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Saint Mary the Virgin Church and Churchyard
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Saint Mary the Virgin Church and Churchyard
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Saint Mary the Virgin Church and Churchyard
Steeple Ashton, Wiltshire, England

The village of Steeple Ashton is located 4 miles SE of Trowbridge. On entering the village, the Church is clearly seen on the LHS. The information was collected from headstones and also plaques from inside the church. Some of the headstones are very old and too weathered to read.

The church of Steeple Ashton once had a steeple 186 ft high, hence the name of the village. The steeple was destroyed by lightening in 1670 and never rebuilt, however it still retains a tall tower and many pinnacles described by Simon Jenkin's as "a fairy castle awaiting a tournament" It belongs to the Church of England.

This is not a complete listing of burials in this cemetery! The records below were provided by contributors to Interment.net. Last edited Apr 09, 2007. Total records = 79.

Contributor's Index:

Ashby, Edmund Thomas, d. 22 May 1899, age: 44 years, [JC]
Ashby, Emma, d. 12-Aug-36, age: 77 years, s/w & w/o Edmund, [JC]
Bailey, Fanny, d. 2 Aug 1860, age: 19 years, s/w & d/o John and Hester, [JC]
Bailey, Hester, d. 14 Jul 1869, age: 63 years, s/w & w/o John Bailey, [JC]
Bailey, John, d. 1 Dec 1871, age: 74 years, [JC]
Bailey, Sarah Ann, d. 12 Mar 1857, age: 10 years, s/w & d/o John and Hester, [JC]
Ball, George, d. 1 May 1778, age: 58 years, [JC]
Ball, Mary, d. 17??, age: ? Years, s/w & w/o George Ball, [JC]
Beach, Robert, d. 6 Jun 1710, of West Ashton, plaque in church, [JC]
Bourne, Alfred, d. Nov 1870, age: 44 years, [JC]
Bourne, Alfred, d. 1887, age: 54 years, [JC]
Bourne, Jane Sophie, no dates, s/w & w/o Alfred Bourne, [JC]
Brown, Alfred, d. 1920, age: 74 years, h/o Ann Brown, [JC]
Brown, Lydia Ann, d. Feb 1927, age: 82 years, [JC]
Bull, Alfred James, d. 19 Mar 1884, age: 21 years, s/w & s/o George and Flora Gale, [JC]
Bull, Cornelius, d. 9 Apr 1879, age: 66 years, [JC]
Bull, Eliza, d. 22 May 1889, age: 78 years, s/w & w/o Isaac, [JC]
Bull, Hannah, d. 31 Oct 1868, age: 73 years, s/w & w/o Cornelius Bull, [JC]
Bull, Harriet, d. 1895, age: 87 years, s/w & w/o Simon Bull, [JC]
Bull, Harriet, d. 31 Aug 1881, age: 35 years, [JC]
Bull, Isaac, d. 1 Feb 1882, age: 72 years, s/w & father of Harriet, [JC]
Bull, Simon, d. 18 Oct 1892, age: 86 years, [JC]
Cole, Mary, d. 19 Dec 1888, age: 68 years, Died at Brighton, [JC]
Colquhoun, Agnes, d. 4 Jun 1821, age: 22 years, plaque in church, [JC]
Colquhoun, Archibald, d. 8 Dec 1820, age: 65 years, plaque in church, [JC]
D'Arcy, Thomas, d. 7 Dec 1819, age: 70 years, plaque in church; Thomas D'Arcy Esq of Grangebeg, County Westmeath, Ireland, h/o Sarah D'Arcy, [JC]
Dunsdon, George, d. 23 Oct 1875, age: 56 years, of Hilberton, [JC]
Flower, Thomas, d. 1671, Gent, plaque in church, [JC]
Gale, Francis Walter, d. ? May 1902, age: 25 years, s/w & s/o George Gale, [JC]
Gale, George, d. 3 Mar 1899, age: 62 years, [JC]
Gale, William Howell, d. 14 Mar 1872, age: 9 weeks, grands/o John and Hester Bailey, [JC]
Glass, Arabella, d. 11 Dec 1840, age: 4 yrs 9 mths, [JC]
Glass, George, d. 13 Feb 1837, age: 44 years, s/w & Father of Mary, [JC]
Glass, Joshua, d. 12 Sept 1852, age: 28 years, [JC]
Glass, Mary Boucher, d. 10 Dec 1836, age: 14 years, [JC]
Glass, Mary, d. 29 Dec 1878, age: 82 years, s/w & w/o George Glass, [JC]
Glass, Sarah Jane, d. 11 Sept 1877, age: 46 years, [JC]
Griffin, John, d. ? Jul 1909, age: 85 years, [JC]
Griffin, Martha, d. May 30 1916, age: 85 years, s/w & w/o John , [JC]
Hale, ??, d. 1848, s/w & s/o Edward and Elizabeth, [JC]
Hale, Charlotte, d. 7 Mar 1853, age: 33 years, s/w & d/o Edward and Elizabeth, [JC]
Hale, Edward, d. 1856, age: ?3 years, [JC]
Hale, Elizabeth, d. 1860, age: 72 years, s/w & w/o Edward, [JC]
Hall, James, d. 27 Dec 1851, s/o William and Mary Hall, [JC]
Hall, William Henry, d. 1834, age: 17 years, [JC]
Hancock, George, d. 3 Dec 1895, age: 63 years, [JC]
Hicks, John Lewis, d. 19 Jan 1788, age: 42 years, Esq, MA, [JC]
Kemp, James, d. 18 Aug 1888, age: 88 years, [JC]
Kemp, Lucy, d. 12 May 1868, age: 62 years, s/w & w/o James, [JC]
Langley, Ellen, d. Nov 16 1907, age: 73 years, w/o John Langley, [JC]
Langley, John, d. Jul 2 1925, age: 90 years, [JC]
Long, Ann, d. 19 Jan 1768, age: 71 years, s/w & w/o Richard Long, plaque in church, [JC]
Long, Florentina, d. 16 May 1835, w/o Richard G Long of Rood Ashton, plaque in church, [JC]
Long, Richard G, d. 1 Jul 1835, plaque in church, [JC]
Long, Richard, d. 6 May 1760, age: 71 years, plaque in church, [JC]
Milsom, Augusta Caroline, d. 1926, age: 81 years, s/w & widow of John, [JC]
Milsom, John Ettwell, d. 1883, age: 6 years, s/w & eldest s/o above, [JC]
Milsom, Thomas Ettwell, d. 17 Oct 1882, age: 44 years, [JC]
Pinchin, Alfred James, d. 24 Mar 1876, age: 20 years, s/w & s/o James, [JC]
Pinchin, James, d. 7 Jan 1859, age: 32 years, [JC]
Rogers, Jane, d. 2 Dec 1747, age: 79 years, Widow of Francis Rogers, plaque in church, sister of Ann Wilkin, [JC]
Smith, Ann, d. 12 Apr 1765, age: 41 years, s/w & w/o John Smith, See John Smith Esq, [JC]
Smith, George, b. 3 Nov 1816, d. 13 Jul 1879, [JC]
Smith, John, d. 12 Nov 1775, age: 49 years, plaque in church; s/o Robert Smith Esq by Mary, d/o Thomas Bennet Esq of this place. Married Ann d/o Viscount Tracy. He had the honour to represent the City of Bath in the 1,2,3rd Parliments of George Third., [JC]
Smith, Sarah Ann, no dates, s/w & w/o George Smith, [JC]
Taylor, Ann, d. 16 Apr ?, age: 78 years, s/w & widow of Thomas, [JC]
Taylor, Isaac, d. 4 Apr 1888, age: 56 years, [JC]
Taylor, Julia Isobel, d. 20 Apr 1895, age: 34 years, s/w & d/o Thomas and Ann, [JC]
Taylor, Thomas, d. 31 Mar 1896, age: 69 years, [JC]
Turner, Mercy, d. 6 Jan 19?9, age: 87 years, Widow of William Turner, [JC]
Usher, Jane, d. 3 May 1874, age: 71 years, [JC]
Wainhouse, Anne, d. 10 Feb 1771, age: 22 years, plaque in church; w/o Rev William Wainhouse, d/o William Beach Esq of Keevil, [JC]
Webb, Ann, d. 12 Aug 1876, age: 58 years, plaque in church; Interred at Coombe Hay, Nr Bath., [JC]
Webb, George Warren, d. 18 Jul 1881, age: 68 years, s/w & plaque in church; Died at Trowbridge. Interred at Coombe Hay, Nr Bath., [JC]
West, Annie, d. ? Jul 1926, age: 68 years, s/w & w/o George, [JC]
West, George, d. ? Feb 1918, age: 68 yeas, [JC]
Wilkin, Ann, d. 26 Dec 1685, age: 12 years, plaque in church, sister of Jane Rogers, [JC]
Young, George, d. 1872, age: ?6 years, [JC]
Young, George, d. 1874, age: ? years, s/w & s/o George and Mary Young, [JC]

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