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Arcola Cemetery Records
Hale County, Alabama

Contributed by Ruth Glass, March 5, 2000 [flglass@mindspring.com] Total records = 13.

Ashe,Sophia Davis , "The hand of friendship raises this slight memorial to the memory of Sophia Davis Ashe of Wilmington, N.C. The warmth and sincerity of whose heart captivated all who came within the sphere of her benevolence full of hope and faith. She departed this life on the 20th of April 1843 AE 73 years. We shall not look upon her like again."
Dewees, Susan Jane,"Here lies the remains of Susan Jane, the consort of Doc. Theo Dewees, our our gentle much loved and afflicted daughter who closed a life of suffering by a painful death on the 4th May, 1844. AE 22 years."
Ravesies, Frederick, "Second son of F.P. and I.S. Ravesies who departed this life on the 2nd of May, 1845. AE 8 years, 8 months and 8 days."
Ruffin, Anne Kirkland, b.April 5, 1855, d.July 18, 1865, "Daughter of J.S. and R.O. Ruffin.
Ruffin, Rosalie Octavia, b.April 9, 1830, d.Sept. 15, 1860, "Sacred to the Memory of Rosalie Octavia, wife of Dr. Jas. Ruffin and daughter of Samuel and Sophia Strudwick.
Ruffin, Susan Williamson, b.July 15, 1860, d.October 7, 1862, "Daughter of J.S. and R.O. Ruffin.
Strudwick, Anne,"Daughter of F.N. and R.B. Strudwick who died at Arcola, Alabama, September 1, 1865 in the second year of her age."
Strudwick, James Moore, "Here reposes our dear little infant boy, who fell a victim to measles in Mobile on the 3rd of April, 1844, AE 19 months."
Strudwick, Kate Spotswood,"Daughter of F.N. and R.B. Strudwick who died at Arcola,September 22, 1865 in the fourth year of her age."
Strudwick, Martha, "Sacred to the Memory of our dear mother Martha Strudwick, who, after a life of active benevolence and unaffected disinterestedness, closed her mortal career on the 15th of June 1841. AE 71 years. In hope of a glorious immortality."
Strudwick, Samuel, b.June 12, 1796, d.Nov. 21, 1872
Strudwick, Sarah Louise,"The eleventh daughter of Samuel and Sophia Strudwick. A very lovely and interesting child who died of a brain fever August 4, 1841, aged 5 years 7 months & 11 days."
Strudwick, Sophia, b.Nov. 22, 1795, d.Feb.9, 1879, "Our Father and Mother"

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