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Great Yarmouth Crematorium and Cemetery
Gorleston, Norfolk County, England

12th and Northrepps on 19th, Great Yarmouth

This is not a complete listing of burials! The records below were provided by contributors to Cemetery Records Online. Total records = 95.

Contributor's Index:

Burgess, Alfred Henry, d. 12 Oct 1973, age 78yr, h/o Annie Harriet, [DO]
Burgess, Annie Harriet, d. 7 Sep 1965, age 70yr, w/o Alfred Henry, [DO]
Burrage, Arthur George, d. 6 Aug 1966, age 89yr, [DO]
Burwood, Arthur James, d. 5 Feb 1967, age 80yr, [SS]
Burwood, Daisy Ellen, d. 22 Feb 1965, age 69yr, [SS]
Butcher, Alice Mary Anne, d. 29 Jan 1975, age 89yr, w/o James Herbert, [SS]
Butcher, James Herbert, d. 2 Dec 1962, age 76yr, h/o Alice Mary Anne, [SS]
Butcher, Lilian May, d. 20 May 1964, age 51yr, [DO]
Buxton, Peggy, b. 1921, d. 1982, [SS]
Chilvers, Colin Wilfred, d. 26 Dec 1963, age 34yr, h/o Heather, [SS]
Farman, Frederick James, d. 25 Dec 1963, age 62yr, [SS]
Farman, Violet, d. 21 May 1980, age 75yr, [SS]
Fleming, Albert Robert George, d. 24 Oct 1975, age 81yr, [DO]
Fleming, Alice Maud, d. 23 Jul 1969, age 70yr, [DO]
Fleming, Andrew, d. 28 Nov 1961, age 58yr, h/o Sarah, [SS]
Fleming, Sarah, d. 6 Jul 1992, age 89yr, w/o Andrew, [SS]
Garrod, John, d. 10 Jan 1959, age 69yr, [SS]
Garrod, Lily, d. 22 Feb 1965, age 73yr, [SS]
Garwood, Elsie Priscilla, d. 2 Nov 1972, age 69yr, [SS]
Garwood, William John, d. 24 Mar 1965, age 61yr, [SS]
Halfnight, Sue, d. 31 May 1964, age 82yr, [SS]
Harris, Edith Clara, d. 5 Feb 1988, age 86yr, [SS]
Harris, Frank Gordon, d. 1 Feb 1960, [SS]
Harris, George Arthur, d. 19 Jul 1966, age 45yr, God Bless You Margaret, [DO]
Harris, George Frederick, d. 23 Feb 1981, age 83yr, [DO]
Harris, Harold Ernest, d. 9 Apr 1959, age 59yr, [SS]
Harris, Lena Gertrude, d. 24 Oct 1968, age 69yr, [DO]
Hays, Denis Broho Royston, b. 1915, d. 1989, [DO]
Hays, Jessie Ann (Read), b. 1907, d. 1994, [DO]
Hubbard, Clive, d. 30 Dec 1967, age 55yr, [DO]
Hubbard, Ernest, d. 10 Apr 1976, [DO]
Hubbard, Florence, d. 29 Aug 1987, age 78yr, [DO]
Hubbard, Florence, d. 9 Jun 1975, [DO]
Hubbard, Harry Charles, d. 6 Apr 1979, age 86yr, [DO]
Hubbard, Lilian Alma, d. 22 Nov 1992, age 79yr, w/o William Alfred, [SS]
Hubbard, Samuel, d. 18 Feb 1966, age 70yr, [DO]
Hubbard, William Alfred, d. 18 Apr 1960, age 48yr, h/o Lilian Alma, [SS]
Jermy, Frank, d. 24 Oct 1975, age 65yr, h/o Laura Mary Ann, [SS]
Jermy, Laura Mary Ann, d. 12 Jan 1997, age 82yr, w/o Frank, [SS]
King, Albert Edward, d. 23 Aug 1983, age 70yr, brother of Frederick Ernest, [SS]
King, Albert Victor, b. 26 Oct 1914, d. 26 Dec 1998, [DO]
King, Ambrose Henry, b. 1919, d. 1988, [DO]
King, Doris Lilian, d. 6 Mar 1983, age 76yr, w/o James William, [DO]
King, Edward John, d. 23 Mar 1959, h/o Eliza, [SS]
King, Eliza, d. 14 Sep 1989, w/o Edward John, [SS]
King, Frances Catherine, d. 8 Aug 1970, age 92yr, [DO]
King, Frederick Ernest, d. 20 Dec 1964, age 52yr, brother of Albert Edward, [SS]
King, Gladys Evelyn, d. 12 Mar 1968, age 62yr, [DO]
King, James William, d. 20 May 1981, age 73yr, h/o Doris Lilian, [DO]
King, Joyce, b. 25 Oct 1916, d. 31 Oct 1965, [DO]
King, Marjorie, d. 12 May 1989, age 72yr, [DO]
King, Percy Leonard, d. 14 Sep 1984, age 76yr, [DO]
King, Winifred, d. 1 Jun 1989, age 75yr, [DO]
Leggett, Alfred John, d. 11 Apr 1959, [SS]
Leggett, Annie Josephine, d. 18 Mar 1962, age 63yr, [SS]
Leggett, George, b. 9 Dec 1899, d. 16 May 1967, [SS]
Leggett, James, b. 20 Mar 1901, d. 22 May 1967, [SS]
Leggett, Mary Jane Christiana, d. 26 Feb 1992, age 77yr, [SS]
Leggett, Matilda, d. 18 Jul 1961, [SS]
Leggett, Robert Charles, d. 18 May 1967, age 53yr, [SS]
Mantripp, Emily Jane, d. 12 Feb 1970, age 62yr, w/o William Wilfred, [SS]
Mantripp, William Wilfred, d. 11 Jul 1965, age 67yr, h/o Emily Jane, [SS]
Palmer, Esther Elizabeth, d. 10 Jul 1965, age 82yr, w/o James Frederick, [SS]
Palmer, James Frederick, d. 5 Sep 1959, age 78yr, h/o Esther Elizabeth, [SS]
Palmer, Maria Elizabeth, d. 7 Jul 1971, age 87yr, [SS]
Palmer, Mary Violet, d. 8 Sep 1986, [DO]
Palmer, Reginald Charles, d. 6 Feb 1985, age 91yr, [SS]
Palmer, Reginald Walter Charles, d. 27 Feb 1997, age 74yr, [DO]
Palmer, Victor George, d. 3 Feb 1969, age 70yr, [SS]
Read, Ada Maud, d. 23 Oct 1989, age 89yr, [DO]
Read, Arthur, d. 22 Mar 1963, age 75yr, h/o Emma Jane, [SS]
Read, Edna Florence, d. 10 Feb 1984, age 76yr, [SS]
Read, Emma Jane, d. 23 Apr 1961, age 74yr, w/o Arthur, [SS]
Read, Ernest Albert, d. 8 Jan 1964, age 68yr, [DO]
Read, Hannah Susan, d. 17 Mar 1978, age 88yr, [DO]
Read, Mary Martha, d. 5 Jan 1959, age 69yr, [SS]
Read, Robert William, d. 29 Oct 1962, age 74yr, [SS]
Reed, Freeda, d. 6 Sep 1973, age 68yr, w/o Sidney Balaam, [SS]
Reed, Sidney Balaam, d. 17 Jul 1965, age 55yr, h/o Freeda, [SS]
Rose, Hannah (Woods), d. 26 Nov 1964, age 72yr, m/o Lily, Viola & Ron, [SS]
Spurgeon, Alice Martha, d. 15 Nov 1982, age 95yr, [DO]
Spurgeon, Ambrose William, d. 8 Feb 1969, age 80yr, [DO]
Steward, Arthur James, d. 25 Jun 1964, age 55yr, [SS]
Steward, Ivy Mary Florence, d. 12 Jun 1973, age 62yr, [SS]
Stibbons, Elsie Geraldine, d. 18 Feb 1998, age 75yr, [SS]
Woods, Annie Nancy, b. 1883, d. 1970, [DO]
Woods, Edward James, b. 1910, d. 1975, [SS]
Woods, Edward Thomas, d. 22 Jul 1983, age 85yr, [DO]
Woods, Elizabeth Frances, d. 27 Oct 1980, age 88yr, [DO]
Woods, Ellen Caroline, b. 1885, d. 1975, [DO]
Woods, Ethel Maud, d. 15 Feb 1983, age 86yr, [SS]
Woods, John Robert, d. 13 Feb 1964, age 73yr, [SS]
Woods, Joyce, b. 1916, d. 1959, [SS]
Woods, Sidney Arthur, d. 4 Feb 1966, age 60yr, [SS]
Woods, Violet Victoria, d. 9 Feb 1987, age 82yr, [SS]


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