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Winterton Asylum Cemetery
Winterton, Durham, England

Salters Lane near Sedgefield, Durham England

Contributed by Dave Ollerton, Apr 12, 2003 [david.ollerton@sky.com]. Total records = 22.

From Sedgefield take B 1278. Look for the old hospital on left, cemetery is on the right.

There were not many stones left in this cemetery. I suspect some have been removed. As I read the tombstones I found some have fallen down. The Chapel in the grounds is unused and all boarded up.

I visited this cemetery on Apr 08, 2003. This is a complete transcription of all existing headstones.

- Dave Ollerton

Camsby, William, d. 2 Jan 1895, age: 63yr old, h/of Elizabeth
Croft, Herbert George, (date obscured by overgrown holly tree)
Dodds, John George, d. 20 Oct 1940, age: 31yr old
Dodds, John, d. 30 Apr 1898, age: 68yr old
Gallagher, William Buchannan, d. 19 Nov 1918, age: 40yr old
Gray, William, d. 6 Nov 1912, age: 36yr old
Johnson, Margaret Rutter, d. 8 May 1901, age: 43yr old, mother of Walter
Lawson, Sarah Jane, b. 25 Apr 1845, d. 6 Jun 1893, w/of William
Leaos, Ada Josephine, d. 29 Sep 1925, age: 50yr old, d/of Marion
Leaos, Marion, d. 22 Apr 1895
Mavin, Martha Annie, d. Mar 1918, age: 37yr old, w/of Walter M
Moore, Henry, d. 6 Aug 1909, age: 55yr old
Nichol, John, d. 3 Nov 1909
Nincks, Amelia, d. 5 Nov 1897, age: 33yr old
Pickering, Mary Ann, d. 15 Mar 1894, Sedgefield, age: 72yr old
Rackham, Margaret, d. 12 Mar 1963, age: 65yr old
Skeen, William St John M.B.C.M., d. 3 Nov 1912, age: 45yr old
Steele, Bessy, b. 15 Aug 1872, d. 4 Mar 1916
Sunley, Harry, d. 3 Nov 1927, age: 51yr old
Thompson, John, d. 21 Apr 1901, age: 22yr old
Tyler, Nurse, no dates
Wemm, Robert, d. 9 Sep 1963, age: 76yr old


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