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Grimsby Mountain Cemetery
Grimsby, Lincoln County, Ontario, Canada

Mountain St and Elmtree Road, Grimsby Ont.

Contributed by Paul Morrison, Aug 17, 2000, last edited Jun 24, 2010 [pmorrison@town.grimsby.on.ca]. Total records = 303.

Take QEW (Queen Elizabeth Way) then take the Christie Street off ramp. Turn south on Christie and travel 1600ft to stop lights at Main Street. Go through lights (Christie Street turns into Mountain Street) travel up Mountain Street 1.5 miles. Turn left onto Elmtree Road and travel 1,000ft to cemetery entrance on the left.

The Corporation of the Town of Grimsby purchased the 13 hectare site Sep 13, 1991. Grimsby Mountain Cemetery officially opened Saturday, Jun 27, 1998.

Various approvals were obtained from provincial ministries to allow the property to be developed for cemetery purposes. The Master Plan was completed in November of 1992 and provides a long range vision for developing the cemetery with a naturalized landscape and alternative forms of memorialization.

Development will be done in 3 phases. A total of 5,716 interment spaces are available for the first phase, and is expected to meet the requirements of the community over the next 20 years.

I have transcribed from the sexton files for this cemetery. This listing is complete up to Dec 31, 2005.

- Paul Morrison

Adams, Roger Kevin, bur. 9/27/2008, Cremat, M-D-123-2
Albanese, Antonio, Mr, d. 4/6/2004, bur. 4/12/2004, Sec M-HE-21-2
Allin, Leonard, d. 08/14/1999, bur. 08/18/1999, Adult, Sec-HE-18-2
Andrews, Mark, Mr., bur. 11/7/2005, Cremat, Sec-M-HE-60-2
Andreychuk, Frederick B., bur. 2/8/2008, Adult, M-F-126-1
Anton, Constantin, Mr, bur. 9/25/2001, Adult, M-HE-37-2
Aplin, John, Mr, d. 1/22/2004, bur. 6/28/2004, Sec M-HE-18-1
Atkinson, Dave, bur. 7/5/2008, Cremat, M-D-306-2
Aulsebrook, Daniel, Mr., bur. 4/6/2007, Cremat, Sec-M-D-128-2
Bajic, Drajica, bur. 10/9/2008, Adult, M-F-137-1
Bali, Rahil Zarina, Mrs., bur. 8/1/2007, Adult, Sec-M-F-123-1
Baradziej, Albert, Mr, bur. 2/23/2001, Adult, M-HE-83-2
Bardoel, Gerard, Mr., d. 29/07/2006, bur. 3/8/2006, M-G-282-1
Barnfield, Frank, Mr., bur. 4/5/2005, Cremat, Sec-M-D- 212-1
Barnfield, Una, bur. 3/12/2003, Cremat, Sec M-D-212-2
Batenburg, John, d. 10/28/2000, bur. 10/31/2000, Adult, Sec-HE-159-2
Bates, James, Mr, d. 3/6/2004, bur. 3/19/2004, Sec M-D-300-2
Bates, Marion, Mrs, d. 6/27/1998, bur. 3/19/2004, Sec M-D-300-1
Bauer, Hans, Mr., d. 9/26/2009, Cremat, Sec-M-HE-170-A,1
Bennett, Allan D., Mr., bur. 15/01/2007, Adult, Sec-M-HE-55-2
Bijl, Tineke, d. 05/10/2000, bur. 05/13/2000, Adult, Sec-HW-426-1
Bilska, Joanna, Mrs., d. 21/03/2006, bur. 29/03/2006, M-HE-124-1
Bird, Roy A., Mr., bur. 5/27/2005, Cremat, Sec-M-D- 304-2
Bivand, Frederick Charles, Mr, d. 1/27/1983, bur. 4/18/2002, Sec-M-HE-140-2
Bivand, May Bernice, Mrs, d. 4/14/2002, bur. 4/18/2002, Sec-M-HE-140-2
Black, Martin, Mr., d. 6/7/2006, bur. 25/11/2006, M-F-202-1
Blanchard, Barry, bur. 7/14/2008, Adult, M-G-397-2
Blanchard, Shirley, Mrs, bur. 10/27/2001, Adult, M-G-397-1
Bland, Russell Stuart, Mr., d. 17/07/2006, bur. 20/07/2006, M-G-286-1
Bodo, Antoni, Mr, d. 12/12/2004, bur. 12/16/2004, Sec M-HE-178-2
Bonafiglia, Diane Laura Marie, d. 02/14/2000, bur. 02/16/2000, Adult, Sec-HE-15-1
Bower, Sidney Raymond, Mr., bur. 9/24/2005, Cremat, Sec-M-C- 531-1
Boyko, John, d. 08/28/2000, bur. 10/14/2000, Crema, Sec-HW-686-1
Brown, Ronald, Mr, d. 7/21/2004, bur. 7/26/2004, Sec M-G-351-2
Bruch, Edward Peter, d. Crema, bur. 01/03/1998, Crema, Sec-C-537-1
Brum, John, d. 04/28/2000, bur. 05/02/2000, Adult, Sec-F-1-1
Cameron, Elizabeth Anne, Mrs, bur. 10/19/2001, Adult, M-HW-777-1
Carpenter, Norman, Mr., bur. 12/19/2005, Adult, Sec-M-HE-59-2
Carpenter, Shirley, bur. 12/1/2003, Adult, Sec M-HE-59-1
Cerretti, Walter, Mr, d. 6/20/2002, age: 33yr, bur. 6/25/2002, Sec-M-HE-277-3
Chojnacki, Julian, d. 11/01/1999, bur. 11/05/1999, Adult, Sec-HE-340-1
Clairmont, Herman Joseph R., Mr, d. 12/14/2001, bur. 5/13/2002, Sec-M-D-301-1
Clairmont, Jacqueline, Mrs., d. 6/26/2009, Cremat, Sec-M-D-301-1
Clark, Rose Marie, bur. 2/22/2008, Adult, M-F-114-1
Corbett, Michael George, Mr., d. 16/09/2006, bur. 21/09/2006, M-HE-229-1
Covaceuszach, Elio F., Mr., d. 22/01/2006, bur. 25/01/2006, M-HE-116-2
Crooks, Colleen, bur. 1/2/2008, Adult, M-HE-341-3
Cruickshank, Richard H., bur. 9/8/2008, Adult, M-HE-381-2
Cummings, James, Mr., bur. 3/8/2007, Cremat, Sec-M-F-165-1
Cushman, Michelle, Mrs, d. 7/24/2002, bur. 8/12/2004, Sec M-HE-212-1
Dachuk, Gordon, Mr., d. 11/25/2009, Adult, Sec-M-F-173-2
Dam, Louis, d. 02/23/2000, bur. 02/26/2000, Adult, Sec-HE-9-2
Dam, Renske, d. ON/11/05/1998, bur. 11/09/1998, Adult, Sec-HE-9-1
Daniels, Irma Audrey, d. 11/29/2004, bur. 12/2/2004, Sec M-HW-562-1
Davis, Wayne, Mr., d. 5/10/2006, bur. 11/10/2006, M-F-183-2
Day, Catherine, d. 05/09/1998, bur. 05/13/1998, Adult, Sec-HE-52-1
De Jong, Rev. John, bur. 2/15/2008, Adult, M-HE-307-2
de Moel, Anna, Mrs., bur. 2/5/2005, Adult, Sec-M-G- 280-1
DeJong, Hendrik, Mr, bur. 10/1/2001, Adult, M-HE-175-2
DeLong, Kathy, Mrs., d. 7/10/2006, bur. 12/10/2006, M-HE-79-2
Demchuk, James N., bur. 5/24/2008, Cremat, M-HE-170-B,1
Derksen, Geraldine Edna, d. 10/03/1999, bur. 10/07/1999, Adult, Sec-HE-215-1
DeSalis, Jack, Mrs., bur. 7/15/2005, Cremat, Sec-M-HE-25-2
DeSalis, Ruth, Mrs., bur. 4/15/2005, Cremat, Sec-M-HE-25-1
Diemert, Jerald Adrian, Mr., d. 11/23/2009, Cremat, Sec-M-HE-312-2
Dietrich, Vera, Mrs., d. 6/16/2009, Adult, Sec-M-HE-207-1
Dochstader, David Neil, Mr., bur. 15/09/2007, Cremat, Sec-M-F-138-1
Dominick, William Kelly, Mr, bur. 9/13/2001, Cremat, M-G-506-1
Doughty, Douglas, Mr., d. 8/28/2009, Cremat, Sec-M-HE-220-B,1
Doughty, Douglas, bur. 5/16/2003, Cremat, Sec M-D-126-1
Driessen, Licia, Mr., d. 7/24/2009, Adult, Sec-M-F-2-1
Duffy, Michael John, d. 12/26/1999, bur. 12/31/1999, Adult, Sec-HE-16-2
Dyson, Albert, Mr., d. 5/6/2009, Adult, Sec-M-F-131-2
Eady, Garry Gregory, d. 07/29/1999, bur. 08/02/1999, Adult, Sec-HE-135-2
Earle, Alec Henry, Mr., bur. 1/19/2005, Adult, Sec-M-HE-66-2
Earle, Lillie (Lily) A., Miss, d. 7/7/2009, Adult, Sec-M-HE-70-1
Engelage, Frank, Mr., bur. 28/11/2007, Adult, Sec-M-HE-39-2
Esch, Barbara, Ms, bur. 5/25/2001, Cremat, M-HE-14-1
Etherington, Orval A., Mr., bur. 14/11/2007, Adult, Sec-M-F-193-2
Feddema, Peter, Mr, d. 11/28/2004, bur. 12/3/2004, Sec M-HE-158-2
Feddema, Tina Florence, d. 04/26/1999, Adult, bur. 04/29/1999, Adult, L0R1B0, Sec-HE-158-1
Fels, Hendrika Geertruida, Mrs, bur. 5/23/2001, M-HE-180-1, Adult
Ferstl, Osker, bur. 7/8/2003, Sec M-HW-518-1, Adult
Finlay, George C., Mr., d. 9/10/2009, Adult, Sec-M-G-291-1
Ford, James and Frances, Mr., bur. 4/21/2005, Cremat, Sec-M-C- 532-1
Fowler, Joyce Ellen "Helen", Mrs., d. 25/10/2006, bur. 5/12/2006, M-HE-15-1
Frederiksen, Emanuel, Mr., bur. 2/9/2005, Adult, Sec-M-F- 184-1
Friedt, Jessica Angeline, d. 02/27/1992, Crema, bur. 08/14/1999, Crema, L3M 4E7, Sec-HE-36-1
Fuller, William and Jessie, bur. 6/25/2003, Cremat, Sec M-C-541-1
Gatto, Mario Dino, Mr., bur. 28/12/2007, Adult, Sec-M-G-288-1
Gifford, Joan (Estate of), d. 10/16/1999, bur. 10/19/1999, Adult, Sec-HE-324-1
Glista, Norman, Mr, d. 1/31/2004, bur. 2/4/2004, Sec M-HW-769-1
Godwin, Charles, Mr., d. 6/8/2009, Adult, Sec-M-F-155-2
Goggin, Euphemia, Mrs., bur. 18/08/2007, Adult, Sec-M-HE-266-1
Granger, George Addison, Mr, bur. 2/10/2001, Adult, M-HE-204-2
Gresko, William (Bill), Mr, d. 10/7/2004, bur. 10/12/2004, Sec M-HW-487-1
Guttridge, Thomas, bur. 12/19/2008, Adult, M-HE-118-2
Hamilton, Frank, bur. 12/6/2003, Adult, Sec M-HE-12-2
Harak, Karoly, Mr., d. 27/11/2006, bur. 14/12/2006, M-F-108-1
Harris, Nancy, bur. 5/15/2003, Cremat, Sec M-C-540-1
Harrison, Joan, Mrs., bur. 17/09/2007, Adult, Sec-M-HE-208-1
Hart, Barbara Jean, Mrs., d. 10/29/2009, Adult, Sec-M-HW-710-1
Hartholt, Albert, Mr., d. 12/4/2009, Adult, Sec-M-F-129-2
Hartholt, Grace, Mrs., bur. 31/08/2007, Adult, Sec-M-F-129-1
Hartley, Betty, Mrs, bur. 11/10/2001, Cremat, M-G-438-1
Hartley, Reginald, Mr., d. 3/8/2006, bur. 29/08/2006, M-G-438-1
Hauser, Glen E., bur. 2/3/2003, Sec M-HE-113-2, Adult
Heimerich, Marianne Friederike, d. 10/16/2000, bur. 11/06/2000, Crema, Sec-HW-492-1
Henderson, Sydney, Mr., d. 23/06/2006, bur. 26/06/2006, M-HE-211-2
Hendriks, Catharine, d. 02/14/1999, bur. 02/17/1999, Adult, Sec-HE-246-1
Hendriks, John, Mr., d. 9/5/2009, Adult, Sec-M-HE-249-2
Henley, Helen, Mrs, d. 11/13/2004, bur. 11/18/2004, Sec M-HE-31-1
Henley, Herbert, Mr, d. 11/4/2002, bur. 11/6/2002, Sec-M-HE-31-2
Hoepp, Winnifred Marie, Mrs, d. 10/21/2004, bur. 10/25/2004, Sec M-HE-128-1
Hollis, Lillian Eliza, d. 12/21/1998, bur. 04/21/1999, Crema, Sec-C-535-1
Holloway, Roland, Mr, d. 4/16/2004, bur. 4/20/2004, Sec M-HW-797-1
Huizinga, Gerta, Mrs., bur. 31/12/2007, Adult, Sec-M-F-195-1
Hull, David Ian, Mr, d. 8/28/2004, bur. 9/2/2004, Sec M-F-180-2
Hvozda, John, Mr., bur. 2/8/2007, Adult, Sec-M-F-144-1
Hysert, Alberta Margaret, d. 04/12/1999, Adult, bur. 04/15/1999, Adult, L3M1X6, Sec-HE-35-2
Hysert, Arthur M., d. 03/31/1999, bur. 04/03/1999, Adult, Sec-HE-35-2
Iorno, Angela, Mr., d. 22/03/2006, bur. 25/03/2006, M-HE-95-2
Isaac, Victor, Mr., d. 11/24/2009, Cremat, Sec-M-HE-336-1
Jagielak, Ludwik, Mr, d. 7/24/2002, bur. 7/27/2002, Sec-M-HE-63-2
Jenson, Dorothy Joan, Mrs, bur. 2/17/2001, Adult, M-HE-10-2
Johnston, Patrick, Mr, d. 2/10/2004, bur. 2/16/2004, Sec M-HE-137-2
Jones, George Arthur, Mr, bur. 5/17/2001, Cremat, M-HE-19-1
Jones, Joyce Lillian, d. 04/26/1998, bur. 04/29/1998, Adult, Sec-HE-19-1
Jones, Mary Ann, Ms, bur. 11/21/2001, Adult, M-G-472-1
Jorey, Glenn, Mr., bur. 5/9/2005, Adult, Sec-M-F- 105-1
Jurakic, Filip, d. 06/03/2000, bur. 06/07/2000, Crema, Sec-D-213-2
Jurakic, Zlata, Mrs., bur. 7/7/2007, Cremat, Sec-M-D-213-1
Karsten, Ann, d. 9/27/1999, bur. 09/29/1999, Adult, Sec-HE-114-1
Katolinsky, Robert J., Mr., d. 10/17/2009, Cremat, Sec-M-G-294-1
Kent, Richard, bur. 1/3/2008, Cremat, M-D-216-2
Kent, Robert, Mr., bur. 25/10/2007, Adult, Sec-M-HE-243-2
Kerec, Rudolf, d. 05/17/2000, Adult, bur. 05/20/2000, Adult,L0R1B1, Sec-HE-80-2
Klassen, Menno Arthur, Mr, d. 3/27/2002, bur. 10/28/2002, Sec-M-HE-353-2
Kolic, Janko, d. 12/28/2000, bur. 12/30/2000, Adult, Sec-HE-157-2
Koornneef, Bernice, Mrs, d. 11/5/2004, bur. 11/8/2004, Sec M-HE-154-1
Koornneef, Carolina Maria, Mrs., d. 1/17/2009, Adult, Sec-M-F-154-1
Koudys, Jan, d. 08/30/1999, bur. 08/31/1999, Adult, Sec-HE-196-2
Kruger, Elizabeth, Mrs, d. 2/9/2002, bur. 4/8/2002, Sec-M-HW-504-1
Kubrynski, Eugene, bur. 7/3/2003, Adult, Sec M-HE-122-2
Kulchycki, Roger, bur. 7/19/2008, Adult, M-HE-123-2
Kwan, Ngan Yee, Mrs, bur. 11/10/2001, Adult, M-HE-202-1
Kwan, Shui Kam, Mr, d. 11/22/1978, bur. 10/7/2002, Sec-M-HE-202-2
Landry, Ann Marie, d. 04/05/2000, bur. 04/07/2000, Adult, Sec-HW-425-1
Langille, Margaret Anne, bur. 1/23/2008, Cremat, M-D-305-2
Latham, Patricia, Mrs., d. 9/10/2006, bur. 13/10/2006, M-HE-262-1
Lawrie, James, Mr., bur. 9/1/2007, Adult, Sec-M-HW-579-2
Lazenby, Donald William, d. 07/10/2000, bur. 07/18/2000, Crema, Sec-C-542-1
Ledbury, Walter, Mr., bur. 8/31/2005, Cremat, Sec-M-D- 215-2
Lengyel, Leslie, Mr., bur. 29/11/2007, Adult, Sec-M-HE-279-2
Lenko, Helen, Mrs., d. 1/12/2006, bur. 6/12/2006, M-HE-56-1
Lessard J., Ernest, Mr., d. 26/07/2006, bur. 15/08/2006, M-C-530-1
Lester, Illa Mae, Mrs., bur. 10/17/2005, Adult, Sec-M-HE- 143-1
Lester, Wesley William, d. 08/28/2000, bur. 08/31/2000, Adult, Sec-HE-143-2
Lichacz, Darlene Louise, d. 09/10/2000, bur. 09/30/2000, Crema, Sec-HW-671-2
Lightell, Charles Russell, Mr., bur. 8/8/2005, Cremat, Sec-M-D- 124-1
Lipiec, Lena, Mrs., bur. 3/15/2005, Adult, Sec-M-HE-41-1
Lippelt, Yvonne Justine, Mrs, d. 1/10/2004, bur. 1/13/2004, Sec M-HW-808-1
Lisicky, Joseph, Mr., bur. 16/06/2007, Cremat, Sec-M-HW-772-1
Loss, Angela, Miss, bur. 10/21/2005, Adult, Sec-M-G- 274-1
Love, Robert E., Mr., bur. 19/01/2007, Adult, Sec-M-F-101-1
Lukaszewicz, Walter, d. 06/20/1999, bur. 06/23/1999, Adult, Sec-HE-115-1
Luppoli, Gilbert, Mr, d. 7/15/2004, bur. 7/19/2004, Sec M-F-41-1
MacGillivray, Alexander J., Mr., bur. 9/4/2007, Adult, Sec-M-F-140-2
Mackie, Grant Scott, bur. 11/18/2003, Sec M-HW-783-1, Adult
MacLellan, Malcolm Edmond, Mr, bur. 3/14/2001, Adult, M-HE-52-3
MacLeod, John L., d. 11/09/1998, bur. 11/12/1998, Adult, Sec-HE-93-1
MacPherson, Kathleen Ann, d. 05/29/1999, bur. 06/02/1999, Adult, Sec-HE-136-1
Magro, Salvatore, bur. 5/24/2008, Adult, M-HE-96-2
Mahon, John Marshall, d. 06/28/1998, bur. 09/16/1999, Crema, Sec-HE-380-1
Marlow, James Blake, bur. 10/30/2003, Cremat, Sec M-HE-94-1
Marlow, Mary, d. 06/17/2000, bur. 06/21/2000, Adult, Sec-HE-94-1
Marsters, Nathan Douglas, Mr., d. 7/31/2009, Cremat, Sec-M-HE-240-A-1
Martin, Joyce, Mrs., bur. 10/22/2005, Adult, Sec-M-HW- 662-1
Martin, Victoria, Mrs, d. 4/18/2004, bur. 4/21/2004, Sec M-HE-335-1
Marucci, Nick, d. 3 02/04/1999, bur. 02/08/1999, Adult, Sec-HE-214-1
McAlpine, Edward B., Mr., bur. 13/02/2007, Adult, Sec-M-HE-216-2
McArthur, Derek Bradford, bur. 3/14/2003, Infant, Sec M-E-12-1
McCreadie, Malcolm M.M., Mr., bur. 8/15/2005, Cremat, Sec-M-HE- 165-2
McCulley, Doreen, bur. 6/20/2003, Cremat, Sec M-C-539-1
McCulley, Gloria, d. 02/11/2000, bur. 02/14/2000, Adult, Sec-HE-51-2
McDougall, George Edgar, d. 01/26/1999, bur. 04/07/1999, Crema, Sec-HE-73-1
McLauchlan, Haley Elizabeth, Infant, d. 4/3/2009, Infant, Sec-M-E-1-1
McNamee, Luella, Mrs., d. 13/08/2006, bur. 17/08/2006, M-HW-420-1
McNeill, William, Mr., d. 2/8/2006, bur. 23/09/2006, M-F-141-1
Merritt, Mavis, bur. 2/23/2008, Adult, M-G-268-1
Millard, Edgar, Mr., d. 4/9/2009, Cremat, Sec-M-HW-711-1
Millard, Rosa Mae, Ms, d. 12/18/2002, bur. 12/21/2002, Sec-M-HW-711-1
Milner, Ryan, Mr., d. 17/11/2006, bur. 22/11/2006, M-HW-780-1
Mooney, Bruce Elwood, d. 11/29/1998, bur. 12/01/1998, Adult, Sec-HE-27-2
Moritz, Gertrude, d. 12/20/1999, bur. 12/23/1999, Adult, Sec-HE-6-1
Mortonio, Robert, bur. 3/7/2008, Adult, M-G-266-1
Moser, Hugh John, Mr, d. 4/2/2004, bur. 4/6/2004, Sec M-HE-100-2
Mueller, Maria, Mrs, d. 8/16/2004, bur. 8/19/2004, Sec M-HE-171-1
Muraca, Joseph, Mr., d. 12/12/2009, Adult, Sec-M-HE-354-2
Neimer, Michael, Mr., d. 9/7/2006, bur. 12/7/2006, M-G-272-1
Nickerson, Frederick, Mr, d. 6/14/2004, bur. 6/17/2004, Sec M-HE-50-2
Noach, Marianne, d. 07/22/1998, bur. 07/25/1998, Adult, Sec-HE-309-1
Norman-Bowslaugh, Robin, Ms., bur. 9/7/2005, Adult, Sec-M-G- 277-1
Nurnberg, Edward Paul Peter, Mr, bur. 6/9/2001, Adult, M-HE-2-2
O'Brien, Henry Joseph, Mr., bur. 7/6/2007, Adult, Sec-M-HE-42-2
Ogilvie, Joyce Amy, Mrs., bur. 12/12/2007, Adult, Sec-M-F-187-1
Owen, Bryan James, Mr., bur. 11/6/2007, Adult, Sec-M-G-289-1
Page, Donald, bur. 10/1/2008, Adult, M-F-135-2
Page, Marjorie Anne, Mrs, d. 1/24/2002, bur. 1/26/2002, Sec-M-G-439-1
Palumbo, Concetta, Mrs, bur. 2/26/2001, Adult, M-HE-20-1
Patrick, Archie Robert, Mr, d. 12/10/2002, bur. 12/13/2002, Sec-M-HE-139-2
Pejcinovic, George, Mr, bur. 10/5/2001, Adult, M-F-42-1
Pemberton, Patricia, Mrs, bur. 8/13/2001, Adult, M-HE-54-2
Pemberton, Stanley, Mr, d. 9/1/2004, bur. 9/7/2004, Sec M-HE-54-1
Pilkington, Joyce, Mrs, d. 10/1/2004, bur. 10/4/2004, Sec M-HW-557-1
Pilon, Joseph Armand L., Mr, d. 12/19/2003, bur. 4/23/2004, Sec M-D-42-2
Pinczuk, Jaroslav H., bur. 10/27/2008, Adult, M-F-134-2
Postill, Ivan, bur. 5/2/2003, Adult, Sec M-HE-11-2
Postill, Patricia Ruth, bur. 12/31/2003, Adult, Sec M-HE-11-1
Prentice, James Boyd, bur. 8/15/2003, Cremat, Sec M-D-214-2
Prevost, Paul Bernard, bur. 11/21/2003, Adult, Sec M-HE-172-2
Radersma, Harold, Mr., d. 3/4/2009, Adult, Sec-M-HE-76-2
Rattle, Rosalie, d. 02/05/1999, bur. 02/09/1999, Crema, Sec-D-302-2
Ray, Gertrude Helena, Mrs., d. 6/6/2009, Cremat, Sec-M-HW-662-1
Reber, Pauline, Mrs., bur. 9/22/2005, Adult, Sec-M-HW- 783-1
Rehak, Paul M., d. 02/24/1999, bur. 02/27/1999, Adult, Sec-HE-151-2
Reinhardt, Sherwood Ivan, bur. 4/16/2003, Cremat, Sec M-C-533-1
Riddell, Robert W., Mr., d. 23/02/2006, bur. 2/3/2006, M-G-284-1
Riendeau, Ernest J., Mr., bur. 5/3/2007, Adult, Sec-M-HE-30-2
Rigg, Glen, bur. 6/26/2008, Cremat, M-HE-130-B,1
Risidore, Teresa, Mrs, bur. 3/31/2001, Adult, M-HW-541-1
Robins, Michael L. D., d. 5/31/2002, bur. 6/4/2002, Infant, Sec-M-E-2-1
Romyn, Elisabeth, d. 6 11/16/2000, bur. 11/20/2000, Adult, Sec-HE-131-1
Romyn, Gerrit, Mr., d. 16/09/2006, bur. 19/09/2006, M-HE-131-2
Rustenburg, Henrietta, Mrs., bur. 11/9/2005, Adult, Sec-M-HE- 199-1
Rustenburg, Peter, Mr., d. 4/4/2009, Adult, Sec-M-HE-43-2
Schilling, Robert Berend, Mr., bur. 17/05/2007, Cremat, Sec-M-G-270-1
Schilling, Thelma, Mrs., bur. 17/05/2007, Adult, Sec-M-G-270-1
Scholl, Fred, d. 02/18/1999, bur. 02/22/1999, Adult, Sec-HE-3-2
Schouten, Sandra, Mrs., bur. 2/10/2007, Adult, Sec-M-F-94-1
Schulenberg, Amelia Grace, bur. Infant, Std Depth, M-E-14-11/28/2008
Seamans, Brent, bur. 3/3/2008, Adult, M-F-120-1
Seaton, Stasia, bur. 5/29/2003, Adult, Sec M-HE-365-1
Serba, Jean, bur. 7/8/2003, Adult, Sec M-HE-13-1
Serba, Stephen, Mr, d. 3/5/2002, bur. 3/7/2002, Sec-M-HE-13-2
Seville, Frances Marie, d. 02/24/2000, bur. 03/06/2000, Crema, Sec-C-534-1
Shrimer, John, bur. 7/16/2008, Adult, M-HE-91-2
Shuert, Mary, Mrs., bur. 26/07/2007, Cremat, Sec-M-D-40-1
Shuert, Ralph, Mr., bur. 26/07/2007, Cremat, Sec-M-D-40-2
Sicard, Omar E., Mr., d. 11/2/2009, Cremat, Sec-M-HE-231-1
Smart, Murray Donald, Mr, d. 4/26/2002, bur. 4/30/2002, Sec-M-HE-177-2
Smart, Verna Lillian, bur. 11/27/2003, Adult, Sec M-HE-177-1
Smilsky, Myron, Mr, d. 8/17/2004, bur. 8/20/2004, Sec M-HE-45-2
Smith, Sarah Ann, d. 8 02/06/2000, bur. 02/09/2000, Child, Sec-HE-7-2
Sobota, Soka, bur. 12/8/2003, Adult, Sec M-HE-119-1
Stam, Jeneke Betje, Mrs, d. 1/10/2002, bur. 1/14/2002, Sec-M-G-350-2
Steele, Wilbert Ross, d. 11/29/2000, bur. 12/01/2000, Adult, Sec-HE-285-2
Stienstra, Ann, bur. 10/17/2003, Adult, Sec M-HE-74-1
Stikkelbroeck, Louis, Mr, d. 12/20/2002, bur. 7/22/2004, Sec M-D-127-2
Szabo, Alfred, d. 05/29/1998, bur. 06/02/1998, Adult, Sec-HE-289-1
Tadeson, Larry Wayne, Mr, d. 1/10/2002, bur. 1/14/2002, Sec-M-HE-107-2
Temprile, Fillippo, Mr., bur. 11/5/2005, Adult, Sec-M-HE-22-2
Test, Convert 3, Mrs, d. 4/23/2002, bur. 4/29/2002, Sec-M-A-1-A-1
Tickle, John, d. 08/31/1999, bur. 09/03/1999, Adult, Sec-HE-48-2
Turnbull, John Andrew, Mr, d. 1/14/2004, bur. 1/19/2004, Sec M-HE-75-2
Vallentgoed, Ken, d. 11/24/1998, bur. 11/26/1998, Adult, Sec-HE-53-2
Valvasori, Norma, Mrs, d. 1/11/2002, bur. 1/14/2002, Sec-M-G-473-1
van der Marel, John, Mr., d. 3/31/2009, Adult, Sec-M-HE-183-2
Van der Zalm, Mary, d. 11/02/2000, bur. 11/07/2000, Adult, Sec-HE-244-1
Van Gelder, William A., bur. 11/21/2003, Cremat, Sec M-D-41-2
Van Keulen, Trijntje, Mrs, bur. 4/6/2001, Adult, M-HE-308-1
Van Keulen, Ysband, Mr., d. 22/03/2006, bur. 24/03/2006, M-HE-308-2
van Staalduinen, Maria, bur. 2/8/2008, Adult, M-G-290-1
Vanderhout, Gerarda, bur. 12/27/2008, Adult, M-F-181-1
Vanderhout, Wilhelmina, Mrs, bur. 11/16/2001, Adult, M-HE-160-1
VanRooy, Josephus, Mr, d. 3/11/2004, bur. 5/29/2004, Sec M-D-211-2
VanRooy, Wilhelmi, Mrs., d. 10/11/2006, bur. 18/11/2006, M-D-211-1
Vanschaik, Willemina, d. 05/17/2000, bur. 05/20/2000, Adult, Sec-HW-469-1
Vermeer, Ann Mary, bur. 9/30/2008, Adult, M-HE-98-1
Vermeer, Benjamin, Mr., bur. 26/02/2007, Adult, Sec-M-HE-89-2
Vermeer, Elizabeth, Mrs., d. 13/03/2006, bur. 16/03/2006, M-HE-90-1
Vickers, Marilyn, d. 06/07/1999, bur. 06/10/1999, Adult, Sec-HE-5-1
Vickers, Ronald Wilfred, d. 05/02/1998, bur. 05/05/1998, Adult, Sec-HE-4-2
Von Bredow, Helene M., Mrs, d. 6/14/2004, bur. 6/19/2004, Sec M-F-182-1
Vullings, Wilhelus Franciscus, Mr., d. 5/3/2006, bur. 10/4/2006, M-F-90-1
Vyfvinkel, Izaak (Jack), Mr, bur. 23/04/2007, Adult, Sec-M-HE-127-2
Vyfvinkel, Maria, Mrs., d. 9/30/2009, Adult, Sec-M-HE-127-1
Wacker, Marianne, d. 07/06/1999, bur. 08/14/1999, Crema, Sec-HE-36-1
Wacker, Stefan, d. 04/11/1994, bur. 08/14/1999, Crema, Sec-HE-36-2
Walters, Dorothy & Daniel, Mrs., d. 9/11/2009, Cremat, Sec-M-F-132-2
Walton, William, bur. 12/5/2008, Adult, M-HW-440-B,1
Wells, Robert Wiley, d. 10/22/2000, bur. 10/25/2000, Adult, Sec-HW-398-2
Welna, Theodore, bur. 8/12/2003, Cremat, Sec M-HW-811-1
White, Patricia Dawn, Mrs, d. 11/1/2004, bur. 11/9/2004, Sec M-D-303-1
Wide, Jeffrey, Mr., d. 6/11/2009, Adult, Sec-M-G-437-2
Wiebe, Edward, Mr., d. 17/05/2006, bur. 23/05/2006, M-HE-49-2
Wiersma, Jacoba, d. 12/04/2000, bur. 12/05/2000, Adult, Sec-HE-72-1
Wiersma, Michael, d. 11/29/2000, bur. 12/05/2000, Adult, Sec-HE-72-2
Wilkie, Leslie, Mrs, d. 5/28/2002, bur. 6/3/2002, Sec-M-HW-578-1
Wilkinson, Kyle Gordon, Mr, d. 11/8/2002, bur. 11/14/2002, Sec-M-HW-597-1
Wilson, Donald Lee, d. 03/11/1999, bur. 03/15/1999, Adult, Sec-HE-8-2
Wilson-Haist, Eva (baby), Child, d. 9/25/2009, Adult, Sec-M-E-16-1
Witteveen, Willem L., d. 03/07/1998, bur. 03/11/1998, Adult, Sec-HE-1-2

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