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Culross-Teeswater Cemetery
Municpality of South Bruce, Bruce County, Ontario
Surnames M

These records were compiled by volunteers and cemetery staff...

MacDonald, Alexander, b. 10/11/1897, d. 3/4/1928, M, bur. Sec. N-153-1
MacDonald, Francis, b. 1/1/1894, d. 1/1/1900, M, bur. Sec. O-102-4
MacDonald, Hazel Norine, b. 4/8/1905, d. 26/12/2003, F, bur. Sec. N-81-2
MacDonald, James Arnold, b. 3-Dec-1923, d.1-Jan-2012, Sec 168-N, grave 5.
MacDonald, John Alexander, d. 1/9/1944, M, bur. Sec. N-118-5
MacDonald, Kenneth, b. 1/1/1908, d. 1/9/1988, M, bur. Sec. N-81-1
MacDonald, Larry Arnold, b. Sep 30, 1951, d. Dec 7, 2006, bur. Sec N Lot 168, Gr #2
MacDonald, Margaret Florence, b. 13-Sep-1919, d. 3-Jan-2018, age 98, plot 118-N,#1
MacDonald, Margaret Ivadell (Leeson), b. May 20, 1917, d. Aug 17, 2010, Sec. N, Lot 101, Grave 4
MacDonald, Miss Janetta, d. 9/25/1992, F, bur. Sec. N-118-2
MacDonald, Mrs. John A., d. 1/1/1974, F, bur. Sec. N-118-4
MacDonald, R. A. Stewart, b. 1/1/1911, d. 11/2/1991, M, bur. Sec. N-101-5
MacKay, John, no dates, bur. Sec. O Lot 323 grave 5
MacKenzie, Dorothy Isabel (nee Graham), b. 4-Nov-1918, d. 16-Aug-2017, age 98, Sec. 122-0, #1
MacLean, James D., d. Aug 02, 2003, bur. Sec. E. grave 103
MacLean, Mary B., b. Sep 1, 1935, d. Aug 16, 2007, bur. Sec. E. grave 103
MacLennan, Janice Lorraine, b. 9/24/1944, d. 5/29/2019, age 74, plot 336-0, #3
MacPherson, Elwyn, d. 6/1/1974, M, bur. Sec. N-270-3
MacRae, Kenneth, d. 3/4/1988, M, bur. Sec. N-276-1
MacRae, Mabel Elliott, b. 29/05/1919, d. 23/12/2003, F, bur. Sec. N-276-4
MacRae, Ross, d. 1/1/1973, M, bur. Sec. N-276-3
Mack, Jessie, d. 3/5/1875, U, bur. Sec. O-157-1
Mack, Mary Agnes, d. 1/9/1864, F, bur. Sec. O-157-2
Mack, Robert, d. 10/5/1882, M, bur. Sec. O-157-5
Mahood, Cecil E., d. 4/21/1991, M, bur. Sec. N-196-5
Mahood, Edith Hill, d. 9/17/1966, F, bur. Sec. N-196-4
Mahood, Linda, d. 6/4/1966, F, bur. Sec. N-196-2
Main, ??, b. 1/1/1968, d. 1/1/1976, U, bur. Sec. N-257B-1
Mair, Betty Lou, b. Jan 7, 1939, d. Feb 1, 2007, bur. Sec. AO, Lot 74, grave 2
Mair, Elliott, d. 11/11/1994, M, bur. Sec. O-74A-1
Mann, Laura, d. 1/1/1975, F, bur. Sec. NC-11-1
Mann, Mrs. Mary Elizabeth, d. 3/14/1944, F, bur. Sec. NC-11-4
Mann, Robert John, d. 8/25/1940, M, bur. Sec. NC-11-5
Mann, Wm., d. 1/1/1956, M, bur. Sec. NC-11-2
Manners, Anna C., d. 5/13/1886, F, bur. Sec. O-170-1
Manners, Caroline, d. 6/6/1903, F, bur. Sec. O-170-3
Manners, John L., d. 9/15/1912, M, bur. Sec. O-170-4
Manners, Jos., d. 3/26/1872, M, bur. Sec. O-170-2
Marchant, Henry, d. 8/30/1912, M, bur. Sec. O-288-5
Marshall, Ann (Nivin), d. 1/5/1892, F, bur. Sec. O-230-4
Marshall, Edith, b. 8/15/1905, d. 1/1/1925, F, bur. Sec. O-264-1
Marshall, Foster, b. 1/1/1895, d. 4/13/1972, M, bur. Sec. O-263-3
Marshall, George, d. 1/28/1994, M, bur. Sec. N-152-1
Marshall, Gilbert Nivin, d. 4/9/1939, bur. Sec. O-230-2
Marshall, Ida Jane (Graham), d. 5/24/1931, F, bur. Sec. O-264-4
Marshall, James William, d. 5/11/1875, M, bur. Sec. O-230-5
Marshall, Jean Elizabeth McDonald, d. 5/9/1996, F, bur. Sec. N-152-2
Marshall, John, d. 5/1/1968, M, bur. Sec. N-218-2
Marshall, John Allan, b. 1926, d.29-Dec-2011, Section 0, East half, lot 360, grave 4
Marshall, Mrs. Foster (Gladys), d. 11/16/1982, F, bur. Sec. O-263-2
Marshall, Walter, d. 5/22/1954, M, bur. Sec. O-264-5
Marshall, William Foster, b. Dec 8, 1895, d. Apr 11, 1972, bur. O263, grave 3
Martin, Charlotte, d. 3/1/1903, F, bur. Sec. O-166-1
Martin, Christopher, b. 1/1/1832, d. 1/1/1917, M, bur. Sec. N-83-5
Martin, David, d. 6/12/1883, M, bur. Sec. O-166-4
Martin, Donald, b. 1/1/1870, d. 1/1/1877, M, bur. Sec. O-71-1
Martin, Earl Firman, b. 7-Dec-1948, d. 19-Jun-2013, Sec E, row 1, 83
Martin, Francis Jemima, b. 1/1/1872, d. 1/1/1952, U, bur. Sec. N-83-1
Martin, Hugh Alexander, b. 1/1/1849, d. 1/1/1910, M, bur. Sec. O-71-3
Martin, James, b. 1/1/1835, d. 1/1/1903, M, bur. Sec. O-71-5
Martin, Jennie (Elgin), b. 1/1/1849, d. 1/1/1889, F, bur. Sec. O-209-5
Martin, Mary (McPherson), b. 1/1/1849, d. 1/1/1929, F, bur. Sec. O-71-4
Martin, Mrs. Wm. (Annie), d. 4/9/1873, F, bur. Sec. O-121-1
Mason, William, d. 9/20/1888, M, bur. Sec. O-132-4
Mavin, Sophia, d. 11/29/1918, F, bur. Sec. N-95-4
Maybury, Mary Stevens, b. 10/3/1915, d. 5/4/2000, F, bur. Sec. N-288-5A
Maybury, Norman Ewart, b. 4/12/1912, d. 7/31/1999, M, bur. Sec. N-288-5
McAllister, David Mervin, b. Jun 11, 1926, d. Dec 1, 2010, Sec. N, Lot 213, Grave 1
McAllister, David, no dates, bur. Sec. N-213-5
McAllister, Eliza, d. 9/23/1939, F, bur. Sec. N-116-4
McAllister, Ena Jane, d. 1/16/1983, F, bur. Sec. N-213-4
McAllister, Henry (Jr.), d. 6/23/1916, M, bur. Sec. O-92-3
McAllister, Henry, d. 9/5/1880, M, bur. Sec. O-92-1
McAllister, Hugh, d. 4/3/1889, M, bur. Sec. O-70-1
McAllister, Jane, d. 8/15/1888, F, bur. Sec. O-70-5B
McAllister, John, d. 1/1/1970, M, bur. Sec. O-23-2
McAllister, John, d. 9/29/1919, M, bur. Sec. O-23-5
McAllister, Lorne, b. 3/20/1922, d. 11/4/1998, M, bur. Sec. N-289-1
McAllister, Margaret, d. 10/10/1870, F, bur. Sec. O-70-5
McAllister, Mary (Manly), d. 9/3/1901, F, bur. Sec. O-70-2
McAllister, Mrs. John, d. 11/1/1971, F, bur. Sec. O-23-1
McAllister, Mrs. Merle, d. 8/12/1980, F, bur. Sec. O-258-3
McAllister, Mrs. Velma, d. 3/29/1985, F, bur. Sec. N-289-2
McAllister, Shirley Audrey (Grant) (nee Yeoman), d. 6-Jan-2013, Sec 181-N, grave 1
McAllister, William, b. 1/1/1888, d. 7/17/1968, M, bur. Sec. O-258-2
McAuly, Christinan, d. 4/25/1871, M, bur. Sec. O-237-2
McAuly, Jane (Dow), d. 6/24/1877, F, bur. Sec. O-145-2
McAuly, Sarah, d. 10/26/1870, F, bur. Sec. O-237-1
McBain, Isabella (McDonald), d. 1/27/1884, F, bur. Sec. O-180-4
McBain, John, d. 2/18/1858, M, bur. Sec. O-180-5
McBain, John, d. 4/14/1888, M, bur. Sec. O-180-3
McBain, John, d. 7/29/1905, M, bur. Sec. O-9-3
McBurney, Audrey Kathleen, b. Oct 15, 1914, d. Oct 30, 2009, bur. Sec. O Plot 219, grave 3
McBurney, H., no dates, M, bur. Sec. N-166-2
McBurney, James & Elizabeth, date unknown, U, bur. Sec. O-174-5
McBurney, James, b. Apr 11, 1919, d. Mar 2, 1988, Sec. O, Plot 219, grave 3
McBurney, John, d. 6/27/1950, M, bur. Sec. O-190-5
McBurney, Mary Gordon, d. 4/1/1947, F, bur. Sec. O-190-4
McBurney, Mrs. Myrtle, d. 5/14/1985, F, bur. Sec. N-166-1
McBurney, Sarah (Stephenson), d. 1/6/1895, F, bur. Sec. O-174-4
McCallum, Dr. Hugh, d. 7/30/1957, M, bur. Sec. O-158-2
McCallum, Jessie (Reid Ballagh), b. 2/5/1899, d. 1/1/1937, F, bur. Sec. O-208-2
McChesney, Hugh, d. 3/28/1898, M, bur. Sec. O-92-5
McClory, Diane Marie, b. 31-Jul-1946, d. 30-Dec-2013, Sec 67A-0, grave 1
McCue, Kirkwood, b. 11/1/1858, d. 6/6/1861, M, bur. Sec. O-221-1
McCullogh, Gilbert J., b. 1/1/1885, d. 1/1/1885, M, bur. Sec. O-181-1
McCullogh, Jane, d. 8/16/1838, F, bur. Sec. O-181-4
McCullogh, Janie, b. 1/1/1846, d. 1/1/1922, F, bur. Sec. O-181-5
McCullough, James E., d. 4/19/1951, bur. Sec. N-162-5
McCullough, Mrs. Robinson, d. 11/1/1980, bur. Sec. N-162-4
McDaniel, Ann J., d. 12/7/1887, F, bur. Sec. O-42-3
McDaniel, Clara, d. 8/22/1886, F, bur. Sec. O-41-1
McDaniel, Eliza, d. 8/4/1886, F, bur. Sec. O-42-2
McDaniel, George, d. 10/12/1886, M, bur. Sec. O-42-5
McDaniel, George, d. 11/20/1906, M, bur. Sec. O-41-5
McDaniel, George, d. 9/20/1884, M, bur. Sec. O-42-1
McDaniel, Haris, d. 2/21/1891, M, bur. Sec. O-41-3
McDaniel, James E., d. 12/8/1887, M, bur. Sec. O-42-4
McDaniel, Mary (Ballagh), d. 8/23/1937, F, bur. Sec. O-41-4
McDaniel, Richard, d. 11/6/1889, M, bur. Sec. O-41-2
McDonald, Alexander, b. 1/1/1831, d. 1/1/1917, M, bur. Sec. O-151-4
McDonald, Alexander, b. 1/1/1843, d. 1/1/1916, M, bur. Sec. O-102-1
McDonald, Amelia Eliza, d. 5/23/1940, bur. Sec. N-153-4
McDonald, Angus, d. 3/14/1865, M, bur. Sec. O-240-5
McDonald, Ann, d. 11/21/1925, F, bur. Sec. O-238-1
McDonald, Annie, d. 9/24/1949, F, bur. Sec. O-152-5C
McDonald, Archibald, date unknown, M, bur. Sec. N-90-3
McDonald, Archie Mason, d. 4/2/1945, M, bur. Sec. O-196-5
McDonald, Baby, d. 1/1/1975, U, bur. Sec. N-268-3
McDonald, Bessie, d. 6/8/1913, F, bur. Sec. N-89-4
McDonald, Catherine (McKay), d. 3/11/1909, F, bur. Sec. O-152-3
McDonald, Catherine, d. 4/3/1939, F, bur. Sec. O-151-2
McDonald, Christy, d. 1/1/1865, F, bur. Sec. O-239-4
McDonald, David William, d. 8/5/1954, M, bur. Sec. N-101-3
McDonald, David, d. 10/4/1911, M, bur. Sec. O-60-3
McDonald, David, d. 11/28/1946, M, bur. Sec. N-90-5
McDonald, Donald, d. 11/13/1911, M, bur. Sec. O-152-4
McDonald, Donald, d. 3/24/1885, M, bur. Sec. O-240-3
McDonald, Donald, no dates, M, bur. Sec. O-78-5
McDonald, E. A., d. 3/23/1963, M, bur. Sec. O-150-3
McDonald, Effie May, d. 10/19/1955, F, bur. Sec. N-81-4
McDonald, Elizabeth Thom., b. 7/8/1846, d. 4/18/1927, F, bur. Sec. N-108-4
McDonald, Elizabeth, d. 6/11/1953, F, bur. Sec. N-161-4
McDonald, Elizabeth, no dates, F, bur. Sec. O-60-1
McDonald, Ewin, d. 12/12/1888, M, bur. Sec. O-240-2
McDonald, Grace, d. 1/1/1975, F, bur. Sec. O-196-2
McDonald, Grace Emily (nee Dickison), b. 13-Sep-1916, d. 3-Nov-2012, Sec 90-N, grave 2
McDonald, Hannah, d. 12/17/1877, F, bur. Sec. O-240-4
McDonald, Herbert E., no dates, M, bur. Sec. N-295-3
McDonald, Hugh, d. 11/7/1935, M, bur. Sec. N-153-5
McDonald, Hugh, d. 6/18/1906, M, bur. Sec. O-59-2
McDonald, Ida M. Brill, Dr, b. Nov 25, 1913, d. Jul 15, 2006, bur. Sec N Lot 295 Gr #2
McDonald, Isabella, d. 9/13/1871, F, bur. Sec. O-152-5
McDonald, Jack, d. 1/1/1973, M, bur. Sec. N-269-3
McDonald, James A., d. 1/1/1972, M, bur. Sec. N-234-2
McDonald, James A., d. 4/9/1942, M, bur. Sec. O-150-2
McDonald, James Stewart, b. 10/5/1910, d. 11/13/1998, M, bur. Sec. N-90-1
McDonald, James, d. 5/11/1907, M, bur. Sec. O-239-2
McDonald, Janet (Little), b. 1/1/1838, d. 1/1/1923, F, bur. Sec. O-151-3
McDonald, Joe, b. 6/24/1916, d. 6/27/1916, M, bur. Sec. O-151-5
McDonald, John David Andrew, d. 2/14/1950, M, bur. Sec. N-67-3
McDonald, John H., d. 1/2/1932, M, bur. Sec. N-126-5
McDonald, John, d. 10/3/1877, M, bur. Sec. O-200-5
McDonald, John, d. 11/3/1875, M, bur. Sec. O-60-4
McDonald, John, no dates, M, bur. Sec. O-78-4
McDonald, Kate & James, no dates, bur. Sec. O-78-2
McDonald, Leona Grace (Cerson) F., b. Jan. 27, 1926, d. May 2, 2006, bur. Sec. N, lot 269, grave 2
McDonald, Linda Gail, d. 10/8/1950, F, bur. Sec. N-168-3
McDonald, Louie I., b. 3/1/1907, d. 6/1/1924, M, bur. Sec. N-126-1
McDonald, Lyle, d. 7/18/1949, M, bur. Sec. N-100-5
McDonald, Margaret (McKague), b. 3/17/1911, d. 11/19/2001, F, bur. Sec. N-67-2
McDonald, Margaret Effie, d. 9/11/1944, F, bur. Sec. NC-19-4
McDonald, Margaret, d. 10/8/1903, F, bur. Sec. O-198-4
McDonald, Margaret, d. 4/25/1943, F, bur. Sec. N-113-4
McDonald, Margaret, d. 8/4/1945, F, bur. Sec. O-152-5B
McDonald, Maria, d. 10/14/1912, F, bur. Sec. N-80-4
McDonald, Mary (McVicar), d. 1/12/1939, F, bur. Sec. O-102-2
McDonald, Mary Ann, d. 8/20/1959, F, bur. Sec. O-196-4
McDonald, Mary Elizabeth, b. 1/1/1879, d. 1/1/1926, F, bur. Sec, O-102-2B
McDonald, Mary Laing, d. 2/1/1892, F, bur. Sec. O-200-4
McDonald, Mary Lorraine Euphemia(Scott), b. Jun 25, 1912, d. Oct 14, 2010, Sec. BN, Lot 92, Grave 2
McDonald, Mary McIntyre, d. 4/28/1945, F, bur. Sec. N-126-4
McDonald, Milby, b. 1/1/1912, d. 1/1/1990, M, bur. Sec. N-92B-1
McDonald, Mr., date unknown, U, bur. Sec. O-200-3
McDonald, Mrs. Annie, d. 11/5/1955, F, bur. Sec. N-66-4
McDonald, Mrs. Catherine, b. 10/28/1843, d. 8/23/1937, F, bur. Sec. O-60-2
McDonald, Mrs. Elizabeth (Logan), d. 3/30/1873, F, bur. Sec. O-59-5
McDonald, Mrs. Ewin (Hannah), date unknown, F, bur. Sec. O-240-1
McDonald, Mrs. James (Mary), d. 9/29/1894, F, bur. Sec. O-239-3
McDonald, Mrs. James, d. 4/17/1959, F, bur. Sec. N-234-1
McDonald, Mrs. Jas. (Etta Florence), d. 8/18/1955, F, bur. Sec. O-150-1
McDonald, Mrs. John, no dates, F, bur. Sec. O-78-3
McDonald, Mrs. Margaret (McKenzie), d. 8/28/1864, F, bur. Sec. O-60-5
McDonald, Mrs. Neil (Gladys Alma), d. 5/20/1990, F, bur. Sec. O-222-4
McDonald, Mrs.Thos. (Margaret Jane), d. 6/19/1885, F, bur. Sec. O-149-5
McDonald, Neil, d. 2/17/1981, M, bur. Sec. O-222-5
McDonald, Norman, d. 7/1/1873, M, bur. Sec. O-239-5
McDonald, Richard, d. 11/14/1876, M, bur. Sec. O-104-5
McDonald, Robert, no dates, M, bur. Sec. N-108-2
McDonald, Roderick, b. 1/7/1851, d. 8/4/1913, M, bur. Sec. N-80-1
McDonald, Roderick, d. 12/23/1938, M, bur. Sec. O-152-2
McDonald, Rosetta, date unknown, F, bur. Sec. N-40-2
McDonald, Sarah, d. 4/2/1866, F, bur. Sec. O-240-2B
McDonald, Sarah, no dates, bur. Sec. O-78-1
McDonald, Thomas P., d. 8/25/1957, M, bur. Sec. N-81-5
McDonald, Thomas P., no dates, M, bur. Sec. O-59-4
McDonald, Thomas Peter, d. 9/23/1950, M, bur. Sec. N-66-5
McDonald, Thomas, d. 7/17/1950, M, bur. Sec. N-103-5
McDonald, Weir, b. 2/7/1909, d. 6/28/1996, M, bur. Sec. N-67-1
McDonald, William, b. 2/18/1848, d. 12/7/1927, M, bur. Sec. N-108-5
McDonald, William, d. 1/1/1974, bur. Sec. N-161-5
McDonald, Wm. D. C., b. 1/1/1886, d. 1/1/1905, M, bur. Sec. O-102-3
McDonald, Wm. Lewis, d. 5/25/1946, M, bur. Sec. N-153-2
McDonald, Wm., no dates, M, bur. Sec. O-59-3
McDuff, Mrs. Alice, d. 8/24/1985, F, bur. Sec. N-224-2
McEvirs, Benjamin, b. 2/7/1822, d. 10/14/1891, M, bur. Sec. O-2-2
McEvirs, Emma Jane (Jennings), d. 11/30/1932, F, bur. Sec. O-2-1B
McEvirs, George, b. 8/8/1848, d. 12/5/1917, M, bur. Sec. O-2-1
McGlynn, Clayton R., d. 5/7/1966, M, bur. Sec. N-160-2
McGlynn, Douglas, b. 10/17/1932, d. 6/13/2001, M, bur. Sec. N-278-3
McGregor, Alexander, d. 12/17/1899, M, bur. Sec. O-67-4
McGregor, Alexander, d. 12/21/1942, M, bur. Sec. N-16-4
McGregor, Archibald, d. 3/3/1910, M, bur. Sec. N-17-4
McGregor, Catheine (McMillan), b. 1/1/1858, d. 2/28/1944, F, bur. Sec. O-257-4
McGregor, Catherine, d. 1/1/1877, F, bur. Sec. O-67-1
McGregor, Clara Elizabeth, b. 29/04/1923, d. 10/12/2004, F, bur. Sec. N-251-4
McGregor, Clark, d. 4/2/1968, M, bur. Sec. N-251-3
McGregor, Dugald, d. 3/25/1904, M, bur. Sec. N-17-5
McGregor, Duncan Alexander, b. 1/1/1879, d. 6/26/1946, M, bur. Sec. O-257-2
McGregor, Gail & Clark, b. 1/1/1886, d. 1/1/1887, U, bur. Sec. O-257-3
McGregor, James, b. 1/1/1839, d. 1/1/1926, M, bur. Sec. O-257-5
McGregor, Margaret, d. 1/10/1879, F, bur. Sec. O-67-2
McGregor, Mary (Orr), d. 1/8/1897, F, bur. Sec. O-67-3
McGregor, Maude V. (McKenzie), b. 1/1/1882, d. 8/18/1956, F, bur. Sec. O-257-1
McGregor, Mrs. Duncan (Ann), d. 4/14/1879, F, bur. Sec. O-235-3
McGregor, Mrs., d. 1/1/1968, F, bur. Sec. N-218-4
McHiggan, Archibald, d. 7/25/1861, M, bur. Sec. O-238-4
McHiggan, Donald, d. 11/18/1922, M, bur. Sec. N-45-3
McInnes, Daniel Clifford, b. 1927, d. 29-05-2016, E, row1, #30
McInnes, Emma Gordon, d. 7/9/1949, F, bur. Sec. N-138-4
McInnes, Gordon A., b. 1/1/1905, d. 12/4/1985, M, bur. Sec. N-138-2
McInnes, James David, b. 31-Jan-1923, d. 20-Sep-2018, age 95, plot 138-N,#2
McInnes, Joseph Almer, b. 1/1/1918, d. 6/29/1997, M, bur. Sec. N-138-1
McInnes, Joseph, d. 9/21/1955, M, bur. Sec. N-138-5
McInnes, Margaret Ellen, b. 1/1/1905, d. 4/16/1970, F, bur. Sec. N-257-3
McInnes, Mary B, b. 1/1/1908, d. 1/1/1980, F, bur. Sec. N-138-3
McInnes, Nancy Diane, b. 4/21/1963, d. 10/30/2019, age 56, plot E, row1, #40
McInnes, William, d. 12/6/1986, M, bur. Sec. N-176-2
McInnis, Annie Jean Cranston (Dixon), d. Feb 8, 2010, Sec. E, Row 1, Grave 29
McIntosh, David, no dates, M, bur. Sec. NC-15-5
McIntosh, LeRoy, b. 7/8/1929, d. 10/9/1999, M, bur. Sec. NC-25-5
McIntosh, Nellie, d. 1/1/1979, F, bur. Sec. NC-15-1
McIntosh, Roy Hugh, d. 1/13/1932, M, bur. Sec. NC-15-2
McIntyre, Alba Norene (nee Mowbray), (age 96), d. 16-May-2015, Sec 264-0, grave #1
McIntyre, Alex., d. 6/17/1881, M, bur. Sec. O-249-5
McIntyre, Alexander, d. 4/1/1881, M, bur. Sec. O-58-2
McIntyre, Annie (McIntosh), d. 12/13/1933, F, bur. Sec. O-249-2
McIntyre, Archibald, d. 12/30/1909, M, bur. Sec. O-236-3
McIntyre, Christina, b. 1/1/1838, d. 1/1/1874, F, bur. Sec. O-57-2
McIntyre, David, b. 1/1/1872, d. 8/21/1959, M, bur. Sec. O-295-2
McIntyre, Elizabeth (McKay), b. 1/1/1868, d. 1/1/1921, F, bur. Sec. O-295-1
McIntyre, John, d. 2/17/1869, M, bur. Sec. O-249-1
McIntyre, John, d. 4/20/1862, M, bur. Sec. O-58-3
McIntyre, Margaret (Wilson), date unknown, F, bur. Sec. O-249-4
McIntyre, Margaret, d. 3/27/1908, F, bur. Sec. N-55-4
McIntyre, Mary (Campbell), b. 1/1/1839, d. 1/1/1922, F, bur. Sec. O-236-4
McIntyre, Mary Jean, b. 5/24/1907, d. 5/29/1998, F, bur. Sec. O-295-5
McIntyre, Mervin W., d. 1/17/1984, M, bur. Sec. O-264A-1
McIntyre, Mrs. Christina (Dever), d. 1/1/1881, F, bur. Sec. O-58-1
McIntyre, Pearl, b. 1/1/1905, d. 11/9/1984, F, bur. Sec. O-295-4
McIntyre, Thomas, d. 9/21/1944, M, bur. Sec. O-249-3
McKague, Abbie, b. 1/1/1898, d. 8/8/1987, F, bur. Sec. N-130-1
McKague, Abby, b. May 14, 1898, d. Aug. 8, 1987 Sec. N., Plot 130, grave 1
McKague, Alex. B., d. 1/1/1972, M, bur. Sec. N-142-2
McKague, Alexander, b. 1/1/1863, d. 8/4/1942, M, bur. Sec. N-33-2A
McKague, Andrew H., d. 9/10/1866, M, bur. Sec. O-115-1
McKague, Andrew Hill, d. 4/19/1998, M, bur. Sec. N-197-4
McKague, Andrew J., d. 9/13/1900, M, bur. Sec. O-202-4
McKague, Andrew, d. 2/4/1936, M, bur. Sec. O-116-5
McKague, Andrew, d. 9/19/1896, M, bur. Sec. O-115-3
McKague, Annie, d. 2/21/1938, F, bur. Sec. N-72-4
McKague, Avis, Ferne, b. 15/04/1906, d. 1/7/2004, F, bur. Sec. N-142-1
McKague, Baby Lynda, date unknown, F, bur. Sec. N-142-3
McKague, Catherine, d. 6/6/1916, F, bur. Sec. O-115-5
McKague, David W., b. 2/1/1870, d. 2/1/1920, M, bur. Sec. NC-3-3
McKague, Dorothy, Mrs George, d. 12/1/1973, F, bur. Sec. O-202-1
McKague, Edith May, b. 10/29/1887, d. 11/4/1887, F, bur. Sec. O-202-5
McKague, Elizabeth Irene, d. 17-May-2018, age 98, plot 300-O, #2
McKague, Elizabeth, Mrs Hugh, d. 8/29/1904, F, bur. Sec. O-201-5
McKague, Ellen Mary, d. 8/15/1913, F, bur. Sec. O-205-1
McKague, Elsie Hamilton, Mrs, d. 12/4/1985, F, bur. Sec. N-197-5
McKague, George, d. 10/26/1963, M, bur. Sec. O-202-2
McKague, Gladys (Ireland), b. 1/24/1911, d. 2/10/2000, F, bur. Sec. N-33-2
McKague, Gladys Ireland, b. 1/24/1911, d. 2/10/2000, F, bur. Sec. N-33-2B
McKague, Harold Percy, b. 1922, d. Aug 21, 1940, M, bur. Sec. N-130-2
McKague, Hugh Henry 'Harry', b. 1889, d. Feb 11, 1956, M, bur. Sec. N-130-5
McKague, Hugh L, b. Oct 11, 1924, d. 1979, M, bur. Sec. N-130-4
McKague, Hugh, d. 5/6/1911, M, bur. Sec. O-201-4
McKague, Jacob, d. 10/26/1912, M, bur. Sec. O-237-5
McKague, Jenning (Hill), d. 7/17/1955, F, bur. Sec. O-116-4
McKague, John Alexander, b. 12/4/1915, d. 10/8/2003, M, bur. Sec. O-300-1
McKague, John, d. 4/16/1926, M, bur. Sec. N-146-5
McKague, Kathryn Mary Ruth (nee McKim), b. 10-Jan-1961, d. 21-Nov-2014, Sec 197-N, grave #3
McKague, Kenneth Storrar, b. 2-Dec-1919, d. 10-Feb-2012, Sec 197-N, grave 2
McKague, Mabel, d. 10/14/1986, F, bur. Sec. O-205-3B
McKague, Margaret A. (Bullard), d. 9/10/1920, F, bur. Sec. O-205-2
McKague, Margaret, b. 1/1/1857, d. 1/1/1921, F, bur. Sec. N-114-4
McKague, Margaret, b. 1/1/1906, d. 1/1/1907, F, bur. Sec. N-33-5
McKague, Maria (Marchant), d. 2/3/1939, F, bur. Sec. O-202-3
McKague, Marilyn (Peggelo), b. Feb 16, 1943, d. May 29, 1971, bur. Sec. N-222-3
McKague, Mary, d. 10/28/1909, F, bur. Sec. N-41-4
McKague, Myrtle A., d. 8/22/1930, F, bur. Sec. N-32-4
McKague (nee Dickison), Shirley Marie, b. 16-Feb-1932, d. 5-Apr-2018, age 86, plot 197-N, #1
McKague, Thomas, d. 12/15/1890, M, bur. Sec. O-205-3
McKague, Wilbur, b. 1/1/1903, d. 12/25/1983, M, bur. Sec. N-33-1
McKague, William, d. 8/30/1909, M, bur. Sec. O-98-4
McKay, Annie, b. 1/1/1878, d. 1/11/1935, F, bur. Sec. O-266-1
McKay, Archibald A. S., d. 11/24/1886, M, bur. Sec. O-233-5
McKay, Catherine (McLean), d. 8/11/1859, F, bur. Sec. O-299-4
McKay, Donald, d. 1/1/1910, M, bur. Sec. O-156-4
McKay, Elizabeth, d. 1/17/1856, F, bur. Sec. O-204-1
McKay, Flora, d. 6/23/1879, F, bur. Sec. O-190-2
McKay, Hector Jr., d. 2/6/1876, M, bur. Sec. O-234-3
McKay, Hector, d. 4/11/1947, M, bur. Sec. O-233-2
McKay, Hector, d. 9/4/1869, M, bur. Sec. O-234-5
McKay (Thiel) (nee Brown), Helen Elizabeth, d. 27-Sep-2018, age 99, plot 274-0,#1
McKay, Jane S., d. 4/8/1937, F, bur. Sec. O-9-1
McKay, Jessie, b. 1/1/1872, d. 1/1/1898, F, bur. Sec. O-189-1
McKay, Katherine, b. 1/1/1833, d. 1/1/1914, F, bur. Sec. O-189-4
McKay, Laughlin, b. 1/1/1826, d. 1/1/1904, M, bur. Sec. O-189-3
McKay, Mary J. (Clydsdale, d. 1/9/1877, F, bur. Sec. O-156-5
McKay, Mrs. Hector (Margaret), d. 2/24/1890, F, bur. Sec. O-234-4
McKay, Mrs. Hector (Sara Catherine), d. 5/15/1970, F, bur. Sec. O-233-1
McKay, Mrs. James (Annie), d. 9/18/1888, F, bur. Sec. O-238-5
McKay, Mrs. Wm. (Fanny Ross), b. 1/1/1854, d. 1/1/1906, F, bur. Sec. O-266-4
McKay, William S., b. 1/1/1845, d. 1/1/1906, M, bur. Sec. O-266-5
McKee, Alexander, b. 1/1/1848, d. 1/1/1914, M, bur. Sec. N-125-5
McKee, Allister, d. 12/20/1948, M, bur. Sec. O-176-1
McKee, Annie A., d. 2/25/1931, F, bur. Sec. O-31-4
McKee, Bessie Mildred, d. 3/6/1962, F, bur. Sec. N-179-1
McKee, Edna (Hanna), d. 1/1/1971, F, bur. Sec. O-171-1
McKee, Edna May, b. Nov 29, 1922, d. May 28, 2009, bur. Sec. O, Plot 261A, grave 1
McKee, Florence Mary (Grubb), b. Jan 9, 1916, d. Jan 11, 2010, Sec. N, Lot 179, Grave 4
McKee, Gordon, d. 8/24/1949, M, bur. Sec. O-171-2
McKee, Janette, d. 4/1/1958, F, bur. Sec. N-125-2
McKee, Leslie J., d. 4/15/1958, M, bur. Sec. N-179-5
McKee, Mrs. Robert (Margaret), d. 8/14/1962, F, bur. Sec. O-217-4
McKee, Mrs. Roy, d. 1/1/1979, F, bur. Sec. O-176-5
McKee, Robert, d. 1/1/1979, M, bur. Sec. N-179-2
McKee, Robert, d. 1/14/1937, M, bur. Sec. O-217-5
McKee, Roy, d. 5/27/1977, M, bur. Sec. O-176-4
McKee, Samuel, d. 4/1/1885, M, bur. Sec. O-31-1
McKenzie Alexander Jr, d. 08/01/1940, age 82, M bur, bur. Sec O Lot 322 G #2
McKenzie Alexander Sr, d. 03/03/1923, age 95 M Bur, bur. Sec O Lot 322 Gr #5
McKenzie Catherine (Ferguson), d. 04/10/1917 age 88 F bur, bur. Sec O Lot 322 Gr #4
McKenzie Jessie, d. 09/09/1942 age 82 bur, bur. Sec O Lot 322 Gr #1
McKenzie, Alex, b. Oct 05, 1914, d. Aug 17, 1991, bur. Sec N Lot 25 Gr #2
McKenzie, Alex, no dates, M, bur. Sec. N-25-2
McKenzie, Alexander, d. 7/6/1904, M, bur. Sec. O-89-5
McKenzie, Angus, d. 12/21/1937, M, bur. Sec. N-46-2
McKenzie, Angus, d. 12/30/1884, M, bur. Sec. O-91-1
McKenzie, Angus, d. 12/7/1872, M, bur. Sec. O-55-5
McKenzie, Annabella, d. 8/29/1934, F, bur. Sec. N-88-4
McKenzie, Annie Whytock, d. 12/15/1967, F, bur. Sec. N-88-1
McKenzie, Bessie Adeline, b. Jul 03, 1915, d. Jan 30, 2008 bur. Sec. N. Plot 25, grave 1
McKenzie, Catherine (McKay), d. 4/2/1927, F, bur. Sec. O-105-4
McKenzie, Catherine Elva, b. 1/1/1900, d. 1/1/1924, F, bur. Sec. N-123-5
McKenzie, Catherine, d. 6/2/1866, F, bur. Sec. O-206-5
McKenzie, Donald A., d. 12/26/1875, M, bur. Sec. O-91-5
McKenzie, Donald, b. 1/1/1837, d. 6/6/1872, M, bur. Sec. O-90-5
McKenzie, Donald, d. 10/20/1870, bur. Sec. O-226-2
McKenzie, Donald, d. 12/2/1889, M, bur. Sec. O-226-4
McKenzie, Donald, d. 6/9/1938, M, bur. Sec. N-88-2
McKenzie, Duncan, d. 10/22/1860, M, bur. Sec. O-55-4
McKenzie, Ewin, b. 1/1/1839, d. 1/1/1920, M, bur. Sec. N-46-5
McKenzie, Florence Lorena, d. 3/1/1944, F, bur. Sec. N-46-1
McKenzie, Frank, d. 4/22/1977, M, bur. Sec. N-123-4
McKenzie, Georgina, d. 2/4/1899, F, bur. Sec. O-105-1
McKenzie, Hannah, d. 8/15/1865, F, bur. Sec. O-226-3
McKenzie, Helen, b. 4/10/1967, d. 4/10/1935, F, bur. Sec. O-259-5
McKenzie, Henrietta Effie (Morton), d. 4/10/1935, F, bur. Sec. O-259-4
McKenzie, Hugh, b. 1/1/1829, d. 1/1/1897, M, bur. Sec. O-259-1
McKenzie, Hugh, d. 11/30/1947, M, bur. Sec. O-46-5
McKenzie, Issobella, no dates, F, bur. Sec. O-106-4
McKenzie, Jennet, d. 7/12/1891, F, bur. Sec. O-226-5
McKenzie, Jennie, d. 4/17/1882, F, bur. Sec. O-91-2
McKenzie, Jessie Clelland, d. 3/6/1937, F, bur. Sec. N-123-1
McKenzie, John A., d. 1/14/1898, M, bur. Sec. O-89-1
McKenzie, John Brock, d. 12/8/1958, M, bur. Sec. O-122-2
McKenzie, John Donald, d. 8/26/1939, M, bur. Sec. O-122-5
McKenzie, John Geo., d. 8/2/1935, M, bur. Sec. N-123-2
McKenzie, John, b. 6/10/1878, d. 3/25/1922, M, bur. Sec. N-109-5
McKenzie, John, d. 6/29/1904, M, bur. Sec. O-90-3
McKenzie, John, d. 7/4/1910, M, bur. Sec. O-105-5
McKenzie, Katherine E., b. 1/1/1878, d. 11/1/1921, F, bur. Sec. N-117-4
McKenzie, Kenneth, d. 6/8/1933, M, bur. Sec. O-73-5
McKenzie, Margaret, b. 1/1/1872, d. 2/1/1923, F, bur. Sec. O-283-4
McKenzie, Mary, d. 3/19/1936, F, bur. Sec. O-90-2
McKenzie, Mrs. Annie, d. 3/18/1950, F, bur. Sec. O-46-4
McKenzie, Mrs. Donald (Ann), d. 7/2/1878, F, bur. Sec. O-91-4
McKenzie, Mrs. Donalda, d. 4/10/1985, F, bur. Sec. O-122-4
McKenzie, Mrs. Elizabeth (McRae), d. 6/19/1911, F, bur. Sec. O-89-4
McKenzie, Mrs. Frank, d. 4/20/1986, F, bur. Sec. N-123-3
McKenzie, Mrs. Roderick (Catherine), d. 1/1/1918, F, bur. Sec. O-259-2
McKenzie, Mrs. William, no dates, bur. Sec. O-106-3
McKenzie, Murdock, d. 1/1/1923, M, bur. Sec. O-90-1
McKenzie, Murdock, d. 9/15/1947, M, bur. Sec. O-73-4
McKenzie, Norman, b. 1/1/1833, d. 1/1/1916, M, bur. Sec. O-251-4
McKenzie, Robert John, d. 11/6/1944, M, bur. Sec. O-225-5
McKenzie, Roderick, d. 1/1/1922, M, bur. Sec. O-259-3
McKenzie, Sarah (McKay), b. 1/1/1833, d. 1/1/1918, F, bur. Sec. O-251-3
McKenzie, William, b. 1/1/1841, d. 1/31/1890, M, bur. Sec. O-90-4
McKenzie, William, no dates, M, bur. Sec. O-106-2
McKenzie, Willie, d. 5/6/1875, M, bur. Sec. O-226-1
McKenzie, Wm., d. 6/13/1950, M, bur. Sec. N-25-5
McKibbon, George Bruce, d. 2/20/1882, M, bur. Sec. O-120-5
McKibbon, Mrs. George (Ann), d. 11/4/1882, F, bur. Sec. O-120-1
McKinnon, Annie Jane, d. 2/26/1935, F, bur. Sec. N-115-4
McKinnon, Annie, d. 1/1/1864, F, bur. Sec. O-204-5
McKinnon, Donald, d. 8/30/1892, M, bur. Sec. O-51-1
McKinnon, Jack, d. 9/28/1983, M, bur. Sec. O-114-4
McKinnon, Laughlin, d. 10/20/1887, M, bur. Sec. O-204-4
McKinnon, Marilyn, no dates, F, bur. Sec. O-114-3
McKinnon, Mary J., b. 10/1/1848, d. 6/1/1920, F, bur. Sec. N-77-1
McKinnon, Mary, date unknown, F, bur. Sec. N-31-4
McKinnon, Morris, d. 9/5/1979, M, bur. Sec. O-114-1
McKinnon, Mrs. Morris, d. 1/30/1976, F, bur. Sec. O-114-2
McLachlan, John, d. 12/20/1943, M, bur. Sec. O-58-5
McLauchlin, Christina, b. 1/1/1866, d. 1/1/1912, F, bur. Sec. O-56-2
McLauchlin, Mrs. Mary (McIntyre), b. 1/1/1830, d. 1/1/1913, F, bur. Sec. O-56-3
McLauchlin, William, b. 1/1/1872, d. 1/1/1895, M, bur. Sec. O-56-1
McLean, Flora, d. 12/28/1872, F, bur. Sec. O-300-4
McLean, Harry, d. 1/1/1979, M, bur. Sec. O-194-2
McLean, J. K., d. 11/15/1920, M, bur. Sec. O-97-2
McLean, Jessie, no dates, F, bur. Sec. O-203-1
McLean, John, b. 5/1/1852, d. 11/1/1925, M, bur. Sec. NC-19-5
McLean, Mary, d. 4/17/1904, F, bur. Sec. O-115-4
McLean, Media Janet, d. 5/9/1938, F, bur. Sec. O-54-1
McLean, Mrs. Ethel, d. 10/8/1961, F, bur. Sec. O-194-1
McLean, Mrs. Mary (MacAulay), d. 4/15/1907, F, bur. Sec. O-97-1
McLean, Roderick, d. 2/4/1875, M, bur. Sec. O-253-5
McLennan, Alexander, d. 10/1/1846, M, bur. Sec. O-103-1
McLennan, Alexander, d. 9/4/1946, M, bur. Sec. N-105-2
McLennan, Catherine, no dates, F, bur. Sec. N-105-4
McLennan, Cathrine Roane, d. 9/20/1945, F, bur. Sec. N-105-1
McLennan, Donald, d. 5/4/1942, M, bur. Sec. N-105-5
McLennan, Janet, d. 2/24/1918, F, bur. Sec. O-103-3
McLennan, Jessie (McDonald), no dates, F, bur. Sec. O-103-4
McLennan, John, d. 3/28/1882, M, bur. Sec. O-247-3
McLennan, Mary Ann, d. 6/17/1867, F, bur. Sec. O-247-4
McLennan, Mary, d. 9/7/1884, F, bur. Sec. O-103-2
McLennan, Mrs. Wm., d. 1/1/1970, F, bur. Sec. N-234-4
McLennan, Sarah, d. 6/10/1867, F, bur. Sec. O-247-5
McLennan, William, d. 1/30/1953, M, bur. Sec. N-234-5
McLennan, William, d. 10/20/1907, M, bur. Sec. O-103-5
McLeod, Donald, d. 1/17/1878, M, bur. Sec. O-73-1
McMillan, Albert M., d. 1/25/1898, M, bur. Sec. O-30-1
McMillan, George, b. Apr 12, 1828, d. Jul 31, 1909, M, bur. Sec. N-53-5
McMillan, Jean Bowie, b. Mar 02, 1828, d. Aug 19, 1913, F, bur. Sec. N-53-4
McMillan, Mary Eliza, d. Dec 19, 1878, F, bur. Sec. O-30-3
McMillan, Robert, d. 7/9/1889, M, bur. Sec. O-30-4
McMurray, David, d. 3/13/1905, M, bur. Sec. O-128-1
McNaughton, Jean Creighton, d. 8/27/1970, F, bur. Sec. N-116-2
McNaughton, Mary, d. 1/24/1966, F, bur. Sec. O-66-4
McNaughton, Peter, b. 7/1/1841, d. 5/1/1922, M, bur. Sec. N-116-5
McNeil, Donald, d. 1/2/1932, M, bur. Sec. N-96-5
McNeil, Maud, d. 9/10/1948, F, bur. Sec. N-96-4
McNewin, Mrs. Alex. (Isabella), b. 1/1/1840, d. 1/1/1914, F, bur. Sec. O-252-3
McPherson (Moffat), Jean Lorena, b. 11/10/1907, d. 11/10/2003, F, bur. Sec. BN-91-2
McPherson, Catherine Mary, b. Jul 9, 1913, d. Apr 27, 2010, Sec. O, Lot 279, Grave 2
McPherson, Douglas William, b. 21-Jul-1929, d. 19-May-2018, age 88, plot 158-N,#2
McPherson, Elizabeth (Parker), b. 4/7/1891, d. 4/2/1996, F, bur. Sec. N-34-1
McPherson, Emma (Thompson), b. 1/1/1874, d. 4/18/1946, F, bur. Sec. O-276-4
McPherson, Fred, b. 6/12/1903, d. 10/17/1987, M, bur. Sec. N-195-2
McPherson, Harold Lloyd, b. Apr 19, 1927, d. Oct 04, 2008, bur. Sec. N., Plot 195, grave 4
McPherson, Henrietta, b. 10/1/1913, d. 2/16/1986, F, bur. Sec. O-279-5
McPherson, Ian, b. 25-May-1920, d. 9-Dec-2015, Sec 65A-0, grave #2
McPherson, James, b. 9/12/1901, d. 9/26/1985, M, bur. Sec. N-91B-1
McPherson, Jean Lorena (Moffat), b. 11/10/1907, d. 11/10/2003, F, bur. Sec. BN-91-2
McPherson, John Thomas, b. Dec 28, 1917, d. Apr 26, 2010, Sec. O, Lot 279, Grave 4
McPherson, John, b. 1/1/1873, d. 2/13/1939, M, bur. Sec. N-34-5
McPherson, Margaret (McQuillin), b. 1/1/1910, d. 7/2/1984, F, bur. Sec. O-256A-2
McPherson, Marilyn Ola (nee Dagg), b. 14-05-1932, d. 28-09-2016, 158-N, #1
McPherson, Mrs. Fred, b. 5/19/1903, d. 2/6/1968, F, bur. Sec. N-195-3
McPherson, Nellie, b. 1/1/1900, d. 11/7/1957, F, bur. Sec. N-34-2
McPherson, Thomas James, b. 3/23/1933, d. 2/14/1995, M, bur. Sec. N-89B-1
McPherson, Thomas Thompson, b. 7/12/1908, d. 8/26/1992, M, bur. Sec. O-256A-1
McPherson, Thomas, d. 12/4/1952, M, bur. Sec. O-276-5
McPherson, Winnifred Joy, b. 10/11/1911, d. 3/20/1936, F, bur. Sec. O-276-2
McRae, Alexander, d. 10/8/1959, M, bur. Sec. N-185-4
McRae, Alexander, d. 12/3/1874, M, bur. Sec. O-19-5
McRae, John Russel, d. 1/1/1939, M, bur. Sec. O-9-1B
McRae, John, b. 1/1/1849, d. 1/1/1930, M, bur. Sec. O-9-2
McRae, Maggie, d. 8/8/1890, F, bur. Sec. O-19-2
McRae, Mrs. Jane (McDonald), d. 4/24/1897, F, bur. Sec. O-19-1
McRae, Wm., no dates, M, bur. Sec. N-185-5
McTavish, Alma (Tuck), b. Oct 1908, d. Apr 24, 1960, F, bur. Sec. N-210-4
McTavish, Andrew Henry, b. 30-Jun-1915, d. 5-Oct-2013, Sec 210-N, grave 4
McTavish, Andrew John, d. 11/27/1964, M, bur. Sec. O-52-5
McTavish, Annie Irene, b. 21/10/1904, d. 31/12/2004, F, bur. Sec. O-70-4
McTavish, Jennie (Struthers McLaughlan), d. 8/17/1994, F, bur. Sec. O-52-4
McTavish, John S., d. 10/4/1931, M, bur. Sec. O-79-3
McTavish, Stewart, d. 2/23/1984, M, bur. Sec. O-79-5
McTavish, Una Grace, d. 4/6/1994, bur. Sec. O-79A-2
McTavish, William Bertram, d. 1/10/1991, M, bur. Sec. O-79A-1
McVicar, Angus, d. 1/31/1907, M, bur. Sec. O-199-4
McVicar, Donald H., b. 5/8/1871, d. 8/8/1871, M, bur. Sec. O-199-2
McVicar, John, d. 8/24/1887, M, bur. Sec. O-199-3
McVicar, Murdock F., d. 5/26/1866, M, bur. Sec. O-199-1
McVicar, Sarah, d. 4/20/1939, F, bur. Sec. O-199-5
Melby, Agnes, b. 1/1/1851, d. 1/1/1930, F, bur. Sec. N-113-1
Melvin, Gordon, d. 1/1/1973, M, bur. Sec. N-144-3
Melvin, Harry, d. 2/23/1937, M, bur. Sec. N-144-1
Melvin, Lillie, d. 4/17/1958, F, bur. Sec. N-144-2
Merchant, Sarah (cormion), b. 1/1/1839, d. 1/1/1924, F, bur. Sec. O-288-4
Merchant, Selina, d. 6/26/1913, F, bur. Sec. O-288-3
Mernkman, Mary Ann, d. 11/12/1912, F, bur. Sec. N-44-4
Midford, Edna, d. 1/1/1881, F, bur. Sec. O-255-2
Midford, Fanny Isabella, b. 1/1/1883, d. 1/1/1884, F, bur. Sec. O-255-3
Midford, Fanny, d. 3/20/1903, F, bur. Sec. N-11-4
Midford, Victor, d. 1/1/1873, M, bur. Sec. O-255-1
Mitchell, Catherine, d. 4/10/1866, F, bur. Sec. O-299-5
Moffat, Albert, b. 1/1/1911, d. 11/15/1989, M, bur. Sec. O-256-2
Moffat, Annie, d. 3/19/1989, F, bur. Sec. N-275-4
Moffat, Catherine, d. 11/22/1957, F, bur. Sec. O-5-4
Moffat, Christena Jane, d. 6/7/1958, F, bur. Sec. N-12-2
Moffat, David Irving, b. Jun 13, 1920, d. Jul 15, 2005, bur. Jul 19, 2005
Moffat, Donald Leslie, b. 11-Sep-1951, d. 13-Sep-2012, Sec 289-N, grave 5
Moffat, Duncan James, b. 27-Dec-1938, d. 29-Sep-2013, Sec 238-N, grave 1
Moffat, Edna Ann, b. 27-Jun-1927, d. 15-Jul-2013, Sec 238-N,grave 2
Moffat, Eileen Lauretta (Stewart), b. Sep 29, 1929, d. Oct 23, 2010, Sec. N, Lot 289, Grave 4
Moffat, Emma E. (Wall), b. 1/1/1911, d. 6/11/1972, F, bur. Sec. O-256-3
Moffat, Foster, d. 2/28/1961, M, bur. Sec. N-13-5
Moffat, George Graham, d. 1/8/1979, M, bur. Sec. N-13-2
Moffat, George Graham, d. 4/4/1935, M, bur. Sec. N-12-5
Moffat, George, d. 1/28/1954, M, bur. Sec. N-186-1
Moffat, James, d. 6/6/1918, M, bur. Sec. N-111-5
Moffat, James, no dates, M, bur. Sec. N-186-2
Moffat, John M., b. 1/1/1898, d. 1/1/1984, M, bur. Sec. N-238-5
Moffat, Kevin Waldon, b. 24-05-1952, d. 21-09-2016, E, row 1. #89
Moffat, Lloyd Donald, b. May 2, 1916, d. Aug 25, 2006, bur. Sec N Lot 84 Gr #5
Moffat, Loretta Donaldson, b. 1/1/1904, d. 1/1/1982, F, bur. Sec. N-24-2
Moffat, Mae, date unknown, F, bur. Sec. N-191-4
Moffat, Maggie, d. 12/12/1903, F, bur. Sec. N-12-3
Moffat, Margaret Cora, b. 3/31/1905, d. 12/14/2001, F, bur. Sec. N-12-1
Moffat, Margaret Laurena Wells, b. 1/1/1902, d. 6/21/1991, F, bur. Sec. N-24-5
Moffat, Marjorie Viola (Sewers), b. 11/16/1925, d. 3/3/2019, age 93, plot E, row1, #90
Moffat, Mary Wright, d. 1/4/1933, F, bur. Sec. N-111-4
Moffat, Mrs. Belle (Grant), d. 1/1/1967, F, bur. Sec. N-238-4
Moffat, Mrs. Catherine, d. 11/30/1957, F, bur. Sec. N-186-4
Moffat, Mrs. Lloyd, d. 1/1/1978, F, bur. Sec. N-84-4
Moffat, Nettie, d. 7/20/1980, F, bur. Sec. N-111-1
Moffat, Peter, b. 1/1/1902, d. 12/31/1985, M, bur. Sec. N-24-1
Moffat, Peter, d. 10/26/1969, M, bur. Sec. N-186-5
Moffat, Robert Farish, b. 8/12/1912, d. 3/10/1993, M, bur. Sec. O-256-4
Moffat, Robert, d. 1/1/1976, M, bur. Sec. N-24-4
Moffat, Sarah Kathleen (nee MacKenzie), b. 1917, d. 16-Jun-2011, Section 0, lot 256, grave 5
Moffat, Thomas, d. 1/1/1975, M, bur. Sec. N-161-1
Moffat, Thomas Waldon, b. 19-Jun-2014, d. 29-Dec-2014, Sec 191-N, grave #2
Moffat, Thos. Bell, d. 6/17/1961, M, bur. Sec. N-191-5
Moffat, W. Graham, d. 5/22/1983, M, bur. Sec. N-275-3
Moffat, Wm. Graham, d. 5/8/1934, M, bur. Sec. O-5-3
Moffat, Wm., d. 10/8/1960, M, bur. Sec. N-161-2
Moffat, Wm., d. 12/11/1888, M, bur. Sec. O-28-5
Moir, Annie (McMillan), d. 3/18/1891, F, bur. Sec. O-113-1
Moir, James, d. 2/21/1881, M, bur. Sec. O-113-4
Moir, James, d. 4/21/1881, M, bur. Sec. O-113-1B
Moir, Joseph, d. 9/23/1910, M, bur. Sec. O-113-2
Moir, Mrs. James (Ann), d. 1/4/1878, F, bur. Sec. O-113-5
Moore, Charlotte Watson, d. 3/25/1945, F, bur. Sec. N-79-2
Moore, Edmund W., d. 2/3/1994, M, bur. Sec. N-223-2
Moore, Francis Pratt, d. 4/7/1944, M, bur. Sec. N-79-1
Moore, Francis S., b. 1/1/1899, d. 1/1/1918, M, bur. Sec. NC-7-1
Moore, Harriet Irene (Strome), b. 8/25/1912, d. 7/17/2002, F, bur. Sec. N-223-4
Moore, Herbert James, d. 9/16/1992, M, bur. Sec. N-306-1
Moore, John Gilford, d. 2/17/1949, M, bur. Sec. NC-7-5
Moore, John James, d. 2/26/1913, M, bur. Sec. N-79-5
Moore, Lillian (Crowe), d. 7/6/1985, F, bur. Sec. N-223-3
Moore, Mary Jane, d. 5/7/1908, F, bur. Sec. O-3-3
Moore, Miss Minnie, d. 9/15/1949, F, bur. Sec. N-79-3
Moore, Mrs. Wm. (Mary A.), b. 1/1/1855, d. 1/1/1882, F, bur. Sec. O-223-1
Moore, Pearl Arletta, d. 7/5/2002, F, bur. Sec. N-223-1
Moore, Reginald, d. 6/1/1990, M, bur. Sec. N-223-5
Moore, S. Adeline (Simpson), d. 10/1/1945, F, bur. Sec. NC-7-4
Moore, Sophia, b. 1/1/1871, d. 1/1/1895, F, bur. Sec. O-223-1B
Morrison, Marie (McInnes), d. 2/1/1989, F, bur. Sec. N-176-4
Morrison-McGlynn, Christopher Andrew, b. May 22, 1988, d. Oct 9, 2010, Sec. O Lot 273, Grave 4
Mulhern, Mrs. J., d. 2/26/1881, F, bur. Sec. O-31-5
Munn, Archibald, d. 1/8/1888, M, bur. Sec. O-67-5
Munro, Elizabeth, d. 6/7/1899, F, bur. Sec. O-236-2
Murchison, Donald, d. 1/19/1878, M, bur. Sec. O-15-4
Murchison, Duncan, d. 1/4/1861, M, bur. Sec. O-15-2
Murchison, John, d. 3/1/1886, M, bur. Sec. O-15-1
Murchison, Roxy, d. 3/20/1865, U, bur. Sec. O-15-3
Murray, Christena (Waugh), d. 2/2/1952, F, bur. Sec. N-187-4
Murray, Cyril, d. 1/1/1973, M, bur. Sec. N-264-3
Murray, Ford, d. 1/20/1960, M, bur. Sec. N-248-5
Murray, Jennet, d. 4/1/1912, F, bur. Sec. N-124-4
Murray, Kenneth, d. 4/7/1995, M, bur. Sec. N-264-2
Murray, Margaret, b. 5/28/1922, d. 6/25/2002, F, bur. Sec. N-264-5
Murray, Margaret, d. 9/27/1990, F, bur. Sec. N-264-4
Murray, Mrs. Ford, d. 6/1/1977, F, bur. Sec. N-248-4
Murray, Mrs. Wm. (Kate), d. 11/26/1981, F, bur. Sec. N-226-4
Murray, Ronald, b. 9/27/2004, d. 9/27/2004, M, bur. Sec. N-226-1AND2
Murray, Thomas E., d. 5/10/1992, M, bur. Sec. N-187-5
Murray, Wm., d. 1/1/1968, M, bur. Sec. N-226-5
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