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Hetton Cemetery
Tyne and Wear, England

Houghton Road, Hetton Le Hole
Houghton Le Spring England
Ph: 0191 553 1687

OS Map 88 Grid Ref N Z 351480

This cemetery is owned and maintained by the city of Sunderland Council.

This is not a complete listing of burials! The records below were provided by contributors to Cemetery Records Online. Total records = 71.

Contributor's Index:

Alderson, Edward, d. 3 Aug 1903, age 57y, [DO]
Anderson, James, d. 14 Dec 1935, age 15y, [DO]
Bamborough, William, d. 25 Oct 1924, age 35y, [DO]
Beadnell, William, d. 22 Oct 1930, age 34y, [DO]
Bedlington, Ernest Raymond, d. 11 Aug 1956, age 27y, [DO]
Bell, Joseph, d. 20 Jun 1952, age 47y, [DO]
Belshaw, David, d. 6 Sep 1917, age 20y, [DO]
Berrisford, Thomas William, d. 17 Feb 1915, age 15y, [DO]
Blanckley, Simon, d. 25 Jul 1927, age 23y, [DO]
Bond, Michael, d. 31 Jan 1898, age 49y, [DO]
Bradley, Cornelius, d. 6 Feb 1936, age 23y, [DO]
Brown, Charles Ernest, d. 8 Jan 1942, age 60y, [DO]
Burn, Robert, d. 15 Mar 1926, age 21y, [DO]
Calvert, Amelia, no date, sis/o Harriet Gleghorn, [PG]
Carr, William, d. 20 Mar 1946, age 63y, [DO]
Davis, George, d. 17 Nov 1951, age 44y, [DO]
Davison, Frederick, d. 2 Jul 1910, age 14y, [DO]
Dodds, John Thomas, d. 2 Dec 1937, age 61y, [DO]
Dodds, Joseph, d. 15 Nov 1954, age 37y, [DO]
Doney, Daniel Gum, d. 12 May 1905, age 58y, [DO]
Driver, William, d. 27 Jul 1941, age 21y, [DO]
Foster, Ronald, d. 6 Jul 1951, age 25y, [DO]
Gardner, Sutheran, d. 22 Apr 1908, age 21y, [DO]
Gleghorn, Harriet Calvert, d. May 1955, age: 83yr, w/o William, [PG]
Gleghorn, William, b. 1910, d. Dec 1942, age: 77yr, h/o Harriet, [PG]
Graham, William, d. 30 Nov 1906, age 15y, [DO]
Gray, Leslie, d. 18 Jun 1988, age 37y, [DO]
Gribbin, William, d. 8 May 1951, age 65y, [DO]
Gustard, George, d. 22 Aug 1915, age 54y, [DO]
Guy, Charles G, d. 10 Aug 1920.age 36y, [DO]
Hawke, Wiliam Ewart, d. 5 Jul 1951, age 25y, [DO]
Hicks, William George, d. 6 Jul 1951, age 32y, [DO]
Hodgson, John William, d. 21 Jul 1930, age 33y, [DO]
Holmes, Henry John, d. 8 Nov 1925, age 59y, [DO]
Holmes, William, d. 28 May 1910, age 34y, [DO]
Hunter, Allan, d. 6 Jul 1951, age 38y, [DO]
King, John, d. 30 Oct 1910, age 52y, [DO]
Kirby, Burton, d. 25 Jun 1929, age 25y, [DO]
Lawns, Robert, d. 13 Dec 1895, age 20y, [DO]
Lewins, Thomas, d. 24 Oct 1864, age 40y, [DO]
Lindley, John, d. 8 Feb 1930, age 52y, [DO]
Maddison, George, d. 6 Jul 1938, age 60y, [DO]
Marriott, John, d. 7 Sep 1898, age 32y, [DO]
Mcmillan, William Jackson, d. 16 Jul 1937, age 15y, [DO]
Minto, R J (Jack ), d. 13 Jul 1944, age 46y, [DO]
Nutt, Robert Frederick Greenhowe, d. 17 Feb 1939, age 29y, [DO]
Parkin, Richard, d. 6 Jul 1951, age 32y, [DO]
Potter, Kell, d. 30 Mar 1938, age 25y, [DO]
Purvis, William Lambton, d. 12 Dec 1904, age 24y, [DO]
Purvis, William Milliagan, d. 22 Jul 1970, age 34y, [DO]
Race, E A;, d. 20 Oct 1916, age 27y, [DO]
Robinson, Thomas James, d. 31 Oct 1963, age 50y, [DO]
Robson, John, d. 8 Mar 1933, age 40y, [DO]
Rowlands, Thomas, d. 27 Jan 1936, age 47y, [DO]
Rudd, James Thornton, d. 30 Jun 1899, age 19y, [DO]
Rudd, James, d. 23 Oct 1905, age 59y, [DO]
Sleeman, James Crane, d. 20 Jul 1963, age 50y, [DO]
Smith, William, d. 4 Aug 1939, age 39y, [DO]
Soppitt, Benjamin Pringle, d. 6 Sep 1953, age 44y, [DO]
Stabler, William, d. 4 Dec 1928, age 48y, [DO]
Stoker, Jonathan, d. 8 Mar 1892, age 18y, [DO]
Storey, Gilbert, d. 19 Nov 1931, age 45y, [DO]
Stott, Henry Charlton, d. 23 Sep 1969, age 47y, [DO]
Summerbell, John, d. 19 Oct 1936, age 15y, [DO]
Summerill, Francis Henry, d. 13 Jan 1936, age 50y, [DO]
Tait, Alan, d. 7 Jul 1951, age 15y, [DO]
Tait, Matthew, d. 27 Apr 1906, age 20y, [DO]
Teasdale, William, d. 12 May 1939, age 38y, [DO]
Trotter, Robert, d. 9 Jan 1917, age 56y, [DO]
Walker, James, d. 6 Jul 1951, age 44 y, [DO]
Wilson, Robert, d. 1 May 1933, age 20y, [DO]

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