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Corinth Cemetery Records
Slocomb, Geneva County, Alabama

Lat: 31° 04' 30"N, Lon: 85° 30' 37"W
T1N R25E Sec 11

Contributed by Hattie Hamilton, Jun 30, 2003 [hhamil@cyber-south.com]. Total records = 31.

Corinth Cemetery is 3.5 miles SE Of Slocomb, Al, on Co Rd 49. Church sits on the left at the intersection of 49 & 60 Rds.

This cemetery is owned and maintained by the Corinth Baptist Church. It appears to be about 59 years old, judging from the existing marker information. The cemetery is still active and in very good condition.

This includes all existing headstones except for 3 or 4 more graves at the rear of the cemetery, I didn't get those as it started raining. I will add as soon as I am able to. Transcribed Jun 19, 2003.

- Hattie Hamilton
Boyette, Earnest, b. 8-4-1905, d. 1-18-1990 (Note: 2nd husband of Lucille Howard)
Boyette, Lucy C., b. 9-26-1909, d. 6-5-1963 (Note: Lucy Cylo Jones)
Graves, Carrie B., b. 12-12-1896, d. 12-4-1978, s/w James W
Graves, James W., b. 10-24-1897, d. 11-30-1954, s/w Carrie B
Kirkland, Mary M., b. 9-29-1892, d. 6-23-1963, s/w W.M.
Kirkland, W. M., b. 12-30-1884, d. 7-29-1967, s/w Mary M
Lott, Ivey Lee Smith, b. 10-20-1904 , d. no date, s/w Thomas Burt
Lott, Mary Frances Rebecca, b. 10-28-1879, d. 9-22-1964, Mother
Lott, Thomas Burt, b. 12-19-1907, d. 10-16-1967, s/w Ivey Lee Smith
McCollough, Blanch, b. 1912, d. May 2002, d/o Whit Smith, unmarked next to brother Walt with a new slab close to the road
Peacock, Myrtice Sawyers (Smith), b. 4-4-1925, d. 12-27-2001 Loving Mother (Note: Together With Tammy Marie Smith, w/o Charlie Hix Smith Bur @ Memory Hill Cem, Dothan, Houston Co Al)
Smith, Alfred, b. 3-13-1926, d. 11-24-1997, US Navy, US Army
Smith, Annie B., b. 9-15-1914, d. 8-23-1978, s/w Rex H
Smith, Arthur Garlon, b. 12-16-1907, d. 8-18-1984, Father, s/w Lessie Mae
Smith, Callie, b. 12-1-1889, d. 12-6-1982, Mama, s/w Lovard L
Smith, Charley Stephen, b. 9-23-1892, d. 5-22-1991, s/w Martha Louvenie
Smith, Chesley W., b. 11-5-1915, d. 8-1-1981
Smith, Edgar, b. 4-15-1901, d. 5-11-1987, s/w & h/o Mamie R, m. 1-19-1922
Smith, Joe W., b. 9-18-52, d. 8-25-82 (Don't know if this is 1852 or 1952)
Smith, Lessie Mae, b. 7-19-1910, d. 12-9-1993, Mother, s/w Arthur Garlon
Smith, Lillie Mae K. , b. 4-2-1916, d. no date, s/w Marlie, (Note: Kirkland)
Smith, Lovard L., b. 9-11-1886, d. 7-14-1944, Daddy, s/w Callie
Smith, Mamie R., b. 1-8-1906, d. 8-17-1975, s/w & w/o Edgar, m. 1-19-1922
Smith, Marlie, b. 2-14-1916, d. 5-4-2002, s/w Lillie Mae K
Smith, Martha Louvenie, b. 11-25-1902, d. 9-23-1981, s/w Charley Stephen
Smith, Rex H., b. 8-13-1910, d. 8-8-1978, s/w Annie B
Smith, Tammy Marie, b. 5-31-1970, d. 6-1-1970 (d/o Sandra Smith)
Smith, Verna Mae, b. 12-15-1914, d. 3-21-1991, d/o James and Carrie Graves
Smith, Walter L.'Walt', b. 1904, d. 1984, WWII Pfc US Army, unmarked as of 6-3-2002
White, Mack, b. 12-25-1926, d. no date, s/w Nelda June Lott
White, Nelda June Lott, b. 6-21-1939, d. 2-25-1975, s/w Mack

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