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Old Portland Burial Ground
Portland, Middlesex County, Connecticut

Bartlett St, Portland, Conn.

This is not a complete listing of burials! The records below were provided by contributors to Cemetery Records Online. Total records = 35.

Contributor's Index:

Ames, Theodosia, d. 21 Nov 1807, age: 63 yrs, Consort of Cap't Nicholas Ames, [IM]
Bartlet, Moses, d. 3 Mar 1810, age: 71 yrs, Doctor, [IM]
Bartlit, Elilu?, d. 11 Jan 1742, Son of Rev'd Moses & Lydia Bartlit, [IM]
Bartlit, Moses, d. 27 Dec 1766, age: 58 yrs, Rev'd, [IM]
Bates, Alsey, d. 9 Feb 1787, age: 8m, Son of Abner & Lusey Bates, [IM]
Bidwell, Anna, d. 2 Nov 1779, age: 10m, Daughter of Capt John & Sarah Bidwell, [IM]
Bidwell, John Jun'r, d. 2 Nov 1795, age: 15 yrs, Son of Capt John & Sarah Bidwell, [IM]
Cheney, Prudence, d. 8 Aug 1771, age: 20 yrs, Wife of Charles Cheney & Daughter of Capt Jeremiah & Ruth Goodrich, [IM]
Elsworth, Sarah, d. ? Mar ????, Wife of John Elsworth Esq'r, [IM]
Gildersleeve, Philip, b. 11 May 1850, d. 21 Oct 1850, Son of Philip & Anna D. Gildersleeve, [IM]
Gildersleeve, Susan, b. 7 Jan 1853, d. 8 Jun 1853, Daughter of Philip & Anna D. Gildersleeve, [IM]
Goodrich, Anna, d. 30 Jul 1805?, age: 56 yrs??, Late Consort of Hezekiah Goodrich Esq'r, [IM]
Goodrich, Jeremiah, d. 11 Jul 1823, age: 81 yrs, [IM]
Goodrich, Lucy, d. 21 Mar 1813, age: 63 yrs??, Wife of Hezekiah Goodrich Esq'r, [IM]
Pelton, Amos, d. 10 Oct 1796, age: 18 yrs, Son of Abner Pelton who was kill'd by the fall of a Tree, [IM]
Pelton, Mary, d. 8 Sep 179?, age: 39 yrs, Wife of Cap't Joseph Pelton, [IM]
Penfield, Elisabeth, d. 13 Dec 1740, age: 21 yrs, Wife of Jonathan Penfield, [IM]
Penfield, Mary, d. 30 Jan 1741, age: 90 yrs, Widow of Wil'm Stone, [IM]
Penfield, Stephen, d. 12 Sep 1749, age: 36 yrs, [IM]
Sage, Abner, d. 24 Mar 1848, age: 59 yrs, [IM]
Sage, David, d. 26 Mar 1776, age: 29 yrs, Eldest son of David & Sarah Sage. He entered the service of his country at the earliest date of the Revolution, was wounded in the assault upon Quebec under Gen. Montgomery, fell a victim to the Smallpox on the 26 of March and was buried by his brother soldiers near the walls of that City, [IM]
Sage, Ruth, d. 3 Dec 1793, age: 29 yrs, The amiable consort of Abner Sage whose life was suddenly terminated by a fall from a Carriage, [IM]
Sage, Sally, d. 6 Feb 180?, age: 39 yrs, The amiable consort of Abner Sage, [IM]
Shepard, Abigail, d. 28 Oct 1769, age: 17 yrs, Daughter of J?? & Bet?? Shepard, [IM]
Shepard, John, d. 8 Jan 1763, age: 75 yrs, [IM]
Shepard, Phebe, d. 19 Dec 1786, age: 40 yrs, Amiable Consort of Lieu't Daniel Shepard. Reader expect the Day that shall reveal to an A????ed World, the Piety and Virture of:, [IM]
Shepard, Reuben, d. 16 Nov 1794, age: 34 yrs, Son of Lieu't Daniel & Sarah Shepard, [IM]
Shepard, Ruth, d. ? Dec 1845, age: 87 yrs, [IM]
Stocking, Abiah, d. 13 Oct 1767, age: 63 yrs, Late wife of Samuel Stocking, [IM]
Stocking, Samuel, d. 21 Jul 1772, age: 73 yrs, [IM]
Strong, Abigail, d. 2 May 1796, age: 37 yrs, The amiable Consort of Rev Cyprian Strong, [IM]
Strong, Cyprian, d. 17 Nov 1811, age: 68 yrs, Rev Cyprian Stong DD, in the 68th year of his age, and 44th of his ministry. In morals, exemplary; in doctrine, uncorrupt; in reasoning, profound; declaring Gods counsel, perspicuous and solemn; and in death, peacefull. ""Let me die the death of the righteous, [IM]
White, Amos, d. 28 Feb 1774, age: 21d, Son of John & Elizabeth White, [IM]
White, Anne, d. 2 May 1775, age: 10 yrs, Daughter of Leu't Stephen & Honour White, [IM]
White, Molley, d. 27 May 1777, age: 8 yrs, Daughter of Leu't Stephen & Honour White, [IM]


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