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Holy Trinity Churchyard
Murton, Durham, England

OS Map 88 Grid Ref NZ394469

This is not a complete listing of burials! The records below were provided by contributors to Cemetery Records Online. Total records = 50.

Contributor's Index:

Barlow, Robert, d. 18 May 1940, age 29y, [DO]
Beveridge, John, d. 11 Apr 1893, age 18y, [DO]
Blackmore, Harry, d. 14 Nov 1919, age 67y, [DO]
Brown, Thomas, d. 20 Jan 1936, age 39y, [DO]
Bryers, Thomas, d. 23 Jan 1894, age 34y, [DO]
Calvert, John, d. 21 Jan 1911, age 55y, [DO]
Collins, Thomas, d. 12 Nov 1915, age 39y, [DO]
Craggs, Thomas, d. 7 Nov 1894, age 17y, [DO]
Cruise, Charles Oliver, d. 5 Jun 1882, age 14y, [DO]
Cruise, James, d. 17 Oct 1887, age 46y, [DO]
Currow, Philip Conn Edward, d. 9 Feb 1903, age 21y, [DO]
Daglish, Stodart, d. 16 Mar 1928, age 48y, [DO]
Davison, William Wild, d. 6 Feb 1939, age 53y, [DO]
Dunn, George, d. 5 Dec 1934, age 64y, [DO]
Fenwick, Henry Hall, d. 24 Sep 1936, age 24y, [DO]
Gilroy, Samuel, d. 24 Nov 1892, age 45y, [DO]
Hensley, Frederick George, d. 11 Feb 1903, age 57y, [DO]
Johnson, William, d. 1 Jan 1924, age 17y, [DO]
Jones, Edward Henry, d. 20 Nov 1889, age 19y, [DO]
Kennedy, Robert, d. 24 Nov 1892, age 45y, [DO]
Lavis, Thomas, d. 18 Jul 1901, age 22y, [DO]
Lowerson, Frederick, d. 1 Jul 1938, age 42y, [DO]
Lutz, Robert, d. 20 Aug 1906, age 14y, [DO]
Mason, Jackson H, d. 30 Sep 1937, age 41y, [DO]
Mckillup, John, d. 21 Dec 1937, age 35y, [DO]
Moore, William, d. 14 Nov 1924, age 38y, [DO]
Murphy, Charles, d. 2 May 1898, age 60y, [DO]
Olaman, James Robert, d. 26 Mar 1889, age 39y, [DO]
Parkes, James Kennedy, d. 18 Aug 1902, age 14y, [DO]
Parkinson, George, d. 13 Jun 1913, age 17y, [DO]
Pascoe, William Henry, d. 21 Apr 1904, age 19y, [DO]
Pescod, Ralph, d. 27 May 1938, age 22y, [DO]
Place, Elias, d. 14 Feb 1880, age 42y, [DO]
Raymond, George Frederick, d. 10 Nov 1911, age 15y, [DO]
Ridley, Ralph, d. 10 May 1909, age 17y, [DO]
Robinson, Nesswell Pennock , d. 24 Jul 1927, age 49y, [DO]
Salkeld, John, d. 12 Sep 1925, age 42y, [DO]
Samuel, George William, d. 18 Aug 1917, age 54y, [DO]
Short, Robert, d. 1 Nov 1928, age 35y, [DO]
Short, Robert, d. 26 Feb 1893, age 37y, [DO]
Smith, John, d. 6 Jun 1935, age 48y, [DO]
Spry, Richard, d. 21 Dec 1937, age 51y, [DO]
Stobie, James, d. 23 Mar 1935, age 48y, [DO]
Sugden, Samuel, d. 29 Apr 1906, age 46y, [DO]
Tidyman, Robert, d. 19 Nov 1901, age 25y, [DO]
Tinkler, Stephen, d. 1 Jun 1886, age 27y, [DO]
Treeweeke, Richard Henry, d. 13 Dec 1918, age 31y, [DO]
Vout, James, d. 21 Jun 1902, age 17y, [DO]
Watson, Nicholas Willis, d. 26 Jul 1928, age 44y, [DO]
Worth, John R, d. 26 Jun 1942, age 50y, [DO]


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