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Fitch Veteran Cemetery
Darien, Fairfield County, Connecticut

Boston Post Rd and Hecker Ave, Darien, CT 06820

Lat: 41° 04' 04"N, Lon: 73° 28' 46"W

The property for this cemetery adjoins that of Spring Grove Cemetery. The entrance to the cemetery proper is located on Hecker Avenue.

This cemetery was established around the end of the Civil, as the burial site for the Fitch Old Soldiers Home which was established for the care of veterans of the war. It was used as a place to bury those who died in the home.

In 1932 it was declared a State Veteran Cemetery. It is distinguished by a flagpole in the centeer island with carved figures of service men at the base. It is no longer open for new burials.

This is not a complete listing of burials in this cemetery! The records below were provided by contributors to Interment.net. Last edited Oct 03, 2007. Total records = 199.

Contributor's Index:

Abbey, Raymond, d. 21 Nov 1955, age: 56yr, World War, Btry, 21st E.A, [SS]
Albro, Thomas, b. 09 Oct 1901, age: 56yr, Co. K., 26th Regt. Conn. Vols, [SS]
Alden, George, b. 21 Sep 1902, age: 67yr, 2nd Lt. Bttry. Conn. Vols, [SS]
Alger, Sherman H., b. 30 Dec 1902, age: 56yr, Co.B. 10th Regt. Conn. Vols, [SS]
Alling, Edwin, b. 20 Jan 1899, age: 61yr, Co. C, 16th Regt. Conn. Vols, [SS]
Anthony, Andrew J., d. 15 Mar 1934, age: 34yr, World War, Btry. F, 12th F.A, [SS]
Armstrong, Simon A., b. 06 Feb 1898, age: yr, Co. K, 14th Regt. Inf. C.V, [SS]
Babilto, George, d. 06 Mar 1952, age: 59yr, World War, 68th, 153rd D.B, [SS]
Barber, Noyes, b. 17 Apr 1900, age: 56yr, Co. l, 1st Regt. Cav. C.V, [SS]
Barnett, George W., d. 31 Jan 1920, age: 80yr, Corp., Co. C, 3rd Inf. Conn. Vols, [SS]
Beck, John, d. 24 May 1919, age: 73yr, Co. E, 17th Inf. Conn. Vols, [SS]
Beekman, Cornelius, b. 03 Mar 1902, age: 62yr, Co. C, 10th Regt. Conn. Vols, [SS]
Benjamin, John, b. 12 May 1900, age: 84yr, Co. A., 8th Inf. Conn. Vols, [SS]
Bennett, Patrick, b. 01 Jun 1920, age: 77yr, Civil War; Co. E, 4th N.J.V.I, [SS]
Bernardinelli, Peter, d. 08 Aug 1933, age: 47yr, World War, Co.Q.I.C, [SS]
Billings, Aaron, d. 01 Jul 1919, age: 88yr, Co. A, 28th Inf. Conn. Vols, [SS]
Blaess, Evan E., d. 26 Feb 1958, age: 68yr, World War, Segt. H.Q. Co. 108th, [SS]
Boss, Bernard, b. 01 May 1900, age: 57yr, Co. K, 2nd Mass Vols, [SS]
Botsford, John W., b. 21 Jan 1900, age: 68yr, Co. D, 13th Regt. Conn. Vols, [SS]
Bradley, Roswell, b. 01 Mar 1899, age: 73yr, Co. M, 1st Regt. Hvy. Arty. C.V, [SS]
Briggs, Daniel, b. 26 Feb 1907, age: 67yr, Co. K, 2nd Hvy. Arty. C.V, [SS]
Brooks, Rienzi J., b. 06 Mar 1920, age: 78yr, Co. D, 6th Inf. Conn. Vols, [SS]
Brown, Earl, b. 10 Feb 1902, age: 75yr, Co. E, 22nd Regt. Conn. Vols, [SS]
Browne, Harold W., d. 03 Feb 1952, age: 62yr, World War, Lt. (j.g.) U.S. Navy, [SS]
Burke, Anthony, b. 22 Jan 1898, age: 69yr, Co. A, 20th Reg. Conn. Vols, [SS]
Burr, George H., d. 29 Nov 1932, age: 60yr, Spanish American War, Co. K, 3rd C.V.I, [SS]
Burr, Moses, b. 29 Mar 1907, age: 73yr, Co. E., 10th Inf. Conn Vols, [SS]
Butler, Theodore T., d. 12 Apr 1919, age: 76yr, Civil War, Co. A, 15th C.V.I, [SS]
Butler, Thomas M., b. 29 Oct 1898, age: 53yr, Co. B., 9th Regt. Maryland Vols, [SS]
Calligan, John J., d. 04 Feb 1934, age: 39yr, World War, 5th Co. C.A.C, [SS]
Caronti, Carlo, d. 14 Feb 1943, age: 51yr, World War 1, HQ Det. Salv. Div, [SS]
Carroll, Francis, b. 14 Apr 1900, age: 65yr, Co. C, 1st Regt. Hvy Arty, CV, [SS]
Carvino, Thomas, d. 15 May 1943, age: 57yr, World War, Co. B, 2nd Conn. Inf, [SS]
Catalano, Vincent, d. 27 Oct 1942, age: 46yr, World War 1, Italian Army, [SS]
Chapman, Joseph N., d. 12 Nov 1942, age: 55yr, World War 1, Btry. E, 304th F.A, [SS]
Chase, John H., d. 23 Jul 1943, age: 72yr, Sgt., Spanish American War, Co. L, 3rd C.V. I, [SS]
Cleveland, William, b. 08 Mar 1920, age: 77yr, Co. B, 10th Inf. Conn. Vols, [SS]
Condon, William B., d. 17 Apr 1952, age: 63yr, Segt. World War, Ord. Dept, [SS]
Congdon, John, d. 23 Dec 1955, age: 60yr, World War II, Med. Dept, [SS]
Conley, William, b. 25 Jun 1901, age: 73yr, Co. F, 1st Regt. Hvy. Arty, C.V, [SS]
Connell, John, b. 20 May 1902, age: 61yr, Corp. Co. K, 1st Regt. Hvy. Arty, C.V, [SS]
Cook, Russell, b. 07 Jun 1901, age: 75yr, Co. K, 35th Regt. N.J. Vols, [SS]
Cooley, Albert J., b. 31 Oct 1901, age: 64yr, Co. F, 20th Regt. Conn. Vols, [SS]
Coppinger, Martin W., d. 15 Mar 1933, age: 49yr, World War, 1st Lieut. Adj. Genl's, [SS]
Costello, James, b. 20 Sep 1901, age: 71yr, Co. B, 9th Regt. Conn. Vols, [SS]
Dakin, George W., d. 03 Jan 1933, age: 38yr, World War, Sup. Co. 61st Inf, [SS]
Daley, Michael, b. 18 Feb 1902, age: 70yr, Co. E, 10th Regt. Conn. Vols, [SS]
Dann, Smith, b. 29 May 1900, age: 70yr, Co.A.,28th Regt. Conn. Vols, [SS]
Davis, Charles H., b. 16 Mar 1899, age: 64yr, Co. G, 11th Reg. Conn. Vols, [SS]
Decker, Derbie J., d. 12 Nov 1932, age: 42yr, World War, Co. G. 148th Inf, [SS]
Dennison, Albert, d. 07 Feb 1958, age: 78yr, World War, British Army, [SS]
Donovan, Timothy, b. 25 May 1900, age: 74yr, Co. B, 25th Regt., Conn Vols, [SS]
Dorsett, Philos H., d. 12 Jan 1920, age: 81yr, Co. I, 3rd Hvy. Arty, Mass Vols, [SS]
Dowd, Michael, d. 08 Sep 1942, age: 76yr, Spanish American War, Co. F, 7th Arty, [SS]
Downs, George H., d. 02 May 1919, age: 76yr, Co. B, 22nd Inf. Conn. Vols, [SS]
Doyle, John, d. 10 Oct 1955, age: 64yr, World War, HQ 25th Field Artillery, [SS]
Dudeczka, John S., d. 12 Jan 1956, age: 36yr, World War II, Serv. Btry 552nd F.A. B. N, [SS]
Durfee, Leonard, b. 27 Dec 1898, age: 71yr, Co. B, 18th Reg. Conn. Vols, [SS]
Dziatkiewics, Stanley, d. 15 Sep 1933, age: 44yr, World War, Co. G, 52nd C.A.C, [SS]
Eagan, Thomas F., d. 22 May 1933, age: 55yr, Spanish American War, Co. I, 1st C.V.I, [SS]
Easson, John P., d. 12 Oct 1942, age: 49yr, World War I, RWY Troops Dep. Canadian Army, [SS]
Ellis, Harry, d. 05 Nov 1955, age: 57yr, World War II, Sec. 2, Sup. Div, [SS]
Everson, James J., b. 16 Jun 1898, age: yr, Co. E. 12th Regt. Conn. Vols, [SS]
Farrell, Frederick G., d. 15 Apr 1952, age: 72yr, World War, British Army, [SS]
Farrell, James B., b. 24 Jul 1901, age: 69yr, Co. B, 1st Regt. Cav. C.V, [SS]
Fenn, Homer W., b. 01 Mar 1920, age: 97yr, Co. E, 27th Inf. Conn. Vols, [SS]
Finch, George, d. 29 Jan 1919, age: 72yr, Civil War, Co. M, 6th N.Y.V.H.A, [SS]
Foulks, John, d. 25 Oct 1919, age: 74yr, Co. B, 28th Inf. N.Y. Vols, [SS]
Freeman, Joseph H. S., b. 13 Feb 1902, age: 58yr, Co. A, 29th Regt. Conn. Vols, [SS]
French, Burr, b. 09 Jul 1902, age: 73yr, Co. E., 7th Regt. Conn. Vols, [SS]
Gabriel, Joseph P., b. 05 Oct 1900, age: 80yr, Co.I, 20th Regt. Conn. Vols, [SS]
Gardner, William C., d. 27 Oct 1932, age: 90yr, Civil War, Capt. Co. A. 13th Bn. C.V.I, [SS]
Gehring, William, b. 25 Jan 1901, age: 56yr, Co. H, 29th Regt. Penn Vols, [SS]
Gillette, Leonard, b. 27 Jan 1907, age: 95yr, Co. E, 7th Inf. Conn. Vols.", Very worn,, [SS]
Gourley, William L., b. 25 Apr 1903, age: 67yr, Co. I, 1st Regt. Hvy. Arty, C.V, [SS]
Grey, Thomas, b. 28 Mar 1920, age: 80yr, Co. B, 1st Cav. Conn. Vols, [SS]
Griffith, John M., b. 22 Nov 1898, age: 74yr, Co. H., 22nd Regt., Conn. Vols, [SS]
Griggs, Henry, b. 19 Mar 1900, age: 70yr, Co. F, 10th Regt. Conn. Vols, [SS]
Gunn, James E., d. 22 Jan 1958, age: 36yr, World War II, Tech. Gr. 5, 3968th Q.M Trk. Co, [SS]
Hallowell, John R., d. 23 Apr 1919, age: 75yr, Co. K, 120th Inf. N.Y. Vols, [SS]
Hamm, Frederick J., d. 22 Mar 1952, age: 64yr, World War, Co I. 22nd Inf, [SS]
Hand, Harry, d. 18 Jan 1952, age: 55yr, U.S. Marine Corp, [SS]
Hatfield, Delbert K., d. 24 Dec 1955, age: 58yr, World War, HQ. Co. 28th Arty. C.A.C, [SS]
Hawley, Abijah H., b. 07 Nov 1901, age: 72yr, Co. K, 17th Regt. Conn. Vols, [SS]
Hearns, John R., d. 30 Sep 1932, age: 61yr, Co. D., 3rd C.V.I., S.A. War, [SS]
Hendrickson, Carl C., d. 18 Aug 1943, age: 50yr, World War 1, Co. D, 74th Inf, [SS]
Hill, Henry C., b. 31 May 1902, age: 76yr, Co. F., 1st Btry. Hvy. Arty. Mass Vols, [SS]
Horner, Frederick, b. 12 Feb 1903, age: 59yr, U.S.S. Sabine, [SS]
Hotch, Louis W., b. 16 Mar 1907, age: 75yr, Co. I, 1st Hvy Arty. C.V, [SS]
Hounslow, Roper, d. 07 Jun 1919, age: 76yr, Co. D, 6th Inf. Conn. Vols, [SS]
Jackson, Louis A., d. 03 Mar 1952, age: 54yr, World War, Co. C, 63rd Pion. Inf, [SS]
James, William H., d. 13 May 1952, age: 62yr, World War1, Co. D, 368th Inf, [SS]
Jeffrey, Andrew M., d. 04 May 1943, age: 76yr, Spanish American War, Co. H, 3rd MO. Vols. Inf, [SS]
Jones, George J., d. 12 Jan 1933, age: 86yr, Civil War, 17th Conn. Vols, [SS]
Jones, Leonard, b. 02 Jun 1899, age: 72yr, Corp. Co. D. 7th Regt. Conn. Vols, [SS]
Kellner, Henry, b. 16 Aug 1899, age: 78yr, Co. D., 103 Regt. N.Y. Vols, [SS]
Kelly, Thomas, d. 24 Mar 1919, age: 81yr, Co. I, 5th Inf. Conn. Vols, [SS]
Kilkelly, Patrick J., d. 12 Jan 1943, age: 54yr, World War 1, M.P. Co. Ord. Dept, [SS]
King, Albert S., b. 11 Dec 1900, age: 64yr, Co. F, 22nd Regt. Conn Vols, [SS]
King, Thomas, d. 31 Dec 1933, age: 74yr, Spanish American War, Co. H, 3rd C.V.I, [SS]
Kinney, Alonzo, b. 18 Dec 1902, age: 58yr, Co. F. 12th Regt. Conn. Vols, [SS]
Kirsch, Joseph, d. 14 Nov 1955, age: 68yr, World War, C.O. B. Sch. Bn. I.C.O.T.S, [SS]
Kline, Frederick, b. 05 Dec 1904, age: 65yr, Co. A, 9th Regt. Conn. Vols, [SS]
Klinger, John W., d. 08 Feb 1933, age: 57yr, Spanish American War, U.S. Navy, [SS]
Kocur, Michael, d. 12 Jan 1943, age: 43yr, World War 1, Btry. A, 7th F.A, [SS]
Koschal, Joseph, d. 16 Oct 1933, age: 37yr, World War, Co. A. 34th Inf, [SS]
Lamphere, Calvin J., b. 09 Nov 1898, age: 73yr, Co. K.14th Regt. Conn Vols, [SS]
Lauderback, Frederick, b. 15 Sep 1902, age: 81yr, Co. E, 13th Regt. Conn. Vols, [SS]
Lee, Charles G., b. 31 Jan 1901, age: 74yr, Co. C, 18th Regt. Conn. Vols, [SS]
Leszesojiski, Felix, d. 13 Jan 1956, age: 67yr, World War, Q.M. Corps, [SS]
Lockwood, Vincent A., d. 26 Dec 1955, age: 43yr, World War II, U.S. Navy, [SS]
Lockwood, Walter H., d. 20 Feb 1943, age: 47yr, World War 1, Co. C, 42nd Inf, [SS]
Luciano, Francesco, d. 20 Aug 1943, age: 63yr, World war 1, 63rd Inf. Italian Army, [SS]
Lynch, George F., d. 24 Dec 1955, age: 55yr, World War, II, H.Q. Co. S.C.U. 112, [SS]
Lyons, John J., d. 16 Feb 1958, age: 59yr, World War, U.S. Navy, [SS]
Madison, Charles, d. 28 Nov 1955, age: 80yr, S.A.R., Co. G., 3rd, C.V.I, [SS]
Magill, Bernard, b. 23 Feb 1900, age: 74yr, Co.I, 17th Regt. Conn. Vols, [SS]
Martella, Donato, d. 11 Apr 1952, age: 71yr, World War, Italian Army, [SS]
Mather, Jerome S., b. 18 Dec 1897, age: yr, Co. F. 25th Regt. Conn. Vols, [SS]
Maynard, Arthur J., d. 09 Feb 1952, age: 54yr, World War, Med. Dept, [SS]
McFarland, Patrick, b. 14 Apr 1899, age: 51yr, Corp., 3rd Light Battery, C.V, [SS]
Milesky, Frank, d. 06 Jan 1958, age: 65yr, World War, Co. K. 11th Inf, [SS]
Mitchell, Foster A., d. 23 Oct 1955, age: 64yr, World War, Corporal, Co. E, 102nd Inf, [SS]
Moldaner, Valentine, b. 21 Apr 1898, age: 70yr, Co. C., 22nd Regt. C.V.I, [SS]
Morgan, Michael, b. 17 Oct 1901, age: 63yr, Co.D, 6th Regt. Conn. Vols, [SS]
Mulfitano, Francisco, d. 21 Jan 1952, age: 55yr, World War, Co. D, 103 nd Inf, [SS]
Muller, Henry, d. 17 Apr 1934, age: 62yr, Spanish American War, Trp. C, 3rd U.S. Cav, [SS]
Murphy, Timothy, b. 17 Sep 1901, age: 64yr, Co. G, 48th Regt. N.Y. Vols, [SS]
Newton, Isaac R., b. 03 Dec 1898, age: 56yr, Co. A, 10th Reg. Conn. Vols, [SS]
Nichols, Henry, b. 17 Jul 1901, age: 66yr, Co. K, 6th Regt. Conn. Vols, [SS]
Norton, Adolphus R., b. 24 Oct 1900, age: 77yr, Co. A, 11th Regt. N.Y. Vols, [SS]
Paight, John H., d. 08 Dec 1942, age: 77yr, Co. K, C.V.I, [SS]
Parker, Thomas, b. 27 Feb 1902, age: 55yr, Co. G. 1st Regt. Cav. C.V, [SS]
Peet, Joseph, b. 07 Mar 1907, age: 71yr, Co. I, 6th Inf. Conn. Vols.", Very worn,, [SS]
Pendleton, Ralph W., d. 18 Dec 1955, age: 60yr, World War, 2nd Lieut. 24th Co. 153rd D, D.B, [SS]
Penharlow, David D., b. 22 Jun 1898, age: 70yr, Co. G, 13th Reg. Conn. Vols, [SS]
Perkins, Willis B., b. 23 May 1900, age: 76yr, Co K, 10th Regt. Conn. Vols, [SS]
Peronto, Irving H., d. 25 Oct 1942, age: 57yr, World War 1, Co. A, 1st Conn. Inf, [SS]
Phaneuff, Fred, d. 10 Jan 1943, age: 63yr, Spanish American War, Co. F, 3rd C.V.I, [SS]
Phelps, Moses, b. 08 Dec 1900, age: 64yr, Light Btry. Conn. Vols, [SS]
Phillips, Walter M., d. 19 Jun 1919, age: 74yr, Co. H, 91st Inf. Conn. Vols, [SS]
Pierce, Frederick J., b. 21 Dec 1898, age: 61yr, Co. C, 2nd Regt. Hvy. Arty. C.V, [SS]
Price, William H., d. 24 Apr 1919, age: 84yr, Co. I, 22nd Inf. Conn. Vols, [SS]
Pride, William C., b. 25 Jan 1902, age: 65yr, Capt. Brevet Major, Co. L. 1 Regt. Hvy. Arty. C.V, [SS]
Prime, Joseph, no dates, Corp., Co. C. 29th Inf. Conn. Vols, [SS]
Prusik, Stanalaw S., d. 03 Feb 1933, age: 42yr, World War, Co. A. 76th Engineers, [SS]
Pugsley, Floyd T., b. 10 Aug 1899, age: 71yr, Co. I, 10th Regt. Conn. Vols, [SS]
Purdy, Myron, b. 15 Apr 1900, age: 61yr, Co. C, 20th Regt. Conn. Vols, [SS]
Renn, Franklyn G., d. 06 Jul 1943, age: 55yr, World War 1, Co. L, 61st Inf, [SS]
Reuter, Edward C., d. 21 Feb 1933, age: 74yr, Spanish American War, Co.D, 13th U.S. Inf, [SS]
Richmond, Collins, b. 23 May 1900, age: 58yr, Co. K, 1st Regt. Hvy. Arty. C.V, [SS]
Roarke, John J., d. 29 Mar 1933, age: 62yr, Spanish American War, Co. H, 3rd C.V.I, [SS]
Robinson, Gespar H., d. 29 Aug 1937, age: 45yr, World War 1, Co. B, 537th Engrs, [SS]
Roche, John, b. 03 Aug 1898, age: 58yr, Co. H., 24th Regt. C.V.I, [SS]
Rodosky, Joseph, d. 30 Mar 1942, age: 62yr, World War 1, F.M. Det. USMA, [SS]
Rogers, Lewis O., d. 17 Aug 1919, age: 72yr, Co. A. 29th Inf. Conn. Vols, [SS]
Root, Jarvis H., b. 01 Jul 1898, age: 51yr, Co. B. 1st C.V.H.A, [SS]
Rowe, Willam, b. 22 Mar 1900, age: 65yr, Co. C, 16th Regt. Conn. Vols, [SS]
Sanford, Samuel J., b. 11 Mar 1903, age: 63yr, Co. K, 12th Regt. Conn Vols, [SS]
Saunders, William B., d. 16 Mar 1956, age: 63yr, World War, Corporal, Med. Det. 56th Inf, [SS]
Scarritt, George C., b. 08 Mar 1899, age: 71yr, 2nd Light Btry. Conn Vols, [SS]
Schenarts, Arthur, d. 16 May 1952, age: 67yr, World War 1, U.S. Navy, [SS]
Schepp, John, d. 21 Nov 1955, age: 60yr, World War, Btry D., 65th Arty. C.A.C, [SS]
Schneider, Joseph, b. 15 Feb 1902, age: 60yr, Co. B, 52nd Regt. N.Y. Vols, [SS]
Scott, Charles, d. 24 Nov 1919, age: 74yr, Co. C, 33rd Inf., N.J. Vols, [SS]
Searing, Peter, b. 16 Jan 1899, age: 67yr, Co. C, 6th Regt. Conn Vols, [SS]
Seeley, Frederick, d. 10 Jun 1934, age: 41yr, World War, Btry D., 56th Arty. C.A.C, [SS]
Sheldon, Sylvanus H., b. 03 Apr 1903, age: 81yr, Co. H, 8th Regt. Conn. Vols, [SS]
Sheridan, Owen, b. 06 May 1902, age: 68yr, Co.B, 12th Regt. Conn. Vols, [SS]
Smith, John M., b. 11 Aug 1901, age: 58yr, Co. C, 28th Regt. Conn. Vols, [SS]
Smith, Osborne, b. 02 Oct 1900, age: 70yr, Co. C, 25th Regt., Conn Vols, [SS]
Stenger, Anthony, d. 25 Apr 1934, age: 59yr, Spanish American War, Btry. 1st C.V.A, [SS]
Stuart, Charles C., b. 29 Mar 1902, age: 62yr, Co.K, 53rd Inf. Mass. Vols, [SS]
Sullivan, Dennis, d. 24 May 1919, age: 83yr, Co. H, 18th Inf. Conn. Vols, [SS]
Sullivan, Timothy P., d. 13 Apr 1943, age: 52yr, Corp., World War 1, Btry. F, 103rd F.A, [SS]
Susini, Vittorio, d. 01 Apr 1952, age: 61yr, World War, Co. A, 52nd Pion. Inf, [SS]
Swain, William, b. 15 Nov 1902, age: 64yr, Co. G., 13th Regt. N.J. Vols, [SS]
Sydenham, John, b. 25 Feb 1920, age: 73yr, Co. G. 6th Inf. Conn. Vols, [SS]
Sypher, Robert C., d. 05 Jan 1956, age: 55yr, World War II, Co. B, 417 Inf, [SS]
Tenner, Richard A., b. 05 Sep 1898, age: 67yr, Co.H., 15th Regt. Conn. Vols, [SS]
Thompson, William B., b. 29 Oct 1898, age: 71yr, Co. H, 6th Reg. N.H. Vols., Inf, [SS]
Thorpe, Charles O., b. 19 Dec 1902, age: 63yr, Co. I, 9th Regt. Conn Vols, [SS]
Trent, Henry R., d. 01 Feb 1958, age: 69yr, World War, Co. M. 6th Pion. Inf, [SS]
Vaitekaitis, John, d. 20 Apr 1952, age: 58yr, World War Med. Dept., [SS]
Vandervalt, John, b. 26 Dec 1898, age: 64yr, Sergt. Co.D., Conn. Vols, [SS]
Wakeley, Ebenezer, b. 17 Jun 1902, age: 81yr, Co. I, 6th Regt. Conn. Vols, [SS]
Waterman, William H., b. 04 Aug 1902, age: 58yr, Co. F, 12th Regt. Conn. Vols, [SS]
Weller, Paul R., d. 02 Aug 1943, age: 63yr, World War 1, U.S. Navy, [SS]
Wells, John H., b. 13 Aug 1898, age: 71yr, Co. L, 1st Conn. Vols. H.A, [SS]
Wheeler, George A., d. 27 Sep 1933, age: 93yr, Civil War, U.S. Navy, [SS]
Wheeler, William L., b. 13 Apr 1920, age: 76yr, Civil War; Co. A, 6th C.V.I, [SS]
Wilcox, Moses B., d. 12 Jan 1919, age: 79yr, Co. H., 5th Inf. Conn. Vols, [SS]
Wilmarth, Gardiner, b. 15 Jun 1899, age: 59yr, Sergt. Co. C, 25th Regt. Conn. Vols, [SS]
Wilson, John, 1st, b. 10 Jun 1901, age: 81yr, Co. E, 1st Regt. Hvy Arty, Conn. Vols, [SS]
Winslow, George, b. 13 Aug 1901, age: 70yr, Co. A, 24th Regt. Conn. Vols, [SS]
Wood, Frederick F., b. 01 Jun 1899, age: 66yr, Co. B, 23rd Regt. Conn. Vols, [SS]
Worbich, Anthony, d. 19 Feb 1934, age: 47yr, World War, 6th Co. C.A.C, [SS]
Wynn, Willie R., d. 22 Mar 1958, age: 60yr, Med. Dept. 372nd Inf., [SS]
Yates, Taylor T., d. 28 Feb 1952, age: 61yr, World War, Co. C, 445th Lab. Bn, [SS]

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