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Chesser Protestant Cemetery
Alfred and Plantagenet Township, Prescott-Russell County, Ontario

Contributed by Ross G.H. Cotton, Jul 18, 2003 [rgcotton@skylinc.net]. Total records = 30.

This old Presbyterian Cemetery is located on the North edge of the South Nation river in the Town of Plantagenet on Lot #11, that is accessible by a lane off Jessop's Falls Rd. through the fields.

In 1915 Albert Hagar, Sheriff of North Plantagenet Co, deeded a certain parcel of land being part of Lot Number eleven (11) in the Fourth (4) Concession and now used as a Cemetery, to the Presbyterian Church, with the understanding that it be maintained as a Protestant Cemetery. It was subsequentially registered by a Land Surveyor on Reference Plan 46R-4683.

Researched, Transcribed and Compiled by Ross G.H. Cotton and Leslie P. Higginson 1996 (Revised 1999)

- Ross G.H. Cotton

Cheeseman, Albert Mortimer, d. Jan 26, 1876, 5y 5/6m, s/o William, s/w William Cheeseman
Cheeseman, Elizabeth, d. Dec 12, 1872, 19y 2m, d/o William, s/w William Cheeseman
Cheeseman, William, d. Jan 30, 1878, 66y, Mason
Chesser, Alfred Henry, b. Jan 11, 1844, d. Feb 26, 1935, s/w Charles B. Chesser
Chesser, Alfred, b. Nov 25, 1800, L CAN, d. Sep 18, 1845, L'Orginal, f/o Alfred & Charles, no stone
Chesser, Charles Bolivar, b. Sep 4, 1842, d. Jan 17, 1931, s/w Alfred H. Chesser
Chesser, Maria (Georgen), b. Jun 11, 1801, Montreal L CAN, d. Jun 7, 1853, Plantagenet CAN W, no stone
Fletcher, Levi, b. 1877, d. 1941
Georgen, Peter, b. 1804, d. 1884, b/o Maria Chesser, no stone
Georgen, Sophia, b. 1805, d, 1866, s/o Maria Chesser, no stone
Hagar, Abner, b. Aug, 1825, d. Aug, 1825, s/w Emma Hagar
Hagar, Abner, b. Jan 27, 1820, d. Sep 20, 1821, s/w Emma Hagar
Hagar, Abner, b. Waltham, MA, d. May 30, 1875, 91y 4m, s/w Hannah P. Hagar
Hagar, Albert, Sheriff, b. 1827, d. 1924
Hagar, Amelia, b. Apr 15, 1823, Plantagenet, d. Dec 24, 1846
Hagar, Emma, b. Jan 6, 1818, d. Aug 20, 1821
Hagar, Hannah P. (Barker), b. Aug 21, 1796, St. Johnsbury, VT, d. Jun 27, 1835, St. Johnsbury, VT, w/o Abner, s/w Abner Hagar
Hagar, Maria J., b. Mar 17, 1829, d. Nov 28, 1882, stone broken
Hagar, Thomas, b. Aug, 1825, d. Aug, 1825, s/w Emma Hagar
Kearns, Margaret Sarah (Hamilton), d. Feb 21, 1902, 20y, w/o M. G.
Lecarte, Suzanne, d. c. 1936, 70 y, no stone
Rivier, Clarinda E., d. Apr 27, 1886, 23y
Rivier, Hannah Margaret, d. Dec 15, 1881, 23y 11m, w/o John, d/o Charles & Sarah Ann, s/w Hannah Rivier
Rivier, Hannah, d. Apr 16, 1881, d/o John & Hannah Margaret, s/w Hannah M. Rivier
Rivier, Sarah Ann (Bancroft), d. Oct 2, 1898, 66y, w/o Charles
Smith, Barbara (McMartin), b. 1842, d. 1916, s/w Martin E. Smith
Smith, Helen Barbara, b. Apr 10, 1873, d. Jul 21, 1878
Smith, Henry, b. Apr 15, 1838/3, d. Feb 24, 1914, s/w Isabell A. Smith
Smith, Isabell A. (McMartin), b. Dec 27, 1836/86, d. Apr 7, 1924, w/o Henry, s/w Henry Smith
Smith, Martin Entwhistle, b. Aug 24, 1871, d. Jun 14, 1872, s/w Barbara Smith

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