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Saint John Churchyard
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Saint John Churchyard
Great Clacton, Essex County, England

Saint John Road, Great Clacton, Essex, CO15 4AR

If you intend to visit this cemetery take the A133 from Colchester, then join the B1033.

Burials are primarily to the back of the church. The churchyard is well maintained and burials still occur.

This is not a complete listing of all of the burials in this cemetery. The records below were provided by contributors to Interment.net. Last edited Apr 20, 2009. Total records = 25.

Contributor's Index:

Bates, Charles J., d. 10 Jan 1894, age 8 yrs, grandson of and s/w George P. and Mary Bates, [SC]
Bates, George P., d. 27 Mar 1894, age 59 yrs, 'late Chief Officer H. M. Coastguard, Clacton-on-Sea', h/o and s/w Mary Bates, Grandfather of and s/w Charles J. Bates, [SC]
Bates, Mary, d. 6 Nov 1935, age 98 yrs, '(Grannie)', w/o and s/w George P. Bates, Grandmother of and s/w Charles J. Bates, [SC]
Noble, Frederick Charles, d. 12 Feb 1898, age 28 yrs, 'Eldest son', s/w Frederick Charles and Mary Ann Noble, [SC]
Noble, Frederick Charles, d. 19 Oct 1909, age ?7 yrs, h/o and s/w Mary Ann Noble, s/w Frederick Charles Noble, [SC]
Noble, Mary Ann, d. 24 Feb 1921, age 77 yrs, w/o and s/w Frederick Charles Noble, s/w Frederick Charles Noble, [SC]
Page, Emily (nee Page), d. 11 Dec 1861, age 31 yrs, w/o Henry Page, d/o and s/w James and Frances Page, s/w Jane Page , [SC]
Page, Emily, d. 23 Feb 1897, age 71 yrs, 'Erected by E. Seymour', w/o and s/w Samuel Page, [SC]
Page, Frances, d. 2 Jul 1837, age ?2 yrs, w/o and s/w James Page, M/o and s/w Emily Page, Grandmother of and s/w Jane Page, [SC]
Page, James, d. 14 Dec 1841, age 57 yrs, f/o and s/w Emily Page, h/o and s/w Frances Page, Grandfather of and s/w Jane Page, [SC]
Page, Jane, b. 12 Jan 1838, d. 3 Mar 1838, grandaughter of and s/w James and Frances Page, s/w Emily Page, [SC]
Page, Robert, Apr 1816, age ?6 yrs, [SC]
Page, Samuel, d. 8 Jul 1894, age 68 yrs, 'erected by E. Seymour', h/o and s/w Emily Page, [SC]
Parry, Rice, b. 28 Sep 1873, d. 10 Mar 1891, 's/o John and Sarah Parry of Bangor, North Wales. Perished at sea tied to the rigging of ship J. W. Babel of Beaumaris, which was wrecked on Gund Fleet Sands', [SC]
Pudney, Eliza, d. 6 Dec 1892, age 80 yrs, s/w Mary Grace Pudney, [SC]
Pudney, Mary Grace, d. 29 Jan 1911, age 91 yrs, s/w Eliza Pudney, [SC]
Rattee, Beatrice Ellen, d. 25 Jan 1876, age 6 mths, 'interred at Cockfield, Suffolk', listed with Louisa Anna Rattee and Florence Helen Rattee, [SC]
Rattee, Florence Helen, d. 22 Aug 1885, age 6 yrs, 'interred near this spot', s/w Louisa Hannah Rattee, Listed with Beatrice Ellen Rattee, [SC]
Rattee, Louisa Hannah, d. 21 Oct 18?7, age 23 yrs, s/w Florence Helen Rattee, Listed with Beatrice Ellen Rattee, [SC]
Reed, Henry William, d. 4 Jan 1899, age 74 yrs, h/o and s/w Mary Reed, [SC]
Reed, Mary, d. 24 Dec 1905, age 72 yrs, w/o and s/w Henry William Reed, [SC]
Sadler, Jane, d. 29 Aug 1871, age 64 yrs, 'second w/o Cleere Sadler and formerly w/o Thomas Gibbs of London', [SC]
Weatherhead, Allan Philip, b. 13 Oct 1897, d. 23 Dec 1898, [SC]
Wilson, Jane, d. 17 Mar 1895, age 69 yrs, w/o and s/w Thomas Draper Wilson, [SC]
Wilson, Thomas Draper, d. 18 May 1895, age 74 yrs, h/o and s/w Jane Wilson, [SC]

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