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Rockville Cemetery
Fairfield, Solano County, California

rockville cemetery
Rockville Cemetery

GPS: 38.247824, -122.120969

4219 Suisun Valley Road
Fairfield, CA 94534

by Steve Johnson
Published: May 26, 2016
Total records: 3,718

Rockville Cemetery is owned and operated by Suisun Fairfield Rockville Cemetery District.


Before there was a Rockville Cemetery, there was the Rockville Stone Chapel. But before there was a stone chapel, people had traveled here from many miles for religious camp meetings. Burials had also been taken place here due to its religious uses. Finally, a stone chapel was built and dedicated here in February 1857 under the name "Methodist Episcopal Church South". More burials took place now that a church building was on site.

At the start of the Civil War, many parishioners argued over their differences between the North and South. By Christmas of 1863, the congregation had split over their political and social leanings, causing church membership to decline. Meanwhile, families continued to bury their deceased on chapel grounds. More land was needed for additional grave space.

In 1879, Lewis Pierce deeded three adjacent acres for $1 in gold. Then J.M. Baldwin deeded 268 more acres.But wIth membership continuing to decline, the chapel and cemetery fell into disrepair.

In 1928, the church was sold to John Dahlstrom, at the time the caretaker of the cemetery. But with little funds to make repairs, he sold it to Solano County. The County in turn formed the Rockville Public Cemetery District to raise funds. However, both the chapel and cemetery continued unmaintained.

It wasn't until 1940 that funds and workers provided by the Works Progress Administration was able to restore the building and grounds.

In 2007, the Rockville Public Cemetery District was absorbed into the Suisun Fairfield Cemetery District, and renamed, "Suisun Fairfield Rockville Cemetery District".

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