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Marsh Cemetery Locust Fork, Blount County, Alabama
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Marsh Cemetery Locust Fork, Blount County, Alabama
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Marsh Cemetery Records
Locust Fork, Blount County, Alabama

Locust Fork, Alabama 35097

Township 13 South, Range 1 West, Section 14

Contributed by Barry Huffstutler, Jan 24, 2002 [barryh@citynet.net]. Total records = 21.

Located in the town of Locust Fork on Pine Bluff Road.

I have digital pictures of the graves if anyone want one e-mail to them.

Survey was finish in Jan. 2002.

- Barry Huffstutler

Elrod, Arvil Lee, b. 08-07-1920, d. 07-07-1996, age: 76yr, Husband of Jewel (Marsh) Elrod (PVT US ARMY)
Elrod, Jewel (Marsh), b. 03-31-1927, d. no date, Wife of Arvil Lee Elrod
Marsh, Albert Walter, b. 09-11-1885, d. 03-26-1962, age: 77yr, Husband of Sarah Ann (Hardin) Marsh
Marsh, Bertha Aileen, b. 03-02-1914, d. 04-11-1992, age: 78yr
Marsh, Bobbie Nell (Price), b. 05-10-1934, d. no date, Wife of Robert Mack Marsh, Sr., m. 07-04-1952
Marsh, Brice F. (Jr.), b. 07-08-1968, d. 07-08-1968, age: 0yr
Marsh, Claude Ray, b. 07-06-1932, d. 01-11-1981, age: 49yr, Husband of Rebecca (Calvert)
Marsh, Eva Grace (Huffstytler), b. 10-11-1912, d. 04-09-2000, age: 88yr, Wife of Robert Earl Marsh, m. 05-23-1931
Marsh, Lavona, b. 04-13-1936, d. no date, Wife of Roy Eugene Marsh
Marsh, Margaret M., b. 11-21-1970, d. 12-16-1970, age: 26-Dyr
Marsh, Ollin Brice (Jr.), b. 07-21-1932, d. 07-21-1932, age: 0yr, Parents: Ollin Brice Marsh, Sr
Marsh, Ollin Brice, b. 10-22-1910, d. 04-22-1994, age: 84yr, Parents: Albert Walter & Sarah Ann (Hardin) Marsh
Marsh, Paul C., b. 05-26-1908, d. 11-05-1995, age: 87yr, Parents: Albert Walter & Sarah Ann (Hardin) Marsh
Marsh, Rebecca (Calvert), b. 02-23-1934, d. no date, Wife of Claude Ray Marsh
Marsh, Robert Earl, b. 07-01-1913, d. 04-29-2000, age: 87yr, Husband of Eva Grace (Huffstutler) Marsh, m. 05-23-1931
Marsh, Robert Mack (Sr.), b. 08-31-1934, d. 02-03-1998, age: 64yr, Husband of Bobbie Nell (Price) Marsh, m. 07-04-1952
Marsh, Roy Eugene, b. 06-24-1919, d. 02-06-1998, age: 79yr, Husband of Lavona Marsh (F1 US NAVY WW II)
Marsh, Sarah Ann (Hardin), b. 11-28-1889, d. 06-19-1972, age: 83yr, Wife of Albert Walter Marsh
Tanner, Donald E., b. 01-20-1954, d. 04-12-1954, age: 3-Myr,
Westbrook, Clyde C., b. 04-04-1920, d. 05-19-1984,1920,1984, age: 64yr, Husband of Ruth Grace (Marsh) Westbrook, SSGT US ARMY WW II ARMY AIR FORCES
Westbrook, Ruth Grace (Marsh), b. 12-25-1921, d. 06-14-2000, age: 79yr, Wife of Clyde C. Westbrook

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