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Mount Olive Cemetery Records
Weathers, Madison County, Arkansas

Lat: 35° 59' 39"N, Lon: 93° 30' 36"W

Contributed by Robert Cline, Jul 13, 2002 [clinefam@yournet.com]. Total records = 42.

From Kingston Square... Go south on Hwy 74 about .5 miles you will see the Kingston Cemetery on your right, you will turn in front of the cemetery to your left onto Madison County Road 3605. Drive this County Road (dirt road) until you see the "Y" you will go right at the "Y" This turns into County Road 3625 you will then drive 3.5 miles to the cemetery.

From Huntsville Square... Go 4 miles South on Hwy 23, You will then turn left on Hwy 74. Drive right at 12 miles (the highway will curve around sharp curves and stuff) Right at 12 miles you will see Kingston Cemetery on your left and the Madison County Road 3605 you will turn right on. Drive this County Road (dirt road) until you see the "Y" you will go right at the "Y" This turns into County Road 3625 you will then drive 3.5 miles to the cemetery.

The road is blacktop part of the way and dirt part of the way. I wouldn't advise a low chassed vehicle to go this road you will drag. We drove a van and a truck the two times we were out there,...and even then had to be careful.

This cemetery goes back into the late 1800's with the first burial on Mar 20, 1887, that of Peter Books. It appears to still be active.

I transcribed this cemetery on Feb 23, 2002.

- Robert Cline

Arnold, William Lloyd 'Bill', b. Mar 7, 1950, d. Nov 22, 1999
Blackford, Rebeca Lenora, b. Apr 23, 1891, d. Sep 05, 1893, newer stone
Books, Peter, b. Aug 07, 1813, d. Mar 20, 1887, (this stone is homemade with some of the lettering backwards the entire grave is surrounded by a rock wall. He was the first person to be buried in this cemetery, but this wasn't his property. No one knows why he was moved from his own property to be buried here. And his last name could have been Brooks.)
Burton, Clarence W., b. Jan 11, 1908, d. Apr 7, 1966, Father, s/like & h/o Rosie Burton,s/o Wm and Mary Betz Burton
Burton, Edward E., b. Jun 16, 1929, d. Aug 11, 1986, s/o Clarence W. and Rosa Ficht Burton, h/o Delta Walker
Burton, Mary Betz, b. Oct 2, 1881, d. Oct 22, 1947, Mother, s/w & w/o William H, m. Jan 01, 1901
Burton, Rosie M., b. Jul 13, 1906, d. Jan 27, 1990, Mother, s/like and w/o Clarence W, d/o Michael and Zazilia Ficht
Burton, William H., b. Feb 03, 1876, d. Jan 30, 1956, Father, s/w & h/o Mary Betz, m. Jan 01, 1901
Clark, Macel, b. Mar 16, 1912 d. May 12, 2001, w/o James A., no marker, d/o Smith Harrison and Ada Bell Wood VanBrunt, from obit
Counts, Millie, b. Oct 17, 1901, d. Oct 03, 1999, w/o Paul O., no marker, d/o Thomas and Mary Heatherley McFee, from obit
Davis, H. Theodore, b. Feb 15, 1892 d. Apr 5, 1976, Father, s/w & h/o Lena M
Davis, Lena M., b. Sep 14, 1902, d. Dec 19, 1978, Mother, s/w & w/o H. Theordore, d/o Michael and Zazilia Ficht
Eastep, Frances Hoskins 'Frankie', b. 1854, d. Jul 1913, Mother, w/o Joseph Eastep, homemade stone, d/o William Keller Hoskins and Polly Roberts
Fancher, Betty Jo, b. Jul 16, 1943, d. no date,
Fancher, Wayne E. "Pappy", b. Sep 11, 1937, d. Oct 02, 2000, s/w & h/o Betty Jo, 2 markers, military stone Sp4 US Army, s/o Claude Bell and Mary Daphne Cook Fancher
Ficht, Fred, b. Jul 6, 1866, d. May 26, 1922, Thy life was beauty with goodness and love, (Fred and his brother Michael came from Germany and was one of the first settlers on "the mountain" where this cemetery is. They were both murdered by a neighbor.
Ficht, Helen Cleo, b. Jun 17, 1921, d. Mar 21, 1996, w/o Michael Garfield, At Rest, d/o Herbert and Mary Edwards Schneider
Ficht, Herbert 'Dean', b. Apr 21, 1937, d. Oct 18, 1966, foot marker HDF, h/o Emile Seals. s/o Michael Garfield and Helen Cleo Schneider Ficht
Ficht, Michael G., b. Apr 01, 1905, d. Sep 23, 1972, At Rest, s/o Michael and Zazilia Ficht, h/o Helen Cleo Schneider
Ficht, Michael, b. Oct 4, 1867, d. May 25, 1922, Father into thy hands I commend my spirit. (Michael and his brother Fred came from Germany and was one of the first settlers on "the mountain" where this cemetery is. They were both murdered by a neighbor.
Ficht, Zizilia Huber, b. Nov 13, 1865, d. Dec 16, 1947, Mother, At Rest, w/o Michael Ficht
Fields, Walter, b. Mar 25, 1886, d. Mar 06, 1976, h/o Minnie, Gone Home, s/o Green Fields
Goforth, George, b. Feb 05, 1902, d. Nov 19, 1968, h/o Abbie
Hamilton, Cecilia Mae, b. Apr 11, 1937, d. Feb 17, 1995, s/w & w/o James Edwin, m. Feb 2, 1963, d/o Clarence and Rosa Burton
Hamilton, James Edwin, b. Feb 11, 1934, d. no date, s/w & h/o Cecilia Mae, m. m. Feb 2, 1963
Hawkes, Mary Eugenia, b. Mar 08, 1923, d. Jun 23, 1994, Beloved Mother
Holden, Abbie Goforth, b. Oct 18, 1907, d. Jan 31, 1995, w/o 1-George Goforth and 2-Lew Holden
Johnson, Charlie L., b. Jan 9, 1902 d. Mar 4, 1988, s/w & h/o Flora Ficht, m. Sep 30, 1928
Johnson, Flora Ficht, b. May 4,1908 d. Jan 1, 1996, s/w & w/o Charlie L, m. Sep 30, 1928, Children: Verma Lee & Wayne, Grandchildren: Diana Lyman, Gary Inman, Great Grandchildren: David Lyman, Sarah Lyman
Jordan, Jacqueline, b. 1940, d. 1986, Brashears FH marker, w/o Wendall
Marshall, Nervie, b. Aug 1912, d. Aug 1912, homemade stone
Nail, Thomas, d. May 13, 1902, age about 69
O'Barr, Anthony "Tony" Quinton, b. Aug 21, 1992, d. Nov 01, 1992, 2nd Brashears FH marker says 2 months 11 days
Owens, Harvey, b. Jul 14, 1878, d. Jul 8, 1905, Gone But Not Forgotten
Owens, James, b. Oct 28, 1842, d. Oct 09, 1904
Owens, Luther, b. 1904, d. 1905
Russell, Ada Jewell, b. Aug 06, 1917, d. Jan 26, 2002, age 84yr, Brashears FH, w/o Johnny, d/o Clarence Herbert and Thursa Mae Inman Steele
Shadrick, Mary F. Edwards, b. Feb 20, 1900, d. Aug 28, 1972, w/o 1-Herbert Schneider and 2-Robert Shadrick
Smith, Steve Allen (Buster), b. Feb 12, 1979, d. Jun 22, 2000, s/o Jerry Francis and Shirley Kay Seaton Smith
Weathers, Infant Twins, no dates, sons of C.B. and Minnie
Yates, Chester Allen, b. Sep 18, 1922, d. Mar 25, 1994, s/w & h/o Mary Ellen
Yates, Mary Ellen, b. Dec 26, 1916, d. Nov 22, 1994, s/w & w/o Chester Allen

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