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Day-Speegle Cemetery Records(Speegle Cemetery)
Falkville, Morgan County, Alabama

53 Day Gap Rd, Falkville AL 35622

Lat: 34° 19' 13"N, Lon: 87° 02' 10"W

Contributed by James E Martin, Jan 27, 2006 [jmartin184@aol.com]. Total records = 36.

This cemetery lies about 1/2 mile north of the Cullman/Morgan County line in Morgan County south of Day Gap Road on private property.

My family owns the land on which the cemetery is located. It is listed as the 'Speegle Cemetery' on the topographical maps.

The farm where the cemetery is located used to be called Beech Springs. Apparently, because of a large beech tree near a year round spring, the property used to be known as Beech Springs.

I have been told that soldiers camped near the spring on the property the night before the Civil War battle at Battle Ground, AL. Records indicate that there are six (6) Civil War Soldiers buried in the cemetery. There are at least 3 graves with fieldstone markers (2 believed to be Blacks). There are at least 45 burial sites.

We have erected a chain linked fence around the cemetery, placed a plaque on the fence and placed the list of names from my files beside the plaque. We have been striving to clear bushes and weeds from the cemetery, fill holes created by animals and improve the general appearance of the site. However, there remains a lot of work to be done.

I have transcribed this from references on Morgan County Cemeteries, and the actual existing tombstones. It is complete up to Jan 25, 2006.

- James E. Martin

Day, David Sr., b. 1 Aug 1773 Botetourt, VA, d. 1 Oct 1862 Beech Springs AL, age: 89yr, oldest date of birth in cemetery
Day, Nancy, b. 16 Dec 1812 Madison MS, d. 5 Jan 1861 Beech Springs AL, age: 49yr
Day, Richard, b. 25 Nov 1799 Hawkins TN, d. 1 Jul 1878 Beech Springs AL, age: 78yr, son of David Day Sr. & Nancy A. Byrd
Dowthet, T. J., no dates
Gibson, James (Jas.) W., b. 1 Apr 1803 Near Knoxville TN, d. 27 Aug 1871 Beech Springs AL, age: 68yr
Gibson, John R., b. 9 Mar 1806 Green TN, d. 27 Aug 1859 Beech Springs AL, age: 53yr, first interment in cemetery
Gibson, Mary E., b. 2 Apr 1803 Knoxville TN, d. 21 Feb 1871 Morgan Co AL, age: 68yr, Wife of James. W. Gibson
Gibson, Sarah M., b. 3 Dec 1868, d. 1 Mar 1871, age: 3yr
Gibson, Thursie (Thursey), b. 18 Dec 1808 Hawkins TN, d. 13 Sep 1863 Beech Springs AL, age: 55yr, wife of John R. Gibson
Gibson, William H., b. 17 Sep 1801 ? TN, d. 3 Apr 1873 Morgan Co AL, age: 72yr
Minter, Elizabeth Gibson, b. 11 Feb 1834 Morgan Co AL, d. 6 Aug 1874 Morgan Co AL, age: 40yr, daughter of James W. & Mary E. Gibson
Minter, J. K., b. 2 Feb 1824 Morgan Co AL, d. 15 Oct 1875 Morgan Co AL, age: 51yr
Minter, J. Rufus, b. 11 May 1868, d. 31 Jul 1896, age: 28yr
Minter, James K., b. 9 Nov 1858, d. 8 Oct 1875, age: 17yr
Mynatt, ??, d. 25 Mar 1896, Great Grandson of James W. & Sarah M. Gibson
Penn, Elizabeth, b. 8 Mar 1807, d. 24 Dec 1869, age: 62yr
Penn, Hettie, b. 25 Sep 1802 Hawkins TN, d. 1 Aug 1884 Beech Springs AL, age: 82yr, daughter of David Day Sr.
Speegle, infant, b. 2 Feb 1875, d. 13 Feb 1875, age: 11da, Infant daughter of S Manerva Speegle
Speegle, S. Manerva, b. 13 Apr 1843, d. 27 Sep 1909, age: 66yr, daughter of John R. & Thursie Gibson, lastinterment in cCemetery
Turrentine, Caroline, b. 25 Jul 1843 Morgan Co AL, d. 20 Dec 1879 Beech Springs AL, age: 36yr, Grandaughter of David Day Sr
Turrentine, Lula, b. 12 Jan 1885 Morgan Co AL, d. 12 Sep 1885 Beech Springs AL, age: 7mo 13da, a twin
Turrentine, Mary E. , b. 6 Jul 1876 Morgan Co AL, d. 12 Jul 1876 Beech Springs AL, age: 6da, Sister of twins, Ruby and Lula
Turrentine, Mary E., b. 24 Jul 1879 Morgan Co AL, d. 25 Feb 1880 Beech Springs AL, age: 1yr, Great Grandaughter of David Day Sr
Turrentine, Robert L., b. 2 Aug 1877 Morgan Co AL, d. 4 Dec 1877 Beech Springs AL, age: 4mo 2da, brother of twins, Ruby and Lula
Turrentine, Ruby, b. 13 Jan 1885 Morgan Co AL, d. 11 Sep 1885 Beech Springs AL, age: 7mo 11da, a twin
Turrentine, Seany , b. 29 Feb 1815, d. 12 Mar 1881, age: 66yr
Turrentine, Stephen B., b. 31 Jan 1881 Morgan Co AL, d. 18 Jan 1882 Beech Springs AL, age: 11mos, 13da, brother of twins, Ruby and Lula
Wallace, Beatrice, b. 9 Dec 1869, d. 9 Oct 1872 Beech Springs AL, age: 3yr, daughter of Mary E. Wallace
Wallace, Hattie, b. 9 Aug 1894, d. 5 Jan 1898, age: 4yr, Grandaughter of James W. & Mary E Gibson
Wallace, Mary E., b. 19 Oct 1840 Morgan Co AL, d. 6 May 1876 Beech Springs AL, age: 36yr
Wallace, Sarah Ann, b. 5 Oct 1831, d. 7 Jul 1862, age: 31yr
Wallace, William Madison, b. 9 Feb 1862, d. 17 Jan 1863, age: 1yr
Wilson, Callie E., b. 28 Sep 1870, d. 26 Mar 1871, age: 1yr
Wilson, James A., b. 30 Oct 1862, d. 17 Mar 1883, age: 21yr
Wilson, Martha L., b. 20 Jan 1839, d. 23 Jun 1871, age: 32yr
Woodruff, Mrs. Lucinda, d. 1 Jun 1886

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