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Riverside National Cemetery
Riverside, Riverside County, California

* Records with an asterisk at the end indicates those that have not been verified as accurate by the U.S. Department of Veterans' Affairs. Please visit "The National Cemetery Administration Records Verification Project " for details on what this means. To report an error, please visit the Veterans Affairs website, click on "Contact the VA" and follow the instructions.

Xander, Gordon W, b. 04/20/1916, d. 04/13/2000, US Army, CPT, Res: Phoenix, AZ, Plot: 50 0 2461, bur. 04/19/2000
Xanthakis, Christie James, b. 08/10/1920, d. 09/13/1990, RM1 USN, Plot: A 443, bur. 10/18/1990, *

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