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Battle Harbour Cemetery
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Battle Harbour Cemetery
Battle Island, Labrador Coast, Newfoundland & Labrador, Canada

Lat: 55° 16' 00"N, Lon: 55° 35' 00"W

Submitted by Charles Gravel, May 15, 2006, last edited May 27, 2006 [charles_gravel@hotmail.com]. Total records = 30.

To go to Battle Harbour cemetery, you will have to take the wooden boardwalk from the wharf to the church. Behind the church you must climb a rocky hill to reach the other side of Battle Harbour Island. There, a small trail easy to find will bring you to the cemetery.

Battle Harbour is located on Battle Harbour Island 8 km off Mary's Harbour. To reach Battle Harbour, you must follow the road 510 east from St-Barbe/Blanc-Sablon ferry on about 200 km to Mary's Harbour then take a local ferry which will bring you to the village.

Battle Harbour had been an important community of english fisherman for more than 200 years. The few people that were still living there were forced to move by NewFoundland Government to Mary's Harbour. Recently, the Canadian Federal Government has made Battle Harbour an important historic site to let us remember the important role of this place in the development of Labrador.

I visited and read this cemetery in Jul of 2002. It includes all existing and legible stones and markers.

- Charles Gravel

Acreman, Hannah, d. 4 Aug 1962, age: 75y, w/o Acreman, Samuel
Acreman, Marjorie Wakefield, b. 9 Mar 1912, d. 19 Jul 1923, age: 11y, d/o Acreman, Samuel & Hannah
Acreman, Samuel, d. 7 Apr 1953, age: 74y, h/o Acreman, Hannah
Acreman, Violet-May, b. 20 Jul 1925, d. 1 Apr 1924, age: 9y, d/o Acreman, Samuel & Hannah
Acreman, William Henry, b. 1 Sep 1907, d. 29 Aug 1977, age: 70y
Agreman, Caroline, b. 1849, d. 6 Jan 1925, age: 76y, w/o Agreman, John, native of Port de Grave, died at Lewis Bay Harbor
Ash, Mary Grace, d. 30 Jul 1921, age: 64y, w/o Ash, George
Brazill, Frederick George, d. 1 Aug 1927, age: 11y 10m, s/o Brazill, Stanley & Lilly
Croucher, Victor, d. 1 May 1918, age: 21y, his wife and his father
Howell, Catherine, b. 12 May 1875, d. 11 Mar 1954, w/o Smith, George, broken tombstone
Jones, Eliza, d. 23 Jul 1996
Jones, Henry, b. 13 Sep 1912, d. 11 Jul 1983
Lunnen, Francis John, b. 9 Nov 1899, d. 19 Nov 1960, his wife and his family
Lunnen, Laura Maude, b. 11 Jan 1914, d. 10 Mar 1973
Luther, Ann Bush, b. 1884, d. 1971
Luther, Eliza Brackler, d. 22 Jul 1936, age: 16y, d/o Luther, Martin G. & Annie
Luther, John A. R., b. 1916, d. 1971
Luther, Martin George, d. 16 Sep 1963, age: 80y
Rumbolt, Mariam, d. 3 Nov 1957, age: 76y, w/o Rumbolt, James
Rumbolt, Mrs Joseph, d. 28 Sep 1929, age: 8y 8m
Smith, Charlotte, b. 21 Oct 1904, d. 15 Jul 1991, w/o Smith, William E.
Smith, Edward, d. 5 Oct 1918, age: 26y
Smith, Emma, d. 12 Oct 1922, age: 76y
Smith, George, b. 27 Aug 1873, d. 7 May 1943, h/o Howell, Catherine, broken tombstone
Smith, Harry, d. 3 Jun 1945, age: 53y
Smith, Isaac, d. 10 Jan 1937, age: 83y
Smith, Isaac, d. 28 Mar 190?, age: 83y, h/o Smith, Susannah
Smith, Mary, d. 1919, age: 60y
Smith, Susannah, d. 26 Nov 190?, age: 70y
Smith, William E., b. 9 Oct 1899, d. 22 Oct 1973

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