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Stanley Cemetery
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Stanley Cemetery
Stanley, Falkland Islands, United Kingdom

This is the only cemetery in Stanley. The Goose Green and Darwin are battlefields, with the white crosses representing the fallen soldiers. This cemetery has some military personal in it, but it is predominantly a civilian cemetery now. One source said it was started after the Argentine war, as a place to bury the war dead and sometimes called the Argentine Cemetery. It also is sometimes called Port Stanley Cemetery.

This is not a complete listing of all of the burials in this cemetery. The records below were provided by contributors to Interment.net. Last edited Aug 14, 2008. Total records = 76.

Contributor's Index:

Ahern, Richard, d. Jan 15, 1903, age: 39yrs, HMS Basilisk, [FS]
Allan, Emily Jane, d. 28 Oct 1899, age: 38yrs, w/o Robert, [FS]
Allen, William John, d. Dec 12, 1962, age: 82yrs, [FS]
Bailey, Charles, no dates, age: Infancy, [FS]
Bailey, Elizabeth Agnes Anne, no dates, age: Infancy, [FS]
Bailey, Elizabeth, d. 23 Aug 1877, age: 25yrs, died suddenly, w/o Arthur Esq, [FS]
Bailey, Maria Louisa, d. 5 Nov 1850, age: 28yrs, w/o Arthur, [FS]
Barnes, Arthur James, d. Aug 19, 1959, age: 68yrs, [FS]
Barnes, Arthur James, d. Oct 15, 1940, age: 77yrs, [FS]
Barnes, Robert, d. Jan 3, 1931, age: 32yrs, accidentally drowned, [FS]
Bell, Andrew, d. Nov 9, 1900, age: 60yrs, [FS]
Blyth, William, d. Dec 1, 1914, age: 29yrs, accidentally drowned, [FS]
Brown, Mary E, d. 26 Oct ??, age: 22days, [FS]
Butler, Joseph, d. 2 Jan 1885, age: 54yrs, Late Colour Sgt, Royal Marines L.I, [FS]
Campbell, Elizabeth, no dates, [FS]
Campbell, Isabella, no dates, [FS]
Campbell, Walter, no dates, [FS]
Clarke, Robert, b. 16 Sep 1851 Coleraine, Ireland, d. June 28, 1911, RMS Orissa, [FS]
Coulson, Elizabeth Ann, d. 16 Sep 1883, age: 33yrs, [FS]
Elmer, Celestine, d. Sep 5, 1929, age: 79yrs, w/o William Stephen, [FS]
Elmer, William Stephen, d. Nov 10, 1917, age: 62yrs, h/o Celestine, [FS]
Faulkner, Henry Martyn, d. 28 Mar 1860, age: 39yrs, Colonial Chaplain at the Falkland Islands, [FS]
Felton, Muriel, d. Mar 21, 1972, age: 87yrs, w/o Roy Stanley, [FS]
Felton, Roy Stanley, d. Apr 5, 1920, age: 36yrs, h/o Muriel, [FS]
Foley, Catherine Jane, d. Jun 21, 1900, Darwin Harbour, [FS]
Greenshields, James, d. 5 Jun 1898, age: 41yrs, accidentally drowned in Salvador, [FS]
Hall, Harry James, d. Jun 29, 1930, age: 23yrs, [FS]
Halligan, C, d. Feb 4, 1915, RN 189926 HMS Bristol, [FS]
Hamilton, John, b. 11 Sep 1849, d. 8 Oct 1889, Capt. Barque Arethusa of Liverpool abandoned on fire 2 Oct 1889, [FS]
Hansen, Marjorie Ellen, no dates, age: 1yr 9m, [FS]
Hansen, Orissa, d. Feb 1, 1907, [FS]
Harding, Dorothy Ruth, d. Dec 3, 1901, age: 6yrs, [FS]
Heatherill, William, d. 20 May 1885, [FS]
Hollen, Charlotte, d. 26 Dec 1891, age: 49yrs, w/o Henry, [FS]
Hollen, Henry David, d. Oct 23, 1904, Stanley, age: 71yrs, h/o Charlotte, [FS]
Hutchinson, Robert Thomas, b. 31 Jul 1891, d. Jul 14, 1972, [FS]
Johnson, Lizzie, d. Mar 16, 1912, age: 31yrs, Nonconformist, d/o James and Elizabeth Smith, w/o Robert, [FS]
Jones, John, d. Aug 26, 1908, age: 80yrs, [FS]
Kateon, Patrick, d. 2 Jun 1886, age: 54yrs, drowned in the peat slip, erected by his countrymen as a mark of respect, [FS]
Kelway, Evelyn Blanch, d. Dec 6, 1909, age: 7yrs, [FS]
Kelway, Susannah, d. Oct 19, 1906, age: 32yrs, w/o George Frederick, [FS]
Kendal, John, b. Guist, Norfolk, d. 22 May 1872 Stanley, age: 36yrs, [FS]
Lee, Annie, d. Oct 15, 1910, age: 41yrs, [FS]
Lee, Charles, d. Feb 14, 1912, age: 51yrs, [FS]
Lellman, Ellen, d. Sep 29, 1910, age: 58yrs, [FS]
Lellman, Francis Joseph, d. 30 Dec 1897, age: 53yrs, [FS]
Lellman, Owen August, b. 13 Apr 1889, d. 1 Oct 1890, [FS]
Lewis, Beatrice Mary, d. 19 Sep 1895, age: 23yrs, w/o William James, [FS]
Luxton, George Thomas William, d. Nov 8, 1902, age: 6yrs 7m, Son of John and Mary Luxton, [FS]
Luxton, Mary Ann, d. Apr 6, 1917, age: 84yrs, [FS]
Luxton, William, d. 7 May 1880, age: 40yrs, Late Royal Marines, [FS]
Martin, Lucasia, d. 10 Jan 1892, w/o William, [FS]
Martin, William Henry, d. 22 Jul 1886, age: 24yrs 10m, [FS]
McKay, Marion, d. Mar 8, 1941, age: 63yrs, w/o John Duro, [FS]
Paice, Sarah, d. Feb 3, 1908, Widow of Nathaniel. Resided in the Islands for 39yrs, [FS]
Parrin, Sarah Grace, d. Sep 24, 1915, age: 18yrs, [FS]
Pauloni, Helen Braid, d. no date, [FS]
Reive, Peter, d. 15 Jan 1880, age: 20yrs, [FS]
Roberts, Ellen, d. Jun 6, 1902, Port Stanley, age: 67yrs, w/o William, [FS]
Roberts, William, d. May 29, 1912, age: 71yrs, h/o Ellen, [FS]
Rowlands, John, d. Jul 19, 1910, age: 70yrs, [FS]
Sarney, George Howard, d. 13 Aug 1889, age: 2yrs 6m, Son of Harry and Annie, [FS]
Sarney, Violet Elizabeth, d. Jan 30, 1914, age: 15yrs, died of H and A, [FS]
Sharp, Jane, d. 7 Sep 1898, age: 62 yrs, w/o Thomas, [FS]
Shoard, Charles E,,London, d, age: ,19yrs, drowned at Stanley, [FS]
Simpson, Mary Ann, d. Nov 24, 1926, Stanley, age: 78yrs, [FS]
Smith, Elizabeth, d. Feb 15, 1918, age: 76yrs, [FS]
Smith, James, d. Dec 24, 1917, age: 76yrs, [FS]
Spencer, Ernest Henry, d. Dec 1, 1914, age: 31yrs, accidentally drowned, [FS]
Strickland, Mary (May), d. Dec 1, 1918, age: 29yrs, And our baby son, [FS]
Sugden, Harrison, b. Tuam, Ireland, d. no date, age: 17yrs, drowned at Stanley, [FS]
Sunvall, Martha Jane, d. 31 Aug 1895, age: 22yrs, w/o Carl, [FS]
Whan, Mary Ann, d. 26 Dec 1878, age: 32yrs, w/o Robert, [FS]
Williams, Catherine Ellen, d. 26 Aug 1884, age: 45yrs, w/o Charles, [FS]
Williams, Louis, d. Nov 20, 1913, age: 45yrs, J.P.M.L.C. Only surviving son of Charles of Punta Arenas, died of gunshot wound, [FS]
Williams, Marian, d. Feb 29, 1912, age: 79yrs, [FS]

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