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Old Westfield Cemetery
Middletown, Middlesex County, Connecticut

Boardman Lane, Middletown CT

This is not a complete listing of burials! The records below were provided by contributors to Cemetery Records Online. Total records = 19.

Contributor's Index:

Bacon, Asa, d. 30 Jan 1776, age: 27 yrs, Son of Nathanel & Amey Bacon- Reader, Prepare to die. , [IM]
Boardman, Edward, d. 28 Apr 1772, age: 70 yrs, [IM]
Boardman, Josiah, d. 27 Jan 1781, age: 76 yrs, [IM]
Boardman, Rachel, d. 29 Feb 1782, age: 70 yrs, The pious Consort of Josiah Boardman, [IM]
Churchill, Amos, d. 14 Apr 1774, age: 3 yrs, Son of Deac'n Amos & Lydia Churchill-Memento Mori, [IM]
Churchill, Rebekah, d. 2 Jan 1789, age: 81 yrs, Consort to Nathanel Churchill, [IM]
Davis, Elizabeth, d. 21 Apr 1789, age: 51 yrs, [IM]
Doud, David, d. 9 Sep 1782, age: 61 yrs, [IM]
Higbe, David Jun, d. 30 Mar 1770?, age: 31 yrs, Son of David & Hannah Higbe & grandson of Edward Boardman, [IM]
Higby, John, d. 4 Dec 1789, age: 84 yrs, s/w Sarah Higby, [IM]
Higby, Sarah, d. 5 May 1792, age: 84 yrs, s/w Relict of John Higby, [IM]
Mindwell, ?, d. 11 Sep 1787, age: 33 yrs, Consort to Aaron Norton, A Brownstone with a portrait of Mrs Mindwell, with a dress and pearls around her neck, [IM]
Mindwell, ??, d. 13 Mar 1778, age: 34 yrs?, Wife of Joseph Corn??, [IM]
Wilcox, Elijah, d. 16 Jan 1814, age: 1 yrs, Son of Elijah & Sally Wilcox, s/w Sarah Ann Wilcox, [IM]
Wilcox, Elijah, d. 18 Feb 1816, age: 28 yrs, [IM]
Wilcox, Jedidiah, d. 10 Oct 1787, age: 10 yrs, Son of John & Eunice Wilcox, Memento Mori , [IM]
Wilcox, Mercy, d. 15 Mar 1780, age: 31 yrs, Wife of Elijah Wilcox, [IM]
Wilcox, Sarah, d. 11 Jun 1815, age: 8m, Daughter of Elijah & Sally Wilcox, s/w Elijah Wilcox, [IM]
Wilcox, Thomas, d. 30 Dec 1788, age: 33 yrs?, [IM]


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