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Pleasant Valley Cemetery
Mansfield, Tolland County, Connecticut

pleasant valley cemetery
Pleasant Valley Cemetery

GPS: 41.826573, -72.209319

Mansfield City Rd
Mansfield Center, CT 06250

Published: July 13, 2016
Total records: 88

Pleasant Valley Cemetery is owned and managed by the town of Mansfield.

Located east side of Mansfield City Rd between Meadowbrook Rd & Puddin Ln. Abutter: Freedom Green

Pleasant Valley Cemetery is currently inactive.

Cemetery Records

Records published here were acquired from the City of Mansfield on July 12, 2016.

Avery, Alice M.
, d. 3/30/1856, D/David A & Cornelia M, Age 3 mo 22 da
Boradoch, Sam
Brady, Minnie J., d. 8/18/1905
Bugbee, Eunice A., Scotland, CT
Bugbee, Nellie
Bugby, Zenas, d. 12/5/1891, Age 78
Campbell, Ellen M., d. 6/29/1873, W/Ransom A, Age 23
Chapin, Asa, d. 1/3/1839, Age 80
Chapin, Esther, d. 1/9/1851, Relict of Asa Chapin, Age 81
Fuller, Ashel S., d. 2/27/1817, Mansfield, CT, B-2/14/1815
Fuller, Betsey, d. 7/9/1861, W/Jonathan, B-12/7/1777
Fuller, Edward A., d. 6/9/1843, Lockport, NY, B-5/24/1812
Fuller, George W., d. 8/17/1877, Hartford, CT, B-12/12/1804
Fuller, J. Ward, d. 12/31/1877, B-7/29/1809
Fuller, James M., d. 2/10/1858, Kansas, B-10/21/1817
Fuller, Jonathan, d. 4/10/1859, B-12/22/1776
Fuller, Mary, d. 4/18/1886, B-12/23/1799
Grovner, Laura F., d. 11/19/1882, Nelson, OH, B-3/13/1807
Hersant, Joseph
Hunt, Nancy, d. 1/15/1876, Age 87
Jacobs, Abbie Julia Williams, d. 1/9/1913, W/David H, B-1835
Jacobs, Albina, d. 7/23/1849, W/Leonard W, Age 34
Jacobs, Almira Herrick, d. 1/1/1865, W/Nelson Jacobs, B-1804
Jacobs, Almira Herrick, d. 1/1/1865, W/Nelson, B-1804
Jacobs, Caroline M., d. 3/3/1897, W/Lucius B, Age 82
Jacobs, Charles C., d. 1/5/1922, Mansfield, CT
Jacobs, Claude Edward
Jacobs, Clinton Levern, d. 3/21/1979, Windham, CT
Jacobs, David H., d. 1/2/1905, B-1832
Jacobs, Ernest Winfield
Jacobs, Fannie A., d. 1/1/1876, B-1862
Jacobs, Fanny A., d. 2/24/1857, Age 46
Jacobs, Gurlie J., d. 2/20/1910, B-1864
Jacobs, Hattie A., d. 12/18/1952, B-10/20/1867
Jacobs, Ina Pearl, d. 5/7/1897, D/G J & M J Jacobs, 9 mo
Jacobs, Julia M., d. 7/18/1850, D/Nelson & Almira, 9 yr 3 mo 8 da
Jacobs, Katherine May
Jacobs, Lafayette L., d. 3/13/1923, Windham, CT, Co E 22 CT Vols, Age 93
Jacobs, Leonard W., d. 5/31/1873, Age 56
Jacobs, Levern Clinton, d. 6/28/1974, Rocky Hill, CT
Jacobs, Louis E.
Jacobs, Lucius B., d. 10/12/1866, B-3/22/1814
Jacobs, Lucy Hunt, d. 3/12/1879, Age 93
Jacobs, Luther, d. 4/14/1863, Age 84
Jacobs, Mary E., d. 1/1/1946, B-1862
Jacobs, Mary Jane Johnson, d. 2/9/1910, W/Gurlie J, B-1881
Jacobs, Nelson, d. 1/1/1880, B-1803
Jacobs, Patience M. Jordan, d. 12/2/1910, Age 75
Jacobs, Sophronia, d. 2/15/1868, Age 67
Jacobs, Walter F., d. 10/30/1910, Age 39
Jacobs, William L., d. 3/31/1898, B-1858
Jacobs, Zalmon, d. 8/26/1858, Age 87
Jordan, Patience M., d. 12/2/1910, Age 75
Judd, Olive, d. 3/21/1851, W/J F, B-6/17/1802
Kingsley, Emily F., d. 9/5/1873, W/Shubel, B-12/2/1820
Martin, Ann Eliza, d. 4/29/1862, Brooklyn, NY, W/Daniel D/Abraham & Jemima Holman, B-12/4/1831
Martin, Armin B., d. 9/30/1877, B-5/28/1870
Martin, Armin, d. 12/13/1870, B-7/22/1837
Martin, Armina, d. 7/19/1873, W/Eliphalet, B-8/29/1803
Martin, Arthur E., d. 2/17/1873, B-1/2/1857
Martin, Clifford H., d. 10/23/1911, B-8/29/1871
Martin, Clifford
Martin, Daniel, d. 10/31/1892, B-1/4/1826
Martin, Duressa, d. 3/19/1901, B-1/3/1841
Martin, Eli, d. 7/13/1902, B-1/8/1831
Martin, Eliphalet, d. 1/31/1873, B-6/11/1796
Martin, Luther (Deac), d. 7/21/1854, Age 53
Martin, Male (Infant), d. 2/7/1835, S/Eliphalet & Armina, B-10/18/1834
Martin, Martha, d. 4/20/1849, Relict of Nathan, Age 89
Martin, Mary C., d. 6/28/1923, W/Eli, B-2/5/1842
Martin, Mary S., d. 10/17/1885, New York, W/Eli, 27 yr 7 mo 2 da
Martin, Nathan, d. 6/2/1812, Age 52
Martin, Viola, d. 1/29/1885, D/Eli & Mary S, B-7/26/1883
Martin, Violetta, d. 8/20/1868, D/Eli & Mary C, 6 mo, 10 da
Staebner, Anna P. Emerson, d. 1/1/1944, W/Frederick W., B-1863
Staebner, Frederic W., d. 1/1/1934, B-1855 (Teacher-Scientist-Artist)
Staebner, William H.
Thompson, Charles, d. 1/3/1853, Age 67
Thompson, Charles, d. 3/31/1898, B-1/31/1816
Thompson, Charles
Thompson, Delia A., d. 1/3/1839, D/Charles & Mehetable, Age 5
Thompson, Mary S. Towne, d. 1/14/1898, W/P W, B-4/27/1845
Thompson, Nancy Delia, d. 1/12/1898, B-11/24/1822
Thompson, Philo Washington, d. 9/1/1911, B-7/22/1827
Thompson, Sarah R., d. 3/7/1870, W/P W, Age 39
Wilbur, Ida Lillian, d. 4/26/1896
Woodard, Sally F., d. 6/30/1885, B-8/29/1798
Woodward, Henry Royal
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