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Midlothian Memorial Cemetery
Parry Sound District, Ontario

Contributed by Gloria Pare, May 2000 [gloriapare@sympatico.ca]. Total records = 38.

1944 Midlothian Road, Ryerson Township,
Parry Sound District, Ontario, Canada

This is a complete reading of all stones in this cemetery on Aug 30, 2000. There does appear to be several unmarked graves.

Andrews, Matilda Jane (Taylor), d. Sep 29, 1901, aged 31y 8ms, w/o Richard Andrews
Bagnell, Joseph Wesley, b. 1959, d. 1999
Bagnell, William A., b. 1926, d. 1922, h/o C. Vera
Blashill, Frank, d. Jan 25, 1895, aged 71ys, h/o Sarah
Blashill, Matilda Maud, d. Jan. 21, 1887, aged 10m 16ds, d/o William & Almira Blashill
Blashill, Sarah, d. Nov. 17, 1901, aged 77ys, w/o Frank Blashill
Born, Claudine Margaret (Desfassiaux), b. Apr 3, 1923, (no death date), w/o Edward Gordon Born
Born, Edward Gordon, b. Aug. 4, 1924, d. Aug. 6, 1988, h/o Claudine Margaret Desfassiaux
Borne, George, b. 1920, d. 1986
Geddes, James, b. Apr 23, 1836, Wick. Scotland, d. Jul 15, 1908
Geddes, Jessie Esther, b. Apr 29, 1877, d. Nov. 20, 1877
Goodell, Alexander, d. Jun 3, 1894, aged 25y 2m, s/o James & Elspeth Goodell
Goodell, Elspeth (Burnett), d. Jan. 12, 1896, aged 54y 4ms, w/o James Goodell
Goulding, John C., b. Mar 3, 1924, (no death date), h/o Mary G. Still
Goulding, Mary G. (Still), b. Jun 25, 1923, (no death date), w/o John C. Goulding
Goulding, Thomas Alexander, b. Jul 13, 1958, d. Mar 8, 1980, s/o John & Mary Goulding
Hewitt, Lester, b. May 4, 1910, d. Oct. 26, 1987
Hewitt, Margaret B. (Scherman), b Jan. 22, 1909, d. Jun 29, 1983, w/o William H. Hewitt
Hewitt, William H., b. Mar 17, 1912, d. Apr 8, 1987, h/o Margaret B. Scherman
Ireland, William, d. Apr 15, 1899, aged 57y 9m 3ds
Larson, Eliza Emma (King), d. Dec. 21, 1900, aged 37y 9m 5ds, w/o Frederick Larson
May, Edward T., b. 1932, d. 1997, h/o Marion L.
May, Marion L., b. 1928, (no death date), w/o Edward T. May
Simpson, Ann (Moody), d. Apr 19, 1892, aged 67yrs, w/o Levitt Simpson
Simpson, John, d. Apr 13, 1890, aged 38ys, s/w Levitt & Ann Simpson
Simpson, Levitt, d. Feb. 10, 1910, aged 84ys, h/o Ann Moody
Simpson, William Ombler, d. Nov. 5, 1895, aged 26ys, s/w Levitt & Ann Simpson
Snowden, Mary (Blashill), d. Dec. 18, 1880, aged 27ys, w/o John Snowden
Stewardson, Mossie, 1885 (only date on stone)
Taylor, Albert E., b. Oct. 16, 1881, d. Oct. 19, 1918
Taylor, Harriet J., d. Dec. 28, 1882, aged 31ys, w/o W. R. Taylor
Taylor, Henry, d. Apr 7, 1894, aged 100y 3m 3ds, h/o Mary Ann
Taylor, Mary Ann, d. Jan. 9, 1877, aged 67ys, w/o Henry Taylor
Taylor, W. R., d. Jan. 18, 1918, aged 77ys, h/o Harriet J.
Totten, Albert J., d. May 5, 1902, aged 3y 2m 22ds, s/o James & Flora B. Totten
Totten, Flora Bell (Taylor), d. Oct. 1, 1943, aged 67ys, w/o James Totten
Totten, James, d. Feb. 28, 1914, aged 48ys, h/p Flora Bell Taylor
Wares, Esther (MacDonald), b. 1815, d. 1895

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