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Saint Sylvester West Cemetery
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Saint Sylvester West Cemetery
Saint Sylvester, Lotbiniere County, Quebec

Contributed by Leslie Nutbrown, Jul 18, 2006, last edited Apr 05, 2007 [lnutbrown@videotron.ca]. Total records = 73.

From Leeds Village, take Route 269 North, also called the Craig Road about 11km. You will see a road on your right leading to Saint Sylvester, but stay on Route 269. Watch for a pig farm (Porcine) on the right. You will turn right here. There used to be a sign at this point but it has disappeared. Keep right past a small gravel pit and go up a small grade and the cemetery is on your right.

The cemetery was in use from the 1850s and it appears the last burial was in 1971. It is sometimes referred to as the King Cemetery as there is King family section enclosed within the main cemetery. There is a fence and a gate but no sign. It is neat, kept mowed and there are shrubs and flowers.

If you have ancestors buried here and wish to help with the upkeep of the cemetery, please contact Mildred Robinson of the Megantic County Historical Society (418-453-2247).

Susan Nutbrown and I walked and read this cemetery on Jul 16, 2006 and made a complete recording of all legible tombstones.

- Leslie Nutbrown

s/w = sealed with or shares a stone with

Arthur, Henrietta Maria, d. 13 Mar 1884, s/w & daughter of John
Arthur, John, d. 19 Jul 1868, s/w & father of Henrietta
Bain, Eliza J., b. 1824, d. 1914, s/w William Neill
Baker, Mary Jane, d. 25 May 1888
Bridgette, Eva Clementine, d. 7 Nov 1876, age: 3y 2m, daughter of Robert & Susan
Buchanan, Robert John, d. 28 Aug 1864, age: 21yrs, son of William & Elizabeth
Buchanan, Robert, d. 6 Jan 1860, age: 60yrs, s/w & husband of Elizabeth Fulitton
Cordick, Jane, d. 13 Sep 1907, s/w & wife of John
Cordick, John, d. 8 Jan 1885, s/w & husband of Jane
Craigie, Mary, d. 30 Mar 1888, age: 45y 3m 7d, wife of John Cinnamon
Ferguson, Mary, b. 5 Oct 1868, d. 20 Aug 1953, wife of Col. W. M. H. King
Fulitton, Elizabeth, d. 20 May 1866, age: 32yrs, s/w & wife of Robert Buchanan
Gryce, Rebecca, d. 4 Dec 1875, age: 72yrs, wife of John Machell
Henry, Eliza Ann, d. 28 Oct 1885, age: 80yrs, s/w & wife of James Woodside
Hutchison, Jane E., d. 13 Jan 1892, age: 66yrs, wife of William Woodside
Hyde, Mary Ann, b. 10 Oct 1808 Colchester, d. 5 Feb 1888, s/w & wife of Rev. William King
King, Capt. George J. M., b. 3 Aug 1841, d. 18 Jun 1906, son of Rev. William King
King, Co. Serg.Maj. Ernest F., b. 11 Apr 1894, d. 2 Oct 1916 France, He gave his life for his country, 24th Batt. V. R.
King, Col. W. M. H., b. 4 May 1837, d. 31 Mar 1914, son of Rev. William King
King, Fred Broome, d. no date, s/w Rev & Mary Ann King
King, Frederick A. Stott, d. no date, s/w Rev & Mary Ann King
King, Grace Alexandra, b. 2 Oct 1904, d. 29 Dec 1935, daughter of William & Mary
King, Lillian B., b. 30 May 1890, d. 6 Jun 1970, wife of Harry W. Lake
King, Lt. William, d. 31 Jan 1975, age: in 64th yr, veteran 1914-18 and 1939-45
King, Mabel, b. 1892, d. 1971, wife of Albert Cirincion. Buried in Sicily
King, Miriam J., d. no date, s/w Rev & Mary Ann King
King, Pte. John F., b. 19 Mar 1896, d. 14 Apr 1917, He gave his life for his country. 24th Batt. V. R.
King, Rev. Canon E. A. Willoughby, b. 20 May 1845 Bury, Que., d. 8 Jan 1917 Quebec City, 3rd son of Rev. Wm King of St. Sylvester
King, Rev. William, b. 2 Dec 1803 Folkestone, d. 8 Sep 1887, First rural dean of Megantic, There is more written about him on the monument
Lake, Harry William, b. 21 Feb 1871, d. 5 Feb 1939, husband of Lillian B. King
Lipsey, Sarah Ann, d. 30 May 1918, age: 88y 10m, wife of John Machell
Loves, William, d. 24 Jan 1872, age: 76yrs, husband of Mary McCaffrey
Machell, George W., b. 25 Sep 1863, d. 25 Sep 1930
Machell, James, b. 14 Dec 1874, d. 6 Sep 1956
Machell, John O., b. 15 Feb 1863 St. Sylvester, d. 4 Aug 1946
Machell, John, d. 11 Dec 1875, age: 75y 9m, husband of Rebecca Gryce
Machell, John, d. 21 Apr 1925, age: 91y 9m 14d, husband of Sarah Lipsey
McCutcheon, Caroline, d. 1928
McCutcheon, Celia Maude, b. 21 Oct 1880, d. 7 May 1905
McCutcheon, Charles, d. 28 Apr 1882, age: 72yrs, s/w & brother of John
McCutcheon, Charlotte, d. ?
McCutcheon, Harriett, b. 1850, d. 1926, s/w & wife of John Parke
McCutcheon, Hugh, d. 26 Mar 1855, age: 17yrs
McCutcheon, James, d. 6 Oct 1903
McCutcheon, John, d. 17 Feb 1862, age: 24yrs, s/w & brother of Charles
McCutcheon, Joseph, d. 19 Jan 1923, age: 80yrs, s/w & husband of Helen Stoughton
McCutcheon, Seth, d. 19 Nov 1871, age: 59yrs, s/w Maria Wilkin
McKee, Amelia, d. no date, age: 24yrs, wife of William Smith
McKee, Amy P., d. no date, age: 30y 5m, wife of J. H. Lyster
Montgomery, Susan Weston, b. 13 Mar 1863, d. 1864, daughter of John & Jane
Neill, Edward Bain, d. 20 Apr 1897, age: 28yrs, Lt. Com. Silver Tent No 3 K.D.T.M. Wallace, Idaho"
Neill, William T., b. 1824, d. 1877, s/w Eliza Bain
Nelson, Thomas, d. 20 Sep 1909, age: 73y 3m
Parke, John J., d. 18 Sep 1915, s/w & husband of Harriett McCutcheon
Parke, Mary Ann, b. 27 Nov 1820, d. 16 Sep 1894 "St. Sylvester, Que, 2nd daughter of John & Elizabeth
Parks, Edward, d. 27 Sep 1886, age: 72yrs
Parks, Mary, d. 7 Nov 1899, age: 43yrs, s/w & wife of Hugh Woodside
Parks, Thomas, d. 7 Mar 1872, age: 26yrs, son of Edward & Mary
Pearson, Elizabeth, b. 17 Apr 1873, d. 13 Jan 1916, wife of George Machell
Rankin, Joseph, d. 27 Mar 1872, age: 19y 4m, erected by his father J. Rankin
Ride, Mary, d. 22 Oct 1899, age: 78yrs, wife of Edward Parks
Sample, Elizabeth, d. 13 May 1868, age: 42yrs, wife of William Buchanan
Smith, Eddie, d. 3 Dec 1881, age: 6y 2m, son of William & Sarah Ann
Smith, Elmer, d. 31 Aug 1877, age: 1y 8m, son of William & Sarah Ann
Stevenson, Margaret, d. 1857, wife of Rev. William Scott
Stoughton, Helen, d. 12 Mar 1916, age: 68yrs, s/w & wife of Joseph McCutcheon
Walker, Thomas, d. 4 Mar 1894, age: 74y 11m 3d
Wilkin, Maria, d. 7 Apr ?, age: 69yrs, s/w Seth McCutcheon
Woodside, Hugh, d. 25 Jul 18?2, age: 80y 2m, s/w & husband of Mary Parks
Woodside, James, d. 26 Jan 1883, age: 76yrs, s/w & husband of Eliza Ann Henry
Woodside, Lily, b. 10 Jan 1873, d. 29 Aug 1909, daughter of William & Jane E. Hutchison
Woodside, Margaret, d. 1 Sep 1883, age: 79y 10m, wife of Edward Montgomery
Woodside, William, d. 17 May 1909, age: 65yrs

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