Age 62
Bingham, Burton W.
Bingham, Harold C., d. 8/2/1975, Derry, NH
Bingham, Nellie Louise, d. 12/29/1947
Bishop, George Henry, d. 7/4/1957, Mansfield, CT
Bishop, Lelia Esten (Ashes), d. 12/16/2001, Eastham, MA, G/30/3
Bishop, Leslie S. (Ashes), d. 1/16/1970, Norristown, PA, Sec G, Row 30, Gr 4
Bishop, Merrill E. (Ashes), d. 2/2/2008, Manchester, CT, Sec 4, Lot 30, Gr 5-G
Bissell, Carl Theodore, d. 8/15/1979, Windham, CT
Bollen, Albert Culp (Ashes), d. 1/21/2003, Manchester, CT, Sec I, 51, 7
Bollen, Mary Margaret (Ashes), d. 12/5/2003, Hartford, CT, Sec I, Lot 51, Gr 4
Bolles, Adeline Smith, d. 5/21/1872, W of Elisha T., Age 46
Bolles, Carrie M., d. 5/17/1879, D of Elisha T & Adeline S, Age 19 yr 9 mo
Bolles, Elisha T., d. 11/22/1892, Age 67
Bolles, Elizabeth A., d. 10/26/1905, W of Elisha T., Age 68
Boly, Patricia Ann, d. 11/10/1969, Mansfield, CT
Booth, Edward John, d. 4/19/1988, Mansfield, CT
Booth, Jacqueline Earl, d. 6/22/1971, Windham, CT
Booth, Taylor L., d. 10/20/1986, Windham, CT
Bosworth, Leonard, d. 4/25/1859, Age 78
Bosworth, Lester Allen, d. 5/21/1971, Mansfield, CT
Bosworth, Martha, d. 10/2/1856, D of Alvah S & Martha J, Age 4 mo 8 da
Bosworth, Minnie Rawson, d. 3/15/1957
Bowerman, Donald Ross II, d. 11/27/1980, Boston, MA
Bowers, Andrew Jackson, d. 3/30/1954, B-1879
Bowers, Carrie A. Durkee, d. 2/15/1954, W fo Andrew J., B-1881
Bowers, Catherine, d. 11/9/1948
Bowers, Clarence E., Vernon, CT
Bowers, Clarence H., d. 9/21/1920, S of Herbert H. & Catherine, Age 15
Bowers, Harold
Bowers, Helen I., d. 5/2/1998, Vernon, CT, Sec L, Plot 28-1
Bowers, Herbert H., d. 2/27/1953
Bowers, Howard Carlton, d. 2/9/1975, Windham, CT
Bowers, Ira M. (Lieut), d. 3/12/1894, Co H 1st ME H A, GAR Marker, Age 74
Bowers, Levi Ellory
Bowers, Luter
Bowers, Maria E. Bushnell, d. 11/24/1920, W of Ira M., Age 79
Bowers, Marshall L., d. 1/1/1918, B-1902
Bowers, Mildred, d. 3/29/2004, New Britain, CT, Sec L, Lot 2E, Gr 2
Bowers, Richard B., d. 1/1/1918, B-1904
Boyce, Byrl N. (Ashes), d. 4/9/1995, OH, Tier 35, Lot 2
Bradley, Annie Lee, d. 2/15/1903
Brandl, Henry, d. 2/11/1955
Brandon, Vivian Mae, d. 5/18/1996, Windham, CT, Tier R, Lot 27, #1
Breen, Grace Elizabeth, d. 11/21/1986, Glastonbury, CT
Breen, James Lott, d. 6/2/1976, Windham, CT
Breen, James M., d. 5/9/1973, Hartford, CT
Brett, Anna, d. 10/27/1834, Age 62
Brett, Ephrahim, d. 10/25/1813, Age 82
Brett, Sarah, d. 3/6/1825, Relict of Ephrahim, Age 92
Brigham, Carlos N., B-1831
Brigham, Cora Ione, d. 1/1/1891, D of Don C. & Ella M., B-1876
Brigham, Cora Ione, d. 12/5/1900
Brigham, Don C., B-1866
Brigham, Eldora M., Vault
Brigham, Ella M. Corbitt, d. 1/1/1909, W of Don C., B-1864
Brigham, Leon Carlos
Brigham, Mary E. Chase, d. 1/1/1907, W of Carlos N.
Brigham, Mary Elizabeth
Brigham, Maude Ella, d. 9/14/1972, Windham, CT, D of Don C. & Ella M., B-1885
Brittain, Esther A., d. 1/1/1928, B-1856
Brittain, Robert Lewis, d. 1/1/1929, B-1858
Broberg, Astrid Anderson, d. 5/15/1990, Windham, CT
Broberg, Ivar S., d. 11/9/2003, Mansfield, CT, Sec J, Lot 49, Gr 2
Bronwell, Arthur, d. 5/10/1985, Windham, CT
Bronwell, Virginia White, d. 9/26/1990, Hartford, CT
Brown, Anna L., d. 9/1/1994, Windham, CT
Brown, Benjamin Arthur, d. 4/19/1963, Mansfield, CT
Brown, Charles L.
Brown, Charles T., d. 4/15/1944, Italy
Brown, Codington, d. 5/8/1876, Age 82
Brown, David
Brown, George B., d. 1/28/1986, Windham, CT
Brown, Harold E., d. 5/9/1961, Orlando, FL
Brown, John, d. 1/21/1908, Coventry, CT, Age 56
Brown, John, Removal from vault
Brown, Joseph Nicholas, Jr., d. 5/22/1954
Brown, Joseph Peter, d. 9/28/1967, Colchester, CT
Brown, Julia D., d. 9/3/1988, Mansfield, CT
Brown, Katharine Jane, d. 8/4/2001, Windham, CT, A/41/3
Brown, Kerry D., d. 4/30/2004, Hartford, CT, Sec E, Lot 54, Gr 8
Brown, Lillian, d. 10/5/1954
Brown, Lottie Ella, d. 12/11/1948
Brown, Marion Eggleston, d. 7/23/1960
Brown, Mary, d. 12/12/1872, W of Codington, Age 78
Brown, Minnie Thompson, d. 4/18/1941
Brown, Minnie, Disinterred
Brown, R.
Brown, Robert E., d. 2/23/2008, Putnam, CT, Sec 7, Lot 54, Gr 7-E
Brown, Thomas Henry, d. 9/21/1958
Brown, Virginia, d. 4/26/1905, D of David & Lottie E, Age 1 yr 11 mo 6 da
Brown, William Morrison, d. 7/2/1976, Mansfield, CT
Brundage, Augustus Jackson, d. 8/25/1972, Mansfield, CT
Brundage, G. Pierce, d. 11/11/1944
Brundage, Kenneth, d. 12/12/1996
Brundage, Margaret, d. 9/9/1978, Washington, DC
Brundage, Roger P., d. 4/9/1943
Brundage, Ruth M. (Ashes), d. 3/29/1987, Vernon, CT
Bruno, Zofia D., d. 8/27/2010, Mansfield, CT, Sec 4, Lot 29, Gr 1-O
Bryant, Everett Sanford, d. 6/12/1994, Mansfield, CT
Bryant, Lucille Ann, d. 10/31/1994, Windham, CT
Buckmister, Sophia A., d. 5/28/1842, Wife of William A., Age 18
Buffington, Eva M., d. 9/27/1924, Mansfield, CT, B-1877
Buffington, Herbert, d. 10/12/1881, GAR Marker, B-1843
Buffington, Mary E. Wheeler, W of Herbert, B-1843
Burnham, Marion E. (Ashes), NH
Burnham, Nellie M. McGowan, d. 9/26/1902, W of John H, B-3/28/1865
Burnham, Robert Francis (Ashes), d. 9/1/1987, Windham, CT
Burrows, Antoinete Marie (Ashes)
Burrows, Edwin Grant, d. 7/13/1958, Preston, CT
Butler, Harriett Dewitt, d. 3/1/1937
Butler, Thomas C., d. 9/17/1991, Windham, CT
Butler, Virgia Mary, d. 11/25/1984, Windham, CT
Byrne, Denis, d. 3/3/1970, Norwalk, CT
Byrne, Elizabeth, d. 1/5/1979, Norwalk, CT
Byron, Ernest A., d. 3/4/1966, Springfield, MA
Caisse, Arthur Joseph, d. 4/3/1984, Mansfield, CT
Caisse, Clara Isabel, d. 7/31/1969, Mansfield, CT
Calkins, Alva, d. 4/15/1838, Age 63
Calkins, James, d. 1/3/1831, Patriot's Grave Marke, Age 86
Calkins, Phebe, d. 7/2/1825, W of James, Age 76
Callward, Fern Ann, d. 1/20/1986, Manchester, CT
Callward, Floyd Mayo, d. 7/27/1987, Vernon, CT
Campbell, Alexander Ross (Ashes), d. 4/18/1989, Marlborough, CT
Campbell, Jean (Ashes), d. 6/6/1978, St. Petersburg, FL
Campo, Nicola, d. 12/22/1992, Windham, CT
Capone, Marilla
Capron, Betsey, d. 8/8/1877, W of Green, Age 88
Capron, Betsy, d. 7/25/1916, Age 103
Capron, Green, d. 12/24/1868, Age 84
Capron, Harvey G., d. 11/1/1853, B-5/27/1816
Capron, Marilla, d. 4/10/1899, Age 88
Carlberg, Duane Allen, d. 7/12/1998, Windham, CT, O/36/2
Carlson, David Theodore, d. 12/22/1969, Willington, CT
Carlson, Emma Lind, d. 10/20/1958, Mansfield, CT
Carpenter, Anne Holt, d. 6/27/1855, W of Simon, Age 70
Carpenter, Eliza, d. 12/31/1880, D of Simon & Anne, Age 56
Carpenter, Katie R.
Carpenter, Lucien H., d. 8/6/1889, Age 72
Carpenter, Simon, d. 8/24/1862, Age 79
Carragher, Louise A. (Ashes), d. 2/27/1970, Bradenton, FL, M/33/3
Carter, (Female), d. 12/8/1940
Carter, Andrew Charles, d. 2/25/1974, Windham, CT
Carter, Andrew Walburn, d. 11/7/1956
Carter, Joan L., d. 5/10/2000, Mansfield, CT, I/30/2
Carter, Leona R., d. 12/19/2005, Middlesex, CT, Sec R, Lot 17, Gr 4
Carter, Nettie Meyers
Carter, Raymond Andrew, d. 7/15/1996, Hartford, CT, R/17/7
Carter, William Harrison, d. 6/7/1974, Ontario, Canada
Caswell, Sidney Ainsworth (Ashes), d. 7/5/1957
Cavanaugh, Anne Ahlers, d. 8/17/1983, Windham, CT
Cavanaugh, William Francis (Ashes), d. 7/8/1978, Miami, FL
Chadwick, Anna Levina, D of Fred Morey & Mary Levina, B-8/10/1884
Chadwick, Frederick Morey, B-2/3/1860
Chadwick, Mary Levina, W of Fred Morey, B-10/15/1859
Chaffee, Addie H.
Chaffee, Francis Washburn, Jr., d. 5/5/1960, Windham, CT
Chak, Mildred Belle, d. 2/6/1966, Windham, CT, Tier 0, Lot 5, Gr 1
Chang, Byong Betty Yop, d. 2/2/1975, Vineland, NJ
Chang, Byung Vhul, d. 5/24/1988, Hartford, CT
Chang, Tal-Ok, d. 3/22/1997, Los Angeles, CA, R/23/6
Chapman, Abigail Moulton, d. 2/20/1888, W of James, Age 76
Chapman, Edgar, d. 7/19/1860, S of James & Abigil, Age 16 yr 8 mo 22 da
Chapman, Harriet Amanda, d. 1/15/1896, D of James & Lucy, Age 8 mo
Chapman, James, d. 1/30/1861, Age 86
Chapman, James, d. 2/15/1904, S of James & Lucy, Age 89
Chapman, Lucy Whitney, d. 3/3/1879, W of James, Age 93 yr 9 mo
Cheney, Mary Garritt (Ashes)
Chien, Christina Chaumu, d. 1/2/1968, Windham, CT
Chinanowski, Victor
Ching, Catherine A., d. 12/5/1999, Manchester, CT, G/58/4
Ching, Patricia C., d. 11/18/2011, Rockville, CT, Sec 8-G, Lot 58, Gr 3
Ching, Theresa Anne, d. 11/17/1976, Windham, CT
Choromanski, Richard Lee, d. 6/14/1969, Windham, CT
Christian, Corinne W., d. 5/20/1989, Middletown, CT
Christian, Joseph Orleans, d. 10/21/1979, Windham, CT
Christopher, Gordon N. (Ashes), d. 1/21/1991, NH
Christopher, Ruth M. (Ashes), d. 1/18/1992, NH
Ciba, Adam, d. 9/2/1966, Mansfield, CT
Ciba, Joseph John (Ashes), d. 1/18/1991, Windham, CT
Ciba, Julia Sikora, d. 1/2/1976, Windham, CT
Clark, Bertha A., d. 6/9/1871, Age 9 mo
Clark, Daniel H., d. 9/28/1875, Age 29
Clark, Elizabeth A. Conant, d. 1/1/1928, W of G., B-1838
Clark, Minna Lee (Ashes), d. 5/27/1991, Windham, CT
Clark, Neil Francis (Ashes0, d. 6/14/2004, Hartford, CT, Sec 1, Lot 50, Gr 2
Clark, Sarah, d. 8/10/1871, W of Daniel H., Age 30
Clark, Sheila A. (Ashes), d. 4/11/2010, Mansfield, CT, Sec 7, Lot 50, Gr 1-I
Clark, William R., Sr. (Ashes), d. 3/10/1977, Windham, CT
Clay, Cordelia, d. 11/30/2001, Vernon, CT, R/19/3
Clay, Janice, d. 10/22/1977, Hanover, NH
Cleaveland, Joseph (Deacon), d. 4/8/1876, Age 78
Cleaveland, Sarah Q., d. 5/12/1856, W of Deacon Joseph, Age 54
Clothier, Dorothea Jorgensen (Ashes), Canyon City, CO, G/65/8
Coe, Mary E., d. 12/26/1980, Manchester, CT
Coggshall, Evelina D., d. 3/27/1861, W of Peleg S., Age 64
Coggshall, Peleg S., d. 12/30/1867, Age 72
Coggshall, Philecta D., d. 3/26/1851, D of P.B. & E.D., B-9/23/1818
Colee, Catherine, d. 6/11/1994, Bristol, CT
Colee, Jackson Earl, d. 2/14/1971, Hartford, CT
Collins, Jon Eric (Ashes), d. 5/16/2008, Windham, CT, Sec 5, Lot 36, Gr 8-N
Conant, Abbie C. Smith, d. 10/20/1920, W of Edward P., B-2/6/1845
Conant, Anna Dimock, d. 8/28/1878, W of Sylvanus, Age 82
Conant, Anna, d. 5/5/1802, W of Sylvanus, Age 42
Conant, Annie, d. 4/17/1915
Conant, Blanche Helen, d. 2/1/2006, Vernon, CT, Sec J, Lot 65, Gr 6
Conant, Chloe Ann, d. 11/28/1848, D of David & S., Age 2 da
Conant, Chloe, d. 1/10/1838, W of Sylvanus, Age 55
Conant, David H., Sr., d. 6/13/1991, Vernon, CT
Conant, David O., d. 4/15/1864, Age 54
Conant, Edward P., d. 12/1/1886, Co D 21st Regt CT Vols GAR (1862-1865) B-11/3/1839
Conant, Elizabeth, d. 1/5/1836, W of Sylvanus, Age 72
Conant, Eunice, d. 7/1/1800, W of Seth, Age 47
Conant, Helen R., d. 12/25/1841, D of Nelson & Sarah, Age 3
Conant, Martha, d. 1/31/1816, W of Seth, Age 51
Conant, Nelson, d. 12/31/1905, B-9/5/1808
Conant, Sarah Barrows, d. 9/4/1888, W of Nelson, B-7/28/1804
Conant, Sarah, d. 12/5/1909
Conant, Seth, d. 8/19/1815, Age 66
Conant, Seviah, d. 6/17/1832, W of Joseph, Age 44
Conant, Sophronia, d. 4/21/1813, W of James, Age 28
Conant, Sylvanus, d. 4/23/1851, Age 68
Conant, Sylvanus, d. 9/2/1843, Rev War Marker & Flag, Age 92
Cone, Amasa B., d. 12/14/1826, Age 26
Cone, Hannah Dimock, d. 1/17/1897, W of Amasa B, Age 93
Conlin, David Arthur, d. 6/28/2006, Manchester, CT, Sec E, Lot 60, Gr 4
Connel, Depsebeath, d. 2/22/1835, Age 62
Converse, Lulu Blair, d. 4/16/1971, Windham, CT
Converse, William Cleveland, d. 12/22/1950
Cook, Dean Henry (Ashes), d. 9/17/1978, Tolland, CT
Cook, Donald S., d. 10/31/1993, Farmington, CT
Cook, Erban, Jr. (Ashes), d. 4/23/1980, Windham, CT
Cook, Frances Waymire (Ashes), d. 7/6/1999, Montana, B/56/1
Cook, Jean Currier, d. 9/14/1970, Mansfield, CT
Cook, Margery S. (Ashes), d. 7/1/1995, CT
Cook, Robert Currier, d. 3/24/2008, Mansfield, CT, Sec 6, Lot 45, Gr 4-H
Cook, Robert Currier, d. 7/11/1981, Windham, CT, Plot H, Sec 6, Lot 45-4
Cook, Wendell B., Jr. (Ashes), d. 9/24/1982, Springfield, MA
Cook, Wendell Burnham, d. 9/20/1982, Windham, CT
Cook, William B., d. 8/18/1984, Winter Park, FL
Copeland, Charles Henry, d. 11/26/1926, Windham, CT, B-1850
Copeland, Ella A. Carpenter, d. 4/14/1906, W of Charles H., B-1851
Copeland, Esther C. Warren, d. 1/30/1929, W of Charles H., B-1846
Copeland, Orleans W.
Corbett, Faith Rogers, d. 9/25/1939
Corcoran, Gertrude Lillian, d. 7/28/1985, Mansfield, CT
Corcoran, Joseph F., d. 6/21/1935, Rutland, MA
Corcoran, Walter Kendall, d. 11/12/1981, Mansfield, CT
Cormier, Barbara Ann, d. 12/3/1994, Windham, CT
Cosgrove, George W., d. 6/20/2001, Mansfield, CT, L/38/7
Cosgrove, George Washington, d. 7/4/1967, Mansfield, CT
Cosgrove, George William II, d. 10/5/1981, Mansfield, CT
Cosgrove, Josephine, d. 8/26/2000, Windham, CT, L/38/8
Cosgrove, Lillian H., d. 3/24/1992, Windham, CT
Cossette, Joanna Lee, d. 12/28/1984, Chaplin, CT
Costello, Anna Josephine, d. 9/20/1986, Windham, CT
Costello, Claude Vincent, d. 10/3/1977, Windham, CT
Cotter, John
Cowles, Lewis W. (Ashes), d. 9/14/1988, Woodstock Valley, CT
Crain, Eliza W., d. 1/1/1884, W of Harvey S., B-1809
Crain, Harvey S., d. 1/1/1870, B-1810
Crain, Harvey W., d. 1/1/1870, S of Harvey S & Eliza W, B-1849
Crain, Joseph H., d. 1/1/1848, S of Harvey S & Eliza W, B-1841
Crain, Joseph H., d. 5/3/1843, S of Harvey S & Eliza W, Age 1 yr 11 mos
Crane, Cordial S., d. 2/10/1867, Age 84
Crane, Daniel, d. 10/10/1832, Rev War Marker & Flag, S of Hezekiah, Age 80
Crane, Esther, d. 1/10/1829, W of Daniel/D of Jonathan Fuller, Age 70
Crane, Jehial W., d. 8/15/1815, S of Cordial S & Mary, Age 6 mos
Crane, Laura W., d. 5/10/1832, 2nd W of Cordial S, Age 32
Crane, Mary, d. 1/10/1819, W of Cordial S, Age 28
Crane, Mehitabel, d. 2/15/1827, D of Daniel & Esther, Age 36
Crawford, Grace Amelia, d. 1/23/1980, Hartford, CT
Crosby, George Herbert, d. 1/2/1863, Washington, DC, Co D 21st Regt CT Vols GAR, S/Josiah M/Mary A, 17
Crosby, Josiah M., d. 12/14/1859, Age 43
Crosby, Mary Adaline, d. 5/30/1856, W of Josiah, Age 42
Crosby, Susan C., d. 9/25/1866, W of Josiah M, Age 50
Cross, Eleazer, d. 5/13/1836, Age 55
Cross, Hannah, d. 4/4/1804, W of Jehiel, Age 33
Cross, John, d. 11/7/1803, S of Jehiel & Hannah, Age 3
Cross, Ward, d. 11/9/1803, S of Jehiel & Hannah, Age 9
Cross, Ward, d. 4/22/1773, Age 72
Crossman, Celia, d. 6/12/1840, W of Ephraim, Age 82
Crossman, Ephraim, d. 10/19/1827, Lieut Rev War Marker, Flag, Age 79
Crossman, Lemuel M., d. 8/12/1812, Age 28
Crossman, Mercy M., d. 12/17/1848, Age 66
Crowe, Ethel Irene (Ashes), d. 6/12/1989, Tucson, AZ
Crowe, James Emmett, d. 12/21/1977, Ventura, CA
Cummings, Arthur Bradley, d. 3/8/1950
Cummings, Earl B., d. 5/27/1861, Age 33
Cummings, Earl, d. 10/28/1863, B-7/26/1795, Age 68
Cummings, Elizabeth P., d. 2/26/1852, W of Earl, Age 51
Cutting, Irving Edward (Ashes), d. 10/4/1984, Windham, CT
Cutting, Vera L. (Ashes), Windham, CT, R/25/2
Dailey, Dorothy T. (Tabor), d. 11/19/1995, Vernon, CT
Dailey, Eugene, d. 2/1/1983, Vernon, CT
Dallavalle, Faustina, d. 10/8/1986, Norwich, CT
Dallavalle, Guiseppe, d. 5/13/1978, Windham, CT
Dallavalle, Quirino Francis, d. 5/3/1996, McConnellsburg, PA, Tier F, Lot 60, #6
Dallavalle, Rita Hammett, d. 7/11/2009, Rosemead, CA, Sec 7, Lot 60, Gr 5-F
Dane, Robert Arnold (Ashes0, d. 9/12/2000, Mansfield, CT, N/37/1
Danis, Alice, d. 7/15/1981, Northampton, MA
DaRos, Leo, d. 2/14/1996, Windham, CT, Lot 37, Gr 7
Daros, Rose (Schlehofer), d. 7/12/2006, Manchester, CT, Sec R, Lot 37, Gr 8
Dart, Charles Henry, d. 11/22/1914
Dart, Lucretia D., d. 1/8/1906
Davis, Alice, d. 7/15/1981, Northampton, MA
Davis, Eugene W., d. 10/21/1999, Hartford, CT, O/37/2
Davis, Irving Gilman, Jr., d. 6/1/1967, Mansfield, CT
Davis, Irving Gilman, d. 3/15/1939
Davis, Irving, Jr., d. 1/1/2004
Davis, Martha, d. 5/21/1762, W of Joseph, Age 65
Davis, Mary B. (Ashes), d. 10/7/1992, Wethersfield, CT
Davis, Nora F., d. 12/4/1996, Windham, CT, O/37/1
Davis, Norman R. (Ashes), d. 9/3/2000, Windham, CT, F/40/1
Davis, Raymond, Jr. (Ashes0, d. 7/12/2004, Manchester, CT, Sec O, Lot 35, St 4
Davis, Sheila Dotson (Ashes), d. 5/11/2009, Scarsdale, NY, Sec 36, Lot 4, Gr P
Davis, Shirley Alberta, d. 3/29/1943
Day, Annie, d. 1/25/1953
Day, Charles A., d. 8/23/1983, Vernon, CT
Day, Daisy, d. 1/1/1875, D of John H. & Emily E., B-1872
Day, Emily E. Starkweather, d. 7/3/1908, Windham, CT, W of John H., B-1851
Day, Henry Stockweather, d. 9/28/1942
Day, John H., d. 12/31/1901, Co A 1st CT Heavy Art GAR, B-1839
Day, Johnnie, d. 1/24/1880, S of John H. & Emily E., B-1880, Age 14 da
Day, Nathan G., d. 10/4/1978, Newington, CT
Day, Rosalia (AKA Rose), d. 3/23/2003, Stafford Springs, CT, Sec. R, Lot 32, Gr 6
Day, Sharon Ann
Day, Violetta A., d. 11/4/1996, Mansfield, CT, 11/39/3
Day, William, d. 8/30/1963, Mansfield, CT
Deal, Bridle Bradley, d. 6/27/1983, Hartford, CT
Decker, Erma Bell, d. 11/22/2010, Mansfield, CT, Sec 5, Lot 40, Gr 6-M
Decker, Lloyd S., d. 8/10/2002, Windham, CT, Sec. M, Lot 40, Gr 5
Decoursey, Lowell Arthur (Ashes), d. 12/29/2006, San Jose, CA, Sec 9, Lot 65, Gr I-5
Decoursey, Mary Elizabeth, d. 8/31/1997, Windham, CT, I/65/3
DeCoursey, Russell Myles, d. 5/15/1994, Windham, CT
DeGroot, Julia (Ashes), d. 2/17/1978, Norwich, CT
Della Fera, Kristine (Ashes), d. 12/3/2009, Ashford, CT, Sec 6, Lot 46, Gr 2-E
DeMattia, Edmund H., Sr., d. 5/5/2012, Windham, CT, Sec 3-G, Lot 18, Gr 1
DeMattia, Elizabeth Spadola, d. 10/28/1958
DeMattia, Ethel Beebe, d. 11/3/1996, Mansfield, CT
Denlinger, Henry
Depeau, Donald, d. 1/1/1966
Depeau, Joseph F., d. 3/29/1978, Enfield, CT
Depeau, Mabel Whiton, d. 9/30/1972, Essex, CT
Dering, Frederick (Ashes), d. 7/10/1990, Mansfield, CT
Desaulniers, Florence, d. 10/21/2006, Sevierville, TN, Sec 7, Lot 54, Gr 3-G
Desaulniers, Phillip G., d. 5/16/1990, Montclair, CA
Dewey, Charles Alison (Ashes), d. 6/18/2004, Middletown, CT, Sec H, Lot 63, Gr 4
Dexter, Celia, d. 9/17/1802, D of Warham & Joanna, Age 2
Dexter, Irad, d. 5/29/1792, S of Warham & Joanna, Age 4
Dexter, Joanna, d. 9/2/1802, D of Warham & Joanna, Age 4
Dexter, Jonathan, d. 1/30/1816, Patriot's Grave Marker, Age 82
Dexter, Ruth (Mrs.), d. 10/25/1810, W of Jonathan, Age 52
Dexter, Sarah, d. 5/28/1776, W of Jonathan, Age 41
Dibenedetto, Thomas A., d. 10/23/1983, Lebanon, CT
Dickens, George Everett, d. 8/31/1959
Dickens, Mildred, d. 6/20/1985, Hartford, CT
Diesel, Edith Elizabeth (Ashes), d. 5/24/2003, Windham, CT, A/48/1
Diesel, Thomas Robert (Ashes), d. 3/10/2001, Mansfield, CT, A/48/2
Dimick, Achsah, d. 7/29/1840, Widow of Jonathan, Age 75
Dimmick, Achsah, d. 10/29/1802, Daughter of Jonathan, Age 8
Dimmick, Jonathan, d. 11/22/1807, Age 43
Dimmick, Lot, d. 11/8/1802, Son of Jonathan, Age 13
Dimmick, Mason, d. 8/1/1863, Age 78
Dimmick, Philecta, d. 11/9/1802, Daughter of Jonathan, Age 11
Dimmock, Parmelia, d. 4/9/1841, B-7/31/1794
Dimmock, Samuel S., d. 4/4/1831, B-11/7/1792
Dimock, Florence, d. 12/11/1986, Bridgeport, CT
Dimock, Leon Edwin, d. 5/1/1956
Din, Peter (Ashes), d. 6/1/1952, New Haven, CT
DiNardi, Bertha Evelyn, d. 2/27/2008, Killingworth, CT, Sec 3, Lot 20, Gr 2-R
Dionne, Catherine, d. 12/25/2003, Colchester, CT, Sec E, Lot 52, Gr 3
Dionne, Leo N., d. 5/15/1998, Windham, CT, Sec E, Plot 52-4
Discepolo, Jerome J., d. 10/27/1997, Windham, CT, P/37/3
Dittmer, Margaret (Ashes), d. 3/15/1978, Windham, CT, MTS
Dixie, Frank (Dykty)
Dixon, Eugene C., d. 11/14/1995, Worcester, MA, Tier G, Lot 62, Gr 4
Dixon, Fannie Nolen, d. 5/6/1967, Mansfield, CT
Doan, Allecia, d. 1/1/1881, B-1814
Doeg, Lynette Hagen, d. 2/16/1993, Windham, CT
Donohue, Bernard Arthur, d. 8/15/1979, Ashford, CT
Dontje, Abraham Jan, d. 8/28/1985, Vernon, CT
Dontje, Akke (Ashes), d. 7/31/2008, Mansfield, CT, Sec 4, Lot 30, Gr 5-R
Dore, Catherine Elizabeth, d. 11/5/1968, Windham, CT
Dore, Ernest, Sr., d. 10/31/1980, Windham, CT
Dore, Frances E., d. 1/4/1993, Windham, CT
Dore, George Dewey, d. 5/17/1976, Windham, CT
Dore, Joseph William, d. 11/4/1964, Newington, CT
Dore, Mabel Virginia, d. 10/23/1978, Windham, CT
Dorsett, Caroline E., d. 3/12/1859, W of Joseph W., Age 50
Dorsett, Mary, d. 3/28/1853, W of Nathaniel, Age 82
Dorsett, William, d. 3/30/1896
Dorsey, Beulah Davis, d. 3/1/1978, Clearwter, FL
Dorsey, Henry, d. 3/4/1959
Dotson, Floyd W. (Ashes), d. 4/10/2009, Mansfield, CT, Sec 5, Lot 36, Gr 4-P
Dotson, Lillian O. (Ashes), d. 2/21/2007, Windham, CT, Sec 5, Lot 36, Gr 3-P
Douda, Adolph, d. 9/4/2010, Windham, CT, Sec 4, Lot 37, Gr 1-K
Douda, Agnes, d. 4/3/1990, Englewood, FL
Douda, Anthony Frank, d. 12/17/1978, Windham, CT
Douda, Johanna Brandl, d. 10/13/1953
Douda, Joseph Anthony, d. 11/9/1974, Mansfield, CT
Douda, Joseph, d. 6/21/1948
Douda, Mildred Johnson, d. 8/20/1982, Mansfield, CT
Douda, William Joseph, d. 3/27/1978, Windham, CT
Dowd, Dorothy Prideaux, d. 1/3/1961
Dowd, Kimberly Ann, d. 10/22/1971, Suffield, CT
Dowd, Leonard Reynolds, d. 10/14/1983, Vernon, CT
Dragoun, Beatrice M., d. 9/27/2008, Mansfield, CT, Sec 5, Lot 38, Gr 1-N
Dragoun, Thomas Anthony, d. 11/14/1999, California, N/38/2
Dreier, John C. (Ashes), d. 3/10/1994, Cambridge, MA
Drexler, Rose K., d. 5/22/1986, Windham, CT
Drouin, Marjorie D., d. 12/17/1995, Windham, CT
Duckett, Pauline, d. 7/13/1992, Windham, CT
Dudley, Dorothy B., d. 4/17/1980, Syracuse, NY
Dunham, Eber C., d. 10/22/1875, B-11/21/1833
Dunham, Eber, d. 10/21/1878, B-1/23/1798
Dunham, Elizabeth J.
Dunham, Eunice
Dunham, Hannah, d. 9/24/1790, W of Daniel, Age 38
Dunham, Henry M., d. 2/9/1923, Age 65
Dunham, Henry, d. 11/15/1889, Age 65
Dunham, Jane A., d. 5/14/1905, W of Newell, Age 76
Dunham, Martha Perry Parkhurst, d. 6/30/1914, 3rd W of Henry, Age 73
Dunham, Mary W. Minot, d. 11/14/1861, W of Henry, Age 32
Dunham, Newell, d. 4/27/1892, Age 71
Dunham, Olive C. Presbery, d. 5/12/1867, 2nd W of Henry, Age 30
Dunham, Permela, d. 9/6/1810, W of Royal, Age 98
Dunham, Susan Holt, d. 5/2/1874, W of Eber, B-2/4/1802
Dunn, Philigta M. Reynolds, d. 7/29/1904, W of William A/Former W of George F Tryon, Age 55
Durkee, (Female), d. 11/4/1904
Durkee, Ernest Bert
Durkee, Grace Russ, d. 7/22/1971, Windham, CT
Durkee, Inez Lillian, d. 1/21/1972, Hartford, CT
Durkee, Katie Maud, d. 11/6/1906, W of Ernest D, B-1873
Durkee, Lyman A., d. 12/25/1894, Age 48
Durkee, Mary L., d. 12/11/1922, W of Lyman A., Age 70 yr 11 mo
Durkin, Francis Patrick, d. 9/16/1961, Mansfield, CT
Dyer, Ralph Earl, d. 5/26/2005, Windham, CT, Sec A, Lot 35, Gr 4
Dyer, Wilmot F., d. 8/3/2008, Windham, CT, Sec 5, Lot 34, Gr 1-A
Dyrli, Erik E., d. 5/22/1982, Hartford, CT
Eaton, (Infant), d. 10/19/1980, Manchester, CT
Eaton, Charlotte, d. 12/23/1765, D of John & Hannah, Age 4
Eaton, George Ervin, d. 9/20/1965, Norwich, CT
Eaton, Louise Rounds, d. 4/18/1972, Norwich, CT
Ebner, Josephine Jerard (Ashes0, d. 6/21/2004, Mansfield, CT, Sec D, Lot 61, Gr 1
Ebner, Raymond Anthony, d. 12/17/1973, Windham, CT
Edwards, Mabel Edna, d. 1/1/1933
Eldredge, Edward P., d. 3/30/1910, Age 63
Eldredge, Elijah, d. 8/17/1888, Age 77
Eldredge, Emily B., d. 6/21/1877, W of Edward P., Age 27
Eldredge, Hannah Holman, d. 4/16/1899, W of Elijah, Age 86
Eldredge, Hannah
Eldridge, Arthur Garfield, d. 3/18/1971, Windham, CT
Eldridge, Clara M.
Eldridge, Edna E., d. 9/23/1991, Windham, CT
Eldridge, Edward Roosevelt, d. 2/18/1984, Norwich, CT
Eldridge, Fred
Eldridge, Grace
Eldridge, Helene Hattie (Ashes), d. 11/11/1988, Mystic, CT
Eldridge, Richard Warren, San Diego, CA, K/29/7
Eldridge, Rose M., d. 4/8/1997, Windham, CT, R/24/5
Ellison, Irene C., d. 5/2/2001, Windham, CT, B/46/8
Emack, Perley l., d. 3/20/1993, Manchester, CT
Emerzian, Arsen D. J., d. 7/19/2004, Windham, CT, Sec 1, Lot 41, St 2
Emerzian, Natalie B., d. 10/19/1999, Windham, CT, I/41/1
Eno, Evelyn J., d. 10/6/1999, Plainfield, CT, G/9/1
Eno, Glenn Trask, d. 6/24/1999, Plainfield, CT, D/9/2
Eno, Melbourne J. (Ashes), d. 5/31/1984, Miami, FL
Eno, Wilbur Earl (Ashes), d. 3/24/1993, North Miami, FL
Esten, Bertha L. (Ashes), d. 12/17/1972, Plymouth, PA
Esten, William Merrill, d. 4/16/1943
Esterbrooks, Simeon A.
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