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Old North Burying Grounds
Middlefield, Middlesex County, Connecticut

Circa 1735, Jackson Hill Rd.
Middlefield, CT

This is not a complete listing of burials! The records below were provided by contributors to Cemetery Records Online. Total records = 21.

Contributor's Index:

Bartlet, John, d. 30 Oct 1757, 62 yrs, Here lies Interr'd the Body of Liev't, [IM]
Birdsey, Ruth, no dates, [IM]
Birdsey, Sarah, d. 20 Mar 1791, 85 yrs, Wife of John Birdsey, [IM]
Birdsey, Seth, d. 16 ??? 1784, 33 yrs, ?? by the fall of a tree, ????rized by Death, [IM]
Camp, Lemuel, d. 8 Sep 1748, 1y 6m, Son of Mr. Edward & Mary Camp, [IM]
Camp, Mary, d. 18 Dec 1756, 45 yrs, Wife of Ensign Edward Camp, [IM]
Coe, Mary, d. 3 Mar 1804, 32 yrs, Wife of Mr. Camp Coe, [IM]
Coe, Eli, d. 27 Mar 1835, 77 yrs, Esc., [IM]
Miller, Benjamin, d. 22 Nov 1747, 76 yrs, [IM]
Miller, Elizabeth, d. 22 Aug 1787, 72 yrs, Wife of Dc'n Ichabod Miller, [IM]
Miller, Isaac, no dates, [IM]
Miller, Amos, d. 28 Jan 1739/40, 2 yrs, Son of Amos & Abigail Miller, s/w No Name, [IM]
Miller, Ichabod, d. 22 Aug 1788, In Memory of Decan, [IM]
Miller, James, d. 12 Aug 1778, 8 yrs, Son of Mr. Richard & Anna Miller, s/w Richard Miller, [IM]
Miller, Mercy, d. Feb 1756, 79 yrs, Relict of Mr. Benjamin Miller, [IM]
Miller, No name, b. 16 Jun 1740, d. 19 Jun 1740, 3d, Son of Amos & Abigail Miller, s/w Amos Miller, [IM]
Miller, Richard, d. 15 Dec 1778, 6?, Son of Mr. Richard & Anna Miller, s/w James Miller, [IM]
Scofel, Hannah, d. 16 Jul 1757, 85 yrs, Rellict of Mr. James Scofel Deceaft, [IM]
Ward, William, d. 25 Feb 1786, 66 yrs, This Monument erected to Capt, [IM]
Ward, Timothy, d. 7 Jan 1793, 22 yrs, Son of William Ward & Mary Ward, [IM]
Ward, William, d. 18 Apr 1795, 18 yrs, Son of William Ward & Mary Ward, [IM]


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