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Weatherbee Cemetery Records
Franklin County, Alabama

Contributed by Gene Thorn [thorns@bellsouth.net]. Total records = 28.

Located, north of highway 24 onto highway 23 about 3 miles, turn east (with truck only) down the Cemetery Road, bad road. Decoration is 2nd Saturday in August, Gene & Brenda Blackburn Thorn, 820 9th Ave. S.E., Red Bay, Alabama 35582

Bates, Mary, b.died 26 Aug 1846
Dedmon, Dizzie L., b.19 Oct 1898, d.10 Dec 1898, daughter of T.A. & M.J. Dedmon
Dedmon, Mattie J., b.12 Jul 1874, d.23 Oct 1963
Dedmon, Thomas Alonzo, b.11 Mar 1870, d.11 sep 1941
Dedmon, Virgil L., b.10 Jan 18 ?, d.22 Jul 1898, son of T.A. & M.J. Dedmon
Hardin, Amos, b.2 Nov 1903, d.10 Aug 1904, son of A.B. & Alma Hardin
Hardin, E. M., b.2 Sep 1854, d.11 Apr 1878
Hardin, Jim, b.Mar 1860, d.28 May 1922
Henson, J. H., 11 months
Johnston, Rosa C., b.5 Oct 1870, d.6 Jan 1906, wife of C.W. Johnston;
Long, Silmon, 64 Illinois Infantry (no dates)
McKinney, Altie A., b.6 Nov 1900, d.24 Oct 1901, daughter of C.W. & S.A. Mckinney
McKinney, Charles W., b.1860, d.1928
McKinney, Infant, b.19 Aug 1909, d.26 Nov 1909, daughter of C.W. & S.A. McKinney
McKinney, Sarah A., b.1870, d.1956
Patterson, Elizabeth Bates, b.18 Jul 1820, d.12 Sep 1857, wife of Peter R. Patterson
Patterson, Elizabeth, b.25 Jul 1857, d.12 Sep 1857, daughter of Peter & Elizabeth Patterson
S., Z. A., b.(no dates)
Sartain, Nancy M, b.11 Jun 1831, d.25 Dec 1872
Shewbart, Clarence O., b.22 Jul 1906, d.9 Oct 1906, son of J.M. & S.J.Shewbart
Shewbart, J. W., b.26 Oct 1875, d.25 May 1878
Shewbart, James M., b.15 Jun 1872, d.31 Mar 1919
Shewbart, Nancy E., b.15 Oct 1870, d.25 Jun 1914, wife of J. M. Shewbart;
Shewbart, Sarah J., b.5 Dec 1872, d.13 Feb 1911, wife of James W. Shewbart
Thorn, Infant, b.18 Nov 1933, d.18 Nov 1933, son of Arthur & Annie Thorn
Weatherbee, E. E., b.10 Jun 1837, d.11 Apr 1923
Weatherbee, John F., b.5 Mar 1830, d.27 Jan 1902
Weatherbee, M. F., b.26 Sep 1871, d.30 Dec 1935

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