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Saint James Churchyard
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Saint James Churchyard
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Saint James Churchyard
Southbroom, Devizes, Wiltshire, England

To reach this graveyard from Swindon, enter Devizes on A361, continue to town centre, Saint James Church is on LHS by the Green and the large pond. You will see the graveyard beside the church on the edge of the Green.

Saint James Church is situated on the Green called The Crammer and overlooks the town pond which is famous for the legend of the Wiltshire Moonrakers. There has been a church on the site since at least 1400, possibly earlier and the graveyard has been in use since 1505. It is owned by the Church of England.

This is not a complete listing of burials in this cemetery! The records below were provided by contributors to Interment.net. Last edited Mar 27, 2007. Total records = 76.

Contributor's Index:

Abraham, George, d. 22 Oct 1843, who lived above half a century, a gardiner at New Bank in this parish, [JC]
Abraham, Martha , d. 5 Jun 1862, age: 69 years, Wife of William Abraham, [JC]
Abraham, William , d. 10 May 1866, s/w husband of Martha Abraham, [JC]
Andrews, John, d. 25 Jul 1834, age: 74 years, of Weston, Nr Bath, [JC]
Andrews, Mary , d. 4 Nov 1839, age: 71 years, wife of John, [JC]
Baynes, Christobel Ruperta, b. 17 Jun 1874, d. 1940, daughter of Sir Christopher and Lady Baynes, [JC]
Baynes, Sir Christopher William, b. 14 Sep 1847, d. 1936, Baronet, [JC]
Brooks, Sarah, d. 6 Jun 18?5, age: 62 years, same gravestone as Sprawson, [JC]
Chandler, ?, d. 28 Apr 1770, age: 6 months, s/w(Can't read parents name), [JC]
Chandler, B, d. ?, age: ?, [JC]
Chandler, Eliza Ann, b. 22 Oct 1852, d. 15 Nov 1860, [JC]
Chandler, Elizabeth, b. 27 Jun 1831, d. ? Feb 1904, [JC]
Chandler, Elizabeth, b. 3 Apr 1867, d. 1 Jun 1867, [JC]
Chandler, Hannah, d. ? Aug 1765, age: 64 years, s/w Wife of Joseph Chandler, [JC]
Chandler, Isaac, d. 1779, age: 16 years, s/w Son of William and Ann Chandler, [JC]
Chandler, Joseph, d. ? Apr 1771, age: 61 years, [JC]
Chandler, Richard James, b. 23 Jan 1864, d. 10 Jan 1869, [JC]
Chandler, Richard, d. 18 Apr 1731, age: 63 years, large oblong grave, inscriptions on all 4 sides, [JC]
Chandler, Thomas , b. 4 Jul 1826, d. ? Apr 1902, of Melbourne, Devizes, [JC]
Cole, Ann, d. 23 Apr 1865, age: 65 years, Wife of Robert Cole of Southgate Villa, [JC]
Cole, Robert, d. 12 Oct 1871, age: 80 years, s/w Husband of Ann Cole, [JC]
Coleman, John, d. 29 Dec 1885, age: 72 years, [JC]
Coleman, Mary, d. 5 Feb 1888, age: 75 years, s/w widow of John Coleman, [JC]
Colston, Amy Ruperta, b. 10 Apr 1850, d. 1919, s/w 4th Lady Baynes, [JC]
Colston, Lilian Ann, b. 25 May 1852, d. 1931, s/w Daughter of Edward and Louisa Colston of Roundway Park, [JC]
Cooke, Fanny, d. ? Dec 1911, age: 81 years, s/wdaughter of William Cooke, [JC]
Cooke, Mary, d. 1915, age: 83 years, s/w only surviving daughter og William Cooke, [JC]
Cooke, William, d. 8 Jan 1880, age: 84 years, [JC]
Cox, Arthur John, d. 19 Dec 1879, age: 25 years, Son in law of Decimus Wild.Interred at the New Baptist Chapel, [JC]
Crew, ?, d. 20 Apr 1877, age: 20 years, daughter of William Smith, [JC]
Dowding, Benjamin Charles, d. 13 Jun 1870, For 32 years vicar of this parish, [JC]
Dowding, Maria, d. 6 Mar 1898, s/w Wife, [JC]
Fielding, Anne, d. 11 Dec 1871, age: 78 years, Wife of James Fielding, [JC]
Fielding, James, no dates, [JC]
Fielding, John, d. 17 Mar 1872, age: 50 years, s/w Son of James and Ann Fielding, [JC]
Gillington, John Herbert, b. ? Aug 1910, d. 1970, Royal Engineers, Colonal OBE, MC, [JC]
Hassall, Jacob William, d. 11 Jun 1863, age: 5 years 9mths, s/w 4th son of Thomas and Mary Hassall, [JC]
Hassall, Mary, d. 18 Jan 1876, age: 53 years, S/w Widow of Thomas, for 24 years Matron of Devizes Union Workhouse, [JC]
Hassall, Thomas, d. 21 Aug 1873, age: 54 years, For 22 years Master of the Devizes Union Workhouse, [JC]
Honey, Ann, d. 3 Feb 1859, age: 85years, s/w Wife of James Honey, [JC]
Honey, David, d. 25 Oct 1850, age: 33 years, s/w Son of James and Ann Honey, [JC]
Honey, James, d. 29 Jun 1824, age: , [JC]
Honey, Mary Ann, d. 10 Apr 1883, age: 71 years, s/w Daughter of James and Ann Honey, [JC]
Lubbock, Grace, d. 14 Apr 1774, age: 35 years, s/w Wife of John Lubbock and two of their children who died in their infancy, [JC]
Lubbock, John, d. , s/w, Other names can't read, [JC]
Lubbock, John, d. 9 Dec 1776, age: 46 years, [JC]
Lubbock, Richard, no dates, [JC]
May, Charlotte, d. 3 May 1876, age: 39 years, Wife of Charles N May of Elm Lodge, Devizes, [JC]
May, Ellen Isobel, d. 5 Jun 1879, age: 21 years, Daughter of CN May, [JC]
Nicholas, John, d. 7 Oct 1836, age: 72 years, Rev John Nicholas, Rector of Fisherton Anger and Vicar of Westport in this County , [JC]
Nicholas, Mary, d. 1855, age: 72 years, s/w Relict of Rev John Nicholas, [JC]
Nisbet, Robert Parry, b. 23 Aug 1793, d. 31 May 1882, Esq, [JC]
Paget, Anna Maria, d. 1872, age: 56 years, [JC]
Paget, Michael, d. 13 Aug 1873, age: 68 years, s/w Husband of Anna Marie Paget, [JC]
Pavey, Mary Jane, d. 29 Aug 1893, age: 27 years, [JC]
Robinson, Frances Mary Olivia, d. 1900, s/w (Dowding gravestone), [JC]
Rose, Elizabeth, b. 31 May 1873, d. ? Aug 1966, age: , [JC]
Rose, John Clyde, d. ? Dec 1900, age: 68 years, [JC]
Rose, Prudence, d. 12 Aug 1875, age: 40 years, s/w Wife of John Clyde Rose, [JC]
Rose, Walter, b. 7 Jun 1860, d. ? Aug 1939, age: , [JC]
Sartain, Charles Felix, d. 22 Apr 1837, age: 37 years, [JC]
Sartain, Mary, no dates, s/w Charles Felix Sartain, [JC]
Sprawson, Li?, d. 15 May 1844, age: 10 mths, same gravestone as Sarah Brooks, [JC]
Sprawson, Martha Charlotte, d. 22 Nov 1846, age: 5 years, [JC]
Sprawson, Mary, d. 2 Oct 18?, age: 35 years, [JC]
Wells, George, d. 4 Jul 1886, age: 69 years, [JC]
Wells, Sarah, d. Oct 1903, age: 79 years, s/w wife of George Wells, [JC]
West, Alfred Dark, d. 22 Sep 1879, age: 25 years, s/w their children, [JC]
West, Ann, d. ? Oct 1922, age: 85 years, s/w Beloved wife of Henry West, [JC]
West, Eliza, d. 6 Sep 1860, age: 41 years, s/w wife of Henry West, [JC]
West, Eva Diana, d. ? Nov 1917, age: 46 years, s/w , [JC]
West, Henry, d. 7 May 1890, age: 71 years, [JC]
West, Minnie Louisa, d. 12 Jun 1881, age: 22 years, s/w daughter of Henry and Elizabeth West, [JC]
West, Thomas Samuel, d. 5 Nov 1885, age: 42 years, s/w their children, [JC]
West, William Isaac, d. 16 Apr 1871, age: 19 years, s/w their children, [JC]
Wild, Decimus, d. 4 May 1870, age: 46 years, [JC]

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