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Saint Oswald Churchyard
Blankney, Lincolnshire County, England

This is not a complete listing of burials! The records below were provided by contributors to Interment.net. Last edited Feb 25, 2007. Total records = 216.

Contributor's Index:

Addlesee, Caroline, d. 22 Jul 1991 [SC]
Archer, Neil, d. 11 Sep 2000, age: 33yr [SC]
Atkin, George Henry, d. 1 Aug 1983 [SC]
Atkin, George, d. May 1999, age: 74yr [SC]
Atkin, Robin, d. 6 Aug 1989, age: 42yrs [SC]
Baker, Jesse, d. 2 Mar 1915, age: 79yr [SC]
Baker, Sarah, d. 18 Nov 1930, age: 85yr [SC]
Barnes, Raymond Alfred, b. 18 Jul 1928, d. 20 Aug 1995 [SC]
Barr, Kathleen, d. 17 Dec 1989, age: 73yr, s/w Robert Barr [SC]
Barr, Robert Leslie, d. 13 Feb 1995, age: 86yr, s/w Kathleen Barr [SC]
Bavin, Annie, d. 5 May 1902, age: 60yr, s/w Unreadable [SC]
Bavin, Thomas, d. 11 Aug 1876, age: 43yr [SC]
Bayliss, Margarete Julianna, b. 1926, d. 198, s/w Reginald Bayliss [SC]
Bayliss, Reginald, b. 1926, d. 2004, s/w Margarete Bayliss [SC]
Bell, Christiana, no dates, s/w John Bell [SC]
Bell, John, no dates, s/w Christiana Bell [SC]
Bell, Ted, d. 25 Jun 2001,age 76yr [SC]
Bott, Dorice, b. 2 Aug 1896, d. 17 Jun 1992, s/w Elizabeth and William Bott [SC]
Bott, Dorothy Elizabeth, d. 29 Nov 1959, age: 58yr, Youngest d/o Henry and Elizabeth Bott. s/w Henry and Sarah Bott [SC]
Bott, Elizabeth, d. 20 Jul 1933, age: 76yr, w/o Henry Bott. s/w Dorice and William Bott [SC]
Bott, Henry, d. 15 Aug 1926, age: 76yr, F/o and s/w Dorothy and Sarah Bott [SC]
Bott, Sarah, d. 4 Jul 1967, age: 83yr, Eldest d/o Henry and Elizabeth Bott. s/w Henry and Dorothy Bott [SC]
Bott, William Arthur, b. 7 May 1896, d. 8 Oct 1985, s/w Dorice and Elizabeth Bott [SC]
Cartwright, Edward, b. 8 Dec 1823, d. 15 Mar 1904, “of Sleaford” [SC]
Cartwright, Ernest William, b. 1878, d. 1956, age: 78yr [SC]
Cartwright, Isabella, d. 19 Mar 1949, age: 81yr, w/o and s/w John Cartwright [SC]
Cartwright, James William (Jim), d. 12 Apr 1989, age: 71yr, “F.B.H.L” [SC]
Cartwright, James, b. 21 Jan 1860, d. 4 May 1912, “of Dunston Pillar” [SC]
Cartwright, James, b. 8 Apr 1925, d. 6 Aug 1994 [SC]
Cartwright, John Robert, b. 4 Jan 1924, d. 28 Apr 1991 [SC]
Cartwright, John, d. 4 Sep 1944,age 82yr h/o and s/w Isabella Cartwright [SC]
Cartwright, Mary Elizabeth, d. 12 Mar 1949, age: 87yr [SC]
Cartwright, Mary, d. 19 Dec 1879, age: 42yr, w/o and s/w William Cartwright [SC]
Cartwright, Muriel Doreen, d. 3 Sep 1979, age: 62yr [SC]
Cartwright, Thomas, b. 18 Oct 1821, d. 23 Apr 19?1, “of Dunston Pillar” [SC]
Cartwright, William, d. 5 May 1888, age: 59yr, “of Blankney Fen died after a short illness”, s/w Mary Cartwright [SC]
Challa?s, William, b. 6 May 1810, d. 10 Nov 1888 [SC]
Chambers, Samuel, d. 16 Jul 1902, age: 56yr [SC]
Chaplin, Edward, b. 28 Mar 1842, d. 23 Dec 1883 [SC]
Chaplin, Edward, d. 5 Sep 1853, age: 86yr, “Clerk of this parish 53 years” [SC]
Chaplin, Florence, b. 18 Apr 1855, d. 10 Oct 1881, “Eldest d/o the 3rd Duke of Sutherland. Married Nov 1876 to Henry Chaplin of Blankney. Died after two days of illness.” [SC]
Chaplin, Henry, b. 22 Dec 1840, d. 9 May 1923, “Viscount” [SC]
Clark, Effie, d. 13 Jan 193? [SC]
Clark, John T, d. 27 Apr 1916, age: 63yr [SC]
Clay, Inga, b. 1931, d. 2004 [SC]
Cook, Ann, d. 27 Jan 1916, age: 7?, w/o and s/w John Cook [SC]
Cook, John, d. 6 ??? 1911, age: 72yr, h/o and s/w Ann Cook [SC]
Cox, Arthur Lawrence, d. 18 May 1987, age: 73yr [SC]
Cullen, Florence Alice, d. 1945 [SC]
Cullen, Wilfred, d. 14 Mar 1938, age: 20yr [SC]
Daly, Thomas, d. 18 Dec 1989, age: 62yr, s/w Edith and Hugh Reilly [SC]
Dawkins, Maria, no dates, w/o Henry Dawkins [SC]
Denison, Hugo William Cecil, b. 13 Nov 1894, d. 17 Apr 1937, “Rt Hon. 4th Earl of Londesborough”, s/w Marigold Denison [SC]
Denison, Marigold, b. 15 Mat 1903, d. 15 My 1976, “Countess of Londesborough”, s/w Hugo Denison [SC]
Edwards, Adelaide Lucy, b. 1858, d. 1935, s/w William Edwards [SC]
Edwards, Faith, b. 1912, d. 1999 [SC]
Edwards, William Edward, b. 1858, d. 1941, s/w Adelaide Edwards [SC]
Edwards, William, b. 1906, d. 1995, s/w Faith Edwards [SC]
Fawcett, Cyril, d. 20 May 1993, s/w Margaret Fawcett [SC]
Fawcett, Dorothy, d. 17 Dec 1993, age: 85yr, s/w William Fawcett [SC]
Fawcett, Frederick, d. 1 Jan 904, age: 73yr, s/w Marie Fawcett [SC]
Fawcett, Margaret Mary, d. 18 Oct 2001, s/w Cyril Fawcett [SC]
Fawcett, Marie, d. 22 Sep 1972, age: 83yr s/w Frederick Fawcett [SC]
Fawcett, William, d. 1 Apr 1989, age: 77yr, s/w Dorothy Fawcett [SC]
Fletcher, John Creasey, d. 16 Mar 1965, age: 58yr, s/w Una Fletcher [SC]
Fletcher, Una May, d. 12 Apr1994, age: 58yr, s/w John Fletcher [SC]
Ford, Ruth Margaret, b. 1921, d. 1996 [SC]
Foster, Florence, d. 3 Sep 1982, age: 75yr, s/w Herbert Foster [SC]
Foster, Herbert, d. 18 Dec 1985, age: 71yr, s/w Florence Foster [SC]
Frankish, John W, d. 4 Jan 1974, age: 65yr [SC]
Frankish, John, d. 18 Jan 1942, age: 61yr, s/w Minerva Frankish [SC]
Frankish, Minerva, d. 10 May 1971, age: 86yr, s/w John Frankish [SC]
Futer, George Noel, b. 25 Dec 1912, d. 5 Jun 1913 [SC]
Gent, Brian, b. 1929, d. 2006, s/w Irmgard Gent [SC]
Gent, Irmgard, b. 1928, d. 1994, s/w Brian Gent [SC]
Gilbert, John, d. 7 Sep 1??? [SC]
Glossop, Sharon, d. 24 Dec 2003, age: 36yr [SC]
Graves, Elizabeth, d. 16 Jun 18?5, age: 15yr, d/o and s/w Robert and Emma Graves [SC]
Graves, Emma, d. 20 Jan 1914, age: 88yr, w/o Robert Graves. m/o Elizabeth Graves. s/w both. [SC]
Graves, Robert, d. 10 Apr 1879, age: 39yr, “of Linwood”, h/o Emma Graves. F/o Elizabeth Graves. s/w both [SC]
Green, Amelia, d. 10 Aug 190?, age: 81yr [SC]
Gresham, Alan, b. 1915, d. 1985 [SC]
Gresham, Mary, b. 1917, d. 1990 [SC]
Grint, Thomas Frederick, b. 1923, d. 2001 [SC]
Gurney, Lilian Margaret (Daisy), d. 1 Oct 1906, age: 14yr [SC]
Haire, Annie, d. 5 Oct 1953 [SC]
Haire, Fanny, s/w Glossop Haire [SC]
Haire, Glossop James, d. 28 May 1912, age: 80yr, s/w Fanny Haire [SC]
Hann, Peggy, d. 4 Apr 1994, age: 72yr [SC]
Harrad, Beatrice, d. 16 Aug 1957, age: 49yr [SC]
Harris, Edward, d. 13 Oct 1921, h/o and s/w Elizabeth Harris [SC]
Harris, Elizabeth (Sharp), b. 29 Mar 1835, d. 19 Mar 19?5, w/o and s/w Edward Harris [SC]
Hi?to?, Elizabeth, s/w Unreadable who died Jan 19?? [SC]
Holmes, Elizabeth, d. Metheringham, w/o Thomas Holmes [SC]
Holvey, Eleanor, d. 3 May 1967, age: 75yr, s/w William Holvey [SC]
Holvey, Frazer, d. 25 Oct 1994, age: Infant [SC]
Holvey, William Henry, d. 10 Jan 1979, age: 88yr, s/w Eleanor Holvey [SC]
Howsiman, Robert King, d. 9 Feb 1915, age: 38yr [SC]
Hunt, Benjamin, 14 Apr 188?, age: 34yr, s/o Benjamin Hunt [SC]
Hutchinson, Bert, d. 1921 [SC]
Hutchinson, Hilda, d. 17 May 1981, age: 84yr, d/o and s/w Jane Hutchinson [SC]
Hutchinson, Jane, d. 28 Sep 1968, age: 98yr, m/o and s/w Hilda Hutchinson [SC]
Jacklin, Mary Ann, d. 25 Aug 1887, age: 61yr, w/o Michael Jacklin [SC]
Jackson, Dorothy May, d. 4 Sep 1966, age: 51yr, w/o and s/w Frederick Jackson [SC]
Jackson, Frederick, d. 28 Sep 2001, age: 87yr, h/o and s/w Dorothy Jackson [SC]
Jackson, Jeffrey, d. 15 Aug 1964, age: 22yr, “accidentally killed” [SC]
Jolly, Alexander, d. 22 Dec 1909, age: 33yr [SC]
Jolly, Alexander, d. 9 Oct 1913, age: 65yr [SC]
Kemp, Elsie, d. 18 Apr 1989, age: 61yr [SC]
King, Hugo Charles, d. 24 Nov 1983, age: 48yr [SC]
Kipton, Sarah Ann, d. 16 Dec 191? [SC]
Leaning, George, age: 18yr [SC]
Leech, Richard Noel (Dick), b. Oct 1922, d. 1 Feb 2006 [SC]
Lill??, Isaac, d. Sep 1915, age: 52yr [SC]
Little, George William, b. 1914, d. 1993, “Chorister of this parish” [SC]
Long?ay, Robert, d. 30 Apr 188?, age: 81yr [SC]
Maltby, Alice Ann, d. 6 Nov 1957, age: 80yr, s/w William Maltby [SC]
Maltby, Sarah Jane, d. 1 May 944, s/w Walter Maltby [SC]
Maltby, Walter, d. 16 May 1906, s/w Sarah Maltby [SC]
Maltby, William, 16 Feb 1963, age: 83yr, s/w Alice Maltby [SC]
Massingham, Amelia Limner, b. 1891, d. 1977, s/w Walter Massingham [SC]
Massingham, Walter James, b. 1875, d. 1940, s/w Amelia Massingham [SC]
May, Jessie, d. 1 Aug 1988, age80yr, s/w Richard May [SC]
May, John William, d. 10 May 1994, age: 86yr [SC]
May, Richard Henry, d. 25 May 1993, age: 89yr, s/w Jessie May [SC]
Mees, Annie Maria, d. 27 Feb 1962, age: 80yr, w/o and s/w Leonard Mees [SC]
Mees, Leonard Richardson, d. 19 Oct 1958, age: 72yr, h/o and s/w Annie Mees [SC]
Midwinter, David, b. 1867, d. 1959, s/w Emily Midwinter [SC]
Midwinter, Emily, b. 1862, d. 1934, s/w David Midwinter [SC]
Milborrow, George Leonard, b. 1916, d. 1983, s/w Sarah Milborrow [SC]
Milborrow, Sarah Annie (Nancy), b. 1914, d. 1994, s/w George Milborrow [SC]
Minns, Edna, d. 27 Feb 1997, age: 91yr, s/w William Minns [SC]
Minns, William Valentine, d. 8 Jun 1962, age: 62yr, s/w Edna Minns [SC]
Mountain, Ron, b. 1928, d. 2005 [SC]
Neal, Willie, d. 14 Sep 1?8? [SC]
Overton, Charles Rylatt, s/w Mary E Overton [SC]
Overton, Elizabeth, d. 10 ??? 1929, age: 85yr, s/w Samuel Overton [SC]
Overton, Mary E, d. 30 Apr 1918, age: 48yr, s/w Charles Overton [SC]
Overton, Samuel, d. 25 Sep 1916, age: 73yr, s/w Elizabeth Overton [SC]
Pask, Edward, d. 25 Dec 1919, age: 85yr, “of Blankney Fen” [SC]
Pask, Eliza, d. 4 Aug 1913, age: 74yr, w/o Edward Pask [SC]
Pickwell, Elizabeth, b. 1884, d, 1 Dec 18?? [SC]
Priestly, Elizabeth, d. Nov 1867, age: 77yrs [SC]
Pullen, Robert Dennis (Bob), d. 9 Sep 2000, age: 59yr [SC]
Reilly, Edith, d. 18 Nov 1986, age: 85yr, w/o and s/w Hugh Reilly. Also s/w Thomas Daly [SC]
Reilly, Hugh, d. 15 Nov 1969, age: 75yr, h/o and s/w Edith Reilly. Also s/w Thomas Daly [SC]
Reily, Gerald Herbert, d. 23May 1922, age: 7mths [SC]
Reynold, Alfred Gilbert, d. 28 Sep 1925, s/o Charles and Eliza Reynold [SC]
Riddoch, William, b. 9 Jan 1998, d. 28 Nov 2003, age: 5yr [SC]
Rossington, Annie, b. 23 Aug 187?, Blankney, d/o and s/w James Rossington [SC]
Rossington, Elizabeth, d. 18 Feb 1876, age: 35yr, w/o George Rossington [SC]
Rossington, Emma, d. 9 Jan 1878, w/o James Rossington [SC]
Rossington, James, d. ?5 Feb 193?, age: 96yr, F/o and s/w Annie Rossington [SC]
Rossington, Mary, d. 19 Jan 1877, age: 69yr, w/o Joseph Rossington [SC]
Scoley, Bertha, d. 31 Aug 1968, age: 68yr, w/o and s/w John Scoley [SC]
Scoley, John, d. 1 Aug 1979, age: 82yr, h/o and s/w Bertha Scoley [SC]
Sh?tees, Philip Henry, d. 22 Sep 1953, “Priest” [SC]
Sharp, Eliza, d. 30 May 1922, age: 78yr, w/o James Sharp [SC]
Sharp, James, d. 22 Mar 1890, age: 48yr [SC]
Sharp, Robert William, d. 14 Nov 190, age: 38yrs, s/o James Sharp. s/w Robert Sharp [SC]
Sharp, Robert William, d. 15 Sep 191, age: 19yr, “Who fell in action at Beaumont-Hamel France”, s/w Robert Sharp [SC]
Sharp, Samuel, d. 17 ??? 1882 [SC]
Simmond, Frances Emma, d. 25 May 1928, age: 75yr [SC]
Simpson, Sarah, w/o Samuel Simpson [SC]
Smith, Annie, d. 11 Sep 1974, age: 85yr, s/w Thomas Smith [SC]
Smith, Thomas, d. 18 Oct 1971, age: 59yr [SC]
Smith, Thomas, d. 2 Jul 1969, age: 79yr, s/w Annie Smith [SC]
Spencer, Cecil Hardwick, d. 19 Nov 1887, age: 2yr, s/o Charles and Agnes Spencer [SC]
Spurrier, Margaret Judith Briony, d. 30 Jan 1987 [SC]
Sta?s?eed, Edward, d. 7 Mar 1939, age: 83yr [SC]
Stothard, Ivy Margaret, d. 19 Jul 1986, age: 57yr [SC]
Taylor, Ada, d. 1927, d/o Richard and Mary Taylor [SC]
Taylor, Mary Elizabeth, d. 13 Jan 1935, age: 77yr, w/o Richard Taylor [SC]
Taylor, Richard, d 8 Oct 1936, age: 77yr, h/o Mary E Taylor [SC]
Thompson, Emily Louise, d. 19 Apr 1955,age 79yr, w/o and s/w Robert Thompson [SC]
Thompson, Ernest George, d. 26 Jun 1965, age: 82yr, s/w Margaret Thompson [SC]
Thompson, Margaret, d. 13 Feb 1964, age: 70yr, s/w Ernest Thompson [SC]
Thompson, Miriam, d. 13 Jan 1909, age: 25yr [SC]
Thompson, Robert, d. 2 Jun 1911, age: 38yr, h/o and s/w Emily Thompson [SC]
Thorpe, John, d. 1876, age: 67yr, h/o Mary Thorpe [SC]
Underwood, Arthur (?), d. 30 Oct 1974, age: 86yr, s/w Gertrude Underwood [SC]
Underwood, Gertrude, d. 19 Mar 1949, s/w Arthur Underwood [SC]
Wadsley, Alan George, d. 3 Jan 1990, age: 43yr [SC]
Wadsley, Brian James, b. 1950, d. 2002 [SC]
Ward, Alfred, d. 1 Feb 1963, age: 87yr, h/o and s/w Elizabeth Ward [SC]
Ward, Audrey Lillian, d. 6 Dec 1998, age: 69yr, s/w Henry Ward [SC]
Ward, Dennis, d. 28 Aug 2001, age: 83yr [SC]
Ward, Elizabeth, d. 5 Oct 1968, age: 84yr, s/w Alfred Ward [SC]
Ward, Henry Ronald, d. 6 Jan 2004, age: 80yr, s/w Audrey Ward [SC]
Watson, Wendy, b. 16 Jun 1994, age: 44yr [SC]
Watts, Elsie, b. 3 Apr 1906, d. 3 Oct 1951 [SC]
Watts, Herbert F, d. 1 Oct 1942, age: 67yr, s/w Maud Watts [SC]
Watts, Maud Mary, d. 27 Oct 19?0, age: ?6yr, s/w Herbert Watts [SC]
Weber, Adolf(?), d. Jan 1987, age: 77yr [SC]
West, Corinda Dight, b. 3 Jul 1852, d. 12 Jul 1944 [SC]
West, John Edward, b. 17 Jun 1855, d. 14 Feb 1939 [SC]
Wiles, Christine Emma (Kit), d. 3 Nov 1990, age: 81yr [SC]
Wilkinson, Doris E, 8 Sep 1976, age: 72yr, s/w her sister Maud Wilkinson [SC]
Wilkinson, Eliza, d. 3 Dec 19?? [SC]
Wilkinson, Elizabeth, d. 28 Jun 1969, m/o and s/w Francis Wilkinson [SC]
Wilkinson, Frances, d. 12 Jul 1963, age: 54yr [SC]
Wilkinson, Francis, d. 6 Nov 1968, age: 66yr, s/o and s/w Elizabeth Wilkinson [SC]
Wilkinson, Frank, d. 9 Feb 1956, s/w Kathleen Mary Wilkinson [SC]
Wilkinson, Harriet, d. 4 Oct 1??5, age: 74yr [SC]
Wilkinson, Harry, d. 9 Mar 1921, age: 41yr, h/o Eliza Wilkinson [SC]
Wilkinson, Kathleen Mary, d. 19 Mar 1953, age: 61yr, s/w Frank Wilkinson [SC]
Wilkinson, Maud, d. 7 Nov 1976, age: 67yr, s/w her sister Doris Wilkinson [SC]
Wilkinson, Robert, d. 19 Oct 19?1, Blankney, age: 64yr [SC]
Williams, Gertrude, d. 2 Apr 1880, age: 4yr 10 mths, d/o John Williams [SC]
Williams, Mary Elizabeth, d. 17 Aug 1886, age: 29yr, w/o John Williams [SC]
Williton, Elizabeth, d. 1869 [SC]
Williton, John, d. Jun 18?1 [SC]
Woolley, Olive Alice Mary, d. 27 Oct 1997, age: 75yr [SC]
Wright, Sarah, d. 11 Mar 1855, age: 66yr [SC]
Young, Charles, d. 17 Nov 1942, age: 73yr, s/w Elizabeth Young [SC]
Young, Elizabeth, d. 1958, s/w Charles Young [SC]

??, ??, d. 16 Mar 18??, age: 72yr, s/w unreadable [SC]
??, ??, d. 1835 [SC]
??, ??, d. 1885, “of Metheringham” [SC]
??, ??, d. 29 Oct 1904 [SC]
??, ??, d. 3 ??? 18?? [SC]
??, Elizabeth, [SC]
??, Margaret, [SC]
C., P. M., d. 1991 [SC]
F., C. M., d. 2002 [SC]
H., S. A., d. 2000 [SC]
S., M. T., d. 2002, s/w S. R. C. [SC]
S., R. C., d. 2002, s/w M. T. S. [SC]


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