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Saint John Churchyard
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Saint John Churchyard
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Saint John Churchyard
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Saint John Churchyard
Great Waxham, Norfolk, England

Church Road
Great Waxham Norfolk England

Contributed by Susan Scaife, Oct 12, 2003 [JOHD.SCAIFE@sky.com]. Total Records = 60.

Saint John Churchyard is still accepting burials. It is not in very good condition. The area has been allowed to become extremely overgrown in places.

David Ollerton and I walked this cemetery, reading from all of the surviving gravestones in July 2003.

- Susan Scaife
Beane, Charles K, d. 1914-1918 war
Beane, Walter E, d. 1914-1918 war
Bell, Alexander, d. 1914-1918 war
Bell, George, d. 1914-1918 war drowned
Belson, Eileen Catherine, d. 6 Jul 1855, age 44yr
Bishop, Ada, d. 5 Apr 1966, w/o Benjamin Forster
Bishop, Benjamin Forster, d. 15 Jan 1950, age 66yr, h/o Ada
Brown, Beth Eileen, d. 25 Nov 1999, age 70yr
Cubitt, Charles Littlewood, d. 1 May 1869, age 23yr, eldest s/o Charles Cubitt of North Walsham
Cubitt, Rebecca, d. 27 Jul 1850, age 75yr, w/o Robert
Cubitt, Robert, d. 17 Dec 1849, age 73yr, h/o Rebecca
Cubitt, Tuttell, d. 26 May 1871, age 60yr, s/o Robert & Rebecca
Cubitt, William, d. 11 Mar 1840, age 36yr, s/o Robert & Rebecca
Dyball, Louis, d. 1914-1918 war
Fench, John W, s/o William & Sarah Ann
French, Sarah Ann, d. 19 Jun 1891, age 63yr, w/o William
French, William, d. 19 Apr 1883, age 61yr, h/o Sarah Ann
Gibbs, Emma, d. 25 May 1930, age 46yr, d/o Henry Samuel & Emily
Gibbs, George, d. 9 Aug 1898, age 24yr, s/o Henry Samuel & Emily
Gibbs, Henry Samuel, d. 24 Oct 1917, age 82yr, h/o Emily
Going, John Joseph, d. 21 Dec 1961, age 53yr
Hallock, William, d. 10 Aug 1830, age 65yr, h/o Elizabeth
Harvey, Edward, d. 26 Jun 1936, age 82yr, h/o Esther Carrie, s/o Henry & Elizabeth
Harvey, Elizabeth, b. 4 Dec 1819, d. 14 Feb 1905, w/o Henry
Harvey, Ernest Edward, d. 24 Apr 1966, age 67yr, h/o Elsie May
Harvey, Henry Charles, d. 31 Dec 1929, age 78yr, h/o Jane Susannah
Harvey, Henry, d. 2 Sep 1897, age 81yr
Harvey, Jane Susannah, d. 8 Mar 1917, age 68yr, w/o Henry Charles
Hurley, James P J, b. 24 Sep 1925, d. 15 Dec 1996
Knight, John, d. 27 Sep 1907, age 78yr, h/o Margaret
Knight, Margaret, d. 3 Jun 1889, age 59yr, w/o John
Laws, Frederick J, d. 13 Jun 1917, age 70yr
Loveridge, Catherine Elaine, b. 2 Jul 1914, d. 31 Dec 1996
Middleton, Florence E., d. 29 Dec 1956, age 80yr, w/o James
Middleton, James, d. 7 Nov 1957, age 85yr, h/o Florence E.
Plummer, Brian Norman, no date
Plummer, Muriel Alice, b. 1914, d. 1995
Plummer, Norman Henry, b. 1910, d. 1983
Pratt, Fletcher, d. 6 Jun 1888, age 20yr
Ready, Edith, d. 19 Nov 1909, eldest d/o Rev. H Ready
Ready, Harriet, d. 10 Feb 1855, Great Yarmouth, age 80yr, w/o 1st Husband James Hurdis (Professor of poetry at Oxford University), w/o 2nd Husband Storer Ready Esq
Ready, Henry ( Rev BA), d. 17 Jul 1897, for 56yrs Rector of Waxham-Cum-Palling
Roberts, Elsie Carrie Mills, b. 1903, d. 1985, d/o Edward Harvey
Scott, Samuel Robert, b. 1857, d. 1944
Shipley, James, d. 2 Jun 1827, age 80yr
Shipley, Mary, d. 20 Jan 1849, age 92yr
Tuck, John, d. 1 May 1858, age 82yr, h/o Mary
Tuck, Mary, d. 31 Aug 1850, age 79yr, w/o John
Tuck, Sarah, d. 1 Jan 1860, age 45yr, d/o John & Mary
Warnes, Margaret, d. 9 Nov 1906, age 76yr
Watts, George, d. 29 Jul 1904, age 74yr, h/o Susanna
Watts, Susanna, d. 6 Apr 1892, age 60yr, w/o George
Whitaker, Elizabeth, d. 26 Mar 1917, age 82yr
Whitaker, Jeremiah, d. 20 Sep 1918, age 85yr
Whitaker, Mary, d. 3 Jun 1893, age 98yr
Whitaker, Robert, d. 22 Dec 1863, age 27yr
Whitaker, William, d. 30 Sep 1897, age 63yr
Williams, Alfred Douglas, d. 18 Apr 1952, age 60yr
Williams, Dorothy Mary, d. 26 Aug 1962, age 62yr
Wodehouse, Thomas, d. 21 Jan 1571
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