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Sargent Cemetery Dallas, Blount County, Alabama
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Sargent Cemetery Records
Dallas, Blount County, Alabama

Lat: 33°50'34"N, Lon: 86°41'11"W
T14S R2W Section 6

Contributed by Barry Huffstutler, Jan 22, 2002 [barryh@citynet.net]. Total records = 45.

Directions: From Locust Fork take State Route 79 South to Dallas. Then turn Right onto Lehigh Road, then turn Left onto Reid Schoolhouse Road. Now turn left onto Dorning Road go about 1/4 of a mile and another turn left onto a small gravel road that goes up to the Cemetery.

This is a complete transcription of Sargent Cemetery created from my readings of the headstones, which I finished in Jan. 2002. There are 25 visible unmarked graves in the cemetery

I have taken pictures of each grave in the cemetery and will e-mail anyone a Jpeg copy of any of the graves.

Note: Unmarked Graves (Un - Gr)

- Barry Huffstutler

Broadhead, Clarence R., b. 5/22/1915, d. 5/22/1917, age: 2yr
Broadhead, Edward H., b. 9/23/1923, d. 11/11/1968, age: 45yr
Broadhead, Edward Lee, b. 07-30-1880, d. 9/25/1929, age: 49yr
Broadhead, Evelyn, b. 2/07/1910, d. 3/18/1912, age: 2yr, Parents: J.R. and Tildy Broadhead
Broadhead, James Edward, b. 7/18/1950, d. 2/05/1996, age: 46yr, PVT US ARMY (VIETNAM)
Broadhead, Martha A., b. 08-24-1856, d. 12/24/1915, age: 59yr
Dickson, Ina, b. 08-04-1877, d. 11/28/1912, age: 35yr
Doyle, Lois Estell, b. 2/06/1917, d. 2/11/1919, age: 2yr, Parents: F.C. and A.E. Doyle
Engler, Fred, b. 03-08-1844, d. 5/21/1922, age: 78yr
Hallman, Infants, b. 5/14/1911, d. 5/14/1911, age: 0yr, Parents: D.O. and Carrie Hallman
Hayes, Infant, b. 10/28/1924, d. 11/17/1924, age: 0yr, Infant Son of William F. and Avie Hayes
Hayes, Infant, b. 2/17/1917, d. 2/21/1917, age: 0yr, Infant Daugher of William F. and Avie Hayes
Hayes, Infant, b. 2/18/1918, d. 2/18/1918, age: 0yr, Infant Daugher of William F. and Avie Hayes
Hays, Infant, b. 10/31/1916, d. 10/31/1916, age: 0yr, Infant Daugher of William and Gertrude Hays
Hays, Infant, b. 11/21/1927, d. 11/21/1927, age: 0yr, Infant Son of Bishop and Alice (Huffstutler) Hays
Hays, Infant, b. 7/20/1917, d. 7/20/1917, age: 0yr, Infant Son of Bishop and Nannie (Miller) Hays
Hays, J.D., b. 02-22-1863, d. 2/25/1935, age: 72yr, Husband of Malissia Hays
Hays, Malissia, b. 07-04-1870, d. 2/20/1915, age: 45yr, Wife of J.D. Hays
Hays, Nannie (Miller), b. 04-05-1898, d. 9/07/1920, age: 22yr, 1st. Wife of Bishop Hays
Love, Almon Asbury, b. 02-10-1874, d. 12/07/1906, age: 32yr, Husband of Georgia Ann (Horton) Love, m. 01-05-1897,
Love, Berenice V., b. 4/16/1903, d. 11/27/1917, age: 14yr, Wife of Ross Bingham Love
Love, Georgia Ann Horton (Huffstutler), b. 09-05-1878, d. 4/25/1911, age: 33yr, Parents: William A. and Mary (McGowan) Huffstutler, m. 01-05-1897,
Love, Infant, b. 4/30/1919, d. 4/30/1919, age: 0yr, Infant Daugher of W.T. and R.L. Love
Love, Infant, b. 7/10/1908, d. 7/10/1908, age: 0yr, Infant Son of Hill and Loureta Love
Love, Infant, b. 7/29/1910, d. 7/29/1910, age: 0yr, Parent: Walter T. and Rachel Love
Love, Mary E., b. 1851, d. 1898, age: 47yr, Wife of Samuel R. Love
Love, Ross Bingham, b. 8/11/1905, d. 3/07/1937, age: 32yr, Husband of Berenice V. Love
Love, Sarah Jane (Huffstutler), b. 1869, d. 12-30-1893, age: 24yr
Morton, Fredie, b. 9/09/1909, d. 12/22/1909, age: 4mo
Morton, Infant, b. 1/28/1905, d. 1/28/1905, age: 0yr, Infant Son of W.M and L.V. Morton
Morton, Infant, b. 4/09/1908, d. 4/09/1908, age: 0yr, Infant Daugher of W.M. and L.V. Morton
Morton, Infant, b. 6/02/1904, d. 6/02/1904, age: 0yr, Infant Son of W.M and L.V. Morton
Morton, Infant, b. 6/27/1906, d. 6/27/1906, age: 0yr, Infant Son of W.M and L.V. Morton
Prince, Joe H., b. 10-19-1867, d. 10/15/1908, age: 41yr
Reid, Jimmie, b. 02-26-1891, d. 06-29-1891, age: 4mo, Parents: J.K. and M.C.C. Reid
Reid, Mentie, b. 09-07-1882, d. 01-16-1884, age: 2yr, Parents: J.K. and M.C.C. Reid
Sailors, Annie C., b. 10-20-1878, d. 8/28/1914, age: 36yr, Wife of R.H. Sailors
Sargent, C.B., b. 09-06-1832, d. 07-25-1892, age: 60yr
Sargent, Jennetty D., b. 11-27-1880, d. 01-10-1881, age: 1yr
Sargent, Julius W., b. 02-07-1887, d. 06-02-1888, age: 1yr
Sargent, Robert L., b. 07-25-1858, d. 5/14/1902, age: 44yr
Sargent, Sarah, b. 11-22-1835, d. 01-10-1886, age: 51yr
Sargent, Thomas M., b. 10-29-1856, d. 07-08-1891, age: 35yr
Steele, Infant, b. 1/09/1913, d. 1/09/1913, age: 0yr, Infant Daugher of Ross and Malcie Steele
Ware, Bob, b. N/D, d. N/D

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