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Wiggins Cemetery Huntsville, Madison County, Alabama
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Wiggins Cemetery Huntsville, Madison County, Alabama
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Wiggins Cemetery Records
Huntsville, Madison County, Alabama

Lat: 34° 38' 28"N, Lon: 86° 45' 08"W

Contributed by Jeannette Seitz, Jan 13, 2005, last edited Feb 21, 2007 [j-gen@cox.net]. Total records = 14.

Wiggins cemetery is located in what is now the Jetplex Industrial Park, adjacent to the Huntsville International Airport. It is visible from the intersection of Pentastar Dr. and Electronics Blvd. behind the Siemens plant.

This small family cemetery is surrounded by a white picket fence. The cemetery is in disrepair, no longer in use, and possibly abandoned.

Some stones are broken, damaged, and/or in danger of being overgrown with vegetation, therefore some are difficult to read and we have given our best guess.

Criss Faison and I walked this cemetery in Jan of 2005, transcribing from all existing, legible headstones.

- Jeannette Seitz

Dunn, John, b. 23 Aug 1787, d. 8 Aug 1839, s/w Richard Wiggins Howard
Howard, Homer V., no dates, "son of H. V. and S. E. Howard" (Homer V. and Susan Elvira Wiggins Howard)
Howard, Richard Wiggins, b. 28 Sep 1855?, d. 24 Aug 1856, "son of Homer V. and Sarah E. Howard", s/w John Dunn
Sanford, Allyn, no dates, "son of J. M and Susie H. Sanford"
Wiggins, Ann Eliza Dunn, b. 31 May 1811, d. 18 Aug 1840, footstone "A. E. W."
Wiggins, Jackey Gilliam Dunn, b. 8 Dec 1809, d. 4 Feb 1860, "wife of Richard A Wiggins", footstone "J. G. W."
Wiggins, James, b. 24 Jul 1773, d. 24 Aug 1834, footstone "J. W."
Wiggins, John D., b. 9 Sep 1842, d. 14 Dec 1842, footstone "J. D. W."
Wiggins, Junius, b. 16 Dec 1851, d. ? Sep 1858?, footstone "J. W."
Wiggins, Mary Louisa, b. 31 Aug 1830, d. 9 Aug 1834, footstone "M. L. W."
Wiggins, Richard, b. 5 Apr 1846, d. 23 May 1847, footstone "R. W."
Wiggins, Sally W., b. Apr 1781, d. 9 Jan 1842, footstone "S. W. W."
Wiggins, Sarah, b. 1 Aug 1840, d. 20 Sep 1842, footstone "S. W."
Wiggins, William R., b. 22 Nov 1838, d. ? Sep 1839

S., S. M.

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