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Saint Mary the Virgin Churchyard
Astley, Nr Nuneaton, Warwickshire, England

This is not a complete listing of burials! The records below were provided by contributors to Cemetery Records Online. Total records = 111.

Contributor's Index:

Allen, Thomas, d. 1799, [TD]
Bolton, Mrs. Lettice, d. 07 Feb 169? and 3/4, Age 65yr, P.R.Newdigate Arm, [TD]
Bond, Joseph, d. 20 Jul 1804, age 64yr, h/o Mary, of this Parish, Farmer, s/o Thomas and Ann Bond of Griff, Chilvers Coton, [TD]
Bond, Mary, d. 5 Oct 1791, age 48yr, w/o Joseph, d/o William and Mary Pain of Chilvers Coton, [TD]
Carr-Gregg, Margaret Evelyn, b. 5 Jan 1884, d. 1 Dec 1959, [TD]
Carr-Gregg, Rev. Ivo M.A., b. 5 Aug 1876, d. 5 Jun 1956, Vicar of this Parish for 39 years, [TD]
Chamberlayne, Bridgetta ?ejusdem, d. VIII Martii 1655, [TD]
Chamberlayne, Ricardus, d. VI Nov 1654, s/w Bridgetta, [TD]
Clotworthy, Henry Edward Montague Dorington, b. 20 Apr 1853, d. 30 Sep 1939, 4th Viscount Templeton, s/w Rev and Margaret Carr-Gregg, [TD]
Dawson, John, d. 11 Dec 1857, age 71yr, h/o Letitia, [TD]
Dawson, John, d. 25 Apr 1833, age 10yr, s/o John and Letitia , [TD]
Dawson, Joseph d. 21 Dec 1850, age 31yr, s/o John and Letitia, [TD]
Dawson, Letitia, d. 5 May 1861, age 79yr, w/o John, [TD]
Eaves, Ann, d. 15 Oct 1857, age 11yr, beloved and only child of John and Ann Eaves of Coleshill, [TD]
Eaves, Ann, d. 26 Dec 1876, age 69yr, w/o Joseph Bond, [TD]
Eaves, John, d. 27 Dec 1812, age 44yr, s/o John and Ann Eaves of Coleshill, [TD]
Eaves, John, d. Mar 1811, age 1yr 6mo, s/o John and Ann of Coleshill, [TD]
Eaves, Joseph Bond, d. 28 Mar 1875, age 67yr, Father of John, [TD]
Evans, Charles, d. 13 Nov 1848, age 15mo, s/w Richard and Sarah, s/o Samuel and Anne, [TD]
Evans, Richard, d. 18 Nov 1848, age 3 years, s/w Charles and Sarah, s/o Samuel and Anne, [TD]
Evans, Sarah, d. 1 Jan 1853, age 4 years, s/w Richard and Charles, d/o Samuel and Anne, [TD]
Gamble, Elizabeth, d. 1803, [TD]
Gamble, Thomas, d. 1815, [TD]
Garner, Elizabeth, d. 31 Jan 1894, age 59yr, second d/o Thomas and Sarah Ann, of Sole End, [TD]
Garner, Ellen, d. 25 Oct 1919, youngest d/o Thomas and Sarah, s/w Elizabeth, [TD]
Garner, Hannah, d. 11 Jan 1850, age 14yr, d/o Thomas and Sarah Ann Garner, [TD]
Garner, Henry Powers, b. 25 Dec 1845, d. 2 Feb 1886, fourth s/o Thomas and Sarah of Astley, [TD]
Garner, John, d. 12 Mar 1869, age 20yr, s/o Thomas and Sarah Garner, [TD]
Garner, Sarah Ann, d. 16 Oct 1886, age 80yr, w/o & s/w Thomas, [TD]
Garner, Thomas, d. 25 Aug 1912, age 76yr, second s/o Thomas and Sarah of Sole End , [TD]
Garner, Thomas, d. 5 Jan 1879, age 71yr, of Sole End, Astley, [TD]
Garner, William, d. 31 Mar 1857, age 26yr, s/o Thomas and Sarah Ann Garner, [TD]
Gilbert, George, d. 8 Jan 1843, age 4yr, s/o John and Emma, , [TD]
Gilbert, John Kerby, d. 01 Mar 1867, age 31yr, s/o John and Emma, [TD]
Gilbert, John, d. 29 Mar 1854, age 47yr, [TD]
Gilbert, William Orton, d. 3 Nov 1843, age one month, [TD]
Hall, Sarah Ann, d. 1 Jul 1874, age 40yr, w/o Joseph Carrenton of Astley, [TD]
Hammonds, Ann, d. 2 Apr 1920, age 88yr, [TD]
Hammonds, Daniel, d. 6 Jan 1868, age 43yr, [TD]
Hammonds, Richard, d. 29 Feb 1892, age 75yr, [TD]
Hammonds, William, d. 7 Dec 1909, age 86yr, s/w Ann, [TD]
Heath, Eliza, d. 2 Feb 1888, age 36yr, of the Glebe Farm, Astley, s/w Mary & William, [TD]
Heath, Mary, d. 21 Jul 1930, age 86yr, of the Glebe Farm, Astley, w/o William, [TD]
Heath, William, d. 23 Apr 1886, age 56yr, of the Dukes Farm, Astley, s/w Mary his wife, [TD]
Hinks, Joseph, d. 2 Dec 1813, age 31yr, s/w Mary, [TD]
Hinks, Mary, d. 20 Jun 1794, age 41yr, s/w Joseph, [TD]
Jeffcote, Amelia, d. 1 Nov 1838, age 27yr, d/o William and Amelia , [TD]
Jeffcote, Harriet, d. 17 Apr 1876, age 61yr, w/o William Jeffcote of North Lodge Farm, Chilvers Coton, [TD]
Jeffcote, Mary Elizabeth, d. 23 Oct 1914, w/o Thomas Jeffcote, [TD]
Jeffcote, Thomas, d. 1921, age 65yr, h/o Mary Elizabeth, [TD]
Jeffcote, William, d. 17 Dec 1887, age 74yr, h/o Harriet, [TD]
Jordan, William, d. 14 Jun 1883, age 67yr, for 34 years Head Gardener at Astley Castle, s/w Jane Jordan, [TD]
Jordon, Jane, d. 16 Dec 1889, age 80yr, Relict of William, [TD]
Kelsey, Elizabeth, d. 17 Sep 1874, age 55yr, w/o Joseph, [TD]
Kelsey, Elizabeth, d. 18 Aug 1883, age 42yr, d/o Joseph and Hannah , [TD]
Kelsey, Hannah, d. 22 Feb 1821, age 73yr, w/o Joseph, [TD]
Kelsey, John, d. 10 Mar 1871, age 68yr, of Corley Hall, s/w mary, [TD]
Kelsey, Joseph, d. 1 Feb 1809, age 31yr, of Bedworth Woodland, s/w & h/o Mary, [TD]
Kelsey, Joseph, d. 1 Feb 1809, age 31yr, s/o Joseph and Hannah, [TD]
Kelsey, Joseph, d. 15 Dec 1798, age 63yr, s/w & h/o Hannah, [TD]
Kelsey, Joseph, d. 20 Sep 1866, age 34yr, of Ansley, s/w Elizabeth his wife, [TD]
Kelsey, Joseph, d. 5 May 1822, age 13yr, s/o Joseph and Mary, [TD]
Kelsey, Mary, d. 1 Jun 1827, age 53yr, w/o Joseph, [TD]
Kelsey, Mary, d. 11 Feb 1890, age 75yr, w/o John , [TD]
Kelsey, Sarah, d. 19 May 1823, age 16yr, d/o Joseph and Mary, [TD]
Kerby, Ann Gilbert, d. 2 Jun 1849, age 10yr, d/o John and Ann Kerby, late of Griff, [TD]
Lane, James Drummond, d. 14 Oct 1841, age 37yr, s/w John Lewis and Laura, [TD]
Lane, John Lewis, d. 16 Apr 1821, age 19yr, s/w Laura and James Drummond, [TD]
Lane, Laura, d. 23 Aug 1810, age 11yr 10mo, d/o Susannah and Henry Poyniz Lane Esq. of Bedworth, s/w John Lewis and James Drummond, [TD]
Lissaman, Benjamin, d. 2 Oct 1838, age 27yr, s/o Thomas and Hannah Lissaman, [TD]
Lissaman, Hannah, d. 10 Mar 1836, age 29yr, d/o Thomas and Hannah Lissaman, [TD]
Lissaman, Hannah, d. 29 Feb 1852, age 73yr, w/o Thomas, [TD]
Lissaman, Thomas, d. 28 Sep 1857, age 79yr, h/o Hannah, [TD]
Lock, Richard, d. 1 Sep 1837, age 54yr of London, [TD]
Lucas, Arthur, d. 14 Jul 1883, age 35yr, s/w Sarah, [TD]
Lucas, Charles, d. 27 Feb 1893, age 66yr, of Griff, [TD]
Lucas, George, d. 12 Dec 1900, age 78yr, for 46 years Clerk and Sexton of this Parish, [TD]
Lucas, Sarah, d. 11 Jul 1875, age 54yr, w/o & s/w George Lucas , [TD]
Lucas, Sarah, d. 21 Mar 1902, age 77yr, s/w Arthur, [TD]
Newdegate, Anne Emily, b. 13 May 1837, d. 23 Dec 1924, s/w and w/o Sir Edward Newdegate, [TD]
Newdegate, George, b. 9 Jun 1826 at Astley Castle, d. 9 May 1911 at Brighton, s/o Francis and Ann Barbara Maria Newdegate, s/w Sir Edward and Anne Emily, [TD]
Newdegate, Liet. General Sir Edward K.C.B., b. 15 Jun 1825, d. 01 Aug 1902, s/w his wife Anne Emily, [TD]
Newdigate, Charlotte Elizabeth Agnes Sophia, b. 26 May 1829, d. 6 Mar 1866, s/w & w/o Francis Wm, right corner of church, [TD]
Newdigate, Francis William, b. 19 Feb 1822, d. 9 Mar 1893, s/w Charlotte Elizabeth, [TD]
Newdigate, Francis, d. 26 May 1862, age 88yr, s/w Francis and Charlotte, [TD]
Newdigate, John, d. 02 Mar Mdclxvi, age: 3mo, s/o Richard Newdigate and Mary d/o Sir Edward Bagot Bart, [TD]
Riley, Mary, d. 15 Dec 1873, age 76yr, w/o Thomas, [TD]
Riley, Mary, d. 26 Dec 1870, age 48yr, d/o Thomas and Mary, [TD]
Riley, Thomas, d. 18 Nov 1874, age 83yr, s/w Mary his wife, [TD]
Smith, Albert Harry, d. 26 Feb 1862, s/o John and Hannah Smith of Sole End, [TD]
Smith, Ann, d. 17 Aug 1830, age 56yr, d/o John and Ann Smith, [TD]
Smith, Ann, d. 20 Nov 1826, age 42yr, d/o Benjamin and Jane Lissaman, [TD]
Smith, John, d. 24 Aug 1843, age 62yr, Bachelor, [TD]
Smith, Maria, d. 14 May 1870, w/o Thomas, of Sole End, [TD]
Smith, Thomas, d. 23 Jun 1856, age 68yr, h/o Maria, [TD]
Swinnerton, Catherine, d. 4 May 1855, age 51yr, w/o Thomas, [TD]
Swinnerton, Hannah, d. 12 Jun 1830, age 56yr, w/o William, [TD]
Swinnerton, John, d. 2 Jul 1822, age 21yr, s/o William and Hannah, [TD]
Swinnerton, Joseph, d. 15 Feb 1837, age 74yr, h/o Mary, [TD]
Swinnerton, Mary, d. 12 Sep 1847, age 78yr, w/o Joseph, [TD]
Swinnerton, Thomas, d. 15 Sep 1875, age 67yr, [TD]
Swinnerton, William, d. 13 Jan 1842, age 72yr, h/o Hannah, [TD]
Townsend, Hannah, b. 1710, d. 14 Sep 1841, age 84yr, s/w & w/o Jonathan, [TD]
Townsend, Jonathan, d. 21 Oct 1820, age 70yr, s/w his wife Hannah, [TD]
White, John, b. 19 Aug 1806, d. 29 Aug 1841, age 35yr, Farmer, [TD]
White, Mary, d. 26 Feb 1852, age 83yr, w/o Thomas, [TD]
White, Thomas, d. 30 Jan 1820, age 65yr, of this place, s/w & h/o Mary, [TD]
White, Thomas., b. 6 Dec 1804, d. 15 Jun 1840, age 35yr, Surgeon, late of Fillongley, [TD]
Wilkinson, Mary, d. 1804, age 94yr, w/o William, [TD]
Wilkinson, William, b. 1710, d. 1 Mar 1801, age 91yr, s/w Mary his wife, [TD]
Wyat, Guil., d. 9 Sep 1685, [TD]


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