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Mountain View Cemetery
Vancouver, British Columbia

GPS: 49.234795, -123.091828

5455 Fraser St.
Vancouver, BC V5W 2Z3

Published: March 11, 2020
Total records: 146,994

Mountain View Cemetery is owned by the City of Vancouver.

City of Vancouver Records
Surnames L

Records linked below were acquired from the City of Vancouver on March 10, 2020. The City last compiled these records on March 9, 2020. These include all burials in which the City has records on file. We made no corrections to these records, and left them "As is".

Note: The City of Vancouver has a policy of protecting a person's privacy for up to 20 years after that person has died. For these interments, the City has withheld the names, leaving only the word, "Private" in its place. See "Private Records".

b. = Birth (date and/or place)
d. = Death (date and/or place)
bur. = Burial (date)
Dis. = Disinterment (date and/or removal to)
Dis# = Number of the cemetery document, or system reference number, related to this disinterment
Plot: (Section-Range-Block-Plot-Lot). (*) means there is no information. Some lots have a "disc number" represented in parentheses ( ).

L'ABBE (LABBY), Joseph Lucien, bur. 1966-02-01, Plot: HORNE1-5-01-*-1047
L'AMIE, Allister F., d. 1912-10-09, Plot: JONES-*-08-008-0014
L'AMIE, William George, d. 1957-11-13, Plot: JONES-*-08-008-0016
L'ARIVÈE, Onèsime, b. Quebec, d. 1889-11-07 Moodyville, Plot: OLD-3-01-006-0004
L'HERITIER, George, bur. 1968-03-09, Plot: OLD-3-02-*-0968
L'HIRONDELLE, (Baby Girl), bur. 1964-11-06, Plot: JONES-*-18-007-0004
L'HIRONDELLE, Leonard James, bur. 1988-08-08, Plot: HORNE2-*-10-*-1682
La BANGO, Margaret, d. 1918-12-16, Plot: JONES-*-35-005-0002
La BARGE, Anthony, d. 1928-06-27, Plot: HORNE2-*-04-042-0011
La BELIE, (Baby), d. 1923-03-03, Plot: JONES-*-37-046-0008
La BELL, Marguerite, Age: 68 yrs, b. Scotland, d. 1959-12-18 Vancouver, bur. 1959-12-21, Plot: KP-*-*-012A-0014
La BELLE, Emma, d. 1920-03-19, bur. 1920-03-22, Plot: 1919-*-B-031-0015
La BERGE, Marcelle C. (Baby), Age: Stillborn, bur. 1958-02-28, Plot: JONES-*-18-025-0015
La BLANCHE, Charles, d. 1930-02-06, Plot: HORNE2-*-06-011-0007
La BOCUNE, Alice, d. 1956-12-20, Plot: OLD-5-04-016-0003
La BOSSIERE, Alonzo Joseph, bur. 1976-03-19, Plot: HORNE1-1-04-001-0009
La BOSSIERE, Annie, d. 1935-08-25, Plot: HORNE1-1-04-001-0010
La BOSSIERE, Blanche, d. 1951-06-27, Plot: HORNE1-1-04-001-0012
La BOSSIERE, Clem., d. 1948-07-07, Plot: HORNE1-1-04-001-0011
La BOSSIERE, Mary A., d. 1909-03-23, Plot: HORNE1-1-04-001-0009
La BOUCANE, Philip Raymond, Age: 40 yrs, d. 1997-12-22 Vancouver, bur. 1998-01-15, Plot: JONES-*-15-020-0008A
La BOYNE, (Baby), Age: Stillborn, bur. 1930-02-28, Plot: JONES-*-18-025-0013
La BRANCHE, Napeolean, d. 1906-08-05, Plot: OLD-4-03-020-0010
La BRIE, Henry, bur. 1973-11-26, Plot: JONES-*-26-*-0334
La BUTE, Francis John, d. 1952-03-17, Plot: JONES-*-34-014-0016 (147)
La BUTE, Mary Jane, bur. 1966-03-05, Plot: JONES-*-34-014-0016 (147)
La CASSE, Emily, Age: 84 yrs, b. 1858-10-20, d. 1942-05-16, Plot: JONES-*-37-052-0015
La CASSE, Emond Edward, d. 1919-08-30, Plot: JONES-*-37-052-0016
La CHAPELLE, Joseph Leonard, Age: 77 yrs, bur. 1973-04-24, Plot: JONES-*-15-*-0856
La CROIX, Emile, d. 1914-01-08, Plot: JONES-*-15-002-0012
La CRUEX, Marten K., bur. 1952-11-03, Plot: ABRAY-*-21-019-0009
La DUKE, (Baby), Age: Stillborn, bur. 1914-03-23, Plot: OLD-5-04-014-0016
La DUKE, Clarissa, d. 1939-06-25, Plot: HORNE2-*-12-045-0011
La DUKE, James Henry, d. 1945-06-11, Plot: IOOF-*-32-002-0002
La FAVE, Francis Catherine, bur. 1957-03-14, Plot: JONES-*-12-006-0009
La FLAMME, Douglas E., d. 1958-09-25, Plot: HORNE1-4-02-003R-0014 (567)
La FLECHE, Joseph Thomas Herve (Harvey), bur. 1972-08-18, Plot: ABRAY-*-02-*-1266
La FLEUR, John P. (Baby), Age: Stillborn, bur. 1957-07-31, Plot: JONES-*-18-025-0011
La FOENERE, Josephine, d. 1938-05-09, Plot: JONES-*-17-022-0008A
La FOND, Carrie, d. 1910-10-03, Plot: HORNE1-5-04-019-0004
La FONTAINE, Arthur, d. 1933-07-06, Plot: HORNE2-*-13-009-0002
La FRANCE, Marie, Age: 84 yrs, b. Quebec, d. 1926-02-02 Vancouver - 1108 Davie Street, bur. 1926-02-04, Plot: JONES-*-30-009-0009
La FRENERE, Leona, d. 1961-06-18, Plot: OLD-5-04-P-0007
La FRENIERE, Albert Joseph, bur. 1984-03-21, Plot: ABRAY-*-06-*-1524-1
La FRENTZ, (Baby), Age: Stillborn, bur. 1954-12-31, Plot: JONES-*-12-005-0004
La FRONBOISE, Maurice Willard (Hillman), bur. 1968-03-01, Plot: OLD-5-01-*-1892
La GRUE, Charles John, d. 1956-07-28, Plot: IOOF-*-*-042-0004
La GRUE, Frederick George, d. 1940-01-17, Plot: HORNE2-*-15-015-0005
La GRUE, Harriett Elizabeth, d. 1950-02-13, Plot: IOOF-*-*-042-0002
La GRUE, Mary, d. 1955-02-04, Plot: IOOF-*-*-042-0003
La GUARDIA, William, d. 1963-09-01, Plot: HORNE1-0-01-001-0016 (1)
La HUE, Gracie Elizabeth, d. 1960-08-16, Plot: HORNE1-2-01-*-0017
La JEUNESSE, Allen R. (Baby), Age: Stillborn, bur. 1950-10-31, Plot: JONES-*-12-004-0001
La JUENEA, Frank, d. 1898-04-28, Plot: OLD-3-03-001-0004
La MAITRE, Walter, d. 1934-03-27, Plot: JONES-*-34-005-0003
La MONTAGNE, (Baby Boy), d. 1961-08-17, bur. 1961-08-22, Plot: JONES-*-18-015-0003
La MOTHE, Ellen Eliza, Age: 60 yrs, d. U.S.A., bur. 1958-12-22, Plot: MASONIC-*-11A-002-0001
La MOTT, (Baby), Age: Stillborn, bur. 1943-05-31, Plot: JONES-*-18-017-0011
La MOTT, Oscar Frank, Age: 88 yrs, b. U.S.A., d. 1955-07-22 at home, bur. 1955-07-26, Plot: MASONIC-*-06A-001-0004
La PIERRE, Joseph A., d. 1961-08-22, Plot: JONES-*-02-016A-0016 (48)
La PIERRE, Louis A., d. 1937-10-09, Plot: HORNE2-*-16-039-0013
La PLANT, (Baby), Age: Stillborn, bur. 1957-11-30, Plot: JONES-*-18-025-0013
La PLANTE, John Henry, Age: 22 yrs, b. Mount Leamon, BC, d. 1906-07-18, bur. 1906-07-21, Plot: HORNE1-3-03-018-0005
La PLANTE, John Piens, Age: 53 yrs, b. Victoria, BC, d. 1916-10-21 Vancouver, BC, bur. 1916-10-24, Plot: HORNE1-3-03-018-0006
La PLANTE, Joseph Isidor, Age: 22 yrs, b. Victoria, BC, d. 1918-10-27 Vancouver, BC, bur. 1918-11-01, Plot: HORNE1-3-03-018-0008
La PLANTE, Roy Joseph, bur. 1968-01-18, Plot: OLD-2-03-*-0742
La POIDEVIN, John Falla, d. 1923-05-18, Plot: 1919-*-C-004-0012
La POINT, Proefus, b. Quebec, d. 1952-07-18 Vancouver, Plot: OLD-3-01-015-0009
La POINTE, Jean Louis, Age: 68 yrs, bur. 1977-03-18, Plot: ABRAY-*-20-*-0172
La RIVIERE, Anna, d. 1943-11-02, Plot: ABRAY-*-11-009-0016 (74)
La RIVIERE, Jacques, d. 1952-02-26, Plot: ABRAY-*-18-032-0007
La ROCHE, Edna Valentina, d. 1948-04-01, Plot: HORNE2-*-11-023-0011
La ROCHELLE, Marie Anne, Age: 6 mos, bur. 1968-08-02, Plot: HORNE1-3-01-*-0146-1
La ROCQUE, Shirley Mae, Age: 48 yrs, bur. 1984-02-23, Plot: MASONIC-*-*-*-0190
La ROQUE, (Baby), Age: Stillborn, bur. 1956-11-30, Plot: JONES-*-18-025-0003
La ROSE, Donat Henry, bur. 1970-01-08, Plot: OLD-5-05-002A-0016 (285)
La ROSE, Elsie Elizabeth Christine, bur. 1969-02-11, Plot: OLD-5-03-*-2178
La ROSE, Harvey, bur. 1954-01-01, Plot: JONES-*-12-006-0003
La ROSE, Joseph, d. 1963-11-03, Plot: JONES-*-15-005A-0002 (439)
La ROSE, Rene, d. 1950-09-30, Plot: HORNE2-*-11-017-0012
La RUE, Maurice Evart, Age: 32 yrs, b. Ontario, d. 1940-09-30 Vancouver, bur. 1940-10-05, Plot: JONES-*-01-011-0009A
La RUE, Winnifred Emily, bur. 1973-03-14, Plot: JONES-*-01-011-0009A
La TRAMBOISE, A., d. 1961-06-30, Plot: JONES-*-02-006A-0012 (20)
La VAN, Percival, Age: 68 yrs, b. Ontario, d. 1955-12-21 Vancouver, bur. 1955-12-23, Plot: MASONIC-*-07A-001-0004
La VOY, David Leroy, d. 1948-07-28, Plot: ABRAY-*-07-031-0003
LA, How, Age: 40 yrs, b. China, d. 1889-11-23 Vancouver, Plot: OLD-3-01-004-0011
LABA, John, bur. 1978-10-05, Plot: JONES-*-43-*-0836
LABA, Walter, Age: 37 yrs, bur. 1978-10-18, Plot: MASONIC-*-25A-002-0029
LABBE, Alphonse Joseph, bur. 1976-03-11, Plot: JONES-*-34-*-0523
LABBE, Alphonse Joseph, bur. 1976-03-11, Plot: JONES-*-34-*-0523
LABBY, John, d. 1930-03-12, Plot: HORNE2-*-05-008-0010
LABDEN, (Baby), Age: Stillborn, bur. 1920-02-02, Plot: OLD-5-05-018-0003
LABELLE, Arthur L., d. 1932-10-22, Plot: HORNE2-*-05-039-0015
LABELLE, George, Age: 37 yrs, b. Montreal, d. 1959-04-11 Vancouver, bur. 1959-04-15, Plot: KP-*-*-014R-0009
LABELLE, Joseph Oliverier, d. 1949-08-30, Plot: OLD-2-01-024-0016A
LABELLE, Joseph Paul Emil, bur. 1980-01-09, Plot: ABRAY-*-21-020-0004
LABELLE, Nellie L., d. 1918-11-13, Plot: JONES-*-37-046-0008
LABELLE, Zida, d. 1928-12-23, Plot: HORNE2-*-04-045-0007
LABERGE, (Baby), Age: Stillborn, bur. 1959-10-31, Plot: JONES-*-18-016-0004
LABERGE, Edmund, d. 1913-05-07, Plot: JONES-*-07-004-0011
LABERGE, Roberta Eardistena, bur. 1988-11-24, Plot: HORNE1-2-01-009-0006
LABINE, Clifford, d. 1952-08-08, Plot: JONES-*-36-012-0008A
LABINE, John Vincent, bur. 1983-03-17, Plot: JONES-*-36-012-0008A
LABISH, David Marion, Age: 36 yrs, bur. 1983-10-17, Plot: MASONIC-*-*-024-0008A
LABISH, Walter Ladimer, Age: 64 yrs, bur. 1982-07-30, Plot: MASONIC-*-*-024-0008A
LABLE, Arthur, bur. 1975-06-09, Plot: ABRAY-*-03-*-1716
LABOBE, Mary Ann, bur. 1976-08-25, Plot: JONES-*-30-*-1161
LABOCAN, Norman "O'Grady, Elmer Michael", "Lager, John", Age: 48 yrs, d. 1971-01-28 Vancouver, bur. 1971-11-21, Plot: OLD-5-05-*-1788
LABOIE, Edward J., bur. 1982-08-04, Plot: HORNE2-*-06-*-0829
LABONTE, Gilbert, Age: 54 yrs, bur. 1977-05-13, Plot: ABRAY-*-21-*-0155
LABORT, Sam, Age: 71 yrs, bur. 1972-08-14, Plot: JONES-*-06-*-0480
LABOSO, Mark, d. 1922-05-25, Plot: 1919-*-C-034-0014
LABOUCANE, William Joseph Jerome, Age: 67 yrs, bur. 1977-11-24, Plot: ABRAY-*-18-*-0290
LABOWSKI, William, bur. 1967-06-27, Plot: OLD-2-03-*-0523
LABOYNE, (Baby), Age: Stillborn, bur. 1923-03-14, Plot: OLD-5-05-023-0013
LABOYRIE, Alma, bur. 1973-11-22, Plot: JONES-*-31-*-0152
LABOYRIE, Alphonse, bur. 1975-08-06, Plot: JONES-*-31-*-0152
LABRECHE, Jean Paul, bur. 1991-06-13, Plot: JONES-*-01-025A-0014 (118)
LABREE, Julia Arlene, bur. 1989-02-24, Plot: OLD-5-05-014-0001A
LABRIE, (Baby), Age: Stillborn, bur. 1960-11-30, Plot: JONES-*-18-015-0012
LABRIE, Charles E., d. 1963-12-25, Plot: JONES-*-14-006A-0003 (378)
LABRIE, Donald Wesley, bur. 1973-05-18, Plot: ABRAY-*-07-*-1165
LABRIE, Janet, Age: 68 yrs, b. England, d. 1960-06-01 Vancouver, bur. 1960-07-26, Plot: MASONIC-*-10A-007-0003
LABRIE, Patrick Joseph Felix, Age: 83 yrs, bur. 1977-03-18, Plot: ABRAY-*-21-*-0078
LABRIE, Telesphone, Age: 63 yrs, b. Quebec, d. 1958-01-03 Vancouver, bur. 1958-03-11, Plot: MASONIC-*-10A-007-0003
LABROVIC, Roko, Age: 66 yrs, d. 1998-12-24 Vancouver, bur. 1999-02-01, Plot: OLD-5-05-024-0010
LACAILLE, (Baby), d. 1909-07-09, Plot: HORNE1-2-03-020-0002
LACAILLE, (Baby), d. 1916-02-20, Plot: HORNE1-2-03-020-0002
LACAILLE, Andre Ones, Age: 53 yrs, bur. 1987-12-14, Plot: MASONIC-*-*-024-0009A
LACAILLE, Edward, d. 1926-02-24, Plot: HORNE1-2-03-020-0002
LACAMBES, Emil, d. 1955-02-03, Plot: OLD-3-03-022-0013
LACASSE, George, d. 1938-02-05, Plot: JONES-*-22-015-0012
LACAVERA, Barbara, bur. 1982-06-08, Plot: JONES-*-12-007-0008
LACELLE, Ezra Benjamin, d. 1945-06-09, Plot: ABRAY-*-12-009-0003 (66)
LACELLE, Grace, d. 1949-02-12, Plot: ABRAY-*-12-009-0004 (66)
LACELLES, Mary Anne (Anastasia), bur. 1982-11-22, Plot: HORNE2-*-03-*-0398
LACEY, (Baby), Age: Stillborn, bur. 1916-10-15, Plot: OLD-5-04-011-0001
LACEY, (Baby), Age: Stillborn, bur. 1922-07-21, Plot: OLD-5-05-V-0012
LACEY, Charles, d. 1919-02-15, Plot: OLD-5-05-013-0012
LACEY, Dorothy Elizabeth, Age: 91 yrs, b. 1901-mm-dd, d. 1992-mm-dd Vancouver, BC, bur. 1992-09-03, Plot: ABRAY-*-10-023-0008 (304)
LACEY, Edith Ann, d. 1951-05-12, Plot: HORNE1-4-01-020-0012
LACEY, Ethel Doris, bur. 1984-01-12, Plot: 1919-*-*-*-0329
LACEY, Fanny, Age: 90 yrs, b. 1855-07-09 England, d. 1945-12-29 Vancouver, BC, bur. 1946-01-04, Plot: ABRAY-*-10-023-0008 (304)
LACEY, Frank H., d. 1958-05-07, Plot: HORNE1-4-01-005R-0003 (357)
LACEY, Harry, d. 1927-08-09, Plot: HORNE2-*-04-019-0007
LACEY, John Henry, Age: 87 yrs, b. 1898-mm-dd, d. 1985-08-dd Vancouver, BC, bur. 1985-08-27, Plot: ABRAY-*-10-023-0008 (304)
LACEY, Joseph Thomas, d. 1920-07-27, Plot: 1919-*-B-020-0007
LACEY, Joseph, d. 1930-11-29, Plot: HORNE2-*-06-012-0010
LACEY, Martin Smith, d. 1921-11-16, Plot: 1919-*-B-048-0014
LACEY, Mary Margaret, d. 1950-08-24, Plot: ABRAY-*-15-073-0015 (1105)
LACEY, Maud, d. 1950-09-25, Plot: HORNE1-4-01-020-0009
LACEY, Rebecca, d. 1927-11-11, Plot: HORNE1-4-01-020-0010
LACEY, William R., d. 1922-03-31, Plot: OLD-2-01-006-0016
LACEY, William, d. 1905-05-01, Plot: HORNE1-4-01-020-0011
LACH, Emma, d. 1951-01-14, Plot: ABRAY-*-15-012-0015 (92)
LACHANCE, Emery, d. 1950-06-24, Plot: OLD-3-03-021-0005
LACHANCE, Eugene Joel, Age: 81 yrs, b. 1917-02-22, d. 1995-11-29, bur. 1996-05-13, Plot: HORNE1-2-01-001R-0013 (315)
LACHANCE, John Adolphus, Age: 59 yrs, b. 1923-10-24, d. 1982-09-22, bur. 1982-09-27, Plot: HORNE1-2-01-001R-0013 (315)
LaCHANCE, Loretta A. "Laura", Age: 32 yrs, b. 1886-01-29, d. 1918-07-30, Plot: JONES-*-47-028-0008
LACHANCE, Virginie Stella, bur. 1982-01-19, Plot: HORNE1-2-01-001R-0014 (316)
LACHANCE, Wilfred William, Age: 59 yrs, bur. 1975-05-23, Plot: ABRAY-*-12-*-0767
LACHANCE, William Eugene, bur. 1973-10-27, Plot: HORNE1-2-01-001R-0014 (316)
LACHAPELLE, Omer, bur. 1982-02-12, Plot: HORNE2-*-14-*-0300
LACHAPELLE, Patrice Philemon, bur. 1969-08-06, Plot: OLD-5-04-*-1820
LACHARITE, Paty, d. 1960-06-03, Plot: OLD-5-04-024-0004
LACHECK, (Baby), Age: Stillborn, bur. 1921-02-09, Plot: OLD-5-05-018-0009
LACHELT, Adolf, Age: 74 yrs, bur. 1986-07-31, Plot: MASONIC-*-*-*-0007
LACHELT, Else, Age: 66 yrs, bur. 1983-01-29, Plot: MASONIC-*-*-*-0006
LACHEUR, Douglas H., d. 1952-05-30, Plot: ABRAY-*-10-007-0004 (48)
LACHIVER, Francois, bur. 1990-01-26, Plot: JONES-*-06-016-0001
LACHNIK, George, Age: 46 yrs, b. 1933-03-10, d. 1979-08-04, bur. 1979-08-09, Plot: JONES-*-38-*-1772
LACHOWYCH, Alexander, Age: 76 yrs, bur. 1964-07-22, Plot: HORNE1-1-01-*-0147
LACKEF, (Baby), Age: Stillborn, bur. 1949-05-31, Plot: JONES-*-18-014-0003
LACKEY, Robert Smiley, Age: 71 yrs, bur. 1976-12-15, Plot: MASONIC-*-24A-001-0012
LACKIE, Mildred Norma, bur. 1969-08-13, Plot: HORNE2-*-01-001-0016 (44)
LACKMAY, Abraham, Age: 71 yrs, b. Russia, d. 1961-02-20 Vancouver, bur. 1961-02-24, Plot: KP-*-*-005R-0013
LACKY, John, bur. 1987-06-04, Plot: JONES-*-01-025A-0015 (119)
LACKYER, Alexander, d. 1945-04-02, Plot: OLD-4-03-007-0016A
LACOLLA, Antonio, d. 1911-12-02, Plot: JONES-*-09-013-0004
LACOM, Edmund, Age: 34 yrs, b. Ontario, d. 1911-09-28 Vernon, BC, bur. 1911-10-03, Plot: JONES-*-01-014-0009
LACOMBE, Paul, d. 1929-12-25, Plot: JONES-*-23-020-0016
LACOMBE, Simon, Age: 21 yrs, b. 1976-02-07, bur. 1997-07-10, Plot: 1919-*-*-*-1537
LACOUMENTAS, (Baby Girl), bur. 1971-03-26, Plot: JONES-*-18-016-0009A
LACOURCIERE, Frank Guy, bur. 1986-06-12, Plot: HORNE2-*-10-*-1821
LACOURSE, Rene Albert, bur. 1985-06-13, Plot: HORNE2-*-04-*-0599
LACOURSIERE, Romeo, d. 1948-10-02, Plot: OLD-5-02-017-0001A
LACOUVEE, Nellie Louise, Age: 86 yrs, b. British Columbia, d. 1999-08-27 Burnaby, BC, bur. 1999-12-16, Plot: HORNE2-*-11-*-0254
LACOUVEE, Robert Alfred Rodolphe, bur. 1988-11-15, Plot: HORNE2-*-11-*-0255
LACROIX, (Baby), Age: Stillborn, bur. 1934-10-31, Plot: JONES-*-18-006-0007
LACROIX, Albert "Caret, Joseph E.A.", bur. 1986-03-24, Plot: HORNE2-*-09-*-1897
LACROIX, Jerome Lionel, Age: 59 yrs, bur. 1985-07-31, Plot: MASONIC-*-29A-002-0006
LACROIX, Joseph Oscar, bur. 1971-04-16, Plot: OLD-5-05-*-1795
LACTERMAN, (Baby), b. Vancouver, BC, d. 1919-06-23 Vancouver. BC, bur. 1919-06-26, Plot: OLD-1-06-008-0010
LACTERMAN, Abraham, Age: 2 mos, b. 1917-08-14 Vancouver, BC, d. 1917-10-21 Vancouver, BC, bur. 1917-10-22, Plot: OLD-1-06-003-0011
LACTERMAN, Sarah, Age: 24 yrs, b. Vancouver, d. 1929-09-05 Vancouver, bur. 1929-09-06, Plot: OLD-1-06-019-0003
LACTIEN, William, d. 1961-04-07, Plot: JONES-*-41R-006R-0001 (28)
LADDS, Ellis Ellwood, bur. 1958-09-01, Plot: JONES-*-12-006-0011
LADDS, Ellis Eugene, Age: 59 yrs, bur. 1976-01-23, Plot: MASONIC-*-23A-005-0010
LADDS, Ethel Mary, bur. 1989-10-17, Plot: HORNE1-2-02-003R-0009 (244)
LADDS, George Wood F., d. 1959-12-09, Plot: HORNE1-2-02-003R-0011 (246)
LADDS, Harold Woodford, bur. 1984-03-02, Plot: HORNE1-2-02-003R-0010 (245)
LADDS, Lauretta, d. 1961-10-08, Plot: HORNE1-2-02-003R-0011 (246)
LADDS, Olga Bertina, bur. 1989-02-07, Plot: HORNE1-2-02-003R-0012 (247)
LADE, Dorothy E., d. 1919-09-16, Plot: JONES-*-*-147B-0001
LADHA, Nurali Hussein, Age: 63 yrs, bur. 1975-05-09, Plot: JONES-*-0-*-1408
LADHAR, (Baby Girl), d. 1963-06-23, bur. 1963-07-02, Plot: JONES-*-18-014-0013
LADILLIOS, Joseph, d. 1952-02-28, Plot: OLD-3-01-015-0005
LADNER, (Baby), Age: Stillborn, bur. 1954-11-30, Plot: JONES-*-12-005-0003
LADNER, (Baby), d. 1908-05-06, Plot: HORNE1-1-03-010-0016
LADNER, Alex (Laszlo), bur. 1980-06-23, Plot: JONES-*-38-*-1695
LADNER, Jeanne, Age: 84 yrs, bur. 1977-07-13, Plot: MASONIC-*-*-173-0001
LADNER, Leon J., d. 1913-04-14, Plot: JONES-*-30-026-0001
LADNER, Leon Johnson, Age: 93 yrs, b. 1884-mm-dd, d. 1978-04-dd Vancouver, BC, bur. 1978-04-15, Plot: MASONIC-*-*-173-0002
LADNER, Minnie Elizabeth, Age: 66 yrs, b. California, d. 1935-05-31 California, bur. 1935-06-05, Plot: MASONIC-*-*-173-0015
LADNER, Russell T., bur. 1967-05-02, Plot: JONES-*-12-007-0003
LADNER, Thomas Ellis, Age: 85 yrs, b. England, d. 1922-04-24 Vancouver, bur. 1922-04-26, Plot: MASONIC-*-*-173-0016
LADOBRUK, Gerald Arthur, Age: 45 yrs, d. 1998-12-03 Vancouver, bur. 1998-12-22, Plot: HORNE2-*-06-037-0010-2
LADOS, Nick, bur. 1930-02-05, Plot: JONES-*-23-020-0014
LADOUCEUR, John, Age: 69 yrs, b. Montreal, d. 1950-02-28 Vancouver, bur. 1950-03-04, Plot: HORNE1-5-01-021-0008A
LADOUCEUR, Kevin Eric, Age: 34 yrs, b. 1955-09-14, d. 1990-08-13, bur. 1990-08-27, Plot: OLD-5-03-K-0008
LADOUCEUR, Leo, bur. 1975-07-17, Plot: JONES-*-29-*-0498
LADRET, Alfred Maxmillan, bur. 1972-12-22, Plot: ABRAY-*-02-*-1334
LADRET, Dalbert (Jamieson David), Age: 39 yrs, bur. 1972-10-03, Plot: ABRAY-*-10-*-0883
LADRET, Donald, bur. 1991-06-13, Plot: JONES-*-01-025A-0014 (118)
LADUBEC, Robert Edward, bur. 1971-12-30, Plot: HORNE1-1-05-*-0225
LADYK, Stephen, d. 1957-11-13, bur. 1957-11-18, Plot: OLD-5-04-002-0005
LAENG, Ernest, bur. 1970-07-08, Plot: OLD-5-04-*-1961
LAFAVER, Gaylord Robert, bur. 1989-06-13, Plot: JONES-*-47-*-1997
LAFAYETTE, Beatrice Bertha, Age: 70 yrs, bur. 1978-03-10, Plot: IOOF-*-*-*-0377
LAFFIN, Christian Hennigar, bur. 1964-10-01, Plot: JONES-*-12-006-0016
LAFFIN, Joseph, d. 1944-06-06, Plot: JONES-*-07-020-0008A
LAFFU, Dorothy, d. 1922-11-30, Plot: 1919-*-C-017-0005
LAFLAMME, Berthe, bur. 1976-07-06, Plot: JONES-*-27-*-1258
LAFLAMME, Romeo, bur. 1975-03-14, Plot: JONES-*-26-*-0178
LAFLECHE, Eugene, d. 1951-12-15, Plot: ABRAY-*-20-003-0003
LAFLECHE, George Louis, bur. 1987-06-04, Plot: JONES-*-01-025A-0015 (119)
LAFLECHE, George, bur. 1987-06-04, Plot: JONES-*-01-025A-0013 (117)
LAFLECHE, Juliette Yvone, bur. 1986-02-27, Plot: HORNE2-*-12-*-0132
LAFLEUR, (Baby), Age: Stillborn, bur. 1948-07-31, Plot: JONES-*-18-024-0014
LAFLEUR, Edwin S., bur. 1972-11-16, Plot: JONES-*-12-007-0005
LAFLEUR, Mary, d. 1949-09-13, Plot: OLD-2-01-016-0001A
LAFLING, Annie, d. 1934-05-04, Plot: HORNE2-*-07-015-0003 (175)
LAFLUER, Rose, d. 1939-01-10, Plot: JONES-*-03-023-0005
LAFONTAINE, Albert, d. 1948-09-14, Plot: HORNE1-1-04-010-0009A
LAFONTAINE, Harold Raymond, Age: 61 yrs, bur. 1979-02-13, Plot: MASONIC-*-25A-002-0032
LAFONTAINE, Hazel, bur. 1971-02-26, Plot: OLD-5-05-*-1742
LAFONTAINE, Joseph Wilfred Ernest, bur. 1980-02-26, Plot: JONES-*-47-*-1876
LAFONTAINE, Robert Donat, bur. 1970-08-19, Plot: OLD-5-04-*-1810
LAFONTAINE, Shirley Florence, bur. 1970-01-30, Plot: OLD-5-04-*-2187
LAFONTAN, Leontine, Age: 86 yrs, bur. 1977-08-11, Plot: KP-*-*-022-0009
LAFORTE, Felix Joseph, bur. 1972-08-30, Plot: OLD-4-03-*-1373
LAFORTUNE, Alexander, d. 1958-04-07, bur. 1958-04-11, Plot: OLD-5-04-019-0011
LAFORTUNE, Jane Ellen, bur. 1971-08-17, Plot: JONES-*-12-007-0005
LAFRAMBOISE, John, Age: 52 yrs, bur. 1993-01-06, Plot: IOOF-*-*-*-0733
LAFRAMBOISE, Joseph Antoine Hector, bur. 1976-12-09, Plot: JONES-*-30-*-1143
LAFRAMBOISE, Peter, d. 1916-12-15, Plot: OLD-5-04-S-0005
LAFRENIER, Maurice Jean, bur. 1983-01-17, Plot: HORNE2-*-13-*-0358
LAFRENIERE, (Baby), Age: Stillborn, bur. 1948-01-31, Plot: JONES-*-18-007-0004
LAFROUTI, Hector L., d. 1898-08-14, Plot: OLD-3-02-010-0016
LAGACE, Richard Victor, bur. 1979-01-10, Plot: 1919-*-*-*-0733
LAGAMBINA, (Baby Boy), bur. 1966-06-22, Plot: JONES-*-18-006-0008
LAGANIERE, Joseph Chrles Winceslas, bur. 1982-10-01, Plot: HORNE2-*-04-*-0441
LAGELL, Ethel, d. 1920-03-18, Plot: JONES-*-24-015-0014
LAGENDYK, (Baby), Age: Stillborn, bur. 1960-05-31, Plot: JONES-*-18-016-0008
LAGERBERG, Jack, Age: 79 yrs, bur. 1973-01-12, Plot: JONES-*-15-*-0849
LAGERKVIST, Karl Emil, bur. 1955-07-01, Plot: JONES-*-12-006-0001
LAGERSTROM, Verner, d. 1931-07-26, Plot: JONES-*-23-013-0001
LAGORRA, Sergio, Age: 54 yrs, bur. 1981-06-08, Plot: IOOF-*-*-*-0668
LAGROIS, Delphis Henri, Age: 68 yrs, bur. 1974-07-10, Plot: JONES-*-24-*-1175
LAH, Joseph, Age: 62 yrs, b. Yugoslavia, d. 1991-11-27 Vancouver, bur. 1995-05-01, Plot: JONES-*-47-*-1972-04
LAHANA, Vaino, Age: 85 yrs, bur. 1987-02-27, Plot: MASONIC-*-29A-002-0031
LAHENY, Jessie Elizabeth, Age: 26 yrs, b. Ontarion, bur. 1924-02-16, Plot: 1919-*-C-006-0009
LAHM, Jane Thomson, d. 1965-04-09, Plot: HORNE1-2-03-*-0311
LAHTE, (Baby), Age: Stillborn, bur. 1949-03-31, Plot: JONES-*-18-014-0014
LAHTI, George Karl, Age: 70 yrs, d. 1970-06-22 Vancouver, bur. 1971-06-30, Plot: 1919-*-*-*-2285
LAHTI, Gus., bur. 1953-11-09, Plot: ABRAY-*-21-030-0004
LAHTI, John William, bur. 1958-09-01, Plot: JONES-*-12-006-0011
LAHTI, Victor, d. 1936-10-02, Plot: JONES-*-22-001-0008
LAHTINEN, John, d. 1906-05-31, Plot: OLD-4-02-022-0012
LAHTINEN, Waino, bur. 1952-02-28, Plot: JONES-*-12-006-0006
LAHUCIK, Anna, Age: 79 yrs, bur. 1979-03-23, Plot: IOOF-*-*-*-0265
LAHUCIK, John, Age: 75 yrs, bur. 1977-05-18, Plot: MASONIC-*-24A-002-0030
LAHUE, Richard Martin, Age: 78 yrs, bur. 1970-10-07, Plot: ABRAY-*-18-*-0327
LAI, (Baby Girl), bur. 1993-08-27, Plot: JONES-*-01-025A-0014 (118)
LAI, Ah-kwan (Maria), bur. 1985-02-11, Plot: JONES-*-34-004-0009A
LAI, Bing Ho (Benny), bur. 1966-08-16, Plot: OLD-1-04-*-0255
LAI, Chanh Nhan, bur. 1994-12-09, Plot: OLD-4-03-020-0001A
LAI, Chen Sit, d. 1939-11-02, Plot: OLD-5-06-C-0016A
LAI, Chow, d. 1958-04-30, Plot: OLD-4-04-005R-0008 (364)
LAI, Choy, d. 1925-12-10, Plot: OLD-5-06-012-0001
LAI, Dang Lin, d. 1919-01-22, Plot: OLD-3-06-002-0009
LAI, Fong Po Yuk, Age: 71 yrs, bur. 1980-06-16, Plot: IOOF-*-*-*-0371
LAI, Foo, d. 1936-05-29, Plot: JONES-*-19-017-0006
LAI, Fook Kong, d. 1936-07-21, Plot: JONES-*-19-015-0014
LAI, Gee Kwong, d. 1951-03-12, Plot: OLD-6-02-004-0012 (28)
LAI, Jan, d. 1935-05-19, bur. 1958-05-19, Plot: JONES-*-19-013-0002
LAI, Kan Yen, d. 1943-03-04, Plot: JONES-*-20-008-0001
LAI, Kee, Age: 83 yrs, bur. 1990-05-11, Plot: IOOF-*-*-*-0370
LAI, Kin, d. 1914-12-05, Plot: OLD-3-04-013-0010
LAI, Lan Maria, Age: 73 yrs, bur. 1982-03-16, Plot: JONES-*-02-*-0129
LAI, Mow, d. 1945-05-06, Plot: JONES-*-21-019-0014
LAI, Newborn, bur. 1993-08-27, Plot: JONES-*-01-025A-0014 (118)
LAI, Nuey Sin (Jang Nuey Sin), bur. 1977-11-16, Plot: OLD-4-05-*-1330
LAI, Pui Lam, Age: 64 yrs, bur. 1981-10-24, Plot: MASONIC-*-27A-002-0019
LAI, Sam, d. 1946-11-29, Plot: JONES-*-21-011-0009A
LAI, Shee, d. 1944-07-19, Plot: JONES-*-21-017-0007
LAI, Shew Dock, bur. 1967-09-15, Plot: OLD-2-04-*-0409
LAI, Si Young, d. 1965-11-01, Plot: OLD-4-05-*-1324
LAI, Sik Him, Age: 92 yrs, bur. 1978-03-22, Plot: JONES-*-13-*-0203
LAI, Sing (Li John Shing), bur. 1971-07-29, Plot: OLD-4-06-*-1293
LAI, Sing, d. 1913-11-24, Plot: OLD-3-04-009-0015
LAI, Tong Swoon, d. 1939-03-01, Plot: OLD-3-04-010-0001A
LAI, Wai K., bur. 1961-07-01, Plot: JONES-*-12-006-0014
LAI, Wing Wong, bur. 1994-02-04, Plot: 1919-*-*-*-1617
LAI, Wing, d. 1961-11-22, Plot: OLD-2-04-016R-0001 (158)
LAI, Yim, d. 1942-12-09, Plot: JONES-*-20-009-0014
LAI, Yook Fong, d. 1961-06-04, Plot: OLD-4-02-006R-0016
LAI, Yung Ngai, Age: 80 yrs, bur. 1988-09-26, Plot: MASONIC-*-23A-001-0007
LAI, Yut Kee, d. 1953-08-15, Plot: JONES-*-18-012-0002
LAIDLAW, (Baby), d. 1907-10-22, Plot: OLD-5-02-014-0007
LAIDLAW, Agnes Edith, Age: 79 yrs, bur. 1974-09-13, Plot: MASONIC-*-*-052-0010
LAIDLAW, Agnes Waldie, Age: 84 yrs, b. Scotland, d. 1918-06-12 Vancouver, bur. 1918-06-14, Plot: MASONIC-*-*-052-0011
LAIDLAW, Andrew, d. 1890-12-06, Plot: OLD-2-01-002-0005
LAIDLAW, Andrew, d. 1937-05-07, bur. 1937-05-10, Plot: JONES-*-0-051-0007
LAIDLAW, Archibald James Waldie, Age: 50 yrs, b. Ontario, d. 1920-12-06 Vancouver, bur. 1920-12-08, Plot: MASONIC-*-*-052-0006
LAIDLAW, Arthur, Age: 51 yrs, b. Scotland, d. 1918-09-05 Vancouver, bur. 1918-09-07, Plot: IOOF-*-*-025-0007
LAIDLAW, Battie Turner, Age: 86 yrs, b. Connecticut, d. 1952-01-07 Vancouver, bur. 1952-01-10, Plot: IOOF-*-*-025-0008
LAIDLAW, Clara Calloway, d. 1960-06-10, bur. 1960-06-10, Plot: JONES-*-0-051-0007
LAIDLAW, Clifford Archibald, Age: 22 yrs, b. BC, d. 1923-07-06 Vancouver, bur. 1923-07-07, Plot: MASONIC-*-*-052-0005
LAIDLAW, Cyril Charles, bur. 1978-12-27, Plot: ABRAY-*-02-018-0001
LAIDLAW, Frances Linda, Age: 44 yrs, b. England, d. 1931-08-23 Vancouver, bur. 1931-08-26, Plot: MASONIC-*-*-052-0009
LAIDLAW, Helen Dora, Age: 76 yrs, b. England, d. 1949-04-19 Vancouver, bur. 1949-04-22, Plot: MASONIC-*-*-052-0004
LAIDLAW, James, d. 1939-05-26, Plot: JONES-*-0-052-0009A
LAIDLAW, James, d. 1948-02-02, Plot: HORNE2-*-07-039-0008 (516)
LAIDLAW, John E. B., Age: 66 yrs, b. Ontario, d. 1939-10-10 Essondale, BC, bur. 1939-10-13, Plot: MASONIC-*-*-052-0003
LAIDLAW, John Scott, Age: 77 yrs, b. Scotland, d. 1907-04-10 Vancouver, bur. 1907-04-13, Plot: MASONIC-*-*-052-0012
LAIDLAW, Martha Buella, Age: 88 yrs, bur. 1965-04-14, Plot: MASONIC-*-*-052-0007
LAIDLAW, Robert Alexander, Age: 90 yrs, bur. 1969-09-23, Plot: MASONIC-*-*-052-0009
LAIDLAW, Susan Maud, d. 1939-07-18, Plot: HORNE2-*-07-039-0008 (516)
LAIDLAW, Sydney G., d. 1955-01-18, Plot: ABRAY-*-05-026-0013
LAIDLAW, Wallace Herbert, d. 1919-05-04, Plot: JONES-*-45-008-0011
LAIDLAW, Walter Field, Age: 65 yrs, b. Scotland, d. 1940-12-21 Vancouver, BC, bur. 1940-12-24, Plot: HORNE2-*-14-020-0010
LAIDLEY, Daniel H., d. 1945-10-17, Plot: ABRAY-*-10-044-0014 (604)
LAIDLEY, J. LeRoy, Age: 21 yrs, b. Ontario, d. 1910-07-09, bur. 1910-07-11, Plot: HORNE1-0-04-003-0012
LAIDLEY, Lois Beatrice, d. 1932-02-03, Plot: HORNE2-*-05-033-0008
LAIDLEY, Mary Ann, d. 1953-07-23, Plot: ABRAY-*-10-044-0014 (604)
LAIDLEY, Myrtle, Age: 52 yrs, b. Ontario, d. 1938-04-06 Vancouver, bur. 1938-04-09, Plot: MASONIC-*-*-180-0010
LAIKOVIC, Joseph, bur. 1966-08-17, Plot: HORNE1-5-03-*-1174
LAIL, Maluk, bur. 1987-06-04, Plot: JONES-*-01-025A-0015 (119)
LAILEY, Agnes Cecelia, d. 1949-03-08, Plot: JONES-*-0-051-0011
LAINE, Edla Wilhelmina, bur. 1975-02-14, Plot: HORNE1-3-01-005A-0016 (100)
LAINE, Hugo, d. 1921-03-20, Plot: OLD-5-05-002-0006
LAINE, John, d. 1957-06-16, Plot: HORNE1-3-01-005A-0016 (100)
LAINE, Leo., d. 1914-01-30, Plot: JONES-*-28-016-0001
LAING, (Baby), Age: 1 day, bur. 1924-08-12, Plot: OLD-5-05-023-0006
LAING, (Baby), Age: Stillborn, bur. 1919-12-30, Plot: OLD-5-05-018-0002
LAING, (Baby), Age: Stillborn, bur. 1928-01-31, Plot: OLD-5-06-005-0007
LAING, (Baby), Age: Stillborn, bur. 1957-10-31, Plot: JONES-*-18-025-0012
LAING, Albert, d. Edmonton, AB, bur. 1942-09-04, Plot: MASONIC-*-*-041-0004
LAING, Catherine Stewart, bur. 1979-04-19, Plot: JONES-*-38-*-1707
LAING, Colina A. C., d. 1945-06-16, Plot: HORNE1-5-01-018-0006
LAING, Constance, d. 1962-10-18, Plot: OLD-4-01-006R-0007 (113)
LAING, David, Age: 63 yrs, b. Scotland, d. 1916-08-12 Lynn Valley, BC, bur. 1916-08-16, Plot: MASONIC-*-*-129-0007
LAING, Doris Layton, Age: 40 yrs, bur. 1975-02-28, Plot: MASONIC-*-23A-003-0023
LAING, Eli H., d. 1960-03-13, Plot: HORNE1-2-01-003R-0009 (293)
LAING, Emily Martha, Age: 45 yrs, b. Ontario, d. 1920-11-03 Vancouver, bur. 1920-11-04, Plot: MASONIC-*-*-041-0003
LAING, Frederick William, bur. 1948-11-22, Plot: HORNE1-5-01-018-0007
LAING, George Alex., Age: 41 yrs, b. Ontario, d. 1912-05-07 Vancouver, bur. 1912-05-08, Plot: MASONIC-*-*-041-0002
LAING, George, Age: 81 yrs, b. Ontario, d. 1934-04-10 Vancouver, bur. 1934-04-13, Plot: MASONIC-*-*-041-0002
LAING, George, d. 1932-04-29, Plot: JONES-*-23-012-0009
LAING, Gordon Bennett, d. 1943-08-30, Plot: HORNE1-2-01-022-0001
LAING, Harvey John, Age: 64 yrs, bur. 1975-02-24, Plot: MASONIC-*-23A-003-0020
LAING, Ida May, d. 1948-03-12, Plot: HORNE1-2-01-022-0002
LAING, Jean H., bur. 1962-07-01, Plot: JONES-*-12-006-0015
LAING, Jennie, d. 1923-05-29, Plot: JONES-*-09-020-0009
LAING, Joan A., Age: 61 yrs, bur. 1975-08-08, Plot: MASONIC-*-17A-012-0006
LAING, Lelia Muriel, bur. 1988-11-03, Plot: HORNE1-5-01-018-0008
LAING, Leonard Bromley, bur. 1984-04-16, Plot: HORNE2-*-14-*-0310
LAING, Lionel Hassell, bur. 1972-04-06, Plot: HORNE1-5-01-018-0008
LAING, Margaret, d. 1960-03-29, Plot: HORNE1-2-03-004R-0014 (205)
LAING, Marion B., d. 1949-12-01, Plot: JONES-*-40-013-0003
LAING, Marjorie Colina, Age: 6 yrs, b. Nelson, BC, d. 1907-03-22 Vancouver, bur. 1907-03-23, Plot: HORNE1-5-01-018-0005
LAING, Marjory, Age: 94 yrs, bur. 1982-12-20, Plot: MASONIC-*-*-062-0009A
LAING, Pearlene Sigrid, bur. 1976-01-12, Plot: JONES-*-41-*-0969
LAING, Robert William, d. 1965-12-28, Plot: HORNE1-4-01-*-0770
LAING, Ronald Ingram, Age: 55 yrs, bur. 1967-09-22, Plot: MASONIC-*-17A-012-0006
LAING, Ronald, Age: 88 yrs, bur. 1984-07-28, Plot: MASONIC-*-*-062-0008A
LAING, Russell Ronald, Age: 63 yrs, b. New Waterford, NS, d. 1996-02-18 Richmond, BC, bur. 1996-02-28, Plot: OLD-2-03-*-0617
LAING, Thomas M., d. 1915-08-07, Plot: JONES-*-40-013-0004
LAING, Thomas, d. 1951-10-01, Plot: JONES-*-40-013-0002
LAING, William George, d. 1918-10-15, bur. 1918-10-17, Plot: JONES-*-29-020-0003
LAING, William James, d. 1964-01-28, Plot: OLD-4-01-006R-0007 (113)
LAING, William, d. 1900-02-25, Plot: OLD-4-01-002-0008
LAING, William, d. 1911-09-09, Plot: JONES-*-09-020-0010
LAIRD, (Baby), Age: Stillborn, bur. 1921-06-13, Plot: OLD-5-05-018-0012
LAIRD, (Baby), Age: Stillborn, bur. 1924-07-11, Plot: OLD-5-05-023-0005
LAIRD, (Baby), Age: Stillborn, bur. 1948-04-30, Plot: JONES-*-18-004-0013
LAIRD, (Baby), Age: Stillborn, bur. 1948-11-30, Plot: JONES-*-18-017-0014
LAIRD, (Baby), Age: Stillborn, bur. 1953-03-31, Plot: JONES-*-12-004-0012
LAIRD, A., d. 1898-11-23, Plot: OLD-4-01-022-0004
LAIRD, Albert Alexander, Age: 70 yrs, bur. 1978-12-21, Plot: JONES-*-10-*-1298
LAIRD, Alex (Baby), Age: Stillborn, bur. 1925-12-15, Plot: OLD-5-05-024-0007
LAIRD, Alexander, d. 1935-06-19, Plot: HORNE2-*-09-043-0004
LAIRD, Annie, d. 1939-08-07, Plot: HORNE2-*-09-043-0014
LAIRD, Arleigh Jane, bur. 1994-07-22, Plot: HORNE2-*-09-043-0014
LAIRD, Bernice, bur. 1990-09-27, Plot: HORNE2-*-09-043-0014
LAIRD, Cumming W., d. 1927-04-19, Plot: HORNE2-*-04-017-0010
LAIRD, David, Age: 88 yrs, bur. 1987-11-03, Plot: IOOF-*-*-*-0966
LAIRD, Della F., bur. 1960-02-01, Plot: JONES-*-12-006-0012
LAIRD, Edna Jean, d. 1947-02-22, Plot: OLD-4-01-022-0001
LAIRD, Francis McLane, bur. 1988-12-02, Plot: JONES-*-47-029-0009
LAIRD, Henry, d. 1962-05-16, Plot: HORNE1-5-04-004R-0004 (791)
LAIRD, Jean Brown, Age: 67 yrs, bur. 1973-04-28, Plot: JONES-*-10-*-1298
LAIRD, Jeanette C., bur. 1956-07-01, Plot: JONES-*-12-006-0009
LAIRD, Jeanette Cruickshand "Janette", Age: 88 yrs, bur. 1985-12-24, Plot: IOOF-*-*-*-0967
LAIRD, Mary Elizabeth, Age: 48 yrs, bur. 1965-02-05, Plot: MASONIC-*-22A-003-0006
LAIRD, Mary Loane, d. 1910-09-25, Plot: OLD-4-01-022-0003
LAIRD, Robert Cochrane, Age: 55 yrs, bur. 1968-06-25, Plot: MASONIC-*-22A-003-0006
LAIRD, Robert Scott, bur. 1968-07-08, Plot: HORNE2-*-09-043-0014
LAIRD, Rosara, d. 1931-02-22, Plot: OLD-4-01-022-0002
LAIRD, Sarah Carruthers, d. 1947-07-01, Plot: HORNE2-*-09-043-0003
LAIRD, Thomas, d. 1926-02-24, Plot: HORNE2-*-14-014-0001
LAISON, Irene, bur. 1987-06-04, Plot: JONES-*-01-025A-0015 (119)
LAITHWAITE, Albert Boles, Age: 77 yrs, bur. 1992-11-27, Plot: MASONIC-*-06A-009-0003
LAITHWAITE, Christopher, Age: 52 yrs, bur. 1997-04-30, Plot: MASONIC-*-06A-009-0004
LAITINEN, Antti, Age: 48 yrs, b. 1930-02-23, d. 1978-08-02, bur. 1978-08-05, Plot: JONES-*-42-*-0715
LAITINEN, Tauno K., bur. 1968-03-21, Plot: JONES-*-12-007-0003
LAITMAN, Rupert, d. 1925-03-02, Plot: OLD-5-05-024-0003
LAITY, Frances Gwendoline (Hayward), Age: 37 yrs, b. 1929-11-04, d. 1967-08-03, bur. 1967-08-10, Plot: OLD-2-02-*-0603
LAITY, George, d. 1938-06-05, Plot: HORNE2-*-08-033-0016 (504)
LAJEUNESSE, John (John Cyr), bur. 1966-07-18, Plot: OLD-3-01-*-1001
LAJOIE, (Baby), Age: Stillborn, bur. 1948-04-30, Plot: JONES-*-18-004-0013
LAK, Chan, d. 1942-10-01, Plot: OLD-3-04-011-0001A
LAKALA, Jalmar, d. 1955-03-24, Plot: JONES-*-12-014-0011
LAKAO, (Baby), Age: Stillborn, bur. 1921-03-22, Plot: OLD-5-05-018-0010
LAKATOS, Dennes, bur. 1991-05-15, Plot: JONES-*-12-007-0009
LAKE, (Baby), Age: Stillborn, bur. 1936-05-31, Plot: JONES-*-18-005-0015
LAKE, Albert, bur. 1983-09-16, Plot: HORNE2-*-03-*-0557
LAKE, Anna Laura, Age: 77 yrs, d. 1951-05-03, bur. 1951-05-05, Plot: JONES-*-26-012-0004 (122)
LAKE, Dorothy Loretta, bur. 1985-06-11, Plot: JONES-*-26-022-0009 (379)
LAKE, Elizabeth, Age: 83 yrs, b. England, d. 1960-11-21 Vancouver, bur. 1960-11-23, Plot: KP-*-*-005A-0002
LAKE, Emil, bur. 1954-01-01, Plot: JONES-*-12-006-0003
LAKE, Flora May, d. 1955-02-25, Plot: HORNE2-*-10-038-0002
LAKE, Frank Bernard, bur. 1968-02-02, Plot: JONES-*-03-024-0010
LAKE, Frank, bur. 1987-06-04, Plot: JONES-*-01-025A-0015 (119)
LAKE, Herbert, bur. 1950-11-23, Plot: JONES-*-12-006-0008
LAKE, James Alfred, d. 1946-01-09, Plot: ABRAY-*-03-005-0012
LAKE, Jessie, d. 1922-12-08, bur. 1922-12-11, Plot: 1919-*-C-014-0001
LAKE, John, d. 1926-07-05, Plot: OLD-5-03-011-0012
LAKE, Mary, bur. 1964-06-02, Plot: JONES-*-03-024-0009
LAKE, Pauline (Baby), Age: Stillborn, bur. 1955-11-30, Plot: JONES-*-12-005-0014
LAKE, Thomas, d. 1934-04-29, Plot: HORNE2-*-16-006-0015
LAKE, Thomas, d. 1938-07-17, Plot: HORNE2-*-10-038-0001
LAKE, Victor, d. 1928-04-28, Plot: HORNE2-*-04-032-0005
LAKE, William Walter (Rev.), Age: 83 yrs, bur. 1956-06-26, Plot: JONES-*-26-012-0004 (122)
LAKE, Yvonne, bur. 1987-06-04, Plot: JONES-*-01-025A-0013 (117)
LAKEMAN, George, d. 1954-08-31, Plot: OLD-1-04-011-0004
LAKES, (Baby), Age: Stillborn, bur. 1959-05-31, Plot: JONES-*-18-016-0001
LAKEY, Laura Emily, Age: 44 yrs, b. 1927-09-16 Fort Simpson, BC, d. 1971-09-28 Vancouver, bur. 1971-10-14, Plot: OLD-5-05-*-1988
LAKEY, Ralph, d. 1951-07-12, Plot: HORNE2-*-11-016-0001
LAKI, John, Age: 81 yrs, bur. 1980-05-27, Plot: IOOF-*-32-*-0108
LAKTICK, Mather, d. 1964-08-03, Plot: HORNE1-5-04-*-1161
LAKUSTA, Phillip, bur. 1987-06-04, Plot: JONES-*-01-025A-0013 (117)
LAKUSTA, Teofil, Age: 74 yrs, d. 1995-09-26 Vancouver, bur. 1995-10-03, Plot: OLD-5-05-006-0002
LAL, Champa, Age: 63 yrs, bur. 1980-04-24, Plot: JONES-*-02-*-0146-1
LAL, Evan Roneil, Age: 6 wks, bur. 1985-06-21, Plot: MASONIC-*-*-*-0571-3
LAL, Hanuman, Age: 94 yrs, bur. 1993-12-08, Plot: JONES-*-02-*-0146-1
LAL, Sanohar, Age: 42 yrs, bur. 1985-05-13, Plot: JONES-*-02-*-0146-2
LALANDE, James Jozsef Henry, Age: 2 mos, bur. 1991-01-30, Plot: IOOF-*-*-*-0926-1
LALDRY, Joseph Adlphson, d. 1960-12-17, Plot: OLD-5-04-Q-0009
LALEUNE, (Baby), Age: Stillborn, bur. 1934-08-31, Plot: JONES-*-18-006-0006
LALHAPPELLE, L., d. 1892-06-06, Plot: OLD-3-02-007-0001
LALHAPPELLE, Mary E., d. 1891-11-01, Plot: OLD-3-02-007-0002
LALIBERTE, Maurice, bur. 1987-06-04, Plot: JONES-*-01-025A-0013 (117)
LALIBERTI, Louis, d. 1936-04-01, Plot: JONES-*-22-013-0002
LALIS, Ada, d. 1952-01-13, Plot: OLD-5-02-017-0014
LALL, Alfred, bur. 1976-01-28, Plot: JONES-*-41-*-0995
LALL, Elsa, b. 1901-08-16, d. 1938-06-29, Plot: JONES-*-41-*-0995, (Name on marker, No Interment)
LALL, Tuie (Baby), d. 1926-11-08, Plot: 1919-*-D-063-0005
LALLI, (Baby), Age: Stillborn, bur. 1959-11-30, Plot: JONES-*-18-016-0004
LALLI, Rajbir (Baby), bur. 1991-06-13, Plot: JONES-*-01-025A-0014 (118)
LALLO, Enrico "MacFarlane, Miller, Ralph, John", Age: 61 yrs, bur. 1982-03-19, Dis: 1982-04-06, Dis# 28543, Plot: HORNE2-*-14-*-0390
LALLO, Enrico "MacFarlane, Miller, Ralph, John", Age: 61 yrs, bur. 1982-04-07, Plot: HORNE2-*-14-*-0390
LALLY, Elizabeth (Bess), bur. 1978-01-19, Plot: HORNE2-*-01-046-0005 (319)
LALLY, Frances, d. 1964-06-02, Plot: HORNE1-3-02-*-0530
LALLY, Michael Joseph, bur. 1986-01-03, Plot: HORNE1-3-02-*-0530
LALLY, Simonne Germaine, bur. 1981-11-20, Plot: HORNE1-3-02-*-0530
LALONDE, Aleide, Age: 62 yrs, d. 1969-10-22 Vancouver, bur. 1969-10-25, Plot: 1919-*-*-*-1797
LALONDE, Cleo Roland, bur. 1991-12-03, Plot: HORNE2-*-05-043-0001
LALONDE, Edward William, d. 1951-07-29, Plot: ABRAY-*-20-012-0007
LALONDE, Flora, d. 1946-05-16, Plot: ABRAY-*-12-023-0016 (248)
LALONDE, Irwin Milton, bur. 1979-05-14, Plot: ABRAY-*-05-*-1899
LALONDE, John, Age: 77 yrs, bur. 1973-10-11, Plot: JONES-*-08-*-0658
LALONDE, Joseph J., d. 1959-01-06, Plot: ABRAY-*-12-023-0016 (248)
LALONDE, Larry Donald, bur. 1982-09-07, Plot: HORNE2-*-03-*-0418
LALONDE, Mary Grace, Age: 71 yrs, bur. 1988-08-24, Plot: MASONIC-*-*-*-0264
LALONDE, Orville Clarence, Age: 70 yrs, bur. 1983-11-28, Plot: MASONIC-*-*-*-0264
LALONDE, Roland Joseph, Age: 61 yrs, bur. 1974-06-03, Plot: JONES-*-17-*-0988
LAM, (Baby Boy), d. 1963-03-20, bur. 1963-03-25, Plot: JONES-*-18-014-0010
LAM, (Baby), Age: Stillborn, bur. 1959-01-31, Plot: JONES-*-18-016-0015
LAM, Allen, Age: 1 day, bur. 1969-08-27, Plot: HORNE1-4-04-*-0978-1
LAM, Bok Sing "Buck", Age: 83 yrs, bur. 1981-08-26, Plot: JONES-*-13-*-0149
LAM, Canon Andrew (Rev.), bur. 1988-07-20, Plot: OLD-4-04-002-0005
LAM, Chiem, bur. 1984-08-22, Plot: HORNE2-*-06-*-0882
LAM, Ching Sik, d. 1920-04-07, Plot: OLD-3-04-023-0002
LAM, Dawson, d. 1961-12-12, bur. 1961-12-27, Plot: JONES-*-18-015-0005
LAM, Dorothy Audrey, d. 1947-11-18, Plot: HORNE2-*-09-052-0002
LAM, Duck, Age: 85 yrs, bur. 1974-08-16, Plot: JONES-*-04-*-0346
LAM, Elizabeth Anne "Lum", bur. 1987-12-18, Plot: OLD-2-05-*-0699
LAM, Frank Lok "Lum", bur. 1968-04-11, Plot: OLD-2-05-*-0699
LAM, George, bur. 1970-10-27, Plot: HORNE2-*-09-051-0007
LAM, Gina Yet, d. 1953-10-12, Plot: JONES-*-21A-005-0001
LAM, Hai Van, bur. 1986-06-09, Plot: HORNE2-*-09-*-1858
LAM, Henry B., d. 1899-11-09, Plot: OLD-3-03-016-0012
LAM, Hip "Lin", bur. 1970-10-19, Plot: OLD-3-04-008-0002
LAM, Hoang-van, Age: 55 yrs, bur. 1984-05-07, Plot: MASONIC-*-*-*-0561
LAM, Hoe, d. 1962-11-15, Plot: OLD-2-03-016R-0003 (116)
LAM, Hong, d. 1932-12-13, Plot: OLD-5-06-B-0016
LAM, Hoy "Lum", bur. 1971-07-09, Plot: OLD-4-06-*-1289
LAM, Jay, d. 1947-05-28, Plot: JONES-*-21-003-0013
LAM, Jin, d. 1914-02-15, Plot: OLD-3-04-008-0013
LAM, Joseph Chi, Age: 84 yrs, d. 1998-06-07 Vancouver, bur. 1998-06-12, Plot: IOOF-*-*-*-0970
LAM, Kam Fung, Age: 92 yrs, bur. 1994-03-28, Plot: MASONIC-*-*-164-0009A
LAM, Kee (Baby), d. 1919-11-28, Plot: OLD-3-04-005-0010
LAM, Kwan Shung, bur. 1957-03-14, Plot: JONES-*-12-006-0009
LAM, Kwok Fong, Age: 59 yrs, bur. 1996-06-17, Plot: IOOF-*-32-*-0890
LAM, Lung Quoie, d. 1916-12-27, Plot: OLD-3-05-001-0009
LAM, Mary "Chung", Age: 95 yrs, d. 1985-09-15, bur. 1985-09-18, Plot: OLD-4-04-002-0005
LAM, Mary, d. 1935-05-07, Plot: OLD-3-04-016-0016
LAM, Michael Chew-tuin, Age: 48 yrs, bur. 1985-02-27, Plot: MASONIC-*-*-*-0526
LAM, Mok Yue Yan, Age: 86 yrs, bur. 1996-06-17, Plot: IOOF-*-32-*-0890
LAM, Nam Buck, d. 1946-11-17, Plot: JONES-*-21-011-0011
LAM, Nang, d. 1962-04-22, Plot: OLD-2-05-022-0001A
LAM, Ng Kwong, d. 1942-05-01, Plot: OLD-1-04-010-0001A
LAM, Or Hung, Age: 81 yrs, d. 2000-01-27 Vancouver, bur. 2000-02-03, Plot: MASONIC-*-*-*-0516
LAM, Phung Anh, Age: 75 yrs, b. 1916-03-06, d. 1991-05-01, bur. 1991-05-06, Plot: 1919-*-*-*-1774
LAM, Poon, d. 1917-03-10, Plot: OLD-3-05-002-0010
LAM, Shuk-yee, bur. 1989-07-19, Plot: HORNE2-*-09-*-1880
LAM, Shut, d. 1955-02-20, Plot: JONES-*-18-001-0012
LAM, Sik Lim, d. 1958-02-04, Plot: OLD-4-04-006R-0010 (145)
LAM, Sing, d. 1961-12-10, Plot: OLD-2-04-016R-0006 (163)
LAM, Sun "Lum Kon", Age: 78 yrs, b. 1885-04-01 China, d. 1963-05-30 Vancouver, bur. 1963-06-03, Plot: OLD-2-01-025R-0007
LAM, Sun Hong, d. 1954-02-11, Plot: JONES-*-21A-004-0006
LAM, Sze Kai, Age: 69 yrs, d. 1995-04-03 Vancouver, bur. 1995-11-03, Plot: JONES-*-47-*-1972-17
LAM, Tak Chai, bur. 1967-01-05, Plot: OLD-2-04-*-0397
LAM, Wing, d. 1953-07-16, Plot: JONES-*-18-012-0001
LAM, Wong Kai Lan, bur. 1972-03-13, Plot: OLD-3-04-009-0007
LAM, Yin, d. 1960-09-21, Plot: OLD-4-03-005R-0010
LAMABE, Marie, Age: 44 yrs, d. 1995-01-27 Vancouver, bur. 1995-02-21, Plot: JONES-*-14-018-0008A
LAMACRAFT, Percy, d. 1955-04-13, Plot: ABRAY-*-04-027-0001
LAMAIRE, (Baby), Age: Stillborn, bur. 1946-08-31, Plot: JONES-*-18-017-0012
LAMAN, Josephine Mary, Age: 62 yrs, bur. 1997-07-03, Plot: MASONIC-*-22A-004-0010
LAMARCHE, Gaston Eddy, bur. 1969-03-13, Plot: OLD-5-02-*-1689
LAMARCHE, Kathleen Cecelia, bur. 1986-05-01, Plot: IOOF-*-*-108-0008
LAMARRE, Joseph A., d. 1961-12-07, Plot: OLD-5-04-T-0005
LAMASTER, Marion, d. 1912-10-26, Plot: JONES-*-08-011-0013
LAMB, (Baby), Age: Stillborn, bur. 1935-02-28, Plot: JONES-*-18-005-0008
LAMB, (Baby), Age: Stillborn, bur. 1956-07-31, Plot: JONES-*-18-025-0006
LAMB, (Baby), Age: Stillborn, bur. 1958-08-31, Plot: JONES-*-18-016-0011
LAMB, A. S., bur. 1908-07-02, Plot: HORNE1-3-04-009-0013
LAMB, Ada, bur. 1982-06-22, Plot: JONES-*-20A-016-0009 (281)
LAMB, Agnes Campbell, d. 1910-06-04, Plot: HORNE1-5-04-013-0003
LAMB, Alexander, bur. 1957-01-06, Plot: HORNE2-*-10-006-0009 (109)
LAMB, Allan, d. 1961-12-26, Plot: HORNE1-5-04-003R-0014 (810)
LAMB, Ann W., Age: 71 yrs, d. 1949-11-02, Plot: JONES-*-26R-001-0003
LAMB, Annie, Age: 8 yrs, d. 1919-11-19, Plot: JONES-*-26R-001-0004
LAMB, Bradley John, Age: 26 yrs, d. 1995-06-19 Vancouver, bur. 1995-06-27, Plot: JONES-*-16-021-0009A
LAMB, Cecil A., Age: 95 yrs, d. 1995-02-25 Wooster, Wayne, bur. 1995-07-04, Plot: MASONIC-*-*-097-0011
LAMB, Charles, d. 1919-06-23, Plot: JONES-*-26R-001-0004
LAMB, Christina W., d. 1927-09-04, Plot: JONES-*-09-011-0004
LAMB, Clement, Age: 47 yrs, b. England, d. 1928-10-24 Vancouver, bur. 1928-10-27, Plot: MASONIC-*-*-099-0003
LAMB, Colin C., d. 1953-08-17, Plot: HORNE1-5-04-013-0003
LAMB, Earl G., d. 1955-10-21, Plot: JONES-*-20A-026-0008 (440)
LAMB, Edith Jessie, Age: 86 yrs, bur. 1968-07-02, Plot: JONES-*-41-014-0003
LAMB, Ellen, d. 1958-10-15, Plot: JONES-*-*-071B-0002
LAMB, Frederick, bur. 1954-01-01, Plot: JONES-*-12-006-0003
LAMB, Frederick, bur. 1987-06-04, Plot: JONES-*-01-025A-0013 (117)
LAMB, Gee Dick, d. 1926-06-28, Plot: OLD-5-06-007-0009
LAMB, George Thomas, Age: 82 yrs, bur. 1968-10-01, Plot: KP-*-*-041-0003
LAMB, Georgia Elizabeth, Age: 83 yrs, bur. 1969-03-26, Plot: KP-*-*-041-0003
LAMB, Gladys May, d. 1920-06-02, Plot: JONES-*-24-017-0015
LAMB, Harry O., d. 1944-09-19, Plot: ABRAY-*-06-018-0002
LAMB, Helena Vivian, Age: 70 yrs, bur. 1978-07-20, Plot: MASONIC-*-*-097-0011
LAMB, James Gerard, Age: 65 yrs, bur. 1980-09-19, Plot: MASONIC-*-*-099-0004
LAMB, James, b. Newcastle, England, d. 1960-03-13 North Vancouver, bur. 1960-03-19, Plot: MASONIC-*-*-099-0004
LAMB, Jessie Anderson, bur. 1941-07-21, Plot: HORNE2-*-10-006-0009 (109)
LAMB, Jessie Young, bur. 1997-06-25, Plot: HORNE1-5-04-002R-0013 (818)
LAMB, John Joseph, bur. 1979-10-11, Plot: ABRAY-*-05-*-1961
LAMB, John, Age: 74 yrs, b. Scotland, d. 1914-03-29 Vancouver, bur. 1914-03-31, Plot: MASONIC-*-*-099-0004
LAMB, John, d. 1954-07-13, Plot: OLD-1-04-012-0003
LAMB, John, d. 1963-05-31, Plot: HORNE2-*-BLVD-006-0001
LAMB, Joseph M., d. 1944-07-08, Plot: ABRAY-*-11-016-0016 (260)
LAMB, Laurel Lueza, Age: 81 yrs, bur. 1997-03-12, Plot: MASONIC-*-*-099-0004
LAMB, Margaret, Age: 94 yrs, bur. 1974-11-12, Plot: MASONIC-*-*-099-0004
LAMB, Mary Ann, d. 1947-11-05, Plot: ABRAY-*-15-027-0003 (317)
LAMB, Mary Annie, Age: 88 yrs, bur. 1975-06-30, Plot: JONES-*-37-051-0016
LAMB, Matthew, d. 1924-01-22, bur. 1924-01-26, Plot: 1919-*-C-009-0010
LAMB, Nellie Annie, Age: 80 yrs, b. Moosimin, Saskatchewan, d. 1996-04-18 Vancouver, bur. 1996-05-08, Plot: JONES-*-37-051-0016
LAMB, Norman S. (Baby), Age: Stillborn, bur. 1959-06-30, Plot: JONES-*-18-016-0001
LAMB, Paul Allan, Age: 20 yrs, b. 1949-09-07 Marathon, Thunder Bay District, ON, d. 1970-02-08 Vancouver, bur. 1970-02-12, Plot: JONES-*-0-021-0004
LAMB, Peter, d. 1912-06-09, Plot: OLD-5-03-023-0016
LAMB, Robert Edwin, d. 1951-03-29, Plot: OLD-5-01-022-0001A
LAMB, Ross William Earl, bur. 1988-05-20, Plot: OLD-4-03-017-0016A
LAMB, Roy F. (Baby), Age: Stillborn, bur. 1961-02-28, Plot: JONES-*-18-015-0014
LAMB, Thomas Richard, d. 1955-12-14, Plot: JONES-*-20A-016-0009 (281)
LAMB, Thomas William, d. 1950-01-14, Plot: OLD-1-02-024-0016A
LAMB, Thomas, d. 1911-10-10, Plot: JONES-*-09-011-0003
LAMB, Vernon J. W., d. 1962-05-02, Plot: HORNE1-5-04-002R-0013 (818)
LAMB, Walter Bruce, Age: 93 yrs, bur. 1968-09-18, Plot: JONES-*-41-014-0004
LAMB, Walter, bur. 1953-01-14, Plot: ABRAY-*-21-018-0016
LAMB, Wesley Cecil, bur. 1997-06-25, Plot: HORNE1-5-04-002R-0013 (818)
LAMB, William Thompson, Age: 71 yrs, b. England, d. 1961-10-26 2324 Marine Dr, West Vancouver, bur. 1961-10-30, Plot: JONES-*-37-051-0016
LAMB, William, d. 1908-06-25, Plot: HORNE1-3-04-009-0003
LAMB, William, d. 1956-06-01, Plot: JONES-*-20A-028-0011 (459)
LAMBDIN, (Baby), Age: Stillborn, bur. 1923-01-16, Plot: OLD-5-05-010-0008
LAMBE, Lesllie Mary, d. 1920-03-27, Plot: 1919-*-B-029-0007
LAMBE, Tony, d. 1960-06-27, Plot: HORNE1-2-04-002R-0013 (182)
LAMBERT, (Baby Boy), d. 1962-12-01, bur. 1962-12-17, Plot: JONES-*-18-014-0007
LAMBERT, (Baby), Age: Stillborn, bur. 1936-11-30, Plot: JONES-*-18-005-0006
LAMBERT, A. F., d. 1893-02-09, Plot: OLD-2-02-016-0013
LAMBERT, Ada, Age: 74 yrs, bur. 1965-02-05, Plot: ABRAY-*-05-021-0008B
LAMBERT, Agnes Chris., d. 1937-05-10, Plot: OLD-2-02-016-0015
LAMBERT, Albert, Age: 72 yrs, d. 1950-05-20, Plot: HORNE1-3-03-014-0007
LAMBERT, Albert, bur. 1984-03-30, Plot: HORNE2-*-04-*-0442
LAMBERT, Albert, bur. 1991-06-13, Plot: JONES-*-01-025A-0014 (118)
LAMBERT, Alfred Arthur, bur. 1977-03-02, Plot: JONES-*-40-*-1395
LAMBERT, Alyssa Briana, Age: 1 yr, b. Vancouver, BC, d. Vancouver, BC, bur. 1982-09-28, Plot: JONES-*-06-*-0506-3
LAMBERT, Ann Frances, Age: 69 yrs, d. 1959-02-17, bur. 1959-06-22, Plot: 1919-*-B-024-0012
LAMBERT, Arthur Frederick, Age: 41 yrs, bur. 1984-02-23, Plot: MASONIC-*-*-*-0258
LAMBERT, Catherine Margaret, bur. 1970-03-06, Plot: JONES-*-0-023-0016
LAMBERT, Christina, d. 1922-05-15, Plot: 1919-*-B-041-0004
LAMBERT, Clare, d. 1945-09-08, Plot: JONES-*-13-018-0005
LAMBERT, Clarence Allan, Age: 67 yrs, bur. 1996-04-10, Plot: JONES-*-08-*-0687
LAMBERT, Cristina, d. 1922-05-15, Plot: 1919-*-B-041-0004
LAMBERT, David F., Age: 4 mos, d. 1921-06-22, Plot: 1919-*-B-024-0012
LAMBERT, Dorothy E., d. 1951-01-16, Plot: JONES-*-26-030-0008A (442)
LAMBERT, Edward M. (Baby), Age: Stillborn, bur. 1942-06-30, Plot: JONES-*-18-004-0010
LAMBERT, Eliza Winifred Westwood, bur. 1984-05-16, Plot: ABRAY-*-12-001-0010 (29)
LAMBERT, Emile, d. 1943-12-29, Plot: ABRAY-*-06-033-0002
LAMBERT, Esther Amy, Age: 75 yrs, bur. 1983-12-09, Plot: HORNE2-*-01-012-0014 (87)
LAMBERT, Francis, d. 1951-09-21, Plot: OLD-2-02-016-0016
LAMBERT, Frank, d. 1947-05-03, Plot: ABRAY-*-02-031-0010
LAMBERT, Fred, d. 1925-05-19, Plot: OLD-5-06-002-0015
LAMBERT, Frederick William, Age: 29 yrs, b. England, d. 1921-10-11 Vancouver, bur. 1921-10-14, Plot: IOOF-*-*-029-0001
LAMBERT, Frederick, d. 1941-02-22, Plot: HORNE2-*-14-017-0012
LAMBERT, Frederick, d. 1945-01-28, Plot: JONES-*-09-008-0009A
LAMBERT, Gordon McKay, d. 1953-08-23, Plot: HORNE1-5-0-004-0013
LAMBERT, Hannah Elizabeth, Age: 72 yrs, d. 1950-11-02, Plot: HORNE1-3-03-014-0006
LAMBERT, Horace, Age: 80 yrs, bur. 1987-04-10, Plot: HORNE2-*-01-012-0014 (87)
LAMBERT, Isabella, bur. 1976-10-19, Plot: IOOF-*-*-049-0016
LAMBERT, James, d. 1922-03-28, bur. 1922-03-31, Plot: 1919-*-A-013-0012
LAMBERT, John McK., d. 1912-10-14, Plot: JONES-*-28-012-0004
LAMBERT, Lloyd Bruce, bur. 1967-05-02, Plot: JONES-*-12-007-0003
LAMBERT, Mabel Mary, Age: 88 yrs, d. 1984-03-26 New Westminster, BC, bur. 1984-03-29, Plot: 1919-*-*-*-1479
LAMBERT, Maggie Strath, d. 1962-08-13, Plot: HORNE2-*-02-026-0011 (200)
LAMBERT, Marie Grace, Age: 97 yrs, bur. 1973-04-30, Plot: JONES-*-44-009-0015
LAMBERT, Martin, d. 1943-01-27, Plot: HORNE2-*-02-026-0012 (200)
LAMBERT, Max "MacLambert, Adolphe", Age: 65 yrs, bur. 1975-01-10, Plot: ABRAY-*-15-*-0688
LAMBERT, Michael, bur. 1967-03-30, Plot: OLD-1-02-*-0188
LAMBERT, Mona A., d. 1944-09-27, Plot: JONES-*-47-026-0009A
LAMBERT, Muriel Anderson, Age: 98 yrs, d. 1998-03-11 Abbotsford, BC, bur. 1998-03-16, Plot: KP-*-*-039-0003
LAMBERT, Norman, d. 1950-07-01, Plot: ABRAY-*-15-010-0001 (67)
LAMBERT, Pearl Pitt, Age: 30 yrs, d. 1930-05-15, Plot: HORNE1-3-03-014-0008
LAMBERT, Richard, d. 1913-07-30, Plot: JONES-*-07-024-0010
LAMBERT, Robert Stevenson, Age: 90 yrs, bur. 1973-05-04, Plot: KP-*-*-039-0003
LAMBERT, Robert Ward, Age: 28 yrs, b. Vancouver, d. 1959-03-15 Vancouver, bur. 1959-03-19, Plot: KP-*-*-039-0004
LAMBERT, Roland Alexander, Age: 80 yrs, b. 2016-06-15 Ontario, d. 1933-10-29 Vancouver, bur. 1933-10-31, Plot: OLD-2-02-016-0014
LAMBERT, Samuel R., d. 1916-02-01, Plot: OLD-4-06-003-0002
LAMBERT, Sarah, Age: 74 yrs, bur. 1972-09-25, Plot: JONES-*-08-*-0687
LAMBERT, Susan, bur. 1974-11-26, Plot: HORNE1-5-0-004-0013
LAMBERT, Walter Ernest, d. 1931-03-10, Plot: HORNE2-*-13-032-0012
LAMBERT, William Albert, d. 1907-02-03, Plot: HORNE1-2-04-020-0001
LAMBERT, William, Age: 68 yrs, b. England, d. 1955-11-08 Vancouver, bur. 1955-11-18, Plot: ABRAY-*-05-021-0008B
LAMBERT, William, Age: 89 yrs, d. 1968-06-30 Delta, BC, bur. 1968-07-03, Plot: 1919-*-*-*-1479
LAMBERTON, Elizabeth, d. 1946-04-17, Plot: JONES-*-37-011-0015
LAMBERTON, Emily, d. 1918-05-11, Plot: JONES-*-14-004-0012
LAMBERTON, George Roderick, Age: 74 yrs, d. 1979-08-31, bur. 1979-09-06, Plot: JONES-*-37-011-0016
LAMBERTON, George, Age: 72 yrs, d. 1947-12-16, Plot: JONES-*-37-011-0015
LAMBERTON, James, d. 1918-11-08, Plot: JONES-*-37-011-0016
LAMBERTON, Violet Florence, bur. 1979-12-10, Plot: JONES-*-14-023-0015
LAMBERTUS, (Baby), Age: Stillborn, bur. 1938-08-31, Plot: JONES-*-18-007-0009A
LAMBGRETS, (Babies - Twins), Age: Stillborn, bur. 1956-08-31, Plot: JONES-*-18-025-0006
LAMBIE, Alexander, d. 1945-04-15, Plot: HORNE1-5-03-004-0001
LAMBIE, Claude Alexander, Age: 85 yrs, d. 1998-07-12 Vancouver, bur. 1998-09-09, Plot: HORNE1-5-03-004-0002
LAMBIE, Faith Constance, Age: 84 yrs, d. 1999-12-12 Vancouver, bur. 2000-01-20, Plot: HORNE1-5-03-004-0002
LAMBIE, Jean G., d. 1929-12-28, Plot: HORNE2-*-05-009-0015
LAMBIE, Nellie May, Age: 88 yrs, d. 1980-04-22, bur. 1980-04-25, Plot: JONES-*-37-035-0013
LAMBIE, Perry Richard, Age: 66 yrs, d. 1943-04-05, bur. 1943-04-08, Plot: JONES-*-37-035-0013
LAMBIE, Robert, d. 1940-03-04, Plot: HORNE2-*-10-012-0001 (149)
LAMBIE, Sarah, d. 1961-03-21, Plot: HORNE1-5-03-004-0002
LAMBLEY, Isabella, Age: 33 yrs, d. 1971-05-25, bur. 1971-05-31, Plot: JONES-*-27-027-0006
LAMBLEY, Ralph W., d. 1952-12-03, Plot: JONES-*-27-027-0005
LAMBLEY, Walter, d. 1954-02-09, Plot: JONES-*-27-027-0005
LAMBLY, Charles McK., d. 1940-04-14, Plot: HORNE2-*-09-018-0001 (217)
LAMBLY, Edith Mary, bur. 1986-01-16, Plot: HORNE2-*-09-018-0001 (217)
LAMBRET, Margaret Frances, bur. 1967-06-20, Plot: ABRAY-*-15-010-0002 (67)
LAMBROUGHTON, Andrew, Age: 93 yrs, bur. 1969-11-20, Plot: ABRAY-*-20-*-0159
LAMBSON, Maya Valentine, Age: 87 yrs, bur. 1990-03-08, Plot: IOOF-*-*-021-0009
LAME, Stanley, d. 1930-02-01, Plot: OLD-3-04-018-0002
LAMER, Jospeh, bur. 1987-06-04, Plot: JONES-*-01-025A-0015 (119)
LAMERTON, Annie Elizabeth, d. 1950-11-02, Plot: ABRAY-*-15-009-0011 (78)
LAMERTON, Ernest E., d. 1955-01-01, Plot: ABRAY-*-15-009-0012 (78)
LAMEY, Carmita W., d. 1917-10-20, Plot: JONES-*-0-016-0012
LAMEY, Daniel, d. 1933-10-16, Plot: JONES-*-23-005-0001
LAMINMAN, George Albert, d. 1956-06-11, Plot: JONES-*-01-005-0111
LAMIRANDE, Gerald Joseph, Age: 29 days, bur. 1989-12-12, Plot: JONES-*-44-*-0893-4
LAMMIN, Joseph, bur. 1983-06-27, Plot: HORNE2-*-06-*-0722
LAMOFILLE, Eulalie, d. 1918-10-28, Plot: JONES-*-17-007-0008
LAMON, George, d. 1925-09-19, bur. 1925-09-21, Plot: 1919-*-D-036-0009
LAMON, James, bur. 1958-09-01, Plot: JONES-*-12-006-0011
LAMOND, Alexander George, d. 1942-11-11, Plot: HORNE2-*-10-001-0003 (1C)
LAMOND, Peter, Age: 86 yrs, bur. 1978-01-12, Plot: IOOF-*-*-001A-0007
LAMONT, (Baby), Age: Stillborn, bur. 1949-12-31, Plot: JONES-*-18-004-0014
LAMONT, (Baby), Age: Stillborn, bur. 1956-02-28, Plot: JONES-*-18-025-0009
LAMONT, (Baby), Age: Stillborn, bur. 1956-09-30, Plot: JONES-*-18-025-0005
LAMONT, Angus, d. 1945-03-26, Plot: ABRAY-*-03-020-0012
LAMONT, Evon John, Age: 65 yrs, b. 1912-10-03, d. 1978-05-20, bur. 1978-05-25, Plot: ABRAY-*-21-*-0125
LAMONT, Gail Margaret, Age: 34 yrs, b. 1950-02-27, d. 1984-06-16, bur. 1987-09-16, Plot: JONES-*-12-007-0009
LAMONT, George McKinley, Age: 30 yrs, b. Scotland, d. 1936-08-12 Vancouver, BC, bur. 1936-08-15, Plot: HORNE2-*-02-001-0010 (35)
LAMONT, Gordon David, Age: 89 yrs, b. 1904-11-15 Milngavie, Scotland, d. 1993-11-25 Victoria, bur. 1994-08-24, Plot: HORNE2-*-02-001-0009 (35)
LAMONT, Hugh John, Age: 90 yrs, bur. 1974-08-30, Plot: MASONIC-*-23A-002-0031
LAMONT, Isabella W., d. 1947-09-01, Plot: ABRAY-*-16-011-0016 (196)
LAMONT, Jemima, d. 1913-08-01, Plot: JONES-*-07-024-0007
LAMONT, John Budge, d. 1931-04-08, Plot: HORNE2-*-13-032-0001
LAMONT, John, bur. 1954-08-18, Plot: ABRAY-*-21-039-0003
LAMONT, Kenneth R. (Baby), Age: Stillborn, bur. 1955-06-30, Plot: JONES-*-12-005-0007
LAMONT, Mabel Annie, d. 1934-08-13, Plot: HORNE2-*-07-014-0015 (195)
LAMONT, Margaret T., d. 1952-06-08, Plot: JONES-*-04-005-0009
LAMONT, Margaret, bur. 1987-06-04, Plot: JONES-*-01-025A-0013 (117)
LAMONT, Mary (Thom), d. 1937-08-25, Plot: HORNE2-*-01-016-0004 (102)
LAMONT, Mary Barnett, Age: 64 yrs, b. Scotland, d. 1944-11-17 Vancouver, BC, bur. 1944-11-20, Plot: HORNE2-*-02-001-0009 (35)
LAMONT, Mary Bell, d. 1926-12-08, Plot: 1919-*-F-008-0002
LAMONT, Mary Osborne, bur. 1983-06-07, Plot: ABRAY-*-21-039-0003
LAMONT, Michael James, Age: 23 yrs, bur. 1983-06-09, Plot: MASONIC-*-*-*-0381
LAMONT, Peter, d. 1941-02-04, bur. 1941-02-07, Plot: HORNE2-*-01-016-0003 (102)
LAMONT, Robert Alexander, bur. 1982-10-14, Plot: ABRAY-*-16-011-0016 (196)
LAMONT, Roderick, d. 1953-07-06, Plot: ABRAY-*-20-033-0016
LAMONT, William Alexander, d. 1961-12-03, Plot: ABRAY-*-16-011-0016 (196)
LAMONT, William John, Age: 11 yrs, b. Ireland, d. 1923-04-07 V.G.H., bur. 1923-04-11, Plot: 1919-*-C-049-0008
LAMONTAGNE, Joseph Emile Marcel, bur. 1985-01-21, Plot: JONES-*-43-009-0008A
LAMORR, Maria Teresa, d. 1906-05-18, Plot: OLD-4-02-021-0015
LAMORRA, Angela, d. 1910-06-24, Plot: OLD-4-02-021-0015
LAMOUCHE, G., d. 1955-06-27, Plot: JONES-*-12-016-0001
LAMOUNTAINE, Charles, d. 1921-02-03, Plot: JONES-*-45-022-0002
LAMOUNTAINE, George, Age: 64 yrs, b. 1911-07-17, d. 1975-12-15, bur. 1975-12-23, Plot: JONES-*-41-*-0994
LAMOUREAUX, Brian Allan, Age: 31 yrs, bur. 1994-07-28, Plot: JONES-*-47-*-1972-06
LAMOUREAUX, Leopold J., bur. 1970-07-28, Plot: JONES-*-12-007-0004
LAMOUREIK, Moise, d. 1949-07-31, Plot: OLD-2-01-023-0001A
LAMOUREUX, Frederick Joseph, Age: 64 yrs, bur. 1993-04-14, Plot: JONES-*-47-*-1972-03
LAMOUREUX, Romeo, Age: 69 yrs, d. 1964-04-01, bur. 1964-04-04, Plot: HORNE2-*-15-045A-0003
LAMOUT, James, d. 1930-07-19, Plot: HORNE2-*-13-041-0004
LAMPBELL, Malcolm, d. 1919-06-19, Plot: JONES-*-24-006-0012
LAMPERIER, R., d. 1905-08-23, Plot: OLD-4-02-011-0010
LAMPERT, Ray, d. 1934-12-05, Plot: JONES-*-24-020-0009
LAMPHIER, T E. (Baby), Age: Stillborn, bur. 1959-09-30, Plot: JONES-*-18-016-0003
LAMPI, Elias, d. 1953-06-10, Plot: JONES-*-12-001-0004
LAMPINEN, Edwin, bur. 1954-01-01, Plot: JONES-*-12-006-0003
LAMPING, Vincent, d. 1948-10-25, Plot: ABRAY-*-07-037-0011
LAMPORT, Alice, d. 1933-05-13, Plot: IOOF-*-32-018-0008
LAMPORT, Sidney C., d. 1951-04-30, Plot: IOOF-*-32-018-0007
LAMPRECHT, Ernst, Age: 73 yrs, bur. 1989-09-05, Plot: MASONIC-*-30A-004-0031
LAMPROPOULOS, Miltiadis "Labropoulos, Miltiade", bur. 1977-03-19, Plot: JONES-*-40-*-1339
LAMRICK, Manni J., d. 1899-01-06, Plot: OLD-3-03-008-0002
LAMRICK, William John, d. 1926-03-01, Plot: OLD-3-03-008-0002
LAMURA, (Baby), Age: Stillborn, bur. 1921-05-14, Plot: OLD-5-05-018-0012
LAN, Chou, d. 1952-11-07, Plot: JONES-*-18-008-0011
LAN, Quon Shong, d. 1927-09-19, Plot: OLD-5-06-003-0004
LAN, Yip, d. 1923-05-01, Plot: OLD-3-06-013-0015
LANANVILLE, (Baby), Age: Stillborn, bur. 1925-07-03, Plot: OLD-5-05-023-0009
LANATZ, H. Joan, bur. 1991-05-15, Plot: JONES-*-12-007-0009
LANCASTER, (Baby), d. 1920-11-23, Plot: JONES-*-14-011-0008
LANCASTER, Baby Boy, d. 1926-05-31, bur. 1926-06-04, Plot: 1919-*-C-053-0016
LANCASTER, Bridget M., d. 1944-03-14, Plot: JONES-*-14-011-0008
LANCASTER, Cathrine Mabel, d. 1941-07-08, Plot: HORNE1-2-01-021-0009A
LANCASTER, Charles H., d. 1960-01-01, Plot: JONES-*-14-011-0008
LANCASTER, Charles, d. 1943-06-09, Plot: ABRAY-*-06-040-0005
LANCASTER, Eli George, d. 1934-06-11, Plot: JONES-*-14-018-0009
LANCASTER, Florence Sophia, d. 1925-05-30, bur. 1925-06-01, Plot: 1919-*-C-053-0016
LANCASTER, Francis, d. 1933-09-08, Plot: HORNE2-*-11-013-0010
LANCASTER, Fred, d. 1964-11-12, Plot: HORNE1-2-02-*-0404
LANCASTER, James, d. 1929-03-23, Plot: HORNE2-*-04-047-0006
LANCASTER, Jessie Taylor, bur. 1974-05-16, Plot: ABRAY-*-12-002-0015 (28)
LANCASTER, John H., Age: 35 yrs, b. England, d. 1913-01-08 Vancouver, bur. 1913-01-11, Plot: MASONIC-*-*-010-0003
LANCASTER, Leanne E. (Baby), Age: Stillborn, bur. 1956-08-31, Plot: JONES-*-18-025-0005
LANCASTER, Mary Ann, d. 1947-01-04, Plot: HORNE2-*-04-047-0006
LANCASTER, Mary Elizabeth, d. 1952-07-27, bur. 1952-07-30, Plot: HORNE2-*-11-013-0010
LANCASTER, Michael J., d. 1919-10-29, Plot: JONES-*-14-011-0008
LANCASTER, Patrick James, Age: 2 hrs, d. 1951-03-17, Plot: HORNE1-3-03-013-0005
LANCASTER, Rachel A., d. 1917-08-20, Plot: JONES-*-47-021-0004
LANCASTER, Rose Hannah, Age: 96 yrs, bur. 1984-01-23, Plot: OLD-1-05-002-0010
LANCASTER, William, d. 1950-12-04, Plot: ABRAY-*-17-005-0006
LANCE, Charles, d. 1927-05-28, Plot: OLD-4-05-002-0001
LANCEFIELD, Charles C., d. 1941-04-28, Plot: HORNE2-*-13-048-0005
LANCEFIELD, Richard, d. 1947-11-15, Plot: OLD-5-02-H-0016A
LANCHECK, (Baby), Age: Stillborn, bur. 1953-03-31, Plot: JONES-*-12-004-0012
LANCIA, Errico, d. 1951-08-20, Plot: JONES-*-26-010-0007 (143)
LANCIAULT, Rene Armand, Age: 65 yrs, bur. 1973-07-06, Plot: JONES-*-04-*-0359
LANCTOT, Douglas Raymond, d. 1946-08-11, Plot: ABRAY-*-02-014-0005
LANCTOT, Edmund, d. 1965-02-10, Plot: HORNE1-3-02-*-0635
LANCTOT, Rubina, d. 1964-04-07, Plot: HORNE1-3-02-*-0635
LAND, (Baby Girl), Age: Stillborn, d. 1915-03-16, bur. 1915-03-19, Plot: JONES-*-43-002-0009
LAND, (Baby), Age: Stillborn, bur. 1960-10-31, Plot: JONES-*-18-015-0011
LAND, Charles P., d. 1912-10-28, Plot: JONES-*-08-014-0012
LAND, Dudley St. John, Age: 80 yrs, b. 1912-04-10, d. 1992-11-29, bur. 1992-12-31, Plot: JONES-*-43-002-0009
LAND, Elizabeth Marion, Age: 81 yrs, bur. 1988-11-01, Plot: JONES-*-0-*-1406
LAND, Ethel, bur. 1982-06-08, Plot: JONES-*-12-007-0008
LAND, Frederick Watson, Age: 65 yrs, b. 1883-08-28 Canada, d. 1949-03-27 Los Angeles, CA, USA, Plot: JONES-*-43-002-0009
LAND, John Henry, bur. 1991-12-16, Plot: JONES-*-34-*-0527
LAND, Katherine Margaret, bur. 1976-02-17, Plot: JONES-*-34-*-0527
LAND, Peter, d. 1922-10-14, Plot: JONES-*-10-006-0012
LAND, Rose Ann "Elliott", Age: 32 yrs, b. 1882-07-14, d. 1915-03-16, Plot: JONES-*-43-002-0009
LAND, Rose Selma, d. 1947-06-15, Plot: ABRAY-*-16-023-0004 (288)
LAND, Walter, d. 1926-01-31, Plot: HORNE2-*-14-014-0013
LANDAHL, (Baby), Age: Stillborn, bur. 1948-04-30, Plot: JONES-*-18-004-0013
LANDAHL, Gordon, Age: 63 yrs, bur. 1987-06-29, Plot: MASONIC-*-19A-004-0024
LANDALE, Ida L., d. 1959-07-06, Plot: HORNE1-4-04-002R-0009 (496)
LANDCASTER, Mary Anna, d. 1923-07-07, Plot: 1919-*-C-028-0008
LANDE, (Baby), Age: Stillborn, bur. 1944-05-31, Plot: JONES-*-18-007-0006
LANDELLS, James William, d. 1950-02-06, Plot: ABRAY-*-18-046-0004
LANDER, Arthur James, d. 1951-06-10, Plot: OLD-2-02-009-0002
LANDER, Carl, d. 1931-06-24, Plot: HORNE2-*-06-024-0014
LANDER, Lou Beatrice, d. 1915-10-31, Plot: JONES-*-03-016-0004
LANDERS, Agnes, Age: 80 yrs, bur. 1971-12-31, Plot: JONES-*-05-*-0425
LANDERS, Morris, Age: 49 yrs, b. Russia, d. 1916-08-13 Vancouver, bur. 1916-08-15, Plot: OLD-1-06-001-0012
LANDERWAY, Florence M., d. 1914-01-23, Plot: JONES-*-15-002-0007
LANDERWAY, Frances Jane, d. 1910-12-12, Plot: HORNE1-5-04-015-0010
LANDERWAY, Gertrude G., d. 1916-02-11, Plot: JONES-*-16-001-0008
LANDERWAY, James, d. 1920-03-12, bur. 1920-03-15, Plot: 1919-*-B-031-0003
LANDERWAY, John, d. 1934-01-30, Plot: HORNE2-*-13-002-0011
LANDGNAVE, Jeanie, d. 1934-05-17, Plot: HORNE2-*-11-004-0009
LANDGON, (Baby), Age: Stillborn, bur. 1926-01-26, Plot: OLD-5-05-024-0007
LANDLES, Charles Henry, d. 1952-05-03, Plot: HORNE2-*-11-019-0007
LANDLES, Elizabeth, d. 1935-06-06, bur. 1935-06-08, Plot: HORNE2-*-11-019-0008
LANDLES, Helen, d. 1943-11-26, Plot: HORNE2-*-10-037-0015
LANDMAN, John, d. 1946-02-05, Plot: HORNE1-2-03-010-0009A
LANDON, Norman, d. 1909-05-05, Plot: OLD-5-02-008-0009
LANDRE, George, d. 1920-11-04, Plot: OLD-5-05-009-0011
LANDRE, Jacques, bur. 1991-05-15, Plot: JONES-*-12-007-0009
LANDREVILLE, Rene, bur. 1985-04-04, Plot: JONES-*-47-*-1862
LANDRIE, Gerald Joseph, Age: 55 yrs, b. 1936-01-08, d. 1991-04-11, bur. 1991-04-18, Plot: 1919-*-*-*-2303
LANDRIN, Robert Alexander, bur. 1980-08-20, Plot: OLD-5-05-023-0003
LANDRY, (Baby), Age: Stillborn, bur. 1926-03-16, Plot: OLD-5-06-004-0016
LANDRY, Alphonse, bur. 1980-09-25, Plot: JONES-*-38-*-1745
LANDRY, Arthur William, Age: 46 yrs, bur. 1982-01-14, Plot: JONES-*-02-*-0123
LANDRY, George, bur. 1977-01-13, Plot: JONES-*-30-*-1138
LANDRY, Jean, d. 1944-03-28, Plot: JONES-*-07-017-0008A
LANDRY, Joseph George, d. 1935-01-19, Plot: HORNE2-*-16-010-0007
LANDRY, Leo Joseph, bur. 1970-03-25, Plot: OLD-5-04-*-2055
LANDRY, Louis, d. 1922-04-30, Plot: OLD-5-05-W-0012
LANDRY, Paul Hubert, bur. 1971-08-17, Plot: JONES-*-12-007-0005
LANDSBURG, Helen Dorothy, bur. 1966-09-14, Plot: HORNE1-3-03-007-0009
LANDSDOWN, (Baby), Age: Stillborn, bur. 1941-11-30, Plot: JONES-*-18-014-0010
LANDSTROM, Clarence Adolph, Age: 51 yrs, bur. 1971-04-07, Plot: IOOF-*-*-023-0013
LANDSTROM, Edna Josephine, Age: 12 yrs, b. Vancouver, d. 1929-04-28 Vancouver, bur. 1929-05-01, Plot: IOOF-*-*-023-0016
LANDSTROM, Ellen Maria, Age: 77 yrs, b. Sweden, d. 1960-02-17 Surrey, BC, bur. 1960-07-20, Plot: IOOF-*-*-023-0014
LANDSTROM, Elmer, Age: 6 mos, b. Vancouver, d. 1914-05-17 Vancouver, bur. 1914-05-18, Plot: IOOF-*-*-023-0013
LANDSTROM, Jhons Alfred, Age: 74 yrs, b. Sweden, d. 1951-01-19 Vancouver, bur. 1951-01-23, Plot: IOOF-*-*-023-0001
LANDSTROM, Lars Erick, Age: 83 yrs, d. 1970-08-14 Vancouver, bur. 1970-08-25, Plot: 1919-*-*-*-1862
LANDSTROM, Oscar Edward Emanuel, Age: 72 yrs, bur. 1981-09-25, Plot: IOOF-*-*-023-0016
LANDSTROM, Oscar, Age: 80 yrs, b. Sweden, d. 1961-01-18 Surrey, BC, bur. 1961-01-23, Plot: IOOF-*-*-023-0015
LANDT, Pierre, d. 1954-02-12, Plot: OLD-1-03-025-0003
LANDUCCI, Luigi, d. 1920-03-26, bur. 1920-03-30, Plot: 1919-*-D-026-0002
LANDY, Anne, bur. 1987-06-04, Plot: JONES-*-01-025A-0015 (119)
LANDY, Roy G., bur. 1979-03-01, Plot: JONES-*-12-007-0007
LANDYCHEFF, George J., bur. 1964-07-03, Plot: HORNE2-*-11-005-0001
LANDYGA, Michael, d. 1965-06-14, Plot: HORNE1-4-04-*-0853
LANDYMORE, Frederick Gordon, Age: 87 yrs, b. Calgary, Alberta, d. 1995-05-01 Burnaby, BC, bur. 1995-05-10, Plot: MASONIC-*-22A-005-0028
LANDYMORE, Mable Kathleen, Age: 93 yrs, bur. 2000-01-10, Plot: MASONIC-*-22A-005-0028
LANDYSHEFF, John Josef, Age: 89 yrs, bur. 1983-02-24, Plot: HORNE2-*-11-*-0097-1
LANDYSHEFF, Ludmilla John, bur. 1983-02-03, Plot: HORNE2-*-11-005-0001
LANE, (Baby), Age: Stillborn, bur. 1914-07-03, Plot: OLD-5-04-014-0012
LANE, (Baby), Age: Stillborn, bur. 1935-01-31, Plot: JONES-*-18-005-0008
LANE, (Baby), Age: Stillborn, bur. 1939-08-31, Plot: JONES-*-18-017-0009
LANE, (Baby), bur. 1967-05-02, Plot: JONES-*-18-006-0012
LANE, Albert, Age: 92 yrs, bur. 1949-08-22, Plot: HORNE1-3-01-009-0008A
LANE, Albert, d. 1945-08-31, Plot: ABRAY-*-10-007-0010 (53)
LANE, Alfred C., d. 1942-11-11, Plot: JONES-*-44-016-0008A
LANE, Alfred, d. 1950-03-29, Plot: ABRAY-*-18-047-0008
LANE, Alice Maria, d. 1962-03-18, Plot: JONES-*-30R-005R-0002 (51)
LANE, Ann, d. 1933-03-29, Plot: HORNE2-*-02-003-0004 (8)
LANE, Charles Edward, d. 1943-03-02, Plot: ABRAY-*-03-036-0006
LANE, Christine Rhonda, Age: 37 yrs, bur. 1982-02-04, Plot: IOOF-*-*-*-0638
LANE, Clara, Age: 68 yrs, b. Alberta, d. 1995-01-29 Burnaby, BC, bur. 1995-07-19, Plot: MASONIC-*-24A-002-0026
LANE, Conrad M., d. 1937-02-03, Plot: HORNE2-*-16-035-0015
LANE, Edmund, d. 1916-12-10, Plot: JONES-*-39-007-0009
LANE, Ellen Packwood, d. 1961-11-07, Plot: HORNE2-*-08-016-0013 (237)
LANE, Emily M., d. 1925-02-12, Plot: HORNE1-1-02-014-0014
LANE, Emily, d. 1912-10-07, Plot: HORNE1-1-02-014-0014
LANE, Estelle Naomi, d. 1928-05-25, Plot: JONES-*-27-034-0013
LANE, Frances Ethel Gertrude, bur. 1988-11-30, Plot: OLD-3-03-018-0016A
LANE, Francis John, Age: 69 yrs, b. England, d. 1943-05-06, bur. 1943-05-10, Plot: JONES-*-0-008-0008A
LANE, Frederick Gordon, d. 1949-02-21, Plot: ABRAY-*-01-003-0011
LANE, George B. J., d. 1935-09-15, Plot: HORNE2-*-16-014-0015
LANE, Henry, d. 1922-09-25, bur. 1922-09-27, Plot: 1919-*-C-018-0006
LANE, Herbert George, d. 1936-11-25, Plot: HORNE2-*-08-016-0013 (237)
LANE, Janette, d. 1934-02-11, bur. 1939-07-15, Plot: 1919-*-C-018-0006
LANE, John Michael, bur. 1992-08-17, Plot: HORNE2-*-12-011-0002
LANE, John Robert, Age: 44 yrs, b. England, d. 1930-03-25 CPR Tracks & Dunlevy, bur. 1930-04-12, Plot: JONES-*-23-020-0009
LANE, Kate Elizabeth, d. 1932-01-01, Plot: HORNE2-*-11-026-0013
LANE, Leeward, d. 1938-10-02, bur. 1938-10-21, Plot: JONES-*-22-010-0014
LANE, Mabel Anna, Age: 66 yrs, b. 1911-10-23 Vancouver, BC, d. 1978-06-25 Matsqui, BC, bur. 1978-06-26, Plot: JONES-*-05-021-0007
LANE, Malcolm H. M., d. 1912-11-07, Plot: HORNE1-1-02-014-0014
LANE, May, d. 1903-07-29, Plot: HORNE1-1-02-014-0013
LANE, Milton Cornell, d. 1948-09-20, Plot: HORNE1-4-02-004-0005
LANE, Moaila I., d. 1947-08-13, Plot: JONES-*-37-002-0015
LANE, Nettie Floy, Age: 72 yrs, bur. 1980-01-22, Plot: IOOF-*-*-*-0663
LANE, Olive Ivy, bur. 1988-05-06, Plot: JONES-*-39-015-0002
LANE, Paul, Age: 68 yrs, bur. 1977-03-16, Plot: MASONIC-*-24A-002-0026
LANE, Ralph Rudolph, d. 1947-09-21, Plot: HORNE2-*-12-015-0004
LANE, Samuel George, d. 1955-08-10, Plot: HORNE2-*-11-026-0014
LANE, Samuel, d. 1946-12-18, Plot: ABRAY-*-12-029-0015 (359)
LANE, Stephen Vincent, Age: 56 yrs, d. 1970-09-02 Vancouver, bur. 1970-09-04, Plot: 1919-*-*-*-1842
LANE, William, bur. 1971-01-22, Plot: OLD-5-05-*-1749
LANEGRAFF, Thene, d. 1950-12-26, Plot: ABRAY-*-15-017-0004 (224)
LANEGRAFF, Wilfred Ernest, d. 1942-11-26, Plot: ABRAY-*-05-003-0014
LANES, (Baby Boy), d. 1962-11-25, bur. 1962-11-30, Plot: JONES-*-18-014-0007
LANEVILLE, Adel, d. 1935-04-24, Plot: HORNE2-*-12-027-0010
LANEVILLE, Napoleon, d. 1935-11-23, Plot: HORNE2-*-12-027-0010
LANG, (Baby), Age: Stillborn, bur. 1934-03-31, Plot: JONES-*-18-006-0003
LANG, (Baby), Age: Stillborn, bur. 1934-09-30, Plot: JONES-*-18-006-0007
LANG, (Baby), Age: Stillborn, bur. 1946-04-30, Plot: JONES-*-18-004-0012
LANG, (Baby), Age: Stillborn, bur. 1952-02-28, Plot: JONES-*-12-004-0003
LANG, (Baby), bur. 1966-12-23, Plot: JONES-*-18-006-0010
LANG, (Baby), d. 1920-03-12, Plot: JONES-*-35-007-0004
LANG, Alice E., d. 1909-01-07, Plot: HORNE1-4-04-010-0003
LANG, Alice Maud, d. 1952-07-20, Plot: HORNE2-*-04-019-0007
LANG, Anna, Age: 89 yrs, d. 1997-10-17 Abbotsford, BC, bur. 1997-10-23, Plot: ABRAY-*-12-*-0749
LANG, Annie Eliza, Age: 75 yrs, b. 1883-06-26 England, d. 1958-11-04 Vancouver, BC, bur. 1958-11-06, Plot: HORNE1-5-01-005R-0006 (678)
LANG, Camille, d. 1960-02-19, Plot: HORNE1-2-01-002R-0008 (17)
LANG, Cecil Howe, d. 1929-01-10, Plot: HORNE2-*-04-039-0015
LANG, Charles, d. 1924-03-02, bur. 1924-03-07, Plot: 1919-*-C-012-0006
LANG, Christine Clayton, Age: 74 yrs, d. 1962-11-22, bur. 1962-11-26, Plot: HORNE2-*-07-022-0010 (350)
LANG, Daisy, d. 1961-10-04, Plot: JONES-*-02-025A-0013 (57)
LANG, Dorothy, d. 1930-04-12, Plot: HORNE1-3-01-009-0002
LANG, Edward Otto, d. 1946-10-13, Plot: HORNE1-4-04-006-0008A
LANG, Edward, d. 1948-01-05, Plot: ABRAY-*-15-042-0008 (518)
LANG, Elise, bur. 1987-06-04, Plot: JONES-*-01-025A-0013 (117)
LANG, Elizabeth Morley, d. 1958-07-26, Plot: IOOF-*-32-023-0008
LANG, Elizabeth, d. 1949-09-30, Plot: ABRAY-*-15-058-0012 (906)
LANG, Elsie May, d. 1919-08-03, Plot: HORNE1-3-01-009-0002
LANG, Emma Christine, Age: 88 yrs, bur. 2000-09-27, Plot: HORNE2-*-07-022-0010 (350)
LANG, Ernest Frederick, bur. 1971-11-03, Plot: ABRAY-*-12-*-0718
LANG, Ethel Mary, d. 1913-07-21, Plot: JONES-*-28-009-0001
LANG, Ferdinand, bur. 1966-03-31, Plot: OLD-2-02-*-0589
LANG, Frank George, Age: 38 yrs, b. Botarck, Romania, d. 1963-08-11 Surrey, BC, bur. 1963-08-16, Plot: OLD-2-03-004A-0005 (61)
LANG, Frank McR., d. 1937-04-11, Plot: JONES-*-47-003-0008A
LANG, George C., d. 1918-10-25, Plot: JONES-*-35-007-0004
LANG, George, bur. 1963-05-15, Plot: JONES-*-12-006-0015
LANG, Gladys Edith, bur. 1983-02-10, Plot: HORNE1-4-04-006-0008A
LANG, Henry, d. 1923-04-13, bur. 1923-04-14, Plot: 1919-*-C-002-0016
LANG, Jack Edwin, Age: 85 yrs, bur. 2000-09-29, Plot: HORNE1-5-01-005R-0006 (678)
LANG, Jessie, d. 1920-02-10, Plot: JONES-*-*-114B-0001
LANG, Jessie, d. 1962-10-23, Plot: JONES-*-16-016A-0014 (478)
LANG, John, Age: 38 yrs, b. Scotland, d. 1915-09-12 Bear Creek, BC, bur. 1915-09-17, Plot: MASONIC-*-*-114-0011
LANG, John, d. 1929-04-01, Plot: IOOF-*-32-023-0007
LANG, John, d. 1930-03-18, Plot: HORNE2-*-05-009-0005
LANG, Joseph Gilbert, d. 1948-03-14, Plot: ABRAY-*-07-020-0016
LANG, Joseph, Age: 85 yrs, b. Poland, d. 1960-05-13 Vancouver, bur. 1960-05-17, Plot: KP-*-*-008A-0001
LANG, Joseph, d. 1919-01-02, Plot: JONES-*-*-114B-0002
LANG, Joseph, d. 1960-12-12, Plot: JONES-*-32R-051-0010
LANG, June Grene, d. 1962-08-31, Plot: IOOF-*-32-023-0007
LANG, Jung Suey, d. 1918-07-22, Plot: OLD-3-05-012-0012
LANG, Leslie, d. 1913-08-08, Plot: JONES-*-28-009-0001
LANG, Lloyd F., d. 1952-02-26, Plot: ABRAY-*-18-032-0003
LANG, Matilda, d. 1945-10-18, Plot: ABRAY-*-10-044-0010 (600)
LANG, Niels, Age: 54 yrs, b. Scotland, d. 1935-05-06 Lakewood, Ohio, bur. 1937-08-13, Plot: HORNE2-*-07-022-0010 (350)
LANG, Philip, d. 1952-02-14, Plot: JONES-*-34-014-0013 (144)
LANG, Phillip H., d. 1921-01-06, bur. 1921-01-08, Plot: 1919-*-B-016-0003
LANG, Richard G., d. 1916-05-17, Plot: JONES-*-28-009-0001
LANG, Robert Bruce, Age: 35 yrs, b. Ontario, d. 1948-10-15, bur. 1948-10-19, Plot: HORNE2-*-09-023-0009 (337)
LANG, Robert Bruce, Age: 62 yrs, b. Scotland, d. 1940-06-03, bur. 1940-06-05, Plot: HORNE2-*-09-023-0009 (337)
LANG, Robert Greenlees, bur. 1952-09-26, Plot: ABRAY-*-21-011-0012
LANG, Rose, Age: 33 yrs, d. 1913-02-21, Plot: JONES-*-07-014-0008
LANG, Rose, bur. 1973-06-29, Plot: JONES-*-34-014-0013 (144)
LANG, Terrance Walter, d. 1942-09-03, Plot: OLD-5-05-018-0001A
LANG, Theresa Barbara, Age: 88 yrs, bur. 1984-12-31, Plot: KP-*-*-008A-0002
LANG, William R., d. 1941-10-04, Plot: JONES-*-16-021-0011
LANG, Ying, Age: 67 yrs, d. 1997-07-17 Vancouver, bur. 1997-07-23, Plot: JONES-*-37-053-0009A
LANGAN, Larry Wade, Age: 45 yrs, d. 1998-03-25 Vancouver, bur. 1998-06-30, Plot: HORNE2-*-06-035-0003-1
LANGAN, Mary Jean, Age: 70 yrs, bur. 1984-06-11, Plot: MASONIC-*-30A-002-0013
LANGBELL, Mary, d. 1949-04-23, bur. 1949-04-26, Plot: ABRAY-*-16-004-0016 (94)
LANGDALE, Alfred Charles, d. 1943-01-03, Plot: HORNE2-*-10-029-0008 (372)
LANGDALE, Arthur, d. 1951-11-08, Plot: JONES-*-07-011-0014
LANGDALE, Blanche, d. 1944-02-23, Plot: HORNE2-*-10-029-0008 (372)
LANGDALE, Edward Arthur, d. 1957-03-18, Plot: OLD-1-02-019-0010
LANGDALE, Elsie, bur. 1973-02-22, Plot: HORNE1-3-05-005-0014
LANGDALE, Emma, d. 1909-05-23, Plot: OLD-1-02-019-0011
LANGDALE, Ethel Evangeline Ruth, Age: 3 mos, b. Vancouver, d. 1912-02-10 Vancouver, bur. 1912-02-12, Plot: JONES-*-02-023-0005
LANGDALE, Eugene Bowman, d. 1952-03-02, Plot: HORNE1-3-05-005-0015
LANGDALE, Eva Mildred, d. 1960-01-23, Plot: HORNE2-*-10-029-0008 (372)
LANGDALE, Henry A., d. 1892-12-25, Plot: OLD-1-02-019-0009
LANGDALE, Henry Charles, d. 1904-05-01, Plot: OLD-1-02-019-0009
LANGDALE, Hilda Isabel, bur. 1989-07-13, Plot: HORNE1-3-05-005-0013
LANGDALE, John L., d. 1929-12-25, Plot: JONES-*-02-023-0006
LANGDALE, Martha, d. 1957-07-22, Plot: JONES-*-02-023-0007
LANGDALE, Robinson G., d. 1928-10-03, Plot: JONES-*-02-023-0008
LANGDALE, Robinson Henry, d. 1908-03-19, Plot: OLD-1-02-019-0010
LANGDALE, Robinson S., bur. 1946-04-27, Plot: JONES-*-02-023-0007
LANGDALE, Susie I., d. 1910-10-11, Plot: HORNE1-3-05-005-0016
LANGDALE, Wilfred Robert, d. 1922-07-01, Plot: OLD-1-02-019-0012
LANGDON, (Baby Girl), bur. 1970-08-20, Plot: JONES-*-18-016-0013
LANGDON, Anna M., d. 1946-10-31, Plot: JONES-*-47-021-0014
LANGDON, Charles Pat, bur. 1948-11-29, Plot: JONES-*-47-021-0013
LANGDON, Charles, d. 1961-04-15, Plot: JONES-*-26R-010-0001
LANGDON, Ellen Ada, d. 1917-09-07, Plot: JONES-*-47-021-0013
LANGDON, Frederick William, d. 1949-10-01, Plot: OLD-2-01-021-0001A
LANGDON, Jean, bur. 1973-01-19, Plot: JONES-*-26R-010-0002
LANGDON, Marion, bur. 1989-03-23, Plot: JONES-*-26R-010-0001
LANGDON, Paul, d. 1920-03-05, Plot: JONES-*-45-015-0007
LANGDON, William G., d. 1960-04-20, Plot: JONES-*-47-021-0014
LANGE, Aurelia, bur. 1972-06-30, Plot: JONES-*-31-044-0008
LANGE, Bona Elizabeth, Age: 89 yrs, bur. 1999-05-19, Plot: JONES-*-05-019-0012
LANGE, Emanuel Peter, Age: 82 yrs, bur. 1983-07-04, Plot: MASONIC-*-*-*-0328
LANGE, Gustip Bernard, d. 1913-04-21, Plot: JONES-*-07-003-0013
LANGE, John Cortland, Age: 59 yrs, d. 1999-08-07 North Vancouver, BC, bur. 2000-09-14, Plot: JONES-*-05-019-0012
LANGELLE, Earl Edward, bur. 1988-07-05, Plot: OLD-4-03-008-0016A
LANGER, Fred A., d. 1911-05-06, Plot: OLD-3-01-004-0004
LANGER, Mary Jacqueline, bur. 1970-08-19, Plot: IOOF-*-*-043-0001
LANGERAK, Gunnar, d. 1963-03-23, Plot: OLD-4-01-016R-0014 (154)
LANGERAK, Melvin D., d. 1959-04-09, Plot: HORNE1-4-04-001R-0016 (512)
LANGERSTROM, Walfred, bur. 1987-06-04, Plot: JONES-*-01-025A-0015 (119)
LANGFIELD, Edward, bur. 1991-06-13, Plot: JONES-*-01-025A-0014 (118)
LANGFORD, Alexander, d. 1920-04-24, Plot: OLD-5-05-017-0008
LANGFORD, Cyril William, d. 1954-01-17, Plot: HORNE2-*-13-027-0009
LANGFORD, Edward Bernard, Age: 77 yrs, b. England, d. 1962-12-18 Vancouver, bur. 1963-01-10, Plot: MASONIC-*-17A-003-0003
LANGFORD, Elizabeth, bur. 1977-07-26, Plot: HORNE2-*-11-041-0008
LANGFORD, Helen Victoria, Age: 74 yrs, b. England, d. 1962-06-02 Vancouver, bur. 1963-01-10, Plot: MASONIC-*-17A-003-0003
LANGFORD, Horace A., d. 1920-05-27, Plot: JONES-*-35-020-0010
LANGFORD, Robert, d. 1958-10-02, Plot: HORNE2-*-13-023R-0006
LANGHAM, Mable, Age: 4 mos, b. Vancouver, d. 1894-08-12 Vancouver, Plot: OLD-1-01-021-0016
LANGHORN, E., d. 1896-01-15, Plot: OLD-1-03-025-0004
LANGHTON, George, d. 1939-06-14, Plot: HORNE1-1-01-011-0009
LANGHTON, Isabel, d. 1929-11-04, Plot: HORNE1-1-01-011-0009
LANGILL, Alice Victoria "Henley", Age: 71 yrs, d. 1984-02-01, bur. 1984-02-06, Plot: OLD-4-01-*-1418
LANGILL, Betty, Age: 76 yrs, b. Anyox, BC, d. 1990-02-21 Trail, BC, bur. 1997-04-18, Plot: HORNE1-2-03-*-0374
LANGILL, Ernest Oswald, bur. 1967-11-15, Plot: OLD-4-01-*-1418
LANGILL, William Robert, Age: 75 yrs, b. Nova Scotia, d. 1961-09-09 Vancouver, bur. 1961-10-11, Plot: MASONIC-*-16A-004-0002
LANGILLE, Cecil W., bur. 1964-10-01, Plot: JONES-*-12-006-0016
LANGILLE, Frederick, d. 1943-08-14, Plot: HORNE1-1-0-005-0015 (39)
LANGILLE, Marion Olive, bur. 1988-01-15, Plot: IOOF-*-*-092-0012
LANGLAIS, Jean, bur. 1966-07-13, Plot: OLD-2-01-*-0792
LANGLAIS, Simon M., d. 1943-04-28, bur. 1943-05-28, Plot: JONES-*-30-017-0009A
LANGLAND, (Baby), Age: Stillborn, b. N. Vancouver, d. 1920-04-30 North Vancouver, bur. 1920-05-03, Plot: MASONIC-*-*-122-0008
LANGLAND, Nellie, Age: 36 yrs, b. Scotland, d. 1920-04-30 North Vancouver, bur. 1920-05-03, Plot: MASONIC-*-*-122-0008
LANGLANDS, Lee, bur. 1987-06-04, Plot: JONES-*-01-025A-0015 (119)
LANGLEY, Andrie, d. 1923-05-29, bur. 1923-06-01, Plot: 1919-*-C-049-0004
LANGLEY, Charles, Age: 89 yrs, bur. 1983-03-24, Plot: MASONIC-*-20A-001-0015
LANGLEY, Charles, bur. 1951-12-28, Plot: ABRAY-*-20-015-0006
LANGLEY, David Oliver, Age: 62 yrs, b. 1888-09-30 Croydon, England, d. 1950-11-23 Vancouver, bur. 1950-11-25, Plot: ABRAY-*-19-006-0007
LANGLEY, Earl M., b. Colorado, d. 1891-06-23 Vancouver, Plot: OLD-2-01-010-0007
LANGLEY, Edith Caroline, d. 1950-05-15, Plot: OLD-5-02-005-0007
LANGLEY, Edna Ceclie, d. 1907-07-07, Plot: OLD-5-02-015-0014
LANGLEY, Edward, d. 1945-12-25, Plot: HORNE1-1-02-011-0014
LANGLEY, Helen Margaret, Age: 5 mos, b. Vancouver, BC, d. 1903-09-08 Vancouver, bur. 1903-09-10, Plot: HORNE1-1-02-011-0013
LANGLEY, John Wise, d. 1942-11-11, Plot: ABRAY-*-05-002-0009
LANGLEY, Mary Elizabeth Lindsey, Age: 78 yrs, bur. 1970-04-02, Plot: MASONIC-*-20A-001-0015
LANGLEY, Mary, d. 1945-08-02, bur. 1945-08-04, Plot: 1919-*-B-013-0011
LANGLEY, Nellie, d. 1920-12-01, Plot: 1919-*-B-013-0011
LANGLEY, Paul, d. 1914-07-02, Plot: JONES-*-15-016-0010
LANGLEY, Peter, bur. 1987-06-04, Plot: JONES-*-01-025A-0013 (117)
LANGLEY, Valadamir William, d. 1915-08-29, Plot: JONES-*-16-020-0004
LANGLOIS, (Baby), Age: Stillborn, bur. 1961-04-30, Plot: JONES-*-18-015-0016
LANGLOIS, Alfred Aurel, bur. 1984-10-30, Plot: HORNE2-*-06-*-0877
LANGLOIS, Henri Joseph, Age: 62 yrs, d. 1996-01-04 Vancouver, bur. 1996-01-19, Plot: 1919-*-*-*-1545
LANGLOIS, Jean Paul, Age: 42 yrs, bur. 1981-06-04, Plot: IOOF-*-*-*-0743
LANGLOIS, William Jean, d. 1965-04-22, Plot: HORNE1-2-03-*-0370
LANGMEAD, (Baby), Age: Stillborn, bur. 1953-03-31, Plot: JONES-*-12-004-0012
LANGNER, Gustov, d. 1949-11-21, Plot: ABRAY-*-15-002-0003 (6)
LANGNER, Regina, bur. 1968-06-01, Plot: ABRAY-*-15-002-0004 (6)
LANGONE, (Baby Boy), Age: Stillborn, bur. 1973-12-27, Plot: HORNE1-4-05-*-0683-12
LANGOR, George Alfred, bur. 1966-06-23, Plot: ABRAY-*-03-041-0009
LANGRAN, Elizabeth M., d. 1951-02-06, Plot: OLD-4-03-020-0016
LANGRAN, Perciwal, bur. 1952-05-31, Plot: ABRAY-*-20-016-0014
LANGRIDGE, Archie E., d. 1928-01-21, Plot: HORNE2-*-04-023-0005
LANGRIDGE, Edwin George Tom, d. 1965-10-13, Plot: HORNE1-1-04-*-0065
LANGRIDGE, Eileen Mary, bur. 1993-08-27, Plot: JONES-*-01-025A-0014 (118)
LANGRIDGE, Harriott Anna, d. 1942-07-30, Plot: HORNE2-*-10-021-0008 (292)
LANGRIDGE, James P., d. 1920-01-07, Plot: JONES-*-26-029-0001
LANGRIDGE, Sidney, Age: 40 yrs, d. 1903-12-06 Vancouver, Plot: OLD-4-03-010-0012
LANGRIDGE, William Harold, bur. 1993-08-27, Plot: JONES-*-01-025A-0014 (118)
LANGRILL, Isaac James, d. 1951-04-17, Plot: ABRAY-*-20-005-0010
LANGSLOW, George, d. 1927-02-19, Plot: HORNE2-*-14-008-0015
LANGSMEN, Marin, d. 1955-12-28, Plot: JONES-*-12-024-0005
LANGSTAFF, Mark, d. 1913-08-10, Plot: JONES-*-07-024-0009
LANGTHORNE, Joseph William, Age: 70 yrs, bur. 1983-04-25, Plot: IOOF-*-32-*-0913
LANGTHORNE, Mary Margaret, Age: 53 yrs, bur. 1981-10-05, Plot: IOOF-*-32-*-0912
LANGTON, (Baby), bur. 1968-01-16, Plot: JONES-*-18-006-0014
LANGTON, Walter Macdonald, d. 1935-03-11, Plot: HORNE2-*-16-012-0004
LANGUS, (Baby), Age: Stillborn, bur. 1952-03-31, Plot: JONES-*-12-004-0004
LANIGAN, Arthur P., d. 1955-01-01, Plot: HORNE2-*-16-029-0003
LANIN, Shoft (Baby), Age: Stillborn, bur. 1921-12-22, Plot: OLD-5-05-018-0015
LANKMAYR, John, Age: Stillborn, bur. 1971-02-01, Plot: HORNE1-4-04-*-0686-1
LANKO, Nicholas, d. 1952-08-07, Plot: HORNE1-1-04-011-0004
LANKOWITZ, Alfred J. H., bur. 1963-05-15, Plot: JONES-*-12-006-0015
LANNCEVILLE, (Baby), d. 1899-09-02, Plot: OLD-3-02-020-0002
LANNER, Arthur Melville, bur. 1979-10-02, Plot: JONES-*-01-023-0016
LANNER, Dorothy Clarice, Age: 82 yrs, d. 1995-12-21 Langley, BC, bur. 1995-12-29, Plot: JONES-*-01-023-0016
LANNER, George K., Age: 26 yrs, b. Nova Scotia, d. 1912-05-02 Coquitlam, bur. 1912-05-06, Plot: JONES-*-01-023-0013
LANNER, Joseph Mathew, bur. 1928-09-10, Plot: JONES-*-01-023-0015
LANNER, Mary Ann, d. 1933-07-26, Plot: JONES-*-01-023-0014
LANNON, Thomas, d. 1964-08-12, Plot: HORNE1-5-04-*-1138
LANNOOTT, James, d. 1929-05-13, Plot: HORNE2-*-13-054-0011
LANOIE, Joseph, bur. 1987-06-04, Plot: JONES-*-01-025A-0015 (119)
LANOUETTE, Edmund Joseph, bur. 1979-04-27, Plot: JONES-*-42-*-0766
LANOVILLE, Dolphis, d. 1954-03-20, Plot: HORNE2-*-14-023-0015
LANOWAY, (Baby), Age: Stillborn, bur. 1934-08-31, Plot: JONES-*-18-006-0006
LANQUIST, Terry Edwin, d. 1965-01-30, Plot: HORNE1-3-03-*-0660
LANSDELL, (Baby), Age: Stillborn, bur. 1953-11-30, Plot: JONES-*-12-004-0009
LANSDOWNE, Edna Marian, d. 1964-09-19, Plot: HORNE1-1-03-*-0203
LANSING, (unknown) "Old Man Lansing", d. 1901-01-28, Plot: OLD-4-03-019-0013
LANSING, James Gerhart Larson, Age: 76 yrs, b. USA, d. 1917-07-04 Vancouver, bur. 1917-07-10, Plot: MASONIC-*-*-128-0008
LANSING, James, Age: 63 yrs, b. Norway, d. 1930-04-23 Tacoma, WA, bur. 1930-04-26, Plot: MASONIC-*-*-128-0007
LANSKAIL, (Baby), Age: Stillborn, bur. 1957-10-31, Plot: JONES-*-18-025-0012
LANSKAIL, Anna Elizabeth, Age: 88 yrs, bur. 1992-12-08, Plot: JONES-*-03-*-0236-1
LANSKAIL, Robert Bruce, Age: 71 yrs, bur. 1979-08-16, Plot: JONES-*-03-*-0236-1
LANTEIGNE (LANTIGNE), Warry (Walter), bur. 1978-07-21, Plot: ABRAY-*-17-*-1374
LANTEIGNE, Gerald, bur. 1985-04-25, Plot: JONES-*-47-*-1866
LANTEIGNE, Paul Wilfred, bur. 1971-03-17, Plot: OLD-5-05-*-1971
LANTERMAN, Helen Kirk, bur. 1981-11-18, Plot: HORNE1-4-02-012-0015
LANTERMAN, Horace William, bur. 1985-01-23, Plot: HORNE1-4-02-012-0015
LANTHIER, Jeannine, Age: 69 yrs, d. 1999-12-04 Vancouver, bur. 1999-12-10, Plot: IOOF-*-*-023-0002
LANTHIER, Louis, d. 1917-11-30, Plot: JONES-*-45-005-0014
LANTHIER, Robert, Age: 41 yrs, d. 2000-11-09 Vancouver, bur. 2000-11-14, Plot: IOOF-*-*-023-0002
LANTIGNE (LANTEIGNE), Walter (Warry), bur. 1978-07-21, Plot: ABRAY-*-17-*-1374
LANTOS, Hugo, Age: 62 yrs, bur. 1973-01-15, Plot: HORNE1-4-04-*-0830-2
LANTRY, Paul, d. 1932-09-23, Plot: JONES-*-23-010-0009
LANTTA, Frederick R., d. 1936-02-29, Plot: JONES-*-38-011-0008A
LANTTO, Karl, Age: 71 yrs, bur. 1973-04-30, Plot: JONES-*-04-*-0327
LANTZ, Fraser H., d. 1936-01-27, Plot: HORNE1-3-01-005-0004
LANTZ, Joanna, Age: 23 yrs, b. Ontario, d. 1901-09-05 Victoria, BC, bur. 1901-12-11, Plot: HORNE1-3-01-005-0005
LANTZ, Mabel, d. 1912-01-24, Plot: HORNE1-3-01-005-0007
LANTZ, Mabel, d. 1922-02-15, Plot: HORNE1-3-01-005-0006
LANTZEFF, Praskovia, d. 1952-04-13, Plot: JONES-*-34-016-0010 (184)
LANWAGE, Napoleon, d. 1946-11-24, Plot: 1919-*-C-009-0007
LANYON, Arthur, d. 1888-08-05 Vancouver, Plot: OLD-3-01-016-0003
LANYON, Curtis Wayne, Age: 2 mos, bur. 1970-07-17, Plot: HORNE1-4-04-*-0982-1
LANZ, Johanna, d. 1901-09-05, Plot: OLD-4-03-025-0015
LANZON, Agathina, bur. 1977-01-11, Plot: JONES-*-33-*-1060
LAP, Fong Jan, d. 1934-03-19, Plot: OLD-3-05-022-0013
LAP, Fong Sing, d. 1934-05-24, Plot: OLD-3-05-021-0014
LAPALME, Marcel R., bur. 1980-09-05, Plot: JONES-*-12-007-0007
LAPAT, Rozsa, Age: 43 yrs, d. 1971-03-15 Vancouver, bur. 1971-03-22, Plot: 1919-*-*-*-2381
LAPIERRE, Isabel Jane, bur. 1976-01-12, Plot: HORNE2-*-16-039-0013
LAPIN, John "Lapinkewicz", Age: 74 yrs, b. 1899-mm-dd, d. 1973-mm-dd, bur. 1973-04-26, Plot: JONES-*-06-*-0516
LAPINSKI, Alexander, bur. 1987-06-04, Plot: JONES-*-01-025A-0015 (119)
LAPINSKI, Helena "Helen", Age: 53 yrs, b. 1905-01-09 Poland, d. 1958-04-09 Vancouver, BC, bur. 1958-04-14, Plot: HORNE2-*-03-028-0009
LAPINSKI, Waclaw, Age: 89 yrs, b. 1902-09-26 Wilno, Poland, d. 1992-09-03 Nelson, BC, bur. 1992-10-19, Plot: HORNE2-*-03-028-0009
LAPINSKY, John James, Age: 67 yrs, bur. 1969-04-29, Plot: MASONIC-*-21A-004-0023
LAPIRRIERE, Joseph Agutor, d. 1950-12-06, Plot: OLD-4-01-014-0001A
LAPKA, (Baby), Age: Stillborn, bur. 1939-01-31, Plot: JONES-*-18-004-0009A
LAPKA, John, Age: 62 yrs, bur. 1979-08-02, Plot: MASONIC-*-26A-001-0002
LAPKA, Samuel, Age: 74 yrs, b. Ukraine, d. 1960-11-18 Vancouver, bur. 1960-11-22, Plot: KP-*-*-007A-0015
LAPLANTE, Allan Joseph, Age: 59 yrs, bur. 1986-07-11, Plot: MASONIC-*-*-*-0220
LAPLANTE, Henry, bur. 1991-06-13, Plot: JONES-*-01-025A-0014 (118)
LAPOINTE, Joseph, d. 1939-01-12, Plot: HORNE2-*-16-061B-0008
LAPOINTE, Marcel, Age: 76 yrs, d. 1997-05-06 Burnaby, BC, bur. 1997-05-21, Plot: JONES-*-31-001-0009A
LAPOINTE, Sarah, d. 1911-12-11, Plot: JONES-*-09-013-0010
LAPOINTE, Simone, Age: 30 mins, b. 1957-07-11 St. Vincents Hospital, d. 1957-07-11 St. Vincents Hospital, bur. 1957-07-17, Plot: JONES-*-18-025-0011
LAPPALAINEN, August, bur. 1967-11-06, Plot: OLD-2-03-*-0388
LAPPALAINEN, George, d. 1947-12-29, Plot: ABRAY-*-07-013-0012
LAPSFORD, Edward, d. 1919-01-09, Plot: OLD-5-05-006-0010
LAPUSHMAN, Lazer, Age: 87 yrs, bur. 1974-04-17, Plot: JONES-*-17-*-1008
LAQUERRE, Fernand Julien, bur. 1984-11-14, Plot: HORNE2-*-03-*-0641
LARAMEE, Joseph N., d. 1937-04-19, Plot: JONES-*-22-005-0011
LARAWAY, Catherind B., bur. 1972-11-16, Plot: JONES-*-12-007-0005
LARAWAY, Cotton Harvey, bur. 1964-11-27, Plot: ABRAY-*-05-033-0007
LARCHER, Joseph, bur. 1989-04-10, Plot: OLD-5-05-003-0009
LARDAN, Henry, d. 1913-08-05, Plot: JONES-*-07-024-0001
LARDEN, (Baby), Age: Stillborn, bur. 1960-09-30, Plot: JONES-*-18-015-0011
LARDEN, Evelin, bur. 1987-06-04, Plot: JONES-*-01-025A-0013 (117)
LARDEN, G., d. 1956-03-29, Plot: JONES-*-12-024-0010
LARDNER, Annie, Age: 81 yrs, d. 1969-03-30 Vancouver, bur. 1969-04-02, Plot: 1919-*-*-*-2087
LARDNER, Herbert Alfred, Age: 79 yrs, d. 1969-02-11 Vancouver, bur. 1969-02-14, Plot: 1919-*-*-*-2087
LAREN, (Baby), Age: Stillborn, bur. 1948-08-31, Plot: JONES-*-18-024-0003
LARFOLD, Emias, d. 1953-12-07, Plot: HORNE1-*-*-RE5-0012
LARGE, (Baby), Age: Stillborn, bur. 1944-02-28, Plot: JONES-*-18-007-0011
LARGE, Absalom, d. 1957-02-08, Plot: HORNE2-*-02-020-0007 (110)
LARGE, Adelaide, d. 1961-06-24, Plot: HORNE2-*-02-020-0008 (110)
LARGE, Alice, d. 1915-03-31, Plot: JONES-*-16-017-0003
LARGE, Joseph Blackwell, d. 1930-09-28, Plot: HORNE2-*-13-036-0011
LARGE, Lillian May, d. 1957-12-03, Plot: HORNE1-3-01-005A-0002 (92)
LARGE, Sarah Amelia, d. 1941-02-23, Plot: HORNE2-*-02-020-0008 (110)
LARGEN, Sarah, d. 1901-10-08, Plot: OLD-4-03-025-0005
LARGY, Violet, d. 1912-03-18, Plot: JONES-*-09-006-0007
LARIMIS, Dennis, d. 1921-08-30, Plot: 1919-*-A-033-0014
LARIVIERE, Francois Joseph Real, bur. 1984-12-24, Plot: JONES-*-35-003-0008A
LARIVIERE, Honore Joseph, Age: 52 yrs, d. 1978-09-04 Vancouver, bur. 1978-09-22, Plot: 1919-*-*-*-1409
LARKEN, (Baby), d. 1916-04-13, Plot: JONES-*-29-014-0012
LARKES, M H. (Baby), Age: Stillborn, bur. 1942-02-28, Plot: JONES-*-18-007-0010
LARKIE, Edwin Elmer, d. 1959-12-10, Plot: HORNE2-*-01-001-0016 (44)
LARKIN, (Baby), Age: Stillborn, bur. 1920-08-03, Plot: OLD-5-05-018-0006
LARKIN, (Baby), Age: Stillborn, bur. 1926-10-31, Plot: OLD-5-06-006-0001
LARKIN, E., d. 1944-12-29, Plot: ABRAY-*-10-053-0012 (750)
LARKIN, Edward, d. 1910-09-14, Plot: OLD-3-03-011-0015
LARKIN, Elizabeth, d. 1958-02-23, Plot: HORNE2-*-08-010-0001 (105)
LARKIN, Francis William, d. 1956-09-11, Plot: JONES-*-20A-031-0005 (485)
LARKIN, Gilbert, d. 1949-01-19, Plot: ABRAY-*-07-052-0011
LARKIN, John Robert, Age: 69 yrs, bur. 1994-05-24, Plot: 1919-*-*-*-1575
LARKIN, Joseph, bur. 1968-02-27, Plot: OLD-5-01-*-1874
LARKIN, Joseph, d. 1958-10-30, Plot: HORNE2-*-16-040R-0002
LARKIN, Louise, d. 1949-04-02, bur. 1949-04-07, Plot: 1919-*-A-044-0001
LARKIN, William, d. 1910-08-02, Plot: OLD-5-02-H-0007
LARKINS, Alfred, Age: 82 yrs, bur. 1977-12-01, Plot: ABRAY-*-18-*-0311
LARKMAN, (Baby), Age: Stillborn, bur. 1941-05-31, Plot: JONES-*-18-024-0007
LARMOR, Zora Ella, d. 1912-03-12, Plot: JONES-*-10-016-0009
LARMORE, Clarence W., d. 1909-10-30, Plot: HORNE1-4-04-014-0013
LARMOUR, Wilfred Winsin, bur. 1983-01-11, Plot: JONES-*-34-007-0002 (2)
LARMOUTH, George Mason, d. 1938-08-23, Plot: HORNE2-*-15-039-0007
LARNER, Emma, d. 1935-10-02, Plot: HORNE2-*-12-032-0002
LARNER, George, bur. 1991-06-13, Plot: JONES-*-01-025A-0014 (118)
LARNER, George, d. 1941-01-20, Plot: HORNE2-*-12-032-0002
LARNER, Joseph William, Age: 58 yrs, bur. 1974-06-03, Plot: JONES-*-17-*-1024
LARNEY, (Baby), d. 1899-03-23, Plot: OLD-2-03-022-0004
LAROCCA, John Leonardo, bur. 1987-09-01, Plot: JONES-*-12-007-0009
LAROCHE, Alfred, bur. 1974-04-16, Plot: JONES-*-09-016A-0004
LAROCHE, Gregory John, Age: 23 yrs, b. 1958-05-25, d. 1981-12-10, bur. 1981-12-17, Plot: JONES-*-37-*-1529
LAROCHELLE, David Paul Kenneth, Age: 36 yrs, d. 2000-08-22 Dawson Creek, BC, bur. 2000-09-08, Plot: JONES-*-08-*-0691
LAROCHELLE, Lillian, Age: 41 yrs, bur. 1972-07-10, Plot: JONES-*-08-*-0691
LAROCHELLE, Paul Emille, Age: 70 yrs, bur. 1997-03-13, Plot: JONES-*-08-*-0691
LAROCQUE, Alfred Joseph, d. 1965-08-27, Plot: HORNE1-1-04-*-0090
LAROCQUE, Barbara Ann, bur. 1974-12-18, Plot: JONES-*-31-*-0113
LAROCQUE, Hugh James, bur. 1975-12-24, Plot: JONES-*-31-*-0113
LAROCQUE, Joseph Adolphus, bur. 1970-07-08, Plot: ABRAY-*-21-*-0090
LAROCQUE, Joseph, bur. 1964-12-29, Plot: ABRAY-*-06-035-0016A
LAROCQUE, Peter, bur. 1983-06-10, Plot: HORNE2-*-06-*-0745
LAROCQUE, Rennie Rudell, Age: 7 yrs, bur. 1968-07-17, Plot: OLD-3-03-*-0934
LAROCQUE, Richard Angus, bur. 1985-07-24, Plot: HORNE2-*-16-*-0098
LAROCQUE, Ruth, bur. 1980-07-09, Plot: JONES-*-37-*-1627
LARONDE, Jessie Ann, Age: 81 yrs, d. 1998-02-27 Vancouver, bur. 1998-03-06, Plot: 1919-*-*-*-0354
LARONDE, Lawrence Gregory, bur. 1987-02-06, Plot: 1919-*-*-*-0354
LAROOQUE, Arthur, bur. 1952-02-26, Plot: ABRAY-*-20-025-0003
LAROQUE, Adrian Joseph, bur. 1983-12-08, Plot: HORNE2-*-05-*-0692
LAROQUE, Leo Joseph, d. 1952-10-18, Plot: ABRAY-*-21-005-0015
LAROSE, (Baby), Age: Stillborn, bur. 1960-05-31, Plot: JONES-*-18-016-0008
LAROSE, Eleanor, bur. 1987-06-04, Plot: JONES-*-01-025A-0013 (117)
LAROSE, Robert D. (Baby), Age: Stillborn, bur. 1958-09-30, Plot: JONES-*-18-016-0012
LAROY, Robert R., d. 1909-06-17, Plot: HORNE1-5-04-006-0004
LARRY, Ernest Warren, Age: 61 yrs, d. 1977-03-21, bur. 1977-03-25, Plot: ABRAY-*-21-*-0075
LARSEN, (Baby), Age: Stillborn, bur. 1941-07-31, Plot: JONES-*-18-017-0010
LARSEN, (Baby), Age: Stillborn, bur. 1944-02-28, Plot: JONES-*-18-007-0011
LARSEN, (Baby), Age: Stillborn, bur. 1949-02-28, Plot: JONES-*-18-014-0014
LARSEN, (Baby), Age: Stillborn, bur. 1949-07-31, Plot: JONES-*-18-007-0014
LARSEN, (Baby), Age: Stillborn, bur. 1952-01-31, Plot: JONES-*-12-004-0003
LARSEN, (Baby), Age: Stillborn, bur. 1958-06-30, Plot: JONES-*-18-016-0010
LARSEN, Adam, Age: 67 yrs, bur. 1981-12-22, Plot: MASONIC-*-27A-002-0016
LARSEN, Adolph, d. 1919-01-12, Plot: JONES-*-17-021-0005
LARSEN, Alfred Johnson, d. 1930-11-27, Plot: HORNE2-*-13-034-0009
LARSEN, Andrew, d. 1956-07-13, Plot: JONES-*-37-048-0011
LARSEN, Anna Marie, d. 1954-05-01, Plot: JONES-*-04-001-0124
LARSEN, Annie Elisabeth, Age: 88 yrs, bur. 1988-02-19, Plot: HORNE1-4-04-*-0843-3
LARSEN, Arne Ingolf, Age: 77 yrs, bur. 1984-02-10, Plot: MASONIC-*-*-*-0031
LARSEN, Belle, d. 1926-03-24, bur. 1926-03-26, Plot: 1919-*-D-042-0002
LARSEN, Bergit Elizabeth, bur. 1965-01-06, Plot: ABRAY-*-15-021-0016 (258)
LARSEN, Bertin, bur. 1953-03-01, Plot: JONES-*-12-006-0003
LARSEN, Beulah Etta, Age: 70 yrs, bur. 1972-10-14, Plot: JONES-*-04-*-0294
LARSEN, Borg, bur. 1994-06-08, Plot: HORNE1-2-01-*-0097
LARSEN, Carl, bur. 1967-05-02, Plot: JONES-*-12-007-0003
LARSEN, Charles Edward, d. 1952-08-17, Plot: JONES-*-04-001-0106
LARSEN, Charles, d. 1943-01-02, Plot: JONES-*-03-004-0009
LARSEN, Christian Waltham, bur. 1974-09-27, Plot: JONES-*-26-*-0204
LARSEN, Edward, d. 1929-01-09, Plot: HORNE2-*-04-038-0009
LARSEN, Edwin, d. 1949-09-01, Plot: OLD-2-01-024-0001A
LARSEN, Eleanor Olive, Age: 18 yrs, b. Kelowna- BC, d. 1957-11-27 at home, bur. 1957-12-06, Plot: MASONIC-*-08A-003-0003
LARSEN, Elizabeth, d. 1955-12-12, Plot: JONES-*-20A-017-0005 (269)
LARSEN, Erling, bur. 1964-10-01, Plot: JONES-*-12-006-0016
LARSEN, Frederick, d. 1947-12-03, Plot: ABRAY-*-07-009-0011
LARSEN, George Bernard, Age: 42 yrs, bur. 1973-07-03, Plot: HORNE1-4-04-*-0843-3
LARSEN, Gustav, d. 1939-09-01, bur. 1939-09-02, Plot: 1919-*-A-022-0015
LARSEN, Hans, Age: 86 yrs, bur. 1965-12-13, Plot: JONES-*-26-024-0009 (397)
LARSEN, Herbert E., d. 1950-11-21, Plot: ABRAY-*-19-010-0006
LARSEN, Isabella Gertrude, Age: 69 yrs, bur. 1977-05-16, Plot: MASONIC-*-08A-003-0003
LARSEN, Isabella McKay McNeish, bur. 1984-10-10, Plot: JONES-*-37-048-0011
LARSEN, John Henry, d. 1954-02-19, Plot: JONES-*-13-029-0008
LARSEN, John Ludric, d. 1965-12-13, Plot: HORNE1-4-03-*-0866
LARSEN, John, d. 1947-12-12, Plot: ABRAY-*-15-030-0010 (496)
LARSEN, Jonas S., d. 1921-02-25, bur. 1921-02-26, Plot: 1919-*-B-002-0016
LARSEN, Kay (Knud) Christian, Age: 84 yrs, bur. 1984-07-06, Plot: JONES-*-04-*-0294
LARSEN, Kristian, bur. 1953-03-01, Plot: JONES-*-12-006-0003
LARSEN, Kristine Agathe, bur. 1969-05-21, Plot: OLD-5-03-*-1931
LARSEN, Lars Peter, d. 1911-10-05, Plot: OLD-5-03-008-0013
LARSEN, Lars, d. 1937-07-04, Plot: JONES-*-22-006-0001
LARSEN, Lauritz Teodor, Age: 85 yrs, bur. 1972-04-25, Plot: MASONIC-*-08A-003-0003
LARSEN, Lawrence John, bur. 1968-09-06, Plot: JONES-*-37-048-0011
LARSEN, Lilly, d. 1915-05-30, Plot: JONES-*-29-006-0002
LARSEN, Margaret (Roe) "Marguerite", Age: 37 yrs, b. 1903-12-07 Ontario, d. 1941-08-08 Howe Sound, BC, bur. 1941-08-12, Plot: HORNE2-*-10-006-0002 (102)
LARSEN, Martin, d. 1944-10-14, Plot: OLD-5-02-021-0006
LARSEN, Martinus, d. 1921-12-16, Plot: JONES-*-45-027-0010
LARSEN, Paul David, d. 1961-10-09, bur. 1961-10-13, Plot: HORNE1-2-01-*-0097
LARSEN, Peter, d. 1914-12-18, Plot: JONES-*-16-012-0010
LARSEN, Richenda, d. 1925-01-10, Plot: JONES-*-37-020-0014
LARSEN, Robina Roy, bur. 1976-08-17, Plot: JONES-*-26-*-0204
LARSEN, Rolf, bur. 1987-06-04, Plot: JONES-*-01-025A-0013 (117)
LARSEN, Selma, d. 1930-04-13, Plot: JONES-*-37-048-0011
LARSEN, Signe K., bur. 1965-01-21, Plot: IOOF-*-*-085-0012
LARSEN, Theodore, d. 1947-12-06, Plot: ABRAY-*-16-018-0003 (247)
LARSEN, Wigot, bur. 1963-05-15, Plot: JONES-*-12-006-0015
LARSON, (Babies - Twins), Age: Stillborn, bur. 1932-10-31, Plot: JONES-*-18-015-0001
LARSON, (Baby Boy), d. 1963-08-10, bur. 1963-08-14, Plot: JONES-*-18-014-0014
LARSON, (Baby), Age: Stillborn, bur. 1937-04-30, Plot: JONES-*-18-005-0003
LARSON, (Baby), Age: Stillborn, bur. 1943-01-31, Plot: JONES-*-18-024-0011
LARSON, (Baby), Age: Stillborn, bur. 1957-02-28, Plot: JONES-*-18-025-0002
LARSON, (Baby), d. 1914-03-17, Plot: OLD-4-05-015-0014
LARSON, Aldor, d. 1958-11-17, Plot: ABRAY-*-16-002-0013 (107)
LARSON, Alma Jean, Age: 52 yrs, bur. 1971-02-01, Plot: IOOF-*-*-039-0010
LARSON, Andrew, d. 1958-04-11, Plot: HORNE1-4-03-013A-0005 (175)
LARSON, Anna M., d. 1949-06-01, Plot: ABRAY-*-16-002-0013 (107)
LARSON, Anna, d. 1923-12-06, Plot: 1919-*-C-025-0010
LARSON, Arthur M., d. 1919-01-09, Plot: JONES-*-35-001-0009
LARSON, Ben, d. 1931-02-24, Plot: HORNE2-*-06-011-0016
LARSON, Berger C., d. 1938-09-13, Plot: JONES-*-31-022-0014
LARSON, Bertha, d. 1945-12-13, Plot: ABRAY-*-10-023-0011 (329)
LARSON, Bonsack, d. 1918-10-24, Plot: OLD-4-06-013-0001
LARSON, Britta A., d. 1930-04-28, Plot: JONES-*-26-040-0011 (633)
LARSON, Carl Alfred, Age: 79 yrs, b. 1884-04-12 St. Paul, MN, USA, d. 1963-12-01 Vancouver, BC, bur. 1963-12-03, Plot: OLD-4-03-005RC-0015
LARSON, Carl Magnus, Age: 90 yrs, bur. 1985-10-21, Plot: KP-*-*-*-0109
LARSON, Carl, bur. 1952-10-01, Plot: JONES-*-12-006-0005
LARSON, Carl, bur. 1984-07-24, Plot: IOOF-*-*-066-0008A
LARSON, Carl, d. 1959-04-24, Plot: HORNE1-4-04-001R-0008A (451)
LARSON, Catherine A., d. 1959-02-14, Plot: HORNE1-5-02-003R-0007 (710)
LARSON, Catherine, bur. 1984-07-24, Plot: IOOF-*-*-066-0008A
LARSON, Charles, d. 1914-01-02, Plot: OLD-4-05-013-0009
LARSON, Christian Fitz, bur. 1970-07-28, Plot: JONES-*-12-007-0004
LARSON, Conrad, Age: 58 yrs, d. 1939-03-04, Plot: JONES-*-22-007-0005
LARSON, Douglas Raymond, Age: 3 mos, b. Vancouver, d. 1918-11-08 Vancouver, Plot: OLD-4-06-018-0014
LARSON, Ebbe Peter Emanuel, bur. 1984-11-13, Plot: JONES-*-47-*-1859
LARSON, Ellen Petrine, Age: 92 yrs, bur. 1993-11-02, Plot: MASONIC-*-22A-004-0030
LARSON, Elmer Amedias, Age: 67 yrs, b. Sweden, d. 1956-03-26, Plot: JONES-*-20A-006-0011 (123)
LARSON, Elsie Lola, Age: 54 yrs, bur. 1966-11-18, Plot: MASONIC-*-28A-003-0024
LARSON, Erick, d. 1958-10-11, Plot: HORNE1-4-03-013A-0005 (175)
LARSON, Ervine, d. 1936-12-04, Plot: JONES-*-47-020-0009A
LARSON, F. R., d. 1956-07-09, Plot: JONES-*-01-005-0056
LARSON, Florence Selina, Age: 93 yrs, bur. 1988-08-08, Plot: JONES-*-13-*-0193
LARSON, Frederick L., d. 1954-12-31, Plot: HORNE2-*-16-025-0006
LARSON, Gerda P., Age: 55 yrs, b. Sweden, d. 1925-04-03 Seattle, WA, USA, bur. 1925-04-07, Plot: JONES-*-02-016-0012
LARSON, Gus., d. 1941-06-17, Plot: JONES-*-0-053-0003
LARSON, Gustav B., d. 1938-03-20, Plot: HORNE2-*-16-045-0007
LARSON, Gustave Adolph, bur. 1966-01-20, Plot: HORNE1-5-01-*-1051
LARSON, Hans, d. 1909-05-27, Plot: HORNE1-5-04-007-0010
LARSON, Herman, d. 1925-09-30, bur. 1925-10-02, Plot: 1919-*-D-051-0004
LARSON, Jetmund John, bur. 1955-01-01, Plot: JONES-*-12-006-0002
LARSON, Jim, bur. 1987-06-04, Plot: JONES-*-01-025A-0015 (119)
LARSON, John Albin, bur. 1964-10-01, Plot: JONES-*-12-006-0016
LARSON, John M., d. 1957-09-01, Plot: OLD-5-04-009-0009
LARSON, John Olaf, Age: 70 yrs, b. Sweden, d. 1962-09-08 Vancouver, bur. 1962-12-14, Plot: MASONIC-*-04A-014-0004
LARSON, John, d. 1919-12-24, Plot: JONES-*-24-017-0007
LARSON, Karl H., d. 1928-04-23, Plot: HORNE2-*-04-031-0016
LARSON, Kenneth Herbert, bur. 1991-02-26, Plot: JONES-*-47-*-1837
LARSON, Larry, Age: 11 yrs, d. 1973-09-14, Plot: JONES-*-02-016-0013, (Name on marker, No Interment)
LARSON, Lars, Age: 64 yrs, bur. 1965-08-13, Plot: MASONIC-*-22A-004-0030
LARSON, Lars, d. 1946-08-31, Plot: OLD-5-03-008-0001A
LARSON, Lars, d. 1949-09-22, Plot: OLD-2-02-006-0001A
LARSON, Louis, d. 1927-02-15, Plot: OLD-4-05-003-0007
LARSON, Mabel, d. 1950-03-28, Plot: ABRAY-*-15-025-0006 (336)
LARSON, Magnus, Age: 76 yrs, b. Sweden, d. 1957-01-19, bur. 1957-01-24, Plot: JONES-*-20A-005-0013 (45)
LARSON, Margaret, d. 1940-07-12, Plot: JONES-*-39-001-0014
LARSON, Marie Theresa, Age: 78 yrs, b. 1898-11-02 Montreal, QC, d. 1976-12-24 Vancouver, BC, bur. 1977-01-26, Plot: OLD-4-03-005RC-0015
LARSON, Martin, bur. 1966-07-14, Plot: JONES-*-12-007-0003
LARSON, Martin, d. 1955-04-14, Plot: OLD-5-03-022-0015
LARSON, Mary Anne, Age: 77 yrs, bur. 1975-08-27, Plot: KP-*-*-*-0109
LARSON, Mary, d. 1937-11-18, Plot: HORNE1-2-01-015-0010
LARSON, Matthew, bur. 1960-02-01, Plot: JONES-*-12-006-0012
LARSON, Nels, bur. 1940-03-13, Plot: JONES-*-23-002-0008A
LARSON, Nels, bur. 1957-03-14, Plot: JONES-*-12-006-0009
LARSON, Oscar Emil, d. 1912-03-26, Plot: OLD-5-03-022-0010
LARSON, Pete, d. 1934-02-07, Plot: JONES-*-23-001-0009
LARSON, Peter, Age: 75 yrs, b. 1858-05-15 Sweden, d. 1934-01-26 North Vancouver, BC, bur. 1934-01-29, Plot: JONES-*-02-016-0013
LARSON, Rudolf Axel Ferdinand, Age: 96 yrs, bur. 1994-02-11, Plot: JONES-*-02-016-0013
LARSON, Ruth, bur. 1968-07-10, Plot: JONES-*-12-007-0003
LARSON, Signe Irene, d. 1964-02-17, Plot: JONES-*-14-005A-0001 (390)
LARSON, Una Alice Euphemia, Age: 95 yrs, d. 1999-04-07 North Vancouver, BC, bur. 1999-04-12, Plot: JONES-*-02-016-0012
LARSON, William, bur. 1961-07-01, Plot: JONES-*-12-006-0014
LARSON, William, bur. 1964-10-01, Plot: JONES-*-12-006-0016
LARSON, William, d. 1918-12-25, Plot: JONES-*-17-018-0008
LARSON, William, d. 1950-06-03, Plot: ABRAY-*-15-072-0016 (1114)
LARSSEN, Karl Emil, Age: 82 yrs, bur. 1984-03-30, Plot: MASONIC-*-30A-002-0017
LARSSEN, Louis, d. 1944-03-10, Plot: JONES-*-07-007-0009A
LARSSON, Aron A., d. 1943-09-08, Plot: JONES-*-13-021-0008A
LARSSON, Svend August, Age: 49 yrs, bur. 1970-08-12, Plot: MASONIC-*-20A-002-0007
LARTER, Arthur, bur. 1963-10-02, Plot: JONES-*-12-006-0016
LARUSSON, Thoyier Raymond, d. 1929-07-14, Plot: HORNE2-*-05-019-0013
LARVEY, Charles, d. 1942-10-13, Plot: ABRAY-*-05-005-0009
LARVIERE, (Baby), bur. 1993-08-27, Plot: JONES-*-01-025A-0014 (118)
LARVOIE, Napoleon, d. 1937-11-02, Plot: JONES-*-22-003-0010
LARWAY, Jessie, d. 1961-11-05, Plot: JONES-*-30R-003R-0001 (70)
LARWILL, Albert, Age: 62 yrs, b. Ontario, d. 1911-06-02 Vancouver, bur. 1911-06-04, Plot: MASONIC-*-*-022-0007
LASANEN, Darlene Roberta Lynn Rose (Dore, bur. 1989-11-24, Plot: JONES-*-30-027-0011
LASANEN, Doreen Roberta Lynn Rose "Darlene", Age: 29 yrs, bur. 1989-11-24, Plot: JONES-*-30-027-0011
LASBURY, Emma, d. 1949-05-05, Plot: OLD-2-02-021-0001A
LASBURY, Eva May, d. 1907-01-09, Plot: HORNE1-2-04-019-0009
LASBURY, George, Age: 55 yrs, bur. 1951-03-05, Plot: OLD-2-02-021-0001A
LASCZUCH, J., d. 1917-10-06, Plot: OLD-5-04-021-0009
LASDER, William, d. 1940-09-02, Plot: OLD-5-03-010-0016
LASH, (unknown) "David Lloyd?", bur. 1991-05-15, Plot: JONES-*-12-007-0009
LASH, Sidney, d. 1940-12-21, Plot: JONES-*-24-017-0008A
LASHANCE, Albert, d. 1964-05-21, Plot: HORNE1-3-04-*-0466
LASHBROOK, Benjeman, d. 1950-07-06, Plot: ABRAY-*-17-011-0014
LASHER, John, d. 1901-06-08, Plot: OLD-4-03-008-0013
LASHKO, Akulina, bur. 1978-11-03, Plot: HORNE1-1-03-012-0014
LASHKO, Myhaylo, bur. 1966-02-12, Plot: HORNE1-1-03-012-0013
LASHMAR, Marion A., Age: 4 mos, b. Vancouver, BC, d. 1904-07-31 Vancouver, bur. 1904-08-02, Plot: HORNE1-2-03-002-0014
LASHVILLE, Theodore, d. 1934-02-03, Plot: JONES-*-23-001-0013
LASKO, George, bur. 1987-06-04, Plot: JONES-*-01-025A-0015 (119)
LASKO, Joan, bur. 1987-06-04, Plot: JONES-*-01-025A-0013 (117)
LASKOVICK, John, d. 1916-05-13, Plot: JONES-*-16-016-0001
LASKY, Francis, bur. 1975-12-19, Plot: JONES-*-41-*-0958
LASLETT, Rena Alex., d. 1939-07-21, Plot: OLD-5-01-023-0013
LASMUSSEN, (Baby), Age: Stillborn, bur. 1959-09-30, Plot: JONES-*-18-016-0003
LASOTA, Bronislawa, Age: 94 yrs, b. 1899-10-09, d. 1994-02-02, bur. 1994-02-07, Plot: ABRAY-*-20-*-0221
LASOTA, Henryk, Age: 62 yrs, b. 1916-12-09, d. 1979-01-23, bur. 1979-01-26, Plot: JONES-*-38-*-1750
LASOTA, Joseph, bur. 1984-03-21, Plot: HORNE2-*-14-*-0308
LASOTA, Raymond Kasmir, Age: 24 yrs, b. 1963-03-22, d. 1988-03-05, bur. 1988-03-10, Plot: JONES-*-38-*-1750
LASOTA, Stanislaw, Age: 73 yrs, bur. 1977-06-23, Plot: ABRAY-*-20-*-0221
LASSAM, Edward Abraham, d. 1937-09-26, Plot: HORNE2-*-16-057B-0009
LASSELA, Axel, d. 1930-12-01, Plot: JONES-*-23-015-0005
LASSELLE, Fernand Joseph Agenor Clement, bur. 1967-03-29, Plot: OLD-1-01-*-0019
LASSEN, Peter, d. 1933-08-10, Plot: JONES-*-23-006-0002
LASSILA, Olls S., d. 1924-12-09, Plot: 1919-*-D-022-0007
LASSILA, Ott Sigfrid, d. 1924-12-16, Plot: 1919-*-D-022-0007
LASSON, Beatrice Evalins, d. 1908-11-27, Plot: OLD-5-02-022-0001
LASSON, Goodis Margaret, d. 1910-07-28, Plot: OLD-5-02-022-0001
LAST, (Baby), Age: Stillborn, bur. 1946-05-31, Plot: JONES-*-18-004-0005
LAST, Annie Jane, Age: 65 yrs, b. England, d. 1941-08-23 Vancouver, BC, bur. 1941-08-26, Plot: JONES-*-16-021-0016
LAST, Arthur Ernest, d. 1940-01-10, Plot: HORNE2-*-15-015-0003
LAST, Bethene, d. 1947-08-24, Plot: HORNE2-*-07-011-0009 (213)
LAST, Cecil John, d. 1954-01-21, Plot: HORNE2-*-13-027-0010
LAST, David Claude, d. 1958-01-16, bur. 1958-01-23, Plot: OLD-5-04-016-0011
LAST, Harold Augustus, Age: 83 yrs, bur. 1965-05-07, Plot: MASONIC-*-28A-002-0026
LAST, Robert H., bur. 1954-05-13, Plot: ABRAY-*-21-036-0015
LASZEGNSKI, Nikolson Francizek, d. 1953-11-25, Plot: OLD-5-02-018-0006
LASZLO, (Baby Girl), bur. 1969-10-07, Plot: JONES-*-18-016-0011
LATAM, Cheryl L. (Baby), Age: Stillborn, bur. 1960-12-31, Plot: JONES-*-18-015-0013
LATAROCHE, Frank A., d. 1942-12-27, Plot: ABRAY-*-03-032-0007
LATCHFORD, Sidney, d. 1940-08-17, bur. 1940-08-26, Plot: OLD-5-03-023-0004
LATENDORF, Ingo, bur. 1967-02-23, Plot: JONES-*-18-006-0011
LATENDRE, Alvin George, bur. 1972-11-16, Plot: JONES-*-12-007-0005
LATER, Evelyn M., d. 1936-09-16, Plot: JONES-*-13-005-0002
LATHAM, (Baby), Age: Stillborn, bur. 1914-03-28, Plot: OLD-5-04-014-0015
LATHAM, (Baby), Age: Stillborn, bur. 1915-04-06, Plot: OLD-5-04-012-0001
LATHAM, (Baby), Age: Stillborn, bur. 1920-05-06, Plot: OLD-5-05-018-0005
LATHAM, (Baby), Age: Stillborn, bur. 1956-03-31, Plot: JONES-*-18-025-0009
LATHAM, Christine Margaret, bur. 1991-02-11, Plot: HORNE1-5-02-002R-0002 (696)
LATHAM, Edith, d. 1945-11-27, Plot: ABRAY-*-10-037-0009 (529)
LATHAM, Frederick, d. 1954-04-07, Plot: HORNE2-*-14-023-0004
LATHAM, George Nath., d. 1946-09-15, Plot: ABRAY-*-10-037-0009 (529)
LATHAM, George William, Age: 79 yrs, bur. 1976-03-04, Plot: MASONIC-*-*-003-0013
LATHAM, Henry, d. 1958-12-13, Plot: HORNE1-5-02-002R-0002 (696)
LATHAM, Ina, d. 1903-10-13, Plot: OLD-4-02-024-0004
LATHAM, James, d. 1930-12-04, Plot: HORNE2-*-13-034-0001
LATHAM, John Edward, bur. 1985-05-31, Plot: HORNE2-*-14-*-0551
LATHAM, John Richardson, d. 1910-06-21, Plot: OLD-4-02-024-0004
LATHAM, Mamie, Age: 62 yrs, bur. 1966-08-26, Plot: MASONIC-*-*-003-0013
LATHAM, Nash (Baby), d. 1921-03-04, Plot: OLD-5-05-002-0014
LATHAM, Peter, bur. 1987-06-12, Plot: OLD-4-02-024-0004
LATHAM, Peter, d. 1948-12-31, Plot: ABRAY-*-15-043-0016 (714)
LATHAM, Sarah Florence, d. 1957-08-12, Plot: ABRAY-*-15-043-0016 (714)
LATHAM, William, d. 1938-05-05, Plot: HORNE2-*-16-044-0010
LATHAN, Maude, bur. 1924-09-26, Plot: ABRAY-*-10-047-0002 (656)
LATHLIN, Norah, bur. 1979-03-01, Plot: JONES-*-12-007-0007
LATIMER, Althea, d. 1927-07-01, Plot: HORNE2-*-04-010-0007
LATIMER, Andrew, d. 1948-12-10, Plot: OLD-1-03-017-0016A
LATIMER, Edward G., d. 1944-09-22, Plot: ABRAY-*-06-018-0013
LATIMER, Frances Helena, d. 1942-11-14, Plot: HORNE2-*-02-010-0002 (37A)
LATIMER, James, Age: 82 yrs, d. 1951-06-28, bur. 1951-07-03, Plot: JONES-*-26-019-0006 (250)
LATIMER, Jane, Age: 86 yrs, b. England, d. 1962-05-07 Victoria, BC, bur. 1962-07-27, Plot: MASONIC-*-04A-004-0001
LATIMER, Lawrence Bruce, d. 1941-01-07, Plot: HORNE2-*-02-010-0001 (37A)
LATIMER, Robert George N., d. 1948-09-10, Plot: ABRAY-*-07-035-0005
LATIMER, Ruth Hilda, d. 1910-08-29, Plot: OLD-3-03-011-0003
LATIMER, Walter, bur. 1985-10-18, Plot: HORNE2-*-11-*-0176
LATOUR, George, d. 1928-02-21, Plot: HORNE2-*-04-023-0014
LATOURELLE, Elizabeth Lousia, bur. 1966-01-08, Plot: HORNE1-5-01-*-1236
LATRAVERSE, Jean Paul, Age: 60 yrs, bur. 1979-11-28, Plot: 1919-*-*-*-0680
LATREELLE, John, d. 1928-05-20, Plot: OLD-5-04-020-0013
LATREMOULLE, Evelyn, bur. 1987-06-04, Plot: JONES-*-01-025A-0013 (117)
LATTA, Christina Munro, Age: 90 yrs, bur. 1976-07-02, Plot: MASONIC-*-*-039-0010
LATTA, Eilian Charlotte, Age: 1 mo, b. New Westminster, d. 1917-09-08 New Westminster, bur. 1917-09-11, Plot: MASONIC-*-*-039-0005
LATTA, Frances Eliza., Age: 53 yrs, b. Ireland, d. 1909-09-13 Vancouver, bur. 1909-09-15, Plot: MASONIC-*-*-039-0007
LATTA, Frances Mary, Age: 82 yrs, bur. 1993-07-21, Plot: MASONIC-*-*-039-0009
LATTA, Francis J., Age: 31 yrs, b. Scotland, d. 1915-09-25 Vancouver, bur. 1915-09-28, Plot: MASONIC-*-*-039-0008
LATTA, Gornall George Simon, bur. 1971-09-24, Plot: OLD-5-06-*-2016
LATTA, John, Age: 88 yrs, b. Scotland, d. 1929-11-06 New Westminster, bur. 1929-11-08, Plot: MASONIC-*-*-039-0012
LATTA, John, Age: 88 yrs, bur. 1969-09-18, Plot: MASONIC-*-*-039-0011
LATTA, Marion Isabel, Age: 8 yrs, b. Vancouver, d. 1921-02-24 Vancouver, bur. 1923-02-26, Plot: MASONIC-*-*-039-0006
LATTARNZIO, Pasquale, d. 1927-06-10, Plot: HORNE2-*-04-009-0007
LATTERSON, Hazel, d. 1914-09-20, Plot: OLD-5-04-016-0006
LATTIMOR, John A., d. 1941-05-09, bur. 1941-05-12, Plot: OLD-5-04-008-0001A
LATTIN, Anthony Charlton, bur. 1971-04-27, Plot: HORNE1-5-01-005A-0003 (193)
LATTIN, Helen Violet Jane, bur. 1979-07-18, Plot: HORNE1-5-01-005A-0003 (193)
LATTON, H., d. 1922-05-30, Plot: OLD-5-05-W-0008
LATTUGA, George A., d. 1946-08-26, Plot: ABRAY-*-02-018-0002
LATVOLA, John, d. 1927-08-22, Plot: HORNE2-*-04-015-0011
LAU, Chau Sim "Lui", Age: 89 yrs, bur. 1982-08-18, Plot: MASONIC-*-*-122-0009A
LAU, Chiu Kung, Age: 65 yrs, bur. 1985-05-11, Plot: MASONIC-*-30A-003-0017
LAU, Hing Man Dodgen, Age: 7 yrs, b. 1963-mm-dd, d. 1970-07-dd Vancouver, BC, bur. 1970-07-10, Plot: OLD-3-05-*-1070
LAU, Ho Yau Yu, Age: 91 yrs, bur. 1975-01-08, Plot: JONES-*-01-*-0023
LAU, Ian Chin, Age: 2 days, bur. 1972-09-01, Plot: HORNE1-3-05-*-0679-16
LAU, Jang Woo, Age: 88 yrs, bur. 1977-11-25, Plot: JONES-*-13-*-0133
LAU, Jason Joseph, Age: 20 yrs, d. 1996-01-16 Vancouver, bur. 1996-01-22, Plot: JONES-*-40-009-0007
LAU, Lai Chiu, Age: 29 yrs, bur. 1990-11-20, Plot: IOOF-*-*-*-0750
LAU, Siu Hei, Age: 82 yrs, bur. 1984-10-24, Plot: MASONIC-*-*-*-0546
LAU, Yam "Lum, Ying", "Ying, Lam", Age: 81 yrs, d. 1969-05-15 Vancouver, BC, bur. 1969-05-21, Plot: OLD-3-05-*-1060
LAUBE, Hajime, d. 1913-05-20, Plot: OLD-2-06-004-0014
LAUBER, Benedict, d. 1954-05-15, Plot: JONES-*-13-027-0001
LAUBMANN, Dennis Hugh, Age: 58 yrs, d. 1999-09-02 Vancouver, bur. 1999-09-09, Plot: OLD-5-05-022-0016A
LAUBSCHER, John F., d. 1948-08-22, Plot: HORNE1-1-04-011-0009A
LAUCKNER, Edgar Paul, Age: 63 yrs, bur. 1975-11-21, Plot: KP-*-*-*-0030
LAUD, Agnes E., d. 1917-08-06, Plot: JONES-*-25-013-0002
LAUDBERG, Kenete, d. 1937-12-26, Plot: JONES-*-22-015-0009
LAUDER, (Baby), d. 1937-09-15, Plot: HORNE2-*-11-043-0001
LAUDER, Agnes, bur. 1987-06-04, Plot: JONES-*-01-025A-0015 (119)
LAUDER, Arthur F., d. 1928-03-26, Plot: HORNE2-*-11-043-0002
LAUDER, John B. R., d. 1911-03-23, Plot: HORNE1-6-03-J-0002
LAUDER, Mabel Jean, bur. 1967-09-21, Plot: HORNE2-*-11-043-0001
LAUDER, Mary Elizabeth, bur. 1967-05-02, Plot: JONES-*-12-007-0003
LAUDER, Milford, d. 1919-07-19, Plot: JONES-*-37-054-0014
LAUDER, Sophia, d. 1949-11-26, Plot: JONES-*-14-018-0009
LAUDIN, Otto Murray, bur. 1979-10-29, Plot: ABRAY-*-05-*-1943
LAUDON, Elizabeth, d. 1924-03-17, Plot: 1919-*-C-006-0013
LAUDRE, Pierre, d. 1923-04-17, Plot: 1919-*-C-001-0009
LAUDRE, Purre, d. 1923-04-14, Plot: 1919-*-C-001-0009
LAUDRY, Rose Anna, d. 1918-09-16, Plot: JONES-*-47-029-0006
LAUGDALE, Sarah Emmeline, bur. 1964-11-05, Plot: HORNE2-*-02-028-0008 (190)
LAUGDALE, Sidney, d. 1941-01-26, Plot: HORNE2-*-02-028-0007 (190)
LAUGHLIN, Charlotte K., d. 1940-05-17, Plot: JONES-*-15-021-0007
LAUGHLIN, David A., d. 1922-12-20, bur. 1922-12-22, Plot: 1919-*-C-017-0003
LAUGHLIN, Ida Lee, d. 1952-04-11, Plot: JONES-*-13-017-0016
LAUGHLIN, Raymond, Age: 59 yrs, b. 1881-05-21 Prince Edward Island, d. 1930-12-13 Vancouver, BC, bur. 1930-12-23, Plot: HORNE2-*-06-012-0013
LAUGHRAN, Catherine, d. 1946-02-23, Plot: HORNE1-2-02-017-0009A
LAUGHREN, (Baby), Age: Stillborn, bur. 1927-08-31, Plot: OLD-5-06-006-0014
LAUGHTON, (Baby), Age: Stillborn, bur. 1947-01-31, Plot: JONES-*-18-007-0005
LAUGHTON, George Herbert, d. 1903-05-31, Plot: HORNE1-1-01-011-0012
LAUGHTON, Gracie, d. 1905-01-10, Plot: HORNE1-1-01-011-0011
LAUGHTON, Kathleen Elizabeth, bur. 1989-05-23, Plot: HORNE2-*-07-030-0009 (429)
LAUGHTON, Lillian, bur. 1980-11-17, Plot: HORNE1-1-01-011-0010
LAUK, Veronica, d. 1939-01-18, Plot: JONES-*-03-023-0006
LAUKAS, Rose, Age: 66 yrs, bur. 1980-03-05, Plot: IOOF-*-32-*-0076
LAUKHONEN, John L., d. 1937-03-03, Plot: JONES-*-31-033-0008A
LAUKKONEM, (Baby), Age: Stillborn, bur. 1944-05-31, Plot: JONES-*-18-007-0006
LAUL, James E., d. 1916-10-01, Plot: JONES-*-10-012-0009
LAUMAILLET, Albert Francois, Age: 66 yrs, bur. 1989-09-21, Plot: ABRAY-*-15-006-0015 (30)
LAUMAILLET, Florence Isabel, bur. 1986-12-31, Plot: HORNE2-*-10-037-0006
LAUMAILLET, Henri Eugene Jr., Age: 75 yrs, bur. 1977-02-07, Plot: HORNE2-*-10-037-0005
LAUMAILLET, Henri Eugene Sr., Age: 79 yrs, b. Paris, France, d. 1957-07-26, bur. 1957-07-30, Plot: ABRAY-*-15-006-0015 (30)
LAUMAILLET, Marcel Maurice, bur. 1979-04-25, Plot: HORNE2-*-10-037-0005
LAUMAILLET, Octavie, d. 1950-01-23, bur. 1950-01-25, Plot: ABRAY-*-15-006-0016 (30)
LAUN, Frank, bur. 1952-02-28, Plot: JONES-*-12-006-0006
LAUNCHBURG, (Baby), Age: Stillborn, bur. 1933-01-31, Plot: JONES-*-18-015-0006
LAUNCHBURY, H. W., d. 1959-12-11, Plot: HORNE1-2-01-005R-0011 (277)
LAUNER, (Baby), Age: Stillborn, bur. 1942-02-28, Plot: JONES-*-18-007-0010
LAUNG, Jan Wo, d. 1941-05-08, Plot: JONES-*-20-001-0005
LAURASON, Joseph N., d. 1911-06-17, Plot: HORNE1-4-02-010-0008
LAURASON, Thomas W., d. 1905-10-24, Plot: HORNE1-4-02-010-0005
LAURENT, Hilda M., d. 1944-10-29, Plot: JONES-*-13-022-0008
LAURENT, Juliette, bur. 1987-06-04, Plot: JONES-*-01-025A-0015 (119)
LAURET, Cyrlle D., d. 1949-09-10, Plot: JONES-*-05-020-0008
LAURET, Paul Alfred Cyrille, b. 1908-08-16 Kaslo, BC, d. 1993-07-28 Comox, BC, bur. 1993-08-20, Plot: JONES-*-*-118B-0003
LAURET, Paul, Age: 84 yrs, b. 1884-05-23 Niece, France, d. 1968-06-14 Surrey, BC, bur. 1968-06-18, Plot: JONES-*-*-118B-0003
LAURET, Rosine V., d. 1919-01-08, Plot: JONES-*-*-118B-0004
LAURIDSEN, Amy, d. 1952-11-30, Plot: JONES-*-36-008-0009A
LAURIE, (Baby), Age: Stillborn, bur. 1928-02-28, Plot: OLD-5-06-005-0007
LAURIE, (Baby), Age: Stillborn, bur. 1937-03-31, Plot: JONES-*-18-005-0004
LAURIE, (Baby), Age: Stillborn, bur. 1959-01-31, Plot: JONES-*-18-016-0014
LAURIE, Alex M., d. 1901-02-27, Plot: OLD-0-02-003-0013
LAURIE, Andrew, bur. 1989-09-08, Plot: HORNE2-*-10-040-0013
LAURIE, Andrew, bur. 1989-09-08, Plot: HORNE2-*-10-040-0014
LAURIE, Annie Ellen, d. 1910-08-02, Plot: HORNE1-4-04-003-0007
LAURIE, Annie Ester, bur. 1969-01-30, Plot: ABRAY-*-12-037-0011 (483)
LAURIE, Annie, d. 1937-11-19, Plot: OLD-0-02-003-0014
LAURIE, Annie, d. 1951-10-21, Plot: OLD-4-05-004-0005
LAURIE, Edythe Neilson, bur. 1975-12-15, Plot: JONES-*-02-023-0004
LAURIE, Elizabeth Morton, bur. 1955-07-01, Plot: JONES-*-12-006-0001
LAURIE, Ephriam, d. 1942-10-08, Plot: OLD-5-04-018-0001A
LAURIE, Francis Addison, d. 1946-10-06, Plot: ABRAY-*-12-022-0005 (213)
LAURIE, John Drummond Jr., Age: 81 yrs, d. 1989-06-22 Langley, BC, bur. 1989-06-27, Plot: HORNE2-*-01-033-0016 (252)
LAURIE, John Drummond Sr., d. 1942-02-26, bur. 1989-06-27, Plot: HORNE2-*-01-033-0016 (252)
LAURIE, John James, Age: 19 yrs, b. Vancouver, d. 1937-06-12 Vancouver, bur. 1937-06-14, Plot: HORNE2-*-01-012-0014 (87)
LAURIE, John, Age: 79 yrs, b. Glasgow, Scotland, d. 1962-11-07 Vancouver, bur. 1962-11-10, Plot: HORNE2-*-01-012-0013 (87)
LAURIE, John, bur. 1987-06-04, Plot: JONES-*-01-025A-0015 (119)
LAURIE, Margaret, Age: 62 yrs, b. Scotland, d. 1946-01-26 West Vancouver, bur. 1946-01-29, Plot: HORNE2-*-01-012-0013 (87)
LAURIE, Matilda, bur. 1987-06-04, Plot: JONES-*-01-025A-0015 (119)
LAURIE, Mildred G., d. 1950-01-21, Plot: ABRAY-*-15-003-0013 (41)
LAURIE, Olive Scott, bur. 1970-03-04, Plot: HORNE2-*-10-040-0014
LAURIE, Robert John, bur. 1957-07-01, Plot: JONES-*-12-006-0010
LAURIE, Vivian, bur. 1968-10-23, Plot: OLD-3-02-*-1147
LAURIENTE, Amerigo Thomas, Age: 64 yrs, d. 1969-09-04, bur. 1969-09-08, Plot: 1919-*-*-*-1308
LAURILA, Vilho, d. 1959-07-07, Plot: HORNE1-4-03-003R-0015 (533)
LAURILLARD, Anthony John, d. 1947-08-16, Plot: ABRAY-*-07-003-0010
LAURIN, Jean Guy Joseph, Age: 46 yrs, d. 1995-06-20 Vancouver, bur. 1995-07-17, Plot: OLD-5-05-005-0007
LAURIN, Joseph Alex., d. 1955-02-11, Plot: HORNE2-*-04-012-0013
LAURITSEN, Johan, bur. 1969-07-18, Plot: JONES-*-12-007-0004
LAURITSEN, Lawrence, bur. 1978-04-28, Plot: JONES-*-35-*-0705
LAURITZEN, Frances Dorothy, Age: 73 yrs, bur. 1988-04-19, Plot: HORNE2-*-03-019-0008
LAURITZEN, Karl Wold, Age: 79 yrs, bur. 1990-02-22, Plot: HORNE2-*-03-019-0008
LAURSEN, Georgette, d. 1933-11-11, Plot: HORNE2-*-01-001-0008 (4)
LAURSEN, Harry, Age: 10 yrs, b. Copenhagen, Denmark, d. 1894-08-17 Vancouver, bur. 1894-08-19, Plot: OLD-2-03-008-0010
LAURSEN, Jeanette, d. 1921-07-24, Plot: OLD-2-03-012-0014
LAURSEN, John "Johnny", Age: 12 yrs, b. Copenhagen, Denmark, d. 1894-08-17 Vancouver, bur. 1894-08-19, Plot: OLD-2-03-008-0009
LAURSEN, Lili Juliane Ulrikka, Age: 70 yrs, b. 1880-04-27 Denmark, d. 1950-07-19 Vancouver, bur. 1950-07-24, Plot: OLD-2-03-008-0012
LAURSEN, Marie Elizabeth (Buntzen), Age: 78 yrs, b. Denmark, d. 1922-02-01 New Westminster, BC, bur. 1922-02-03, Plot: OLD-2-03-008-0011
LAURSEN, Mary Josephine, Age: 58 yrs, bur. 1974-06-03, Plot: JONES-*-24-*-1161
LAURSEN, Rosa, bur. 1969-02-14, Plot: HORNE2-*-01-001-0007 (4)
LAURSEN, Viggs, d. 1959-12-17, Plot: HORNE2-*-01-001-0007 (4)
LAURY, Albert, bur. 1987-06-04, Plot: JONES-*-01-025A-0015 (119)
LAURY, Lydia, bur. 1982-01-13, Plot: JONES-*-38-*-1729
LAUS, A. E., d. 1914-01-20, Plot: OLD-4-05-018-0014
LAUSZUS, Ernest Emil, Age: 63 yrs, bur. 1974-02-01, Plot: JONES-*-14-*-0958
LAUTSCH, (Baby), Age: Stillborn, bur. 1939-07-31, Plot: JONES-*-18-024-0008
LAUZON, Amede Romuald, Age: 33 yrs, bur. 1972-07-10, Plot: JONES-*-05-*-0387
LAUZON, Claude, Age: 37 yrs, bur. 1993-12-17, Plot: 1919-*-*-*-1624
LAUZON, Omar, bur. 1987-06-04, Plot: JONES-*-01-025A-0015 (119)
LAVALEE, Alfred, Age: 90 yrs, bur. 1994-03-16, Plot: 1919-*-*-*-1610
LAVALLE, Alphonse, bur. 1978-11-23, Plot: 1919-*-*-*-0744
LAVALLEE, Catherine Rose, Age: 66 yrs, d. 1999-02-02 Vancouver, bur. 1999-02-09, Plot: OLD-5-05-024-0011
LAVALLEE, Elzear Joseph, Age: 71 yrs, d. 1997-08-03 Vancouver, bur. 1997-09-03, Plot: 1919-*-*-*-1533
LAVALLEE, Gilbert Clarence, Age: 39 yrs, d. 1970-04-10 Vancouver, bur. 1970-04-14, Plot: 1919-*-*-*-1831
LAVALLEE, Nelson Phillip, Age: 50 yrs, bur. 1980-04-19, Plot: IOOF-*-*-*-0243
LAVALLIE, Ernest John, Age: 50 yrs, bur. 1988-01-26, Plot: MASONIC-*-*-034-0008A
LAVAN, Charles Robert, d. 1951-11-19, Plot: ABRAY-*-18-018-0001
LAVANT, (Baby), Age: Stillborn, bur. 1946-04-30, Plot: JONES-*-18-004-0012
LAVAS, Hercules D., Age: 79 yrs, bur. 1974-10-09, Plot: JONES-*-16-*-1082
LAVASSEUR, Albert Joseph, Age: 54 yrs, bur. 1980-11-07, Plot: 1919-*-*-*-1052
LAVE, Non, d. 1918-12-21, Plot: OLD-3-06-001-0006
LAVEAU, Jules, d. 1963-11-17, Plot: JONES-*-15-025A-0014 (393)
LAVECK, (Baby), Age: Stillborn, bur. 1928-12-31, Plot: OLD-5-06-005-0010
LAVELLI, (Baby), Age: Stillborn, bur. 1942-09-30, Plot: JONES-*-18-004-0007
LAVENDER, Edwin Henry, bur. 1995-11-29, Plot: 1919-*-B-018-0003
LAVENDER, George, d. 1912-03-06, Plot: OLD-5-03-012-0010
LAVENDER, William George, b. 1892-12-28 England, d. 1920-06-07 Vancouver, Plot: 1919-*-B-018-0003
LAVENER, William, bur. 1987-06-04, Plot: JONES-*-01-025A-0015 (119)
LAVENUIK, Richard, bur. 1984-05-10, Plot: HORNE2-*-05-*-0916
LAVENY, (Baby), Age: Stillborn, bur. 1938-08-31, Plot: JONES-*-18-014-0008A
LAVER, (Baby), Age: Stillborn, bur. 1932-05-31, Plot: JONES-*-18-015-0012
LAVERDER, Thomas, bur. 1987-06-04, Plot: JONES-*-01-025A-0013 (117)
LAVERICK, Jospeh, bur. 1991-06-13, Plot: JONES-*-01-025A-0014 (118)
LAVEROCK, (Baby), Age: Stillborn, bur. 1946-09-30, Plot: JONES-*-18-007-0012
LAVEROCK, Mary B., d. 1928-12-11, Plot: JONES-*-38-029-0003
LAVERROCK, David, d. 1917-07-18, Plot: JONES-*-38-029-0004
LAVERS, (Baby), d. 1953-03-20, Plot: HORNE1-1-0-002-0001 (9)
LAVERS, Ernest Fred, Age: 50 yrs, d. 1937-04-06, Plot: JONES-*-39-011-0008A
LAVERS, Frederick, Age: 55 yrs, d. 1972-10-15, bur. 1972-11-27, Plot: JONES-*-39-011-0008A
LAVERS, Marjorie Kathleen, bur. 1969-04-09, Plot: HORNE1-5-01-005A-0002 (192)
LAVERS, Mary Louisa, Age: 78 yrs, d. 1969-11-02, bur. 1969-11-12, Plot: JONES-*-39-011-0008A
LAVERTY, Ellen, d. 1931-10-04, Plot: HORNE2-*-06-029-0008
LAVERTY, Gwendolin A., d. 1938-03-28, Plot: HORNE2-*-08-035-0006 (454)
LAVERTY, James W., d. 1934-09-03, Plot: HORNE2-*-06-029-0008
LAVERTY, John Raymond, Age: 63 yrs, b. 1928-05-13 Ocean Falls, BC, d. 1991-07-31 Vancouver, BC, bur. 1995-05-15, Plot: JONES-*-12-007-0009
LAVERTY, Matthew, d. 1943-06-06, Plot: ABRAY-*-05-004-0006
LAVERY, (Baby Boy), d. 1962-10-25, bur. 1962-11-01, Plot: JONES-*-18-014-0006
LAVERY, Edward, d. 1936-11-28, Plot: JONES-*-22-020-0009
LAVERY, James Louis, d. 1945-08-19, Plot: ABRAY-*-12-039-0014 (502)
LAVERY, John, d. 1929-12-02, Plot: HORNE2-*-05-009-0016
LAVEST, Ib, bur. 1982-04-28, Plot: JONES-*-46-*-2036
LAVIERE, Loretta, d. 1924-12-21, bur. 1924-12-24, Plot: 1919-*-A-003-0013
LAVIERE, Noel, d. 1925-02-28, bur. 1925-03-02, Plot: 1919-*-A-003-0014
LAVIGNE, Calvin W P. (Baby), Age: Stillborn, bur. 1956-06-30, Plot: JONES-*-18-025-0007
LAVIGNE, Janet Marie, bur. 1994-10-28, Plot: OLD-5-05-010-0016
LAVIGNE, Louis N., d. 1915-09-23, Plot: JONES-*-16-020-0010
LAVIGNE, William, d. 1948-06-10, Plot: ABRAY-*-07-028-0015
LAVIOLETTE, Alfred, Age: 51 yrs, b. Ontario, d. 1930-02-17, bur. 1930-02-19, Plot: HORNE2-*-03-029-0005
LAVIOLETTE, Harriett, Age: 89 yrs, b. Quebec, d. 1942-02-27 963 W. 27th, bur. 1942-03-03, Plot: OLD-3-01-003-0005
LAVIOLETTE, Matilda, Age: 20 yrs, b. Ontario, d. 1911-05-12 Vancouver, bur. 1911-05-15, Plot: OLD-3-01-003-0003
LAVIOLETTE, Napoleon, d. 1930-03-30, bur. 1930-04-01, Plot: OLD-3-01-003-0004
LAVIOLETTE, Thelma G., Age: 1 yr, d. 1913-06-30, bur. 1913-07-02, Plot: HORNE1-3-04-003-0013
LAVIOLETTE, Vera May, Age: 55 yrs, b. 1921-01-24 Saskatchewan, d. 1976-12-23 Vancouver, bur. 1976-12-29, Plot: JONES-*-34-*-0570
LAVIS, (Baby), Age: Stillborn, bur. 1928-10-31, Plot: OLD-5-06-005-0009
LAVIS, Ellen, bur. 1987-06-04, Plot: JONES-*-01-025A-0015 (119)
LAVIS, George, bur. 1984-12-04, Plot: JONES-*-35-010-0009A
LAVIS, Gordon J., d. 1914-03-26, Plot: JONES-*-28-017-0010
LAVIVIERE, Alphonse, d. 1925-11-10, Plot: OLD-5-02-017-0008
LAVOIE, Florence Marie, Age: 70 yrs, bur. 1979-07-28, Plot: JONES-*-15-*-0830
LAVOIE, James Joseph Regis, bur. 1980-01-16, Plot: ABRAY-*-21-029-0004
LAVOIE, Joseph Frederick, Age: 72 yrs, bur. 1972-11-06, Plot: JONES-*-15-*-0830
LAVOIE, Joseph Georges Alfred, Age: 52 yrs, d. 1969-03-12 Vancouver, BC, bur. 1969-03-17, Plot: 1919-*-*-*-1793
LAVOIE, Winnifred May, Age: 70 yrs, bur. 1992-12-02, Plot: 1919-*-*-*-1073-2
LAVOLD, Jacob, d. 1945-08-28, Plot: JONES-*-10-005-0002
LAVONEN, Matti, bur. 1956-02-01, Plot: JONES-*-12-006-0001
LAVORIE, Joseph Ronald "Bouchard, Joseph Raymond", Age: 51 yrs, d. 1982-12-30, bur. 1983-01-17, Plot: HORNE2-*-03-*-0553
LAVROCK, Duncan, bur. 1932-05-03, Plot: JONES-*-30-029-0006
LAVROCK, Eleanor, d. 1912-10-23, Plot: JONES-*-30-029-0007
LAVULIN, Vaino, d. 1931-04-27, Plot: JONES-*-23-013-0016
LAW (LEW), Ising (Lung Chew), d. 1930-12-15, Plot: OLD-3-04-022-0005
LAW, (Baby Boy), Age: 13 days, b. N. Vancouver, d. 1909-02-13 North Vancouver, bur. 1909-02-15, Plot: KP-*-*-028-0001
LAW, (Baby Boy), bur. 1965-08-12, Plot: JONES-*-18-006-0004
LAW, (Baby), d. 1909-12-24, Plot: HORNE1-4-04-013-0010
LAW, Arthur James, d. 1960-08-02, Plot: JONES-*-32R-050-0001
LAW, Brian Carman, b. 1959-08-07 Prince George, BC, d. 1989-05-04 Prince George, BC, bur. 1989-11-23, Plot: HORNE2-*-09-*-1795
LAW, Cecil Roy, d. 1935-10-01, Plot: HORNE2-*-08-007-0003 (131)
LAW, Daniel Stephen, Age: 34 yrs, bur. 1992-01-21, Plot: MASONIC-*-30A-001-0055
LAW, David Joseph, d. 1945-11-14, Plot: ABRAY-*-03-008-0016
LAW, David William, d. 1933-09-02, Plot: IOOF-*-*-042-0008
LAW, David, d. 1959-11-23, Plot: IOOF-*-*-042-0006
LAW, Eleanor, d. 1932-09-26, Plot: IOOF-*-32-040-0014
LAW, Elizabeth Calder, bur. 1965-08-05, Plot: ABRAY-*-10-055-0015 (737)
LAW, Elsie Edith, Age: 54 yrs, bur. 1970-10-23, Plot: ABRAY-*-15-*-0469
LAW, Florence Violet, Age: 84 yrs, bur. 1997-03-06, Plot: MASONIC-*-22A-001-0012
LAW, Florence, bur. 1964-10-01, Plot: JONES-*-12-006-0016
LAW, George Henry, d. 1930-04-23, Plot: HORNE2-*-05-004-0010
LAW, Gordon Dwight, Age: 18 yrs, d. 1978-mm-dd, bur. 1978-01-23, Plot: OLD-1-01-*-0316
LAW, Gordon, Age: 73 yrs, bur. 1988-05-20, Plot: MASONIC-*-22A-001-0012
LAW, Hanna Mary, Age: 88 yrs, bur. 1992-04-03, Plot: IOOF-*-*-025-0009
LAW, Hee King, d. 1955-09-16, Plot: JONES-*-21A-023-0009
LAW, Helen Beatrice, bur. 1964-05-04, Plot: ABRAY-*-15-013-0004 (56)
LAW, Ira, d. 1938-08-26, Plot: HORNE2-*-15-039-0002
LAW, James, bur. 1962-01-01, Plot: JONES-*-12-006-0014
LAW, James, d. 1930-12-26, Plot: HORNE2-*-13-033-0013
LAW, Jane Wheeling, d. 1935-12-11, Plot: IOOF-*-*-042-0007
LAW, Jane, d. 1926-05-11, bur. 1926-05-14, Plot: 1919-*-D-042-0009
LAW, Joan, bur. 1991-05-15, Plot: JONES-*-12-007-0009
LAW, John Hendrie, d. 1945-07-29, Plot: ABRAY-*-06-003-0015
LAW, John Thomas, d. 1949-02-17, Plot: ABRAY-*-01-003-0015
LAW, Joseph, d. 1949-12-26, Plot: ABRAY-*-18-029-0014
LAW, Kwai Ching, Age: 54 yrs, bur. 1982-10-01, Plot: MASONIC-*-*-073-0008A
LAW, Leonard Wheeling, d. 1903-08-15, Plot: IOOF-*-*-042-0005
LAW, Lilly, d. 1956-06-13, Plot: JONES-*-35-002-0012
LAW, Mabel, d. 1960-09-28, bur. 1960-10-03, Plot: 1919-*-A-053-0008
LAW, Margaret E., d. 1913-08-18, Plot: JONES-*-28-003-0003
LAW, May, d. 1943-11-24, Plot: JONES-*-30-033-0008A
LAW, Nancy E., d. 1951-04-29, Plot: ABRAY-*-11-022-0005 (305)
LAW, Neilina, Age: 90 yrs, bur. 1983-05-25, Plot: MASONIC-*-30A-001-0055
LAW, Robert Campbell D., d. 1946-11-24, Plot: ABRAY-*-10-055-0015 (737)
LAW, Robert M., bur. 1993-08-27, Plot: JONES-*-01-025A-0014 (118)
LAW, Robert, d. 1898-12-09, Plot: OLD-3-03-010-0015
LAW, Sew Leong, bur. 1965-08-12, Plot: JONES-*-12-007-0003
LAW, Shaw Boo, bur. 1968-08-06, Plot: OLD-2-06-*-0676
LAW, Shiu - Kee, Age: 63 yrs, bur. 1987-01-23, Plot: MASONIC-*-29A-001-0020
LAW, Siu Ying Ho, Age: 52 yrs, bur. 1993-10-08, Plot: JONES-*-47-*-1972-18
LAW, Virginia, Age: 65 yrs, d. 1993-mm-dd, bur. 1993-06-01, Plot: OLD-1-01-*-0316
LAW, Wallace, d. 1936-10-19, Plot: IOOF-*-*-088-0008A
LAW, Wilfred Edgar, d. 1952-06-02, Plot: ABRAY-*-15-013-0003 (56)
LAW, William Henry, bur. 1971-06-04, Plot: ABRAY-*-21-*-0121
LAW, William John, d. 1954-11-27, Plot: HORNE2-*-16-025-0001
LAW, William Patrick, d. 1954-01-01, Plot: HORNE2-*-13-026-0015
LAW, Yuk Thomas, Age: 74 yrs, d. 1996-11-14 Vancouver, bur. 1996-11-19, Plot: MASONIC-*-*-073-0009A
LAWERKE, Etlub G., b. Moodyville, d. 1889-12-03 Moodyville, Plot: OLD-3-01-006-0005
LAWFORD, Charlotte, d. 1919-06-15, Plot: JONES-*-24-005-0008
LAWIRKS, Felix, d. 1934-12-13, Plot: JONES-*-23-003-0011
LAWLER, Beatrice M., Age: 71 yrs, d. 1978-05-13, bur. 1978-06-05, Plot: JONES-*-31-006-0001
LAWLER, Edward John, d. 1945-05-01, Plot: OLD-4-03-009-0001A
LAWLER, Georgia Maud, Age: 75 yrs, bur. 1966-08-30, Plot: IOOF-*-*-025-0003
LAWLER, Gertrude, Age: 69 yrs, bur. 1972-01-06, Plot: JONES-*-05-*-0407
LAWLER, James, Age: 70 yrs, b. Scotland, d. 1918-08-15 Vancouver, bur. 1918-08-17, Plot: IOOF-*-*-025-0003
LAWLER, Joseph Walter, d. 1938-01-26, Plot: HORNE2-*-08-040-0008 (560)
LAWLER, Steven M. (Baby), Age: Stillborn, bur. 1956-07-31, Plot: JONES-*-18-025-0006
LAWLER, Thomas, d. 1925-08-27, Plot: 1919-*-D-038-0010
LAWLER, Younger, Age: 85 yrs, b. Scotland, d. 1944-10-01 Vancouver, bur. 1944-10-03, Plot: IOOF-*-*-025-0004
LAWLESS, Henry Francis, Age: 50 yrs, d. 1918-10-25 Vanderbilt Reef, Alaska, bur. 1918-12-06, Plot: JONES-*-37-042-0001
LAWLESS, Henry, d. 1933-04-03, Plot: JONES-*-23-008-0004
LAWLESS, Milton Earl, bur. 1977-09-20, Plot: JONES-*-43-*-0843
LAWLEY, Edith Alice, bur. 1964-05-28, Plot: ABRAY-*-07-051-0010
LAWLEY, Edith, Age: 60 yrs, b. England, d. 1939-05-28 Vancouver, bur. 1939-06-01, Plot: IOOF-*-*-035-0016
LAWLEY, Edward Henry, Age: 38 yrs, b. England, d. 1910-03-08 Vancouver, bur. 1910-03-10, Plot: IOOF-*-*-035-0015
LAWLEY, Elizabeth Ann, d. 1918-06-30, Plot: JONES-*-02-003-0007
LAWLEY, Francis, d. 1912-06-11, Plot: JONES-*-02-003-0005
LAWLEY, James, bur. 1919-06-09, Plot: JONES-*-02-003-0006
LAWLEY, John A., d. 1913-06-07, Plot: JONES-*-28-010-0011
LAWLEY, Kenneth Russell, Age: 64 yrs, bur. 1983-02-15, Plot: MASONIC-*-30A-001-0020
LAWLEY, Mary Ann, d. 1952-03-02, Plot: ABRAY-*-10-040-0015 (559)
LAWLEY, William Charles, d. 1951-06-01, Plot: ABRAY-*-10-040-0015 (559)
LAWLEY, William H., d. 1928-01-21, Plot: HORNE2-*-04-030-0011
LAWLEY, William R. A., d. 1949-05-02, Plot: ABRAY-*-07-051-0010
LAWLOR, Thomas C., d. 1950-04-08, Plot: ABRAY-*-18-043-0006
LAWOCHKO, Thomas, bur. 1987-06-04, Plot: JONES-*-01-025A-0013 (117)
LAWRANCE, Alice, d. 1916-12-18, Plot: JONES-*-25-015-0003
LAWRANCE, Florence Mary, Age: 66 yrs, bur. 1985-03-07, Plot: JONES-*-09-*-0547
LAWRANCE, Frederick Nello, Age: 68 yrs, b. Ontario, d. 1956-01-18 Vancouver, bur. 1956-01-21, Plot: MASONIC-*-*-171-0007
LAWRANCE, Fredrick G., d. 1922-07-21, Plot: OLD-5-02-003-0003
LAWRANCE, Grace Anne, bur. 1972-11-16, Plot: JONES-*-12-007-0005
LAWRANCE, Louisa Florence, d. 1949-10-13, Plot: OLD-5-02-003-0002
LAWRANCE, Louisa Maud, bur. 1967-03-13, Plot: OLD-5-02-003-0003
LAWRANCE, Mary Anne, d. 1940-10-27, Plot: HORNE1-2-01-012-0003
LAWRANCE, William, d. 1918-08-02, Plot: HORNE1-2-01-012-0002
LAWRASON, John Allan, d. 1955-02-02, Plot: HORNE1-4-02-010-0006
LAWRASON, Margaret Jane, d. 1939-01-10, Plot: HORNE1-4-02-010-0007
LAWRENCE, (Babies - Twins), Age: Stillborn, bur. 1923-07-03, Plot: OLD-5-05-023-0015
LAWRENCE, (Baby Boy), Age: Stillborn, b. Vancouver, BC, d. 1962-01-29 Vancouver, BC, bur. 1962-02-01, Plot: JONES-*-18-015-0006
LAWRENCE, (Baby Boy), d. 1963-07-31, bur. 1963-08-09, Plot: JONES-*-18-014-0014
LAWRENCE, (Baby), Age: Stillborn, bur. 1915-04-23, Plot: OLD-5-04-012-0002
LAWRENCE, (Baby), Age: Stillborn, bur. 1919-06-24, Plot: OLD-5-04-020-0005
LAWRENCE, (Baby), Age: Stillborn, bur. 1920-08-04, Plot: OLD-5-05-018-0007
LAWRENCE, (Baby), Age: Stillborn, bur. 1926-06-18, Plot: OLD-5-06-004-0014
LAWRENCE, (Baby), Age: Stillborn, bur. 1928-10-31, Plot: OLD-5-06-005-0001
LAWRENCE, (Baby), Age: Stillborn, bur. 1931-04-30, Plot: JONES-*-18-016-0012
LAWRENCE, (Baby), Age: Stillborn, bur. 1939-08-31, Plot: JONES-*-18-017-0009
LAWRENCE, (Baby), Age: Stillborn, bur. 1942-06-30, Plot: JONES-*-18-007-0007
LAWRENCE, (Baby), Age: Stillborn, bur. 1957-06-30, Plot: JONES-*-18-025-0010
LAWRENCE, (Baby), d. 1904-10-07, Plot: OLD-4-02-018-0001
LAWRENCE, (Baby), d. 1910-08-08, Plot: OLD-4-03-014-0001
LAWRENCE, Albert John, d. 1948-06-09, Plot: ABRAY-*-07-025-0005
LAWRENCE, Albert, bur. 1980-08-11, Plot: JONES-*-37-*-1478
LAWRENCE, Alexina Stables, Age: 60 yrs, bur. 1985-10-21, Plot: MASONIC-*-*-*-0616-4
LAWRENCE, Alfred, d. 1911-04-29, Plot: OLD-5-03-002-0010
LAWRENCE, Alfred, d. 1939-01-09, Plot: HORNE2-*-08-041-0016 (584)
LAWRENCE, Andrew, d. 1958-06-19, Plot: JONES-*-04-023-0005
LAWRENCE, Annie, d. 1955-06-29, Plot: HORNE2-*-08-041-0016 (584)
LAWRENCE, Caroline J., d. 1958-10-06, Plot: JONES-*-04-023-0007
LAWRENCE, Charles G., d. 1937-01-01, Plot: JONES-*-13-011-0008
LAWRENCE, Charles, d. 1918-05-27, Plot: OLD-5-05-005-0006
LAWRENCE, Charlotte, Age: 81 yrs, b. Ontario, d. 1949-01-08 Coquitlam, BC, bur. 1949-01-12, Plot: MASONIC-*-*-119-0004
LAWRENCE, David, d. 1962-12-21, Plot: JONES-*-37-001-0006
LAWRENCE, Edith Rebecca Martha, bur. 1983-02-01, Plot: JONES-*-37-*-1478
LAWRENCE, Edward M., d. 1935-12-16, Plot: HORNE2-*-16-020-0009
LAWRENCE, Ellen, d. 1934-03-02, Plot: HORNE2-*-11-001-0004
LAWRENCE, Francis George, Age: 60 yrs, d. 1975-01-28, bur. 1975-01-31, Plot: JONES-*-31-021-0013
LAWRENCE, Frederick W., d. 1935-02-19, Plot: JONES-*-04-023-0008
LAWRENCE, George H., d. 1950-04-13, Plot: ABRAY-*-18-044-0001
LAWRENCE, George R., d. 1924-05-11, Plot: HORNE2-*-14-044-0005
LAWRENCE, George S., Age: 35 yrs, b. Ontario, d. 1912-03-25 Vancouver, bur. 1912-04-01, Plot: MASONIC-*-*-084-0015
LAWRENCE, George Theodore, bur. 1981-09-24, Plot: JONES-*-04-023-0008
LAWRENCE, Grace Bellinger, Age: 60 yrs, bur. 1965-02-25, Plot: MASONIC-*-28A-002-0024
LAWRENCE, Grace, d. 1905-12-27, Plot: HORNE1-2-01-012-0001
LAWRENCE, Harry, d. 1930-07-09, Plot: HORNE2-*-06-017-0016
LAWRENCE, Hazel, b. Boston, MA, d. 1891-06-07 Vancouver, Plot: OLD-2-01-017-0009
LAWRENCE, Irene V., b. Halifax, Nova Scotia, d. 1951-03-12 Vancouver, Plot: JONES-*-04-001-0055
LAWRENCE, James Douglas, d. 1939-11-30, Plot: HORNE2-*-15-007-0002
LAWRENCE, Jessie May, bur. 1968-04-02, Plot: JONES-*-17-009-0003
LAWRENCE, John (Capt.), d. 1959-07-06, Plot: JONES-*-04-023-0007
LAWRENCE, John Aubrey, d. 1905-07-31, Plot: HORNE1-2-03-019-0012
LAWRENCE, Kathleen, d. 1913-12-25, Plot: JONES-*-15-019-0006
LAWRENCE, Lillian L., d. 1935-01-05, Plot: JONES-*-44-014-0011
LAWRENCE, Lily, d. 1947-02-16, Plot: HORNE1-5-04-011-0009A
LAWRENCE, Lorne, bur. 1987-06-04, Plot: JONES-*-01-025A-0013 (117)
LAWRENCE, Luke L., bur. 1914-03-09, Plot: JONES-*-15-006-0016
LAWRENCE, Margaert A., bur. 1925-03-10, Plot: HORNE1-2-01-012-0004
LAWRENCE, Margaret Dwant, d. 1928-12-13, Plot: 1919-*-A-007-0011
LAWRENCE, Margaret Mary T., d. 1934-08-29, Plot: JONES-*-14-023-0015
LAWRENCE, Margaret, bur. 1987-06-04, Plot: JONES-*-01-025A-0013 (117)
LAWRENCE, Margaret, d. 1949-09-24, Plot: ABRAY-*-15-029-0002 (410)
LAWRENCE, Maria Mercy, d. 1936-02-21, Plot: OLD-3-03-005-0012
LAWRENCE, Mary Jane, Age: 87 yrs, b. Ontario, d. 1930-11-05 Penticton, BC, bur. 1930-11-08, Plot: MASONIC-*-*-104-0014
LAWRENCE, Mary Jane, d. 1930-01-23, bur. 1930-01-25, Plot: 1919-*-A-052-0004
LAWRENCE, Mary, Age: 69 yrs, bur. 1992-01-28, Plot: ABRAY-*-12-*-0733
LAWRENCE, Mary, bur. 1987-06-04, Plot: JONES-*-01-025A-0013 (117)
LAWRENCE, Michael (Baby), Age: Stillborn, bur. 1953-05-31, Plot: JONES-*-12-004-0011
LAWRENCE, Percy, bur. 1968-04-01, Plot: HORNE2-*-13-042A-0010
LAWRENCE, Ray, d. 1926-12-07, bur. 1926-12-11, Plot: 1919-*-A-052-0004
LAWRENCE, Reginald H., d. 1962-07-14, Plot: JONES-*-04-023-0008
LAWRENCE, Richard, d. 1946-08-04, Plot: JONES-*-17-006-0014
LAWRENCE, Robert A., d. 1926-06-23, bur. 1926-06-26, Plot: 1919-*-A-052-0003
LAWRENCE, Robert C., d. 1911-05-27, Plot: JONES-*-04-023-0005
LAWRENCE, Robert, Age: 71 yrs, b. Ontario, d. 1913-03-19 Vancouver, bur. 1913-03-22, Plot: MASONIC-*-*-104-0015
LAWRENCE, Ruth C., d. 1902-02-02, Plot: OLD-3-03-005-0010
LAWRENCE, Sophia Clifton, d. 1930-04-25, Plot: HORNE2-*-05-008-0006
LAWRENCE, T., Age: 35 yrs, b. Not Known, d. 1911-09-14 Vancouver, bur. 1911-09-25, Plot: OLD-5-03-021-0005
LAWRENCE, Thomas Edward, bur. 1966-12-07, Plot: OLD-5-02-003-0004
LAWRENCE, Thomas W., d. 1896-12-02, Plot: OLD-3-03-005-0009
LAWRENCE, Thomas, Age: 79 yrs, b. New Brunswick, d. 1939-01-31 Albion, BC, bur. 1939-02-02, Plot: MASONIC-*-*-119-0004
LAWRENCE, Tom Henry, d. 1922-12-24, Plot: 1919-*-A-007-0012
LAWRENCE, Wheeler, d. 1936-01-14, Plot: HORNE2-*-08-017-0001 (209)
LAWRENCE, William Charles, d. 1928-03-16, Plot: OLD-3-03-005-0011
LAWRENCE, William E., bur. 1952-03-13, Plot: ABRAY-*-18-023-0009
LAWRENCE, William Henry, d. 1922-12-27, Plot: 1919-*-A-007-0012
LAWRENCE, William M., d. 1958-12-26, Plot: HORNE2-*-16-022R-0006
LAWRENCE, William W., d. 1926-03-11, Plot: IOOF-*-*-087-0010
LAWRENCE, William, Age: 84 yrs, bur. 1984-05-23, Plot: MASONIC-*-*-*-0236
LAWRENCE, Zelma Clara, d. 1963-05-24, Plot: HORNE2-*-08-016-0009 (233)
LAWRENUK, Lois Marguerite, Age: 70 yrs, d. 1999-03-03 North Vancouver, BC, bur. 1999-03-05, Plot: HORNE1-2-05-002-0013
LAWREY, Catherine, bur. 1964-08-08, Plot: JONES-*-*-076B-0003
LAWREY, Howard Ernest, d. 1949-08-10, Plot: JONES-*-*-076B-0004
LAWRIE, (Baby), Age: Stillborn, bur. 1960-02-28, Plot: JONES-*-18-016-0006
LAWRIE, (Baby), d. 1916-07-17, Plot: JONES-*-29-013-0016
LAWRIE, Andrew John, bur. 1992-03-12, Plot: OLD-5-05-014-0014
LAWRIE, Annie S., d. 1917-03-03, Plot: JONES-*-29-002-0007
LAWRIE, Annie, d. 1951-10-21, Plot: HORNE1-2-01-016A-0012 (76)
LAWRIE, Edna May, d. 1957-07-23, Plot: HORNE2-*-06-014-0010
LAWRIE, John Bruce, d. 1953-08-14, Plot: ABRAY-*-20-035-0008
LAWRIE, Mary Ann, bur. 1969-09-08, Plot: HORNE1-5-03-*-1110
LAWRIE, Stewart, Age: 67 yrs, d. 1969-08-06 Vancouver, bur. 1969-08-13, Plot: 1919-*-*-*-1815
LAWRIE, William Douglas, Age: 62 yrs, bur. 1981-11-02, Plot: JONES-*-02-005-0013
LAWRUSIK, Anna, Age: 79 yrs, bur. 1981-11-12, Plot: ABRAY-*-15-*-0535
LAWS, Ernest Francis, d. 1954-11-18, Plot: HORNE2-*-08-036-0013 (525)
LAWS, Margaret M. L., d. 1937-12-16, Plot: HORNE2-*-08-036-0013 (525)
LAWS, Robert, bur. 1982-08-17, Plot: HORNE2-*-05-*-0774
LAWSON, (Baby), Age: Stillborn, bur. 1923-01-24, Plot: OLD-5-05-012-0004
LAWSON, (Baby), Age: Stillborn, bur. 1942-05-31, Plot: JONES-*-18-007-0007
LAWSON, (Baby), Age: Stillborn, bur. 1946-09-30, Plot: JONES-*-18-007-0012
LAWSON, (Baby), Age: Stillborn, bur. 1955-10-31, Plot: JONES-*-12-005-0013
LAWSON, (Baby), d. 1911-02-25, Plot: OLD-5-03-006-0012
LAWSON, (Baby), d. 1934-10-11, Plot: JONES-*-27-034-0004
LAWSON, (Baby), d. 1938-06-20, Plot: JONES-*-27-034-0015
LAWSON, Albert Edward, Age: 54 yrs, b. England, d. 1961-11-02 Burnaby, BC, bur. 1962-09-27, Plot: MASONIC-*-17A-001-0007
LAWSON, Andrew F., d. 1917-01-07, Plot: JONES-*-38-001-0008
LAWSON, Angeline E., Age: 42 yrs, b. England, d. 1943-11-30 Vancouver, bur. 1943-12-08, Plot: MASONIC-*-*-009-0010
LAWSON, Anne, bur. 1987-06-04, Plot: JONES-*-01-025A-0015 (119)
LAWSON, Arabel, d. 1903-04-11, Plot: OLD-1-03-018-0002
LAWSON, Bruce, bur. 1987-06-04, Plot: JONES-*-01-025A-0015 (119)
LAWSON, Buell Clay, d. 1963-10-06, Plot: JONES-*-15-005A-0016 (431)
LAWSON, Catherine Ann, d. 1945-07-27, Plot: HORNE1-1-02-007-0016
LAWSON, Charles James, d. 1936-10-13, Plot: JONES-*-13-005-0008
LAWSON, Charles, bur. 1951-07-09, Plot: JONES-*-12-006-0007
LAWSON, Charles, d. 1924-08-13, bur. 1924-08-15, Plot: 1919-*-C-037-0016
LAWSON, Charles, d. 1933-05-29, Plot: HORNE2-*-05-040-0004
LAWSON, Christina, d. 1918-11-05, Plot: JONES-*-17-006-0010
LAWSON, Claude William, d. 1933-06-05, Plot: HORNE2-*-13-009-0007
LAWSON, David A., d. 1940-12-25, Plot: OLD-3-01-016-0008
LAWSON, Doris Frances, Age: 68 yrs, bur. 1988-01-08, Plot: JONES-*-33-001-0005
LAWSON, Edith Crofts, d. 1922-09-20, Plot: 1919-*-B-005-0015
LAWSON, Edith, bur. 1976-07-14, Plot: IOOF-*-*-088-0015
LAWSON, Edward A., d. 1938-06-05, Plot: JONES-*-22-003-0003
LAWSON, Elizabeth, Age: Stillborn, d. 1939-12-02, bur. 1939-12-08, Plot: JONES-*-18-017-0008
LAWSON, Ella Ruth, d. 1944-07-19, Plot: ABRAY-*-11-019-0004 (280)
LAWSON, Emily, Age: 69 yrs, b. Nanaimo, BC, d. 1948-01-26 New Westminster, bur. 1948-03-13, Plot: MASONIC-*-*-102-0013
LAWSON, Emma, d. 1954-08-05, Plot: HORNE1-5-01-017-0003
LAWSON, Enoch, d. 1918-10-04, Plot: JONES-*-14-008-0001
LAWSON, Ethel, Age: 45 yrs, bur. 1975-04-17, Plot: ABRAY-*-12-*-0724
LAWSON, Frances Jane, Age: 54 yrs, b. England, d. 1930-02-12, bur. 1930-02-15, Plot: KP-*-*-034-0006
LAWSON, George Finlayson, d. 1936-01-22, Plot: HORNE2-*-12-020-0010
LAWSON, George Gordon, d. 1957-08-18, Plot: JONES-*-01-005-0105
LAWSON, George, d. 1947-08-17, Plot: ABRAY-*-16-007-0012 (66)
LAWSON, Gustave, d. 1950-04-29, Plot: ABRAY-*-18-047-0009
LAWSON, Helen Stewart, d. 1961-04-29, Plot: JONES-*-38-001-0007
LAWSON, Helina J., d. 1948-03-05, Plot: ABRAY-*-15-032-0013 (483)
LAWSON, Henry Edward, d. 1912-02-06, Plot: OLD-5-03-017-0010
LAWSON, Henry, d. 1920-04-22, Plot: JONES-*-24-017-0002
LAWSON, Ida A., d. 1911-03-22, Plot: OLD-5-03-006-0006
LAWSON, Jack, d. 1913-11-20, Plot: OLD-5-04-008-0011
LAWSON, James Curtis, d. 1950-02-03, Plot: ABRAY-*-15-015-0010 (300)
LAWSON, James D., d. 1889-12-26, Plot: OLD-2-02-010-0003
LAWSON, James R., d. 1929-09-09, Plot: JONES-*-30-003-0009
LAWSON, James Wilfred, bur. 1972-07-12, Plot: ABRAY-*-02-*-1284
LAWSON, James William, d. 1910-04-08, Plot: OLD-2-02-010-0001
LAWSON, James, d. 1933-10-16, bur. 1933-10-20, Plot: 1919-*-B-005-0015
LAWSON, James, d. 1946-01-12, Plot: ABRAY-*-03-004-0016
LAWSON, Jerry, d. 1940-11-24, Plot: OLD-3-01-022-0014
LAWSON, John P., Age: 52 yrs, b. Ontario, d. 1927-01-18 Vancouver, bur. 1927-01-21, Plot: MASONIC-*-*-102-0013
LAWSON, John P., d. 1896-06-12, Plot: OLD-1-03-018-0001
LAWSON, John T., d. 1938-05-05, Plot: HORNE1-5-01-017-0003
LAWSON, Lillie, d. 1956-01-07, Plot: HORNE1-3-0-002-0015
LAWSON, Lydia, bur. 1976-07-16, Plot: ABRAY-*-16-007-0012 (66)
LAWSON, Maggie, d. 1965-08-30, Plot: 1919-*-D-027-0015
LAWSON, Margaret McRae, d. 1937-02-11, Plot: 1919-*-C-037-0016
LAWSON, Marion, d. 1900-12-28, Plot: OLD-4-01-015-0016
LAWSON, Mary Ann, d. 1901-07-29, Plot: OLD-4-03-023-0002
LAWSON, Mary Collins, Age: 75 yrs, b. England, d. 1942-12-04 Vancouver, bur. 1942-12-07, Plot: KP-*-*-034-0009
LAWSON, Mary Jane, bur. 1973-11-02, Plot: HORNE1-4-01-002R-0002 (329)
LAWSON, Mary, bur. 1991-06-13, Plot: JONES-*-01-025A-0014 (118)
LAWSON, Mary, d. 1910-02-06, Plot: HORNE1-5-0-003-0014
LAWSON, Moira Tweedie, bur. 1975-09-16, Plot: ABRAY-*-15-038-0008 (550)
LAWSON, Monteque Clare, bur. 1977-03-11, Plot: JONES-*-34-*-0615
LAWSON, Nanette, bur. 1965-04-06, Plot: JONES-*-18-006-0002
LAWSON, Peter, bur. 1975-12-12, Plot: ABRAY-*-15-038-0008 (550)
LAWSON, Peter, d. 1936-11-08, Plot: HORNE1-1-02-007-0016
LAWSON, Robert, d. 1911-01-27, Plot: OLD-5-03-010-0015
LAWSON, Robert, d. 1948-02-05, Plot: ABRAY-*-07-017-0004
LAWSON, Samuel, bur. 1987-06-04, Plot: JONES-*-01-025A-0013 (117)
LAWSON, Sarah, d. 1895-03-04, Plot: OLD-2-02-010-0004
LAWSON, Thomas, d. 1937-06-11, Plot: JONES-*-22-005-0006
LAWSON, Violet Harriet, Age: 57 yrs, bur. 1983-02-01, Plot: JONES-*-41-*-1006
LAWSON, Wilfred Allan, bur. 1985-02-15, Plot: ABRAY-*-12-025-0001A
LAWSON, William Harvey, d. 1958-11-04, Plot: HORNE2-*-16-057BR-0008
LAWSON, William J., Age: 34 yrs, b. England, d. 1918-11-08 Vancouver, bur. 1918-11-09, Plot: KP-*-*-029-0016
LAWSON, William R., Age: 41 yrs, b. Ontario, d. 1907-03-25 Vancouver, bur. 1907-03-28, Plot: HORNE1-5-01-017-0004
LAWSON, William, Age: 79 yrs, b. England, d. 1937-12-26 Vancouver, bur. 1937-12-29, Plot: KP-*-*-034-0010
LAWSON, William, bur. 1959-05-28, Plot: OLD-5-RE5-001-0001
LAWSON, William, d. 1929-03-26, Plot: JONES-*-23-017-0011
LAWTON, Alice M., bur. 1979-03-01, Plot: JONES-*-12-007-0007
LAWTON, F. T., d. 1955-04-24, Plot: JONES-*-12-017-0001
LAWTON, William James, Age: 59 yrs, bur. 1971-11-24, Plot: ABRAY-*-21-*-0025
LAX, (Baby Boy), d. 1938-11-22, Plot: HORNE2-*-02-005-0003 (16)
LAX, Matt Edward, Age: 67 yrs, bur. 1979-05-28, Plot: MASONIC-*-25A-003-0008
LAX, Oscar, bur. 1977-05-11, Plot: JONES-*-30-*-1191
LAXTON, (Baby), Age: Stillborn, bur. 1957-12-31, Plot: JONES-*-18-025-0014
LAXTON, Alice M. M., d. 1927-03-29, Plot: HORNE2-*-04-007-0003
LAXTON, Clarence Albert, d. 1938-05-08, Plot: HORNE2-*-16-041-0014
LAXTON, Olive Edna, d. 1952-01-07, Plot: JONES-*-34-020-0010 (245)
LAY, (Baby), Age: Stillborn, bur. 1947-06-30, Plot: JONES-*-18-017-0013
LAY, Alice, d. 1963-10-21, Plot: OLD-3-03-003A-0003 (123)
LAY, Annie Mary, Age: 94 yrs, d. 1997-06-14 Saskatoon, SK, bur. 1997-06-20, Plot: HORNE2-*-01-016-0005 (103)
LAY, Chin Tai, d. 1934-06-04, Plot: OLD-3-05-021-0009
LAY, Cyril James, bur. 1977-01-20, Plot: OLD-3-03-003A-0003 (123)
LAY, James Henry, d. 1953-05-05, Plot: ABRAY-*-18-041-0003
LAY, John Thomas George, d. 1945-10-20, Plot: ABRAY-*-03-007-0014
LAY, Kwong, d. 1913-11-29, Plot: OLD-3-04-008-0005
LAY, Margaret Evelyn, Age: 73 yrs, bur. 1984-11-29, Plot: MASONIC-*-*-*-0025
LAY, Margaret Jane, d. 1927-01-14, bur. 1927-01-17, Plot: JONES-*-01-006-0008
LAY, Nellie, d. 1920-02-05, Plot: JONES-*-24-014-0005
LAYBOLT, June Marie, Age: 1 yr, bur. 1970-08-05, Plot: HORNE1-4-04-*-0982-2
LAYBOURNE, Harry, d. 1940-01-01, Plot: HORNE2-*-15-014-0008
LAYCOCK, (Baby), Age: Stillborn, bur. 1946-04-30, Plot: JONES-*-18-004-0012
LAYCOCK, Edward, d. 1960-02-19, Plot: ABRAY-*-10-017-0006 (117)
LAYCOCK, Eliza, d. 1946-10-12, Plot: ABRAY-*-10-017-0006 (117)
LAYCOCK, Eva, bur. 1987-06-09, Plot: ABRAY-*-10-017-0006 (117)
LAYCOCK, Thomas, d. 1947-08-27, Plot: ABRAY-*-02-037-0010
LAYCOCK, W. P., bur. 1991-05-15, Plot: JONES-*-12-007-0009
LAYE, Joanne, Age: 77 yrs, d. 1966-09-04, bur. 1966-09-12, Plot: 1919-*-B-024-0016
LAYFIELD, (Baby), Age: Stillborn, bur. 1946-01-31, Plot: JONES-*-18-004-0005
LAYFIELD, Elizabeth D., d. 1952-04-12, Plot: HORNE1-1-04-011-0006
LAYFIELD, Henry A., d. 1909-02-06, Plot: HORNE1-1-04-011-0007
LAYFIELD, Isabella Hall, d. 1910-04-01, Plot: HORNE1-1-04-011-0008
LAYFIELD, Isabella, d. 1941-10-29, Plot: HORNE1-1-04-011-0008
LAYFIELD, Louise, d. 1918-01-07, Plot: JONES-*-47-002-0002
LAYKOWSKI, Rose, d. 1964-02-04, Plot: JONES-*-02-011-0008A
LAYLAND, (Baby), Age: Stillborn, bur. 1943-05-31, Plot: JONES-*-18-017-0011
LAYLAND, Albert, Age: 92 yrs, bur. 1985-12-09, Plot: MASONIC-*-*-*-0293
LAYLAND, Sophie, Age: 81 yrs, bur. 1987-06-19, Plot: MASONIC-*-*-*-0293
LAYLE, John Roscoe, d. 1950-12-07, Plot: ABRAY-*-19-011-0016
LAYLL, Arthur, d. 1937-12-31, Plot: JONES-*-22-007-0009
LAYMER, Frank, bur. 1957-03-14, Plot: JONES-*-12-006-0009
LAYOLA, (Baby), Age: Stillborn, bur. 1925-02-16, Plot: OLD-5-05-023-0012
LAYTON, (Babies - Twins), Age: Stillborn, bur. 1944-09-30, Plot: JONES-*-18-004-0011
LAYTON, Archie Leroy, d. 1958-11-18, bur. 1958-11-25, Plot: OLD-5-04-018-0006
LAYTON, Charles McL., d. 1909-01-24, Plot: IOOF-*-*-045-0005
LAYTON, David Syme, d. 1938-02-11, Plot: HORNE2-*-16-053-0009
LAYTON, Donald, bur. 1987-06-04, Plot: JONES-*-01-025A-0013 (117)
LAYTON, Elizabeth, bur. 1967-04-17, Plot: OLD-1-01-*-0006
LAYTON, Lillian V., d. 1912-09-04, Plot: JONES-*-08-024-0004
LAZAR, Gizella Maria, Age: 82 yrs, d. 1998-02-27 Burnaby, BC, bur. 1998-03-05, Plot: 1919-*-*-*-2413
LAZAR, Nevenko, Age: 61 yrs, d. 1997-09-12 Vancouver, bur. 1997-09-22, Plot: JONES-*-37-039-0009A
LAZAR, Stephen Charles, Age: 37 yrs, b. 1943-03-12, d. 1980-04-18, bur. 1980-04-23, Plot: 1919-*-*-*-1258
LAZAR, Steven Francis, Age: 56 yrs, bur. 1971-07-21, Plot: 1919-*-*-*-2413
LAZAREAC, Theodore, d. 1953-06-22, Plot: HORNE2-*-11-021-0016A
LAZAREVICH, Peter Fisher, d. 1929-08-19, Plot: HORNE2-*-03-011-0001
LAZARIUK, Michael, Age: 70 yrs, d. 1951-03-25, bur. 1951-03-27, Plot: JONES-*-26-013-0003 (112)
LAZAROFF, Peter, d. 1941-07-28, bur. 1941-07-31, Plot: JONES-*-16-025-0010
LAZAROWICH, Antonia, bur. 1993-07-23, Plot: HORNE1-4-01-*-0928
LAZAROWICH, William, d. 1965-12-08, Plot: HORNE1-4-01-*-0928
LAZARUS, (Baby), Age: Stillborn, bur. 1918-11-16, Plot: OLD-5-04-020-0002
LAZARUS, Christina, bur. 1976-06-07, Plot: HORNE1-5-0-003-0014
LAZENBY, Albert James, d. 1915-12-25, Plot: JONES-*-44-010-0001
LAZENBY, Lydia F., d. 1935-09-13, Plot: JONES-*-44-010-0002
LAZOR, Jerome Ray, bur. 1983-06-03, Plot: HORNE2-*-06-*-0744
LAZOREK, Demetra, d. 1939-01-17, Plot: HORNE2-*-12-045-0005
LAZZAROTTO, Angelina, bur. 1974-11-27, Plot: HORNE2-*-BLVD-057-0002
LAZZAROTTO, Pietro, bur. 1972-10-11, Plot: HORNE2-*-BLVD-057-0001
LAZZROTTI, Ernest, d. 1914-02-21, Plot: JONES-*-15-005-0011
Le BEAU, Edith Mary, bur. 1990-05-31, Plot: OLD-5-05-U-0003
Le BEAU, John Henry, d. 1931-12-14, bur. 1931-12-17, Plot: HORNE2-*-06-001-0004
Le BEAU, Lizzie May, d. 1950-11-07, Plot: HORNE2-*-06-001-0004
Le BEAU, Margaret M., Age: 60 yrs, bur. 1989-05-09, Plot: MASONIC-*-29A-003-0001
Le BELLE, Mary L., d. 1919-12-12, Plot: JONES-*-24-010-0005
Le BESTALI, Viola, d. 1958-04-22, Plot: OLD-5-04-013-0014
Le BLANC, Albert Irving, bur. 1984-12-07, Plot: JONES-*-42-004-0008A
Le BLANC, Jason Allan "Oakley", Age: 5 yrs, bur. 1975-04-03, Plot: JONES-*-17-*-1039
Le BLANC, Phillip, bur. 1966-11-28, Plot: HORNE1-1-05-*-0074
Le BLANC, Viviane Caroline, Age: 52 yrs, bur. 1982-09-03, Plot: ABRAY-*-15-*-0665
Le BLANK, Etienne, d. 1935-03-01, Plot: HORNE2-*-12-045-0015
Le BOUTILLIER, Alfred Chas, d. 1940-10-26, Plot: HORNE2-*-08-003-0013 (69)
Le BOUTILLIER, Laura M., d. 1936-05-09, Plot: HORNE2-*-08-003-0013 (69)
Le BRUN, Euphrasia, d. 1912-03-02, Plot: JONES-*-09-006-0015
Le CAIN, (Baby), Age: Stillborn, bur. 1944-01-31, Plot: JONES-*-18-007-0011
Le CAPPELIAN, John Osborne, d. 1925-03-20, Plot: JONES-*-04-012-0007
Le CAPPELIN, Thomas A., d. 1911-05-08, Plot: JONES-*-04-012-0005
Le CAPPELLAIN, Sarah, d. 1961-05-20, Plot: JONES-*-04-012-0009
Le CAPPELLAINE, Mal O., d. 1941-04-10, Plot: JONES-*-04-012-0010
Le CAPPILAIN, Isabella, d. 1935-07-24, Plot: JONES-*-04-012-0008
Le CEOF, (Babies - Twins), Age: Stillborn, bur. 1923-08-22, Plot: OLD-5-05-023-0016
Le CHENINANT, Peter, d. 1909-02-22, Plot: HORNE1-5-04-001-0007
Le CLAIR, (Baby), d. 1927-06-06, Plot: HORNE2-*-04-004-0014
Le CLAIR, Adelard, d. 1961-12-11, Plot: JONES-*-37-026-0003
Le CLAIR, Amelia D., d. 1935-06-25, Plot: JONES-*-37-026-0004
Le CLAIR, Azelia, d. 1959-04-24, Plot: HORNE1-4-03-004R-0014 (523)
Le CLAIR, Jill (Joseph Alex Gillis), bur. 1977-09-06, Plot: ABRAY-*-18-*-0389
Le CLAIR, Joseph Albert, d. 1918-12-30, Plot: JONES-*-37-026-0002
Le CLAIR, Laura Celesta, d. 1928-01-04, Plot: HORNE2-*-04-022-0002
Le CLAIR, Lucien, d. 1933-02-13, Plot: JONES-*-37-026-0003
Le CLAIR, Napoleon, d. 1949-08-21, Plot: JONES-*-37-026-0001
Le CLAIR, Peter, d. 1922-03-12, Plot: JONES-*-46-003-0006
Le CLAIR, Peter, d. 1937-01-25, Plot: JONES-*-22-012-0014
Le CLAIRE, (Baby), d. 1920-07-07, Plot: JONES-*-14-019-0010
Le CLAIRE, Eugene, bur. 1989-05-04, Plot: OLD-5-05-004-0008
Le CLAIRE, George, d. 1917-02-06, Plot: JONES-*-46-003-0006
Le CLARE, Louis Frederick, Age: 27 yrs, d. 1996-02-22 Vancouver, bur. 1996-03-20, Plot: 1919-*-*-*-1590
Le CLERE, Eli Joseph, d. 1939-12-30, Plot: HORNE2-*-15-007-0011
Le COMTE, Inga, bur. 1967-11-28, Plot: JONES-*-18-006-0014
Le COUNT, Henry O., bur. 1952-04-15, Plot: ABRAY-*-20-027-0014
Le COUNTE, Larry Clifford, Age: 18 yrs, bur. 1968-03-06, Plot: HORNE1-3-01-*-0128-2
Le FEUVRE, (Baby), d. 1910-05-07, Plot: HORNE1-0-03-002-0013
Le FRANCOIS, Eugene, d. 1933-07-10, Plot: HORNE2-*-13-011-0010
Le FRANCOIS, Eugenie Elizabeth, d. 1939-07-14, Plot: HORNE2-*-12-045-0012
Le GALLIAS, (Baby), Age: Stillborn, bur. 1958-04-30, Plot: JONES-*-18-016-0009
Le GAULT, Joseph, d. 1951-09-21, Plot: ABRAY-*-20-003-0010
Le GRESLEY, John Thomas, bur. 1967-10-25, Plot: OLD-4-01-*-1190
Le HUGUET, (Baby), Age: Stillborn, bur. 1937-09-30, Plot: JONES-*-18-024-0009A
Le JEUNE, Joseph, bur. 1968-12-04, Plot: JONES-*-18-007-0008A
Le JIRSH, Gaston, bur. 1973-12-17, Plot: JONES-*-31-*-0105
Le MAITRE, May, d. 1918-11-13, Plot: JONES-*-34-005-0004
Le MARCHANT, Marie, bur. 1964-09-03, Plot: HORNE2-*-03-020-0012
Le MASURIER, Edith Helen, Age: 66 yrs, b. Quebec, d. 1959-03-28 Vancouver, bur. 1959-05-05, Plot: MASONIC-*-14A-001-0004
Le MASURIER, Rosa Delphine, bur. 1966-08-24, Plot: HORNE2-*-12-030-0006
Le MAY, Charles, bur. 1966-12-12, Plot: OLD-2-01-*-0558
Le MAY, Leo Ernest, bur. 1968-12-20, Plot: HORNE2-*-13-007A-0010
Le MAY, Lucien, bur. 1968-04-29, Plot: OLD-5-01-*-2126
Le MAY, Mary Violet, d. 1961-12-07, Plot: OLD-5-04-T-0005
Le MAY, Norman E., d. 1948-09-29, Plot: ABRAY-*-07-035-0012
Le MESSURIER, Clara, Age: 37 yrs, d. 1938-01-28, bur. 1945-05-26, Plot: JONES-*-35-013-0002
Le MESSURIER, Gordon Henry, d. 1944-03-13, Plot: ABRAY-*-03-027-0001
Le MESSURIER, May, Age: 77 yrs, d. 1973-05-20, bur. 1973-05-28, Plot: JONES-*-35-013-0002
Le MESSURIER, Phoebe L., Age: 77 yrs, b. Ontario, d. 1945-05-26 Vancouver, bur. 1945-05-31, Plot: JONES-*-35-013-0002
Le MIRE, Peter Joseph, bur. 1968-05-01, Plot: OLD-5-02-*-1864
Le MOLE, Sarah M., Age: 88 yrs, bur. 1965-04-23, Plot: MASONIC-*-22A-004-0023
Le MOYNE, Caroline E., d. 1943-08-14, Plot: HORNE1-4-02-020-0012
Le MOYNE, John, d. 1933-03-10, Plot: HORNE1-4-02-020-0012
Le NEVEU, Arthur G., d. 1943-09-16, Plot: OLD-5-02-005-0002
Le NEVEU, Marion Frances, d. 1944-12-30, bur. 1945-01-03, Plot: OLD-5-02-005-0001
Le PAGE, Abbie Ellen, d. 1950-12-03, Plot: ABRAY-*-15-011-0013 (87)
Le PAGE, Andrea Emil, d. 1962-05-24, bur. 1962-05-30, Plot: JONES-*-18-015-0008
Le PAGE, Annie B., d. 1921-08-07, Plot: HORNE1-2-03-001-0001
Le PAGE, Ella Georgina, d. 1952-11-25, Plot: ABRAY-*-15-011-0014 (87)
Le PAGE, Fanny Laura, d. 1953-05-09, Plot: ABRAY-*-15-011-0014 (87)
Le PAGE, Herbert S., Age: 53 yrs, b. Quebec, d. 1941-10-09 Vancouver, bur. 1941-10-14, Plot: MASONIC-*-*-095-0007
Le PAGE, Jessie W., d. 1944-02-25, Plot: HORNE2-*-02-021-0013 (180B)
Le PAGE, Margaret, Age: 49 yrs, b. England, d. 1912-05-21 Vancouver, bur. 1912-05-23, Plot: MASONIC-*-*-095-0007
Le PAGE, Ruth A., d. 1924-04-17, Plot: JONES-*-*-076B-0008
Le PAGE, William Morley, d. 1949-06-08, Plot: HORNE2-*-02-021-0014 (180B)
Le PAGE, William Nelson, d. 1919-09-16, Plot: JONES-*-*-076B-0007
Le PALUD, Antonin M., d. 1960-09-24, Plot: JONES-*-41R-003R-0014 (68)
Le PATOUREL, Annie E., d. 1916-09-10, Plot: JONES-*-38-009-0002
Le PINE, Edgar L., d. 1948-09-18, Plot: HORNE1-1-04-002-0009A
Le POIDEVIN, John Falla, d. 1923-05-19, Plot: 1919-*-C-004-0012
Le POIDEVIN, John Nicolas, Age: 35 yrs, d. 1921-11-15, Plot: 1919-*-B-038-0002
Le ROY, (Baby), Age: Stillborn, bur. 1916-06-30, Plot: OLD-5-04-011-0011
Le ROY, John, d. 1939-12-12, Plot: HORNE2-*-10-020-0008 (220)
Le ROY, Robert, d. 1912-10-12, Plot: JONES-*-28-012-0005
Le ROY, Roy Gaston, d. 1945-05-22, Plot: JONES-*-10-011-0008A
Le ROY, Stewart MacInnes, Age: 5 yrs, b. Vancouver, d. 1917-06-17 Vancouver, bur. 1917-06-18, Plot: MASONIC-*-*-136-0016
Le ROY, Susan, d. 1918-05-28, Plot: JONES-*-28-012-0005
Le ROY, Suzanne, d. 1926-06-25, Plot: 1919-*-D-049-0012
Le ROY, Thomas, d. 1920-03-13, Plot: HORNE1-2-03-020-0014
Le ROY, Violet, d. 1963-04-13, Plot: JONES-*-08-005A-0012 (296)
Le ROY, Willie, d. 1906-04-18, Plot: HORNE1-2-03-020-0014
Le SAGE, Edward August, Age: 41 yrs, b. Paris - France, d. 1909-07-26 Vancouver, bur. 1909-07-28, Plot: MASONIC-*-*-013-0009
Le SCHIUTTA, Umberta, Age: 61 yrs, bur. 1979-11-19, Plot: IOOF-*-32-*-0025
Le STAGE, Leopold Charles, bur. 1978-05-19, Plot: JONES-*-27-*-1286
Le STRANGE, Marjorie, d. 1919-12-26, Plot: JONES-*-26-043-0016
Le SUEUR, Evelyn Daisy, d. 1959-08-22, Plot: HORNE2-*-09-052-0007
LE, Jennifer, bur. 1991-05-15, Plot: JONES-*-12-007-0009
LE, Sue Chun, d. 1954-10-12, Plot: JONES-*-18-001-0016
LEA, (Baby), Age: Stillborn, bur. 1949-03-31, Plot: JONES-*-18-014-0014
LEA, Alice, bur. 1977-07-11, Plot: JONES-*-01-004-0013
LEA, Arthur Frederick, bur. 1977-07-11, Plot: JONES-*-01-004-0013
LEA, Elsie Gladys, bur. 1973-11-13, Plot: JONES-*-31-*-0133
LEA, Frederick Charles, Age: 71 yrs, d. 1946-03-29, bur. 1946-04-01, Plot: JONES-*-01-004-0014
LEA, Helen Mabel, Age: 4 yrs, b. Montreal, QC, d. 1911-10-01 Vancouver, BC, bur. 1911-10-02, Plot: JONES-*-01-004-0013
LEA, Hoy Gee, d. 1931-09-09, Plot: OLD-3-06-009-0012
LEA, John Edward, d. 1947-12-11, Plot: ABRAY-*-15-030-0011 (497)
LEA, Margaret Maria, Age: 83 yrs, b. England, d. 1957-10-17 Vancouver, bur. 1957-10-21, Plot: JONES-*-01-004-0015
LEABASTRA, Louis, d. 1902-10-15, Plot: HORNE1-2-02-010-0004
LEACH, (Baby), Age: Stillborn, bur. 1944-07-31, Plot: JONES-*-18-004-0011
LEACH, (Baby), Age: Stillborn, bur. 1956-03-31, Plot: JONES-*-18-025-0009
LEACH, (Baby), Age: Stillborn, bur. 1958-05-31, Plot: JONES-*-18-016-0009
LEACH, Abigale, d. 1957-04-26, Plot: HORNE1-2-01-015A-0012 (66)
LEACH, Beatrice, d. 1962-04-30, Plot: HORNE1-2-01-015A-0012 (66)
LEACH, Charles James, d. 1932-12-22, Plot: HORNE2-*-13-014-0002
LEACH, Christopher, bur. 1954-07-05, Plot: ABRAY-*-21-032-0013
LEACH, Daisy, d. 1956-08-22, Plot: JONES-*-26-048-0016 (719)
LEACH, Edgar A., d. 1927-08-30, Plot: HORNE2-*-14-003-0013
LEACH, Elizabeth A., d. 1958-05-21, Plot: HORNE1-4-01-005RC-0014 (590)
LEACH, Ellen Ann, d. 1937-03-27, Plot: HORNE2-*-08-025-0016 (440)
LEACH, Evelyn Lucy, d. 1952-02-03, Plot: JONES-*-03-021-0137
LEACH, Frances Wanetta, Age: 92 yrs, d. 1998-01-28 Vancouver, bur. 1998-02-02, Plot: JONES-*-26-038-0009A (612)
LEACH, Francis Easton, d. 1951-08-19, Plot: JONES-*-26-047-0009A (720)
LEACH, Frederick William, d. 1943-10-23, Plot: ABRAY-*-11-011-0009 (213)
LEACH, Gail Ann, d. 1965-05-12, Plot: HORNE1-2-04-*-0438
LEACH, George E., d. 1957-03-18, Plot: JONES-*-06-021-0012
LEACH, Goldwyn Charles, d. 1953-09-21, Plot: ABRAY-*-20-036-0016
LEACH, Henry Cecil, Age: 5 days, b. 1912-10-08 Vancouver, BC, d. 1912-11-13 Vancouver, BC, bur. 1912-11-14, Plot: JONES-*-01-009-0013
LEACH, Henry, d. 1951-12-05, Plot: HORNE2-*-12-010-0008
LEACH, Jean P., d. 1947-07-21, Plot: OLD-4-01-005-0005
LEACH, John, Age: 50 yrs, b. England, d. 1915-05-27 Nanaimo, bur. 1915-05-31, Plot: JONES-*-01-009-0016
LEACH, John, d. 1939-04-22, Plot: HORNE2-*-08-025-0016 (440)
LEACH, Leona Diane, Age: 35 yrs, b. 1943-06-14 Vancouver, d. 1978-09-09 Vancouver, bur. 1978-09-22, Plot: HORNE1-2-04-*-0438
LEACH, Leslie Mervin, Age: 46 yrs, b. USA, d. 1940-12-23 Port Alberni, BC, bur. 1940-12-28, Plot: JONES-*-01-009-0013
LEACH, Lola Beryl (Lora), bur. 1987-01-30, Plot: JONES-*-06-021-0012
LEACH, Marguerite W., bur. 1978-10-26, Plot: JONES-*-03-020-0003
LEACH, Sarah Elizabeth, d. 1959-09-21, Plot: ABRAY-*-11-011-0009 (213)
LEACHY, (Baby), Age: Stillborn, bur. 1945-01-31, Plot: JONES-*-18-004-0006
LEACOCK, Frank H., Age: 26 yrs, b. Ontario, d. 1912-06-02 Vancouver, bur. 1912-06-04, Plot: MASONIC-*-*-017-0012
LEAD, Sidney, bur. 1954-08-16, Plot: ABRAY-*-21-033-0015
LEADBEATER, C. M., d. 1945-11-26, Plot: ABRAY-*-10-023-0009 (327)
LEADBEATER, Harriett, d. 1935-11-05, Plot: HORNE2-*-12-032-0006
LEADBEATER, Robert, d. 1918-10-17, Plot: JONES-*-45-003-0003
LEADBETTER, Anne Harriett, bur. 1971-08-25, Plot: HORNE2-*-07-021-0001 (289A)
LEADBETTER, John Mason, bur. 1976-01-15, Plot: HORNE2-*-07-021-0001 (289A)
LEADER, Albert E., d. 1918-12-14, Plot: JONES-*-35-017-0004
LEADER, Alice, d. 1953-06-21, Plot: HORNE2-*-02-024-0015 (170)
LEADER, Charles V., d. 1910-06-15, Plot: HORNE1-5-04-020-0005
LEADER, Charles Vince, d. 1938-07-18, Plot: JONES-*-02-024-0016
LEADER, Helen Gordon, bur. 1972-10-30, Plot: OLD-4-03-*-1368
LEADLEY, Arthur Gurnet, d. 1949-02-23, Plot: HORNE1-1-02-015-0008A
LEAH, Alfred, d. 1919-11-17, Plot: JONES-*-14-010-0005
LEAH, Anne, d. 1951-03-26, bur. 1952-03-22, Plot: 1919-*-D-054-0005
LEAH, Richard (Capt.), d. 1923-09-07, bur. 1923-09-10, Plot: 1919-*-D-054-0004
LEAH, William Henry, d. 1948-05-03, Plot: ABRAY-*-07-023-0011
LEAHEY, Larry, d. 1899-11-15, Plot: OLD-3-02-020-0005
LEAHVAE, Ann (Smith), bur. 1964-11-02, Plot: JONES-*-18-007-0004
LEAHY, (Baby), Age: Stillborn, bur. 1916-11-14, Plot: OLD-5-04-011-0002
LEAHY, (Baby), Age: Stillborn, bur. 1948-07-31, Plot: JONES-*-18-024-0014
LEAHY, Ellen, d. 1912-10-05, Plot: JONES-*-08-010-0013
LEAHY, Florie Mary Eliza, bur. 1988-08-29, Plot: JONES-*-08-010-0014
LEAHY, John Edward, bur. 1994-02-17, Plot: 1919-*-*-*-1518
LEAHY, Joseph Alphonse Edmond, bur. 1989-05-09, Plot: OLD-5-05-004-0009
LEAHY, Patrick, d. 1949-05-02, Plot: JONES-*-08-010-0014
LEAHY, Robert Patrick, bur. 1968-03-27, Plot: OLD-3-01-*-1177
LEAHY, Susanna Bowden, bur. 1966-11-18, Plot: OLD-3-01-*-1177
LEAHY, W. J., d. 1923-12-06, Plot: OLD-5-05-X-0003
LEAHY, William John, bur. 1976-04-30, Plot: JONES-*-08-010-0013
LEAL, Joao Viera, Age: 64 yrs, d. 1995-06-10 Vancouver, bur. 1995-06-15, Plot: 1919-*-*-*-0190
LEAL, Minnie, Age: 57 yrs, bur. 1976-10-19, Plot: MASONIC-*-24A-001-0030
LEALESS, Robert Henry, d. 1944-10-17, Plot: ABRAY-*-06-018-0006
LEAMAN, Emily, d. 1952-03-15, Plot: JONES-*-34-020-0004 (221)
LEAMAN, John, d. 1942-09-24, Plot: ABRAY-*-05-005-0015
LEAMONT, (Baby), Age: Stillborn, bur. 1948-10-31, Plot: JONES-*-18-017-0014
LEAN, Allen McL. C., d. 1945-09-19, Plot: ABRAY-*-12-042-0014 (566)
LEAN, Angelina, d. 1921-10-15, Plot: JONES-*-26-043-0002
LEAN, Darrell, bur. 1987-06-04, Plot: JONES-*-01-025A-0013 (117)
LEAN, Doreen B., d. 1920-03-15, Plot: JONES-*-26-043-0001
LEAN, Jane, d. 1962-11-20, Plot: ABRAY-*-12-042-0014 (566)
LEAN, Leonard William, d. 1919-12-21, Plot: JONES-*-26-043-0001
LEAN, Marguerita, bur. 1987-06-04, Plot: JONES-*-01-025A-0013 (117)
LEANDER, Andrew, bur. 1960-10-02, Plot: JONES-*-37-003-0009A
LEANDER, Diana, d. 1962-05-21, Plot: JONES-*-37-003-0009A
LEANDER, Edith, bur. 1981-11-02, Plot: JONES-*-37-003-0009A
LEANDER, George Howard, Age: 58 yrs, b. Vancouver, d. 1962-05-21 Vancouver, Plot: JONES-*-37-003-0009A
LEANEY, Ann, d. 1928-09-15, Plot: HORNE2-*-03-012-0002
LEANEY, Herbert, d. 1957-04-02, Plot: HORNE2-*-03-012-0001
LEAR, Henry, Age: 80 yrs, b. Newfoundland, d. 1962-12-19 Vancouver - VGH, bur. 1962-12-21, Plot: JONES-*-37-001-0005
LEAR, Irene, bur. 1978-03-17, Plot: JONES-*-37-001-0005
LEARD, Charles William, d. 1944-12-16, Plot: ABRAY-*-10-053-0006 (722)
LEARD, Emily Eva, d. 1950-09-10, Plot: ABRAY-*-10-053-0006 (722)
LEARD, John Ruel, d. 1903-11-01, Plot: HORNE1-1-02-010-0012
LEARD, Mary Elizabeth, d. 1936-03-23, Plot: HORNE1-1-02-010-0010
LEARD, William Morley, d. 1915-03-22, Plot: HORNE1-1-02-010-0011
LEARMOND, Robert, bur. 1991-06-13, Plot: JONES-*-01-025A-0014 (118)
LEARMONTH, Andrew J., d. 1953-06-20, Plot: JONES-*-34-020-0005 (222)
LEARMONTH, James B., d. 1948-01-06, Plot: ABRAY-*-07-016-0015
LEARMONTH, Nellie, d. 1952-03-19, Plot: JONES-*-34-020-0005 (222)
LEARMOUTH, Alexander, d. 1917-06-06, Plot: JONES-*-25-012-0006
LEARN, Enoch S., d. 1936-12-19, Plot: HORNE2-*-08-013-0004 (180)
LEARN, Hannah Aretta, d. 1951-02-04, Plot: HORNE2-*-08-013-0004 (180)
LEARY, Bertha Dell, Age: 76 yrs, d. 1971-06-14 Vancouver, bur. 1971-06-16, Plot: 1919-*-*-*-2302
LEARY, Charles C., d. 1926-06-10, Plot: 1919-*-D-049-0008
LEARY, Decis, d. 1939-12-02, Plot: HORNE2-*-15-015-0014
LEARY, Fred G., bur. 1921-05-19, Plot: ABRAY-*-12-018-0012 (180)
LEARY, Harold, Age: 69 yrs, b. 1930-02-14, d. 1982-mm-dd, bur. 1982-11-23, Plot: 1919-*-*-*-2302
LEARY, John, d. 1946-05-23, Plot: ABRAY-*-02-007-0014
LEARY, Warren, bur. 2000-01-07, Plot: 1919-*-*-*-2302
LEARY, William, Age: 31 yrs, b. Ireland, d. 1908-03-29 Vancouver, BC, bur. 1908-04-01, Plot: OLD-5-02-H-0001
LEASK, Alexander T., Age: 5 yrs, d. 1919-01-26, bur. 1919-01-29, Plot: JONES-*-26-006-0009 (64)
LEASK, Andrew, Age: 64 yrs, bur. 1974-08-13, Plot: MASONIC-*-23A-002-0008
LEASK, Dorothy King, d. 1947-10-31, Plot: ABRAY-*-15-028-0014 (406)
LEASK, Dorothy, Age: 84 yrs, bur. 1999-05-11, Plot: MASONIC-*-23A-002-0008
LEASK, Edith, bur. 1983-05-09, Plot: ABRAY-*-12-037-0007 (479)
LEASK, Isabella, d. 1907-08-11, Plot: HORNE1-5-01-021-0008
LEASK, Mary Barclay, bur. 1968-05-04, Plot: JONES-*-26-009-0008 (153)
LEASK, Wilhemina, d. 1921-03-24, Plot: HORNE1-5-01-021-0007
LEASK, William John MacPherson, Age: 60 yrs, bur. 1972-07-04, Plot: JONES-*-03-*-0207
LEASK, William John McP., Age: 63 yrs, d. 1945-12-19, bur. 1945-12-21, Plot: JONES-*-26-009-0007 (152)
LEASK, William, Age: 76 yrs, b. Scotland, d. 1962-08-01 Vancouver, bur. 1962-09-27, Plot: MASONIC-*-04A-004-0002
LEASK, William, d. 1959-08-17, Plot: HORNE2-*-16-023R-0005
LEATE, (Baby), Age: Stillborn, bur. 1940-02-28, Plot: JONES-*-18-014-0009
LEATH, Thomas, d. 1913-03-27, Plot: JONES-*-27-010-0015
LEATHAM, Andrew F. (Baby), Age: Stillborn, bur. 1937-12-31, Plot: JONES-*-18-024-0008A
LEATHAM, Leslie E., d. 1911-05-06, Plot: HORNE1-5-04-001-0001
LEATHAM, Leta D., d. 1946-12-21, Plot: ABRAY-*-10-058-0009 (817)
LEATHAM, Sarah Geraldine Langley, Age: 69 yrs, b. Ireland, d. 1952-10-03 Vancouver, bur. 1952-10-06, Plot: HORNE1-5-01-018-0010
LEATHAM, William Irvine, d. 1939-12-15, Plot: HORNE2-*-15-015-0012
LEATHEM, Bernadette, Age: 55 yrs, bur. 1985-09-19, Plot: MASONIC-*-*-*-0585
LEATHEM, Eliza Jane, d. 1948-03-28, Plot: ABRAY-*-15-026-0012 (388)
LEATHEM, Herbert Henry, Age: 87 yrs, bur. 1990-09-14, Plot: MASONIC-*-30A-001-0050
LEATHEM, Mary Louise, Age: 79 yrs, bur. 1983-03-03, Plot: MASONIC-*-30A-001-0050
LEATHERBARROW, Loren, Age: 56 yrs, bur. 1980-11-05, Plot: ABRAY-*-07-*-1075
LEATHERDALE, (Babies - Twins), Age: Stillborn, bur. 1931-05-31, Plot: JONES-*-18-016-0010
LEATHERDALE, Abagail, Age: 77 yrs, d. 1933-06-02, Plot: HORNE1-3-02-017-0012
LEATHERDALE, Arthur Thomas, Age: 55 yrs, d. 1949-10-29, Plot: JONES-*-31-046-0001
LEATHERDALE, Donald Albert, bur. 1999-06-10, Plot: JONES-*-31-046-0002
LEATHERDALE, Donald James, bur. 1999-06-10, Plot: JONES-*-31-046-0002
LEATHERDALE, Donald M., d. 1948-11-10, Plot: JONES-*-31-046-0004
LEATHERDALE, Edith Lizzie, bur. 1976-10-27, Plot: JONES-*-44-*-0925
LEATHERDALE, Fanny Johnstone, bur. 1981-01-26, Plot: JONES-*-34-017-0010 (193)
LEATHERDALE, James Kenneth, bur. 1971-05-18, Plot: JONES-*-31-046-0001
LEATHERDALE, John Robert, d. 1936-12-12, bur. 1936-12-15, Plot: 1919-*-D-008-0010
LEATHERDALE, Pearl Gwendolyn, bur. 1987-11-24, Plot: JONES-*-31-046-0002
LEATHERDALE, Robert H., d. 1914-04-10, Plot: JONES-*-31-046-0002
LEATHERDALE, Russell George, bur. 1974-11-06, Plot: JONES-*-31-046-0001
LEATHERDALE, Susie, d. 1944-05-29, Plot: JONES-*-31-046-0003
LEATHERN, Betty, Age: 49 yrs, d. 1950-12-18, bur. 1950-12-22, Plot: JONES-*-26-001-0008A (1)
LEATHLEY, Ada, d. 1982-mm-dd, bur. 1982-10-02, Plot: HORNE1-1-01-001-0005
LEATHLEY, Leonard Albert, d. 1998-mm-dd, bur. 1998-07-28, Plot: HORNE1-1-01-001-0005
LEATHLEY, Leonard, Age: 72 yrs, d. 1968-mm-dd, bur. 1968-03-27, Plot: HORNE1-1-01-001-0005
LEATHORN, Helina Alexandra, Age: 85 yrs, b. Ontario, d. 1952-04-02 Vancouver, bur. 1952-04-04, Plot: MASONIC-*-*-124-0004
LEATHORN, James William, Age: 74 yrs, b. Ontario, d. 1929-12-05 Vancouver, bur. 1929-12-09, Plot: MASONIC-*-*-124-0003
LEATHORN, Lawrence Ivan, bur. 1974-04-11, Plot: JONES-*-26-001-0008A (1)
LEATRICE, George, d. 1948-02-01, Plot: HORNE1-4-02-006-0008A
LEAVELY, (Baby), Age: Stillborn, bur. 1936-09-30, Plot: JONES-*-18-005-0007
LEAVENS, Ernest J., d. 1942-02-21, Plot: ABRAY-*-05-016-0009
LEAVERS, (Baby), d. 1918-12-22, Plot: JONES-*-38-023-0012
LEAVERS, Annie, d. 1917-03-13, Plot: JONES-*-38-023-0012
LEAVERS, Nallie, d. 1905-08-12, Plot: OLD-4-02-012-0004
LEAVITT, Edwin, Age: 49 yrs, b. Ontario, d. 1919-05-21 Vancouver - VGH, Plot: JONES-*-*-125B-0010
LEAVY, Francis, bur. 1953-09-03, Plot: ABRAY-*-21-024-0011
LEAVY, Helene M., bur. 1965-11-12, Plot: JONES-*-30-011-0013
LEAVY, Helene, d. 1965-11-12, Plot: JONES-*-30-011-0013
LEAVY, Jack Allan "John Alan", Age: 65 yrs, b. 1923-03-23 Vancouver, BC, d. 1988-04-12 Vancouver, BC, bur. 1988-04-15, Plot: JONES-*-30-011-0015
LEAVY, Leo Francis, Age: 58 yrs, d. 1982-01-06, bur. 1982-01-13, Plot: JONES-*-30-011-0016
LEAVY, Leo Michael, bur. 1980-01-16, Plot: ABRAY-*-18-044-0013
LEAVY, Norah Bridget, bur. 1967-09-13, Plot: JONES-*-30-011-0013
LEBANS, Nathaniel James, d. 1950-09-18, Plot: ABRAY-*-17-003-0014
LEBEAU, Joseph William, bur. 1982-04-24, Plot: HORNE2-*-06-001-0004
LEBED, Eufrosina, bur. 1973-10-23, Plot: HORNE2-*-12-005-0010
LEBED, George, bur. 1983-12-09, Plot: HORNE2-*-12-005-0009
LEBED, Jacob, d. 1950-01-15, Plot: HORNE2-*-12-005-0010
LEBED, Mildred Jessie, bur. 1984-04-18, Plot: HORNE2-*-12-005-0009
LEBEDOVICH, Peter, Age: 66 yrs, b. Ukraine, d. 1958-07-22 Vancouver, bur. 1958-07-26, Plot: HORNE1-4-01-002R-0011 (622)
LEBEDOWICH, Mary, d. 1943-05-07, Plot: HORNE2-*-07-031-0016 (504A)
LEBEFOWICH, Huphia, d. 1924-05-01, Plot: OLD-5-05-022-0008
LEBEL, (Baby), Age: Stillborn, bur. 1960-11-30, Plot: JONES-*-18-015-0012
LEBLANC, Albert Adrien, Age: 62 yrs, bur. 1991-01-14, Plot: IOOF-*-*-*-1146
LEBLANC, Edward Larry, bur. 1971-02-25, Plot: OLD-5-05-*-2207
LEBLANC, Eugene Daniel, Age: 17 yrs, bur. 1981-06-23, Plot: ABRAY-*-15-*-0666
LEBLANC, Eva Farrer, d. 1940-02-05, Plot: HORNE2-*-12-045-0015
LEBLANC, Eva Mary, bur. 1976-09-07, Plot: JONES-*-27-*-1289
LEBLANC, Garnett Joseph William, Age: 52 yrs, bur. 1971-11-29, Plot: JONES-*-09-*-0548
LEBLANC, Gregory W., bur. 1980-09-05, Plot: JONES-*-12-007-0007
LEBLANC, Joseph Albert Marc, Age: 24 yrs, bur. 1983-08-06, Plot: ABRAY-*-15-*-0666
LEBLANC, Joseph Alvery Phalen, Age: 52 yrs, bur. 1981-11-12, Plot: JONES-*-02-*-0147
LEBLANC, Joseph Eddie Ramond, bur. 1984-07-20, Plot: HORNE2-*-06-*-0809
LEBLANC, Joseph Henry, bur. 1971-01-18, Plot: ABRAY-*-10-006-0014
LEBLANC, Kim Marie, bur. 1983-01-13, Plot: HORNE2-*-04-*-0359
LEBLANC, Leon, bur. 1982-04-22, Plot: HORNE2-*-15-*-0138
LEBLANCE, Victoria, bur. 1987-06-04, Plot: JONES-*-01-025A-0013 (117)
LEBRIM, Almedas Freddie, Age: 17 days, d. 1905-01-26, Plot: HORNE1-2-03-007-0001
LEBRUN, (Baby), Age: Stillborn, bur. 1920-06-26, Plot: OLD-5-05-018-0005
LEBRUN, Armand Arthur (Albert Joseph), bur. 1970-05-13, Plot: OLD-5-05-005A-0012 (311)
LEBRUN, Carl (Baby), Age: Stillborn, bur. 1919-07-04, Plot: OLD-5-04-020-0006
LEBRUN, Joseph Arthur "Fullam", Age: 68 yrs, bur. 1975-07-11, Plot: JONES-*-17-*-1266
LEBUS, Franklin Arthur, bur. 1989-05-25, Plot: OLD-5-05-002-0015
LECHBRIDGE, Henry, d. 1912-01-13, Plot: OLD-5-03-019-0011
LECHE, James Pearson, Age: 72 yrs, bur. 1970-11-25, Plot: MASONIC-*-20A-003-0023
LECHE, Zillah, Age: 86 yrs, bur. 1987-06-18, Plot: MASONIC-*-20A-003-0023
LECHNER, (Baby), Age: Stillborn, bur. 1959-07-31, Plot: JONES-*-18-016-0001
LECHNER, Willie Raymond, d. 1908-02-21, Plot: HORNE1-5-02-011-0005
LECHOWIEZ, Brian Bronislaw, Age: 49 yrs, d. 1961-06-10, bur. 1962-05-25, Plot: OLD-5-RE5-001-0014
LECHTERMAN, Abraham, d. 1911-08-27, Plot: OLD-1-05-005-0007
LECK, Agnes Jackson, Age: 91 yrs, bur. 1972-07-24, Plot: HORNE1-3-03-003-0014
LECK, Alvin O., Age: 1 yr, b. 1911-mm-dd Vancouver, BC, d. 1912-08-21 Vancouver, BC, bur. 1912-08-22, Plot: HORNE1-3-03-003-0013
LECK, Henry P.R., Age: 83 yrs, d. 1948-05-05, Plot: HORNE1-3-03-003-0014
LECK, Laura, Age: 45 yrs, d. 1907-01-02, Plot: HORNE1-3-03-003-0015
LECK, Mary Paterson, d. 1925-01-01, Plot: 1919-*-D-018-0004
LECK, Mary, bur. 1967-11-29, Plot: 1919-*-B-044-0009
LECK, Robert James Rennie, d. 1926-10-30, Plot: 1919-*-B-044-0009
LECKEY, Edith A., d. 1953-11-24, Plot: JONES-*-03-021-0115
LECKEY, Robert John, d. 1953-12-19, Plot: JONES-*-03-021-0116
LECKEY, Thomas James, d. 1948-10-25, Plot: OLD-1-03-014-0016A
LECKIE, Duane Christopher, d. 1963-10-19, bur. 1963-10-23, Plot: JONES-*-18-007-0013
LECKIE, Jean Bernice, bur. 1975-01-21, Plot: JONES-*-0-035-0009
LECKIE, Kenneth, bur. 1987-06-04, Plot: JONES-*-01-025A-0013 (117)
LECKIE, Thomas, d. 1938-07-07, Plot: HORNE2-*-08-012-0016 (176)
LECKOEFF, Nancy Nastia (Voikin) "Nellie", Age: 96 yrs, d. 1998-09-30 Surrey, BC, bur. 1998-10-06, Plot: 1919-*-*-*-2308
LECKOEFF, Samuel George, Age: 76 yrs, b. 1893-03-25 Vladikavkos, Russia, d. 1969-11-02 Coquitlam, BC, bur. 1969-11-06, Plot: 1919-*-*-*-2308
LECKOFF, (Baby), Age: Stillborn, bur. 1932-10-31, Plot: JONES-*-18-015-0001
LECKY, Beverly K. (Baby), Age: Stillborn, bur. 1957-01-31, Plot: JONES-*-18-025-0003
LECKY, Louisa, d. 1942-07-26, Plot: JONES-*-33-002-0010
LECKY, Robert, d. 1953-08-17, Plot: OLD-4-03-022-0001
LECLERC, Maria, bur. 1972-12-22, Plot: OLD-4-03-*-1364
LECLERCQ, Elizabeth Mary, Age: 87 yrs, bur. 1984-05-28, Plot: MASONIC-*-*-*-0504
LECLERCQ, Norman Francis, Age: 67 yrs, d. 1996-07-27 Vancouver, bur. 1996-08-28, Plot: OLD-1-01-008-0015
LECO, Yorg Quong, d. 1954-05-05, Plot: JONES-*-18-010-0009A
LECOMPTE, Mildred Virginia, bur. 1972-11-29, Plot: OLD-4-03-*-1473
LECOUNTE, Charles, bur. 1987-06-04, Plot: JONES-*-01-025A-0015 (119)
LECUYER, Carol Boyd, d. 1951-08-17, Plot: ABRAY-*-20-007-0005
LEDALL, Ada Euphemia, d. 1952-01-04, Plot: OLD-5-02-016-0013
LEDDY, Beda, bur. 1987-06-04, Plot: JONES-*-01-025A-0015 (119)
LEDDY, Charles Edmund, Age: 84 yrs, d. 1998-03-24 Vancouver, bur. 1998-03-27, Plot: HORNE2-*-09-*-1879
LEDDY, Eugene B., d. 1926-08-16, bur. 1926-08-20, Plot: 1919-*-D-048-0012
LEDEAU, John, d. 1904-09-28, Plot: OLD-4-02-016-0003
LEDERICH, Manfred Herman, Age: 60 yrs, bur. 1998-12-17, Plot: HORNE2-*-06-035-0003-4
LEDGER, George, bur. 1963-10-02, Plot: JONES-*-12-006-0016
LEDGER, Julia Ann, d. 1939-07-29, Plot: JONES-*-16-019-0009A
LEDGER, Marion, d. 1954-10-25, bur. 1954-10-27, Plot: OLD-5-03-013-0015
LEDGER, William Arthur, bur. 1967-03-10, Plot: OLD-1-01-*-0011
LEDGERWOOD, Harold T., d. 1918-05-03, Plot: JONES-*-14-007-0014
LEDGERWOOD, Harry, Age: 3 wks, b. Vancouver, d. 1911-08-28 Vancouver, bur. 1911-08-29, Plot: KP-*-*-028-0006
LEDINGHAM, A. P. (Rev.), d. 1929-05-04, Plot: JONES-*-30-007-0014
LEDINGHAM, Bruce Reavely, bur. 1991-11-01, Plot: JONES-*-30-007-0003
LEDINGHAM, Elspeth Ann, d. 1926-07-07, Plot: JONES-*-30-007-0009
LEDINGHAM, George Oliver, Age: 39 yrs, b. Ontario, d. 1947-02-26 CPR Rights of Way, bur. 1947-03-02, Plot: JONES-*-30-007-0005
LEDINGHAM, George W., d. 1942-10-05, Plot: JONES-*-30-007-0004
LEDINGHAM, Helen Maude, Age: 87 yrs, d. 1966-01-27, Plot: JONES-*-30-007-0004
LEDINGHAM, Isabella, d. 1931-09-22, Plot: JONES-*-30-007-0007
LEDINGHAM, Jean Martin Clark, Age: 90 yrs, d. Ladysmith, BC, bur. 1998-02-26, Plot: JONES-*-30-007-0005
LEDINGHAM, Mary E., d. 1921-11-15, Plot: JONES-*-30-007-0013
LEDINGHAM, Rhoda Ellen, Age: 85 yrs, d. 1994-12-24 Delta, BC, bur. 1995-01-05, Plot: JONES-*-30-007-0003
LEDINGHAM, William Campbell, Age: 88 yrs, bur. 1993-11-03, Plot: JONES-*-30-007-0005
LEDINGHAM, William John, Age: 57 yrs, b. Ontario, bur. 1923-04-26, Plot: JONES-*-30-007-0006
LEDINGHAM, William Watson, Age: 66 yrs, b. Vancouver, d. 1998-12-22 Vancouver, bur. 1999-01-14, Plot: JONES-*-30-007-0005
LEDLIN, (Baby), d. 1910-09-20, Plot: HORNE1-3-04-013-0002
LEDNER, Emil, d. 1893-08-17, Plot: OLD-3-02-008-0008
LEDORCHUK, (Baby), Age: Stillborn, bur. 1946-05-31, Plot: JONES-*-18-004-0005
LEDOUX, Grace, bur. 1966-02-18, Plot: HORNE1-5-01-*-1203
LEDUC, Arthur, bur. 1977-04-01, Plot: JONES-*-35-*-0626
LEDUC, Joseph Lionel, d. 1958-08-11, bur. 1958-08-25, Plot: OLD-5-04-021-0003
LEDUC, Joseph Raymond (Raymon), bur. 1987-06-22, Plot: HORNE2-*-09-*-1777
LEDUC, Rose Delina, Age: 82 yrs, b. Quebec, d. 1961-09-27 Vancouver, bur. 1961-10-26, Plot: MASONIC-*-15A-013-0003
LEDUC, William, d. 1965-01-12, Plot: HORNE1-3-04-*-0563
LEDWELL, Ellen C., d. 1917-08-01, Plot: JONES-*-0-024-0003
LEDWELL, Harold P., d. 1924-06-17, Plot: JONES-*-0-024-0004
LEDWELL, Laurence George, d. 1942-07-20, Plot: JONES-*-0-024-0003
LEDWELL, Margaert A., d. 1963-01-05, Plot: OLD-5-01-025R-0002 (7)
LEDWELL, Mary Ellen, d. 1935-06-29, Plot: HORNE2-*-07-018-0001 (229)
LEDWILL, Patrick Jas, d. 1936-03-17, Plot: JONES-*-0-024-0002
LEE (BURTON), Albert Joseph, bur. 1983-12-06, Plot: HORNE2-*-05-*-0693
LEE (GIN), Hing Sing (Gum Yuen), bur. 1970-12-29, Plot: OLD-3-04-*-2255
LEE (IEE), See Loy (Way Gee), d. 1962-07-18, Plot: OLD-2-03-015R-0003 (107)
LEE (IP), Hei Fun (Lee Hei Fun), Age: 70 yrs, bur. 1978-03-07, Plot: JONES-*-13-*-0163
LEE (LEIGH), Ernest Arthur (Richard), bur. 1953-07-25, Plot: ABRAY-*-20-034-0013
LEE (LI), Loy (Chen), bur. 1971-10-29, Plot: OLD-4-06-*-1301
LEE (LUM), Mui, bur. 1977-07-29, Plot: OLD-4-03-*-1458
LEE (LUM), William (Lee), bur. 1971-02-05, Plot: OLD-3-04-*-2257
LEE (WUN), Won Chin (Jung Fan), d. 1952-12-22, Plot: JONES-*-21A-016-0005
LEE SONG, (Baby), Age: Stillborn, bur. 1923-10-27, Plot: OLD-5-05-023-0003
LEE, (Babies - Twins), Age: Stillborn, bur. 1957-10-31, Plot: JONES-*-18-025-0013
LEE, (Baby Boy), bur. 1993-08-27, Plot: JONES-*-01-025A-0014 (118)
LEE, (Baby Boy), d. 1961-09-04, bur. 1961-09-12, Plot: JONES-*-18-015-0003
LEE, (Baby Girl), Age: 6 days, b. 1922-10-dd Vancouver, BC, d. 1922-10-23 Vancouver, BC, bur. 1922-10-26, Plot: OLD-4-04-024-0003
LEE, (Baby Girl), d. 1961-10-28, bur. 1961-11-27, Plot: JONES-*-18-015-0005
LEE, (Baby), Age: Stillborn, bur. 1916-09-07, Plot: OLD-5-04-011-0001
LEE, (Baby), Age: Stillborn, bur. 1921-10-13, Plot: OLD-5-05-018-0014
LEE, (Baby), Age: Stillborn, bur. 1925-08-31, Plot: OLD-5-05-023-0009
LEE, (Baby), Age: Stillborn, bur. 1929-08-31, Plot: OLD-5-06-005-0016
LEE, (Baby), Age: Stillborn, bur. 1933-03-31, Plot: JONES-*-18-015-0008
LEE, (Baby), Age: Stillborn, bur. 1943-02-28, Plot: JONES-*-18-024-0006
LEE, (Baby), Age: Stillborn, bur. 1944-11-30, Plot: JONES-*-18-004-0006
LEE, (Baby), Age: Stillborn, bur. 1947-02-28, Plot: JONES-*-18-024-0013
LEE, (Baby), Age: Stillborn, bur. 1947-09-30, Plot: JONES-*-18-014-0013
LEE, (Baby), Age: Stillborn, bur. 1948-11-30, Plot: JONES-*-18-017-0014
LEE, (Baby), Age: Stillborn, bur. 1949-01-31, Plot: JONES-*-18-017-0003
LEE, (Baby), Age: Stillborn, bur. 1951-11-30, Plot: JONES-*-12-004-0015
LEE, (Baby), Age: Stillborn, bur. 1954-04-30, Plot: JONES-*-12-005-0016
LEE, (Baby), Age: Stillborn, bur. 1956-11-30, Plot: JONES-*-18-025-0003
LEE, (Baby), Age: Stillborn, bur. 1957-08-31, Plot: JONES-*-18-025-0011
LEE, (Baby), Age: Stillborn, bur. 1959-10-31, Plot: JONES-*-18-016-0004
LEE, (Baby), Age: Stillborn, bur. 1959-11-30, Plot: JONES-*-18-016-0004
LEE, (Baby), Age: Stillborn, bur. 1960-12-31, Plot: JONES-*-18-015-0013
LEE, (Baby), b. Vancouver, d. 1890-11-23 Vancouver, Plot: OLD-2-01-009-0006
LEE, (Baby), d. 1919-09-21, Plot: OLD-3-04-005-0002
LEE, (Baby), d. 1923-01-16, Plot: OLD-4-04-025-0006
LEE, (unknown Male), Age: 55 yrs, d. 1925-02-20, Plot: OLD-5-05-024-0001
LEE, Abigail, Age: 88 yrs, b. Ontario, d. 1934-10-11 Vancouver, BC, bur. 1934-10-13, Plot: JONES-*-0-006-0005
LEE, Ack Chung, bur. 1959-08-01, Plot: JONES-*-12-006-0012
LEE, Agnes McLeod, bur. 1992-08-11, Plot: IOOF-*-32-039-0007
LEE, Ah Fong, d. 1963-01-21, Plot: OLD-2-01-005R-0006
LEE, Ah Tong, d. 1959-10-08, Plot: OLD-4-06-006R-0012 (232)
LEE, Albert Brook, Age: 68 yrs, b. England, d. 1916-02-18 Vancouver, bur. 1916-02-19, Plot: MASONIC-*-*-131-0007
LEE, Albert C., Age: 82 yrs, bur. 1983-03-31, Plot: MASONIC-*-30A-001-0005
LEE, Albert, d. 1934-07-05, Plot: HORNE2-*-16-004-0012
LEE, Alfred Edward, d. 1960-09-11, Plot: HORNE2-*-07-013-0014 (202)
LEE, Allison Grace, Age: 3 mos, bur. 1980-11-29, Plot: MASONIC-*-18A-002-0001
LEE, Amy Alberta, d. 1954-05-30, Plot: IOOF-*-32-030-0006
LEE, Annie Kee, bur. 1981-07-28, Plot: JONES-*-27-*-1294
LEE, Ark Sing, d. 1922-10-25, Plot: OLD-4-04-024-0015
LEE, Arthur Cecil, d. 1960-06-05, Plot: HORNE2-*-08-041-0007 (567)
LEE, Arthur Ronald John, d. 1932-01-29, Plot: OLD-3-05-003-0004
LEE, Bach Han, d. 1943-05-23, Plot: JONES-*-20-016-0009
LEE, Bak Hoo, d. 1965-05-06, Plot: OLD-4-04-*-1498
LEE, Beatrice, d. 1948-06-25, Plot: OLD-2-02-015-0001
LEE, Bing Huen "Lee Dickson", "Gordon Lee", Age: 62 yrs, b. China, d. 1961-09-11 Vancouver, BC, bur. 1961-09-25, Plot: OLD-4-02-025R-0016
LEE, Bing, bur. 1970-10-19, Plot: OLD-3-04-*-2243
LEE, Bok See, d. 1921-06-04, Plot: OLD-4-04-013-0008
LEE, Bong, d. 1931-08-08, Plot: OLD-3-06-008-0005
LEE, Boo Ming, d. 1960-10-27, Plot: OLD-4-03-025R-0009
LEE, Boo, d. 1954-09-04, Plot: JONES-*-18-002-0014
LEE, Bow King, bur. 1972-11-16, Plot: JONES-*-12-007-0005
LEE, Bow, d. 1920-09-14, bur. 1920-09-15, Plot: OLD-4-04-009-0014
LEE, Bow, d. 1934-12-18, Plot: JONES-*-19-011-0007
LEE, Chack, d. 1920-09-05, Plot: OLD-4-04-009-0016
LEE, Chai Foo, Age: 69 yrs, d. 1997-12-02 Vancouver, bur. 1997-12-09, Plot: 1919-*-*-*-1088
LEE, Chai, d. 1958-03-08, Plot: OLD-4-04-006R-0006 (357)
LEE, Charles, Age: 68 yrs, b. England, d. 1923-12-15 Vancouver, bur. 1923-12-17, Plot: 1919-*-A-037-0007
LEE, Charles, bur. 1915-07-28, Plot: JONES-*-01-008-0011
LEE, Charles, d. 1917-07-16, Plot: OLD-5-04-021-0014
LEE, Charles, d. 1944-11-11, Plot: ABRAY-*-03-023-0013
LEE, Charlie "Lee, Kee Kwong", Age: 63 yrs, bur. 1985-07-11, Plot: JONES-*-23-*-0335
LEE, Chee, b. China, d. 1893-01-21 Vancouver, bur. 1893-01-22, Plot: OLD-2-01-006-0009
LEE, Cheuk, Age: 32 yrs, bur. 1983-03-18, Plot: MASONIC-*-30A-001-0027
LEE, Chew Koy, bur. 1966-02-22, Plot: OLD-1-04-*-0096
LEE, Chew Tung, bur. 1966-04-22, Plot: OLD-1-04-*-0103
LEE, Chew, d. 1940-07-28, Plot: JONES-*-19-008-0008
LEE, Chin (Bill), d. 1965-08-16, Plot: OLD-4-05-*-1276
LEE, Chin Ping Sue, d. 1962-10-28, Plot: OLD-2-03-006R-0004 (99)
LEE, Chin, d. 1919-11-08, Plot: OLD-3-04-013-0014
LEE, Chin, d. 1923-08-14, Plot: OLD-3-06-012-0009
LEE, Chock Poy, Age: 60 yrs, d. 1994-12-30 Vancouver, bur. 1995-01-19, Plot: OLD-2-01-019-0016A
LEE, Chong Fong, d. 1930-08-23, Plot: OLD-3-04-015-0003
LEE, Chong Shea, d. 1937-04-26, Plot: JONES-*-22-016-0007
LEE, Chong Yim, d. 1945-09-13, Plot: OLD-3-03-020-0016A
LEE, Chong, Age: 93 yrs, bur. 1983-12-16, Plot: MASONIC-*-*-*-0522
LEE, Chow, d. 1928-07-22, Plot: OLD-4-04-002-0012
LEE, Chow, d. 1957-03-22, Plot: JONES-*-21A-010-0015
LEE, Choy Sing "Young", Age: 61 yrs, b. 1900-mm-dd China, d. 1961-11-12 Vancouver, BC, bur. 1961-11-16, Plot: OLD-4-02-025R-0006
LEE, Chuck Cho, d. 1918-10-06, Plot: OLD-3-05-020-0007
LEE, Chuck Qun, Age: 46 yrs, b. Victoria, d. 1959-04-21, Plot: OLD-4-05-006R-0001A (319)
LEE, Chuck, Age: 81 yrs, bur. 1978-10-05, Plot: JONES-*-13-*-0176
LEE, Chuck, d. 1939-01-12, Plot: OLD-4-04-008-0016A
LEE, Chuck, d. 1942-04-27, Plot: OLD-1-04-006-0001A
LEE, Chuck, d. 1958-05-22, Plot: OLD-4-04-025R-0010 (172)
LEE, Chum Yee, d. 1953-07-26, Plot: JONES-*-21A-005-0016
LEE, Chun, d. 1941-11-21, Plot: JONES-*-20-021-0014
LEE, Chung, d. 1923-03-17, Plot: OLD-3-06-010-0002
LEE, Coy, d. 1927-11-01, Plot: OLD-3-04-016-0011
LEE, Cynthia Elaine, bur. 1989-08-25, Plot: JONES-*-0-023-0010
LEE, David Chow, Age: 72 yrs, bur. 1980-12-12, Plot: MASONIC-*-26A-003-0031
LEE, David John, d. 1916-04-11, Plot: JONES-*-41-018-0002
LEE, David, bur. 1953-02-01, Plot: JONES-*-12-006-0004
LEE, Deborah Ann, bur. 1964-12-01, Plot: JONES-*-18-007-0004
LEE, Dick, d. 1946-01-24, Plot: JONES-*-21-010-0005
LEE, Do Ming, d. 1953-04-24, Plot: JONES-*-18-012-0012
LEE, Don, d. 1944-01-27, Plot: JONES-*-20-004-0002
LEE, Dong Yet, Age: 46 yrs, d. 1939-11-30, bur. 1939-12-04, Dis: 1965-03-16, Dis# 4852, Plot: OLD-5-06-011-0016A
LEE, Dong Yet, Age: 46 yrs, d. 1939-11-30, bur. 1965-03-16, Plot: OLD-3-05-*-0928
LEE, Dong, d. 1935-03-14, Plot: JONES-*-22-011-0005
LEE, Doo Hem, d. 1965-01-11, Plot: OLD-4-04-*-1253
LEE, Doo, d. 1925-01-03, Plot: OLD-3-06-007-0015
LEE, Doo, d. 1958-12-12, Plot: OLD-4-05-015R-0016 (192)
LEE, Doris, d. 1964-10-22, Plot: HORNE1-3-03-*-0647
LEE, Dot Way, bur. 1971-11-19, Plot: OLD-3-04-*-2284
LEE, Douglas T. (Baby), Age: Stillborn, bur. 1952-01-31, Plot: JONES-*-12-004-0003
LEE, Duck, d. 1931-12-20, Plot: JONES-*-23-009-0002
LEE, Duck, d. 1943-11-01, Plot: JONES-*-20-016-0001
LEE, Duey, bur. 1971-08-17, Plot: JONES-*-12-007-0005
LEE, Dun Loy, d. 1962-11-27, Plot: OLD-2-03-005R-0007 (93)
LEE, Duncan David, bur. 1953-03-01, Plot: JONES-*-12-006-0003
LEE, Dye, d. 1944-02-09, Plot: JONES-*-20-016-0005
LEE, Dye, d. 1959-07-14, Plot: OLD-4-05-005R-0002 (326)
LEE, Edward, d. 1920-09-07, Plot: 1919-*-A-045-0012
LEE, Eliza, d. 1934-08-26, Plot: JONES-*-39-004-0010
LEE, Elizabeth Jane, d. 1941-03-22, Plot: OLD-2-02-010-0005
LEE, Elizabeth, d. 1935-04-02, Plot: HORNE2-*-07-013-0014 (202)
LEE, Ellen Elizabeth, d. 1948-10-22, Plot: ABRAY-*-07-039-0008
LEE, Ellen R. J., d. 1906-08-22, Plot: HORNE1-2-04-017-0003
LEE, Ellen, d. 1923-10-02, Plot: HORNE1-1-04-003-0013
LEE, Elsie May, d. 1952-04-24, Plot: JONES-*-04-001-0057
LEE, Emmanuel Joseph "Emanuel", Age: 75 yrs, b. 1865-09-01 England, d. 1941-03-29 Vancouver, bur. 1941-04-02, Plot: HORNE2-*-09-008-0004 (124)
LEE, Ena Olive, bur. 1969-04-02, Plot: HORNE1-3-03-*-0647
LEE, Eng "Paul", Age: 42 yrs, bur. 1982-06-30, Plot: MASONIC-*-*-076-0008A
LEE, Ernest, d. 1927-01-26, Plot: OLD-5-06-015-0010
LEE, Ester Jane, d. 1919-12-26, Plot: JONES-*-26-043-0008
LEE, Ethel May, d. 1964-08-17, Plot: HORNE1-1-02-*-0186
LEE, Fai, d. 1952-12-01, Plot: JONES-*-21A-016-0013
LEE, Fat (Sam Sing), d. 1965-11-18, Plot: OLD-4-05-*-1286
LEE, Faye, Age: 2 mos, bur. 1967-03-22, Plot: HORNE1-3-01-*-0066-1
LEE, Fee, d. 1914-12-10, bur. 1914-12-11, Plot: OLD-3-04-013-0009
LEE, Fong Yow, bur. 1967-08-18, Plot: OLD-2-04-*-0493
LEE, Fong, d. 1937-11-08, Plot: JONES-*-22-016-0011
LEE, Fong, d. 1944-05-07, Plot: JONES-*-20-005-0014
LEE, Fong, d. 1951-05-10, Plot: JONES-*-18-022-0009A
LEE, Foo Lim, bur. 1988-10-26, Plot: HORNE2-*-10-*-1757
LEE, Foo, d. 1940-01-25, Plot: OLD-5-06-006-0015
LEE, Foo, d. 1942-05-21, Plot: JONES-*-20-025-0012
LEE, Foo, d. 1945-11-19, Plot: JONES-*-21-015-0003
LEE, Foo, d. 1955-03-02, Plot: JONES-*-18-001-0004
LEE, Fook Wah, d. 1961-01-03, Plot: OLD-4-03-005R-0003
LEE, Fook Yue, Age: 90 yrs, bur. 1980-03-19, Plot: IOOF-*-*-*-0393
LEE, Fook Yuen, Age: 61 yrs, bur. 1967-11-22, Plot: OLD-2-05-*-0709
LEE, Fook, d. 1907-01-05, Plot: OLD-5-01-019-0015
LEE, Fot, d. 1954-12-17, Plot: JONES-*-18-010-0013
LEE, Frank (Wah Yin), bur. 1977-01-21, Plot: JONES-*-41-*-0935
LEE, Frank L., Age: 81 yrs, bur. 1973-11-16, Plot: MASONIC-*-18A-010-0005
LEE, Frank, d. 1934-08-19, Plot: HORNE2-*-16-003-0007
LEE, Frank, d. 1963-05-24, Plot: OLD-2-01-025R-0006
LEE, Frederick, d. 1955-03-01, Plot: ABRAY-*-05-030-0010
LEE, Fun, d. 1914-05-01, Plot: OLD-3-04-007-0016
LEE, Gai, d. 1943-07-25, Plot: JONES-*-20-017-0013
LEE, Gan, d. 1939-06-15, Plot: JONES-*-22-008-0001
LEE, Gee, d. 1934-06-25, Plot: JONES-*-19-021-0012
LEE, Gee, d. 1943-04-05, Plot: JONES-*-20-008-0004
LEE, Geo Nom, d. 1919-08-06, Plot: OLD-3-04-003-0004
LEE, George (Kee Leong), d. 1961-02-16, Plot: OLD-4-02-015R-0016A
LEE, Ghin, Age: 33 yrs, b. China, d. 1891-08-04 Vancouver, Plot: OLD-3-01-008-0002
LEE, Gim, bur. 1967-05-02, Plot: JONES-*-12-007-0003
LEE, Gin Sue, d. 1953-08-10, Plot: JONES-*-18-011-0008A
LEE, Gin, d. 1953-11-29, Plot: JONES-*-18-009-0008A
LEE, Gong Yew, d. 1914-03-20, Plot: OLD-3-04-007-0004
LEE, Gong, d. 1945-12-25, Plot: JONES-*-21-010-0001
LEE, Guey Hem, d. 1921-08-11, Plot: OLD-4-04-014-0014
LEE, Guey Ming, bur. 1966-07-12, Plot: OLD-4-03-025R-0009
LEE, Gung, d. 1935-12-04, Plot: JONES-*-22-009-0014
LEE, Gunn Yick, bur. 1984-04-25, Plot: HORNE2-*-05-*-0924
LEE, Hah, d. 1921-02-03, Plot: OLD-4-04-011-0007
LEE, Han Tom, d. 1947-11-16, Plot: JONES-*-21-005-0016
LEE, Hanson, d. 1928-08-28, Plot: OLD-4-04-001-0009
LEE, Harold Burks, d. 1932-12-25, Plot: JONES-*-39-004-0012
LEE, Harriett E. C., d. 1936-05-17, Plot: OLD-4-01-023-0007
LEE, Harry, Age: 58 yrs, d. Vancouver, BC, bur. 1971-05-21, Plot: HORNE2-*-10-036-0005
LEE, Harry, d. 1925-08-11, Plot: OLD-5-01-013-0015
LEE, Hee Yui, bur. 1963-10-02, Plot: JONES-*-12-006-0016
LEE, Hee, d. 1952-11-29, Plot: JONES-*-36-001-0008A
LEE, Hee, d. 1959-12-28, Plot: OLD-4-06-015R-0009 (244)
LEE, Hee, d. 1961-06-25, Plot: OLD-4-02-005R-0010
LEE, Helen F., d. 1914-06-03, Plot: JONES-*-28-020-0015
LEE, Helen Findlay, d. 1926-03-05, Plot: 1919-*-A-037-0008
LEE, Hen, d. 1960-04-12, Plot: OLD-4-03-015R-0005
LEE, Henry, d. 1908-09-12, Plot: HORNE1-5-02-016-0006
LEE, Herbert A., d. 1917-07-19, Plot: JONES-*-39-004-0009
LEE, Herbert O., d. 1937-10-19, Plot: JONES-*-39-004-0009
LEE, Hing-Yu C., bur. 1976-01-09, Plot: OLD-4-06-*-1305
LEE, Hip, d. 1945-02-19, Plot: JONES-*-21-001-0004
LEE, Ho Salu, d. 1936-04-27, Plot: JONES-*-22-009-0012
LEE, Ho Sam, d. 1950-09-23, Plot: OLD-6-02-003-0014 (22)
LEE, Hock Chow, Age: 63 yrs, b. China, d. 1944-05-26 Vancouver - 11 W. Pender, bur. 1944-06-05, Plot: HORNE2-*-01-048-0012 (350)
LEE, Hock June, bur. 1969-12-09, Plot: OLD-3-06-*-0880
LEE, Hon, d. 1944-08-19, Plot: JONES-*-21-016-0014
LEE, Hong Dore, d. 1944-12-23, Plot: JONES-*-21-008-0003
LEE, Hong Lee, d. 1951-02-17, Plot: JONES-*-18-023-0008A
LEE, Hong Loy, bur. 1964-08-04, Plot: OLD-4-05-003A-0002 (337)
LEE, Hong Quong, d. 1958-03-26, Plot: OLD-4-04-006R-0016A (138)
LEE, Hong Shee, bur. 1973-12-31, Plot: JONES-*-21A-003-0006
LEE, Hong, d. 1919-03-14, Plot: OLD-3-06-009-0001
LEE, Hong, d. 1951-07-20, Plot: JONES-*-18-022-0003
LEE, Hop Yip "Lee Ying Po" or "Kwan Dep", d. 1949-11-09, Plot: OLD-2-05-008-0016A
LEE, Hop, d. 1947-06-13, Plot: JONES-*-21-003-0009
LEE, Horace R., d. 1920-01-28, Plot: JONES-*-45-016-0016
LEE, Hoy Pack, d. 1947-12-10, Plot: OLD-6-01-001-0014 (6)
LEE, Huen, d. 1940-03-28, Plot: OLD-5-06-005-0011
LEE, Hugh, d. 1959-06-09, Plot: HORNE2-*-14-035A-0007
LEE, Hung, d. 1924-01-21, Plot: OLD-3-06-019-0001
LEE, Iok Nan, d. 1919-08-24, Plot: OLD-3-04-004-0006
LEE, Isabel, d. 1941-06-05, Plot: JONES-*-41-021-0008
LEE, Jack, bur. 1968-05-07, Plot: OLD-2-06-*-0696
LEE, James Benjamin, d. 1916-09-17, Plot: JONES-*-39-004-0011
LEE, James, Age: 89 yrs, b. Bandon, County Cork, Ireland, d. 1890-01-15 Vancouver, Plot: OLD-2-02-010-0005
LEE, James, d. 1912-08-10, Plot: JONES-*-08-022-0016
LEE, James, d. 1914-11-22, Plot: OLD-5-04-016-0012
LEE, James, d. 1930-10-06, Plot: JONES-*-23-015-0013
LEE, James, d. 1934-01-13, Plot: HORNE2-*-13-002-0005
LEE, James, d. 1956-09-05, Plot: JONES-*-21A-018-0001
LEE, Jan Bow, d. 1946-12-23, Plot: JONES-*-21-011-0004
LEE, Jan Quong, bur. 1966-07-21, Plot: OLD-1-04-*-0241
LEE, Jan Yuen, d. 1961-01-24, Plot: OLD-4-03-005R-0001
LEE, Jang Yin, d. 1964-02-26, Plot: OLD-3-05-003A-0004 (389)
LEE, Jang, d. 1952-09-15, Plot: JONES-*-18-019-0004
LEE, Jay Wo, bur. 1966-07-14, Plot: JONES-*-12-007-0003
LEE, Jennifer, Age: 42 yrs, bur. 1974-11-29, Plot: JONES-*-01-*-0022
LEE, Jew, Age: 71 yrs, bur. 1975-05-28, Plot: JONES-*-01-*-0073
LEE, Jew, bur. 1963-10-02, Plot: JONES-*-12-006-0016
LEE, Jim (Wing Jam), bur. 1968-04-16, Plot: OLD-2-05-*-0482
LEE, Jim Sing, d. 1962-12-26, Plot: OLD-2-03-005R-0002 (88)
LEE, Jim, d. 1940-06-29, Plot: JONES-*-19-008-0010
LEE, Jim, d. 1942-05-09, Plot: JONES-*-20-012-0009
LEE, Jing Fay, d. 1922-03-22, Plot: OLD-4-04-017-0016
LEE, Jno., d. 1905-02-20, Plot: OLD-4-01-023-0006
LEE, Jock (Cao Ki), bur. 1966-01-27, Plot: OLD-1-04-*-0092
LEE, Joe, d. 1955-12-29, Plot: JONES-*-21A-003-0011
LEE, John Arthur Henry, d. 1938-02-14, Plot: HORNE2-*-16-045-0003
LEE, John D., bur. 1965-12-31, Plot: JONES-*-41-018-0002
LEE, John Edward, bur. 1966-02-24, Plot: JONES-*-12-007-0003
LEE, John Gerald, bur. 1975-02-27, Plot: HORNE2-*-02-017-0011 (132)
LEE, John James, d. 1917-04-18, Plot: JONES-*-39-002-0011
LEE, John Lindsay, d. 1940-09-06, Plot: HORNE2-*-15-017-0004
LEE, John Martin, d. 1931-05-30, Plot: HORNE2-*-12-021-0003
LEE, John William, d. 1940-01-26, Plot: HORNE2-*-15-015-0006
LEE, John, d. 1928-02-01, Plot: HORNE2-*-14-002-0001
LEE, John, d. 1943-11-13, Plot: ABRAY-*-06-034-0014
LEE, Johnson, d. 1937-10-14, Plot: IOOF-*-32-030-0005
LEE, Jok, bur. 1970-07-08, Plot: OLD-3-05-*-1069
LEE, Jong, bur. 1967-04-21, Plot: OLD-2-04-*-0735
LEE, Jong, d. 1939-03-16, Plot: JONES-*-22-008-0011
LEE, Joseph, b. Belgium, d. 1894-05-05 Steveston, Plot: OLD-1-01-018-0001
LEE, Joseph, d. 1900-07-28, Plot: OLD-4-03-014-0009
LEE, Joy, d. 1952-01-08, Plot: JONES-*-18-018-0015
LEE, Jun Ling, d. 1946-04-01, Plot: OLD-3-03-011-0001A
LEE, Jung Gin, d. 1961-01-30, Plot: OLD-4-02-015R-0014
LEE, Jung Man, d. 1964-01-20, Plot: OLD-3-05-004A-0005 (400)
LEE, Jung, bur. 1970-07-28, Plot: JONES-*-12-007-0004
LEE, Kai Ming, Age: 81 yrs, bur. 1974-08-28, Plot: JONES-*-04-*-0285
LEE, Kain Lim, d. 1913-08-05, Plot: OLD-3-04-010-0011
LEE, Kam Choi Yu, Age: 78 yrs, bur. 1983-03-18, Plot: MASONIC-*-30A-001-0028
LEE, Kam Gee, d. 1947-11-29, Plot: JONES-*-21-005-0009
LEE, Kee Kow, d. 1954-04-23, Plot: JONES-*-21A-007-0010
LEE, Kee Kwong (Charlie), bur. 1985-07-11, Plot: JONES-*-23-*-0335
LEE, Kee See, bur. 1986-11-24, Plot: HORNE2-*-03-*-0632
LEE, Kee, d. 1933-10-05, Plot: OLD-3-05-009-0012
LEE, Kee, d. 1960-04-25, Plot: OLD-4-03-015R-0013
LEE, Ken Yen (Tom Kee), d. 1958-08-23, Plot: OLD-4-04-025R-0007 (329)
LEE, Kenneth, d. 1935-09-08, Plot: JONES-*-19-013-0007
LEE, Kepment, bur. 1976-11-18, Plot: JONES-*-27-*-1294
LEE, Ket (Fat Sing), d. 1959-01-04, Plot: OLD-4-05-005R-0015 (175)
LEE, Ket Gee, d. 1922-03-26, Plot: OLD-4-04-017-0010
LEE, Kim Choo, d. 1939-08-08, Plot: JONES-*-22-008-0008
LEE, Kim Sow, bur. 1967-12-16, Plot: OLD-3-04-008-0009
LEE, Kim, Age: 58 yrs, b. China, d. 1940-04-07 Vancouver, bur. 1940-04-08, Plot: OLD-5-06-005-0013
LEE, Kim, bur. 1967-11-10, Plot: JONES-*-18-006-0014
LEE, Koan (Koon), d. 1960-09-01, Plot: OLD-4-03-006R-0014
LEE, Kon Chum, Age: 81 yrs, bur. 1974-06-28, Plot: JONES-*-03-*-0272
LEE, Kon, d. 1951-04-15, Plot: JONES-*-18-023-0012
LEE, Kong, d. 1942-07-05, Plot: JONES-*-20-023-0005
LEE, Kong, d. 1946-09-30, Plot: JONES-*-21-013-0004
LEE, Kow, d. 1940-01-05, Plot: OLD-5-06-015-0016A
LEE, Kum Dai, Age: 92 yrs, bur. 1986-04-14, Plot: 1919-*-*-*-1192
LEE, Kum Lim, bur. 1963-10-02, Plot: JONES-*-12-006-0016
LEE, Kum Toa "Chan, Kum Toa" or AKA "Lee, On", Age: 76 yrs, d. 1969-03-23, bur. 1969-04-01, Plot: OLD-2-06-*-0452
LEE, Kung Sew, d. 1963-10-04, Plot: OLD-2-02-025R-0008
LEE, Kwei Chi, bur. 1989-08-10, Plot: JONES-*-01-001-0007
LEE, Kwok, d. 1944-04-30, Plot: JONES-*-20-006-0005
LEE, Kwong Yew, bur. 1972-02-04, Plot: OLD-3-04-002-0007
LEE, Kwong, Age: 89 yrs, b. China, d. 1948-12-19, bur. 1948-12-28, Plot: JONES-*-11-009-0002
LEE, Kwong, d. 1929-10-20, Plot: OLD-3-04-013-0010
LEE, Lai, Age: 30 yrs, b. China, d. 1896-01-19 Vancouver, Plot: OLD-3-01-008-0008
LEE, Lai, d. 1951-03-15, Plot: JONES-*-18-023-0006
LEE, Lay Gin, d. 1934-06-25, Plot: JONES-*-23-002-0001
LEE, Leah, d. 1935-12-25, Plot: JONES-*-13-013-0005
LEE, Lennie Churk Lum, d. 1959-04-06, Plot: HORNE1-2-01-*-0106
LEE, Leona Ella "Warner", Age: 95 yrs, d. 1995-04-01 Vancouver, bur. 1995-04-05, Plot: HORNE1-1-01-*-0162
LEE, Leong, bur. 1962-01-01, Plot: JONES-*-12-006-0014
LEE, Leong, d. 1933-03-05, Plot: JONES-*-23-008-0011
LEE, Leung Shee, d. 1961-12-03, Plot: OLD-2-04-016R-0002 (159)
LEE, Lien Ai, d. 1951-09-28, Plot: JONES-*-18-021-0014
LEE, Lillian, d. 1946-10-01, bur. 1946-10-17, Plot: OLD-5-03-014-0016A
LEE, Lily, d. 1929-10-08, Plot: OLD-3-04-013-0007
LEE, Lim, Age: 63 yrs, d. 1950-11-22 Vancouver, bur. 1950-11-24, Plot: JONES-*-18-024-0001
LEE, Lim, d. 1941-06-19, Plot: OLD-2-04-017-0016A
LEE, Lim, d. 1949-10-31, Plot: JONES-*-11-004-0013
LEE, Lin "Get Poy", d. 1942-09-25, Plot: OLD-3-04-012-0001A
LEE, Linda, Age: 8 yrs, b. Vancouver, BC, d. 1952-06-20 Vancouver, BC, bur. 1952-07-24, Plot: HORNE2-*-10-036-0011
LEE, Ling Hoy, d. 1947-11-27, Plot: OLD-3-05-020-0013
LEE, Lock, d. 1921-10-27, Plot: OLD-4-04-020-0007
LEE, Lock, d. 1957-09-04, Plot: JONES-*-21A-010-0011
LEE, Loey, d. 1921-11-09, Plot: OLD-4-04-020-0016
LEE, Lok, bur. 1961-07-01, Plot: JONES-*-12-006-0014
LEE, Long, d. 1935-05-30, Plot: JONES-*-19-013-0016
LEE, Long, d. 1942-03-20, Plot: JONES-*-20-025-0011
LEE, Look, bur. 1970-07-28, Plot: JONES-*-12-007-0004
LEE, Loon Yook, bur. 1957-03-14, Plot: JONES-*-12-006-0009
LEE, Low, Age: 82 yrs, bur. 1976-12-28, Plot: JONES-*-01-*-0077
LEE, Loy Doo, d. 1951-06-26, Plot: JONES-*-18-022-0015
LEE, Loy Duck, d. 1954-05-17, Plot: JONES-*-18-010-0009
LEE, Loy Hem, d. 1965-09-01, Plot: OLD-4-05-*-1277
LEE, Lui Lin, bur. 1975-10-01, Plot: JONES-*-12-007-0006
LEE, Lum Loy, d. 1953-10-05, Plot: JONES-*-18-020-0006
LEE, Lum, bur. 1964-10-01, Plot: JONES-*-12-006-0016
LEE, Lung Tuck, Age: 88 yrs, bur. 1977-04-20, Plot: JONES-*-02-*-0116
LEE, Lung, d. 1960-12-20, Plot: OLD-4-03-005R-0016
LEE, Mah Fook, d. 1926-08-20, Plot: OLD-5-06-014-0015
LEE, Man (Guyo Toong), d. 1961-09-19, Plot: OLD-4-02-005R-0001
LEE, Man Dat, d. 1913-06-02, Plot: OLD-3-04-003-0008
LEE, Man Kong, d. 1939-09-24, Plot: JONES-*-22-008-0002
LEE, Margaret M. (Mrs.), d. 1909-10-24, Plot: HORNE1-5-04-009-0011
LEE, Margaret, Age: 97 yrs, bur. 1979-08-31, Plot: MASONIC-*-*-131-0007
LEE, Margaret, d. 1903-04-10, Plot: OLD-2-02-010-0006
LEE, Margaret, d. 1936-07-09, Plot: 1919-*-A-045-0011
LEE, Margaret, d. 1936-09-04, Plot: OLD-2-02-010-0008
LEE, Margaret, d. 1955-02-28, Plot: OLD-2-04-005-0004
LEE, Margot Voland, Age: 92 yrs, bur. 1989-03-31, Plot: MASONIC-*-18A-010-0005
LEE, Maria, Age: 28 yrs, b. England, d. 1890-02-23 Vancouver, Plot: OLD-2-01-024-0001
LEE, Marion, d. 1935-06-23, Plot: JONES-*-19-022-0010
LEE, Martha, d. 1899-01-12, Plot: OLD-4-01-023-0005
LEE, Mary Ann, d. 1940-05-27, Plot: OLD-4-01-023-0008
LEE, Mary Hannah, bur. 1964-10-14, Plot: JONES-*-01-012-0009
LEE, Mary Ross, d. 1925-02-05, Plot: JONES-*-39-002-0010
LEE, Mary, d. 1907-11-10, Plot: HORNE1-2-04-019-0010
LEE, Mary, d. 1941-01-04, Plot: HORNE2-*-08-041-0007 (567)
LEE, Mary, d. 1952-05-21, Plot: JONES-*-41-018-0003
LEE, May Anita, d. 1935-08-31, Plot: JONES-*-19-025-0009
LEE, Mee, d. 1942-06-18, Plot: JONES-*-20-019-0008A
LEE, Michael, Age: 28 days, bur. 1977-05-27, Plot: JONES-*-26-*-0193-3
LEE, Ming, Age: 70 yrs, bur. 1982-08-03, Plot: MASONIC-*-*-142-0009A
LEE, Minnie, d. 1931-06-14, Plot: OLD-3-04-006-0004
LEE, Minnie, d. 1948-07-24, Plot: JONES-*-41-018-0001
LEE, Mon (Choy Lum), d. 1943-09-29, Plot: JONES-*-20-016-0016
LEE, Mon, d. 1921-07-28, Plot: OLD-4-04-014-0001
LEE, Moo Ching, d. 1934-11-19, Plot: JONES-*-19-011-0001
LEE, Mow Len, bur. 1967-07-26, Plot: OLD-2-04-*-0635
LEE, Mow, d. 1919-02-25, Plot: OLD-3-06-008-0010
LEE, Mow, d. 1943-09-18, Plot: JONES-*-20-014-0014
LEE, Moy, d. 1956-02-16, Plot: JONES-*-21A-013-0016
LEE, Mrs.mary, d. 1959-12-01, Plot: HORNE2-*-08-015-0007 (199)
LEE, Mun Bun, d. 1949-07-03, Plot: JONES-*-11-005-0010
LEE, Munroe "Mah, Lock Yon", Age: 21 yrs, b. 1947-10-09 Vancouver, BC, d. 1969-05-06 Vancouver, BC, bur. 1969-05-09, Plot: 1919-*-*-*-2192
LEE, Nancy Lorraine, Age: 13 yrs, bur. 1972-11-22, Plot: JONES-*-03-*-0211
LEE, Nancy, Age: 1 yr, bur. 1968-06-28, Plot: HORNE1-3-01-*-0123-1
LEE, Nancy, d. 1948-11-23, Plot: HORNE2-*-08-034-0009 (505)
LEE, Nang, bur. 1971-12-13, Plot: OLD-5-06-*-2005
LEE, Nem, d. 1954-01-12, Plot: JONES-*-18-009-0013
LEE, Ney, d. 1934-01-11, Plot: OLD-3-05-010-0013
LEE, Ng Yen Ho "Lee, Wah Poy", bur. 1975-03-06, Plot: OLD-3-06-*-1098
LEE, Ngan Soo, Age: 28 yrs, b. China, d. 1933-12-12 Vancouver, BC, bur. 1933-12-20, Plot: OLD-3-05-009-0007
LEE, Nin Bor, bur. 1967-12-20, Plot: OLD-2-05-*-0706
LEE, Nin, d. 1941-03-30, Plot: JONES-*-20-025-0006
LEE, Ning, d. 1943-09-28, Plot: JONES-*-20-014-0011
LEE, Ning, d. 1959-12-21, Plot: OLD-4-06-006R-0006 (268)
LEE, Noo Shin, d. 1957-06-26, Plot: JONES-*-21A-012-0007
LEE, Norman, Age: 43 yrs, b. New Zealand, d. 1924-09-18 Steveston, BC, bur. 1924-09-22, Plot: MASONIC-*-*-131-0008
LEE, Now, d. 1957-01-07, Plot: JONES-*-21A-012-0012
LEE, On (Soo), d. 1947-09-04, Plot: OLD-2-05-006-0001A
LEE, On, d. 1944-09-26, Plot: JONES-*-21-009-0016
LEE, Owe Sing, d. 1918-05-07, Plot: OLD-3-05-011-0012
LEE, Pak To, Age: 73 yrs, bur. 1980-12-23, Plot: IOOF-*-*-*-0709
LEE, Pak, d. 1961-04-16, Plot: OLD-4-02-006R-0008
LEE, Park Chong (Fat Kwong), bur. 1966-06-28, Plot: OLD-2-04-*-0720
LEE, Park Hong, bur. 1980-09-05, Plot: JONES-*-12-007-0007
LEE, Ping Mun, b. China, d. 1896-03-07 Vancouver, Plot: OLD-3-01-008-0006
LEE, Pong Qee, d. 1957-03-20, Plot: JONES-*-21A-021-0002
LEE, Poy, d. 1929-12-31, Plot: OLD-3-04-012-0014
LEE, Poy, d. 1938-04-05, Plot: OLD-4-04-006-0001A
LEE, Pung, d. 1945-11-02, Plot: JONES-*-21-015-0013
LEE, Quai Yut, bur. 1975-04-08, Plot: OLD-2-02-006R-0002 (53)
LEE, Quan Kak, d. 1953-12-25, Plot: JONES-*-18-009-0006
LEE, Quon Loy, bur. 1971-03-25, Plot: OLD-3-04-*-2250
LEE, Quon Yuen (David G.), bur. 1967-02-14, Plot: OLD-2-04-*-0643
LEE, Quong, d. 1958-04-15, Plot: OLD-4-04-006R-0001 (362)
LEE, Ray Edward, d. 1959-05-16, Plot: JONES-*-04-001-0056
LEE, Raymond, d. 1926-02-02, Plot: OLD-5-06-018-0015
LEE, Rebecca M. F., d. 1910-03-10, Plot: HORNE1-5-04-009-0011
LEE, Robbi A., b. Vancouver, d. 1890-06-30 Vancouver, Plot: OLD-3-01-007-0014
LEE, Robert E., bur. 1979-11-08, Plot: ABRAY-*-05-*-1958
LEE, Robert E., d. 1912-11-30, Plot: JONES-*-01-008-0012
LEE, Robert, bur. 1996-03-14, Plot: JONES-*-01-025A-0014 (118)
LEE, Robina, d. 1922-02-18, bur. 1922-02-21, Plot: 1919-*-B-042-0012
LEE, Roma, d. 1937-09-05, Plot: OLD-3-05-004-0004
LEE, Rose, d. 1938-03-10, Plot: JONES-*-19-012-0008A
LEE, Ruth Irene, d. 1911-07-03, Plot: JONES-*-03-019-0013
LEE, S. T., d. 1956-10-17, Plot: JONES-*-21A-029-0015
LEE, Sack Ko, bur. 1958-09-01, Plot: JONES-*-12-006-0011
LEE, Sai Hong, d. 1941-11-16, Plot: JONES-*-20-025-0004
LEE, Sai Wo, d. 1936-02-29, Plot: JONES-*-22-009-0005
LEE, Sam, bur. 1935-01-16, Plot: JONES-*-23-003-0007
LEE, Sarah Charlotte, d. 1946-12-13, Plot: HORNE2-*-10-007-0009 (117)
LEE, Say Ping, d. 1960-03-11, Plot: OLD-4-06-016R-0004 (252)
LEE, See Wo, d. 1945-01-04, Plot: JONES-*-21-001-0002
LEE, See, d. 1935-04-03, Plot: JONES-*-22-011-0009
LEE, See, d. 1943-05-22, Plot: JONES-*-20-003-0002
LEE, Sen, d. 1954-03-17, Plot: JONES-*-18-009-0003
LEE, Set, bur. 1968-02-15, Plot: OLD-2-05-*-0663
LEE, Sha Chow, d. 1965-11-01, Plot: OLD-3-05-*-0929
LEE, Shar Chong, d. 1953-03-12, Plot: JONES-*-18-003-0015
LEE, Sharh Lay, d. 1933-01-25, Plot: OLD-5-06-A-0003
LEE, Sharr Hoy, d. 1950-08-04, Plot: JONES-*-11-001-0008
LEE, Sher Ferg, d. 1957-09-27, Plot: JONES-*-21A-009-0005
LEE, Sheroe, d. 1924-12-21, Plot: OLD-3-06-007-0016
LEE, Shew, d. 1944-12-07, Plot: JONES-*-21-009-0008
LEE, Shing Toy, Age: 69 yrs, bur. 1974-07-23, Plot: MASONIC-*-23A-002-0006
LEE, Shing, Age: 50 yrs, b. China, d. 1941-08-04 Vancouver, bur. 1941-08-08, Plot: OLD-1-04-019-0001A
LEE, Shing, d. 1955-11-08, Plot: JONES-*-21A-023-0010
LEE, Shong, d. 1931-04-20, Plot: OLD-3-06-003-0010
LEE, Shu Fung, d. 1947-08-11, Plot: JONES-*-21-003-0005
LEE, Shuen Wing, d. 1958-03-02, Plot: OLD-4-04-005R-0011 (135)
LEE, Shueng John "Yue", Age: 80 yrs, bur. 1979-06-21, Plot: JONES-*-01-013-0004
LEE, Shun Sing, d. 1948-07-30, Plot: JONES-*-20-016A-0001
LEE, Shung Ting, d. 1954-05-11, Plot: JONES-*-18-002-0013
LEE, Shut Lim, Age: 74 yrs, bur. 1982-08-27, Plot: MASONIC-*-*-085-0009A
LEE, Sick Quan "Charles Kuan", "Chow Quan", Age: 73 yrs, d. Vancouver, bur. 1967-05-26, Plot: OLD-2-04-*-0737
LEE, Sin, d. 1957-08-16, Plot: JONES-*-21A-011-0001
LEE, Sing Fat, d. 1957-05-05, Plot: JONES-*-21A-013-0001
LEE, Sing Foon, bur. 1966-10-18, Plot: OLD-1-04-*-0262
LEE, Sing Foon, bur. 1974-11-08, Plot: OLD-3-06-*-1080
LEE, Sing Foon, d. 1959-01-21, Plot: OLD-4-05-016R-0002 (299)
LEE, Sing Fun, Age: 89 yrs, bur. 1991-04-09, Plot: 1919-*-*-*-2406
LEE, Sing Hong, d. 1907-06-04, Plot: OLD-2-05-008-0001A
LEE, Sing Kung, d. 1948-02-03, Plot: JONES-*-21-005-0006
LEE, Sing Lin, d. 1935-05-11, Plot: JONES-*-22-014-0006
LEE, Sing Shun, Age: 71 yrs, b. China, d. 1948-12-19, bur. 1948-12-28, Plot: JONES-*-11-009-0002
LEE, Sing Wong, bur. 1987-03-03, Plot: JONES-*-47-*-1820
LEE, Sing, d. 1921-05-17, Plot: OLD-4-04-013-0004
LEE, Sing, d. 1927-08-27, Plot: OLD-4-04-013-0011
LEE, Sing, d. 1935-11-30, Plot: JONES-*-19-015-0004
LEE, Sing, d. 1936-03-31, Plot: JONES-*-22-009-0006
LEE, Sing, d. 1936-12-22, Plot: JONES-*-19-016-0013
LEE, Sing, d. 1954-11-27, Plot: JONES-*-21A-027-0004
LEE, Sing, d. 1963-08-02, Plot: OLD-2-02-016R-0003
LEE, Song Sue Yen, d. 1923-11-21, Plot: OLD-3-06-011-0010
LEE, Soo, d. 1952-12-27, Plot: JONES-*-18-008-0016
LEE, Soon, d. 1923-01-09, Plot: OLD-3-04-005-0002
LEE, Soon, d. 1945-04-29, Plot: JONES-*-21-018-0005
LEE, Sophia, d. 1899-05-16, Plot: OLD-5-01-013-0013
LEE, Sou Jan, Age: 71 yrs, d. 1978-06-06 Vancouver, bur. 1978-06-28, Plot: 1919-*-*-*-1398
LEE, Sow, Age: 97 yrs, bur. 1986-12-12, Plot: IOOF-*-*-*-0394
LEE, Stanley Charles, d. 1935-04-04, Plot: HORNE2-*-07-012-0010 (206)
LEE, Stephen, bur. 1991-06-13, Plot: JONES-*-01-025A-0014 (118)
LEE, Stephen, d. 1962-04-07, Plot: HORNE1-2-01-*-0069
LEE, Sue N. Gung, d. 1933-08-10, Plot: OLD-5-06-C-0005
LEE, Sue Wan, d. 1951-06-19, Plot: JONES-*-21A-026-0013
LEE, Suey Lum, bur. 1964-10-01, Plot: JONES-*-12-006-0016
LEE, Suh, d. 1939-11-01, Plot: JONES-*-22-017-0005
LEE, Sui Pui, Age: 81 yrs, bur. 1990-01-25, Plot: MASONIC-*-30A-004-0028
LEE, Sun Quon, d. 1927-05-06, Plot: OLD-5-06-001-0001
LEE, Sun Yoi, bur. 1972-06-29, Plot: OLD-3-04-023-0008
LEE, Sun, d. 1945-09-19, Plot: OLD-3-03-020-0001A
LEE, Sung (Lay Yip), d. 1952-03-16, Plot: JONES-*-18-003-0006
LEE, Susanna, d. 1941-02-23, Plot: JONES-*-0-003-0008A
LEE, Tai Wong, bur. 1960-07-01, Plot: JONES-*-12-006-0013
LEE, Thick Theen, d. 1941-04-12, Plot: JONES-*-20-001-0001
LEE, Thomas E., d. 1937-06-11, Plot: HORNE2-*-02-017-0012 (132)
LEE, Thomas Humphrey, Age: 80 yrs, b. Ireland, d. 1910-01-30 New Westminster, BC, Plot: OLD-2-02-010-0007
LEE, Thomas, d. 1932-06-26, Plot: HORNE2-*-13-018-0001
LEE, Thung, d. 1955-06-12, Plot: JONES-*-21A-003-0005
LEE, Tighe Toy, Age: 82 yrs, bur. 1974-05-15, Plot: JONES-*-03-*-0267
LEE, Ting Fong, bur. 1958-09-01, Plot: JONES-*-12-006-0011
LEE, Tom, d. 1947-08-05, Plot: JONES-*-21-012-0009
LEE, Tong Chew, d. 1939-06-09, Plot: OLD-3-05-009-0001A
LEE, Tong Park, Age: 76 yrs, bur. 1973-11-07, Plot: JONES-*-04-*-0316
LEE, Tong, Age: 74 yrs, bur. 1995-08-10, Plot: MASONIC-*-16A-003-0003
LEE, Tong, d. 1914-11-14, Plot: OLD-3-04-013-0012
LEE, Tong, d. 1936-06-16, Plot: JONES-*-22-009-0007
LEE, Tong, d. 1962-03-08, Plot: OLD-3-06-004-0016A
LEE, Toy Lan, bur. 1994-04-29, Plot: HORNE2-*-02-003-0015 (30)
LEE, Toy Sing, d. 1934-08-04, Plot: JONES-*-19-021-0004
LEE, Toy Wing, bur. 1966-11-09, Plot: OLD-1-04-*-0264
LEE, Toy Yuk, bur. 1994-07-14, Plot: JONES-*-21A-018-0015
LEE, Toy, d. 1960-12-01, bur. 1960-12-07, Plot: OLD-4-03-005R-0008
LEE, Trudy Anna, Age: 8 mos, bur. 1976-07-20, Plot: MASONIC-*-24A-001-0021
LEE, Tuck Wan "Ark Wah, "Ark Wan", Age: 94 yrs, bur. 1973-04-11, Plot: JONES-*-03-*-0220
LEE, Uyou Sin, bur. 1971-04-26, Plot: JONES-*-12-007-0004
LEE, Vincent, d. 1911-07-18, Plot: HORNE1-6-01-A-0001
LEE, Vivie, bur. 1991-06-13, Plot: JONES-*-01-025A-0014 (118)
LEE, Wah Dock, Age: 71 yrs, bur. 1972-11-27, Plot: JONES-*-03-*-0190
LEE, Wah Gon, d. 1965-07-13, Plot: OLD-3-05-*-0863
LEE, Wah Jong "Wallace Lee", Age: 24 yrs, d. 1929-08-06, Plot: OLD-3-04-007-0005
LEE, Wah See, Age: 74 yrs, bur. 1977-04-15, Plot: JONES-*-02-*-0164
LEE, Wah Yim, Age: 61 yrs, b. China, d. 1942-10-21 257 Keefer Street, Vancouver, bur. 1942-10-26, Plot: JONES-*-20-013-0010
LEE, Wah Yin (Frank), bur. 1977-01-21, Plot: JONES-*-41-*-0935
LEE, Wah, Age: 50 yrs, b. China, d. 1938-08-15 Vancouver, bur. 1938-08-18, Plot: OLD-5-06-016-0014
LEE, Wah, d. 1913-05-02, Plot: OLD-3-04-002-0001
LEE, Wai "Wee", b. 1881-03-06, d. 1956-04-10, Plot: JONES-*-21A-012-0005
LEE, Wai Chong, bur. 1969-11-25, Plot: OLD-2-02-016R-0008
LEE, Wai, d. 1955-01-26, Plot: JONES-*-18-001-0007
LEE, Wai, d. 1956-01-25, Plot: JONES-*-21A-003-0012
LEE, Wan Yee, d. 1957-11-10, Plot: OLD-4-04-015R-0007 (347)
LEE, Wanda Yuk Woon, Age: 64 yrs, d. 1998-05-19 Vancouver, bur. 1998-05-29, Plot: 1919-*-D-018-0005
LEE, Way, d. 1941-10-03, Plot: OLD-2-04-016-0016A
LEE, Way, d. 1955-08-18, Plot: JONES-*-21A-024-0001
LEE, Wee, Age: 63 yrs, b. 1877-06-26 China, d. 1940-10-19 VGH - Vancouver, bur. 1940-10-26, Plot: OLD-2-04-025-0016A
LEE, Wei Hor, d. 1948-11-09, Plot: JONES-*-20-005A-0014
LEE, Wellington Richard, bur. 1990-04-12, Plot: OLD-2-03-001-0015
LEE, Wesley, bur. 1978-01-20, Plot: ABRAY-*-03-013-0001
LEE, Wilbert S., d. 1907-10-06, Plot: HORNE1-3-04-017-0009
LEE, Wilfred Kwong Ping, Age: 31 yrs, bur. 1968-11-04, Plot: MASONIC-*-21A-003-0026
LEE, William Francis, bur. 1979-02-12, Plot: HORNE1-1-02-*-0187
LEE, William Gordon, d. 1919-04-12, Plot: JONES-*-45-008-0008
LEE, William Wallace, bur. 1976-08-23, Plot: HORNE1-3-03-015-0005
LEE, William, d. 1908-11-03, Plot: OLD-5-02-012-0004
LEE, William, d. 1918-07-13, Plot: JONES-*-45-006-0001
LEE, William, d. 1962-04-18, Plot: JONES-*-33-013-0011
LEE, Wing Chuck, bur. 1964-10-01, Plot: JONES-*-12-006-0016
LEE, Wing Shang, bur. 1982-01-21, Plot: JONES-*-06-016-0013
LEE, Wing Sun (Fat Lit) (Tom), d. 1958-06-24, Plot: OLD-4-04-025R-0012 (170)
LEE, Wing Yee, d. 1944-10-17, Plot: JONES-*-21-009-0002
LEE, Wing, d. 1914-04-30, Plot: OLD-3-04-007-0015
LEE, Wing, d. 1922-05-16, Plot: OLD-4-04-021-0001
LEE, Wing, d. 1965-01-20, Plot: OLD-4-04-*-1247
LEE, Wo, bur. 1972-01-21, Plot: OLD-3-04-006-0008
LEE, Won, bur. 1962-07-01, Plot: JONES-*-12-006-0015
LEE, Wong Gee (Ho Sun), d. 1965-10-19, Plot: OLD-4-05-*-1283
LEE, Wong Gee, d. 1954-07-11, Plot: JONES-*-18-020-0003
LEE, Wong See, bur. 1966-01-28, Plot: OLD-1-04-*-0068
LEE, Wong Siu Ying, Age: 82 yrs, bur. 1979-08-30, Plot: MASONIC-*-18A-007-0007
LEE, Wong, d. 1921-07-06, Plot: OLD-4-04-014-0003
LEE, Wong, d. 1936-12-01, Plot: JONES-*-22-016-0002
LEE, Wong, d. 1940-07-12, Plot: JONES-*-19-007-0001
LEE, Wong, d. 1944-05-28, Plot: JONES-*-20-005-0003
LEE, Woo Sze, Age: 82 yrs, bur. 1964-09-01, Plot: HORNE2-*-01-048-0011 (350)
LEE, Woo, d. 1962-01-17, Plot: OLD-2-04-006R-0007 (146)
LEE, Wu Soon, d. 1946-09-06, Plot: OLD-3-03-010-0016A
LEE, Yam (Yum), d. 1958-04-14, Plot: OLD-4-04-016R-0014 (159)
LEE, Yam, bur. 1968-02-22, Plot: OLD-2-05-*-0483
LEE, Yat-siu, bur. 1987-12-07, Plot: 1919-*-*-*-0241
LEE, Yee Moy, Age: 76 yrs, bur. 1975-08-25, Plot: JONES-*-01-*-0012
LEE, Yee Sing, d. 1943-05-30, Plot: JONES-*-20-003-0005
LEE, Yee, bur. 1966-07-14, Plot: JONES-*-12-007-0003
LEE, Yee, d. 1921-04-07, Plot: OLD-4-04-012-0005
LEE, Yee, d. 1933-12-21, Plot: OLD-3-05-009-0008
LEE, Yen Hing, d. 1958-10-07, Plot: OLD-4-05-025R-0008 (284)
LEE, Yet Ho, d. 1946-03-01, Plot: JONES-*-21-007-0008A
LEE, Yet, d. 1947-05-30, Plot: OLD-2-05-009-0001A
LEE, Yeu (Baby), Age: Stillborn, bur. 1922-05-25, Plot: OLD-5-05-V-0002
LEE, Yew, d. 1942-11-12, Plot: JONES-*-20-013-0012
LEE, Yich, d. 1944-03-02, Plot: JONES-*-20-016-0007
LEE, Yick Arh, d. 1942-02-02, Plot: JONES-*-20-022-0004
LEE, Yick Huey, d. 1939-06-13, Plot: JONES-*-22-008-0004
LEE, Yick Joo, d. 1958-12-08, Plot: OLD-4-05-015R-0015 (193)
LEE, Yick Jun "Lee, Wah Poy" or "Sing", bur. 1967-11-10, Plot: OLD-2-05-*-0653
LEE, Yick Tong, d. 1946-02-27, Plot: JONES-*-21-007-0001
LEE, Yick Y., d. 1956-05-17, Plot: JONES-*-21A-029-0011
LEE, Yick Yeng, d. 1957-05-18, Plot: JONES-*-21A-020-0002
LEE, Yick, d. 1960-05-28, Plot: OLD-4-03-015R-0015
LEE, Yim Kee, d. 1922-12-23, Plot: OLD-4-04-025-0009
LEE, Yim, d. 1937-11-24, Plot: JONES-*-22-016-0010
LEE, Yin Fong, Age: 24 yrs, b. China, d. 1922-10-23 Vancouver, bur. 1922-10-26, Plot: OLD-4-04-024-0003
LEE, Yin, d. 1921-12-19, Plot: OLD-4-04-019-0006
LEE, Yin, d. 1955-10-27, Plot: JONES-*-21A-028-0004
LEE, Ying Dan, bur. 1975-04-16, Plot: OLD-3-06-*-1097
LEE, Ying Duck, d. 1958-06-14, Plot: OLD-4-04-025R-0016A (165)
LEE, Ying Quock, d. 1965-04-15, Plot: OLD-4-04-*-1575
LEE, Ying Wat, d. 1958-09-14, Plot: OLD-4-05-025R-0011 (215)
LEE, Ying, Age: 54 yrs, d. 1941-02-22, Plot: OLD-1-04-022-0001A
LEE, Ying, d. 1940-09-14, Plot: OLD-2-04-025-0001A
LEE, Ying, d. 1947-06-20, Plot: JONES-*-21-003-0015
LEE, Yip Hong (Fong Yuey), d. 1957-11-04, Plot: OLD-4-04-015R-0011 (153)
LEE, Yip, bur. 1932-07-02, Plot: JONES-*-23-010-0001
LEE, Yit, d. 1945-06-11, Plot: JONES-*-21-018-0010
LEE, Yoke, d. 1937-05-04, Plot: JONES-*-19-006-0013
LEE, Yon, d. 1942-12-26, Plot: JONES-*-20-009-0011
LEE, Yon, d. 1954-10-22, Plot: JONES-*-21A-027-0013
LEE, Yong Jam, d. 1958-10-30, Plot: OLD-4-05-025R-0007 (285)
LEE, Yong, bur. 1979-03-01, Plot: JONES-*-12-007-0007
LEE, Yong, d. 1918-03-23, Plot: OLD-3-05-006-0016
LEE, Yong, d. 1934-02-02, Plot: JONES-*-23-001-0010
LEE, You Fong "Victor", Age: 47 yrs, d. 1946-06-21, Plot: JONES-*-21-013-0012
LEE, You, d. 1913-04-12, Plot: OLD-3-04-002-0012
LEE, You, d. 1957-07-13, Plot: JONES-*-21A-011-0007
LEE, Young Gunn, d. 1947-11-12, Plot: JONES-*-21-012-0006
LEE, Young, d. 1931-09-22, Plot: OLD-3-06-009-0010
LEE, Young, d. 1933-02-28, Plot: JONES-*-23-008-0002
LEE, Yuen Dat, bur. 1968-11-19, Plot: OLD-2-05-*-0469
LEE, Yuen Hen, bur. 1966-01-26, Plot: OLD-1-04-*-0090
LEE, Yuen, Age: 86 yrs, b. China, d. 1949-04-29, bur. 1949-05-04, Plot: JONES-*-11-008-0002
LEE, Yuen, bur. 1968-05-17, Plot: OLD-2-06-*-0672
LEE, Yuen, d. 1936-05-07, Plot: JONES-*-19-017-0016
LEE, Yuen, d. 1955-09-29, Plot: JONES-*-21A-023-0008
LEE, Yuen, d. 1957-04-23, Plot: JONES-*-21A-020-0012
LEE, Yuen, d. 1959-04-03, Plot: OLD-4-05-006R-0008 (311)
LEE, Yuh Fong, d. 1941-02-23, Plot: JONES-*-20-025-0008
LEE, Yui Fat, d. 1962-02-06, Plot: OLD-2-04-006R-0001A (139)
LEE, Yut, d. 1939-05-26, Plot: OLD-3-05-009-0016A
LEEB, (Baby), Age: Stillborn, bur. 1957-03-31, Plot: JONES-*-18-025-0001
LEECE, Cara A., d. 1928-04-01, Plot: HORNE2-*-04-028-0002
LEECE, George, Age: 84 yrs, b. England, d. 1942-03-17 Vancouver, bur. 1942-03-23, Plot: KP-*-*-042-0015
LEECH, Robert, d. 1930-02-12, Plot: HORNE2-*-05-027-0010
LEECH, Rosa, bur. 1987-06-04, Plot: JONES-*-01-025A-0015 (119)
LEEDEN, (Baby), Age: Stillborn, bur. 1914-02-04, Plot: OLD-5-04-014-0008
LEEDER, Diane C., d. 1941-01-28, Plot: HORNE2-*-11-031-0007
LEEDER, Edward Joseph, bur. 1966-02-24, Plot: JONES-*-12-007-0003
LEEDHAM, Jessie Ada, d. 1947-01-10, Plot: ABRAY-*-16-009-0014 (178)
LEEK, Eleanor, Age: 76 yrs, b. England, d. 1922-02-27 Vancouver, bur. 1922-03-03, Plot: MASONIC-*-*-060-0012
LEEK, Florence May, Age: 32 yrs, b. England, d. 1906-08-08 Vancouver, bur. 1906-08-10, Plot: MASONIC-*-*-060-0011
LEEK, William, Age: 63 yrs, b. England, d. 1913-02-15 San Diego, CA, bur. 1913-02-21, Plot: MASONIC-*-*-060-0013
LEELMAN, Lucy, Age: 69 yrs, d. 1964-06-18, Plot: HORNE1-1-02-*-0024
LEELMAN, Oscar, Age: 82 yrs, bur. 1966-09-17, Plot: HORNE1-1-02-*-0024
LEEMAN, Catherine M., bur. 1965-03-23, Plot: JONES-*-06-024-0011
LEEMING, Edward, bur. 1987-06-04, Plot: JONES-*-01-025A-0015 (119)
LEEMING, Isabel, Age: 88 yrs, bur. 1974-03-01, Plot: JONES-*-03-*-0232
LEEMING, Walter, d. 1940-04-11, Plot: HORNE2-*-15-004-0012
LEEMON, (Baby), d. 1910-11-18, Plot: OLD-5-03-005-0015
LEEN, Thomas A., bur. 1984-08-16, Plot: HORNE2-*-04-*-0543
LEENRICKSON, Anton Verner, d. 1950-11-10, Plot: OLD-3-01-021-0016A
LEEPER, Neville Dermot, d. 1947-03-04, Plot: ABRAY-*-12-031-0014 (374)
LEER, George F., d. 1919-03-23, Plot: JONES-*-34-003-0006
LEEROY, (Baby), Age: 1 day, bur. 1914-06-01, Plot: OLD-5-04-014-0013
LEEROY, Carrie, d. 1914-08-23, Plot: JONES-*-15-023-0012
LEES, (Baby), Age: Stillborn, b. Vancouver, d. 1917-07-17 Vancouver, bur. 1917-07-20, Plot: MASONIC-*-*-113-0008
LEES, (Baby), Age: Stillborn, bur. 1937-10-31, Plot: JONES-*-18-024-0008A
LEES, (Baby), Age: Stillborn, d. 1919-04-13, bur. 1919-04-15, Plot: MASONIC-*-*-113-0008
LEES, (unknown) "Elizabeth?", bur. 1991-05-15, Plot: JONES-*-12-007-0009
LEES, Alice Smith, bur. 1987-11-12, Plot: JONES-*-04-005A-0004 (177)
LEES, Anna Elizabeth, Age: 61 yrs, b. Ontario, d. 1927-11-08 Vancouver, bur. 1927-11-10, Plot: MASONIC-*-*-077-0014
LEES, Carrie (Miller), d. 1938-02-24, Plot: OLD-2-01-022-0005
LEES, David Todd, d. 1947-12-16, Plot: ABRAY-*-15-031-0015 (493)
LEES, E., bur. 1991-05-15, Plot: JONES-*-12-007-0009
LEES, Edna Christina, bur. 1981-07-14, Plot: HORNE2-*-03-035-0001
LEES, Edward Holland, d. 1930-08-16, Plot: HORNE2-*-03-035-0001
LEES, Elizabeth Jane, Age: 97 yrs, d. 1996-05-28 Vancouver, bur. 1996-05-31, Plot: MASONIC-*-*-111-0009A
LEES, Ellen, d. 1931-01-01, Plot: HORNE2-*-06-008-0011
LEES, Eugene A., Age: 7 yrs, b. Vancouver, d. 1911-05-20 Vancouver, bur. 1911-05-22, Plot: MASONIC-*-*-077-0015
LEES, Everett John, bur. 1980-11-10, Plot: HORNE1-3-01-002-0015
LEES, Fred Gordon Wilson, Age: 90 yrs, bur. 1991-04-23, Plot: MASONIC-*-*-111-0009A
LEES, George F., d. 1916-12-31, Plot: JONES-*-46-010-0014
LEES, Harry, d. 1920-10-13, bur. 1920-10-16, Plot: 1919-*-B-014-0001
LEES, Henry, bur. 1953-03-25, Plot: ABRAY-*-21-024-0005
LEES, James Albert, d. 1956-11-02, Plot: OLD-5-01-016-0001A
LEES, James Ferguson, bur. 1966-10-11, Plot: HORNE1-5-01-015-0002
LEES, James Ward, Age: 63 yrs, b. Ontario, bur. 1924-12-12, Plot: HORNE1-5-01-015-0001
LEES, John Hodgson Evans, bur. 1968-07-10, Plot: JONES-*-12-007-0003
LEES, John Playfair, d. 1894-10-05, Plot: OLD-1-01-021-0015
LEES, Kathleen May, bur. 1987-02-26, Plot: HORNE1-3-01-002-0016
LEES, Laura, Age: 7 yrs, b. Vancouver, d. 1905-10-23 Vancouver, bur. 1905-10-24, Plot: MASONIC-*-*-077-0016
LEES, Lewis Edgar, Age: 20 yrs, b. Ontario, d. 1907-04-17 Seattle, WA, bur. 1907-04-19, Plot: HORNE1-5-01-015-0004
LEES, Mary E., Age: 90 yrs, bur. 1979-10-22, Plot: MASONIC-*-*-077-0014
LEES, Mary Elizabeth, d. 1943-05-24, Plot: HORNE1-5-01-015-0002
LEES, May Emily, d. 1954-06-15, Plot: OLD-2-03-016-0014
LEES, Philip, bur. 1987-06-04, Plot: JONES-*-01-025A-0015 (119)
LEES, Robert Charles, b. Vancouver, d. 1894-08-18 Vancouver, Plot: OLD-1-01-021-0015
LEES, Roy, d. 1911-03-31, bur. 1911-04-03, Plot: HORNE1-5-01-015-0003
LEESON, (Baby), Age: Stillborn, bur. 1961-04-30, Plot: JONES-*-18-015-0016
LEESON, Christine, bur. 1987-06-04, Plot: JONES-*-01-025A-0013 (117)
LEESON, Ernest Whitfield, Age: 78 yrs, b. England, d. 1937-05-01 Vancouver, bur. 1937-05-04, Plot: MASONIC-*-*-081-0003
LEESON, Eura Celia, Age: 66 yrs, b. Douglas, Manitoba, d. 1956-01-14 at home, 1536 W. 12th, bur. 1956-01-17, Plot: MASONIC-*-*-081-0004
LEESON, Lavell Hall (Dr.), Age: 66 yrs, b. Doulgas, Manitoba, d. 1957-06-21 at home, 1530 W. 26th Ave, bur. 1957-07-03, Plot: MASONIC-*-*-081-0004
LEESON, Margaret Sarah, Age: 79 yrs, b. Quebec, d. 1940-01-12 Ocean Park, BC, bur. 1940-01-15, Plot: MASONIC-*-*-081-0004
LEESON, Thomas Richard, bur. 1959-03-01, Plot: JONES-*-12-006-0011
LEEST, Erika Florentine, Age: 72 yrs, b. 1919-06-04, d. 1992-05-12, bur. 1992-05-14, Plot: 1919-*-*-*-1834
LEETH, John Paul, d. 1916-12-04, Plot: OLD-5-04-S-0012
LEEVES, Charles, d. 1931-01-19, Plot: JONES-*-23-014-0015
LEEWORTHY, Norman (Leroy), bur. 1967-05-29, Plot: OLD-1-01-*-0329
LEEWORTHY, Theresa G., d. 1912-10-03, Plot: JONES-*-33-003-0013
LEFEBBRE (LEFEBURE), Rita Marion, bur. 1984-05-25, Plot: HORNE2-*-14-*-0399
LEFEBORE, Francis H., Age: 73 yrs, d. 1907-12-20, Plot: HORNE1-3-04-003-0002
LEFEBOY, Emeline, d. 1954-06-30, Plot: OLD-1-04-025-0001
LEFEBURE, Edward Stewart, d. 1946-03-22, Plot: HORNE2-*-12-053-0012
LEFEBURE, Pancy Edna, d. 1946-04-13, Plot: ABRAY-*-12-017-0007 (135)
LEFEBURE, Phyliss, bur. 1965-04-22, Plot: HORNE2-*-12-053-0012
LEFEBVERE, Sylvan, bur. 1980-03-20, Plot: JONES-*-46-*-1929
LEFEBVRE, George, bur. 1973-08-10, Plot: ABRAY-*-07-*-1191
LEFEBVRE, Jeanne, Age: 44 yrs, bur. 1973-08-08, Plot: JONES-*-15-*-0807
LEFEBVRE, Joseph Albert, Age: 79 yrs, bur. 1988-01-11, Plot: MASONIC-*-*-042-0008A
LEFEBVRE, Joseph Marc - Edouard Roger, Age: 65 yrs, bur. 1991-02-05, Plot: IOOF-*-*-*-0784
LEFEBVRE, Leonard, d. 1981-11-04, bur. 1981-12-03, Plot: HORNE2-*-14-*-0399
LEFEBVRE, Sarah, bur. 1954-07-01, Plot: JONES-*-12-006-0002
LEFEBVRE, Shelly Gay, d. 1962-05-13, bur. 1962-05-24, Plot: JONES-*-18-015-0008
LEFEBVRE, Sherry Lynn, d. 1962-05-13, bur. 1962-05-24, Plot: JONES-*-18-015-0008
LEFERVRE, John Walker, Age: 75 yrs, d. 1969-11-08 Vancouver, bur. 1969-11-17, Plot: 1919-*-*-*-1326
LEFEUTEUN, Emile, d. 1940-03-19, bur. 1940-03-25, Plot: JONES-*-23-006-0009A
LEFEVER, Blanche, d. 1901-08-14, Plot: OLD-4-03-022-0001
LEFEVER, John William, d. 1951-03-29, Plot: OLD-5-01-012-0016A
LEFEVRE, John Matthew, Age: 53 yrs, d. 1906-09-15, Plot: HORNE1-3-03-009-0002
LEFEVRE, Lily Alice, Age: 84 yrs, d. 1938-10-17, Plot: HORNE1-3-03-009-0003
LEFFLE, (Baby), Age: Stillborn, bur. 1947-10-31, Plot: JONES-*-18-014-0004
LEFFLER, Arthur G., d. 1930-03-28, Plot: HORNE2-*-05-028-0014
LEFKOVICZ, Anthony Adam, d. 1959-10-22, Plot: HORNE2-*-14-019R-0008
LEFLER, Agnes Hair, bur. 1984-11-05, Plot: IOOF-*-*-064-0007
LEFLER, George Allen, bur. 1975-02-21, Plot: IOOF-*-*-064-0007
LEFLEY, Agnes Evelyn, bur. 1994-11-16, Plot: IOOF-*-*-102-0010
LEFLEY, Bertie Robert, Age: 98 yrs, d. 2000-06-25 Vancouver, bur. 2000-06-29, Plot: IOOF-*-*-102-0009
LEFLEY, Jean I. (Jani), Age: 63 yrs, bur. 1964-09-10, Plot: MASONIC-*-22A-002-0008
LEFLEY, Theodore Cecil, bur. 1987-04-24, Plot: IOOF-*-*-102-0009
LEFORT, (Baby), Age: Stillborn, bur. 1947-09-30, Plot: JONES-*-18-014-0013
LEFRANCOIS, Joseph, d. 1960-04-15, bur. 1960-04-26, Plot: OLD-5-04-023-0015
LEFURGEY, John Alfred, d. 1942-08-18, Plot: ABRAY-*-05-006-0010
LEFURGY, Joseph Raymod, Age: 60 yrs, bur. 1981-12-17, Plot: IOOF-*-*-*-0816
LEGARE, Bernice, d. 1951-12-23, Plot: HORNE2-*-12-018-0005
LEGARRY, James, bur. 1980-03-27, Plot: JONES-*-38-*-1777
LEGAULT, Joseph Gerald, bur. 1979-03-20, Plot: ABRAY-*-20-001-0016A
LEGAY, Thomas, d. 1918-09-13, Plot: JONES-*-45-003-0008
LEGEBOKOFF, Fedosya, d. 1957-03-06, Plot: HORNE2-*-12-010-0012
LEGER, Gerald Guy, bur. 1975-09-10, Plot: ABRAY-*-03-*-1767
LEGER, Helen M., bur. 1993-04-27, Plot: OLD-1-03-006-0007
LEGER, Louis, d. 1931-07-23, Plot: HORNE2-*-13-031A-0014
LEGERS, Peter, d. 1946-09-04, Plot: ABRAY-*-02-013-0010
LEGG, (Baby), Age: Stillborn, bur. 1927-08-31, Plot: OLD-5-06-006-0015
LEGG, (Baby), Age: Stillborn, bur. 1954-06-30, Plot: JONES-*-12-005-0015
LEGG, Alfred, b. Australia, d. 1896-09-15 Vancouver, Plot: OLD-2-01-013-0011
LEGG, Cecil, d. 1922-12-30, bur. 1923-01-04, Plot: 1919-*-C-015-0007
LEGG, Thomas L., d. 1959-11-22, Plot: HORNE2-*-16-006A-0007
LEGG, Thomas, Age: 40 yrs, b. Ireland, d. 1905-06-15 Vancouver, BC, bur. 1905-06-19, Plot: HORNE2-*-03-020-0002
LEGG, Thomas, d. 1936-09-05, Plot: HORNE2-*-15-012-0006
LEGG, Viola Muriel, bur. 1970-03-24, Plot: JONES-*-02-013-0005
LEGG, William George, bur. 1966-01-28, Plot: JONES-*-02-013-0006
LEGG, William Henry, d. 1939-07-08, Plot: HORNE2-*-15-038-0005
LEGG, William, d. 1918-11-02, Plot: JONES-*-45-003-0002
LEGG, William, d. 1922-09-23, Plot: 1919-*-C-019-0003
LEGG, William, d. 1922-09-25, Plot: 1919-*-C-019-0003
LEGGAT, Anne Cordelia, d. 1948-12-24, Plot: HORNE2-*-10-031-0006
LEGGAT, David, bur. 1960-05-13, Plot: HORNE2-*-08-019-0016 (312)
LEGGAT, Jean Campbell (Stevenson), Age: 64 yrs, b. 1872-11-17 Scotland, d. 1937-01-04 Vancouver, bur. 1937-01-09, Plot: HORNE2-*-08-019-0016 (312)
LEGGAT, Mathew Hendrie, bur. 1964-08-17, Plot: HORNE2-*-10-031-0011
LEGGAT, Matthew H., d. 1936-02-27, Plot: HORNE2-*-10-031-0005
LEGGE, Emma C., d. 1933-12-10, Plot: HORNE1-1-04-016-0009
LEGGE, James, d. 1911-07-18, Plot: HORNE1-1-04-016-0010
LEGGE, John, bur. 1995-05-15, Plot: JONES-*-12-007-0009
LEGGE, Paul Arthur, bur. 1994-08-22, Plot: HORNE2-*-06-028-0009
LEGGET, Janet, d. 1950-07-29, Plot: ABRAY-*-10-050-0014 (698)
LEGGETT, (Baby), Age: Stillborn, bur. 1936-03-31, Plot: JONES-*-18-005-0013
LEGGETT, Calvin R., d. 1895-06-16, Plot: OLD-1-03-009-0005
LEGGETT, Charles Haig, bur. 1999-11-26, Plot: ABRAY-*-10-050-0014 (698)
LEGGETT, Eva Janet, d. 1945-07-01, Plot: HORNE2-*-10-005-0005 (33)
LEGGETT, Mary, d. 1902-01-31, Plot: HORNE1-2-02-017-0001
LEGGETT, William F., d. 1942-11-09, Plot: ABRAY-*-05-001-0008
LEGH, Mary Ellen, d. 1960-10-11, Plot: JONES-*-44-022-0015
LEGHE, John Edward, d. 1956-09-18, Plot: JONES-*-20A-023-0003 (339)
LEGHTFOOT, Mary Johnston, d. 1950-11-01, Plot: 1919-*-D-038-0013
LEGIND, Carl Richard Sand, d. 1952-01-28, Plot: HORNE1-3-02-018-0008
LEGOTT, Frederick, d. 1945-01-21, Plot: ABRAY-*-06-011-0007
LEGRANDE, (Baby), Age: Stillborn, bur. 1931-01-31, Plot: JONES-*-18-016-0016
LEGRESLEY, Annie Jane, bur. 1975-10-27, Plot: OLD-4-01-*-1190
LEGROS, Anne, bur. 1978-12-20, Plot: JONES-*-38-*-1748
LEH, Patrick, bur. 1968-03-26, Plot: JONES-*-18-006-0015
LEHINGRAT, Victoria, Age: 52 yrs, bur. 1985-12-09, Plot: IOOF-*-*-*-1050
LEHM, Louis, bur. 1967-03-03, Plot: OLD-1-02-*-0193
LEHMAN, (Baby), Age: Stillborn, bur. 1920-05-15, Plot: OLD-5-05-018-0005
LEHMAN, Alfred, bur. 1990-10-05, Plot: HORNE2-*-10-*-1908
LEHMAN, Alice Gibson, bur. 1969-11-10, Plot: JONES-*-34-015-0010 (132)
LEHMAN, Athol Macclin, Age: 72 yrs, b. B.C., d. 1959-06-04 Vancouver, bur. 1959-07-10, Plot: MASONIC-*-12A-003-0004
LEHMAN, Clifford Wilbert, Age: 54 yrs, bur. 1973-03-16, Plot: JONES-*-06-*-0469
LEHMAN, Elsa, bur. 1986-05-05, Plot: HORNE2-*-10-*-1908
LEHMAN, Florence, d. 1902-08-25, Plot: HORNE1-2-02-001-0014
LEHMAN, Frederick R., bur. 1972-04-12, Plot: JONES-*-34-015-0010 (132)
LEHMAN, George Dawson, Age: 2 mos, b. 1912-02-19 Vancouver, BC, d. 1912-04-26 Vancouver, BC, bur. 1912-04-27, Plot: HORNE1-3-04-017-0012
LEHMAN, Joseph F., d. 1952-04-17, Plot: JONES-*-34-015-0007 (129)
LEHMAN, Margaret McAdam, Age: 86 yrs, bur. 1966-11-04, Plot: HORNE1-3-04-017-0012
LEHMAN, Willis, d. 1960-07-18, Plot: HORNE1-2-03-003R-0004 (106)
LEHMANN, (Baby), Age: Stillborn, bur. 1939-09-30, Plot: JONES-*-18-017-0009
LEHMANN, (Baby), Age: Stillborn, bur. 1951-04-30, Plot: JONES-*-12-007-0001
LEHMANN, Phyllis, bur. 1987-06-04, Plot: JONES-*-01-025A-0013 (117)
LEHMANN, Werner, d. 1961-06-03, Plot: JONES-*-41R-005R-0007 (33)
LEHNA, (Baby), Age: Stillborn, bur. 1951-02-28, Plot: JONES-*-12-007-0001
LEHNECKE, Hilda, bur. 1988-03-28, Plot: 1919-*-*-*-0044
LEHR, (Baby), Age: Stillborn, bur. 1943-02-28, Plot: JONES-*-18-024-0006
LEHRER, Freda, Age: 67 yrs, b. Romania, d. 1929-05-20 Vancouver, bur. 1929-05-21, Plot: OLD-1-05-014-0015
LEHRMAN, Charles Ernest, d. 1938-12-19, Plot: HORNE2-*-16-058B-0008
LEHRMAN, Charles, bur. 1927-06-25, Plot: HORNE2-*-03-003-0003
LEHRMAN, James, bur. 1936-08-13, Plot: HORNE2-*-03-003-0003
LEHRMAN, Luoise, bur. 1931-03-28, Plot: HORNE2-*-03-003-0004
LEHTI, Ida Julia, bur. 1974-05-30, Plot: ABRAY-*-15-044-0010 (700)
LEHTI, John, d. 1958-10-16, Plot: HORNE1-5-01-005R-0004 (676)
LEHTI, Ronald M., d. 1949-09-12, Plot: ABRAY-*-15-044-0010 (700)
LEHTI, Selma Alina, bur. 1981-05-04, Plot: HORNE1-5-01-005R-0004 (676)
LEHTO, (Baby), Age: Stillborn, bur. 1926-04-15, Plot: OLD-5-06-004-0015
LEHTO, Alan Alexander, bur. 1968-07-10, Plot: JONES-*-12-007-0003
LEHTO, Carmen "Maria Carmela", Age: 75 yrs, b. 1905-mm-dd, d. 1980-mm-dd, bur. 1980-12-31, Plot: JONES-*-38-*-1725
LEHTO, Emil, bur. 1970-07-28, Plot: JONES-*-12-007-0004
LEHTO, Leo Paul, bur. 1975-03-21, Plot: ABRAY-*-07-*-1223
LEHTO, Les Oswald, d. 1942-07-27, Plot: OLD-5-05-011-0001A
LEHTO, Richard, d. 1912-08-10, Plot: OLD-5-03-018-0009
LEHTO, Verner, d. 1940-08-24, Plot: JONES-*-39-017-0004
LEHTONEN, Reino Olavi, Age: 69 yrs, b. 1912-05-06, d. 1981-07-01, bur. 1981-07-16, Plot: 1919-*-*-*-2300
LEHTONEN, Saima, Age: 57 yrs, b. 1911-11-19 Voyri, Finland, d. 1969-04-08 Vancouver, BC, bur. 1969-04-12, Plot: 1919-*-*-*-2300
LEI, Kei Pon, b. China, d. 1894-07-05 Vancouver, Plot: OLD-3-01-008-0009
LEIDY, George W., Age: 67 mos, d. 1932-11-17, bur. 1969-03-27, Plot: HORNE1-4-04-*-0820
LEIER, Joseph, d. 1955-06-01, Plot: JONES-*-12-017-0003
LEIER, Martin, d. 1965-04-23, Plot: HORNE1-4-01-*-0932
LEIER, Peter Alexander, d. 1959-06-01, Plot: HORNE1-2-01-*-0165
LEIGH, (Baby), Age: Stillborn, bur. 1914-09-15, Plot: OLD-5-04-014-0009
LEIGH, Annie Agnes, Age: 81 yrs, bur. 1976-08-18, Plot: 1919-*-A-023-0010
LEIGH, James, d. 1918-11-17, Plot: JONES-*-17-013-0016
LEIGH, Joseph H., d. 1920-02-19, Plot: JONES-*-08-018-0002
LEIGH-ALLEN, Harry Frederick, Age: 54 yrs, d. 1998-06-29 Vancouver, bur. 1998-07-09, Plot: 1919-*-C-031-0002
LEIGHTON, (Baby), Age: Stillborn, bur. 1950-08-31, Plot: JONES-*-12-005-0010
LEIGHTON, Alberta, d. 1901-07-20, Plot: OLD-4-03-015-0013
LEIGHTON, Beatrice Flora, bur. 1972-11-16, Plot: JONES-*-12-007-0005
LEIGHTON, Charles William, d. 1944-12-01, Plot: ABRAY-*-06-015-0003
LEIGHTON, Daniel, d. 1939-01-30, Plot: HORNE1-5-03-017-0008A
LEIGHTON, Hannah, Age: 85 yrs, b. New Brunswick, d. 1913-01-10 Vancouver, bur. 1913-01-13, Plot: KP-*-*-010-0004
LEIGHTON, Jack Landseer, Age: 1 mo, b. Vancouver, d. 1919-10-26 Vancouver, bur. 1919-10-28, Plot: MASONIC-*-*-175-0005
LEIGHTON, James, d. 1955-01-13, Plot: OLD-3-03-023-0009
LEIGHTON, Louis William "Luke", bur. 1991-05-16, Plot: HORNE1-2-01-*-0104
LEIN, Arthur John, Age: 52 yrs, bur. 1966-08-25, Plot: MASONIC-*-22A-006-0017
LEINDECKER, Leona J., d. 1958-07-14, Plot: HORNE1-4-02-001R-0008 (375)
LEINO, Talmar, d. 1948-07-01, Plot: OLD-5-02-024-0001A
LEINONEN, Karlo Peter, d. 1965-11-03, Plot: HORNE1-5-03-*-1171
LEINWEBER, Katherine Elizabeth, Age: 82 yrs, bur. 1999-08-04, Plot: MASONIC-*-23A-001-0023
LEINWEBER, Peter, Age: 76 yrs, bur. 1988-01-25, Plot: MASONIC-*-23A-001-0023
LEIPENSTEIN, William G., d. 1958-10-08, Plot: HORNE2-*-13-023R-0007
LEIPER, Alexandre Walker, bur. 1972-04-25, Plot: 1919-*-A-009-0005
LEIPER, Fred, bur. 1991-06-13, Plot: JONES-*-01-025A-0014 (118)
LEIPER, Jane Dallas, bur. 1989-07-11, Plot: 1919-*-A-009-0005
LEIPER, Thelma, d. 1926-08-13, Plot: 1919-*-A-009-0006
LEIPER, Thilma, d. 1926-08-09, Plot: 1919-*-A-009-0006
LEIPPER, Sandy, bur. 1979-11-21, Plot: JONES-*-46-*-2049
LEIRLY, Charles, bur. 1991-05-15, Plot: JONES-*-12-007-0009
LEISEN, Michel, d. 1957-06-11, bur. 1957-06-17, Plot: OLD-5-04-013-0005
LEISER, Shawn Patrick James, Age: 2 yrs, bur. 1976-01-26, Plot: KP-*-*-*-0001
LEISHMAN, Agnes Taylor, bur. 1971-11-26, Plot: 1919-*-*-*-0246
LEISHMAN, James, d. 1938-06-06, Plot: HORNE2-*-16-041-0011
LEISK, (Baby), d. 1914-03-21, Plot: JONES-*-42-012-0006
LEISK, James, d. 1923-06-03, Plot: JONES-*-27-016-0005
LEISK, Mary A., d. 1923-10-21, Plot: JONES-*-27-016-0006
LEISK, Peter, d. 1918-10-27, Plot: JONES-*-42-012-0006
LEISTER, Emily, d. 1953-09-02, Plot: JONES-*-07-023-0008A
LEISTER, John, d. 1944-04-23, Plot: JONES-*-07-023-0008A
LEITCH, Alexander G., d. 1928-09-09, Plot: HORNE2-*-04-044-0007
LEITCH, Alice R., d. 1928-12-29, Plot: HORNE2-*-04-045-0005
LEITCH, Angus McLean, d. 1934-03-11, Plot: HORNE2-*-07-014-0005 (169)
LEITCH, Annie, d. 1952-02-21, Plot: JONES-*-04-001-0134
LEITCH, Charles Henry, bur. 1971-11-24, Plot: HORNE2-*-04-021-0014
LEITCH, Henry Peter, d. 1946-06-01, Plot: ABRAY-*-10-028-0007 (373)
LEITCH, Hugh, d. 1919-10-29, Plot: JONES-*-25-001-0003
LEITCH, Hugh, d. 1943-06-30, Plot: HORNE2-*-07-014-0013 (193)
LEITCH, John, d. 1936-07-16, Plot: HORNE2-*-15-009-0006
LEITCH, John, d. 1954-10-29, Plot: HORNE2-*-15-025-0011
LEITCH, Kathleen Isabel Augusta (Feeney), Age: 87 yrs, bur. 1993-12-14, Plot: HORNE2-*-04-021-0013
LEITCH, Mary, d. 1934-07-14, Plot: HORNE2-*-07-014-0013 (193)
LEITCH, Maude B., Age: 57 yrs, b. Ontario, d. 1936-08-16 Seattle, WA, bur. 1936-08-19, Plot: MASONIC-*-*-095-0004
LEITCH, Pearl Blanche, d. 1946-08-30, Plot: ABRAY-*-10-028-0007 (373)
LEITCH, Salone, d. 1951-03-08, Plot: JONES-*-07-014-0005
LEITCH, Stafford, d. 1954-04-03, Plot: HORNE2-*-14-023-0010
LEITCH, William H., bur. 1984-03-21, Plot: HORNE2-*-13-*-0453
LEITCH, William, bur. 1987-06-04, Plot: JONES-*-01-025A-0015 (119)
LEITCHWELLER, Frederick W., d. 1944-06-22, Plot: OLD-4-03-021-0001A
LEITE, Hirminia Cabral, Age: 89 yrs, d. 1998-12-31 Vancouver, bur. 1999-01-05, Plot: 1919-*-*-*-0481
LEITE, Manuel Franco, Age: 70 yrs, bur. 1977-04-07, Plot: 1919-*-*-*-0481
LEITH, Allan, Age: 80 yrs, bur. 1991-11-13, Plot: MASONIC-*-*-100-0009A
LEITH, Carrie Adela, Age: 29 yrs, b. Winnipeg, d. 1921-12-07 Lindsay, ON, bur. 1921-12-20, Plot: MASONIC-*-*-081-0011
LEITH, Douglas Barron, Age: 68 yrs, b. Scotland, d. 1953-12-30 Vancouver, bur. 1959-01-02, Plot: JONES-*-26-048-0011 (714)
LEITH, Ellen C., d. 1949-09-20, Plot: JONES-*-27-010-0014
LEITH, Frederick C., d. 1937-03-09, Plot: HORNE2-*-16-048-0003
LEITH, Hugh A., d. 1916-04-28, Plot: JONES-*-27-010-0016
LEITH, Nanis Wilson, bur. 1975-01-18, Plot: JONES-*-26-048-0010 (713)
LEITH, Otto, d. 1944-04-06, Plot: HORNE2-*-12-015-0011
LEITH, William, d. 1930-11-30, Plot: JONES-*-23-015-0005
LEITNER, Crescentia, Age: 90 yrs, b. Austria, d. 1963-11-14, bur. 1963-11-16, Plot: OLD-1-03-005A-0005 (1)
LEITNER, Frank Paul, d. 1949-05-30, Plot: ABRAY-*-15-025-0003 (333)
LEIVO, Una S., bur. 1982-06-08, Plot: JONES-*-12-007-0008
LEIZERT, David William, d. 1936-12-06, Plot: HORNE2-*-16-034-0005
LEKICH, Dusan, d. 1938-04-30, Plot: HORNE2-*-11-005-0014
LEKICH, Frank, bur. 1983-10-28, Plot: HORNE2-*-04-*-0345
LELAIDIER, George Antonie, bur. 1971-10-18, Plot: OLD-5-06-*-1999
LELAND, (Babies - Twins), Age: Stillborn, bur. 1951-11-30, Plot: JONES-*-12-004-0003
LELFS, Marjorie, d. 1945-09-17, Plot: OLD-3-03-019-0016A
LELIEVRE, Martial, bur. 1983-02-18, Plot: HORNE2-*-13-*-0364
LELLIOTT, (Baby), Age: Stillborn, bur. 1948-11-30, Plot: JONES-*-18-017-0014
LELLLE, (Baby), Age: Stillborn, bur. 1949-09-30, Plot: JONES-*-18-007-0003
LELUSZ, Wikienty Victor "Wincenty", Age: 67 yrs, b. Poland, d. 1964-02-28 Vancouver, BC, bur. 1964-03-07, Plot: OLD-1-05-002A-0012 (481)
LEM, Chung Eng, d. 1923-05-23, Plot: OLD-3-06-013-0006
LEM, Gim, d. 1957-06-19, Plot: JONES-*-21A-011-0015
LEM, Joe Guy, d. 1931-09-15, Plot: OLD-3-06-009-0011
LEM, Kei Jung, d. 1933-05-23, Plot: OLD-5-06-C-0014
LEM, Lee Shoo, d. 1962-06-27, Plot: OLD-4-05-025-0016A
LEM, Po, d. 1962-07-05, Plot: OLD-4-05-025-0001A
LEM, Sam, d. 1929-02-19, Plot: OLD-3-04-004-0006
LEM, Yen, d. 1937-11-24, Plot: JONES-*-22-016-0010
LEMARCHE, Joseph, d. 1889-04-04, Plot: OLD-3-02-004-0013
LEMASURIER, Phillip E., d. 1961-08-06, Plot: JONES-*-02-016A-0002 (38)
LEMAY, J.s A., d. 1955-08-04, Plot: JONES-*-12-016-0007
LEMAY, Joseph Antoine Emilien, bur. 1988-06-30, Plot: OLD-4-03-007-0016A
LEMAY, Marie Blanche, bur. 1968-01-03, Plot: OLD-2-03-*-0625
LEMBERG, Carl, bur. 1966-05-31, Plot: JONES-*-41R-002R-0006 (50)
LEMBERG, Christopher, d. 1939-09-19, Plot: HORNE2-*-15-008-0014
LEMBERG, Tatiana, d. 1961-04-08, Plot: JONES-*-41R-002R-0007 (50)
LEMBKE, Cornelius, Age: 83 yrs, d. 1932-05-25, Plot: HORNE2-*-06-034-0012
LEMBKE, George Charles, d. 1957-04-26, Plot: JONES-*-01-005-0088
LEMERCIER, Alma, Age: 46 yrs, bur. 1982-09-23, Plot: MASONIC-*-27A-003-0030
LEMERCIER, Ivor Douglas, Age: 68 yrs, bur. 1986-07-09, Plot: MASONIC-*-27A-003-0030
LEMERIE, Marie, bur. 1985-08-08, Plot: HORNE2-*-11-*-0171
LEMES, (Baby), Age: Stillborn, bur. 1929-07-31, Plot: OLD-5-06-005-0015
LEMIEUX (NORBERT), Jean Robert (Edward), bur. 1990-01-15, Plot: HORNE2-*-08-*-1281
LEMIEUX, (Baby Girl), bur. 1965-02-03, Plot: JONES-*-18-007-0003
LEMIEUX, David, Age: 85 yrs, d. 1971-01-27 Vancouver, bur. 1971-02-04, Plot: 1919-*-*-*-1970
LEMIEUX, Joseph Edouard, bur. 1976-09-16, Plot: ABRAY-*-06-*-1617
LEMIEUX, Roger, bur. 1984-08-22, Plot: HORNE2-*-06-*-0903
LEMIEUX, Victor Rene, d. 1951-04-21, Plot: ABRAY-*-18-008-0008
LEMIRE, (Baby), Age: Stillborn, bur. 1944-01-31, Plot: JONES-*-18-007-0011
LEMIRE, Angele (Turbeaud), Age: 35 yrs, b. 1909-07-22 Manitoba, d. 1944-11-15 Vancouver, BC, bur. 1944-11-18, Plot: JONES-*-40-010-0010
LEMIRE, Carl Arthur, Age: 86 yrs, d. 1997-01-28 Penticton, BC, bur. 1997-06-19, Plot: JONES-*-0-014-0011
LEMIRE, Frank Edward, Age: 7 yrs, b. USA, d. 1917-11-08 Vancouver, BC, bur. 1917-11-12, Plot: JONES-*-0-014-0012
LEMIRE, Gisele Marie, Age: 70 yrs, d. 1997-08-13 Vancouver, bur. 1997-08-20, Plot: MASONIC-*-*-*-0003
LEMIRE, John E. (Baby), Age: Stillborn, bur. 1953-05-31, Plot: JONES-*-12-004-0011
LEMIRE, John Joseph, Age: 26 yrs, b. Michigan, USA, d. 1927-09-04 Riverside, CA, USA, bur. 1927-09-10, Plot: JONES-*-0-014-0009
LEMIRE, Joseph Jean Baptiste Leonille, bur. 1978-10-25, Plot: JONES-*-38-*-1704
LEMIRE, Wilbrod Joseph (Nestor), Age: 67 yrs, bur. 1983-03-21, Plot: MASONIC-*-*-*-0001
LEMISKI, Victor Vincent, bur. 1977-10-17, Plot: JONES-*-39-*-1419
LEMKAY, George Gordon, bur. 1959-08-01, Plot: JONES-*-12-006-0012
LEMKE, Anna, d. 1937-01-12, Plot: JONES-*-13-011-0009
LEMKE, Siegfried (Donald), bur. 1983-03-04, Plot: HORNE2-*-03-*-0646
LEMM, Theodorus W., bur. 1953-03-01, Plot: JONES-*-12-006-0003
LEMMELL, (Baby), Age: Stillborn, bur. 1918-04-15, Plot: OLD-5-04-020-0011
LEMOIN, (Baby), Age: Stillborn, bur. 1940-09-30, Plot: JONES-*-18-007-0009
LEMOINE, Joseph E., d. 1948-04-02, Plot: HORNE1-5-02-007-0009A
LEMON, (Baby), Age: Stillborn, bur. 1953-04-30, Plot: JONES-*-12-004-0012
LEMON, Agnes, Age: 94 yrs, bur. 1999-11-17, Plot: MASONIC-*-09A-003-0004
LEMON, Alexander, bur. 1971-07-20, Plot: JONES-*-31-017-0008
LEMON, Amy Rulla, d. 1961-07-15, Plot: JONES-*-26R-010-0008A
LEMON, Ann Marion, Age: 88 yrs, bur. 1964-10-01, Plot: MASONIC-*-*-127-0003
LEMON, Bernard, bur. 1987-06-04, Plot: JONES-*-01-025A-0013 (117)
LEMON, Gerda, bur. 1968-03-29, Plot: IOOF-*-*-087-0009
LEMON, Joh George, d. 1923-07-09, Plot: 1919-*-A-038-0010
LEMON, John, d. 1926-03-15, Plot: IOOF-*-*-087-0009
LEMON, Mary Florence, d. 1908-04-10, Plot: HORNE1-3-04-010-0002
LEMON, Sarah Ann, d. 1934-02-14, bur. 1934-07-17, Plot: 1919-*-A-038-0009
LEMON, Selma, d. 1917-03-14, Plot: OLD-4-06-015-0014
LEMON, Walter E., d. 1962-01-05, Plot: IOOF-*-32-028-0010
LEMON, William Leslie, Age: 87 yrs, bur. 2000-11-29, Plot: JONES-*-26R-002-0013
LEMON, William Walter, Age: 51 yrs, b. 1869-mm-dd Woodstock, ON, d. 1921-03-13 Vancouver, bur. 1921-03-17, Plot: MASONIC-*-*-127-0003
LEMON, William, d. 1940-08-26, Plot: OLD-5-03-013-0006
LEMOND, Samuel, Age: 44 yrs, b. Ireland, d. 1913-07-30 Vancouver, bur. 1913-08-01, Plot: JONES-*-29-020-0002
LEMONTON, Arthur, Age: 73 yrs, bur. 1987-10-26, Plot: MASONIC-*-29A-003-0009
LEMONTON, Winnifred Margery, Age: 92 yrs, b. England, d. 2000-10-31 Delta, BC, bur. 2000-11-20, Plot: MASONIC-*-29A-003-0009
LEMPHERS, (Baby), Age: Stillborn, bur. 1958-11-30, Plot: JONES-*-18-016-0013
LEMYRE, Joseph Mark Anthony, bur. 1977-01-20, Plot: ABRAY-*-06-*-1557
LEN, John, d. 1916-01-06, Plot: OLD-3-04-019-0011
LEN, Song Shaw, d. 1943-04-17, Plot: JONES-*-20-002-0007
LEN, Wong Se, d. 1917-03-17, Plot: OLD-3-05-003-0004
LEN, Wong, d. 1938-02-10, Plot: OLD-3-04-016-0016A
LENAKER, Robert, d. 1955-01-26, Plot: ABRAY-*-05-034-0001
LENC, Edward, bur. 1987-07-23, Plot: HORNE2-*-10-*-1909
LENC, Maria, bur. 1981-09-15, Plot: OLD-5-03-*-2070
LENDE, (Baby), Age: Stillborn, bur. 1954-03-31, Plot: JONES-*-12-004-0008A
LENDECKI, Andrew, d. 1950-08-30, Plot: ABRAY-*-15-083-0003 (1133)
LENDSTROM, Andrew, d. 1946-07-03, Plot: JONES-*-02-017-0009A
LENDSTRUM, Charles, d. 1932-05-06, Plot: HORNE2-*-06-034-0014
LENE, Gee, d. 1924-06-06, Plot: OLD-3-06-017-0005
LENEVEN, Edith Bessie, d. 1907-06-04, bur. 1907-06-05, Plot: OLD-5-02-005-0003
LENEVEU, Grace, bur. 1969-06-03, Plot: OLD-5-02-005-0001
LENEVEU, Ralph Argenti, d. 1900-07-26, Plot: OLD-5-02-005-0004
LENEVIC, (Baby), Age: Stillborn, bur. 1915-05-29, Plot: OLD-5-04-012-0003
LENFESLY, (Baby), Age: Stillborn, bur. 1924-04-23, Plot: OLD-5-05-023-0001
LENFESTY, George Francis, Age: 54 yrs, b. Quebec, d. 1910-04-23 Vancouver, BC, bur. 1910-04-27, Plot: OLD-4-01-021-0001
LENFESTY, Joseph C., d. 1912-04-30, Plot: JONES-*-08-019-0011
LENFESTY, Nellie (Sperry), Age: 64 yrs, b. New York, USA, d. 1922-09-22 Vancouver, BC, bur. 1922-09-23, Plot: OLD-4-01-021-0002
LENFESTY, Niva, Age: 3 mos, b. Vancouver, BC, d. 1898-10-28 Vancouver, BC, bur. 1898-10-30, Plot: OLD-4-01-021-0001
LENFESTY, Reginald Allen, Age: 58 yrs, bur. 1969-03-07, Plot: MASONIC-*-17A-013-0008
LENG, James Lougheed, Age: 76 yrs, b. Ontario, d. 1954-06-12 Vancouver, bur. 1954-06-16, Plot: ABRAY-*-21-040-0012
LENG, Sing Jai, d. 1913-08-16, Plot: OLD-3-04-010-0010
LENGAUER, Karl, bur. 1968-06-15, Plot: OLD-5-02-*-2147
LENGERT, Herman, Age: 80 yrs, bur. 1971-11-04, Plot: JONES-*-09-*-0611
LENGERT, Wanda, Age: 98 yrs, bur. 1993-08-27, Plot: JONES-*-09-*-0611
LENHART, (Baby), Age: Stillborn, bur. 1946-05-31, Plot: JONES-*-18-004-0005
LENHEISER, Joan, bur. 1996-05-22, Plot: ABRAY-*-05-005-0004
LENIC, Lena, Age: 22 yrs, b. Canada, d. 1940-01-11, bur. 1940-01-15, Plot: HORNE2-*-09-021-0009 (321)
LENKEISER, Herbert L., d. 1942-11-07, Plot: ABRAY-*-05-005-0004
LENKEY, Elizabeth, bur. 1991-06-13, Plot: JONES-*-01-025A-0014 (118)
LENKEY, Louis, bur. 1993-08-27, Plot: JONES-*-01-025A-0014 (118)
LENKO, Joe, Age: 76 yrs, bur. 1970-10-13, Plot: ABRAY-*-15-*-0476
LENKO, Mary, Age: 79 yrs, bur. 1980-03-03, Plot: ABRAY-*-15-*-0476
LENMAN, John A., d. 1942-10-28, Plot: ABRAY-*-05-007-0002
LENMAN, Landora, d. 1929-03-04, Plot: HORNE2-*-05-025-0009
LENNANT, John, bur. 1954-04-22, Plot: ABRAY-*-21-032-0006
LENNARD, Mary Isabelle, bur. 1970-04-30, Plot: HORNE2-*-02-010-0002 (37A)
LENNART, (Baby), Age: Stillborn, bur. 1922-08-01, Plot: OLD-5-05-V-0012
LENNBERN, Erice, bur. 1959-03-01, Plot: JONES-*-12-006-0011
LENNIE, Annie Eliza, Age: 78 yrs, b. England, d. 1960-02-18 Vancouver, bur. 1960-02-26, Plot: MASONIC-*-13A-004-0001
LENNIE, Charlotte Rita, Age: 83 yrs, bur. 1986-08-18, Plot: IOOF-*-*-*-1022
LENNIE, Edith Barbara Ann, bur. 1998-12-09, Plot: OLD-1-03-006-0006
LENNIE, John James, Age: 89 yrs, b. England, d. 1960-01-26 Vancouver, bur. 1960-02-26, Plot: MASONIC-*-13A-004-0001
LENNIE, John Outram, Age: 82 yrs, bur. 1986-02-28, Plot: IOOF-*-*-*-1021
LENNIE, Margaret, d. 1930-07-15, Plot: OLD-3-04-017-0005
LENNIE, Sandra Cabel, Age: 30 yrs, d. 1995-04-23 Vancouver, bur. 1995-04-27, Plot: OLD-1-03-006-0006
LENNIE, Thomas, bur. 1960-07-01, Plot: JONES-*-12-006-0013
LENNON, (Baby), Age: Stillborn, bur. 1960-09-30, Plot: JONES-*-18-015-0011
LENNON, Florence, d. 1947-03-06, Plot: HORNE1-5-04-007-0008A
LENNON, Harry, d. 1894-08-03, Plot: OLD-2-02-022-0009
LENNON, Joseph, d. 1912-01-02, Plot: JONES-*-09-012-0002
LENNOX, (Babies - Twins), bur. 1967-08-16, Plot: JONES-*-18-006-0013
LENNOX, (Baby), Age: Stillborn, bur. 1960-08-31, Plot: JONES-*-18-015-0010
LENNOX, (Baby), d. 1949-07-22, Plot: HORNE2-*-11-024-0006
LENNOX, Bessie Florence, d. 1949-08-08, Plot: ABRAY-*-15-048-0005 (657)
LENNOX, Elizabeth, d. 1949-04-20, Plot: HORNE2-*-09-051-0015
LENNOX, Isabella May, Age: 67 yrs, b. Scotland, d. 1949-05-11 Vancouver, bur. 1949-05-14, Plot: ABRAY-*-16-003-0011 (97)
LENNOX, James Mark, d. 1932-02-25, Plot: HORNE2-*-13-023-0015
LENNOX, James, Age: 88 yrs, d. 1969-04-06 Vancouver, bur. 1969-04-11, Plot: ABRAY-*-16-003-0011 (97)
LENNOX, Jean Elizabeth, Age: 74 yrs, d. 1970-11-16 Essondale, BC, bur. 1970-11-18, Plot: 1919-*-*-*-2271
LENNOX, John Robert, d. 1942-04-17, Plot: HORNE2-*-11-024-0005
LENNOX, Joseph, d. 1937-03-05, Plot: JONES-*-22-012-0010
LENNOX, Margaret, d. 1934-04-20, Plot: HORNE2-*-11-024-0006
LENNOX, Nina, Age: 5 yrs, b. Vancouver, d. 1943-07-16 Otter, BC, bur. 1943-07-19, Plot: HORNE2-*-12-001-0007
LENNOX, Rebecka, d. 1911-06-02, Plot: JONES-*-03-015-0003
LENNOX, Thomas, d. 1938-08-22, Plot: JONES-*-03-015-0004
LENNOX, Tiessa, bur. 1986-04-18, Plot: HORNE2-*-10-*-1915
LENNOX, William, d. 1949-01-14, Plot: ABRAY-*-07-049-0008
LENOIR, Alfred, d. 1939-03-07, Plot: JONES-*-02-001-0009A
LENOX, Alice Florence, Age: 75 yrs, d. 1960-06-27, Plot: HORNE1-3-01-024-0014
LENOX, Charlton, Age: 80 yrs, d. 1960-11-14, Plot: HORNE1-3-01-024-0013
LENOX, Dulcie Joan, Age: 71 yrs, d. 1997-05-30 Vancouver, bur. 1997-06-06, Plot: HORNE1-3-01-024-0014
LENOX, Patrick George, bur. 1992-05-07, Plot: HORNE1-3-01-024-0013
LENSTER, Robert, bur. 1953-08-11, Plot: ABRAY-*-20-035-0004
LENSTROM, Gus, d. 1929-03-09, Plot: JONES-*-23-017-0007
LENTZ, (Baby), Age: Stillborn, bur. 1948-08-31, Plot: JONES-*-18-024-0003
LENTZ, Albert Wesley, Age: 68 yrs, d. 1963-03-06, Plot: JONES-*-31-045-0008A
LENTZ, Ellen Susanne Maryann, bur. 1975-12-04, Plot: JONES-*-26-*-0191
LENTZ, Helen Pearl, Age: 3 yrs, b. Vancouver, d. 1936-08-23, bur. 1936-08-27, Plot: JONES-*-31-045-0008A
LENTZ, Ida May, d. 1950-11-24, Plot: JONES-*-38-035-0002
LENTZ, Otto H., d. 1962-04-03, Plot: JONES-*-04-005A-0002 (179)
LENTZ, Richard William, bur. 1982-06-04, Plot: JONES-*-26-*-0191
LENTZ, Richard, d. 1940-03-03, Plot: JONES-*-38-035-0001
LENTZ, Wesley Clifford, bur. 1994-06-06, Plot: JONES-*-26-*-0191
LENZ, (Baby), Age: Stillborn, bur. 1952-03-31, Plot: JONES-*-12-004-0004
LENZ, Conrad Eloise, d. 1921-07-04, Plot: 1919-*-B-033-0006
LENZ, Conrad John, d. 1921-07-04, bur. 1935-10-01, Plot: 1919-*-B-033-0006
LENZ, Helen Caroline, d. 1951-03-03, Plot: 1919-*-B-033-0006
LENZ, Lita, d. 1963-04-12, bur. 1963-04-19, Plot: JONES-*-18-014-0011
LENZ, Richard Walter, Age: 68 yrs, bur. 1971-01-13, Plot: 1919-*-*-*-2392
LENZ, Walter Richard, bur. 1978-05-16, Plot: 1919-*-*-*-1203
LENZIE, Arthur, bur. 1991-06-13, Plot: JONES-*-01-025A-0014 (118)
LENZIE, Josephine Mary, Age: 90 yrs, bur. 1991-03-07, Plot: HORNE1-5-01-014-0005
LENZIN, John George, Age: 75 yrs, b. 1878-12-06 Switzerland, d. 1954-07-30 Vancouver, Plot: ABRAY-*-21-040-0004
LENZIN, Martha Janet (Goddart), d. 1942-05-16, Plot: HORNE2-*-09-002-0005 (13)
LEO, (Baby), d. 1924-02-15, Plot: 1919-*-C-048-0009
LEO, Abraham, d. 1942-11-04, Plot: OLD-5-05-021-0001A
LEO, Alex August, bur. 1989-04-04, Plot: OLD-5-05-015-0004
LEO, Din Choa, d. 1935-01-11, Plot: JONES-*-19-022-0003
LEO, Johnathon, Age: Stillborn, bur. 1988-12-16, Plot: JONES-*-39-*-1426-3
LEO, Ka Soon, d. 1914-04-02, Plot: OLD-3-04-007-0008
LEO, Mary Jean, bur. 1978-02-09, Plot: 1919-*-*-*-1361
LEO, Theresa Elizabeth, Age: 46 yrs, bur. 1998-03-16, Plot: 1919-*-*-*-1361
LEOD, Jean Isabel, d. 1909-06-29, Plot: OLD-2-01-016-0010
LEODBEATER, Mary J., d. 1920-10-03, Plot: JONES-*-14-015-0001
LEON, Carmelita, d. 1954-07-10, Plot: OLD-1-04-025-0006
LEONARD, (Baby), Age: Stillborn, bur. 1939-03-31, Plot: JONES-*-18-004-0008A
LEONARD, (Baby), Age: Stillborn, bur. 1945-05-31, Plot: JONES-*-18-024-0005
LEONARD, Agnes Adelaide, bur. 1985-05-14, Plot: HORNE1-5-01-003-0003
LEONARD, Albert Anthony, bur. 1985-07-16, Plot: HORNE2-*-04-*-0593
LEONARD, Albert James, bur. 1975-10-01, Plot: JONES-*-12-007-0006
LEONARD, Arthur, Age: 86 yrs, bur. 1972-12-06, Plot: JONES-*-08-*-0645
LEONARD, B., bur. 1958-02-01, Plot: JONES-*-12-006-0010
LEONARD, Charles Howard, d. 1964-06-19, Plot: HORNE1-1-01-*-0017
LEONARD, Charles, bur. 1954-06-09, Plot: ABRAY-*-21-042-0003
LEONARD, Chas Kenneth, d. 1940-10-25, Plot: HORNE2-*-02-017-0013 (133)
LEONARD, Clarence, bur. 1987-06-04, Plot: JONES-*-01-025A-0015 (119)
LEONARD, Engvold Norman, bur. 1959-08-01, Plot: JONES-*-12-006-0012
LEONARD, Eugene, d. 1950-10-11, Plot: OLD-3-03-024-0008
LEONARD, Francis B., d. 1932-07-12, Plot: HORNE2-*-13-016-0014
LEONARD, Frank, bur. 1987-06-04, Plot: JONES-*-01-025A-0015 (119)
LEONARD, Gloria, d. 1941-11-26, Plot: JONES-*-41-025-0004
LEONARD, Gordon E., bur. 1979-11-01, Plot: JONES-*-12-007-0007
LEONARD, Jamis, d. 1912-05-22, Plot: JONES-*-09-023-0004
LEONARD, John, Age: 54 yrs, d. 1941-06-23, bur. 1941-06-26, Plot: HORNE2-*-13-030A-0014
LEONARD, Joseph Thomas, bur. 1990-07-30, Plot: OLD-5-03-L-0012
LEONARD, Joseph, bur. 1983-09-01, Plot: HORNE2-*-06-*-0716
LEONARD, Joshl, bur. 1964-03-29, Plot: HORNE2-*-02-038-0004 (260)
LEONARD, Leticia & SB Baby, Age: 25 yrs, b. Scotland, d. 1919-12-06, bur. 1919-12-10, Plot: JONES-*-37-041-0016
LEONARD, Lillian, bur. 1987-06-04, Plot: JONES-*-01-025A-0013 (117)
LEONARD, Magnus, bur. 1967-04-21, Plot: OLD-1-01-*-0004
LEONARD, Martha B., d. 1962-03-01, Plot: JONES-*-*-066B-0008A
LEONARD, Mirtle Ellen, d. 1905-08-06, Plot: OLD-4-02-011-0016
LEONARD, Pharandow C., d. 1909-10-22, Plot: HORNE1-5-03-010-0012
LEONARD, Philips, d. 1945-09-03, Plot: ABRAY-*-03-015-0015
LEONARD, Vera Katherine, bur. 1971-05-17, Plot: JONES-*-*-066B-0008A
LEONARDO, Matty, d. 1890-05-29 Vancouver, Plot: OLD-3-01-007-0013
LEONCIO, Regino Ramirez, bur. 1982-05-19, Plot: JONES-*-42-*-0735
LEONETTI, Raffaele, d. 1923-11-03, Plot: 1919-*-C-025-0002
LEONG (SON), Jack, bur. 1966-12-30, Plot: OLD-2-04-*-0728
LEONG, (Baby Girl), d. 1963-04-13, bur. 1963-04-17, Plot: JONES-*-18-014-0011
LEONG, (Baby), Age: Stillborn, bur. 1921-07-05, Plot: OLD-5-05-018-0012
LEONG, (Baby), Age: Stillborn, bur. 1951-01-31, Plot: JONES-*-12-004-0016
LEONG, Ah Pann, b. China, d. 1895-11-22 Vancouver, Plot: OLD-3-01-008-0004
LEONG, Alfred, bur. 1970-07-28, Plot: JONES-*-12-007-0004
LEONG, Arm, d. 1957-11-12, Plot: OLD-4-04-015R-0015 (149)
LEONG, Back Hoo, bur. 1963-05-15, Plot: JONES-*-12-006-0015
LEONG, Back, d. 1927-05-20, Plot: OLD-5-06-002-0010
LEONG, Bok Ming, d. 1949-11-19, Plot: JONES-*-11-004-0001
LEONG, C. C., bur. 1958-02-01, Plot: JONES-*-12-006-0010
LEONG, Chee (Wing Yuen), bur. 1976-09-29, Plot: OLD-2-02-015R-0002
LEONG, Chong Chin, d. 1943-02-09, Plot: OLD-5-06-006-0001
LEONG, Chong Hong (Fred), d. 1931-08-12, Plot: OLD-3-06-008-0003
LEONG, Chong Kee, Age: 83 yrs, bur. 1973-04-12, Plot: JONES-*-04-*-0329
LEONG, Chong, d. 1925-10-14, Plot: OLD-5-06-012-0010
LEONG, Chong, d. 1940-03-16, Plot: OLD-5-06-005-0010
LEONG, Chong, d. 1941-03-27, Plot: JONES-*-20-009-0015
LEONG, Chong, d. 1944-12-20, Plot: JONES-*-21-008-0009
LEONG, Chong, d. 1945-01-13, Plot: JONES-*-21-001-0014
LEONG, Chong, d. 1957-04-29, Plot: JONES-*-21A-011-0010
LEONG, Chow, d. 1943-02-19, Plot: JONES-*-20-002-0009A
LEONG, Chun, d. 1955-12-10, Plot: JONES-*-21A-018-0010
LEONG, David, d. 1924-01-11, Plot: OLD-3-06-018-0003
LEONG, Dong Shue, d. 1922-03-20, Plot: OLD-4-04-017-0001
LEONG, Dow Joe, d. 1921-07-08, Plot: OLD-4-04-014-0004
LEONG, Dunn, d. 1931-11-26, Plot: OLD-3-04-015-0007
LEONG, Fai Shuck, bur. 1969-01-25, Plot: OLD-2-06-*-0681
LEONG, Fat, bur. 1959-08-01, Plot: JONES-*-12-006-0012
LEONG, Fat, bur. 1963-05-15, Plot: JONES-*-12-006-0015
LEONG, Fat, d. 1952-07-20, Plot: JONES-*-18-019-0015
LEONG, Fay Fong, bur. 1981-05-15, Plot: JONES-*-37-*-1539
LEONG, Fooh, d. 1945-02-12, Plot: JONES-*-21-001-0011
LEONG, Gim Doon, Age: 81 yrs, bur. 1982-03-30, Plot: IOOF-*-*-*-0621
LEONG, Gin, d. 1936-08-10, Plot: JONES-*-22-009-0009
LEONG, Go, d. 1942-11-23, Plot: JONES-*-20-013-0002
LEONG, Gong, d. 1955-04-21, Plot: JONES-*-19-004-0010
LEONG, Henry, d. 1953-02-11, Plot: JONES-*-18-003-0013
LEONG, Hok, bur. 1987-06-04, Plot: JONES-*-01-025A-0013 (117)
LEONG, Hoy Kaw, d. 1963-05-19, Plot: OLD-2-02-015R-0001
LEONG, Jack "Kimmon Long", Age: 70 yrs, bur. 1983-06-14, Plot: MASONIC-*-*-*-0131
LEONG, Jack Fong, bur. 1971-07-06, Plot: OLD-4-06-*-1288
LEONG, Jack, d. 1935-10-06, Plot: JONES-*-19-018-0003
LEONG, Jang Chin, d. 1946-10-09, Plot: JONES-*-21-014-0007
LEONG, Jang Choy, d. 1954-11-11, Plot: JONES-*-21A-014-0005
LEONG, Jang, d. 1945-05-03, Plot: JONES-*-21-018-0006
LEONG, Jin Chook Non, d. 1920-01-01, Plot: OLD-3-04-010-0012
LEONG, John "Long, Jun", Age: 62 yrs, d. 1976-07-20, bur. 1976-07-28, Plot: JONES-*-30-*-1204
LEONG, Johnny, d. 1955-11-27, Plot: JONES-*-21A-023-0007
LEONG, Joy Bun, bur. 1969-03-14, Plot: JONES-*-12-007-0003
LEONG, Jung, d. 1930-01-04, Plot: OLD-3-04-012-0016
LEONG, Kow Wong, d. 1927-08-25, Plot: OLD-4-04-013-0013
LEONG, Kwong, d. 1919-11-06, Plot: OLD-3-04-004-0013
LEONG, Lai Kang, d. 1960-09-16, Plot: OLD-4-03-025R-0012
LEONG, Lee Gee, bur. 1977-05-18, Plot: OLD-2-04-*-0404
LEONG, Lee, d. 1930-05-11, Plot: OLD-3-04-018-0016
LEONG, Lee, d. 1946-01-07, Plot: JONES-*-21-010-0010
LEONG, Ling, d. 1937-01-02, Plot: JONES-*-22-016-0004
LEONG, Louie, d. 1930-09-25, Plot: OLD-3-04-023-0016
LEONG, Low, bur. 1971-08-17, Plot: JONES-*-12-007-0005
LEONG, Lum Tah, d. 1928-09-13, Plot: OLD-4-04-002-0002
LEONG, Lung, d. 1939-11-10, Plot: JONES-*-22-008-0005
LEONG, Man Sang, bur. 1960-02-01, Plot: JONES-*-12-006-0012
LEONG, Mee, d. 1953-04-12, Plot: JONES-*-18-003-0003
LEONG, Men Jok, bur. 1973-01-25, Plot: OLD-4-03-*-1363
LEONG, Mon Wood, d. 1969-11-05, bur. 1969-11-07, Plot: OLD-3-05-*-0873
LEONG, Mow Yee, d. 1963-11-24, Plot: OLD-2-02-005R-0002
LEONG, Mun Hong, d. 1962-06-24, Plot: OLD-2-03-015R-0004 (108)
LEONG, Nam, d. 1935-11-05, Plot: JONES-*-19-018-0009
LEONG, Nee, d. 1930-04-07, Plot: OLD-3-04-018-0010
LEONG, Ng, d. 1931-04-17, Plot: OLD-3-04-021-0005
LEONG, Oh Kaing, d. 1946-01-21, Plot: JONES-*-21-010-0009
LEONG, Owen, bur. 1987-06-04, Plot: JONES-*-01-025A-0015 (119)
LEONG, Poy, d. 1951-06-20, Plot: JONES-*-21A-005-0009
LEONG, Sai Yit, d. 1956-12-05, Plot: JONES-*-21A-021-0011
LEONG, Sam, bur. 1968-07-10, Plot: OLD-2-04-*-0404
LEONG, Sein, d. 1941-04-12, Plot: JONES-*-20-001-0010
LEONG, Sey Chung, d. 1948-04-13, Plot: JONES-*-21-004-0008
LEONG, Shon Yuen, bur. 1961-02-01, Plot: JONES-*-12-006-0013
LEONG, Sing, d. 1922-11-26, Plot: OLD-4-04-024-0011
LEONG, Soon Ying, bur. 1970-07-15, Plot: OLD-3-05-*-1071
LEONG, Sun You, d. 1941-08-20, Plot: JONES-*-20-020-0007
LEONG, Wah Kon, d. 1948-09-28, Plot: JONES-*-20-006A-0015
LEONG, Wah Ong, d. 1920-12-19, Plot: OLD-4-04-010-0005
LEONG, Wai Sing, d. 1948-03-02, Plot: JONES-*-21-004-0011
LEONG, Wing, d. 1922-05-30, Plot: OLD-4-04-021-0016
LEONG, Yan, d. 1945-12-18, Plot: JONES-*-21-010-0013
LEONG, Yee Hook, d. 1922-08-31, Plot: OLD-4-04-015-0016
LEONG, Yee, d. 1914-09-10, Plot: OLD-3-04-013-0003
LEONG, Yee, d. 1946-01-26, Plot: JONES-*-21-010-0007
LEONG, Yew Clong, d. 1955-01-10, Plot: JONES-*-18-010-0006
LEONG, Yim, d. 1927-06-29, Plot: OLD-4-04-019-0001
LEONG, Yin Chong, Age: 69 yrs, bur. 1982-10-27, Plot: MASONIC-*-*-015-0008A
LEONG, Yip (You Jap), bur. 1970-07-27, Plot: OLD-3-04-*-2240
LEONG, You Jap (Yip), bur. 1970-07-27, Plot: OLD-3-04-*-2240
LEONG, Yuen Mee, Age: 88 yrs, bur. 1975-07-14, Plot: JONES-*-01-*-0009
LEONG, Yuen Yin, bur. 1966-01-18, Plot: OLD-1-04-*-0072
LEONG, Yuen, d. 1939-07-12, Plot: OLD-4-04-020-0016A
LEONHARDT, Alonzo Lawrence, bur. 1970-08-05, Plot: HORNE2-*-07-013-0006 (162)
LEONHARDT, Christian H., d. 1936-10-15, Plot: HORNE2-*-07-013-0006 (162)
LEONHARDT, Elizabeth, d. 1933-12-21, Plot: HORNE2-*-07-013-0006 (162)
LEONHARDT, Hildegard, d. 1960-12-17, Plot: JONES-*-32R-051-0015
LEONHARDT, Jacob, Age: 55 yrs, bur. 1972-02-09, Plot: JONES-*-05-*-0377
LEONNIER, Ralph, d. 1925-11-06, Plot: OLD-5-02-018-0015
LEOPKY, Bernard, d. 1965-09-03, Plot: HORNE1-5-04-*-1290
LEOW, Loong Sue, d. 1929-06-07, Plot: OLD-3-04-009-0001
LEPAS, Francois, d. 1938-07-23, Plot: JONES-*-22-003-0008A
LEPELLEY, Alfred, bur. 1969-01-13, Plot: OLD-5-03-*-2170
LEPENE, Marjorie June, d. 1955-03-04, bur. 1955-03-14, Plot: OLD-2-03-021-0009
LEPESH, John, bur. 1953-05-29, Plot: OLD-3-03-002-0013
LEPIN, Peter, Age: 32 yrs, d. 1931-01-05, bur. 1931-01-08, Plot: JONES-*-26-003-0004 (14)
LEPINE, Catherine, d. 1965-03-26, Plot: HORNE1-2-03-*-0253
LEPINE, Edward Charles, d. 1938-07-22, Plot: HORNE2-*-15-042-0007
LEPLA, Alice Marie Louise, Age: 94 yrs, bur. 1991-01-11, Plot: 1919-*-*-*-0978
LEPLA, Ann Elizabeth, Age: 78 yrs, d. 1996-02-29 Surrey, BC, bur. 1996-03-07, Plot: 1919-*-*-*-0933-1
LEPLA, Brian Gerald, Age: 25 yrs, bur. 1973-02-26, Plot: 1919-*-*-*-0933-1
LEPLA, Maurice, Age: 80 yrs, bur. 1997-07-11, Plot: 1919-*-*-*-0933-1
LEPLA, Rene, Age: 83 yrs, bur. 1976-08-31, Plot: 1919-*-*-*-0978
LEPLEY, Alfred Thomas, bur. 1982-08-27, Plot: HORNE2-*-15-*-0161
LEPOFSKY, Margaret P., bur. 1964-10-01, Plot: JONES-*-12-006-0016
LEPOINTE, Arthur, bur. 1967-08-31, Plot: OLD-4-02-*-1209
LEPOLD, (Baby), Age: Stillborn, bur. 1958-04-30, Plot: JONES-*-18-025-0016
LEPORE, Agnes, d. 1962-03-28, Plot: HORNE2-*-01-020-0002 (149)
LEPORE, Joseph, d. 1938-03-03, Plot: HORNE2-*-01-020-0001 (149)
LEPPARD, James, d. 1922-02-27, bur. 1922-02-28, Plot: 1919-*-B-042-0009
LEPPER, (Baby), d. 1936-08-20, Plot: HORNE1-4-04-003-0008
LEPPER, Ambrose H. (Dr.), d. 1912-07-23, Plot: JONES-*-08-009-0006
LEPPER, Beatrice Mae, bur. 1992-04-04, Plot: JONES-*-20A-022-0005 (333)
LEPPER, David Andrew, Age: 71 yrs, bur. 1978-04-20, Plot: MASONIC-*-20A-003-0005
LEPPER, Frederick Robert, Age: 64 yrs, bur. 1971-03-10, Plot: MASONIC-*-20A-003-0005
LEPPER, Herbert, bur. 1950-12-11, Plot: OLD-1-02-013-0010
LEPPER, James, d. 1915-03-08, Plot: JONES-*-34-003-0014
LEPPINGTON, Leo Oliver, bur. 1993-09-23, Plot: HORNE2-*-12-*-0204
LEPRESTRE, Emile, bur. 1979-04-27, Plot: JONES-*-43-*-0801
LEPRETRE, Frederick Edward, Age: 54 yrs, bur. 1995-02-14, Plot: JONES-*-14-012-0009A
LEPRETRE, Kenneth, Age: 53 yrs, d. 1998-06-12 Vancouver, bur. 1998-06-18, Plot: JONES-*-10-002-0016
LEPRETRE, William, bur. 1993-09-17, Plot: HORNE2-*-07-036-0012
LEPSCOMBE, John, d. 1943-10-26, Plot: ABRAY-*-06-035-0014
LEPTIER, (Baby), Age: Stillborn, bur. 1951-01-31, Plot: JONES-*-12-004-0016
LERAMUREN, (Baby), Age: Stillborn, bur. 1928-02-28, Plot: OLD-5-06-005-0007
LERAT, Rosalie, Age: 81 yrs, d. 1999-03-24 North Vancouver, BC, bur. 1999-04-09, Plot: JONES-*-17-*-1034
LERCH, George, bur. 1971-11-20, Plot: 1919-*-*-*-1105
LERCH, Wanda Rosalie, Age: 58 yrs, bur. 1972-01-20, Plot: 1919-*-*-*-1105
LERENTIUH, Mike, d. 1945-04-13, Plot: JONES-*-09-025-0004
LERETNY, (Baby), Age: Stillborn, bur. 1929-04-30, Plot: OLD-5-06-005-0013
LERHE, Eric George, d. 1945-12-09, Plot: ABRAY-*-03-007-0006
LERHE, Rose Annie, bur. 1989-09-20, Plot: ABRAY-*-03-007-0006
LERNO, John, d. 1942-10-22, Plot: JONES-*-08-005-0012
LEROSS, Pierre, Age: 74 yrs, b. 1890-mm-dd Italy, d. 1964-02-09 6394 St. Catherines Street, bur. 1964-02-14, Plot: OLD-1-05-003A-0004 (489)
LEROSS, Roberta Sage, Age: 81 yrs, b. 1883-mm-dd Scotland, d. 1964-02-09 6394 St. Catherines Street, bur. 1964-02-14, Plot: OLD-1-05-003A-0004 (489)
LEROSSIGNOL, Allan, bur. 1977-11-28, Plot: JONES-*-39-*-1421
LEROUX, Joseph, Age: 67 yrs, bur. 1973-02-23, Plot: JONES-*-15-*-0847
LEROUX, Olga Yvana Yolanda, bur. 1980-07-31, Plot: ABRAY-*-10-054-0012 (742)
LEROY (LEEWORTHY), Norman, bur. 1967-05-29, Plot: OLD-1-01-*-0329
LEROY, George Ernest, bur. 1956-02-01, Plot: JONES-*-12-006-0001
LEROY, Mathew J., d. 1918-10-30, Plot: JONES-*-35-009-0011
LEROY, Norman, bur. 1973-09-06, Plot: JONES-*-08-005A-0012 (296)
LEROY, Roy Matthew, d. 1918-05-23, Plot: JONES-*-46-017-0008
LEROY, Suzanne, d. 1926-06-22, Plot: 1919-*-D-049-0012
LERVICK, Torvald, d. 1918-08-25, Plot: JONES-*-14-008-0003
LERWILL, Thomas W., d. 1899-03-12, Plot: OLD-3-03-013-0003
LES, Goo, d. 1943-02-04, Plot: JONES-*-20-025-0002
LESCHYSON, Alma Mary, bur. 1983-10-31, Plot: HORNE2-*-01-014-0009 (125)
LESHER, Evelyne M. L., d. 1943-08-10, Plot: HORNE2-*-01-038-0008 (272)
LESHGOLD, Myer, Age: 4 yrs, b. Vancouver, d. 1910-08-05 Vancouver, bur. 1910-08-08, Plot: OLD-1-05-010-0002
LESIRE, Beatrice Annie, bur. 1975-07-03, Plot: ABRAY-*-10-040-0007 (497)
LESIUK, Harold, bur. 1985-07-05, Plot: HORNE2-*-04-*-0522
LESIW, John, d. 1932-05-02, Plot: HORNE2-*-06-032-0015
LESKA, Magdaline, bur. 1970-04-22, Plot: OLD-3-02-*-1019
LESKA, Paul, bur. 1968-02-27, Plot: OLD-3-02-*-1019
LESKA, Ruth M., d. 1955-03-05, Plot: HORNE2-*-11-015-0012
LESKEWYCZ, John, bur. 1973-08-04, Plot: JONES-*-31-*-0097
LESKINEN, Alisa, Age: 80 yrs, d. 1998-06-22 Vancouver, bur. 1998-07-20, Plot: HORNE2-*-06-034-0012-3
LESKIW, (Baby), Age: Stillborn, bur. 1953-02-28, Plot: JONES-*-12-004-0007
LESKO, John Victor, d. 1958-11-01, Plot: HORNE1-5-01-005RC-0014 (908)
LESLER, James, d. 1941-03-06, Plot: OLD-5-04-002-0016
LESLIE, (Baby), Age: Stillborn, bur. 1958-10-31, Plot: JONES-*-18-016-0013
LESLIE, Adelene Ruth, Age: 20 yrs, b. Vancouver, d. 1941-06-14 Vancouver, bur. 1941-06-17, Plot: KP-*-*-034-0016
LESLIE, Agnes Anderson, d. 1963-01-09, Plot: HORNE2-*-02-039-0006 (257)
LESLIE, Agnes, bur. 1970-12-30, Plot: JONES-*-*-071B-0008A
LESLIE, Allan, bur. 1987-06-04, Plot: JONES-*-01-025A-0015 (119)
LESLIE, Andrew, d. 1944-07-08, Plot: HORNE2-*-02-039-0005 (257)
LESLIE, Arthur Purvis, Age: 69 yrs, bur. 1965-04-14, Plot: IOOF-*-*-037-0011
LESLIE, Beatrice C., d. 1954-06-12, Plot: JONES-*-03-019-0007
LESLIE, Charles Wilbur, bur. 1980-06-26, Plot: JONES-*-27-010-0007
LESLIE, Charles William, d. 1943-07-22, Plot: HORNE2-*-09-047-0004 (628)
LESLIE, Clarence, d. 1908-09-26, Plot: HORNE1-1-03-009-0004
LESLIE, David Reedie, Age: 81 yrs, b. 1899-03-28 Edinburgh, Scotland, d. 1980-09-26 Vancouver, bur. 1980-10-02, Plot: ABRAY-*-04-*-2008
LESLIE, David, bur. 1972-06-26, Plot: JONES-*-34-007-0009 (45)
LESLIE, Dora L., d. 1933-12-12, Plot: HORNE2-*-11-010-0014
LESLIE, Edith L. E., Age: 47 yrs, b. Nova Scotia, d. 1931-12-18 Vancouver, bur. 1931-12-21, Plot: IOOF-*-*-037-0009
LESLIE, Ella, bur. 1987-03-05, Plot: HORNE2-*-09-047-0004 (628)
LESLIE, Elmer Ernest, Age: 84 yrs, d. 1998-09-05 Vancouver, bur. 1998-09-11, Plot: JONES-*-27-010-0008
LESLIE, Emily Lydia, Age: 41 yrs, b. B.C., d. 1929-02-03 Vancouver, bur. 1929-02-06, Plot: KP-*-*-034-0015
LESLIE, Emma Matilda, Age: 37 yrs, b. Nova Scotia, d. 1910-06-22 Vancouver, bur. 1910-06-24, Plot: IOOF-*-*-037-0012
LESLIE, Esther Rachel, Age: 40 yrs, d. 1908-02-20, Plot: HORNE1-3-04-002-0011
LESLIE, George W., Age: 74 yrs, b. Nova Scotia, d. 1924-12-07 Vancouver, bur. 1924-12-10, Plot: IOOF-*-*-037-0010
LESLIE, Gordon George, bur. 1980-11-21, Plot: JONES-*-27-010-0007
LESLIE, Harold Gordon, d. 1947-02-02, Plot: JONES-*-27-010-0005
LESLIE, Hector Alex., d. 1949-04-01, Plot: JONES-*-27-010-0006
LESLIE, Irene Maud, d. 1914-06-21, Plot: JONES-*-27-010-0005
LESLIE, James Edwin, d. 1959-08-30, Plot: ABRAY-*-12-017-0006 (134)
LESLIE, James, bur. 1987-06-04, Plot: JONES-*-01-025A-0015 (119)
LESLIE, James, d. 1898-08-21, Plot: OLD-1-04-013-0007
LESLIE, John, Age: 75 yrs, b. 1894-12-24 Glasgow, Scotland, d. 1970-12-20 Vancouver, bur. 1970-12-23, Plot: IOOF-*-32-014-0004
LESLIE, Joseph O., Age: 27 yrs, d. 1905-11-25 Enderby, BC, bur. 1905-11-30, Plot: KP-*-*-001-0014
LESLIE, Juliette Irene, Age: 76 yrs, b. Quebec, d. 1998-08-31 Vancouver, bur. 1998-09-11, Plot: JONES-*-27-010-0008
LESLIE, Mae, d. 1947-04-04, Plot: HORNE2-*-02-035-0007 (234)
LESLIE, Maggie, d. 1952-04-02, Plot: JONES-*-34-007-0009 (45)
LESLIE, Margaret Emma, d. 1933-06-26, bur. 1933-08-29, Plot: HORNE2-*-07-004-0009 (45)
LESLIE, Mary A., d. 1919-01-16, Plot: JONES-*-35-001-0015
LESLIE, Nellie, d. 1946-04-27, Plot: ABRAY-*-12-017-0006 (134)
LESLIE, Randall (Mascarenkas) L., d. 1964-08-31, Plot: HORNE2-*-15-015A-0010
LESLIE, Stewart Raymond, Age: 60 yrs, d. 1998-02-20 Vancouver, bur. 1998-03-31, Plot: JONES-*-24-016-0008A
LESLIE, Susan, Age: 68 yrs, b. Nova Scotia, d. 1919-03-17 Vancouver, bur. 1919-03-19, Plot: IOOF-*-*-037-0011
LESLIE, William Joseph, bur. 1985-11-01, Plot: HORNE2-*-11-*-0151
LESLIE, William Nas, d. 1935-01-14, Plot: JONES-*-07-004-0009
LESLIE, William, bur. 1981-11-20, Plot: JONES-*-38-*-1675
LESNIAK, Waclaw Michael, bur. 1988-06-13, Plot: OLD-4-03-012-0001A
LESNUCH, Steve, d. 1941-04-10, Plot: JONES-*-40-017-0007
LESSARD, Addie Matilda, d. 1949-03-11, Plot: ABRAY-*-12-016-0012 (126)
LESSARD, Charles Doris, d. 1956-02-11, Plot: JONES-*-20A-015-0010 (202)
LESSARD, Helen Francis, Age: 47 yrs, d. 1995-12-01 Vancouver, bur. 1995-12-08, Plot: MASONIC-*-*-050-0002
LESSARD, Jean, bur. 1983-04-21, Plot: HORNE2-*-06-*-0798
LESSARD, Joseph, d. 1938-05-28, Plot: HORNE2-*-16-043-0002
LESSE, Ada Amy, d. 1910-07-27, Plot: OLD-4-03-010-0001
LESSER, Lillian (Lehrer), Age: 95 yrs, b. 1889-12-17 Montreal, Quebec, d. 1985-02-13 Vancouver, BC, bur. 1985-02-17, Plot: OLD-1-05-014-0014
LESSER, Phillip, Age: 78 yrs, b. 1886-08-14 England, d. 1964-12-24 Vancouver, BC, bur. 1964-12-24, Plot: OLD-1-05-014-0016
LESSIF, Sarah, d. 1916-05-10, Plot: JONES-*-16-015-0010
LESSIMORE, (Baby), d. 1920-03-04, Plot: JONES-*-38-011-0013
LESSMAN, Emily, Age: 62 yrs, bur. 1967-04-26, Plot: MASONIC-*-21A-001-0026
LESSMAN, Frank, Age: 79 yrs, bur. 1979-12-20, Plot: MASONIC-*-21A-001-0026
LESTAGE, Berthe Yvonne, bur. 1976-07-02, Plot: JONES-*-27-*-1286
LESTER, (Baby), Age: Stillborn, bur. 1946-03-31, Plot: JONES-*-18-004-0012
LESTER, (Baby), Age: Stillborn, bur. 1961-01-31, Plot: JONES-*-18-015-0014
LESTER, (Baby), d. 1915-02-01, Plot: JONES-*-29-005-0011
LESTER, Albert, Age: 71 yrs, d. 1920-03-11, bur. 1920-03-15, Plot: JONES-*-38-019-0016
LESTER, Alexander, d. 1935-02-17, Plot: JONES-*-23-004-0010
LESTER, Catherine Gallie, d. 1951-06-28, Plot: JONES-*-04-001-0143
LESTER, Dorothy, d. 1911-10-04, Plot: JONES-*-01-014-0014
LESTER, Edmond, Age: 55 yrs, bur. 1965-03-11, Plot: MASONIC-*-22A-003-0029
LESTER, Edward Gerald, d. 1949-08-24, Plot: ABRAY-*-18-014-0014
LESTER, Frederick W., d. 1946-01-10, Plot: JONES-*-01-014-0013
LESTER, Harriet Belle, Age: 31 yrs, b. 1882-01-13 New Albany, USA, d. 1913-05-15 Vancouver, Plot: OLD-0-03-009-0008
LESTER, James, d. 1913-10-11, Plot: OLD-0-03-009-0006
LESTER, James, d. 1937-01-19, Plot: HORNE2-*-16-035-0004
LESTER, Joseph Robert, bur. 1979-02-05, Plot: JONES-*-37-*-1498
LESTER, Lewis John, Age: 55 yrs, bur. 1967-09-06, Plot: ABRAY-*-21-002-0004
LESTER, Louise Florence, Age: 53 yrs, b. England, d. 1925-12-05 Vancouver, bur. 1925-12-08, Plot: MASONIC-*-*-175-0013
LESTER, Mary Jane, d. 1916-11-07, Plot: JONES-*-38-019-0015
LESTER, Mary, d. 1900-12-24, Plot: OLD-0-03-009-0005
LESTER, Maud Oliver, d. 1943-03-30, Plot: JONES-*-01-014-0015
LESTER, May, d. 1909-11-08, Plot: HORNE1-5-04-010-0012
LESTER, William, bur. 1987-06-04, Plot: JONES-*-01-025A-0013 (117)
LESTIN, Charles George, bur. 1970-09-18, Plot: ABRAY-*-15-012-0003 (60)
LESTIN, Dora Laberge, Age: 67 yrs, b. 1895-02-14 Ottawa, ON, d. 1962-08-26 Vancouver, BC, bur. 1962-08-29, Plot: ABRAY-*-15-012-0004 (60)
LESTIR, (Baby), Age: Stillborn, bur. 1952-08-31, Plot: JONES-*-12-004-0014
LESTON, Walter Ross, d. 1960-01-17, Plot: HORNE1-2-01-004R-0015 (290)
LESYK, (Baby), Age: Stillborn, bur. 1950-06-30, Plot: JONES-*-12-005-0009
LET, Chu, d. 1924-02-13, Plot: OLD-3-06-019-0012
LET, Hing Chow, bur. 1962-01-01, Plot: JONES-*-12-006-0014
LETAWSKY, Victor, bur. 1980-04-14, Plot: JONES-*-38-*-1715
LETCHFORD, Adelene, d. 1937-11-09, Plot: JONES-*-41-024-0009A
LETCHFORD, Adeline, d. 1937-11-13, Plot: JONES-*-41-024-0009A
LETENDRE, Norman, d. 1957-10-05, bur. 1957-10-15, Plot: OLD-5-04-019-0005
LETHAM, Nellie Margaret, d. 1923-05-21, Plot: 1919-*-C-049-0013
LETHBRIDGE, (Baby), Age: Stillborn, bur. 1921-02-14, Plot: OLD-5-05-018-0009
LETHBRIDGE, Charles, d. 1951-06-02, Plot: ABRAY-*-18-015-0016
LETI, (Baby), Age: Stillborn, bur. 1915-03-04, Plot: OLD-5-04-012-0010
LETISSIER, (Baby), Age: Stillborn, bur. 1927-05-31, Plot: OLD-5-06-006-0012
LETKEMANN, Abram, bur. 1968-03-25, Plot: OLD-2-01-*-0800
LETKEMANN, Auganeta, bur. 1990-08-31, Plot: JONES-*-33-009-0008
LETKEMANN, P. J., bur. 1966-03-03, Plot: JONES-*-33-009-0007
LETKEMANN, Peter Jacob (Rev.), bur. 1966-03-03, Plot: JONES-*-33-009-0007
LETKEMANN, Sophie, Age: 84 yrs, bur. 1971-07-30, Plot: 1919-*-*-*-2399
LETNUK, Mike, d. 1959-03-10, Plot: OLD-5-04-007-0009
LETORNEAU, Stewar, bur. 1987-06-04, Plot: JONES-*-01-025A-0015 (119)
LETOUREAU, Joseph, d. 1960-01-07, bur. 1960-01-11, Plot: OLD-5-04-016-0013
LETOURNEAU, Earl Richard, d. 1965-08-11, Plot: HORNE1-5-04-*-1152
LETSIN, M., d. 1896-08-27, Plot: OLD-1-01-014-0007
LETSON, Gordon MacIntosh, bur. 1999-11-08, Plot: HORNE1-4-01-008-0013
LETSON, Harry Farnham Germain, bur. 1992-09-23, Plot: HORNE1-4-01-008-0013
LETSON, James Moore Kelly, d. 1904-06-04, Plot: HORNE1-4-01-008-0015
LETSON, Mary Barbara, Age: 72 yrs, d. 1936-04-12, Plot: HORNE1-4-01-008-0014
LETT, Ann Jane, d. 1942-10-18, Plot: JONES-*-31-001-0003
LETT, Annie Isobel, bur. 1975-10-01, Plot: JONES-*-12-007-0006
LETT, Charles, Age: 72 yrs, b. Ontario, d. 1923-02-20 Gambier Island, BC, bur. 1923-02-24, Plot: MASONIC-*-*-195-0013
LETT, Emily P., d. 1920-05-14, Plot: JONES-*-31-001-0001
LETT, Francis G., d. 1914-03-15, Plot: JONES-*-31-001-0002
LETT, Mary Stewart, Age: 80 yrs, b. Ontario, d. 1942-11-12 Gambier Island, BC, bur. 1942-11-16, Plot: MASONIC-*-*-195-0013
LETT, Mg, d. 1916-12-11, Plot: OLD-3-05-001-0006
LETT, Peter, d. 1905-09-15, Plot: OLD-4-03-020-0016
LETT, Sarah P., d. 1955-03-17, Plot: JONES-*-31-001-0001
LETTERER, Levern (Baby), Age: Stillborn, bur. 1950-10-31, Plot: JONES-*-12-004-0001
LETTMAN, Daniel, d. 1955-05-10, Plot: JONES-*-12-017-0015
LETTON, Emily, d. 1914-12-17, Plot: JONES-*-16-012-0011
LETTS, Amy Louise, d. 1932-04-27, Plot: HORNE2-*-11-022-0011
LETTS, Bertha V. M., d. 1940-11-07, Plot: HORNE2-*-09-007-0014 (134)
LETTS, Percy Frederick, d. 1950-01-16, Plot: HORNE2-*-11-022-0012
LETTS, Richard Donald, bur. 1984-02-14, Plot: HORNE2-*-11-022-0011
LETTS, Walter, d. 1943-05-21, Plot: JONES-*-27-035-0010
LETURINIUK, Wilfred (Baby), Age: Stillborn, bur. 1958-01-31, Plot: JONES-*-18-025-0015
LETVINOFF, Lena, Age: 21 yrs, b. Vancouver, d. 1912-06-15 Vancouver, bur. 1912-06-17, Plot: OLD-1-05-014-0005
LEU, Ernie, Age: 65 yrs, b. Switzerland, d. 1956-07-03 Vancouver, bur. 1956-07-07, Plot: JONES-*-20A-030-0003 (403)
LEU, Sam, d. 1930-09-11, Plot: OLD-3-04-023-0001
LEU, Sung, d. 1943-07-11, Plot: JONES-*-20-024-0008A
LEUDEMANN, John J., d. 1932-04-11, Plot: HORNE2-*-06-033-0001
LEUEN, Lee, d. 1914-12-25, Plot: OLD-3-04-014-0013
LEUNG, (Baby), Age: Stillborn, bur. 1931-05-31, Plot: JONES-*-18-016-0011
LEUNG, Albert, bur. 1977-01-14, Plot: JONES-*-33-*-1059
LEUNG, Chai Sing, Age: 69 yrs, bur. 1984-11-16, Plot: MASONIC-*-*-135-0009A
LEUNG, Fab, d. 1947-07-28, Plot: JONES-*-21-003-0004
LEUNG, Jung, d. 1925-10-03, Plot: OLD-5-06-009-0002
LEUNG, Kam You, d. 1942-05-23, Plot: OLD-1-04-012-0016A
LEUNG, Kun, Age: 56 yrs, bur. 1982-04-01, Plot: MASONIC-*-*-105-0009A
LEUNG, Nai Hong, Age: 75 yrs, bur. 1978-06-21, Plot: JONES-*-02-*-0095
LEUNG, Ping Kai, d. 1927-06-25, Plot: OLD-4-04-022-0005
LEUNG, Richard Seelung, Age: 30 yrs, bur. 1983-04-20, Plot: MASONIC-*-*-*-0041
LEUNG, Wai - Hing, Age: 68 yrs, bur. 1980-02-26, Plot: MASONIC-*-26A-002-0006
LEUNG, Wong Git, d. 1950-06-07, Plot: JONES-*-11-003-0008A
LEUNG, Wong Mee, d. 1932-08-13, Plot: OLD-3-05-001-0016
LEUNG, Yee, d. 1917-03-17, Plot: OLD-3-05-003-0003
LEUNG, Yiu Sing, bur. 1992-02-27, Plot: JONES-*-37-013-0016
LEUNG, Yung Fai "Chan, Fung Fai", Age: 43 yrs, bur. 1981-12-22, Plot: IOOF-*-*-*-0625
LEUPOLD, Alfred Adam, Age: 54 yrs, b. Germany, d. 1936-12-29 Vancouver, bur. 1936-12-31, Plot: HORNE2-*-08-022-0014 (334)
LEUPOLD, Lena Matilda, Age: 74 yrs, b. Germany, d. 1955-03-03 Vancouver, bur. 1955-03-07, Plot: HORNE2-*-08-022-0014 (334)
LEUR, Antoon, bur. 1987-06-04, Plot: JONES-*-01-025A-0013 (117)
LEURQUIN, Albert Lewis J., d. 1947-04-05, Plot: ABRAY-*-02-030-0010
LEUSCHEN, Mary Florence, bur. 1967-02-01, Plot: OLD-1-02-*-0306
LEUTCHTE, (Baby), Age: Stillborn, bur. 1937-12-31, Plot: JONES-*-18-017-0009A
LEUTY, Jessie., d. 1909-04-09, Plot: OLD-2-03-020-0006
LEUTY, Thomas William C., d. 1923-11-20, Plot: OLD-2-03-020-0007
LEUVIEUX, Frank D., d. 1947-02-06, Plot: IOOF-*-*-074-0008A
LEVASSEUR, Jacques Joseph Jean, Age: 46 yrs, bur. 1979-12-20, Plot: 1919-*-*-*-0682
LEVATTE, Reginald Aubrey, bur. 1978-01-05, Plot: ABRAY-*-03-025-0001
LEVCHOOK, Pana, bur. 1966-09-17, Plot: HORNE1-5-02-*-1096
LEVEEDALE, (Baby), Age: Stillborn, bur. 1921-03-01, Plot: OLD-5-05-018-0011
LEVEL, Clemence, d. 1918-07-30, Plot: JONES-*-47-028-0004
LEVEL, Louis, d. 1924-04-20, Plot: JONES-*-47-028-0003
LEVELTON, Christine, d. 1917-03-15, Plot: JONES-*-46-010-0010
LEVELTON, Lilian, d. 1918-02-24, Plot: JONES-*-46-010-0010
LEVEN, Alexander, d. 1959-06-11, Plot: HORNE1-4-04-002R-0008A (460)
LEVEN, Philip, d. 1940-04-28, Plot: JONES-*-23-019-0009A
LEVEQUE, Frank, d. 1917-03-17, Plot: JONES-*-38-016-0016
LEVEQUE, Patrick, d. 1936-02-22, Plot: HORNE2-*-16-021-0008
LEVEQUE, Theodore J., bur. 1989-07-25, Plot: JONES-*-06-023-0001
LEVERE, John A., d. 1961-06-17, Plot: HORNE1-5-03-002R-0014 (859)
LEVERE, Lawrence, bur. 1982-05-31, Plot: HORNE1-5-03-002R-0014 (859)
LEVERE, Mary, bur. 1985-06-14, Plot: HORNE1-5-03-002R-0014 (859)
LEVERETT, Caleb Goodrham, d. 1938-12-21, Plot: HORNE2-*-08-034-0012 (508)
LEVERETT, Ida, d. 1937-10-09, Plot: HORNE2-*-08-034-0002 (458)
LEVERIDGE, (Baby), Age: Stillborn, bur. 1929-06-30, Plot: OLD-5-06-005-0015
LEVERIDGE, Alice, d. 1936-02-14, Plot: HORNE2-*-08-020-0002 (298)
LEVERIDGE, Samuel W., d. 1961-06-19, Plot: HORNE2-*-08-020-0002 (298)
LEVERINGTON, Vera, bur. 1983-09-15, Plot: HORNE2-*-05-*-0843
LEVERS, (Baby Boy), bur. 1993-08-27, Plot: JONES-*-01-025A-0014 (118)
LEVERSON, Ernest David, d. 1921-12-25, Plot: 1919-*-B-037-0003
LEVERSON, Ruth, d. 1955-03-04, bur. 1955-03-09, Plot: 1919-*-B-037-0003
LEVERTON, (Baby), Age: Stillborn, bur. 1948-08-31, Plot: JONES-*-18-024-0003
LEVERTY, Cosie Marion, Age: 73 yrs, bur. 1972-09-13, Plot: JONES-*-07-*-0729
LEVESON, Benjamin, Age: 44 yrs, b. England, d. 1915-03-23 Vancouver, bur. 1915-03-27, Plot: MASONIC-*-*-042-0015
LEVESQUE, Clovis Napoleon, Age: 58 yrs, b. 1922-03-16 New Brunswick, d. 1980-05-13 Vancouver, bur. 1980-06-06, Plot: 1919-*-*-*-1449
LEVESQUE, Edmund "Joseph Edgar", Age: 51 yrs, bur. 1975-04-18, Plot: JONES-*-17-*-1040
LEVESQUE, George R., bur. 1964-10-01, Plot: JONES-*-12-006-0016
LEVESQUE, Leopold, Age: 70 yrs, bur. 1981-06-22, Plot: MASONIC-*-27A-001-0027
LEVETT, Firman, d. 1935-11-16, Plot: HORNE2-*-12-014-0008
LEVETT, James, d. 1954-03-20, Plot: HORNE2-*-14-024-0010
LEVEY, Frances Rosa, Age: 55 yrs, d. 1968-12-03 Richmond, BC, bur. 1968-12-05, Plot: 1919-*-*-*-2361
LEVEY, John Albert, d. 1964-08-09, Plot: HORNE1-5-04-*-0994
LEVEY, William, Age: 79 yrs, bur. 1991-12-11, Plot: 1919-*-*-*-2361
LEVICK, Musgrane Gwynne, d. 1948-06-07, Plot: ABRAY-*-15-044-0007 (627)
LEVICKI, Anna, d. 1920-02-28, Plot: JONES-*-14-020-0015
LEVIE, William, d. 1913-12-01, Plot: OLD-5-04-008-0009
LEVILLE, (Baby), Age: Stillborn, bur. 1931-08-31, Plot: JONES-*-18-016-0002
LEVIN, Ida, Age: 35 yrs, b. Russia, d. 1912-07-18 Vancouver, bur. 1912-07-19, Plot: OLD-1-05-001-0014
LEVINE, Isodore, Age: 2 yrs, b. New Westminister, BC, d. 1915-09-18 New Westminister, BC, bur. 1915-09-20, Plot: OLD-1-06-003-0013
LEVIS, Cyril Hastings, Age: 81 yrs, bur. 1994-02-21, Plot: JONES-*-31-028-0005
LEVIS, Miriam Violet, Age: 71 yrs, bur. 1991-03-20, Plot: JONES-*-31-028-0005
LEVIS, Richard, Age: 28 yrs, b. Ireland, d. 1914-08-29 Vancouver. BC, bur. 1914-09-02, Plot: JONES-*-31-028-0006
LEVITT, John, bur. 1984-07-09, Plot: HORNE2-*-05-*-0687
LEVO, Violet, bur. 1994-07-28, Plot: OLD-5-05-001-0014
LEVOIE, Albert, d. 1906-03-06, Plot: OLD-4-02-022-0014
LEVVA, Charles J., Age: 30 yrs, b. Ontario, d. 1891-08-23 Vancouver, Plot: OLD-1-01-002-0010
LEVVY, Albert, Age: 1 wk, b. 1909-11-dd Vancouver, BC, d. Vancouver, BC, bur. 1909-12-02, Plot: HORNE1-5-04-011-0015
LEVVY, Annie Elizabeth, Age: 26 yrs, b. England, d. 1909-11-30 Vancouver, bur. 1909-12-02, Plot: HORNE1-5-04-011-0015
LEVY, (Baby), d. 1917-06-19, Plot: JONES-*-02-014-0014
LEVY, Bella Rebecca, Age: 68 yrs, b. Montreal, d. 1932-05-24 Vancouver, bur. 1932-05-25, Plot: OLD-1-06-002-0002
LEVY, Charles Henry, Age: 68 yrs, b. England, d. 1922-11-13 Vancouver, bur. 1922-11-16, Plot: MASONIC-*-*-123-0005
LEVY, David, bur. 1991-05-15, Plot: JONES-*-12-007-0009
LEVY, Etta, Age: 24 yrs, b. Montreal, d. 1914-03-29 Vancouver, bur. 1914-03-31, Plot: OLD-1-06-001-0015
LEVY, Frances, Age: 86 yrs, b. Scotland, d. 1945-03-09 Vancouver, bur. 1945-03-13, Plot: MASONIC-*-*-123-0006
LEVY, Frank, Age: 41 yrs, b. England, d. 1935-10-06 Prince Rupert, BC, bur. 1935-10-14, Plot: MASONIC-*-*-123-0005
LEVY, Gladys Elizabeth, bur. 1986-03-10, Plot: JONES-*-02-014-0014
LEVY, Henry, Age: 77 yrs, b. Vancouver, BC, d. Vancouver, BC, bur. 1964-06-24, Plot: JONES-*-02-014-0014
LEVY, Itzchak Isaac, Age: 78 yrs, d. 1995-12-19 Vancouver, bur. 1995-12-20, Plot: OLD-1-06-006-0001
LEVY, Ivan Earl, d. 1956-09-05, Plot: JONES-*-20A-020-0012 (316)
LEVY, Jacques, Age: 55 yrs, bur. 1994-10-19, Plot: OLD-1-05-020-0010
LEVY, Louis, Age: 60 yrs, b. Russia, d. 1918-07-18 Vancouver, BC, bur. 1918-07-25, Plot: OLD-1-06-010-0014
LEVY, Mazal, Age: 83 yrs, bur. 1989-06-22, Plot: OLD-1-05-020-0009
LEVY, Nmaria R. (Baby), Age: Stillborn, bur. 1961-03-31, Plot: JONES-*-18-015-0015
LEVYKH, Grigory, Age: 71 yrs, b. 1920-03-22 Odesa, Ukraine, d. 1991-10-24 Vancouver, bur. 1991-10-24, Plot: ABRAY-*-12-*-0779
LEW (LEE), Sing Young, d. 1961-02-09, Plot: OLD-4-02-015R-0011
LEW (LOWE), Sing (Hee Hong), d. 1965-09-07, Plot: OLD-4-05-*-1279
LEW, (Baby Boy), d. 1963-01-29, bur. 1963-02-04, Plot: JONES-*-18-014-0008
LEW, (Baby Girl), bur. 1971-05-26, Plot: JONES-*-18-016-0009A
LEW, Bing "Low, Ping", bur. 1966-07-04, Plot: OLD-1-04-*-0235
LEW, Bing, d. 1923-04-26, bur. 1923-04-27, Plot: OLD-3-06-010-0010
LEW, Buck Ming, d. 1962-12-11, Plot: OLD-2-03-025R-0003 (125)
LEW, C., d. 1956-11-10, Plot: JONES-*-21A-030-0012
LEW, Cheong, bur. 1970-03-06, Plot: OLD-3-06-*-0898
LEW, Chew, d. 1919-12-18, Plot: OLD-3-04-009-0006
LEW, Chew, d. 1959-12-09, Plot: OLD-4-06-015R-0012 (241)
LEW, Chong Shee, Age: 90 yrs, bur. 1974-09-04, Plot: JONES-*-04-*-0296
LEW, Chong Sing, d. 1953-08-15, Plot: JONES-*-18-020-0009
LEW, Dai, d. 1960-06-21, Plot: OLD-4-03-016R-0005
LEW, David, d. 1924-09-24, Plot: OLD-5-01-019-0013
LEW, Fat Jam (Hee), bur. 1966-09-26, Plot: OLD-2-05-*-0717
LEW, Fong Hoo, d. 1955-03-19, Plot: JONES-*-21A-014-0004
LEW, Fong Sang, bur. 1967-06-16, Plot: OLD-2-04-*-0633
LEW, Fong, Age: 92 yrs, b. 1872-12-03, d. 1965-03-28 Valleyview Hospital, bur. 1965-04-01, Plot: OLD-4-04-*-1496
LEW, Fung Chuck, d. 1955-06-18, Plot: JONES-*-21A-024-0014
LEW, G. H., d. 1956-11-01, Plot: JONES-*-21A-030-0010
LEW, Ger, d. 1919-11-03, Plot: OLD-3-04-004-0012
LEW, Gim, d. 1957-03-14, Plot: JONES-*-21A-020-0007
LEW, Gong Goon, d. 1922-04-07, Plot: OLD-4-04-017-0014
LEW, Gong, d. 1922-01-07, Plot: OLD-4-04-019-0015
LEW, Hong, d. 1922-12-23, Plot: OLD-4-04-025-0015
LEW, Hong, d. 1934-02-23, Plot: OLD-3-05-010-0006
LEW, Hong, d. 1941-03-30, Plot: JONES-*-20-009-0001
LEW, Hong, d. 1955-12-11, Plot: JONES-*-21A-018-0003
LEW, How, d. 1946-08-09, Plot: OLD-3-03-010-0001A
LEW, Jew "Low", bur. 1969-01-07, Plot: OLD-2-06-*-0688
LEW, Joe Wah, Age: 74 yrs, bur. 1984-02-20, Plot: JONES-*-02-*-0171
LEW, Joe, d. 1914-09-19, Plot: OLD-3-04-004-0011
LEW, Jung Tung, d. 1965-11-16, Plot: OLD-1-04-*-0081
LEW, Jung, d. 1939-09-30, Plot: JONES-*-22-008-0003
LEW, Kang, d. 1913-11-22, Plot: OLD-3-04-009-0016
LEW, Keu, d. 1917-04-11, bur. 1917-04-14, Plot: OLD-3-05-003-0016
LEW, Kew, d. 1934-02-01, Plot: OLD-3-05-010-0010
LEW, King, Age: 82 yrs, bur. 1974-10-11, Plot: JONES-*-04-*-0320
LEW, Kwock Agg, Age: 78 yrs, bur. 1984-06-12, Plot: MASONIC-*-*-*-0467
LEW, Let Jack (Gine), d. 1957-10-06, Plot: JONES-*-21A-009-0001
LEW, Lit, bur. 1969-12-09, Plot: OLD-3-06-*-0885
LEW, Long, d. 1943-09-06, Plot: JONES-*-20-014-0016
LEW, Low, d. 1941-06-26, Plot: JONES-*-20-020-0015
LEW, Lum, d. 1941-03-25, Plot: JONES-*-20-009-0016
LEW, Man Kan, d. 1922-04-26, Plot: OLD-4-04-016-0010
LEW, Ming, d. 1940-12-02, Plot: JONES-*-19-009-0003
LEW, Ming, d. 1944-02-04, Plot: JONES-*-20-007-0008A
LEW, Nop, Age: 84 yrs, bur. 1975-07-21, Plot: JONES-*-01-*-0059
LEW, Pong, d. 1952-03-04, Plot: JONES-*-18-013-0013
LEW, Poy, d. 1937-10-14, Plot: OLD-4-04-008-0010
LEW, Quan Sha, d. 1952-12-10, Plot: JONES-*-21A-016-0015
LEW, Quon, d. 1947-12-25, Plot: OLD-6-01-001-0016 (8)
LEW, Rosie, d. 1899-07-03, Plot: OLD-5-01-019-0013
LEW, Sare Gow, d. 1965-04-09, Plot: OLD-4-04-*-1350
LEW, See, d. 1955-04-27, Plot: JONES-*-21A-017-0012
LEW, Share Wo, bur. 1965-05-13, Plot: JONES-*-12-006-0016
LEW, Sher Hum, d. 1957-10-25, Plot: OLD-4-04-016R-0016A (156)
LEW, Shew, d. 1945-12-03, Plot: JONES-*-21-010-0014
LEW, Shung Chew, bur. 1968-07-10, Plot: JONES-*-12-007-0003
LEW, Sing Dack, d. 1955-04-03, Plot: JONES-*-21A-014-0003
LEW, Sing, d. 1934-04-12, Plot: JONES-*-19-020-0004
LEW, Sing, d. 1944-02-05, Plot: JONES-*-20-004-0006
LEW, Sung, d. 1914-02-04, Plot: OLD-3-04-013-0013
LEW, Tai, d. 1962-02-13, Plot: OLD-2-04-005R-0008 (138)
LEW, Tong, Age: 66 yrs, b. China, d. 1948-12-06, bur. 1948-12-09, Plot: JONES-*-11-009-0009
LEW, Wah, d. 1922-02-25, Plot: OLD-4-04-018-0011
LEW, Wai Chee, d. 1943-12-11, Plot: JONES-*-20-007-0015
LEW, Wai Chin, d. 1945-05-14, Plot: JONES-*-21-019-0013
LEW, Wai Dot, d. 1952-10-10, Plot: JONES-*-21A-025-0001
LEW, Wan, Age: 80 yrs, bur. 1976-12-30, Plot: JONES-*-01-*-0011
LEW, Wing Chong "Chow, Jin Poy", bur. 1972-03-14, Plot: OLD-3-04-009-0006
LEW, Wong (Wing), bur. 1969-01-03, Plot: OLD-2-06-*-0689
LEW, Wong, d. 1955-01-08, Plot: JONES-*-18-001-0008
LEW, Yee (San), bur. 1967-03-21, Plot: OLD-2-04-*-0733
LEW, Yee Soon, d. 1936-11-01, Plot: JONES-*-19-016-0005
LEW, Yim, d. 1940-07-26, Plot: JONES-*-19-008-0011
LEW, Young, bur. 1968-03-21, Plot: JONES-*-12-007-0003
LEW, Yuen, d. 1944-10-24, Plot: JONES-*-21-009-0009A
LEWARDE, Man D., b. Moodyville, d. 1888-11-24 Moodyville, Plot: OLD-3-01-024-0003
LEWCHUK, Nettie, bur. 1993-01-07, Plot: OLD-2-01-009-0001A
LEWENDON, William N., d. 1913-08-02, Plot: JONES-*-28-004-0015
LEWERKE, Alfred, bur. 1969-08-20, Plot: HORNE1-1-03-001-0003
LEWERKE, Herman John, d. 1909-05-05, Plot: HORNE1-1-03-001-0004
LEWERKE, Jan, d. 1936-05-31, Plot: HORNE1-1-03-001-0001
LEWERS, Agnes, d. 1910-11-08, Plot: JONES-*-04-016-0013
LEWERS, Dexter David Sr., d. 1938-05-20, bur. 1970-06-10, Plot: HORNE2-*-08-044-0009 (665)
LEWERS, Isabella, d. 1914-07-20, Plot: JONES-*-42-005-0008
LEWERS, James R., d. 1914-08-26, Plot: JONES-*-42-005-0008
LEWERS, Vyola Hazel Rae, bur. 1996-11-07, Plot: HORNE2-*-08-044-0009 (665)
LEWES, Clifton, d. 1941-10-24, Plot: ABRAY-*-04-009-0001
LEWES, Nancy Lee, Age: 88 yrs, b. Winnipeg, d. 1930-09-02 Royal Columbian Hospital, bur. 1930-09-04, Plot: HORNE1-2-04-002-0012
LEWINGTON, Frederick Charles, bur. 1980-02-08, Plot: ABRAY-*-18-036-0004
LEWINGTON, Mary Ann, d. 1947-08-30, Plot: ABRAY-*-16-021-0002 (270)
LEWINGTON, Robert Seymour, d. 1957-10-05, Plot: ABRAY-*-16-021-0002 (270)
LEWIS, (Babies - Twins), Age: Stillborn, bur. 1955-09-30, Plot: JONES-*-12-005-0012
LEWIS, (Baby Boy), bur. 1966-08-26, Plot: JONES-*-18-006-0009
LEWIS, (Baby Boy), d. 1963-02-05, bur. 1964-02-24, Plot: JONES-*-18-007-0010
LEWIS, (Baby Girl), bur. 1993-08-27, Plot: JONES-*-01-025A-0014 (118)
LEWIS, (Baby Girl), bur. 1993-08-27, Plot: JONES-*-01-025A-0014 (118)
LEWIS, (Baby), Age: Stillborn, bur. 1914-10-22, Plot: OLD-5-04-012-0016
LEWIS, (Baby), Age: Stillborn, bur. 1919-04-14, Plot: OLD-5-04-020-0005
LEWIS, (Baby), Age: Stillborn, bur. 1919-11-17, Plot: OLD-5-05-018-0001
LEWIS, (Baby), Age: Stillborn, bur. 1924-08-01, Plot: OLD-5-05-023-0006
LEWIS, (Baby), Age: Stillborn, bur. 1929-01-31, Plot: OLD-5-06-005-0010
LEWIS, (Baby), Age: Stillborn, bur. 1929-10-31, Plot: JONES-*-18-025-0016
LEWIS, (Baby), Age: Stillborn, bur. 1929-12-31, Plot: JONES-*-18-025-0014
LEWIS, (Baby), Age: Stillborn, bur. 1941-09-30, Plot: JONES-*-18-017-0007
LEWIS, (Baby), Age: Stillborn, bur. 1944-08-31, Plot: JONES-*-18-004-0011
LEWIS, (Baby), Age: Stillborn, bur. 1949-07-31, Plot: JONES-*-18-007-0014
LEWIS, (Baby), Age: Stillborn, bur. 1950-03-31, Plot: JONES-*-12-005-0008
LEWIS, (Baby), Age: Stillborn, bur. 1951-10-31, Plot: JONES-*-12-004-0015
LEWIS, (Baby), Age: Stillborn, bur. 1953-08-31, Plot: JONES-*-12-004-0010
LEWIS, (Baby), Age: Stillborn, bur. 1954-02-28, Plot: JONES-*-12-004-0009A
LEWIS, (Baby), Age: Stillborn, bur. 1960-06-30, Plot: JONES-*-18-015-0009
LEWIS, (Baby), d. 1910-10-08, Plot: OLD-2-03-023-0014
LEWIS, (Baby), d. 1911-06-21, Plot: OLD-5-03-007-0013
LEWIS, (Baby), d. 1911-08-30, Plot: JONES-*-10-007-0005
LEWIS, (Baby), d. 1920-09-22, Plot: JONES-*-*-130B-0014
LEWIS, Adelaide Seymour, bur. 1980-07-31, Plot: HORNE1-1-04-013-0016
LEWIS, Adolph A. (Baby), Age: Stillborn, bur. 1937-12-31, Plot: JONES-*-18-024-0008A
LEWIS, Agnes, Age: 74 yrs, d. 1971-10-21 Vancouver, bur. 1971-10-25, Plot: 1919-*-*-*-1816
LEWIS, Albert Josh. W., Age: 34 yrs, b. 1928-09-13 Saskatchewan, d. 1963-05-18 Vancouver, Plot: JONES-*-17-025A-0015 (539)
LEWIS, Albert, Age: 90 yrs, b. 1908-01-06 Fenton, England, d. 1998-03-12 Vancouver, bur. 1998-03-24, Plot: MASONIC-*-*-*-0291
LEWIS, Aleta Elizabeth, Age: 67 yrs, b. Manitoba, d. 1963-08-09 Vancouver, bur. 1963-08-12, Plot: MASONIC-*-*-091-0009
LEWIS, Alfred Leslie, Age: 60 yrs, b. London - England, d. 1961-01-13 Vancouver, bur. 1961-01-17, Plot: KP-*-*-006A-0015
LEWIS, Alice Emma, bur. 1967-06-13, Plot: JONES-*-04-017-0013
LEWIS, Alice Jane, d. 1947-09-17, Plot: HORNE1-3-02-006-0009
LEWIS, Alice Lepel, d. 1949-10-09, Plot: HORNE2-*-08-028-0008 (384)
LEWIS, Alice Maude, bur. 1968-05-30, Plot: IOOF-*-*-048-0009
LEWIS, Alice, d. 1960-06-27, Plot: HORNE1-2-03-003R-0014 (214)
LEWIS, Allen Walter, Age: 59 yrs, b. USA, d. 1947-04-18 Vancouver, BC, bur. 1947-04-21, Plot: ABRAY-*-12-010-0010 (89)
LEWIS, Alma Jane, d. 1954-12-11, Plot: HORNE2-*-02-012-0015 (106)
LEWIS, Annie Maria, d. 1938-09-25, Plot: HORNE2-*-12-045-0006
LEWIS, Anthony James, Age: 3 mos, bur. 1970-02-05, Plot: HORNE1-4-04-*-0980-1
LEWIS, Arthur Henry, Age: 35 yrs, b. Ontario, bur. 1907-12-14, Plot: MASONIC-*-*-037-0004
LEWIS, Arthur Thomas, bur. 1982-11-22, Plot: HORNE2-*-BLVD-023-0001
LEWIS, Arthur W., d. 1931-06-11, Plot: HORNE1-1-04-013-0016
LEWIS, Benjamin, d. 1937-06-16, Plot: HORNE2-*-08-028-0008 (384)
LEWIS, Bertha, d. 1951-07-03, Plot: ABRAY-*-15-075-0005 (1057)
LEWIS, Bertram, d. 1951-03-24, Plot: IOOF-*-*-048-0012
LEWIS, Burton H., d. 1944-02-11, Plot: ABRAY-*-06-043-0007
LEWIS, Caroline M., d. 1957-07-29, Plot: ABRAY-*-10-013-0014 (93)
LEWIS, Catherine Henrietta, bur. 1973-02-26, Plot: JONES-*-02-005A-0006 (6)
LEWIS, Cecelia, d. 1920-04-28, Plot: OLD-4-06-011-0004
LEWIS, Cecil Malcolm, d. 1951-03-27, Plot: ABRAY-*-18-002-0013
LEWIS, Charles Allan, bur. 1981-08-17, Plot: ABRAY-*-21-021-0004
LEWIS, Charles William, d. 1952-02-08 Quesnel, BC, bur. 1954-09-13, Plot: MASONIC-*-06A-003-0004
LEWIS, Charles, Age: 43 yrs, b. Ontario, d. 1912-06-04 Vancouver, bur. 1912-06-07, Plot: MASONIC-*-*-091-0011
LEWIS, Charles, d. 1930-10-08, Plot: JONES-*-23-015-0013
LEWIS, Charles, d. 1935-02-12, Plot: HORNE2-*-16-010-0001
LEWIS, Charles, d. 1951-12-18, Plot: JONES-*-34-019-0016 (260)
LEWIS, Colby, d. 1898-12-23, Plot: OLD-3-03-010-0013
LEWIS, D., d. 1928-09-03, Plot: OLD-5-04-014-0003
LEWIS, Daisy Elizabeth, d. 1964-11-09, Plot: HORNE1-2-02-*-0272
LEWIS, David G., d. 1926-11-22, Plot: JONES-*-30-031-0008
LEWIS, David O., d. 1947-02-04, Plot: ABRAY-*-10-013-0014 (93)
LEWIS, David Parks, bur. 1967-10-31, Plot: OLD-2-03-*-0619
LEWIS, David Reece, d. 1925-03-31, Plot: HORNE2-*-14-035-0003
LEWIS, David, d. 1938-01-18, Plot: JONES-*-22-015-0011
LEWIS, Dorothy Susan, bur. 1970-03-05, Plot: HORNE2-*-08-028-0008 (384)
LEWIS, Dorothy, bur. 1952-10-01, Plot: JONES-*-12-006-0005
LEWIS, Earle Andrew, Age: 69 yrs, b. Manitoba, d. 1962-02-03 Burnaby, BC, bur. 1962-02-06, Plot: MASONIC-*-*-091-0012
LEWIS, Earle, bur. 1991-06-13, Plot: JONES-*-01-025A-0014 (118)
LEWIS, Edith Ann, Age: 33 yrs, b. Wales, d. 1918-12-27 Seymour Creek Warf, bur. 1918-12-31, Plot: KP-*-*-007-0003
LEWIS, Edith Irene, Age: 89 yrs, bur. 1991-11-08, Plot: KP-*-*-006A-0015
LEWIS, Edward Arthur "Ted", Age: 78 yrs, b. 1916-08-25 St. Boniface, Manitoba, d. 1994-09-28 Vancouver, bur. 1994-10-18, Plot: HORNE1-1-03-008-0004
LEWIS, Edward Charles, d. 1954-07-08, Plot: JONES-*-34-021-0009 (235)
LEWIS, Edward E., d. 1953-07-17, Plot: ABRAY-*-20-030-0001
LEWIS, Edwen Ray, d. 1951-03-09, Plot: ABRAY-*-19-007-0010
LEWIS, Elizabeth J., d. 1944-05-21, Plot: HORNE2-*-01-012-0011 (86)
LEWIS, Elizabeth L., Age: 87 yrs, b. New York, d. 1938-11-27 Vancouver, bur. 1938-11-30, Plot: KP-*-*-002-0014
LEWIS, Elizabeth Winnifred, Age: 78 yrs, d. 1995-08-08 New Westminster, BC, bur. 1995-08-18, Plot: HORNE2-*-01-009-0016 (76)
LEWIS, Elizabeth, d. 1940-01-17, Plot: HORNE2-*-09-020-0004 (300)
LEWIS, Ella L., d. 1903-05-30, Plot: HORNE1-3-02-006-0012
LEWIS, Elmer, d. 1916-02-08, Plot: JONES-*-16-002-0008
LEWIS, Ernest John, d. 1950-05-08, Plot: ABRAY-*-15-075-0005 (1057)
LEWIS, Esther, d. 1951-11-03, Plot: OLD-4-05-004-0003
LEWIS, Evan Thomas, bur. 1944-07-24, Plot: 1919-*-B-015-0002
LEWIS, Flora E., bur. 1982-06-08, Plot: JONES-*-12-007-0008
LEWIS, Florence Edith, Age: 79 yrs, bur. 1964-08-12, Plot: MASONIC-*-22A-002-0018
LEWIS, Florence L., d. 1955-12-07, Plot: JONES-*-20A-014-0002 (186)
LEWIS, Frances, d. 1919-10-25, Plot: OLD-1-03-019-0009
LEWIS, Francis R., d. 1922-10-27, Plot: JONES-*-10-016-0008
LEWIS, Frank D., d. 1917-12-24, Plot: JONES-*-14-007-0007
LEWIS, Frank G., d. 1942-12-15, Plot: HORNE1-3-02-006-0010
LEWIS, Frederick Welsley, Age: 66 yrs, bur. 1973-07-06, Plot: MASONIC-*-22A-002-0018
LEWIS, Garnet Beverley, Age: 51 yrs, bur. 1983-12-19, Plot: MASONIC-*-30A-002-0033
LEWIS, George C., d. 1912-03-06, Plot: JONES-*-10-016-0008
LEWIS, George Henry, Age: 31 yrs, b. Not Known, d. 1925-09-11 Sechelt, BC, bur. 1925-09-30, Plot: HORNE2-*-14-032-0001
LEWIS, George, d. 1925-09-16, Plot: HORNE2-*-14-032-0015
LEWIS, Gertrude Marie, Age: 73 yrs, d. 1998-06-30 Vancouver, bur. 1998-07-14, Plot: JONES-*-24-020-0010
LEWIS, Gilbert, bur. 1996-03-14, Plot: JONES-*-01-025A-0014 (118)
LEWIS, Grace Viola, Age: 74 yrs, b. USA, d. 1952-01-31 Steadmon Hospital, bur. 1952-02-04, Plot: MASONIC-*-*-037-0003
LEWIS, Harold Grant, bur. 1994-11-21, Plot: HORNE2-*-06-039-0001
LEWIS, Harold, d. 1910-04-09, Plot: HORNE1-5-04-015-0008
LEWIS, Harry Charles, d. 1943-12-14, Plot: ABRAY-*-11-012-0013 (225)
LEWIS, Harry, bur. 1967-05-02, Plot: JONES-*-12-007-0003
LEWIS, Harry, d. 1953-07-27, Plot: ABRAY-*-20-035-0011
LEWIS, Harvey, bur. 1956-07-01, Plot: JONES-*-12-006-0009
LEWIS, Hazel Fatima, bur. 1974-07-24, Plot: JONES-*-04-013-0009A
LEWIS, Henry Charles, bur. 1981-11-10, Plot: HORNE2-*-01-009-0016 (76)
LEWIS, Hughie G., d. 1943-03-12, Plot: HORNE2-*-10-020-0009 (285)
LEWIS, Idellaure Isadare, d. 1928-11-21, Plot: HORNE2-*-03-012-0008
LEWIS, Isaac Charles, d. 1937-04-17, Plot: HORNE2-*-02-012-0016 (106)
LEWIS, James Edwin, Age: 42 yrs, b. Sindey, N.S.W., d. 1918-12-09 Vancouver, bur. 1918-12-20, Plot: MASONIC-*-*-199-0009
LEWIS, James W., d. 1938-08-17, Plot: HORNE2-*-08-039-0016 (600)
LEWIS, James, d. 1902-07-04, Plot: OLD-4-03-023-0006
LEWIS, James, d. 1910-10-14, Plot: HORNE1-5-04-018-0014
LEWIS, James, d. 1919-03-14, Plot: JONES-*-*-130B-0014
LEWIS, Jane, Age: 76 yrs, b. Ireland, d. 1950-07-07, bur. 1950-07-11, Plot: KP-*-*-007-0001
LEWIS, Jennie, d. 1932-01-17, Plot: HORNE2-*-06-030-0003
LEWIS, Jessie M. F., d. 1919-03-11, Plot: JONES-*-*-130B-0013
LEWIS, Jessie, d. 1913-01-17, Plot: JONES-*-28-015-0003
LEWIS, John D., d. 1912-09-11, Plot: JONES-*-08-007-0012
LEWIS, John D, d. 1912-09-11, Plot: JONES-*-08-007-0012
LEWIS, John W., d. 1918-12-19, Plot: JONES-*-39R-020A-0005
LEWIS, John, d. 1912-07-26, Plot: OLD-3-02-009-0003
LEWIS, John, d. 1950-03-02, Plot: ABRAY-*-15-072-0001 (1029)
LEWIS, John, d. 1959-09-11, Plot: HORNE1-2-01-*-0160
LEWIS, Joseph, d. 1946-03-15, Plot: OLD-4-02-018-0001A
LEWIS, Julia, bur. 1979-12-31, Plot: ABRAY-*-21-021-0013
LEWIS, Julia, d. 1941-05-12, Plot: HORNE2-*-15-031-0005
LEWIS, Katherine, bur. 1991-06-13, Plot: JONES-*-01-025A-0014 (118)
LEWIS, Kathleen Gwynneth, Age: 98 yrs, b. Nelson, BC, d. 1996-11-03 Vancouver, bur. 1996-11-28, Plot: ABRAY-*-10-013-0013 (93)
LEWIS, Leland W., d. 1960-05-01, Plot: IOOF-*-32-002-0013
LEWIS, Leroy, b. Nanaimo, d. 1893-05-07 Vancouver, Plot: OLD-1-01-022-0009
LEWIS, Lester, bur. 1993-11-03, Plot: HORNE2-*-12-*-0116
LEWIS, Levi Albert, d. 1948-09-15, Plot: ABRAY-*-07-034-0005
LEWIS, Lorne, bur. 1987-06-04, Plot: JONES-*-01-025A-0015 (119)
LEWIS, Lottie Lee, Age: 54 yrs, b. England, d. 1935-02-14 Vancouver - VGH, Plot: IOOF-*-32-002-0016
LEWIS, Mabel Jane, bur. 1966-01-19, Plot: HORNE1-5-01-*-1231
LEWIS, Madeline, d. 1963-06-08, Plot: HORNE2-*-BLVD-023-0001
LEWIS, Margaret Mary, bur. 1967-06-12, Plot: OLD-1-03-*-0118
LEWIS, Marie Elizabeth, d. 1955-05-20, Plot: ABRAY-*-10-024-0003 (307)
LEWIS, Marion, Age: 74 yrs, bur. 1984-09-11, Plot: MASONIC-*-*-*-0291
LEWIS, Mary Ann, d. 1920-11-23, bur. 1920-11-25, Plot: 1919-*-B-015-0002
LEWIS, Mary E., d. 1932-08-09, Plot: IOOF-*-32-002-0016
LEWIS, Mary, Age: 86 yrs, b. Ontario, d. 1956-02-21 at home, 1126 W. 8th Ave., bur. 1956-02-29, Plot: MASONIC-*-*-091-0010
LEWIS, Michalina (Margo), bur. 1986-12-01, Plot: HORNE2-*-03-*-0634
LEWIS, Minnie, d. 1952-01-22, Plot: JONES-*-34-021-0009 (235)
LEWIS, Muriel, Age: 43 yrs, b. 1889-11-28 London, England, d. 1933-11-22 Vancouver, BC, bur. 1933-11-25, Plot: HORNE2-*-11-012-0006
LEWIS, Myrtle Mary, Age: 45 yrs, b. Nova Scotia, d. 1930-12-24 Vancouver, bur. 1930-12-27, Plot: KP-*-*-029-0014
LEWIS, Percy James, Age: 45 yrs, bur. 1970-08-17, Plot: KP-*-*-032A-0003
LEWIS, Percy P., d. 1952-05-12, Plot: JONES-*-30-031-0012
LEWIS, Peter, d. 1946-05-09, Plot: JONES-*-36-002-0012
LEWIS, Phoebe M., d. 1923-11-22, Plot: IOOF-*-*-048-0010
LEWIS, Reuben Arthur, d. 1938-04-28, Plot: HORNE2-*-16-041-0016
LEWIS, Rheba Kathryn, Age: 77 yrs, bur. 1974-08-30, Plot: MASONIC-*-06A-003-0004
LEWIS, Richard T., d. 1944-11-12, Plot: ABRAY-*-06-019-0010
LEWIS, Richard, bur. 1952-12-23, Plot: ABRAY-*-21-003-0011
LEWIS, Robert Lynden, Age: 48 yrs, b. 1927-05-28 Vancouver, BC, d. 1976-01-16 Vancouver, BC, bur. 1976-05-04, Plot: HORNE1-1-04-013-0015
LEWIS, Robert, d. 1921-02-26, bur. 1921-03-04, Plot: 1919-*-B-004-0012
LEWIS, Robert, d. 1922-01-30, bur. 1922-02-03, Plot: 1919-*-B-012-0001
LEWIS, Roland Sefton, d. 1936-03-23, Plot: HORNE2-*-01-012-0012 (86)
LEWIS, Rose, d. 1939-11-28, Plot: HORNE2-*-10-020-0009 (285)
LEWIS, Roy George, d. 1947-10-23, Plot: ABRAY-*-07-006-0011
LEWIS, Ruth, Age: 99 yrs, bur. 1991-11-15, Plot: ABRAY-*-12-010-0009 (89)
LEWIS, Ruth, bur. 1987-06-04, Plot: JONES-*-01-025A-0013 (117)
LEWIS, Sarah Glen, d. 1949-01-30, Plot: ABRAY-*-15-069-0003 (929)
LEWIS, Sarah McNaught, Age: 92 yrs, bur. 1976-08-05, Plot: MASONIC-*-23A-003-0030
LEWIS, Sarah Peace, d. 1911-04-08, Plot: HORNE1-5-05-004-0003
LEWIS, Stella, bur. 1970-04-01, Plot: JONES-*-0-035-0009
LEWIS, Stephen, d. 1919-09-09, Plot: JONES-*-47-027-0011
LEWIS, Theodore H., d. 1937-11-08, Plot: IOOF-*-32-002-0015
LEWIS, Thomas Anthony, d. 1965-06-08, Plot: HORNE1-2-04-*-0332
LEWIS, Thomas E., d. 1946-12-07, Plot: ABRAY-*-12-024-0015 (255)
LEWIS, Thomas John, d. 1951-02-05, Plot: ABRAY-*-19-005-0011
LEWIS, Thomas William, Age: 73 yrs, bur. 1982-08-06, Plot: MASONIC-*-22A-002-0018
LEWIS, Thomas, Age: 74 yrs, d. 1915-09-29, bur. 1915-12-02, Plot: JONES-*-26-007-0010 (56)
LEWIS, Thomas, Age: 78 yrs, b. England, d. 1958-08-26 Essondale, BC, bur. 1958-08-29, Plot: KP-*-*-007-0002
LEWIS, Thomas, d. 1909-12-28, Plot: IOOF-*-*-048-0011
LEWIS, Thomas, d. 1954-02-16, Plot: HORNE2-*-14-024-0013
LEWIS, Vera Mossalene, Age: 87 yrs, bur. 1980-09-18, Plot: MASONIC-*-*-091-0008
LEWIS, Vera, Age: 75 yrs, bur. 1986-07-16, Plot: MASONIC-*-22A-002-0018
LEWIS, Walter Howard, d. 1924-08-26, Plot: 1919-*-C-044-0006
LEWIS, Walter Richmond, d. 1964-02-19, Plot: IOOF-*-32-002-0013
LEWIS, Ward Lamonte, bur. 1974-09-12, Plot: JONES-*-26-*-0354
LEWIS, William Albert, bur. 1987-06-04, Plot: JONES-*-01-025A-0015 (119)
LEWIS, William Arthur, Age: 61 yrs, b. Oakland, California, d. 1996-05-23 Vancouver, bur. 1999-10-04, Plot: MASONIC-*-06A-003-0004
LEWIS, William David, bur. 1956-02-01, Plot: JONES-*-12-006-0001
LEWIS, William, d. 1911-04-10, Plot: JONES-*-04-017-0015
LEWIS, William, d. 1927-03-30, Plot: HORNE2-*-04-018-0002
LEWIS, William, d. 1938-08-21, Plot: JONES-*-22-004-0003
LEWIS, William, d. 1961-08-25, Plot: JONES-*-02-005A-0006 (6)
LEWISKI, William, d. 1961-07-13, Plot: OLD-5-04-S-0004
LEWLEY, Thelma, d. 1910-08-07, Plot: OLD-4-03-011-0015
LEWTHWARTE, Margaret, d. 1906-02-08, Plot: HORNE1-2-04-001-0012
LEWTHWOITE, Muriel E., d. 1905-08-13, Plot: OLD-4-02-011-0015
LEWYS, Dalziel H., Age: 59 yrs, b. S. Wales, d. 1938-02-11, bur. 1938-02-16, Plot: JONES-*-41-011-0009A
LEX, Louis, Age: 87 yrs, bur. 1988-10-19, Plot: MASONIC-*-29A-003-0012
LEXTON, Joseph, d. 1928-09-26, Plot: OLD-5-04-014-0016
LEY, John H., d. 1911-06-12, Plot: HORNE1-0-02-002-0015
LEY, Matilda, d. 1909-11-26, Plot: HORNE1-0-02-002-0014
LEY, Thomas, d. 1926-05-02, bur. 1926-05-06, Plot: 1919-*-D-049-0002
LEYBURN, William, d. 1934-03-02, Plot: HORNE2-*-11-002-0016
LEYDE, Stanley Truman, d. 1960-05-29, Plot: HORNE1-2-04-001R-0005 (129)
LEYFIELD, Frederick A., d. 1927-08-31, Plot: HORNE2-*-14-004-0003
LEYLAND, Frederick, bur. 1979-01-17, Plot: ABRAY-*-05-*-1892
LEYLAND, Peter T. (Baby), Age: Stillborn, bur. 1959-03-31, Plot: JONES-*-18-016-0016
LEYS, (Baby), Age: Stillborn, bur. 1925-09-08, Plot: OLD-5-05-024-0006
LEYS, Douglas, d. 1926-11-10, Plot: HORNE2-*-14-006-0015
LEYS, George, d. 1915-03-22, Plot: JONES-*-16-014-0001
LEYS, Margaret, d. 1942-12-07, Plot: HORNE2-*-07-021-0004 (289D)
LEZARKO, Nicholas, d. 1961-02-17, Plot: OLD-5-04-Q-0016
LEZERT, Edward, d. 1917-09-10, Plot: OLD-5-04-021-0010
LHIN, Kok Lun, d. 1933-04-30, Plot: JONES-*-23-006-0016
LI (LAI), Jong Shing (Sing), bur. 1971-07-29, Plot: OLD-4-06-*-1293
LI (LEE), Chen (Loy), bur. 1971-10-29, Plot: OLD-4-06-*-1301
LI, (Baby Girl), bur. 1993-08-27, Plot: JONES-*-01-025A-0014 (118)
LI, Ching Kwei, Age: 85 yrs, bur. 1989-06-26, Plot: MASONIC-*-*-164-0008A
LI, Chu Tsai, Age: 75 yrs, bur. 1980-10-17, Plot: MASONIC-*-26A-003-0027
LI, Fai Yuen, bur. 1967-05-02, Plot: JONES-*-12-007-0003
LI, Gooey, d. 1921-01-21, Plot: OLD-4-04-011-0008
LI, Hip, Age: 71 yrs, bur. 1987-04-15, Plot: MASONIC-*-29A-001-0049
LI, Lu Ling "Li Ju Ying" or "Li Lee Ying", Age: 24 yrs, b. China, d. 1920-02-21 Vancouver, BC, bur. 1920-02-25, Plot: OLD-3-04-012-0001
LI, Peter Cheuk Sang, Age: 44 yrs, d. 1998-01-08 Vancouver, bur. 1998-01-14, Plot: JONES-*-15-004-0009A
LI, Shui Yung, Age: 90 yrs, bur. 1996-12-20, Plot: MASONIC-*-29A-001-0018
LI, Yick Chun, Age: 81 yrs, bur. 1977-02-24, Plot: JONES-*-01-*-0046
LI, Yick Ho, Age: 76 yrs, bur. 1976-06-29, Plot: JONES-*-01-*-0065
LI, Yuk Lam, Age: 80 yrs, bur. 1986-11-26, Plot: MASONIC-*-29A-001-0054
LI, Yuk Yip, Age: 43 yrs, bur. 1994-02-21, Plot: MASONIC-*-*-085-0012
LIADAKIS, Harris, Age: 69 yrs, bur. 1973-01-03, Plot: JONES-*-07-*-0772
LIANG, Shannon (Baby), Age: Stillborn, bur. 1954-11-30, Plot: JONES-*-12-005-0003
LIAO, Carl, bur. 1954-01-01, Plot: JONES-*-12-006-0003
LIAO, Yu, Age: 76 yrs, bur. 1979-08-01, Plot: IOOF-*-*-*-0174
LIARANNI, (Baby), Age: Stillborn, bur. 1929-07-31, Plot: OLD-5-06-005-0015
LIB, Sum, d. 1944-07-27, Plot: JONES-*-21-016-0016
LIBBETTS, (Baby), Age: Stillborn, bur. 1928-07-31, Plot: OLD-5-06-005-0003
LIBBITS, Winifred Florence, d. 1956-07-24, Plot: ABRAY-*-11-013-0010 (230)
LIBBY, (Baby), Age: Stillborn, bur. 1947-03-31, Plot: JONES-*-18-024-0004
LIBBY, Frank Herbert, bur. 1998-08-10, Plot: 1919-*-B-029-0016
LIBBY, Lydia, bur. 1984-04-07, Plot: 1919-*-B-029-0016
LIBELLS, (Baby), Age: Stillborn, bur. 1927-06-30, Plot: OLD-5-06-006-0013
LIBERTA, Cosmo, Age: 87 yrs, bur. 1978-10-31, Plot: JONES-*-0-*-1542
LIBERTO, Domenico, Age: 81 yrs, bur. 1974-11-12, Plot: JONES-*-0-*-1418
LIBERTO, Rosina, Age: 89 yrs, bur. 1989-05-04, Plot: JONES-*-0-*-1418
LIBERTY, Paul, Age: 39 yrs, d. 1999-10-14 Vancouver, bur. 1999-11-10, Plot: OLD-5-03-K-0004
LIBOIRON, Joseph L., bur. 1954-01-01, Plot: JONES-*-12-006-0003
LICHTENFELD, Joseph, Age: 84 yrs, d. 1999-10-15 Vancouver, bur. 1999-10-20, Plot: OLD-1-06-016-0003
LICHTY, Kevin Alexander, Age: 29 yrs, bur. 1983-10-31, Plot: MASONIC-*-*-*-0105
LICK, August, d. 1965-12-01, Plot: HORNE1-4-03-*-0704
LICKEY, George, bur. 1952-10-30, Plot: ABRAY-*-21-019-0003
LICKISS, Gordon, d. 1955-07-31, Plot: ABRAY-*-04-021-0003
LICKMANN, Rainie Joyce, bur. 1977-04-18, Plot: JONES-*-33-*-1056
LICSKO, Maria, bur. 1978-06-29, Plot: JONES-*-42-*-0721
LIDDELL, (Baby), Age: Stillborn, bur. 1948-10-31, Plot: JONES-*-18-017-0014
LIDDELL, (Baby), Age: Stillborn, bur. 1949-03-31, Plot: JONES-*-18-014-0014
LIDDELL, Agnes, d. 1942-05-03, Plot: HORNE2-*-09-002-0004 (12)
LIDDELL, Alexander, d. 1951-10-01, Plot: ABRAY-*-20-006-0004
LIDDELL, Carolina, d. 1907-12-16, Plot: HORNE1-3-04-012-0014
LIDDELL, Florence, bur. 1991-06-13, Plot: JONES-*-01-025A-0014 (118)
LIDDELL, Harold Ernest, bur. 1970-03-05, Plot: IOOF-*-32-047-0006
LIDDELL, Howard M., d. 1913-10-04, Plot: JONES-*-28-002-0005
LIDDELL, John Muir, d. 1924-10-20, Plot: 1919-*-C-042-0012
LIDDELL, Leslie, bur. 1991-06-13, Plot: JONES-*-01-025A-0014 (118)
LIDDELL, Marion S., d. 1937-12-29, Plot: JONES-*-35-006-0008A
LIDDELL, Violet Margaret, bur. 1992-09-03, Plot: IOOF-*-32-047-0006
LIDDICOAT, (Baby), Age: Stillborn, bur. 1954-06-30, Plot: JONES-*-12-005-0015
LIDDLE, Andrew, bur. 1987-06-04, Plot: JONES-*-01-025A-0015 (119)
LIDDLE, Andrew, d. 1920-03-09, bur. 1920-03-11, Plot: JONES-*-45-014-0005
LIDDLE, Beverley, Age: 59 yrs, bur. 1982-11-04, Plot: ABRAY-*-12-*-0753
LIDDLE, David L. W., d. 1925-09-17, Plot: 1919-*-D-036-0008
LIDDLE, David Louis, bur. 1959-08-01, Plot: JONES-*-12-006-0012
LIDDLE, Edith, bur. 1991-06-13, Plot: JONES-*-01-025A-0014 (118)
LIDDLE, Florence Mary, Age: 69 yrs, d. 1951-07-25, bur. 1951-07-30, Plot: JONES-*-26-012-0008A (127)
LIDDLE, Jaine Dean, d. 1936-08-22, Plot: 1919-*-D-036-0008
LIDDLE, James Deano, d. 1936-08-25, Plot: 1919-*-D-036-0008
LIDDLE, James Deans, Age: 75 yrs, bur. 1988-01-07, Plot: IOOF-*-*-*-1040
LIDDLE, Margaret Isobel, Age: 70 yrs, bur. 1985-12-10, Plot: IOOF-*-*-*-1040
LIDDLE, Mary M., d. 1912-05-13, Plot: JONES-*-08-018-0005
LIDDLE, William (Pow), bur. 1984-03-20, Plot: ABRAY-*-12-*-0750
LIDGATE, Frederick Alexander, d. 1921-03-10, Plot: JONES-*-45-022-0009
LIDGATE, James Alexander, Age: 86 yrs, d. 1951-05-26, bur. 1951-05-29, Plot: JONES-*-26-019-0012 (292)
LIDIVONITCH, Mary, d. 1941-02-08, Plot: JONES-*-41-005-0010
LIDMAN, Jno., d. 1940-08-22, Plot: OLD-5-03-021-0008
LIDSTONE, Jessie W., d. 1953-09-26, Plot: JONES-*-36-007-0003
LIE, Annelin Kari, d. 1965-09-22, Plot: HORNE1-1-04-*-0217
LIE, Fook, d. 1956-01-26, Plot: JONES-*-21A-028-0002
LIEBE, (Baby), bur. 1969-02-03, Plot: JONES-*-18-016-0009
LIEBELT, Emilie, Age: 78 yrs, bur. 1984-11-21, Plot: MASONIC-*-*-019-0008A
LIEBELT, Hilda, bur. 1976-07-09, Plot: HORNE1-3-01-003-0016
LIEBELT, Rudolf, Age: 61 yrs, b. Russia, d. 1962-01-16 Vancouver, bur. 1962-01-17, Plot: HORNE1-3-01-003-0016
LIEBICH, Clara Katherine, Age: 45 yrs, d. 1985-09-02 Burnaby, BC, bur. 1985-09-06, Plot: 1919-*-*-*-1245
LIEBLICH, Alfred Alexander, Age: 67 yrs, bur. 1975-11-15, Plot: KP-*-*-*-0063
LIEBRECHT, Tracy Gail, Age: 21 mins, bur. 1968-01-17, Plot: JONES-*-18-006-0015
LIEDMEIR, Peter, bur. 1964-12-19, Plot: ABRAY-*-06-029-0016A
LIEFKE, Madeline, Age: 69 yrs, d. Vancouver, bur. 1971-04-30, Plot: 1919-*-*-*-2263
LIELKE, William, bur. 1987-06-04, Plot: JONES-*-01-025A-0013 (117)
LIEM, Chae, d. 1951-04-19, Plot: JONES-*-18-023-0001
LIEN, Gatherine, bur. 1964-08-18, Plot: OLD-3-01-009-0016A
LIEN, King, d. 1953-11-12, Plot: JONES-*-18-009-0009
LIEN, Ole Severn, d. 1963-12-11, bur. 1963-12-17, Plot: OLD-4-03-005A-0012 (150)
LIESCH, Herman, Age: 77 yrs, bur. 1988-04-07, Plot: MASONIC-*-*-196-0009A
LIESCH, Jacob, Age: 65 yrs, bur. 1975-01-03, Plot: JONES-*-0-*-1527
LIESCH, Paul, d. 1950-06-01, Plot: ABRAY-*-15-074-0008 (1052)
LIESCH, Robert Allan, Age: 25 yrs, bur. 1975-12-22, Plot: KP-*-*-*-0126
LIESK, Douglas, bur. 1931-03-28, Plot: JONES-*-23-014-0011
LIESVELD, Johannes Hendriks, Age: 85 yrs, bur. 1971-06-25, Plot: ABRAY-*-15-*-0448
LIEZERT, (Baby), Age: Stillborn, bur. 1930-02-28, Plot: JONES-*-18-025-0013
LIFFEN, (Baby), Age: Stillborn, bur. 1945-01-31, Plot: JONES-*-18-004-0006
LIFFORD, (Baby), Age: Stillborn, bur. 1935-12-31, Plot: JONES-*-18-005-0012
LIFFORD, Frank H., d. 1962-08-03, Plot: OLD-4-01-016R-0016A (151)
LIFFORD, Grace Clarice, bur. 1980-01-24, Plot: OLD-4-01-016R-0016A (151)
LIFKE, Oscar, d. 1924-03-21, Plot: OLD-5-05-022-0012
LIFKEY- GREENE, Laura Jean, bur. 1970-03-13, Plot: IOOF-*-32-029-0014
LIGGETT, Agnus Shaw, bur. 1953-09-02, Plot: ABRAY-*-21-023-0015
LIGHT, Ione Eva, Age: 51 yrs, b. 1908-04-27 Port Stanley, Ontario, d. 1960-03-04 Vancouver, BC, bur. 1960-03-16, Plot: HORNE1-4-04-004R-0011 (480)
LIGHTBODY, Edward B., d. 1940-03-26, Plot: HORNE2-*-15-026-0012
LIGHTBODY, Marion Gallagher, bur. 1981-05-10, Plot: OLD-1-02-008-0005
LIGHTFOOT, (Baby), Age: Stillborn, bur. 1937-07-31, Plot: JONES-*-18-005-0001
LIGHTFOOT, Charles Leander, Age: 69 yrs, b. Ontario, d. 1936-11-06 Ocean Park, BC, bur. 1936-11-09, Plot: MASONIC-*-*-126-0010
LIGHTFOOT, Dorothy, bur. 1979-04-12, Plot: JONES-*-37-040-0004
LIGHTFOOT, Elizabeth, Age: 69 yrs, b. Ontario, d. 1941-04-27 Vancouver, bur. 1941-04-29, Plot: MASONIC-*-*-126-0010
LIGHTFOOT, Fred, bur. 1987-06-04, Plot: JONES-*-01-025A-0015 (119)
LIGHTFOOT, James Dingwall, bur. 1981-09-18, Plot: HORNE2-*-16-*-0112
LIGHTFOOT, James, d. 1944-01-17, Plot: ABRAY-*-06-030-0004
LIGHTFOOT, John William, d. 1921-09-09, bur. 1921-09-12, Plot: JONES-*-29-020-0006
LIGHTFOOT, John, d. 1942-12-19, Plot: ABRAY-*-03-030-0014
LIGHTFOOT, Laura May, Age: 52 yrs, b. Ontario, d. 1921-08-23 Ocean Park, BC, bur. 1921-08-26, Plot: MASONIC-*-*-126-0009
LIGHTFOOT, Lucy May, Age: 72 yrs, b. England, d. 1995-11-10 Langley, BC, bur. 1995-11-17, Plot: ABRAY-*-04-*-1993-4
LIGHTFOOT, Mary Johston, d. 1950-11-03, Plot: 1919-*-D-038-0013
LIGHTFOOT, Michael James Edgar, bur. 1983-05-27, Plot: ABRAY-*-04-*-1993-4
LIGHTFOOT, Norman William, bur. 1976-04-26, Plot: JONES-*-37-040-0003
LIGHTFOOT, Sarah Ann, Age: 81 yrs, b. England, d. 1944-11-20, bur. 1944-11-23, Plot: JONES-*-37-040-0003
LIGHTFOOT, Vesta Jean, d. 1962-08-24, bur. 1962-08-28, Plot: HORNE1-2-01-*-0122
LIGHTFOOT, William Henry, Age: 59 yrs, b. England, d. 1919-06-09, bur. 1919-06-12, Plot: JONES-*-37-040-0003
LIGHTHALL, (Baby), Age: 1 day, b. Vancouver, d. 1919-11-04 Vancouver, bur. 1919-11-06, Plot: MASONIC-*-*-139-0012
LIGHTHALL, Abram, Age: 70 yrs, b. Ontario, d. 1948-11-03 Vancouver, bur. 1948-11-17, Plot: MASONIC-*-*-139-0011
LIGHTHALL, Cornelius John, Age: 8 days, b. Vancouver, d. 1912-06-01 Vancouver, bur. 1912-06-04, Dis: 1919-11-06, Dis# 20145, Plot: JONES-*-08-018-0010
LIGHTHALL, Cornelius John, Age: 8 days, b. Vancouver, d. 1912-06-01 Vancouver, bur. 1919-11-06, Plot: MASONIC-*-*-139-0012
LIGHTHALL, George Edwin, Age: 41 yrs, b. Vancouver, d. 1955-06-15 Vancouver, bur. 1955-06-17, Plot: MASONIC-*-*-139-0011
LIGHTHALL, Isabel Mae, Age: 62 yrs, bur. 1978-09-28, Plot: MASONIC-*-*-139-0011
LIGHTHALL, Vida Maxwell, Age: 69 yrs, bur. 1989-02-06, Plot: MASONIC-*-*-139-0011
LIGHTHALL, William Douw, Age: 56 yrs, bur. 1978-09-28, Plot: MASONIC-*-*-139-0011
LIGHTHEART, (Baby), Age: Stillborn, bur. 1932-11-30, Plot: JONES-*-18-015-0003
LIGHTHEART, (Baby), Age: Stillborn, bur. 1943-04-30, Plot: JONES-*-18-017-0011
LIGHTHEART, Alice M., bur. 1923-11-27, Plot: JONES-*-03-001-0005
LIGHTHEART, Aneita, d. 1919-03-29, Plot: JONES-*-03-001-0012
LIGHTHEART, Annie, bur. 1976-11-18, Plot: JONES-*-03-001-0010
LIGHTHEART, Christina, bur. 1964-11-10, Plot: JONES-*-03-001-0001
LIGHTHEART, Genevieve Margaret, Age: 66 yrs, bur. 1977-05-11, Plot: ABRAY-*-15-*-0459
LIGHTHEART, Jacob V., d. 1955-09-10, Plot: JONES-*-03-001-0002
LIGHTHEART, Jessie P., d. 1938-05-22, Plot: JONES-*-03-001-0014
LIGHTHEART, Joseph Robert, bur. 1971-04-13, Plot: JONES-*-03-001-0010
LIGHTHEART, Joseph, Age: 63 yrs, b. Ontario, d. 1912-03-07, bur. 1912-03-09, Plot: JONES-*-03-001-0004
LIGHTHEART, Thomas J., d. 1912-04-02, Plot: JONES-*-03-001-0003
LIGHTHEART, William Akitt, bur. 1966-12-21, Plot: JONES-*-03-001-0008
LIGHTHEART, William Leslie Pierpont, bur. 1985-12-05, Plot: JONES-*-03-001-0009
LIGHTHEART, Winnie Jemima, d. 1920-12-03, Plot: JONES-*-03-001-0013
LIGHTHEART, Winnifred Maude V., d. 1953-04-09, Plot: JONES-*-03-001-0007
LIGHTHOUSE, (Baby), Age: Stillborn, bur. 1927-12-31, Plot: OLD-5-06-005-0008
LIHODZIEVSKY, Vera, d. 1957-02-06, Plot: JONES-*-20A-001-0012 (76)
LIHOU, Mary, d. 1940-05-17, Plot: JONES-*-03-012-0009A
LIJST, Cornetia, bur. 1987-06-04, Plot: JONES-*-01-025A-0013 (117)
LIKELY, Hellen Hazelwood, Age: 69 yrs, b. New Brunswick, d. 1957-09-11 Vancouver, bur. 1957-11-27, Plot: MASONIC-*-10A-002-0001
LIKNES, Kristoffer J., Age: 53 yrs, b. 1876-06-23 Norway, d. 1930-01-07 Galliano Island, BC, bur. 1930-01-10, Plot: HORNE2-*-04-046-0012
LILBANHEIM, L. F., b. Germany, d. 1889-12-10 Vancouver, Plot: OLD-3-01-006-0002
LILBURN, Alex, d. 1928-12-03, Plot: HORNE2-*-04-039-0004
LILBURN, Archibald, d. 1919-01-22, Plot: JONES-*-35-021-0010
LILBURN, John, d. 1928-07-23, Plot: HORNE2-*-04-041-0003
LILBURN, Margaret, d. 1934-05-23, Plot: HORNE2-*-12-024-0008
LILBURN, Maria, d. 1928-09-09, Plot: HORNE2-*-04-041-0016
LILGEDAL, Victor Madison, d. 1926-10-19, Plot: 1919-*-D-061-0016
LILJA, Peter Ephriam, d. 1931-03-12, Plot: HORNE2-*-13-043A-0014
LILJEDAHL, Inga, Age: 52 yrs, bur. 1973-11-30, Plot: MASONIC-*-28A-004-0022
LILJEDAHL, John, bur. 1966-02-24, Plot: JONES-*-12-007-0003
LILLBURN, Susan, d. 1923-02-08, Plot: 1919-*-C-013-0010
LILLEENG, Haakon, bur. 1954-01-01, Plot: JONES-*-12-006-0003
LILLEODEGARD (OYGARD), Per (Peter Or Per), bur. 1979-07-13, Plot: JONES-*-44-*-0864
LILLEY, (Baby), Age: Stillborn, bur. 1958-06-30, Plot: JONES-*-18-016-0010
LILLEY, Walter, bur. 1987-06-04, Plot: JONES-*-01-025A-0013 (117)
LILLEYMAN, William H., d. 1948-10-01, Plot: ABRAY-*-07-034-0012
LILLFORS, Arthur, d. 1962-11-08, Plot: JONES-*-16-016A-0015 (479)
LILLHOOG, Wilho Einar, bur. 1966-02-24, Plot: JONES-*-12-007-0003
LILLIAROVSH, Gusti, bur. 1901-01-09, Plot: OLD-4-03-019-0009
LILLIE, (Baby Boy), bur. 1966-01-11, Plot: JONES-*-18-006-0006
LILLINGTON, Doris Gertrude, d. 1931-07-09, Plot: OLD-2-01-015-0007
LILLIS, Agnes, bur. 1972-07-19, Plot: JONES-*-44-022-0015
LILLIS, Dennis, d. 1932-05-03, Plot: JONES-*-44-022-0016
LILLIS, Sheila, d. 1916-08-31, Plot: JONES-*-44-022-0015
LILLOS, August, d. 1923-03-23, Plot: 1919-*-A-008-0012
LILLOS, Henrikke, bur. 1975-01-29, Plot: 1919-*-A-008-0011
LILLQUIST, Ake Herman, Age: 72 yrs, bur. 1977-03-16, Plot: MASONIC-*-24A-002-0020
LILLQUIST, Wilma Josephine, Age: 86 yrs, bur. 1992-04-01, Plot: MASONIC-*-24A-002-0020
LILLTHORS, Edle M. A., d. 1919-01-26, Plot: JONES-*-17-023-0002
LILLY, (Baby Boy), d. 1961-09-13, bur. 1961-09-26, Plot: JONES-*-18-015-0003
LILLY, Jack, d. 1936-05-08, Plot: JONES-*-22-013-0013
LILLY, Ronald Lamfon, bur. 1984-06-20, Plot: HORNE2-*-14-*-0469
LILOUIST, Edward, d. 1931-12-22, Plot: JONES-*-23-009-0002
LIM, (Baby Boy), bur. 1964-12-14, Plot: JONES-*-18-007-0004
LIM, (Baby), Age: Stillborn, bur. 1925-12-07, Plot: OLD-5-05-024-0007
LIM, (Baby), Age: Stillborn, bur. 1948-09-30, Plot: JONES-*-18-024-0003
LIM, Are Leong, Age: 76 yrs, b. China, d. 1954-02-02 Vancouver, bur. 1954-02-08, Plot: JONES-*-21A-004-0012
LIM, Bark Shee, d. 1941-01-10, Plot: JONES-*-19-010-0008A
LIM, Betty "Big Jean Ng", "Ng Big Dean", "Betty Dean", Age: 43 yrs, b. 1934-06-28, d. 1977-11-14, bur. 1977-11-18, Plot: JONES-*-13-*-0214
LIM, Bow, d. 1950-08-03, Plot: JONES-*-11-001-0008
LIM, Buch Jor, d. 1944-01-04, Plot: JONES-*-20-007-0009
LIM, Chong Fon "Harry", Age: 78 yrs, bur. 1973-06-01, Plot: JONES-*-03-*-0183
LIM, Chong, bur. 1979-03-01, Plot: JONES-*-12-007-0007
LIM, Choy, Age: 73 yrs, b. China, d. 1949-05-10, bur. 1949-05-12, Plot: JONES-*-11-007-0010
LIM, Chuch, d. 1938-11-07, Plot: JONES-*-22-008-0013
LIM, Chuck Lan, d. 1938-11-07, Plot: OLD-3-04-019-0016A
LIM, Chung Ming, d. 1955-04-11, Plot: JONES-*-21A-003-0007
LIM, Chung, d. 1954-09-07, Plot: JONES-*-21A-024-0006
LIM, David Lim, bur. 1971-08-17, Plot: JONES-*-12-007-0005
LIM, Dock, d. 1933-10-19, Plot: OLD-3-05-009-0009
LIM, Dong Fook, Age: 89 yrs, d. 1978-04-24 Vancouver, bur. 1978-05-10, Plot: 1919-*-*-*-1386
LIM, Duch Han, d. 1943-09-09, Plot: JONES-*-20-014-0009A
LIM, Duch Tom, d. 1942-08-19, Plot: JONES-*-20-018-0011
LIM, Duck Ho, d. 1946-02-14, Plot: JONES-*-21-007-0010
LIM, Duck Low, d. 1921-10-15, Plot: OLD-4-04-020-0005
LIM, Duck Yen, d. 1947-07-30, Plot: OLD-2-05-010-0016A
LIM, Duck, d. 1942-03-23, Plot: JONES-*-20-019-0010
LIM, Fai, d. 1944-04-18, Plot: JONES-*-20-006-0001
LIM, Fong, d. 1943-03-26, Plot: JONES-*-20-008-0002
LIM, Fong, d. 1962-02-05, Plot: OLD-2-04-025R-0005 (171)
LIM, Fun, d. 1943-03-17, Plot: JONES-*-20-008-0011
LIM, Fung, bur. 1969-09-19, Plot: OLD-3-05-*-1066
LIM, Gim Fon "Gim Foon, Wellington", Age: 72 yrs, d. Vancouver, BC, bur. 1971-06-25, Plot: OLD-3-06-*-1085
LIM, Go Lung "Go, Lung", bur. 1972-02-11, Plot: OLD-3-04-006-0007
LIM, Gock On, Age: 79 yrs, bur. 1984-02-28, Plot: JONES-*-02-*-0139
LIM, Gong, bur. 1987-06-04, Plot: JONES-*-01-025A-0015 (119)
LIM, Gooey Doon, d. 1962-03-09, Plot: OLD-2-05-019-0016A
LIM, Goy Leong, d. 1933-11-09, Plot: OLD-3-05-010-0016
LIM, Guang, d. 1913-05-15, Plot: OLD-3-04-002-0010
LIM, Guey Foon, bur. 1965-05-13, Plot: JONES-*-12-006-0016
LIM, Gum Towe "Shou Hong", Age: 73 yrs, bur. 1982-01-13, Plot: JONES-*-0-011-0013
LIM, Guy Dart "Lum, Hing", d. 1958-01-12, Plot: OLD-4-04-015R-0016A (147)
LIM, Harry Bing Mon, Age: 64 yrs, bur. 1980-12-09, Plot: IOOF-*-*-*-0537
LIM, Henry, Age: 17 yrs, b. 1915-mm-dd Vancouver, BC, d. 1933-06-16 Vancouver, BC, bur. 1933-06-26, Plot: OLD-3-05-008-0016
LIM, Hing, d. 1940-08-28, Plot: JONES-*-22-017-0008A
LIM, Hip "Lam", bur. 1970-10-19, Plot: OLD-3-04-008-0002
LIM, Hon, d. 1944-04-20, Plot: JONES-*-20-006-0013
LIM, Hong, d. 1930-07-24, Plot: OLD-3-04-019-0015
LIM, Hong, d. 1938-01-08, Plot: OLD-4-04-025-0001
LIM, Hoo, d. 1937-10-16, Plot: OLD-4-04-006-0010
LIM, How Tin, d. 1954-07-10, Plot: JONES-*-21A-017-0007
LIM, Jack Why, d. 1930-01-05, Plot: OLD-3-04-011-0016
LIM, Jane Shui Jing, Age: 84 yrs, bur. 1993-03-05, Plot: MASONIC-*-*-123-0008A
LIM, Jang, d. 1930-09-04, Plot: OLD-3-04-019-0009
LIM, Joe, d. 1916-03-30, Plot: OLD-3-04-024-0006
LIM, Jun Wing, d. 1965-07-15, Plot: OLD-4-04-*-1483
LIM, Jung Toy, d. 1924-06-11, Plot: OLD-3-06-017-0016
LIM, Kew Quai, d. 1962-01-11, Plot: OLD-2-04-006R-0008 (147)
LIM, King Wen, Age: 76 yrs, bur. 1972-12-08, Plot: JONES-*-03-*-0196
LIM, Kog, d. 1937-03-03, Plot: JONES-*-19-024-0010
LIM, Kui Soon, d. 1939-11-13, Plot: OLD-2-04-021-0016A
LIM, Kuong, d. 1941-01-08, Plot: JONES-*-19-010-0008
LIM, Kwok Hing, d. 1958-02-10, Plot: OLD-4-04-006R-0011 (144)
LIM, Lai Bang, Age: 69 yrs, bur. 1978-03-09, Plot: JONES-*-13-*-0204
LIM, Leo, d. 1914-07-14, Plot: OLD-3-04-006-0005
LIM, Ling, d. 1939-05-09, Plot: JONES-*-19-004-0008A
LIM, Long Duck, d. 1943-08-14, Plot: JONES-*-20-017-0003
LIM, Lowe Fook, d. 1949-04-05, Plot: OLD-6-02-003-0009 (17)
LIM, Loy Suey, d. 1922-02-10, Plot: OLD-4-04-018-0014
LIM, Lung Gim, Age: 71 yrs, bur. 1974-12-20, Plot: JONES-*-01-*-0020
LIM, Mah Hoo, d. 1942-10-20, Plot: OLD-4-04-012-0016A
LIM, Mang, d. 1945-04-01, Plot: JONES-*-21-018-0012
LIM, May Mee, Age: 1 yr, d. 1935-04-01 Vancouver, bur. 1935-04-02, Plot: JONES-*-19-012-0013
LIM, Mey Hook, d. 1922-08-14, Plot: OLD-4-04-022-0014
LIM, Min Hee, bur. 1968-01-04, Plot: OLD-2-05-*-0704
LIM, Mon, d. 1943-10-07, Plot: JONES-*-20-016-0013
LIM, Nam, d. 1922-07-18, Plot: OLD-4-04-022-0002
LIM, Nellie, d. 1928-01-04, Plot: OLD-4-04-006-0009
LIM, Nicole Elaine, Age: 4 days, bur. 1986-02-06, Plot: MASONIC-*-*-*-0445-4
LIM, Nuey, d. 1946-10-06, Plot: JONES-*-21-011-0015
LIM, On, d. 1956-02-24, Plot: JONES-*-21A-013-0003
LIM, Pon, d. 1937-08-03, Plot: JONES-*-19-005-0012
LIM, Pong, d. 1939-01-28, Plot: OLD-4-04-018-0016A
LIM, Poo On, Age: 64 yrs, bur. 1972-12-15, Plot: JONES-*-03-*-0195
LIM, Poy, Age: 80 yrs, bur. 1975-08-29, Plot: JONES-*-01-*-0036
LIM, Que Yee, d. 1938-02-26, Plot: OLD-3-04-006-0016A
LIM, See You, d. 1938-12-13, Plot: JONES-*-19-005-0002
LIM, Shong, d. 1961-08-13, Plot: OLD-4-02-005R-0014
LIM, Show Young, d. 1941-07-22, Plot: JONES-*-20-020-0009
LIM, Sing Lee, d. 1964-12-07, Plot: OLD-4-04-*-1258
LIM, Sing, d. 1950-02-02, Plot: JONES-*-20-005A-0001
LIM, Soo "Lem, So", Age: 93 yrs, bur. 1976-06-10, Plot: OLD-3-04-*-0147-2
LIM, Sun On, bur. 1967-12-21, Plot: OLD-2-05-*-0660
LIM, Tick Mee, d. 1931-08-17, Plot: OLD-3-06-002-0006
LIM, Ting (Guey You), Age: 51 yrs, d. 1940-06-09, Plot: JONES-*-19-007-0007
LIM, Tong Duck, d. 1955-07-04, Plot: JONES-*-21A-017-0015
LIM, Tuck Quon, d. 1938-05-25, Plot: JONES-*-19-005-0006
LIM, Vong Chaun, Age: 35 yrs, bur. 1984-08-22, Plot: MASONIC-*-*-*-0407
LIM, Wah "Lam, Yin", d. 1962-01-18, Plot: OLD-2-04-006R-0004 (143)
LIM, Wah John Yung, d. 1919-12-24, Plot: OLD-3-04-009-0013
LIM, Wah, d. 1936-03-16, Plot: JONES-*-19-023-0012
LIM, Wallace Bing Wah, bur. 1971-05-07, Plot: OLD-3-04-*-2265
LIM, Wing Kee, d. 1947-09-02, Plot: OLD-2-05-006-0016A
LIM, Wo Gee, Age: 72 yrs, bur. 1974-07-25, Plot: JONES-*-03-*-0273
LIM, Wong Dip, d. 1915-05-25, Plot: OLD-3-04-016-0006
LIM, Wong, d. 1935-09-26, Plot: JONES-*-22-009-0015
LIM, Woo, d. 1955-06-22, Plot: JONES-*-19-004-0012
LIM, Yee, d. 1953-09-19, Plot: OLD-5-06-005-0001
LIM, Yew, d. 1943-03-01, Plot: JONES-*-20-002-0009
LIM, Yip Shee, Age: 61 yrs, bur. 1976-05-31, Plot: JONES-*-03-*-0192
LIM, Yip, d. 1935-09-12, Plot: JONES-*-19-023-0001
LIM, You, d. 1943-06-17, Plot: JONES-*-20-024-0012
LIM, Young, d. 1934-06-07, Plot: OLD-3-05-021-0006
LIM, Young, d. 1952-01-05, Plot: JONES-*-18-018-0016
LIM, Yue, d. 1938-07-14, Plot: OLD-3-04-007-0001A
LIM, Yuen, d. 1933-03-09, Plot: OLD-5-06-A-0007
LIM, Yung, d. 1932-11-02, Plot: OLD-5-06-A-0016
LIMAHAN, Walter William B., d. 1963-12-08, Plot: HORNE2-*-15-036A-0015
LIMAURO, Marie, d. 1915-05-24, Plot: JONES-*-16-004-0005
LIMBERT, Matthew, bur. 1954-11-08, Plot: HORNE1-1-02-014-0005
LIMBERT, Priscilla, d. 1946-02-21, Plot: HORNE1-1-02-014-0006
LIMER, Norman, bur. 1977-02-04, Plot: JONES-*-36-*-1050
LIMHORTS, George, d. 1927-05-31, Plot: OLD-4-05-002-0001
LIMIN, Violet, d. 1952-05-15, Plot: HORNE2-*-03-015-0013
LIMIN, William Henry, d. 1928-06-27, Plot: HORNE2-*-03-015-0014
LIMLAI, Limsach, d. 1945-04-15, Plot: JONES-*-21-018-0003
LIMMONS, (Baby), Age: Stillborn, bur. 1946-06-30, Plot: JONES-*-18-004-0005
LIMOND, Thomas A., d. 1943-11-19, Plot: JONES-*-13-021-0010
LIMPUS, Alfred C., bur. 1952-03-10, Plot: ABRAY-*-20-025-0010
LIN, Chong Doh, d. 1946-08-23, Plot: OLD-6-01-005-0008 (46)
LIN, Jimmy, Age: 63 yrs, bur. 1969-02-28, Plot: OLD-3-05-*-1052
LIN, Jung Jang, d. 1945-03-26, Plot: JONES-*-19-025-0013
LIN, Lam Chung, d. 1927-09-16, Plot: OLD-5-06-003-0003
LIN, Lew Hee, d. 1929-02-02, Plot: OLD-3-04-003-0004
LIN, Luan Chang, d. 1957-09-03, Plot: JONES-*-21A-009-0014
LIN, Mah Wing, d. 1921-06-29, Plot: OLD-4-04-013-0009
LIN, Pat, d. 1916-06-20, Plot: OLD-3-04-019-0007
LIN, Wan, d. 1956-12-27, Plot: JONES-*-21A-021-0016
LIN, Wong Chow, d. 1922-08-11, Plot: OLD-4-04-022-0013
LIN, Yen, d. 1928-09-16, Plot: OLD-3-04-005-0009
LIN, Yet Leong, d. 1953-01-31, Plot: JONES-*-18-003-0009
LIN, Yuen Hang, d. 1918-05-17, Plot: OLD-3-05-011-0001
LINAHAM, Johann, d. 1908-07-13, Plot: HORNE1-3-04-008-0015
LINBALD, John F., d. 1929-12-14, Plot: HORNE2-*-04-048-0008
LINBLAD, Olaf Otto, d. 1954-10-21, Plot: HORNE2-*-04-048-0008
LINBORG, (Baby), Age: Stillborn, bur. 1956-02-28, Plot: JONES-*-18-025-0009
LINCE, Alfred, d. 1921-06-13, Plot: JONES-*-45-024-0012
LINCH, Eva May, d. 1952-04-02, Plot: OLD-3-01-005-0015
LINCHAM, Timothy, d. 1933-09-29, Plot: HORNE2-*-13-006-0015
LINCKE, (Baby), Age: Stillborn, bur. 1937-05-31, Plot: JONES-*-18-005-0002
LINCOLN, Amelia Kate, d. 1945-04-19, Plot: JONES-*-10-008-0008A
LINCOLN, Harry, d. 1961-01-29, Plot: HORNE1-3-01-025A-0002 (132)
LINCOLN, Jane, bur. 1991-06-13, Plot: JONES-*-01-025A-0014 (118)
LIND (SMONGS), Peter Smongs (Peter Lind), d. 1947-04-09, Plot: HORNE1-5-04-018-0008A
LIND, (Babies - Twins), Age: Stillborn, bur. 1944-04-30, Plot: JONES-*-18-007-0006
LIND, (Baby Boy), d. 1961-09-06, bur. 1961-09-12, Plot: JONES-*-18-015-0003
LIND, (Baby), Age: Stillborn, bur. 1939-09-30, Plot: JONES-*-18-017-0009
LIND, Briita Sophia, d. 1937-09-29, Plot: JONES-*-14-009-0008A
LIND, Carl F., d. 1938-10-28, Plot: JONES-*-22-010-0004
LIND, Charles, d. 1918-10-20, Plot: JONES-*-17-004-0012
LIND, Charles, d. 1947-12-10, bur. 1947-12-12, Plot: OLD-5-02-J-0001A
LIND, Chas Frederick, d. 1938-05-18, Plot: JONES-*-22-004-0013
LIND, Chris, bur. 1987-06-04, Plot: JONES-*-01-025A-0015 (119)
LIND, Eleanor, bur. 1972-12-29, Plot: HORNE1-4-01-*-0934
LIND, Gust., d. 1940-11-21, Plot: JONES-*-25-017-0006
LIND, Gust, d. 1949-10-06, Plot: ABRAY-*-18-015-0007
LIND, Inge, d. 1944-11-14, Plot: JONES-*-09-011-0009A
LIND, Kanko Andrew, Age: 32 yrs, b. Vancouver, d. 1951-12-05 Burnaby, bur. 1951-12-08, Plot: ABRAY-*-02-016-0012
LIND, Mathew, d. 1927-02-27, Plot: HORNE2-*-04-018-0007
LIND, Oscar, bur. 1987-06-04, Plot: JONES-*-01-025A-0013 (117)
LIND, Philip, d. 1948-04-14, Plot: ABRAY-*-07-022-0005
LIND, Swante, d. 1965-05-26, Plot: HORNE1-4-01-*-0934
LINDAHL, Anna Margaret, d. 1931-08-15, Plot: 1919-*-C-045-0014
LINDAHL, Carl Alfred, bur. 1993-05-27, Plot: 1919-*-C-045-0014
LINDAHL, George Edward, d. 1924-01-11, Plot: 1919-*-C-045-0014
LINDAHL, John Alfred, bur. 1973-06-21, Plot: 1919-*-C-045-0014
LINDAL, Hannis, bur. 1987-06-04, Plot: JONES-*-01-025A-0013 (117)
LINDAL, Harold Peter, bur. 1962-01-01, Plot: JONES-*-12-006-0014
LINDAL, Jessie, d. 1912-11-30, Plot: JONES-*-08-007-0004
LINDALL, Les, d. 1927-09-20, Plot: HORNE2-*-04-011-0007
LINDBALD, Anna G., d. 1928-03-01, Plot: HORNE2-*-04-029-0004
LINDBERG, (Baby Boy), bur. 1966-08-05, Plot: JONES-*-18-006-0009
LINDBERG, Alma, Age: 70 yrs, b. Sweden, d. 1961-02-09 Vancouver, bur. 1961-02-13, Plot: KP-*-*-007A-0003
LINDBERG, Arthur, bur. 1981-10-13, Plot: JONES-*-37-*-1596
LINDBERG, Ernest, bur. 1960-07-01, Plot: JONES-*-12-006-0013
LINDBERG, Gus, bur. 1963-10-02, Plot: JONES-*-12-006-0016
LINDBERG, Hjalmar E. K., bur. 1952-02-28, Plot: JONES-*-12-006-0006
LINDBERG, Johan Emil, bur. 1959-03-01, Plot: JONES-*-12-006-0011
LINDBERG, John Harry, bur. 1985-08-20, Plot: HORNE2-*-11-*-0169
LINDBERG, John O., d. 1952-09-24, Plot: JONES-*-34-001-0008A
LINDBERG, Ross Albert, bur. 1983-04-25, Plot: HORNE2-*-15-*-0149
LINDBERG, Severis, d. 1944-03-26, Plot: JONES-*-09-005-0014
LINDBERGH, Gustave George, d. 1944-12-29, Plot: ABRAY-*-06-012-0003
LINDBLOM, (Baby), Age: Stillborn, bur. 1936-11-30, Plot: JONES-*-18-005-0006
LINDBLOM, (Baby), Age: Stillborn, bur. 1938-10-31, Plot: JONES-*-18-007-0008A
LINDBLOOM, (Baby), Age: Stillborn, bur. 1955-11-30, Plot: JONES-*-12-005-0013
LINDCO, Donna Marie (Van Lindonk), bur. 1970-05-22, Plot: OLD-5-04-*-2048
LINDEBLAD, Axel, bur. 1965-08-12, Plot: JONES-*-12-007-0003
LINDEBLAD, Sigrid Adelina "Nelson", bur. 1981-01-23, Plot: JONES-*-05-017-0004
LINDEERG, (Baby), d. 1926-03-07, Plot: 1919-*-D-052-0001
LINDEMAN, (Baby), Age: Stillborn, bur. 1957-05-31, Plot: JONES-*-18-025-0010
LINDEN, (Baby), Age: Stillborn, bur. 1945-09-30, Plot: JONES-*-18-017-0005
LINDEN, Albert, bur. 1981-12-31, Plot: JONES-*-37-*-1523
LINDEN, Erland Kent Martin, bur. 1968-11-27, Plot: ABRAY-*-15-062-0015 (877)
LINDEN, Harry, d. 1934-08-10, bur. 1954-08-13, Plot: HORNE2-*-04-021-0011
LINDEN, John A., d. 1961-04-24, Plot: HORNE1-5-03-003R-0016 (852)
LINDEN, Mary, bur. 1987-06-04, Plot: JONES-*-01-025A-0013 (117)
LINDEN, Olaf, Age: 73 yrs, bur. 1976-05-14, Plot: ABRAY-*-10-003-0002 (9)
LINDENBACH, Ladislaus, Age: 69 yrs, bur. 1983-10-25, Plot: MASONIC-*-*-*-0492
LINDER, Eric A., d. 1920-07-18, Plot: JONES-*-24-018-0005
LINDER, John, d. 1935-08-05, Plot: HORNE2-*-12-020-0002
LINDER, Josephine, bur. 1975-10-01, Plot: JONES-*-12-007-0006
LINDER, Nils August, d. 1923-08-31, bur. 1923-09-06, Plot: 1919-*-C-026-0007
LINDEROTH, Algot W., d. 1913-07-08, bur. 1913-07-11, Plot: JONES-*-07-015-0016
LINDESAY, Leonard Wood, d. 1964-10-01, Plot: HORNE1-1-03-*-0103
LINDFORS, Matthew Matson, bur. 1971-05-17, Plot: HORNE1-4-03-005A-0001 (151)
LINDGREN, Adolphus H., d. 1908-10-04, Plot: HORNE1-2-03-002-0010
LINDGREN, August, d. 1955-04-19, Plot: JONES-*-12-014-0004
LINDGREN, Benjamin August, bur. 1972-11-16, Plot: JONES-*-12-007-0005
LINDGREN, Boris, bur. 1987-06-04, Plot: JONES-*-01-025A-0013 (117)
LINDGREN, Bryan Delmar, bur. 1968-09-13, Plot: HORNE2-*-13-019A-0010
LINDGREN, Duncan M., Age: 2 yrs, d. 1904-09-03, Plot: HORNE1-2-03-002-0010
LINDGREN, Ernest, bur. 1971-08-17, Plot: JONES-*-12-007-0005
LINDGREN, Gust, d. 1915-11-23, Plot: JONES-*-16-010-0006
LINDGREN, Gustav, bur. 1985-11-14, Plot: HORNE2-*-11-*-0147
LINDGREN, John W., bur. 1953-02-01, Plot: JONES-*-12-006-0004
LINDGREN, Madge, d. 1915-04-27, Plot: JONES-*-30-028-0015
LINDGREN, Marion, d. 1952-01-10, Plot: JONES-*-30-028-0014
LINDGREN, Nels, bur. 1932-05-18, Plot: JONES-*-23-009-0010
LINDGREN, Nils E., bur. 1979-11-01, Plot: JONES-*-12-007-0007
LINDGREN, Oscar Sunnar, d. 1944-03-23, Plot: HORNE1-0-01-004-0009 (32)
LINDGREN, P. Anton, Age: 53 yrs, b. Sweden, d. 1913-09-05, Plot: OLD-4-05-009-0014
LINDGREN, Peter, d. 1938-01-10, Plot: JONES-*-40-019-0009A
LINDHERR, (Baby), Age: Stillborn, bur. 1952-07-31, Plot: JONES-*-12-004-0006
LINDHOLM, Care August, d. 1949-08-20, Plot: ABRAY-*-15-067-0001 (943)
LINDHOLM, Edith K.M., Age: 65 yrs, bur. 1967-12-28, Plot: MASONIC-*-21A-001-0033
LINDHOLM, Ewald Emil, Age: 75 yrs, bur. 1973-11-09, Plot: MASONIC-*-21A-001-0033
LINDHOLM, Paul, d. 1931-12-28, Plot: HORNE2-*-06-030-0002
LINDHOUT, (Baby), bur. 1967-06-07, Plot: JONES-*-18-006-0013
LINDILA, Thomas, d. 1932-08-09, Plot: JONES-*-23-010-0005
LINDLAY, Osa Althea, Age: 6 wks, b. North Vancouver, d. 1907-08-14, bur. 1907-08-14, Plot: HORNE1-3-04-019-0008
LINDLEY, Annie (Baby), d. 1905-02-12, Plot: OLD-4-02-014-0013
LINDLEY, Roy William, bur. 1982-04-23, Plot: JONES-*-47-*-1902
LINDLOW, John Arthur, bur. 1953-05-01, Plot: HORNE2-*-01-006-0001 (21)
LINDMARK, Amanda, d. 1940-12-21, Plot: HORNE2-*-10-014-0006 (170)
LINDNER, Anna, Age: 89 yrs, b. Arad, Hungry, d. 1995-10-12 Vancouver, bur. 1996-10-30, Plot: MASONIC-*-20A-003-0007
LINDNER, Eduard, Age: 77 yrs, bur. 1994-01-25, Plot: MASONIC-*-*-126-0009A
LINDNER, Eugene, Age: 73 yrs, bur. 1971-04-15, Plot: MASONIC-*-20A-003-0007
LINDNER, Mary, Age: 64 yrs, d. 1974-11-22, bur. 1974-11-26, Plot: ABRAY-*-15-*-0703
LINDON, Arnold, d. 1907-11-10, Plot: OLD-5-02-009-0014
LINDOP, William, d. 1939-05-10, Plot: HORNE2-*-15-036-0012
LINDOW, Irene, d. 1954-11-01, Plot: HORNE2-*-15-022-0011
LINDQUIST, Augusta A., d. 1963-01-30, Plot: JONES-*-42-005-0008A
LINDQUIST, Axel, bur. 1961-07-01, Plot: JONES-*-12-006-0014
LINDQUIST, Caroline A., d. 1954-10-15, bur. 1954-10-28, Plot: OLD-5-03-010-0013
LINDQUIST, Edith Grace, bur. 1996-06-14, Plot: ABRAY-*-18-010-0014
LINDQUIST, Hannah L., d. 1919-01-18, Plot: JONES-*-17-022-0006
LINDQUIST, Olaf, Age: 85 yrs, bur. 1979-06-22, Plot: IOOF-*-*-*-0424
LINDROOS, Edward, bur. 1967-05-02, Plot: JONES-*-12-007-0003
LINDROOS, John, d. 1925-04-24, bur. 1925-04-28, Plot: 1919-*-D-016-0003
LINDROOS, Karl O., bur. 1953-02-01, Plot: JONES-*-12-006-0004
LINDROOSE, Gustaf Ferdinand, d. 1948-06-15, Plot: HORNE1-5-02-003-0008A
LINDROWS, (Baby), Age: Stillborn, bur. 1954-08-31, Plot: JONES-*-12-005-0001
LINDSAY, (Baby Boy), d. 1963-04-20, bur. 1963-04-25, Plot: JONES-*-18-014-0011
LINDSAY, (Baby), Age: Stillborn, bur. 1941-09-30, Plot: JONES-*-18-017-0007
LINDSAY, (Baby), Age: Stillborn, bur. 1943-06-30, Plot: JONES-*-18-017-0011
LINDSAY, (Baby), Age: Stillborn, bur. 1949-01-31, Plot: JONES-*-18-017-0003
LINDSAY, (Baby), d. 1911-04-12, Plot: OLD-3-01-008-0008
LINDSAY, Alexander, bur. 1971-07-21, Plot: JONES-*-01-004-0012
LINDSAY, Alexander, bur. 1987-02-05, Plot: 1919-*-D-047-0015
LINDSAY, Anna, d. 1904-07-02, Plot: HORNE1-4-01-010-0002
LINDSAY, Anne Jane, bur. 1967-01-14, Plot: HORNE2-*-01-003-0004 (10)
LINDSAY, Annie, d. 1943-06-16, Plot: HORNE2-*-09-048-0014 (702)
LINDSAY, Archibald, Age: 17 yrs, b. Scotland, d. 1912-01-18 Vancouver, bur. 1912-01-20, Plot: JONES-*-01-010-0012
LINDSAY, Archibald, bur. 1936-12-05, Plot: JONES-*-01-010-0011
LINDSAY, Bertha Mae, bur. 1992-08-24, Plot: HORNE1-4-01-025A-0016 (190)
LINDSAY, Clara, d. 1922-12-29, Plot: 1919-*-C-014-0004
LINDSAY, David, d. 1951-12-25, Plot: IOOF-*-32-014-0008A
LINDSAY, Edward Albert, bur. 1957-03-14, Plot: JONES-*-12-006-0009
LINDSAY, Edwin, bur. 1987-06-04, Plot: JONES-*-01-025A-0015 (119)
LINDSAY, Elizabeth, d. 1939-11-29, Plot: JONES-*-05-002-0008A
LINDSAY, Ellen Lamont, d. 1957-05-10, Plot: HORNE1-4-01-010-0013
LINDSAY, Frank Richard, d. 1960-03-18, Plot: JONES-*-25-001-0001
LINDSAY, G. H., d. 1911-05-25, Plot: OLD-3-01-008-0008
LINDSAY, Harold Edward, d. 1917-11-24, Plot: JONES-*-25-001-0001
LINDSAY, Howard Milton, bur. 1968-03-07, Plot: HORNE2-*-13-043A-0007
LINDSAY, James Brunton, bur. 1986-12-09, Plot: JONES-*-47-001-0014
LINDSAY, James, bur. 1952-10-07, Plot: ABRAY-*-21-011-0015
LINDSAY, James, d. 1909-03-09, Plot: HORNE1-4-01-010-0001
LINDSAY, Janet, bur. 1967-01-20, Plot: OLD-1-02-*-0137
LINDSAY, John, bur. 1991-06-13, Plot: JONES-*-01-025A-0014 (118)
LINDSAY, John, d. 1925-08-12, bur. 1925-08-15, Plot: 1919-*-D-039-0015
LINDSAY, John, d. 1931-03-06, Plot: HORNE2-*-13-054A-0002
LINDSAY, Jonathan, d. 1935-09-24, Plot: JONES-*-22-006-0014
LINDSAY, Joseph, d. 1959-05-14, Plot: JONES-*-01-010-0010
LINDSAY, June, Age: 75 yrs, d. 1996-04-14 Burnaby, BC, bur. 1996-05-13, Plot: HORNE1-2-02-001-0009
LINDSAY, Kate, d. 1922-05-28, Plot: JONES-*-24-019-0002
LINDSAY, Kenneth, Age: 6 yrs, b. Vancouver, d. 1912-10-04 Vancouver, bur. 1912-10-05, Plot: MASONIC-*-*-008-0006
LINDSAY, Lillian March (Hodgert), Age: 90 yrs, d. 1982-02-11, bur. 1982-04-05, Plot: JONES-*-47-001-0014
LINDSAY, Lucille, Age: 70 yrs, bur. 1987-04-24, Plot: MASONIC-*-*-008-0006
LINDSAY, Maggie Ann Bain, bur. 1970-03-25, Plot: 1919-*-D-047-0015
LINDSAY, Margaret J., d. 1945-02-11, Plot: JONES-*-01-010-0011
LINDSAY, Marion Elma, bur. 1976-10-29, Plot: JONES-*-05-015-0006
LINDSAY, Martha, bur. 1974-09-13, Plot: ABRAY-*-21-011-0015
LINDSAY, Mary Sarah, d. 1930-11-25, Plot: JONES-*-43-014-0008
LINDSAY, Murial A. M., d. 1943-06-07, Plot: HORNE2-*-07-030-0014 (432C)
LINDSAY, Myrtle Mildred, bur. 1982-05-25, Plot: IOOF-*-32-014-0008A
LINDSAY, Percival Merrick, Age: 29 yrs, b. Rapid City, MB, d. 1911-12-31 Victoria, BC, bur. 1912-01-02, Plot: MASONIC-*-*-008-0005
LINDSAY, Percival Merrick, Age: 88 yrs, d. 1999-10-13 Summerland, BC, bur. 1999-10-20, Plot: MASONIC-*-*-008-0007
LINDSAY, Robert Graham, Age: 51 yrs, b. London, Ontario, d. 1995-10-05 Vancouver, bur. 1995-11-03, Plot: HORNE2-*-08-*-1373-3
LINDSAY, Robert, d. 1915-06-07, Plot: JONES-*-43-014-0007
LINDSAY, Samuel Mark, d. 1960-02-17, Plot: HORNE2-*-09-048-0014 (702)
LINDSAY, Samuel, d. 1927-05-08, Plot: JONES-*-43-014-0008
LINDSAY, Stephen F., Age: 40 yrs, b. Canada, d. 1913-04-05 Vancouver, bur. 1913-04-10, Plot: MASONIC-*-*-010-0013
LINDSAY, William H., d. 1934-07-30, Plot: HORNE2-*-07-016-0003 (247)
LINDSAY, William, bur. 1961-02-01, Plot: JONES-*-12-006-0013
LINDSAY, William, bur. 1965-06-26, Plot: JONES-*-01-010-0009
LINDSAY, William, d. 1931-08-05, Plot: HORNE2-*-06-022-0008
LINDSAY, Winnifred E., Age: 42 yrs, b. Scotland, d. 1936-07-03, bur. 1936-07-06, Plot: JONES-*-37-004-0008A
LINDSEY, Albert Edwin, d. 1949-06-08, Plot: ABRAY-*-15-054-0011 (795)
LINDSTROM, Anna E., d. 1928-01-11, Plot: HORNE2-*-04-030-0003
LINDSTROM, Augustus, d. 1928-05-31, Plot: HORNE2-*-04-028-0012
LINDSTROM, Charles, d. 1942-07-18, Plot: OLD-5-05-011-0016A
LINDSTROM, Cina Marie, bur. 1976-05-26, Plot: JONES-*-01-005-0025
LINDSTROM, Eric, bur. 1970-07-28, Plot: JONES-*-12-007-0004
LINDSTROM, Eva Debora, d. 1935-12-03, Plot: JONES-*-38-030-0009A
LINDSTROM, George F., d. 1943-02-09, Plot: JONES-*-38-030-0009A
LINDSTROM, Gustav Gus, Age: 46 yrs, d. 1971-02-10, Plot: JONES-*-38-030-0009A, (Name on marker, No Interment)
LINDSTROM, John F., d. 1928-01-07, Plot: HORNE2-*-04-030-0004
LINDSTROM, John Fridolf, Age: 71 yrs, b. Sweden, d. 1956-08-04 Vancouver, bur. 1956-09-10, Plot: JONES-*-01-005-0012
LINDSTROM, V., d. 1955-09-26, Plot: JONES-*-12-016-0014
LINDSTROM, William, bur. 1979-11-01, Plot: JONES-*-12-007-0007
LINDY, (Baby), Age: Stillborn, bur. 1952-05-31, Plot: JONES-*-12-004-0005
LINEHAM, (Baby), d. 1906-12-01, Plot: HORNE1-2-02-014-0001
LINEHAM, Lillian W., d. 1905-08-12, Plot: HORNE1-2-03-004-0015
LINEMAN, Frank Bernard, Age: 72 yrs, d. 1966-mm-dd, bur. 1966-12-20, Plot: OLD-1-01-*-0316
LINEMAN, Helena, Age: 79 yrs, d. 1977-01-dd Burnaby, BC, bur. 1977-01-28, Plot: OLD-1-01-*-0316
LINER, Charles, bur. 1952-04-12, Plot: ABRAY-*-20-026-0001
LINES, Ailsa Nadine, bur. 1971-12-03, Plot: HORNE1-1-0-004-0001 (25)
LINES, Frederick, d. 1945-04-10, Plot: ABRAY-*-06-006-0002
LINES, Irene, bur. 1987-06-04, Plot: JONES-*-01-025A-0013 (117)
LINES, L. H., bur. 1958-02-01, Plot: JONES-*-12-006-0010
LINES, Roy W., d. 1943-10-21, Plot: HORNE1-1-0-004-0001 (25)
LINFIELD, (Baby), Age: Stillborn, bur. 1914-11-17, Plot: OLD-5-04-012-0016
LINFOOT, Alice Jane, d. 1954-02-21, Plot: JONES-*-12-003-0003
LINFOOT, Ernest R., d. 1954-12-04, Plot: JONES-*-12-003-0003
LINFORTH, (Baby Boy), bur. 1965-06-08, Plot: JONES-*-18-006-0003
LINFORTH, Minnie, d. 1945-01-10, Plot: HORNE2-*-02-033-0005 (225)
LINFORTH, Walter, d. 1955-11-24, Plot: HORNE2-*-02-033-0005 (225)
LING (LEE), Wo (Hing), d. 1944-01-16, Plot: JONES-*-20-007-0007
LING, Dip, d. 1922-08-30, bur. 1922-09-01, Plot: OLD-4-04-023-0002
LING, Dong, d. 1942-06-16, Plot: JONES-*-20-023-0001
LING, Frederick E., bur. 1971-04-26, Plot: JONES-*-12-007-0004
LING, George, d. 1948-02-07, Plot: JONES-*-21-004-0015
LING, Gladys Edith, d. 1959-06-05, Plot: HORNE1-4-03-002R-0008 (419)
LING, Jane F., d. 1909-05-31, Plot: HORNE1-5-04-010-0007
LING, Joe Fook, d. 1930-01-21, Plot: OLD-3-04-014-0009
LING, Jong Hook, d. 1925-04-22, Plot: OLD-5-06-020-0015
LING, Lee Jung, d. 1929-09-29, Plot: OLD-3-04-013-0005
LING, Lee, d. 1904-03-14, Plot: OLD-3-04-012-0014
LING, Lee, d. 1919-01-13, Plot: OLD-3-06-002-0003
LING, Samuel, d. 1919-10-25, Plot: JONES-*-14-010-0010
LING, Thomas Charles, d. 1924-07-13, Plot: 1919-*-B-044-0003
LING, Wing, bur. 1965-05-13, Plot: JONES-*-12-006-0016
LING, Wun, d. 1947-06-02, Plot: JONES-*-21-003-0011
LING-VANNERUS, Harold, d. 1942-01-05, Plot: JONES-*-40-020-0001
LINGAM, Robert Roneal Shiva, Age: 2 days, bur. 1984-05-31, Plot: MASONIC-*-*-*-0448-4
LINGARD, Edith Alice, d. 1941-11-04, Plot: HORNE2-*-10-012-0008 (156)
LINGARD, Marcel Allan, Age: 74 yrs, d. 1997-09-19 Vancouver, bur. 1997-10-09, Plot: JONES-*-41-011-0009A
LINGARD, Wilbert, d. 1935-11-02, Plot: JONES-*-13-013-0009
LINGENFELTER, Anthony (Baby), Age: Stillborn, bur. 1954-09-30, Plot: JONES-*-12-005-0002
LINGENFELTER, Jacob Michael, d. 1947-06-06, Plot: OLD-2-03-023-0016A
LINGER, Barry, bur. 1992-09-22, Plot: HORNE2-*-12-*-0200
LINGETING, G., d. 1902-04-11, Plot: OLD-4-03-025-0008
LINGH, (Baby), d. 1929-01-16, Plot: HORNE2-*-04-037-0006
LINGHOLT, Gubranda Hansina, Age: 87 yrs, b. 1895-02-04 Iceland, d. 1983-01-04 Vancouver, bur. 1983-01-07, Plot: MASONIC-*-*-010-0008A
LINGOR, (Baby), Age: Stillborn, bur. 1950-08-31, Plot: JONES-*-12-005-0010
LINGREN, (Baby), Age: Stillborn, bur. 1942-10-31, Plot: JONES-*-18-004-0007
LINGREN, Freida, d. 1913-03-16, Plot: JONES-*-30-028-0016
LINGSTROM, Anna Maria, d. 1912-06-15, Plot: JONES-*-08-012-0012
LINGSTROME, Charles, d. 1925-12-31, Plot: 1919-*-D-034-0005
LINGWOOD, Edward J., d. 1945-01-04, Plot: ABRAY-*-03-024-0006
LINHART, Vaclav, bur. 1971-12-28, Plot: OLD-5-05-*-1752
LINIM, Cris, d. 1948-07-29, Plot: OLD-4-02-014-0001A
LININGTON, Ethel May, Age: 76 yrs, bur. 1972-07-11, Plot: MASONIC-*-22A-002-0010
LININGTON, Frank William, Age: 69 yrs, bur. 1964-10-07, Plot: MASONIC-*-22A-002-0010
LINK, Ester Elizabeth, d. 1926-12-17, Plot: 1919-*-D-062-0008
LINK, Flora Lavina, d. 1946-06-14, Plot: ABRAY-*-12-023-0014 (246)
LINK, Francis, d. 1935-12-25, Plot: JONES-*-22-019-0002
LINK, Frederick (Howard), bur. 1983-12-09, Plot: HORNE2-*-13-*-0426
LINK, Otto Albert, Age: 81 yrs, bur. 1985-03-15, Plot: IOOF-*-*-*-1095
LINKE, (Baby Boy), Age: 3 days, bur. 1972-10-12, Plot: HORNE1-4-04-*-0827-4
LINKLATER, (Baby), Age: Stillborn, bur. 1944-09-30, Plot: JONES-*-18-004-0011
LINKLATER, Helen, Age: 86 yrs, bur. 1968-08-31, Plot: MASONIC-*-*-114-0006
LINKLATER, James Dickson, Age: 82 yrs, bur. 1994-11-08, Plot: MASONIC-*-*-114-0006
LINKLATER, John, Age: 43 yrs, b. Scotland, d. 1916-02-18 Phoenix, BC, bur. 1916-02-24, Plot: MASONIC-*-*-114-0006
LINN, George Grung, bur. 1954-05-21, Plot: ABRAY-*-17-018-0010
LINN, Janet Ewing, bur. 1994-04-05, Plot: ABRAY-*-17-018-0010
LINN, John, d. 1897-07-05, Plot: OLD-3-03-018-0008
LINN, Onnie Chas, d. 1943-03-27, Plot: JONES-*-27-027-0009A
LINNCHAN, John, d. 1912-08-02, Plot: JONES-*-08-009-0010
LINNELL, (Baby), Age: Stillborn, bur. 1921-03-09, Plot: OLD-5-05-018-0010
LINNEY, Elsie Marty, d. 1945-06-25, Plot: ABRAY-*-12-041-0005 (517)
LINNMAN, Gust Felix, d. 1932-05-22, Plot: HORNE2-*-06-033-0014
LINNNELL, Lillian Bayard, bur. 1987-12-02, Plot: HORNE2-*-10-029-0016 (428)
LINNOLT, (Baby), Age: Stillborn, bur. 1954-07-31, Plot: JONES-*-12-005-0001
LINNON, Anton W. C., d. 1934-06-12, Plot: HORNE2-*-12-023-0003
LINO, Jose Maria, bur. 1964-03-17, Plot: JONES-*-18-007-0009
LINO, Silvana Da Costa, bur. 1984-05-29, Plot: 1919-*-*-*-0104
LINQUIST, (Baby), d. 1928-07-13, Plot: HORNE2-*-04-026-0013
LINQUIST, August, d. 1954-08-05, Plot: JONES-*-12-015-0009
LINS, Tammy Marie, Age: 4 mos, bur. 1969-08-06, Plot: HORNE1-3-01-*-0144-1
LINSDORF, (Baby), Age: Stillborn, bur. 1951-02-28, Plot: JONES-*-12-007-0001
LINSEN, Mary, d. 1934-11-22, Plot: HORNE2-*-12-023-0003
LINSKAYS, Glikeria, d. 1961-04-13, Plot: HORNE1-5-03-012A-0013 (217)
LINSLEY, Kathleen B., Age: 71 yrs, bur. 1983-03-24, Plot: MASONIC-*-30A-001-0041
LINSTAD, Marius, bur. 1969-07-18, Plot: JONES-*-12-007-0004
LINSTROM, Karl, d. 1939-08-20, Plot: JONES-*-22-001-0009
LINTELOW, Olga, bur. 1987-06-04, Plot: JONES-*-01-025A-0015 (119)
LINTIN, Freda, d. 1913-08-27, Plot: JONES-*-28-005-0005
LINTKLOP, Doward Douglas, d. 1961-04-27, Plot: OLD-5-04-R-0005
LINTON, (Baby), Age: Stillborn, bur. 1948-02-28, Plot: JONES-*-18-007-0004
LINTON, (Baby), Age: Stillborn, bur. 1950-05-31, Plot: JONES-*-12-005-0009
LINTON, Andrew, d. 1935-12-05, Plot: IOOF-*-32-035-0008
LINTON, Clara, d. 1958-07-28, Plot: HORNE1-4-01-003R-0012 (614)
LINTON, Clayton D., d. 1958-08-20, Plot: HORNE2-*-13-019AR-0004
LINTON, David James, Age: 57 yrs, bur. 1989-10-02, Plot: MASONIC-*-17A-008-0002
LINTON, Fred, d. 1943-06-18, Plot: ABRAY-*-06-041-0001
LINTON, George Henry, d. 1942-04-03, Plot: HORNE2-*-06-038-0009
LINTON, Isabel Lockerby, bur. 1972-03-22, Plot: OLD-2-03-018-0008
LINTON, John R., d. 1903-02-28, Plot: HORNE1-2-02-018-0003
LINTON, Joseph, Age: 74 yrs, bur. 1974-04-18, Plot: MASONIC-*-11A-003-0004
LINTON, Leona May "Carriere", Age: 48 yrs, d. 1980-11-16, bur. 1980-11-21, Plot: 1919-*-*-*-1276
LINTON, Mildred Noreen, Age: 49 yrs, b. Saskatchewan, d. 1958-12-05 Vancouver, bur. 1958-12-22, Plot: MASONIC-*-11A-003-0004
LINTON, Neil David, d. 1937-04-19, Plot: HORNE2-*-12-040-0007
LINTON, Robert (Sr.), Age: 63 yrs, bur. 1965-02-25, Plot: MASONIC-*-17A-008-0002
LINTON, Sarah, Age: 80 yrs, bur. 1987-07-29, Plot: MASONIC-*-17A-008-0002
LINTON, Wilemina, d. 1932-08-11, Plot: HORNE2-*-06-038-0010
LINTOTT, (Baby), Age: Stillborn, bur. 1924-12-18, Plot: OLD-5-05-023-0008
LINTOTT, Alice Maud, d. 1954-08-26, Plot: ABRAY-*-15-006-0004 (22)
LINTOTT, Annie M., Age: 78 yrs, b. England, d. 1936-07-08, bur. 1936-07-11, Plot: JONES-*-37-006-0009A
LINTOTT, Dorothy May, Age: 56 yrs, bur. 1975-01-10, Plot: JONES-*-0-*-1432
LINTOTT, George W., d. 1920-08-25, Plot: JONES-*-14-019-0004
LINTOTT, Harry, Age: 71 yrs, b. England, d. 1939-01-29, bur. 1939-02-01, Plot: JONES-*-37-006-0009A
LINTOTT, Reginald Arthur, Age: 73 yrs, bur. 1988-03-09, Plot: JONES-*-0-*-1432
LINTOTT, Sydney A., d. 1950-02-02, Plot: ABRAY-*-15-006-0003 (22)
LIP, Choy, d. 1920-07-19, Plot: OLD-4-04-008-0014
LIP, Dang, d. 1888-06-03, Plot: OLD-3-01-019-0012
LIPA, Ted John, Age: 54 yrs, bur. 1994-05-02, Plot: MASONIC-*-*-187-0009
LIPINSKI, Lenard, d. 1911-07-10, Plot: HORNE1-4-04-017-0016
LIPINSKI, Rossa, d. 1911-07-10, Plot: HORNE1-4-04-017-0016
LIPKEWICH, Anna, d. 1942-02-03, Plot: HORNE2-*-09-005-0005 (37)
LIPKEWICH, Steve, Age: 75 yrs, bur. 1974-02-04, Plot: ABRAY-*-10-*-0974
LIPOVSKY, Moses "Lepofsky", "Lepopsky", Age: 42 yrs, b. Russia, d. 1912-09-27 Vancouver, bur. 1912-09-27, Plot: OLD-1-05-001-0015
LIPOVSKY, Sarah, Age: 49 yrs, b. Russia, d. 1929-04-23 Vancouver, bur. 1929-04-23, Plot: OLD-1-06-014-0002
LIPP, (Baby), d. 1911-06-28, Plot: JONES-*-04-024-0012
LIPP, Albert Ewing, Age: 5 days, b. BC, d. 1940-04-28 Vancouver, bur. 1940-04-30, Plot: JONES-*-0-019-0012
LIPP, Charles, Age: 62 yrs, b. Scotland, d. 1940-09-08 Vancouver, bur. 1940-09-11, Plot: JONES-*-04-024-0011
LIPP, Mary, bur. 1966-12-24, Plot: JONES-*-04-024-0012
LIPPEN, (Baby), Age: Stillborn, bur. 1945-10-31, Plot: JONES-*-18-014-0012
LIPPINGWELL, Ernest Edward., Age: 79 yrs, bur. 1977-05-24, Plot: ABRAY-*-21-*-0153
LIPSCOMB, Frank, d. 1953-04-19, Plot: JONES-*-03-021-0012
LIPSCOMB, Janie Murray, bur. 1970-06-09, Plot: JONES-*-03-021-0025
LIPSCOMB, William Lee, d. 1939-03-22, Plot: JONES-*-04-019-0008A
LIPSCOMBE, Nathaniel, Age: 71 yrs, d. 1977-08-08, bur. 1977-08-12, Plot: JONES-*-40-*-1367
LIPSCOMBE, Stephen, d. 1909-03-20, Plot: OLD-5-02-010-0015
LIPSETT, Catherine J., Age: 101 yrs, b. Nova Scotia, d. 1945-03-04 Vancouver, bur. 1945-03-06, Plot: MASONIC-*-*-003-0001
LIPSETT, Dorothy Beatrice, Age: 68 yrs, bur. 1984-12-27, Plot: KP-*-*-019-0004
LIPSETT, Edward Albert, Age: 80 yrs, b. U.S.A., d. 1948-05-17 Vancouver, bur. 1948-05-20, Plot: MASONIC-*-*-003-0015
LIPSETT, Eliza Lillian, Age: 60 yrs, bur. 1984-07-12, Plot: MASONIC-*-*-*-0537
LIPSETT, Harold Jess, bur. 1970-04-22, Plot: OLD-5-05-004A-0016 (305)
LIPSETT, Harry Prescott, Age: 31 yrs, b. B.C., d. 1924-09-15 Vancouver, bur. 1924-09-17, Plot: MASONIC-*-*-003-0002
LIPSETT, Harry, d. 1938-06-16, Plot: JONES-*-22-004-0009
LIPSETT, Julia, Age: 84 yrs, d. 1998-12-20 Vancouver, bur. 1998-12-30, Plot: OLD-5-05-004A-0016 (305)
LIPSETT, Mary Catherine, Age: 85 yrs, b. Nova Scotia, d. 1952-01-14 Vancouver, bur. 1952-01-16, Plot: MASONIC-*-*-003-0014
LIPSETT, Max, b. Vancouver, d. 1895-02-15 Vancouver, Plot: OLD-2-01-017-0010
LIPSETT, Sidney Edward, Age: 77 yrs, bur. 1989-11-08, Plot: KP-*-*-019-0004
LIPSEY, Elizabeth C., d. 1953-12-21, Plot: HORNE2-*-09-028-0003 (379)
LIPSEY, Francis Gerald, bur. 1984-10-01, Plot: HORNE2-*-16-*-0288
LIPSEY, George R., d. 1942-03-04, Plot: HORNE2-*-09-028-0003 (379)
LIPSEY, Helen Campbell, bur. 1976-02-27, Plot: JONES-*-33-*-1067
LIPSEY, Ormond Cecil, bur. 1972-07-06, Plot: HORNE2-*-09-028-0003 (379)
LIPSEY, Robert G., d. 1954-03-06, bur. 1954-03-10, Plot: HORNE2-*-13-026-0009
LIPSEY, William Schofield, Age: 62 yrs, bur. 1979-11-02, Plot: IOOF-*-*-*-0316
LIPSITT, (Baby), b. Vancouver, d. 1897-08-03 Vancouver, Plot: OLD-2-01-017-0011
LIPTON, (Baby), Age: Stillborn, bur. 1920-07-15, Plot: OLD-5-05-018-0006
LIPTROT, Frances, bur. 1988-04-13, Plot: HORNE2-*-01-038-0015 (304)
LIPTROT, Walter, Age: 78 yrs, bur. 1971-08-02, Plot: ABRAY-*-21-*-0100
LIPTROT, William, d. 1943-10-22, Plot: HORNE2-*-01-038-0016 (304)
LIRETTTE, Arthur Joseph, bur. 1978-02-10, Plot: ABRAY-*-06-020-0009
LISCUMB, Kenneth A. (Baby), Age: Stillborn, bur. 1961-04-30, Plot: JONES-*-18-015-0016
LISENKO, Nestor, bur. 1955-01-01, Plot: JONES-*-12-006-0002
LISH, Albert David, d. 1940-07-01, Plot: HORNE2-*-05-031-0008
LISH, Iris Tona, d. 1933-07-10, Plot: HORNE2-*-05-046-0012
LISHER, Clara, b. Vancouver, d. 1952-09-24 Vancouver, Plot: OLD-3-01-015-0006
LISHER, Euphemia, d. 1943-10-22, Plot: 1919-*-A-009-0008
LISHER, John, d. 1926-08-17, Plot: 1919-*-A-009-0007
LISING, Pascual Baula, Age: 72 yrs, bur. 1989-10-13, Plot: MASONIC-*-*-*-0423
LISKE, Edward, d. 1919-12-03, Plot: JONES-*-37-027-0003
LISMER, Emily Matilda, d. 1942-10-22, Plot: HORNE2-*-10-004-0005 (25)
LISMER, John Henry, d. 1942-04-01, Plot: ABRAY-*-05-014-0001
LISNEY, Blanche E., d. 1912-01-26, Plot: JONES-*-07-013-0010
LISNEY, Fred W., d. 1948-09-10, Plot: ABRAY-*-07-033-0007
LISO, Chin, d. 1920-12-09, Plot: OLD-4-04-010-0007
LISOGAR, Elizabeth, bur. 1993-05-28, Plot: JONES-*-31-024-0008
LISOGAR, Samuel, Age: 81 yrs, d. 1974-12-26, bur. 1974-12-30, Plot: JONES-*-31-024-0008
LISOGOR, Frances, bur. 1969-11-15, Plot: OLD-3-02-*-0969
LISOWECKI, Leon, d. 1942-10-15, Plot: JONES-*-08-005-0002
LISOWIK, Walter, Age: 55 yrs, b. 1919-05-11, d. 1974-12-22, bur. 1975-01-06, Plot: JONES-*-16-*-1063
LISS, Bernard, d. 1946-03-13, Plot: ABRAY-*-06-001-0002
LISSACK, Karl Franz Lothar, Age: 77 yrs, d. 1969-12-02 Vancouver, bur. 1969-12-05, Plot: 1919-*-*-*-2157
LISSACK, Stefania Franziska Antonia, Age: 93 yrs, d. 1985-09-29 Vancouver, bur. 1985-10-04, Plot: 1919-*-*-*-2157
LIST, Lillian Martha, bur. 1979-05-04, Plot: JONES-*-26-038-0012 (616)
LISTER, (Babies - Twins), Age: Stillborn, bur. 1954-11-30, Plot: JONES-*-12-005-0003
LISTER, (Baby), Age: Stillborn, bur. 1926-03-24, Plot: OLD-5-06-004-0016
LISTER, (Baby), Age: Stillborn, bur. 1948-02-28, Plot: JONES-*-18-007-0004
LISTER, (Baby), Age: Stillborn, bur. 1951-02-28, Plot: JONES-*-12-007-0001
LISTER, Alfred, d. 1954-12-02, Plot: HORNE2-*-16-025-0011
LISTER, Andrew Fraser, Age: 57 yrs, b. Scotland, d. 1960-09-10 Vancouver, BC, bur. 1960-10-07, Plot: MASONIC-*-13A-013-0004
LISTER, Charles, d. 1959-02-14, Plot: HORNE1-5-02-003R-0006 (709)
LISTER, Cora May, bur. 1965-02-11, Plot: JONES-*-02-025-0084
LISTER, David, d. 1949-09-20, Plot: JONES-*-04-001-0125
LISTER, Harold Dixon, bur. 1986-01-03, Plot: HORNE2-*-15-*-0066
LISTER, James Arnold, Age: 61 yrs, bur. 1977-03-25, Plot: ABRAY-*-21-*-0082
LISTER, James Fair, Age: 45 yrs, b. 1886-10-18, d. 1932-08-17 Vancouver, BC, bur. 1932-08-30, Plot: HORNE2-*-13-016-0006
LISTER, John, d. 1943-01-08, Plot: OLD-5-05-025-0001A
LISTER, Kathy Ilene, Age: 25 yrs, bur. 1979-12-07, Plot: IOOF-*-*-*-0843
LISTER, Mary Elizabeth, d. 1949-01-08, Plot: HORNE2-*-02-017-0006 (121)
LISTER, Mary, Age: 93 yrs, d. 1980-12-07 Richmond, BC, bur. 1980-12-10, Plot: 1919-*-*-*-2131
LISTER, Mary, d. 1951-03-10, Plot: OLD-5-01-022-0016A
LISTER, Richard, d. 1925-11-30, bur. 1925-12-03, Plot: 1919-*-D-019-0016
LISTER, Samson, Age: 79 yrs, d. 1969-05-05 Vancouver, bur. 1969-05-07, Plot: 1919-*-*-*-2131
LISTER, Thomas "Lester", d. 1920-02-08, Plot: JONES-*-45-015-0014
LISTER, Wiliam Middletton, bur. 1977-03-25, Plot: ABRAY-*-03-036-0016
LISVICK, John, d. 1922-07-18, Plot: 1919-*-C-032-0012
LISZKA, Wanda, Age: 63 yrs, bur. 1969-08-21, Plot: MASONIC-*-21A-004-0031
LISZKOWSKI, Boleslaw Stanislaw, bur. 1978-11-22, Plot: JONES-*-37-*-1612
LITCHFIELD, Carmen Leroy, Age: 63 yrs, bur. 1988-10-03, Plot: MASONIC-*-23A-001-0022
LITHGOW, Samuel, d. 1932-06-29, Plot: HORNE2-*-06-039-0013
LITKE, Dennis Brian, bur. 1990-01-18, Plot: JONES-*-10-006-0007
LITLE, Masie Edith, d. 1941-10-06, Plot: JONES-*-44-010-0008A
LITLLE, Charles, d. 1936-07-01, Plot: HORNE2-*-01-010-0010 (77)
LITOWITZ, Michael John, bur. 1987-06-04, Plot: JONES-*-01-025A-0015 (119)
LITSCHAUER, John, Age: 64 yrs, bur. 1965-05-25, Plot: JONES-*-20A-032-0005 (493)
LITSCHAUER, Mamie, Age: 62 yrs, b. New Westminster, d. 1956-04-25 Vancouver, Plot: JONES-*-20A-032-0005 (493)
LITTIWITZ, Berta, d. 1934-08-18, Plot: JONES-*-23-005-0011
LITTLE, (Babies - Twins), Age: Stillborn, bur. 1953-03-31, Plot: JONES-*-12-004-0012
LITTLE, (Baby Boy), d. 1963-04-16, bur. 1963-04-24, Plot: JONES-*-18-014-0011
LITTLE, (Baby Girl), bur. 1965-09-28, Plot: JONES-*-18-006-0005
LITTLE, (Baby), Age: Stillborn, bur. 1914-11-30, Plot: OLD-5-04-012-0015
LITTLE, (Baby), Age: Stillborn, bur. 1925-05-11, Plot: OLD-5-05-023-0010
LITTLE, (Baby), Age: Stillborn, bur. 1926-03-20, Plot: OLD-5-06-004-0016
LITTLE, (Baby), Age: Stillborn, bur. 1929-02-28, Plot: OLD-5-06-005-0011
LITTLE, (Baby), Age: Stillborn, bur. 1939-04-30, Plot: JONES-*-18-024-0009
LITTLE, (Baby), Age: Stillborn, bur. 1941-12-31, Plot: JONES-*-18-014-0007
LITTLE, (Baby), Age: Stillborn, bur. 1944-03-31, Plot: JONES-*-18-007-0011
LITTLE, (Baby), Age: Stillborn, bur. 1949-05-31, Plot: JONES-*-18-014-0003
LITTLE, (Baby), d. 1915-09-17, Plot: JONES-*-10-009-0006
LITTLE, Anne Louise, Age: 73 yrs, bur. 1965-10-13, Plot: JONES-*-20A-007-0011 (131)
LITTLE, Anne, bur. 1987-10-30, Plot: OLD-5-04-002-0013
LITTLE, Arthur Stanley, Age: 65 yrs, bur. 1975-09-02, Plot: KP-*-*-*-0162
LITTLE, Catherine, d. 1911-01-11, Plot: OLD-5-03-001-0007
LITTLE, Charles Walter, Age: 83 yrs, d. 1969-02-21, bur. 1969-02-25, Plot: ABRAY-*-21-*-0013
LITTLE, David C. J., bur. 1953-08-06, Plot: ABRAY-*-20-031-0009
LITTLE, Deborah, d. 1916-03-26, Plot: HORNE1-5-01-010-0013
LITTLE, Edith, Age: 82 yrs, bur. 1990-01-08, Plot: KP-*-*-*-0162
LITTLE, Eleanor Annie, d. 1936-06-24, Plot: 1919-*-A-024-0013
LITTLE, Eliza Jane, d. 1951-09-16, Plot: 1919-*-D-014-0015
LITTLE, Emma, d. 1934-12-08, Plot: HORNE2-*-07-025-0011 (327)
LITTLE, Frances (Podolanska), bur. 1992-01-07, Plot: OLD-1-02-018-0001A
LITTLE, Francis, d. 1937-02-12, Plot: HORNE2-*-08-021-0011 (323)
LITTLE, George Garroway, bur. 1992-08-24, Plot: HORNE1-4-01-025A-0016 (190)
LITTLE, George N., d. 1938-04-06, Plot: HORNE1-5-01-010-0003
LITTLE, George, b. Langholm, Durhamshire, Scotland, d. 1919-02-15 Vancouver, Plot: OLD-3-01-023-0015
LITTLE, George, d. 1919-04-22, Plot: HORNE1-5-01-010-0014
LITTLE, George, d. 1957-10-15, Plot: HORNE2-*-08-021-0011 (323)
LITTLE, Gertrude Maud, Age: 85 yrs, bur. 1967-04-07, Plot: IOOF-*-*-011-0002
LITTLE, Gordon Forsythe, Age: 50 yrs, b. London - Ontario, d. 1959-08-05 Vancouver, bur. 1959-08-07, Plot: KP-*-*-017-0008A
LITTLE, Harry Frank, Age: 84 yrs, b. Ontario, d. 1958-02-22 Carlsbad Nursing Home, bur. 1958-04-02, Plot: IOOF-*-*-011-0002
LITTLE, Henry William, d. 1925-02-25, bur. 1935-02-27, Plot: 1919-*-D-014-0014
LITTLE, Herbert, bur. 1958-09-01, Plot: JONES-*-12-006-0011
LITTLE, Irene Pearl, Age: 83 yrs, bur. 1998-11-20, Plot: MASONIC-*-26A-001-0032
LITTLE, Isaiah, d. 1941-03-14, Plot: JONES-*-39-017-0014
LITTLE, Ivy Maud, d. 1962-12-03, Plot: HORNE1-5-04-003R-0006 (784)
LITTLE, J. Arthur, d. 1913-07-29, Plot: JONES-*-07-016-0009
LITTLE, Jackson Charles, bur. 1965-05-13, Plot: JONES-*-12-006-0016
LITTLE, James A., bur. 1987-09-16, Plot: JONES-*-12-007-0009
LITTLE, James A., d. 1941-11-14, Plot: ABRAY-*-04-008-0013
LITTLE, James Sam., d. 1943-06-09, Plot: HORNE2-*-02-030-0001 (181A)
LITTLE, James, d. 1962-02-27, Plot: JONES-*-03-006A-0011 (222)
LITTLE, Jane, d. 1925-11-26, Plot: HORNE1-5-01-010-0015
LITTLE, Jane, d. 1930-11-22, bur. 1930-11-25, Plot: 1919-*-F-001-0002
LITTLE, Jemina, d. 1942-03-31, Plot: HORNE2-*-01-010-0009 (77)
LITTLE, Jennie L., d. 1907-01-24, Plot: HORNE1-5-01-010-0002
LITTLE, Jim, d. 1916-10-14, Plot: OLD-4-06-001-0016
LITTLE, John Albert, Age: 70 yrs, b. Manitoba, d. 1999-06-11 Surrey, BC, bur. 1999-06-21, Plot: OLD-5-04-002-0013
LITTLE, John Carson, d. 1940-01-16, Plot: HORNE2-*-15-003-0011
LITTLE, John Cranson, bur. 1967-06-14, Plot: OLD-1-01-*-0323
LITTLE, John G., Age: 69 yrs, bur. 1979-12-19, Plot: MASONIC-*-26A-001-0032
LITTLE, John Patterson, Age: 43 yrs, b. 1919-04-13 Calgary, AB, d. 1962-05-19 Ashcroft, BC, bur. 1962-05-25, Plot: JONES-*-33-010-0004
LITTLE, John W., bur. 1912-11-26, Plot: HORNE1-5-01-010-0003
LITTLE, John, b. Vancouver, d. 1889-10-02 Vancouver, Plot: OLD-3-01-013-0013
LITTLE, John, bur. 1987-06-04, Plot: JONES-*-01-025A-0015 (119)
LITTLE, John, d. 1939-04-17, Plot: HORNE2-*-07-025-0011 (327)
LITTLE, John, d. 1947-12-31, Plot: ABRAY-*-07-013-0013
LITTLE, Joseph H., d. 1922-10-13, Plot: 1919-*-D-014-0013
LITTLE, Julia, d. 1935-03-27, Plot: JONES-*-13-012-0004
LITTLE, June Bernice, Age: 34 yrs, d. 1951-09-21, bur. 1951-09-25, Plot: JONES-*-26-021-0006 (268)
LITTLE, Mabel, d. 1949-06-23, Plot: HORNE1-1-01-007-0009A
LITTLE, Margaret Adeline, Age: 58 yrs, bur. 1975-03-18, Plot: JONES-*-17-*-1037
LITTLE, Margaret J., d. 1917-10-09, Plot: JONES-*-25-004-0012
LITTLE, Margaret, d. 1912-03-22, Plot: OLD-2-03-018-0014
LITTLE, Margaret, d. 1931-07-02, Plot: HORNE1-5-01-010-0016
LITTLE, Marh Henry, d. 1938-06-24, Plot: JONES-*-14-001-0008A
LITTLE, Mark, Age: 68 yrs, b. Ireland, d. 1918-09-05 Vancouver, bur. 1918-09-07, Plot: MASONIC-*-*-200-0006
LITTLE, Martha Alice, d. 1945-12-08, Plot: ABRAY-*-10-023-0010 (328)
LITTLE, Matilda E., bur. 1937-07-20, Plot: JONES-*-17-003-0007
LITTLE, Muriel Winnifred, bur. 1956-02-01, Plot: JONES-*-12-006-0001
LITTLE, Percy George, bur. 1971-04-22, Plot: 1919-*-C-003-0010
LITTLE, Peter, d. 1921-10-24, bur. 1921-10-26, Plot: 1919-*-A-024-0014
LITTLE, Randy (Baby), Age: Stillborn, bur. 1959-07-31, Plot: JONES-*-18-016-0001
LITTLE, Robert H., d. 1955-12-12, Plot: JONES-*-20A-007-0011 (131)
LITTLE, Robert, Age: 59 yrs, b. England, d. 1958-03-21 North Vancouver, bur. 1958-03-24, Plot: HORNE1-4-01-025A-0016 (190)
LITTLE, Robert, d. 1926-06-02, bur. 1926-06-05, Plot: 1919-*-D-043-0014
LITTLE, Robert, d. 1938-07-02, Plot: JONES-*-17-003-0007
LITTLE, Sophia, d. 1960-11-09, Plot: HORNE1-3-04-004-0008
LITTLE, Teresa Maud, bur. 1988-03-21, Plot: 1919-*-*-*-0289
LITTLE, Theresa, d. 1947-03-02, Plot: OLD-3-03-014-0016A
LITTLE, Thomas Coulter, bur. 1979-12-28, Plot: 1919-*-D-014-0016
LITTLE, Thomas John, bur. 1968-07-10, Plot: JONES-*-12-007-0003
LITTLE, Thomas, d. 1927-05-25, Plot: HORNE2-*-04-009-0009
LITTLE, Tracev Ishele, bur. 1968-09-16, Plot: JONES-*-18-007-0008A
LITTLE, William Albert, d. 1960-07-22, Plot: HORNE1-2-04-002R-0007 (140)
LITTLE, William H., d. 1934-06-01, Plot: HORNE2-*-12-023-0013
LITTLE, William John, d. 1928-12-06, Plot: HORNE2-*-04-039-0003
LITTLE, William John, d. 1934-12-07, Plot: HORNE2-*-16-008-0001
LITTLE, William Rannie, bur. 1982-01-28, Plot: 1919-*-D-014-0015
LITTLE, William Robert, d. 1954-06-08, Plot: 1919-*-F-001-0002
LITTLE, William Robert, d. 1954-06-10, Plot: 1919-*-F-001-0002
LITTLE, William, d. 1930-10-18, Plot: OLD-2-03-018-0015
LITTLE, Willie R., d. 1916-02-11, Plot: JONES-*-16-024-0004
LITTLE, Winifred, Age: 75 yrs, b. 1900-02-10 England, bur. 1976-02-10, Plot: HORNE1-4-01-025A-0016 (190)
LITTLEFIELD, Alfred G., d. 1962-06-09, Plot: OLD-4-0-*-0033
LITTLEFIELD, Bessie Belmont, bur. 1977-05-19, Plot: ABRAY-*-12-042-0001 (521)
LITTLEFIELD, Frederick James, d. 1945-08-27, Plot: ABRAY-*-12-042-0001 (521)
LITTLEFIELD, Madeline Lenore, bur. 1978-06-12, Plot: JONES-*-39-*-1437
LITTLEFIELD, Robert Ernest, bur. 1980-02-25, Plot: ABRAY-*-18-028-0004
LITTLEHAILES, Anderson, Age: 91 yrs, bur. 1971-01-27, Plot: MASONIC-*-*-125-0015
LITTLEHAILES, Eleanor May, Age: 63 yrs, b. New Brunswick, d. 1933-06-26 Pender Harbour, BC, bur. 1933-06-29, Plot: MASONIC-*-*-125-0015
LITTLEJOHN, Henrietta, d. 1913-04-21, Plot: JONES-*-07-021-0004
LITTLEJOHN, Henry Jones, d. 1952-03-15, Plot: ABRAY-*-20-026-0014
LITTLEJOHNS, Davina, bur. 1968-05-09, Plot: JONES-*-26-010-0011 (183)
LITTLEMORE, Constance Mary, Age: 81 yrs, d. 1997-01-23 Vancouver, bur. 1997-01-29, Plot: IOOF-*-*-119-0001
LITTLEMORE, Edith May, Age: 78 yrs, bur. 1972-11-07, Plot: ABRAY-*-05-008-0007
LITTLEMORE, Frederick Walter, bur. 1980-02-15, Plot: IOOF-*-*-119-0001
LITTLEMORE, Frederick, bur. 1965-07-16, Plot: ABRAY-*-05-008-0007
LITTLER, Blanche, d. 1951-12-26, Plot: ABRAY-*-15-058-0002 (826)
LITTLER, Fred, d. 1949-08-31, Plot: ABRAY-*-15-058-0002 (826)
LITTLER, James, Age: 77 yrs, b. Salford, England, d. 1917-08-31 Vancouver, bur. 1917-09-01, Plot: MASONIC-*-*-137-0008
LITTLER, John, d. 1939-03-21, Plot: HORNE2-*-15-045-0006
LITTLER, Lillian, Age: 58 yrs, b. Ontario, d. 1927-12-11 Vancouver, bur. 1927-12-13, Plot: MASONIC-*-*-137-0007
LITTLER, Maria D., d. 1961-12-12, bur. 1961-12-16, Plot: HORNE2-*-BLVD-040-0001
LITTLER, Ronald Frederick, d. 1932-03-22, Plot: HORNE2-*-05-032-0006
LITTLER, Susan, Age: 89 yrs, b. Quebec, d. 1950-05-28 Vancouver, bur. 1950-05-31, Plot: MASONIC-*-*-120-0011
LITTLER, Thomas William, Age: 52 yrs, b. Ontario, d. 1918-12-20 Vancouver, bur. 1918-12-23, Plot: MASONIC-*-*-120-0012
LITTLEWOOD, Annie, bur. 1928-01-18, Plot: JONES-*-01-018-0015
LITTLEWOOD, Catherine Shipley, bur. 1972-01-21, Plot: JONES-*-26-004-0016 (89)
LITTLEWOOD, Edwin, d. 1954-09-13, Plot: JONES-*-17-012-0009A
LITTLEWOOD, Florence, bur. 1967-12-14, Plot: OLD-2-03-*-0622
LITTLEWOOD, George, Age: 75 yrs, d. 1951-11-24, bur. 1951-11-27, Plot: JONES-*-26-004-0016 (89)
LITTLEWOOD, George, d. 1937-10-23, Plot: JONES-*-01-018-0016
LITTLEWOOD, Harry, d. 1942-04-19, Plot: JONES-*-01-018-0013
LITTLEWOOD, Isobelle, d. 1938-04-09, Plot: JONES-*-17-012-0009A
LITTLEWOOD, Robert J., d. 1951-06-08, Plot: JONES-*-01-018-0015
LITTLEY, Mary, d. 1958-09-30, Plot: HORNE1-4-02-004R-0001 (395)
LITTTLEPAGE, Glen Earl, d. 1951-12-09, Plot: ABRAY-*-18-017-0006
LITVA, Joseph, d. 1942-12-15, Plot: JONES-*-44-005-0008A
LITWIN, Florence, bur. 1987-06-04, Plot: JONES-*-01-025A-0015 (119)
LITWIN, Joseph, bur. 1987-06-04, Plot: JONES-*-01-025A-0013 (117)
LITWIN, Steve, Age: 75 yrs, bur. 1972-10-28, Plot: JONES-*-03-*-0254
LIU, Cui Xian, Age: 63 yrs, d. 1998-10-06 Vancouver, bur. 1998-10-26, Plot: HORNE2-*-06-034-0012-4
LIU, Gershon, bur. 1968-05-21, Plot: OLD-5-01-*-2114
LIU, Gloria Audrey, bur. 1966-06-23, Plot: OLD-3-01-*-0818
LIU, Louise Angeline, Age: 47 yrs, bur. 1974-10-12, Plot: JONES-*-0-*-1360
LIU, Ronald Anthony, Age: 43 yrs, bur. 1975-05-06, Plot: JONES-*-01-*-0029
LIU, Rose, d. 1925-10-11, Plot: OLD-5-06-012-0005
LIU, Shu Tsing, bur. 1983-07-04, Plot: HORNE2-*-06-*-0725
LIU, Sin Wu, Age: 42 yrs, bur. 1978-08-11, Plot: IOOF-*-*-*-0445
LIU, Victor "Low, Tait Ming", d. 1938-08-28, Plot: OLD-5-06-009-0013
LIUNLIN, James, d. 1925-03-12, Plot: 1919-*-D-021-0013
LIVAS, Konstantin, bur. 1983-01-14, Plot: HORNE2-*-03-*-0561
LIVELY, Eric Edward, Age: 80 yrs, bur. 1977-03-24, Plot: ABRAY-*-21-*-0076
LIVERSEY, George, d. 1936-02-27, Plot: JONES-*-13-007-0010
LIVERSIDGE, Douglas, d. 1949-05-16, Plot: OLD-2-02-015-0001A
LIVERSIDGE, Joe, Age: 84 yrs, b. 1873-mm-dd England, d. 1958-08-28 Vancouver, BC, bur. 1958-08-30, Plot: JONES-*-04-013-0010
LIVERSIDGE, Mary, Age: 38 yrs, b. 1915-07-dd England, d. 1915-08-01 Seattle, WA, USA, bur. 1915-08-07, Plot: JONES-*-04-013-0011
LIVERSIDGE, Wilfred Rhodes, Age: 3 yrs, b. 1907-mm-dd Vancouver, BC, d. 1911-01-08 Vancouver, BC, bur. 1911-01-09, Plot: JONES-*-04-013-0012
LIVESLEY, James, d. 1937-09-14, Plot: HORNE2-*-08-005-0016 (56)
LIVESLEY, Martha, d. 1935-11-03, Plot: HORNE2-*-08-005-0016 (56)
LIVESLEY, Wilfred S. S., d. 1913-02-22, Plot: JONES-*-30-017-0005
LIVESLY, Louise P., d. 1953-07-25, Plot: IOOF-*-32-041-0011
LIVINGSTON, (Baby), Age: Stillborn, bur. 1923-10-12, Plot: OLD-5-05-023-0003
LIVINGSTON, (Baby), d. 1922-07-23, Plot: OLD-1-03-016-0008
LIVINGSTON, Alastair David Burke, bur. 1992-07-21, Plot: HORNE2-*-08-017-0012 (228)
LIVINGSTON, Annie, bur. 1987-09-02, Plot: HORNE1-5-01-001R-0007 (643)
LIVINGSTON, Annie, d. 1936-01-15, Plot: HORNE2-*-08-017-0012 (228)
LIVINGSTON, David Alex., d. 1961-07-06, Plot: HORNE2-*-08-017-0012 (228)
LIVINGSTON, Edward, d. 1909-04-11, Plot: OLD-1-03-016-0008
LIVINGSTON, Florence M., Age: 12 yrs, d. 1954-06-06, Plot: HORNE1-3-01-016-0005
LIVINGSTON, Francis W., d. 1917-06-30, Plot: JONES-*-16-011-0009
LIVINGSTON, Frank, bur. 1966-12-01, Plot: HORNE1-5-01-001R-0007 (643)
LIVINGSTON, Grace, bur. 1969-02-14, Plot: HORNE2-*-08-017-0012 (228)
LIVINGSTON, Isobel B., d. 1941-03-12, Plot: JONES-*-16-011-0009
LIVINGSTON, James Peter, bur. 1976-01-12, Plot: JONES-*-26-038-0004 (572)
LIVINGSTON, James R., bur. 1983-12-07, Plot: JONES-*-12-007-0008
LIVINGSTON, James, Age: 56 yrs, b. Scotland, d. 1923-06-01 Vancouver, bur. 1923-06-04, Plot: HORNE2-*-14-037-0004
LIVINGSTON, John D., bur. 1953-12-10, Plot: ABRAY-*-21-030-0008
LIVINGSTON, John Henry, bur. 1984-10-18, Plot: HORNE2-*-16-*-0292
LIVINGSTON, Mabelle Marguerite, Age: 83 yrs, bur. 1982-09-22, Plot: KP-*-*-008-0008A
LIVINGSTON, Margaret May, d. 1910-08-05, Plot: OLD-4-03-011-0003
LIVINGSTON, Nellie, d. 1932-02-19, Plot: JONES-*-23-012-0005
LIVINGSTON, Samuel James, Age: 66 yrs, b. Ireland, d. 1960-08-04 Vancouver, bur. 1960-08-06, Plot: KP-*-*-008-0008A
LIVINGSTON, Sarah, d. 1927-02-19, Plot: HORNE1-5-02-019-0008
LIVINGSTON, William Malcolm, Age: 61 yrs, bur. 1975-12-03, Plot: JONES-*-0-*-1449
LIVINGSTON, William, Age: 59 yrs, b. Ontario, d. 1905-08-27 Vancouver, bur. 1905-08-29, Dis: 1906-08-09, Dis# 5636, Plot: HORNE1-2-03-005-0006
LIVINGSTON, William, Age: 59 yrs, b. Ontario, d. 1905-08-27 Vancouver, bur. 1906-08-09, Plot: HORNE1-3-01-016-0006
LIVINGSTONE, (Baby), d. 1923-01-27, Plot: 1919-*-C-050-0012
LIVINGSTONE, Alex McL., d. 1950-06-05, Plot: ABRAY-*-17-015-0002
LIVINGSTONE, Allan, Age: 63 yrs, b. Scotland, d. 1915-11-07 Vancouver, bur. 1915-11-10, Plot: MASONIC-*-*-114-0012
LIVINGSTONE, Allister, bur. 1991-06-13, Plot: JONES-*-01-025A-0014 (118)
LIVINGSTONE, Angus, Age: 79 yrs, b. Nova Scotia, d. 1964-01-09 Vancouver, bur. 1964-01-13, Plot: KP-*-*-038A-0001
LIVINGSTONE, Barbara A., d. 1916-11-07, Plot: JONES-*-38-019-0011
LIVINGSTONE, Bertha E., d. 1938-02-01, Plot: HORNE2-*-08-012-0015 (175)
LIVINGSTONE, Caroline Harvey, bur. 1966-12-12, Plot: ABRAY-*-11-001-0002 (2)
LIVINGSTONE, Catherine, Age: 82 yrs, bur. 1976-04-28, Plot: KP-*-*-*-1106
LIVINGSTONE, Charles, d. 1925-01-05, Plot: 1919-*-D-034-0005
LIVINGSTONE, Clifford William Leroy, Age: 66 yrs, b. Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, d. 1995-12-27 Vancouver, bur. 1996-03-08, Plot: HORNE2-*-08-022-0014 (334)
LIVINGSTONE, Elizabeth, bur. 1988-05-25, Plot: ABRAY-*-05-*-1926
LIVINGSTONE, Elsie Adelaide, d. 1940-07-26, Plot: HORNE2-*-02-021-0009 (179)
LIVINGSTONE, Emma Jane, d. 1931-04-12, Plot: OLD-1-03-016-0007
LIVINGSTONE, Esther Gertrude, Age: 87 yrs, d. 1996-09-08 New Westminster, bur. 1996-09-11, Plot: OLD-1-03-003-0013
LIVINGSTONE, Ethel F., Age: 20 yrs, d. 1920-12-30, bur. 1921-01-02, Plot: JONES-*-26-001-0004
LIVINGSTONE, Florinda J., Age: 87 yrs, d. 1942-05-16, Plot: HORNE1-3-01-016-0007
LIVINGSTONE, Henry Elmer, Age: 64 yrs, bur. 1981-06-03, Plot: IOOF-*-*-*-0767
LIVINGSTONE, Irene, d. 1959-06-06, Plot: HORNE1-4-04-002R-0016 (503)
LIVINGSTONE, Jessie, d. 1945-03-17, Plot: JONES-*-10-013-0009A
LIVINGSTONE, Joe S., d. 1951-01-29, Plot: ABRAY-*-19-002-0016
LIVINGSTONE, John B., d. 1949-01-07, Plot: ABRAY-*-07-044-0015
LIVINGSTONE, John Bishop, bur. 1979-12-28, Plot: ABRAY-*-05-*-1926
LIVINGSTONE, John Edward, Age: 47 yrs, b. 1934-09-03 Vancouver, d. 1982-08-21 Surrey, bur. 1982-08-27, Plot: ABRAY-*-12-041-0016A
LIVINGSTONE, John, d. 1954-06-14, Plot: JONES-*-03-023-0001
LIVINGSTONE, Kenneth Victor, bur. 1967-08-29, Plot: OLD-2-03-*-0518
LIVINGSTONE, Kirkpartick J., d. 1940-08-15, Plot: HORNE2-*-15-028-0001
LIVINGSTONE, Mamie, Age: 70 yrs, b. Nova Scotia, d. 1960-10-11 Burnaby, BC, bur. 1960-10-13, Plot: KP-*-*-038A-0001
LIVINGSTONE, Margaret Craig, bur. 1980-11-18, Plot: JONES-*-26-038-0004 (572)
LIVINGSTONE, Martha H., d. 1937-10-12, Plot: HORNE2-*-08-012-0003 (91)
LIVINGSTONE, Mary Euphema, bur. 1977-01-12, Plot: JONES-*-03-023-0004
LIVINGSTONE, Mary, Age: 81 yrs, b. Scotland, d. 1935-11-11 Vancouver, bur. 1935-11-14, Plot: MASONIC-*-*-114-0012
LIVINGSTONE, Maureen Eliz, d. 1928-05-31, Plot: OLD-1-03-016-0007
LIVINGSTONE, Stanley George, d. 1913-09-24, Plot: JONES-*-28-002-0013
LIVINGSTONE, Sylvia, bur. 1956-07-01, Plot: JONES-*-12-006-0009
LIVINGSTONE, Thomas Clarence, bur. 1971-09-01, Plot: ABRAY-*-12-048-0016A
LIVINGSTONE, Thomas E., d. 1945-05-14, Plot: ABRAY-*-06-008-0009
LIVINGSTONE, Thomas James, d. 1945-03-02, Plot: ABRAY-*-11-001-0002 (2)
LIVINGSTONE, Victor Samuel, bur. 1973-11-01, Plot: OLD-1-03-003-0013
LIVINGSTONE, William Angus, Age: 57 yrs, b. Canada, d. 1950-05-14 Vancouver, BC, bur. 1950-05-17, Plot: ABRAY-*-17-018-0004
LIVINGSTONE, William, d. 1945-01-08, Plot: ABRAY-*-06-014-0002
LIVVER, William, d. 1953-10-11, Plot: OLD-5-02-019-0008
LIZETTE, John Edwin, bur. 1980-12-02, Plot: ABRAY-*-07-040-0016
LIZOTTE, Frank, b. Quebec, d. 1890-02-04 Vancouver, Plot: OLD-3-01-014-0010
LIZOTTE, Joseph Marc Andrea, Age: 48 yrs, bur. 1990-11-27, Plot: IOOF-*-*-*-0770
LIZOTTE, Maurice, d. 1955-03-03, Plot: ABRAY-*-05-030-0015
LIZOTTE, Valere Joseph, d. 1941-08-01, bur. 1941-08-09, Plot: OLD-5-04-S-0001A
LKEDA, Toyoji, bur. 1987-06-04, Plot: JONES-*-01-025A-0015 (119)
LKOGAI, (Baby), Age: Stillborn, bur. 1920-04-21, Plot: OLD-5-05-018-0004
LLEWELLYN, Doris Esme, Age: 94 yrs, b. England, d. 1996-01-07 Surrey, BC, bur. 1996-02-08, Plot: MASONIC-*-25A-003-0018
LLEWELLYN, Hophni Clarence, Age: 79 yrs, bur. 1979-03-12, Plot: MASONIC-*-25A-003-0018
LLEWELLYN, Philomena, bur. 1974-04-18, Plot: JONES-*-09-016A-0003
LLEWELLYN, Richard, d. 1900-05-19, Plot: OLD-4-03-007-0015
LLEWELLYN, Vera, d. 1898-09-29, Plot: OLD-1-04-018-0006
LLOYD, (Baby Boy), d. 1963-09-02, bur. 1963-09-05, Plot: JONES-*-18-014-0014
LLOYD, (Baby), Age: Stillborn, bur. 1940-10-31, Plot: JONES-*-18-004-0009
LLOYD, (Baby), Age: Stillborn, bur. 1951-02-28, Plot: JONES-*-12-007-0001
LLOYD, (Baby), Age: Stillborn, bur. 1957-03-31, Plot: JONES-*-18-025-0001
LLOYD, (Baby), d. 1912-02-14, Plot: OLD-5-03-017-0009
LLOYD, (Baby), d. 1912-08-19, Plot: OLD-5-03-024-0005
LLOYD, Albert Kingsley, d. 1946-08-03, Plot: ABRAY-*-12-022-0001 (209)
LLOYD, Amelia Elizabeth Jane, Age: 55 yrs, b. England, d. 1950-06-17 Vancouver, BC, bur. 1950-06-21, Plot: ABRAY-*-16-016-0016 (236)
LLOYD, Amy, b. Vancouver, d. 1935-05-17 Vancouver, Plot: OLD-2-01-003-0010
LLOYD, Benjamin John, Age: 64 yrs, b. Ontario, d. 1943-06-27 Vancouver, bur. 1953-05-27, Plot: MASONIC-*-06A-005-0003
LLOYD, Edward, Age: 80 yrs, bur. 1978-11-16, Plot: IOOF-*-*-*-0801
LLOYD, Emily, d. 1919-01-08, Plot: JONES-*-17-018-0016
LLOYD, Frankie, d. 1904-11-10, Plot: HORNE1-2-03-009-0005
LLOYD, Georgina, d. 1891-12-25, Plot: OLD-2-01-003-0010
LLOYD, Harold Wilfred, Age: 69 yrs, bur. 1978-04-14, Plot: MASONIC-*-*-165-0001
LLOYD, Helen M., d. 1907-09-26, bur. 1907-09-28, Plot: HORNE1-4-03-010-0009
LLOYD, Ida May, bur. 1965-05-25, Plot: JONES-*-02-003-0013
LLOYD, Idris, Age: 59 yrs, b. Wales, d. 1957-10-23 Vancouver, bur. 1957-12-11, Plot: MASONIC-*-10A-009-0004
LLOYD, Isabella, Age: 80 yrs, bur. 1990-05-24, Plot: MASONIC-*-*-165-0001
LLOYD, James Wood, bur. 1935-05-21, Plot: OLD-2-01-003-0010
LLOYD, Jean Rowan, Age: 65 yrs, bur. 1993-05-06, Plot: ABRAY-*-16-016-0016 (236)
LLOYD, Jesse Miller, Age: 19 yrs, b. Seattle, WA, d. 1912-07-30 Vancouver, bur. 1912-07-31, Plot: JONES-*-09-024-0008
LLOYD, John M., d. 1953-05-10, Plot: JONES-*-03-021-0062
LLOYD, John Patrick, d. 1954-01-05, Plot: HORNE2-*-13-030-0009
LLOYD, John Pryse, Age: 74 yrs, bur. 1986-11-26, Plot: MASONIC-*-30A-004-0038
LLOYD, John, Age: 76 yrs, bur. 1999-05-04, Plot: MASONIC-*-30A-004-0038
LLOYD, Lomax John, Age: 58 yrs, b. 1870-07-28, d. 1929-03-30 Vancouver, Plot: IOOF-*-32-023-0005
LLOYD, Margaret Barbara, bur. 1970-10-22, Plot: 1919-*-*-*-2230
LLOYD, Margaret Irene, Age: 93 yrs, bur. 1994-01-24, Plot: MASONIC-*-10A-009-0004
LLOYD, Mary Elizabeth, Age: 67 yrs, b. Ontario, d. 1953-05-14 Vancouver, bur. 1953-05-27, Plot: MASONIC-*-06A-005-0003
LLOYD, Mary Jane, bur. 1968-01-29, Plot: ABRAY-*-12-022-0001 (209)
LLOYD, Mary, Age: 90 yrs, bur. 1991-07-11, Plot: IOOF-*-*-*-0801
LLOYD, Maudie Jane, d. 1962-02-09, Plot: ABRAY-*-15-077-0003 (1071)
LLOYD, Myrtle, bur. 1987-06-04, Plot: JONES-*-01-025A-0015 (119)
LLOYD, Percival F., d. 1959-09-05, Plot: HORNE2-*-16-018A-0008
LLOYD, Phyllis, bur. 1987-06-04, Plot: JONES-*-01-025A-0013 (117)
LLOYD, Reginald, d. 1954-03-18, Plot: HORNE2-*-14-024-0008
LLOYD, Thomas A., d. 1954-03-15, Plot: JONES-*-20A-015-0003 (195)
LLOYD, Thomas, bur. 1983-11-23, Plot: HORNE2-*-13-*-0418
LLOYD, Violet, Age: 98 yrs, bur. 1990-05-28, Plot: MASONIC-*-*-*-0571-4
LLOYD, William Joseph, d. 1938-08-26, Plot: HORNE2-*-15-039-0006
LLOYD, William, d. 1923-02-22, Plot: 1919-*-C-013-0008
LLOYD, William, d. 1923-02-26, Plot: 1919-*-C-013-0008
LLOYD, Willliam Watkin, bur. 1998-11-27, Plot: JONES-*-20A-015-0003 (195)
LLOYD, Zena, d. 1911-08-19, Plot: OLD-5-03-007-0001
LO, Antonio Kar, Age: 38 yrs, bur. 1994-02-25, Plot: HORNE2-*-08-*-1378-1
LO, Ching Wah. (Poon), Age: 78 yrs, bur. 1974-08-30, Plot: JONES-*-09-005A-0001
LO, Gip, d. 1922-02-13, bur. 1922-02-16, Plot: OLD-4-04-018-0013
LO, Wan Ying, Age: 84 yrs, bur. 1987-09-30, Plot: KP-*-*-*-0189
LO, Way, d. 1921-12-31, Plot: OLD-4-04-019-0008
LO, Yoy Shee "Kwong", Age: 80 yrs, d. Vancouver, bur. 1969-06-12, Plot: OLD-2-04-015R-0002 (150)
LO, Yui, bur. 1971-08-10, Plot: OLD-4-06-*-1295
LOACH, Tom K., d. 1940-03-16, Plot: JONES-*-25-018-0008A
LOADE, Henry Geo, d. 1935-09-29, Plot: HORNE2-*-12-032-0001
LOADE, Patricia May, d. 1932-08-02, Plot: HORNE2-*-05-034-0004
LOADE, Susan Caroline, d. 1960-03-15, Plot: HORNE2-*-12-032-0001
LOADER, Cordon Eric, bur. 1965-08-23, Plot: ABRAY-*-14-006-0012 (23)
LOADER, Felicity, bur. 1991-06-13, Plot: JONES-*-01-025A-0014 (118)
LOADER, Florence, bur. 1972-08-10, Plot: ABRAY-*-14-006-0011 (23)
LOADER, Gordon Harry, bur. 1986-10-21, Plot: ABRAY-*-14-006-0012 (23)
LOADER, Harry, d. 1951-03-07, Plot: ABRAY-*-14-006-0012 (23)
LOADER, Sarah J., d. 1928-11-25, Plot: IOOF-*-*-089-0014
LOADER, Sophie, bur. 1989-09-25, Plot: ABRAY-*-14-006-0012 (23)
LOADER, Thelma O., d. 1949-05-03, Plot: ABRAY-*-16-017-0006 (242)
LOADMAN, (Baby), Age: Stillborn, bur. 1933-05-31, Plot: JONES-*-18-006-0014
LOANE, Herbert, d. 1900-03-10, Plot: OLD-4-03-006-0012
LOAT, Christopher J., d. 1943-05-13, Plot: ABRAY-*-03-025-0014
LOAT, Wesley, Age: 3 days, b. Grandview Hospital, d. 1922-05-22 Vancouver, bur. 1922-05-22, Plot: MASONIC-*-*-144-0004
LOATES, Herbert George, d. 1941-05-08, Plot: HORNE2-*-14-027-0009
LOBA, Jean, Age: 83 yrs, bur. 1994-02-02, Plot: MASONIC-*-*-026-0009A
LOBA, Kaneno "Kaneno Taba", Age: 48 yrs, b. Japan, d. 1934-03-20 Vancouver, BC, bur. 1934-03-23, Plot: JONES-*-23-002-0014
LOBA, William Arthur, Age: 77 yrs, bur. 1983-03-30, Plot: MASONIC-*-*-026-0009A
LOBAY, Wasyl, bur. 1977-11-28, Plot: JONES-*-35-*-0675
LOBB, Alice Martin, Age: 72 yrs, d. 1970-03-14 Vancouver, bur. 1970-03-19, Plot: 1919-*-*-*-1836
LOBB, Clarence T., d. 1907-02-24, Plot: HORNE1-4-02-002-0009
LOBB, Elizabeth Ann, d. 1918-05-14, Plot: JONES-*-25-001-0008
LOBB, Frederich, d. 1930-12-18, Plot: 1919-*-B-020-0014
LOBB, Frederick Robert, Age: 52 yrs, bur. 1970-09-09, Plot: 1919-*-*-*-1836
LOBB, Jennie C., b. England, d. 1889-09-28 Vancouver, Plot: OLD-3-01-018-0014
LOBB, Madeline Mary, Age: 49 yrs, bur. 1971-11-22, Plot: 1919-*-*-*-1836
LOBB, Vera, bur. 1987-12-22, Plot: ABRAY-*-11-010-0015 (211)
LOBBAN, (Baby), Age: Stillborn, bur. 1941-07-31, Plot: JONES-*-18-017-0010
LOBBAN, Clarence M. W., d. 1911-01-11, Plot: JONES-*-04-013-0005
LOBBAN, Elenor Caroline, d. 1945-04-04, Plot: JONES-*-04-013-0007
LOBBAN, Francis R., d. 1925-11-13, Plot: JONES-*-04-013-0006
LOBBAN, Grenville Russell, Age: 63 yrs, b. Manitoba, d. 1964-02-27 Vancouver, BC, bur. 1964-03-03, Plot: JONES-*-04-013-0008
LOBBAN, James, d. 1954-02-23, Plot: HORNE2-*-13-026-0008
LOBBAN, James, d. 1957-07-03, Plot: HORNE1-1-01-010-0012
LOBBAN, Mary H. M., d. 1963-10-14, Plot: HORNE1-1-01-010-0011
LOBECK, Walter, bur. 1967-10-10, Plot: OLD-4-01-*-1192
LOBIR, Kode, d. 1899-09-16, Plot: OLD-2-04-005-0009
LOBLEY, (Baby), d. 1902-06-25, Plot: HORNE1-2-02-015-0012
LOBLEY, (Baby), d. 1904-06-27, Plot: HORNE1-2-02-015-0012
LOBLEY, Charles Henry, d. 1934-07-28, Plot: HORNE2-*-16-004-0004
LOBLEY, Herbert, d. 1907-04-29, Plot: HORNE1-2-04-012-0014
LOBOS, James, bur. 1979-06-27, Plot: JONES-*-43-*-0795
LOBRAKEY, Pete, d. 1941-09-22, Plot: HORNE2-*-12-009-0015
LOCAGEST, Albert, d. 1941-01-24, Plot: OLD-2-01-021-0003
LOCH, Annie Allen, d. 1937-10-27, Plot: HORNE1-1-01-005A-0002 (2)
LOCH, Christine, Age: 86 yrs, bur. 1975-03-17, Plot: 1919-*-*-*-1027
LOCH, George, d. 1917-02-11, Plot: OLD-5-04-T-0004
LOCH, Henry, Age: 93 yrs, bur. 1978-02-11, Plot: 1919-*-*-*-1027
LOCH, Julia, bur. 1987-06-04, Plot: JONES-*-01-025A-0015 (119)
LOCH, Norman, bur. 1987-06-04, Plot: JONES-*-01-025A-0015 (119)
LOCHART, (Baby), Age: Stillborn, bur. 1926-09-30, Plot: OLD-5-06-006-0001
LOCHBAUM, Annie, d. 1956-11-30, Plot: JONES-*-20A-012-0002 (170)
LOCHBAUM, Mary, bur. 1988-08-29, Plot: JONES-*-20A-012-0002 (170)
LOCHBAUM, Michael, bur. 1977-02-24, Plot: JONES-*-20A-012-0002 (170)
LOCHEAD, Blanche, d. 1962-11-30, Plot: JONES-*-0-006-0004
LOCHEAD, Helen I., d. 1943-07-30, Plot: JONES-*-0-006-0003
LOCHEAD, James, Age: 76 yrs, bur. 1939-12-23, Plot: JONES-*-0-007-0008A
LOCHEAD, Jessie Kathleen, bur. 1978-02-13, Plot: JONES-*-0-006-0004
LOCHEAD, John S., d. 1917-11-14, Plot: JONES-*-0-006-0002
LOCHEAD, William James, bur. 1976-07-20, Plot: JONES-*-0-006-0004
LOCHEED, Jason Wayne, Age: 2 mos, bur. 1975-01-28, Plot: HORNE1-4-03-*-0969-3
LOCHEED, Wayne K., bur. 1982-06-08, Plot: JONES-*-12-007-0008
LOCHERTY, (Baby), Age: Stillborn, bur. 1960-04-30, Plot: JONES-*-18-016-0008
LOCHEVICK, John, bur. 1912-12-22, Plot: OLD-2-01-009-0015
LOCHHART, Nettie, Age: 35 yrs, b. New Brunswick, d. 1912-03-27 Vancouver, bur. 1912-03-27, Plot: JONES-*-09-021-0013
LOCHHEAD, John, d. 1948-07-24, Plot: ABRAY-*-07-030-0003
LOCHHEAD, Margaret Ellen, bur. 1983-10-19, Plot: ABRAY-*-07-030-0003
LOCHHEAD, Mary A., d. 1961-02-19, Plot: ABRAY-*-03-039-0015
LOCHORE, Alexander, Age: 63 yrs, b. Scotland, d. 1926-08-19 Ontario, bur. 1926-08-27, Plot: OLD-2-02-013-0013
LOCHORE, Elenor Priscilla (Magee) "Ellen", Age: 27 yrs, b. New Westminster, d. 1893-01-27 North Arm, bur. 1893-01-30, Plot: OLD-2-02-013-0014
LOCHORE, Harriet Young, d. 1923-09-19, bur. 1923-09-21, Plot: OLD-2-02-013-0016
LOCHORE, R. (Baby), Age: 6 mos, b. North America, d. 1891-09-11 Vancouver, bur. 1891-09-12, Plot: OLD-2-02-013-0013
LOCK, Albert Edwin, d. 1951-05-11, Plot: ABRAY-*-18-009-0001
LOCK, Alfred Harry, d. 1932-01-26, Plot: HORNE2-*-13-023-0009
LOCK, Alice Ada, d. 1915-09-09, Plot: JONES-*-34-003-0010
LOCK, Chun Chan. (Cha), bur. 1972-10-06, Plot: OLD-3-04-020-0002
LOCK, Florence, Age: 96 yrs, bur. 1974-10-30, Plot: JONES-*-0-*-1378
LOCK, Harry, d. 1954-11-23, Plot: JONES-*-02-025-0101
LOCK, Jane, d. 1956-06-28, Plot: JONES-*-02-025-0100
LOCK, Joseph Charles, d. 1943-08-22, Plot: ABRAY-*-06-036-0002
LOCK, Lee, d. 1924-08-04, Plot: OLD-3-06-015-0008
LOCK, Leong Kai, d. 1927-11-28, Plot: OLD-4-04-006-0005
LOCK, Lun, d. 1961-10-03, Plot: OLD-4-02-016R-0007
LOCK, Mary Jane, d. 1963-12-22, Plot: ABRAY-*-15-051-0016 (776)
LOCK, Victoria Mary, d. 1959-04-06, Plot: OLD-1-04-010-0003
LOCK, William George, d. 1949-03-24, Plot: ABRAY-*-15-051-0016 (776)
LOCKAND, William J., d. 1905-01-21, Plot: HORNE1-2-03-015-0005
LOCKE, (Baby), Age: Stillborn, bur. 1928-05-31, Plot: OLD-5-06-005-0004
LOCKE, Charles R., d. 1921-12-01, Plot: JONES-*-34-003-0010
LOCKE, Corbet, Age: 77 yrs, b. 1854-02-09 Barrie, ON, d. 1932-02-08 Vancouver, bur. 1932-02-10, Plot: MASONIC-*-*-094-0015
LOCKE, F. C. E., d. 1915-05-06, Plot: JONES-*-16-004-0013
LOCKE, George William, bur. 1975-10-01, Plot: JONES-*-12-007-0006
LOCKE, Jasper, d. 1889-12-26, Plot: OLD-2-02-010-0001
LOCKE, John Reardon, d. 1911-06-19, Plot: OLD-3-01-003-0009
LOCKE, Lizzie, d. 1928-11-01, Plot: HORNE2-*-03-013-0009
LOCKE, Sidney, d. 1946-01-14, Plot: ABRAY-*-03-004-0014
LOCKE, Thomas Jefferson, d. 1934-04-20, Plot: HORNE2-*-03-013-0010
LOCKE, Vernallen G., d. 1913-06-08, Plot: JONES-*-28-010-0014
LOCKELT, (Baby Girl), bur. 1964-03-31, Plot: JONES-*-18-007-0009
LOCKETT, Euginie Margueritte, bur. 1985-05-10, Plot: IOOF-*-*-052-0014
LOCKETT, Leonard, d. 1963-05-04, Plot: HORNE2-*-BLVD-004-0002
LOCKHART, (Baby), Age: Stillborn, bur. 1951-02-28, Plot: JONES-*-12-007-0001
LOCKHART, (Baby), Age: Stillborn, bur. 1954-02-28, Plot: JONES-*-12-004-0009A
LOCKHART, (Baby), Age: Stillborn, bur. 1957-06-30, Plot: JONES-*-18-025-0010
LOCKHART, Allan James, Age: 72 yrs, b. Ontario, d. 1920-04-23 Vancouver, bur. 1920-04-27, Plot: MASONIC-*-*-198-0009
LOCKHART, David, Age: 33 yrs, b. Scotland, d. 1911-04-26 Vancouver, bur. 1911-04-29, Plot: MASONIC-*-*-015-0008
LOCKHART, Floyd, bur. 1996-03-14, Plot: JONES-*-01-025A-0014 (118)
LOCKHART, Harry, bur. 1965-05-13, Plot: JONES-*-12-006-0016
LOCKHART, Henry, bur. 1987-06-04, Plot: JONES-*-01-025A-0015 (119)
LOCKHART, Herbert Goodwin, Age: 39 yrs, b. New Brunswick, d. 1918-11-08 Vancouver, bur. 1918-12-02, Plot: MASONIC-*-*-199-0008
LOCKHART, Ivy Myrtle, bur. 1977-03-01, Plot: JONES-*-36-*-1043
LOCKHART, James Toland, Age: 40 yrs, d. 1968-05-27 Vancouver, bur. 1968-05-30, Plot: 1919-*-*-*-2354
LOCKHART, John, bur. 1982-04-02, Plot: JONES-*-36-*-1043
LOCKHART, John, d. 1916-03-10, Plot: JONES-*-44-024-0003
LOCKHART, Julia Ann, d. 1925-01-21, Plot: 1919-*-A-013-0011
LOCKHART, Willian, d. 1916-01-16, Plot: JONES-*-34-003-0011
LOCKHART-SMYTH, Margaret, bur. 1973-07-05, Plot: JONES-*-06-008-0007
LOCKHART-SMYTH, Thomas, d. 1956-07-20, Plot: JONES-*-06-008-0008
LOCKHEAD, Archie, d. 1943-04-06, Plot: ABRAY-*-03-039-0015
LOCKHEAD, John, d. 1947-05-21, Plot: ABRAY-*-02-032-0013
LOCKHEAD, Robert, d. 1957-01-14, Plot: JONES-*-20A-008-0005 (101)
LOCKIE, (Baby Girl), bur. 1968-07-04, Plot: JONES-*-18-006-0016
LOCKIE, (Baby), Age: Stillborn, bur. 1918-03-31, Plot: OLD-5-04-020-0012
LOCKIE, Albert, d. 1948-05-06, Plot: HORNE2-*-12-053-0005
LOCKIE, Ethel N., d. 1945-09-09, Plot: ABRAY-*-06-030-0015
LOCKIE, Margaret, d. 1919-04-20, Plot: JONES-*-46-001-0015
LOCKIE, Maxwell H., d. 1951-11-26, Plot: ABRAY-*-18-025-0009
LOCKLEND, R. Claner, d. 1959-01-26, Plot: OLD-5-04-007-0004
LOCKLEY, Florence Jane, Age: 90 yrs, bur. 1964-05-29, Plot: KP-*-*-014R-0007
LOCKLEY, Jane, d. 1902-04-21, Plot: HORNE1-2-02-009-0012
LOCKLEY, William Hicken, Age: 88 yrs, b. England, d. 1958-12-29 Vancouver, bur. 1958-12-31, Plot: KP-*-*-014R-0006
LOCKLIN, Hugh, Age: 9 wks, b. Vancouver, d. 1910-10-14 Vancouver, bur. 1910-10-15, Plot: MASONIC-*-*-005-0009
LOCKLIN, Leland Norman, Age: 59 yrs, d. 1980-09-16 Santa Barbara, California, bur. 1980-10-02, Plot: JONES-*-*-080B-0002
LOCKRIE, (Baby), Age: Stillborn, bur. 1948-04-30, Plot: JONES-*-18-004-0013
LOCKSTEAD, Daniel, Age: 64 yrs, bur. 1972-02-03, Plot: JONES-*-09-*-0593
LOCKSTEAD, Ida, Age: 77 yrs, bur. 1990-04-27, Plot: JONES-*-09-*-0593
LOCKSTEAD, Lloyd Walter, Age: 67 yrs, bur. 2000-07-11, Plot: JONES-*-09-*-0593
LOCKWOOD, (Baby), Age: Stillborn, bur. 1920-12-07, Plot: OLD-5-05-018-0008
LOCKWOOD, (Baby), Age: Stillborn, bur. 1938-06-30, Plot: JONES-*-18-014-0008A
LOCKWOOD, Beryl Eirene Louise, bur. 1993-08-16, Plot: JONES-*-40-016-0007
LOCKWOOD, Edward C., d. 1913-07-10, Plot: JONES-*-31-035-0006
LOCKWOOD, Ella Louise, d. 1951-10-15, Plot: JONES-*-40-016-0007
LOCKWOOD, Francis W. J., d. 1952-07-23, Plot: JONES-*-40-016-0008
LOCKWOOD, Francis, bur. 1987-06-04, Plot: JONES-*-01-025A-0013 (117)
LOCKWOOD, Francis, bur. 1987-06-04, Plot: JONES-*-01-025A-0015 (119)
LOCKWOOD, Herbert Victor, Age: 61 yrs, d. 1951-10-24, bur. 1951-10-29, Plot: JONES-*-26-020-0004 (257)
LOCKWOOD, John Carey, Age: 61 yrs, d. 1906-03-12, bur. 1906-03-14, Plot: OLD-4-02-001-0012
LOCKWOOD, John E., d. 1921-11-27 Vancouver, bur. 1921-11-30, Plot: KP-*-*-029-0013
LOCKWOOD, Margaret M., d. 1930-11-14, Plot: JONES-*-31-035-0007
LOCKWOOD, Margaret Mary, d. 1921-03-22, Plot: HORNE1-4-01-007-0016
LOCKYER, (Baby), Age: Stillborn, bur. 1928-11-30, Plot: OLD-5-06-005-0009
LOCKYER, (Baby), Age: Stillborn, bur. 1929-08-31, Plot: JONES-*-18-025-0001
LOCKYER, M. M., d. 1957-08-07, Plot: JONES-*-01-005-0080
LOCKYER, Sydney, Age: 64 yrs, b. 1904-07-29, d. 1969-05-04 Vancouver, bur. 1969-05-08, Plot: 1919-*-*-*-2299
LOCO, Frank, d. 1949-04-20, Plot: ABRAY-*-07-044-0016
LOCOCK, Katherine, bur. 1977-07-21, Plot: ABRAY-*-15-075-0008 (1060)
LOCONTE, Salvatore, Age: Stillborn, d. 1957-09-07, bur. 1957-09-17, Plot: JONES-*-18-025-0012
LODER, Harry, Age: 66 yrs, d. 1995-03-01 Vancouver, bur. 1995-03-21, Plot: JONES-*-14-021-0010
LODGE, Frank, d. 1900-07-29, Plot: OLD-4-03-015-0006
LODGE, John Charles, bur. 1928-04-09, Plot: HORNE2-*-04-028-0001
LODGE, Joshua, d. 1928-04-06, Plot: HORNE2-*-04-028-0001
LODGE, William, d. 1954-07-27, Plot: OLD-1-04-022-0009
LODHAM, J. H., d. 1897-02-14, Plot: OLD-3-03-009-0012
LODOVICA, Andres Omega, Age: 73 yrs, bur. 1984-02-01, Plot: MASONIC-*-*-*-0282
LODWIDGE, Herbert C., d. 1938-10-13, Plot: HORNE2-*-08-039-0004 (548)
LOEFLER, (Baby Boy), d. 1963-10-16, bur. 1963-10-29, Plot: JONES-*-18-007-0013
LOEHR, Clarence Daniel, Age: 51 yrs, d. 1971-07-07 Vancouver, bur. 1971-07-09, Plot: 1919-*-*-*-1773
LOEHR, Daniel Kenneth, Age: 17 hrs, bur. 1973-04-19, Plot: HORNE1-4-05-*-0682-14
LOERKE, Carle, bur. 1991-06-13, Plot: JONES-*-01-025A-0014 (118)
LOESER, Christopher, Age: 19 yrs, bur. 1972-07-15, Plot: MASONIC-*-28A-003-0012
LOETSCH, Manfred Klaus, d. 1979-07-13, bur. 1979-08-09, Plot: JONES-*-37-*-1661
LOEWE, Eric, bur. 1967-08-04, Plot: OLD-1-03-*-0053
LOEWE, Luise, bur. 1981-05-11, Plot: OLD-1-03-*-0053
LOEWEN, Catherine Isobel, Age: 76 yrs, bur. 2000-06-13, Plot: IOOF-*-*-067-0016
LOEWEN, Debra Ann, d. 1961-08-07, bur. 1961-08-11, Plot: JONES-*-18-015-0002
LOEWEN, Elda Marie, Age: 59 yrs, bur. 1980-01-25, Plot: IOOF-*-*-*-0805
LOEWEN, Ella Meta, Age: 70 yrs, bur. 1972-01-11, Plot: JONES-*-05-*-0373
LOEWEN, George, Age: 55 yrs, d. 1996-05-27 Vancouver, bur. 1996-06-27, Plot: JONES-*-17-009-0009A
LOEWEN, Henry Richard, bur. 1994-12-02, Plot: OLD-5-01-*-1655
LOEWEN, Herta Sara "Lowen", bur. 1972-12-20, Plot: 1919-*-*-*-1074
LOEWEN, Jacob, Age: 58 yrs, bur. 1972-12-20, Plot: 1919-*-*-*-1074
LOEWEN, Janet Wendy, d. 1964-03-06, Plot: HORNE1-3-01-*-0040-2
LOEWEN, Katharina, Age: 87 yrs, bur. 1976-08-09, Plot: 1919-*-*-*-0972
LOEWEN, Katharina, bur. 1993-11-03, Plot: JONES-*-32R-054-0014
LOEWEN, Peter A., Age: 91 yrs, bur. 1980-11-03, Plot: 1919-*-*-*-1070
LOFBERG, Paul, bur. 1983-09-09, Plot: HORNE2-*-04-*-0365
LOFDAHL, (Baby), Age: Stillborn, bur. 1947-07-31, Plot: JONES-*-18-017-0004
LOFDAHL, Anselin, bur. 1955-01-01, Plot: JONES-*-12-006-0002
LOFDAHL, Jast, d. 1912-12-01, Plot: JONES-*-08-007-0010
LOFF, Edward (Lov), d. 1939-07-15, Plot: JONES-*-22-001-0009A
LOFGREN, Bertha Regina, bur. 1989-02-13, Plot: HORNE2-*-04-*-0358
LOFGREN, Thomas, bur. 1966-02-24, Plot: JONES-*-12-007-0003
LOFKVIAT, William, d. 1952-04-15, Plot: OLD-3-01-004-0005
LOFKVIST, William, d. 1952-04-18, Plot: OLD-3-01-004-0005
LOFSTEDT, Charles, d. 1926-03-11, bur. 1926-03-13, Plot: 1919-*-D-050-0003
LOFT, Andrew Stephen, Age: 46 yrs, bur. 1996-04-19, Plot: ABRAY-*-18-*-0412
LOFT, Benjamin, d. 1948-09-24, Plot: OLD-4-02-011-0016A
LOFT, Vernon Edward, Age: 60 yrs, bur. 1969-09-19, Plot: ABRAY-*-18-*-0412
LOFTEN, (Baby), Age: Stillborn, bur. 1955-05-31, Plot: JONES-*-12-005-0006
LOFTHUS, Bernhard Alfred, bur. 1966-01-19, Plot: HORNE1-4-01-*-0748
LOFTHUS, Herman T., d. 1943-07-24, Plot: HORNE2-*-09-049-0002 (706)
LOFTING, (Baby), Age: Stillborn, bur. 1924-08-04, Plot: OLD-5-05-023-0006
LOFTING, Albert Victor, bur. 1970-05-25, Plot: IOOF-*-*-113-0001
LOFTING, Marion Jean, bur. 1975-09-24, Plot: IOOF-*-*-113-0001
LOFTING, Martha, d. 1932-03-06, Plot: HORNE1-0-04-004-0010
LOFTING, Walter E., d. 1913-04-04, Plot: HORNE1-0-04-004-0011
LOFTING, Walter, d. 1930-01-16, Plot: HORNE1-0-04-004-0009
LOFTS (LEWIS), L., d. 1907-07-31, Plot: HORNE1-3-04-005-0004
LOFTS, Agnes Mand, d. 1946-07-14, Plot: ABRAY-*-12-022-0016 (240)
LOFTS, William V., d. 1959-03-26, Plot: ABRAY-*-12-022-0016 (240)
LOFTUS, (Baby), Age: Stillborn, bur. 1957-04-30, Plot: JONES-*-18-025-0001
LOFTUS, Baby Boy, Age: Stillborn, b. Vancouver, d. 1916-08-09 Vancouver, bur. 1916-08-12, Plot: JONES-*-46-011-0007
LOFTUS, Daniel Joseph Dempsey, d. 1936-12-10, Plot: HORNE2-*-16-033-0015
LOFTUS, Ella Marion, Age: 20 mos, b. Vancouver, d. 1921-05-08 Vancouver - 2024 York Street, bur. 1921-05-10, Plot: JONES-*-46-011-0007
LOFTUS, Grace E., bur. 1967-08-18, Plot: ABRAY-*-06-015-0001
LOFTUS, Hulda Paulina, bur. 1972-07-14, Plot: HORNE1-4-01-*-0748
LOFTUS, James F., Age: 55 yrs, b. Ontario, d. 1937-03-18 Vancouver, bur. 1937-03-21, Plot: JONES-*-46-011-0007
LOFTUS, James J., d. 1958-08-14, Plot: HORNE2-*-13-038R-0006
LOFTUS, John, d. 1932-12-07, Plot: HORNE2-*-13-014-0006
LOFTUS, Joseph Loomis, d. 1944-10-18, Plot: ABRAY-*-06-015-0001
LOFTUS, Mabel, Age: 86 yrs, d. 1969-07-05, bur. 1969-07-18, Plot: JONES-*-46-011-0007
LOFTUS, Mary, Age: 64 yrs, b. Nova Scotia, d. 1938-07-30, bur. 1938-08-02, Plot: HORNE2-*-05-016-0005
LOFTUS, Patrick Joseph, bur. 1980-08-05, Plot: ABRAY-*-04-*-2021
LOFTUS, Rose Marie, d. 1917-10-04, Plot: JONES-*-46-019-0009
LOGAN, (Baby), Age: Stillborn, bur. 1944-05-31, Plot: JONES-*-18-007-0006
LOGAN, (Baby), d. 1917-01-20, Plot: OLD-5-04-T-0015
LOGAN, Andrew, d. 1949-03-06, Plot: ABRAY-*-01-004-0011
LOGAN, Anne, d. 1945-12-05, Plot: ABRAY-*-10-024-0004 (308)
LOGAN, Annie, d. 1901-10-21, Plot: OLD-0-04-015-0016
LOGAN, Barbara Elizabeth, d. 1930-05-22, Plot: OLD-1-03-003-0010
LOGAN, Betsy Anne, d. 1937-06-11, Plot: JONES-*-13-019-0006
LOGAN, Charles, d. 1950-11-26, Plot: ABRAY-*-17-005-0008
LOGAN, Christina Noble, Age: 92 yrs, d. 1999-09-12 Vancouver, bur. 1999-09-16, Plot: MASONIC-*-*-017-0008A
LOGAN, Clara M., d. 1924-05-26, Plot: JONES-*-46-003-0010
LOGAN, Clarke Roland, bur. 1987-06-04, Plot: JONES-*-01-025A-0015 (119)
LOGAN, Clarke, bur. 1987-06-04, Plot: JONES-*-01-025A-0013 (117)
LOGAN, David, d. 1904-11-24, Plot: HORNE1-2-03-016-0009
LOGAN, David, d. 1943-07-08, Plot: ABRAY-*-06-042-0004
LOGAN, Elizabeth, d. 1936-03-10, Plot: HORNE2-*-08-016-0011 (235)
LOGAN, Emily Garbutt, bur. 1975-04-24, Plot: HORNE2-*-10-020-0015 (288B)
LOGAN, Evelyn Frances, Age: 78 yrs, d. 1995-10-10 Burnaby, BC, bur. 1995-10-16, Plot: HORNE2-*-15-*-0059
LOGAN, Francis James, d. 1953-05-12, Plot: ABRAY-*-18-041-0014
LOGAN, Frederick William, bur. 1983-08-11, Plot: HORNE2-*-16-*-0166
LOGAN, George, d. 1930-11-28, Plot: HORNE2-*-13-035-0006
LOGAN, Gwyneth, bur. 1979-06-11, Plot: OLD-1-03-003-0009
LOGAN, Hannah Elizabeth, bur. 1986-10-20, Plot: ABRAY-*-06-*-1533
LOGAN, Harry Tremaine, bur. 1971-03-05, Plot: OLD-1-03-003-0009
LOGAN, Harry, bur. 1952-06-19, Plot: ABRAY-*-20-022-0014
LOGAN, Harry, bur. 1981-05-06, Plot: HORNE1-3-01-018-0013
LOGAN, Herbert Hunter, bur. 1987-04-15, Plot: OLD-4-02-010-0003
LOGAN, Isabella, d. 1948-04-26, Plot: HORNE2-*-01-020-0006 (151)
LOGAN, James L., d. 1917-01-20, Plot: JONES-*-46-003-0010
LOGAN, James, d. 1918-04-03, Plot: JONES-*-14-025-0002
LOGAN, John Albert, d. 1931-02-28, Plot: OLD-1-03-003-0009
LOGAN, John Douglass, Age: 76 yrs, bur. 1986-12-23, Plot: MASONIC-*-29A-002-0037
LOGAN, John, Age: 79 yrs, b. Scotland, d. 1963-06-26 Vancouver, bur. 1963-07-10, Plot: MASONIC-*-03A-013-0002
LOGAN, John, d. 1931-12-25, Plot: HORNE2-*-13-021-0002
LOGAN, John, d. 1949-02-15, Plot: ABRAY-*-15-070-0014 (1018)
LOGAN, Joseph, d. 1928-09-28, Plot: HORNE2-*-04-034-0014
LOGAN, Joseph, d. 1941-04-11, Plot: JONES-*-17-005-0001
LOGAN, Lorne, d. 1918-11-10, Plot: OLD-1-02-021-0012
LOGAN, Louis Joseph, bur. 1965-07-13, Plot: JONES-*-43-013-0003
LOGAN, Margaret Ellen, Age: 71 yrs, bur. 1966-04-29, Plot: OLD-3-02-001-0016
LOGAN, Mary Ann, Age: 63 yrs, b. Ireland, d. 1921-09-04 Vancouver, bur. 1921-09-06, Plot: MASONIC-*-*-174-0010
LOGAN, Mary Ann, Age: 79 yrs, b. England, d. 1963-11-08 Vancouver, bur. 1963-12-05, Plot: MASONIC-*-03A-013-0002
LOGAN, Mary Ann, bur. 1964-02-11, Plot: OLD-5-RE5-003-0016
LOGAN, Myrtle Virginia, bur. 1975-01-22, Plot: OLD-4-02-010-0002
LOGAN, Nellie S., d. 1933-07-26, Plot: IOOF-*-32-008-0009
LOGAN, Robert Andrew, bur. 1969-09-29, Plot: ABRAY-*-06-*-1533
LOGAN, Robert Marshall, Age: 74 yrs, b. Ireland, d. 1928-07-09 Washington, USA, bur. 1928-07-13, Plot: MASONIC-*-*-174-0011
LOGAN, Robert Millar, d. 1953-08-16, Plot: ABRAY-*-20-035-0003
LOGAN, Sydney James Henry, bur. 1985-08-01, Plot: HORNE2-*-15-*-0060
LOGAN, Theodora Marion, Age: 81 yrs, d. 1959-09-13, Plot: HORNE1-3-01-018-0013
LOGAN, William, Age: 76 yrs, bur. 1985-01-09, Plot: MASONIC-*-*-017-0008A
LOGAN, William, d. 1937-02-09, Plot: HORNE2-*-01-020-0005 (151)
LOGAN, William, d. 1942-04-28, Plot: HORNE2-*-10-020-0015 (288B)
LOGAN, Zaida Mae, bur. 1974-02-13, Plot: ABRAY-*-20-035-0003
LOGEE, Percival John, d. 1928-07-27, Plot: HORNE2-*-04-033-0011
LOGG, Charles, d. 1930-06-18, Plot: JONES-*-23-016-0013
LOGGIE, Allan Haviland, d. 1941-08-27, Plot: HORNE2-*-10-029-0014
LOGGIN, Ernest Edward, d. 1917-01-13, Plot: JONES-*-25-015-0009
LOGIE, (Baby), Age: Stillborn, bur. 1945-05-31, Plot: JONES-*-18-024-0005
LOGIE, Charlotte L., Age: 47 yrs, d. 1915-01-11, Plot: JONES-*-41-001-0013
LOGIE, Peter, d. 1930-11-06, Plot: HORNE2-*-03-032-0014
LOGS, Eric, d. 1944-07-16, Plot: JONES-*-08-007-0008A
LOGUE, Alexander, bur. 1973-12-14, Plot: ABRAY-*-07-*-1137
LOGUE, Catherine Mary, Age: 70 yrs, bur. 1980-09-02, Plot: IOOF-*-32-*-0012
LOGUE, Edward John, Age: 79 yrs, bur. 1985-04-29, Plot: IOOF-*-*-*-0949
LOGUE, Katherine, bur. 1991-06-13, Plot: JONES-*-01-025A-0014 (118)
LOGUE, Rada, Age: 44 yrs, d. 1987-04-01 Vancouver, bur. 1987-04-09, Plot: JONES-*-41-004-0008A
LOGUE, Sarah Ann, Age: 75 yrs, bur. 1980-08-18, Plot: IOOF-*-32-*-0043
LOGUE, William Michael Francis, Age: 82 yrs, bur. 1990-08-09, Plot: IOOF-*-32-*-0012
LOHMAN, Albert, d. 1903-01-10, Plot: HORNE1-2-02-007-0003
LOHMAN, Arthur, bur. 1979-04-12, Plot: HORNE1-4-02-008-0008A
LOHMAN, Donald, bur. 1979-03-01, Plot: JONES-*-12-007-0007
LOHMAN, Helga Elizabeth, Age: 61 yrs, d. 1999-02-22 Burnaby, BC, bur. 1999-03-03, Plot: JONES-*-46-008-0009A-4
LOHMAN, Nanny Sara Rosa, d. 1963-08-26, bur. 1963-08-29, Plot: HORNE1-4-02-008-0008A
LOHN, (Baby), Age: Stillborn, bur. 1953-03-31, Plot: JONES-*-12-004-0012
LOHRENY, Herman, d. 1956-11-20, Plot: JONES-*-20A-011-0012 (236)
LOHRENZ, Helene, bur. 1967-12-14, Plot: JONES-*-20A-011-0012 (236)
LOISELLE, Alfred Joseph Richard, bur. 1994-11-28, Plot: OLD-4-03-010-0001A
LOISELLE, Wilfred, d. 1939-06-24, bur. 1939-06-27, Plot: JONES-*-16-008-0009A
LOISELLE, William A., d. 1934-06-27, Plot: HORNE2-*-16-004-0015
LOIZIDIS, Periclis, Age: 84 yrs, bur. 1979-03-08, Plot: IOOF-*-32-*-0055
LOK, Chou, bur. 1967-07-25, Plot: OLD-2-04-*-0492
LOK, Der, d. 1948-02-16, Plot: JONES-*-21-005-0008
LOK, Fook Chang, d. 1955-03-15, Plot: JONES-*-18-001-0003
LOK, For, d. 1942-01-26, Plot: JONES-*-20-022-0009
LOK, Ngai Lan, Age: 88 yrs, bur. 1975-06-04, Plot: MASONIC-*-23A-004-0003
LOK, Yick, d. 1938-11-22, Plot: JONES-*-22-009-0004
LOKEN, Hans, bur. 1979-11-01, Plot: JONES-*-12-007-0007
LOKKEN, Hans, d. 1962-01-03, Plot: JONES-*-30R-003R-0006 (65)
LOKKEN, Inga Sopia, d. 1947-10-05, Plot: ABRAY-*-16-012-0015 (203)
LOKKEN, Ole John, d. 1961-11-18, Plot: ABRAY-*-16-012-0015 (203)
LOLAND, Bernard, bur. 1972-11-16, Plot: JONES-*-12-007-0005
LOLOFF, Nick, bur. 1968-10-24, Plot: OLD-2-03-007-0007
LOLOT, (Baby), Age: Stillborn, bur. 1923-12-24, Plot: OLD-5-05-023-0003
LOLT, William, d. 1928-02-01, Plot: HORNE2-*-04-023-0002
LOM, Jar, d. 1955-08-12, Plot: JONES-*-19-004-0008
LOMAN, Gus. P., d. 1917-09-27, Plot: OLD-4-06-009-0004
LOMAS, Edith, d. 1928-08-22, Plot: HORNE2-*-04-026-0016
LOMAS, Edith, d. 1951-04-05, Plot: JONES-*-47-034-0014
LOMAS, Frederick, d. 1960-06-20, Plot: JONES-*-47-034-0014
LOMAS, Henrietta, d. 1899-01-11, Plot: OLD-3-03-010-0010
LOMAS, Henry William, d. 1935-07-20, Plot: JONES-*-22-006-0013
LOMAS, Noelle, bur. 1987-06-04, Plot: JONES-*-01-025A-0015 (119)
LOMAS, Walter, d. 1953-06-25, Plot: JONES-*-12-001-0006
LOMAX, William G., d. 1943-10-26, Plot: JONES-*-13-021-0012
LOMBARD, James, d. 1913-04-09, Plot: OLD-5-04-007-0012
LOMBARDO, Savario, bur. 1969-02-14, Plot: OLD-5-02-*-1675
LOMBARDS, (Baby), Age: Stillborn, bur. 1943-04-30, Plot: JONES-*-18-017-0011
LOMDIN, Benjamin, Age: 61 yrs, b. Russia, d. 1927-05-20 Vancouver, bur. 1927-05-22, Plot: OLD-1-06-013-0001
LOMELE, Maria, Age: 80 yrs, bur. 1972-12-13, Plot: JONES-*-04-*-0307
LOMER, (Baby), Age: Stillborn, bur. 1915-09-29, Plot: OLD-5-04-012-0006
LOMHOLDT, Albert, d. 1954-07-13, Plot: HORNE2-*-04-030-0008A
LON, Ah Yam, d. 1954-07-23, Plot: JONES-*-18-011-0007
LON, Kok Leon, d. 1921-04-21, Plot: OLD-4-04-012-0009
LON, Wong She, d. 1930-02-11, Plot: OLD-3-04-014-0014
LON, Yim, d. 1942-01-22, Plot: JONES-*-20-022-0001
LONARDI, Marie, bur. 1963-10-02, Plot: JONES-*-12-006-0016
LONAS, (Baby), d. 1896-03-10, Plot: OLD-1-04-015-0005
LONBERG, Rolf, d. 1954-12-02, Plot: OLD-5-03-019-0005
LONCAR, Andjelko, Age: 51 yrs, bur. 1977-07-29, Plot: KP-*-*-022-0015
LONCAR, Bruna, Age: 74 yrs, d. 1999-09-17 Surrey, BC, bur. 1999-09-24, Plot: KP-*-*-022-0015
LONDINSKI, Sarah, d. 1942-09-25, Plot: JONES-*-30-035-0013
LONDON, Franklin Francis, Age: 69 yrs, b. Ontario, d. 1908-07-02 Vancouver, bur. 1908-07-04, Plot: MASONIC-*-*-080-0010
LONDON, Louisa, Age: 94 yrs, b. Ontario, d. 1938-04-17 Vancouver, bur. 1938-04-19, Plot: MASONIC-*-*-080-0009
LONERGAN, (Baby), d. 1903-08-30, Plot: OLD-1-03-023-0009
LONERGAN, James, bur. 1983-07-21, Plot: HORNE2-*-16-*-0173
LONERGRAN, Thomas James, d. 1950-01-09, Plot: ABRAY-*-18-030-0005
LONEY, Charles, d. 1957-04-24, Plot: HORNE1-2-01-015A-0013 (67)
LONEY, Eva Myrtle, bur. 1966-08-25, Plot: HORNE1-4-01-*-0919
LONEY, Jo-ann, bur. 1987-06-04, Plot: JONES-*-01-025A-0015 (119)
LONEY, Rose Louise, bur. 1978-10-26, Plot: OLD-5-01-025R-0001 (8)
LONEY, Thomas Dillon, d. 1965-10-18, Plot: HORNE1-4-01-*-0919
LONEY, Thomas, d. 1962-12-06, Plot: OLD-5-01-025R-0001 (8)
LONG (LEONG), Soo (Duy Fooh), d. 1941-10-02, Plot: JONES-*-20-011-0010
LONG, (Baby Girl), d. 1963-10-28, bur. 1963-11-08, Plot: JONES-*-18-007-0012
LONG, (Baby), Age: Stillborn, b. S. Vancouver, d. 1915-08-22 Vancouver, bur. 1915-08-23, Plot: MASONIC-*-*-153-0004
LONG, (Baby), Age: Stillborn, bur. 1921-12-14, Plot: OLD-5-05-018-0015
LONG, (Baby), Age: Stillborn, bur. 1923-09-12, Plot: OLD-5-05-023-0004
LONG, (Baby), Age: Stillborn, bur. 1924-12-31, Plot: OLD-5-05-023-0008
LONG, (Baby), Age: Stillborn, bur. 1928-11-30, Plot: OLD-5-06-005-0009
LONG, (Baby), Age: Stillborn, bur. 1931-04-30, Plot: JONES-*-18-016-0012
LONG, (Baby), Age: Stillborn, bur. 1932-01-31, Plot: JONES-*-18-016-0008
LONG, (Baby), Age: Stillborn, bur. 1934-08-31, Plot: JONES-*-18-006-0006
LONG, (Baby), Age: Stillborn, bur. 1934-12-31, Plot: JONES-*-18-006-0007
LONG, (Baby), Age: Stillborn, bur. 1941-09-30, Plot: JONES-*-18-017-0007
LONG, (Baby), Age: Stillborn, bur. 1947-04-30, Plot: JONES-*-18-024-0004
LONG, (Baby), d. 1910-03-27, Plot: OLD-3-03-012-0008
LONG, (Baby), d. 1925-06-09, Plot: 1919-*-C-054-0010
LONG, Ah Kew, d. 1920-01-17, Plot: OLD-3-04-011-0003
LONG, Alex. John, d. 1936-03-02, Plot: JONES-*-22-019-0009A
LONG, Alfred English, Age: 83 yrs, b. New Brunswick, d. 1933-07-26 Vancouver, bur. 1933-07-28, Plot: MASONIC-*-*-153-0001
LONG, Angelina, d. 1939-03-20, Plot: 1919-*-A-049-0011
LONG, Anna M., Age: 70 yrs, b. New Brunswick, d. 1931-02-06 Vancouver, bur. 1931-02-09, Plot: MASONIC-*-*-153-0004
LONG, Arthur John, d. 1945-04-12, Plot: ABRAY-*-12-041-0016 (576)
LONG, Charles Henry, d. 1937-11-09, Plot: JONES-*-37-051-0007
LONG, Charles L., d. 1923-01-29, Plot: JONES-*-37-051-0006
LONG, Charles, b. Victoria, d. 1888-07-22 Vancouver, Plot: OLD-3-01-016-0013
LONG, Chong, d. 1898-07-25, Plot: OLD-3-04-016-0011
LONG, Christine, d. 1953-12-18, Plot: HORNE1-0-01-006-0016 (41)
LONG, Daniel, d. 1915-11-15, Plot: JONES-*-16-005-0001
LONG, Daniel, d. 1934-10-13, Plot: JONES-*-14-022-0014
LONG, David (Rev.), Age: 80 yrs, b. New Brunswick, d. 1933-04-17 Vancouver, bur. 1933-04-21, Plot: MASONIC-*-*-153-0003
LONG, David, d. 1918-10-22, Plot: OLD-5-05-008-0010
LONG, Delma Fern, bur. 1992-09-17, Plot: HORNE2-*-15-*-0035
LONG, Duche, d. 1921-09-19, Plot: OLD-4-04-014-0008
LONG, Elizabeth Ada, d. 1959-04-17, Plot: JONES-*-26-026-0012 (418)
LONG, Emily, d. 1960-12-18, Plot: JONES-*-37-022-0002
LONG, Eric Langlois, d. 1923-07-29, bur. 1923-07-31, Plot: 1919-*-C-046-0001
LONG, Fong, d. 1913-07-08, Plot: OLD-3-04-010-0005
LONG, Fong, d. 1926-05-13, Plot: OLD-5-06-017-0001
LONG, Francis G., d. 1951-05-08, Plot: JONES-*-26-026-0012 (418)
LONG, Gee, d. 1913-08-11, Plot: OLD-3-04-003-0015
LONG, George Roy, Age: 92 yrs, bur. 1977-07-05, Plot: MASONIC-*-*-153-0001
LONG, George, d. 1925-11-21, Plot: 1919-*-A-049-0012
LONG, Gin Get, d. 1920-12-04, Plot: OLD-4-04-010-0012
LONG, Glen Joseph, bur. 1983-07-28, Plot: HORNE2-*-15-*-0035
LONG, Gock, d. 1954-05-08, Plot: JONES-*-18-009-0001
LONG, Gum Tai, d. 1962-10-08, Plot: OLD-2-03-016R-0007 (120)
LONG, Harry Walter, d. 1948-02-05, Plot: ABRAY-*-07-017-0005
LONG, Harry, d. 1898-06-18, Plot: OLD-5-02-G-0001
LONG, Harry, d. 1953-02-07, Plot: IOOF-*-32-027-0008A
LONG, Henry, d. 1936-08-31, Plot: JONES-*-13-005-0015
LONG, Henry, d. 1949-02-22, Plot: ABRAY-*-01-002-0010
LONG, Herman, bur. 1939-03-22, Plot: HORNE2-*-07-029-0011 (423)
LONG, Hilda, d. 1927-01-12, Plot: OLD-4-05-005-0012
LONG, Him, d. 1922-10-04, Plot: OLD-4-04-023-0009
LONG, Irene Margaret, bur. 1977-03-18, Plot: JONES-*-30-*-1187
LONG, Jack, bur. 1987-06-04, Plot: JONES-*-01-025A-0015 (119)
LONG, James Charles, d. 1945-09-30, Plot: JONES-*-47-030-0005
LONG, James F., d. 1922-04-26, Plot: JONES-*-37-051-0008
LONG, Janet, d. 1964-09-23, Plot: HORNE1-2-01-*-0400
LONG, Jeanette, d. 1952-01-01, Plot: JONES-*-34-020-0013 (248)
LONG, Jessie, d. 1920-06-07, Plot: JONES-*-37-051-0007
LONG, Jim Wos, d. 1929-08-04, Plot: OLD-3-04-015-0011
LONG, John, d. 1945-05-17, Plot: HORNE2-*-01-037-0004 (266)
LONG, Joseph H., d. 1946-02-17, Plot: HORNE1-0-01-006-0016 (41)
LONG, Leona Lillian, d. 1947-10-11, Plot: JONES-*-37-051-0006
LONG, Lorenzo D., d. 1913-05-15, Plot: JONES-*-07-004-0003
LONG, Lum, d. 1927-09-05, Plot: OLD-5-06-003-0006
LONG, Mary Ethel, d. 1911-09-03, Plot: OLD-5-03-014-0007
LONG, Mary Mabel, bur. 1974-10-31, Plot: ABRAY-*-11-*-1498
LONG, May, d. 1920-02-27, Plot: OLD-3-04-011-0008
LONG, Minnie, bur. 1987-06-04, Plot: JONES-*-01-025A-0015 (119)
LONG, Pearl Ruth, Age: 72 yrs, bur. 1965-02-05, Plot: MASONIC-*-*-153-0001
LONG, Peter, d. 1936-09-02, Plot: HORNE2-*-15-012-0005
LONG, Phoebe Agnes, d. 1961-01-21, Plot: ABRAY-*-12-041-0016 (576)
LONG, Priscilla, bur. 1967-12-19, Plot: HORNE2-*-07-029-0011 (423)
LONG, Samuel Toivio, Age: 75 yrs, bur. 1982-03-25, Plot: JONES-*-02-*-0131
LONG, Sarah Madalene, Age: 97 yrs, b. New Brunswick, d. 1955-03-17 California, bur. 1955-03-19, Plot: MASONIC-*-*-153-0001
LONG, Sidney, d. 1943-10-26, Plot: HORNE2-*-01-042-0003 (286)
LONG, Sing, d. 1955-01-20, Plot: JONES-*-18-001-0006
LONG, Song, d. 1921-07-27, Plot: OLD-4-04-014-0008
LONG, Victor, d. 1947-04-27, Plot: ABRAY-*-02-032-0002
LONG, Vincent, d. 1914-04-03, Plot: JONES-*-28-018-0012
LONG, Wai, d. 1954-05-08, Plot: JONES-*-18-009-0001
LONG, William Neill, d. 1943-07-01, Plot: HORNE2-*-01-037-0003 (266)
LONG, William Wallace, Age: 84 yrs, bur. 1986-10-06, Plot: HORNE1-3-01-001-0016
LONG, William, d. 1935-04-06, Plot: HORNE2-*-16-010-0012
LONG, William, d. 1948-10-03, Plot: ABRAY-*-07-035-0014
LONG, Willie, d. 1926-03-31, Plot: OLD-5-06-008-0015
LONG, Willmut, d. 1949-05-17, Plot: OLD-2-02-015-0001A
LONG, Wing Chong, d. 1917-04-09, Plot: OLD-2-03-016R-0006 (119)
LONG, Woo, d. 1930-07-13, Plot: OLD-3-04-017-0007
LONGAS, (Baby), Age: Stillborn, bur. 1944-05-31, Plot: JONES-*-18-007-0006
LONGBOTTOM, Ann, d. 1931-06-20, Plot: HORNE2-*-06-010-0003
LONGBOTTOM, Laura, d. 1904-03-20, Plot: HORNE1-2-03-017-0008
LONGFELLOW, Emmeline, d. 1918-04-17, bur. 1918-04-20, Plot: JONES-*-47-020-0011
LONGFELLOW, William, d. 1935-08-03, bur. 1935-08-05, Plot: JONES-*-47-020-0012
LONGHE, Christina, d. 1960-10-11, Plot: HORNE1-2-04-004R-0005 (156)
LONGHEED, William J., d. 1938-10-05, Plot: HORNE2-*-16-038-0001
LONGHURST, Katherine, d. 1922-08-01, Plot: JONES-*-*-126B-0001
LONGIWORTH, Irene, d. 1928-01-06, Plot: OLD-5-04-020-0001
LONGLEY, Gordon Harry, Age: 1 yr, b. Victoria, d. 1921-02-20 Vancouver, bur. 1921-02-22, Plot: IOOF-*-*-038-0003
LONGMAN, Martin, Age: 50 yrs, b. 1862-mm-dd England, d. 1913-01-14 Vancouver, bur. 1913-01-20, Plot: JONES-*-27-027-0002
LONGMUIR, George H., d. 1954-03-19, Plot: HORNE2-*-14-021-0005
LONGO, George, d. 1962-07-28, bur. 1962-09-06, Plot: OLD-5-01-006R-0016 (50)
LONGON, William John, d. 1955-02-16, bur. 1955-02-19, Plot: ABRAY-*-04-026-0012
LONGOZ, (Baby), Age: Stillborn, bur. 1949-03-31, Plot: JONES-*-18-014-0014
LONGSHAW, Mary B., d. 1953-09-25, Plot: ABRAY-*-10-028-0002 (368)
LONGSLEY, Jane Anne, d. 1951-09-24, Plot: HORNE2-*-12-017-0008
LONGSON, Theodora B., bur. 1982-06-08, Plot: JONES-*-12-007-0008
LONGSTAFF, (Baby), Age: Stillborn, bur. 1949-03-31, Plot: JONES-*-18-014-0014
LONGSTAFF, Daisy Jane, bur. 1969-11-25, Plot: HORNE2-*-10-003-0007 (19)
LONGSTAFF, Ina, bur. 1969-12-05, Plot: OLD-5-05-001A-0015 (274)
LONGSTAFF, Martha, d. 1928-01-05, Plot: HORNE2-*-03-007-0002
LONGSTAFF, Richard, d. 1939-11-01, Plot: HORNE2-*-03-007-0001
LONGSTAFFE, Charles W., bur. 1952-11-01, Plot: ABRAY-*-21-015-0011
LONGSTROM, Dina, d. 1928-07-30, Plot: HORNE2-*-04-043-0005
LONGTIN, Joseph, Age: 61 yrs, b. Canada, d. 1934-04-26 Vancouver, bur. 1934-05-02, Plot: HORNE2-*-11-003-0004
LONGTIN, Joseph, bur. 1966-02-07, Plot: HORNE1-5-01-*-1054
LONGTON, Charles Edward, d. 1958-05-07, Plot: ABRAY-*-12-005-0005 (47)
LONGTON, Mary, d. 1946-04-14, Plot: ABRAY-*-12-005-0006 (47)
LONGUL, John William, bur. 1978-12-06, Plot: JONES-*-44-*-0876
LONGWORTH, Aloha F. E., d. 1928-07-01, Plot: HORNE2-*-04-026-0012
LONGWORTH, Baby Boy, Age: 24 hrs, b. 3082 Ellis Ave., d. 1922-10-02 3082 Ellis Ave., bur. 1922-10-02, Plot: OLD-5-05-011-0016
LONGWORTH, Baby Boy, Age: Stillborn, b. VGH, d. 1927-02-23 VGH, bur. 1927-02-26, Plot: OLD-5-06-006-0010
LONGWORTH, Donald, bur. 1966-11-30, Plot: HORNE1-4-0-*-0914
LONGWORTH, Gerald, bur. 1987-06-04, Plot: JONES-*-01-025A-0013 (117)
LONGWORTH, Mabel Cora, d. 1924-01-17, bur. 1924-01-21, Plot: 1919-*-C-010-0001
LONGWORTH, Richard W., Age: 57 yrs, b. Ireland, d. 1943-02-19 VGH, bur. 1943-02-24, Plot: ABRAY-*-03-034-0013
LONGWORTH, Virginia, Age: 14 yrs, b. Vancouver, BC, d. 1930-08-17 Vancouver, Plot: HORNE2-*-06-018-0007
LONNKVIST, Agotmari, bur. 1987-06-04, Plot: JONES-*-01-025A-0015 (119)
LONSDALE, Arthur Herbert, bur. 1958-09-01, Plot: JONES-*-12-006-0011
LONSDALE, James, bur. 1953-12-24, Plot: ABRAY-*-21-035-0003
LONSDALE, Stanley Bencroft, d. 1945-09-10, Plot: ABRAY-*-03-015-0013
LOO, (Baby), Age: Stillborn, bur. 1931-09-30, Plot: JONES-*-18-016-0003
LOO, Alberta, bur. 1982-07-26, Plot: HORNE2-*-04-*-0432
LOO, Bow Hing Charlie, Age: 92 yrs, bur. 1980-11-04, Plot: JONES-*-13-*-0142
LOO, Bow, d. 1926-12-29, Plot: OLD-5-06-015-0007
LOO, Chong Ah, Age: 27 yrs, b. China, d. 1891-12-10 Vancouver, Plot: OLD-3-01-004-0015
LOO, Clara, d. 1960-08-09, Plot: OLD-4-03-025R-0013
LOO, Do Ming, bur. 1974-06-27, Plot: MASONIC-*-23A-002-0019
LOO, Fang, d. 1951-02-21, Plot: JONES-*-18-013-0008A
LOO, Fook, d. 1914-08-12, Plot: OLD-3-04-012-0002
LOO, Fun, Age: 73 yrs, bur. 1984-11-19, Plot: MASONIC-*-*-167-0008A
LOO, Guey Tom, bur. 1969-10-15, Plot: OLD-2-05-*-0649
LOO, Gum Wing, Age: 76 yrs, bur. 1975-04-11, Plot: JONES-*-01-*-0080
LOO, Helen, d. 1933-09-15, Plot: OLD-3-05-008-0008
LOO, Henry, Age: 50 yrs, d. 1955-12-10, Plot: JONES-*-21A-023-0005
LOO, Joo Lun, bur. 1970-10-06, Plot: OLD-3-04-*-2241
LOO, King Quey, d. 1941-05-27, Plot: JONES-*-20-025-0005
LOO, Marilyn Joyce, d. 1931-11-24, Plot: OLD-3-06-002-0002
LOO, On, d. 1957-03-01, Plot: JONES-*-21A-031-0005
LOO, Quon, d. 1962-01-07, Plot: OLD-2-04-015R-0001A (148)
LOO, Toy Shan, d. 1957-05-03, Plot: JONES-*-21A-012-0014
LOO, Wing Wung, d. 1921-01-09, Plot: OLD-4-04-010-0008
LOO, Wing Yiy, d. 1945-11-29, Plot: JONES-*-21-010-0016
LOO, Wong Owen, d. 1918-11-19, Plot: OLD-3-05-022-0011
LOOIE, Hep (Hop Hing), d. 1957-07-01, Plot: JONES-*-21A-012-0006
LOOK, Bak Nay, d. 1947-04-03, Plot: JONES-*-21-006-0013
LOOK, Carl, d. 1954-11-17, Plot: OLD-5-03-019-0015
LOOK, Chew, d. 1932-05-10, Plot: OLD-3-05-002-0001
LOOK, Fook Choy, d. 1940-05-25, Plot: JONES-*-19-007-0015
LOOK, Gee Guen, d. 1955-09-24, Plot: JONES-*-21A-028-0007
LOOK, Jung, d. 1949-06-15, Plot: OLD-6-02-005-0004 (52)
LOOK, Lai, d. 1941-12-23, Plot: JONES-*-20-021-0009
LOOK, Lin Bin, d. 1941-12-12, Plot: JONES-*-20-021-0011
LOOK, Mah Yim, d. 1949-06-11, Plot: OLD-6-02-005-0009 (33)
LOOK, Sen Dai, Age: 59 yrs, d. 1930-01-24, Plot: OLD-3-04-014-0006
LOOK, Suey, Age: 81 yrs, bur. 1975-11-14, Plot: JONES-*-01-*-0032
LOOK, Tong, d. 1934-06-09, Plot: OLD-3-05-021-0007
LOOMER, (Baby), Age: Stillborn, bur. 1923-01-13, Plot: OLD-5-05-012-0004
LOOMER, Mark Andrew, d. 1958-04-17, Plot: HORNE1-4-03-012A-0002 (162)
LOOMIS, Harry Willis, d. 1957-05-10, Plot: JONES-*-20A-002-0008A (16A)
LOON, Wong, d. 1915-07-17, Plot: OLD-3-04-017-0005
LOPES, Alfred John, bur. 1987-02-16, Plot: HORNE2-*-01-*-0943
LOPES, Antonio, Age: 59 yrs, bur. 1980-02-11, Plot: 1919-*-*-*-0455
LOPES, Jose, Age: 56 yrs, d. 1971-10-25 Vancouver, bur. 1971-10-28, Dis: 1999-05-28 Taken to crem for cremation, Dis# 43807, Plot: 1919-*-*-*-0176
LOPES, Jose, Age: 56 yrs, d. 1971-10-25 Vancouver, bur. 1999-05-31, Plot: 1919-*-*-*-0176
LOPES, Manuel Dakosta, bur. 1989-02-15, Plot: OLD-5-05-013-0002
LOPES, Manuel Paulo, bur. 1990-01-26, Plot: JONES-*-06-016-0005
LOPES, Ysaura Viseu, Age: 74 yrs, bur. 1991-09-25, Plot: 1919-*-*-*-0455
LOPEZ, Beatrice, bur. 1983-10-31, Plot: ABRAY-*-16-013-0010 (206)
LOPEZ, Ben, d. 1900-11-25, Plot: OLD-4-03-019-0012
LOPEZ, Carl, bur. 1980-09-05, Plot: JONES-*-12-007-0007
LOPEZ, Eric, Age: 25 yrs, d. 1996-04-27 Vancouver, bur. 1996-07-08, Plot: OLD-1-01-002-0005
LOPEZ, Helena Delina, Age: 25 yrs, d. 1939-08-05, Plot: JONES-*-16-003-0009A
LOPEZ, Joseph, Age: 37 yrs, b. Sidney - N.S.W., d. 1910-08-22 Vancouver, bur. 1910-08-25, Plot: MASONIC-*-*-015-0011
LOPEZ, Joseph, d. 1950-09-03, Plot: ABRAY-*-16-013-0010 (206)
LOPEZ, Manuel Perez, d. 1964-05-13, Plot: HORNE1-3-04-*-0464
LOPEZ, Manuel, d. 1945-03-07, Plot: OLD-4-03-012-0001A
LOPEZ, Oscar Garcia, bur. 1992-06-11, Plot: HORNE2-*-07-035-0008
LOPEZ-BURNS, Vidain Ismael, Age: 1 mo, d. 1996-07-28 Delta, BC, bur. 1996-08-06, Plot: MASONIC-*-*-004-0009A-2
LOPEZ-ESCOBAR, Milton Humberto, Age: 8 yrs, bur. 1988-03-23, Plot: MASONIC-*-*-065-0008A
LOPING, Irving Gustav, d. 1948-03-18, Plot: OLD-3-02-006-0016A
LOPTHIEN, Lucy Ellen, bur. 1984-12-06, Plot: 1919-*-A-051-0015
LOPUSZENSKI, Phyllis Helen, bur. 1994-08-31, Plot: OLD-5-05-008-0016
LOPUZENSKI, (Baby), Age: Stillborn, bur. 1955-11-30, Plot: JONES-*-12-005-0013
LOQUESQUE, Pierre L., d. 1905-12-03, Plot: OLD-4-02-019-0012
LORA, Joseph, bur. 1987-06-04, Plot: JONES-*-01-025A-0015 (119)
LORAGUE, Vincent, d. 1899-03-28, bur. 1899-03-30, Plot: OLD-3-02-011-0014
LORCH, Otto Paul, Age: 62 yrs, d. 1997-11-03 Vancouver, bur. 1997-11-06, Plot: MASONIC-*-*-130-0003
LORD, (Baby), Age: Stillborn, bur. 1929-07-31, Plot: OLD-5-06-005-0015
LORD, (Baby), Age: Stillborn, bur. 1956-06-30, Plot: JONES-*-18-025-0007
LORD, (Baby), d. 1904-07-17, Plot: HORNE1-2-03-001-0007
LORD, (Baby), d. 1906-05-27, Plot: HORNE1-2-03-001-0007
LORD, (Baby), d. 1916-06-18, Plot: HORNE1-2-03-001-0007
LORD, Annie Maria (Armstrong), Age: 74 yrs, b. England, d. 1946-11-07 Vancouver, BC, bur. 1946-11-12, Plot: HORNE2-*-03-017-0013
LORD, Charles Percival, Age: 19 yrs, b. Vancouver, d. 1910-03-22 mouth of the Fraser, bur. 1910-04-01, Plot: MASONIC-*-*-027-0013
LORD, Clarence Earnest Armstrong, Age: 26 yrs, b. 1902-11-24 Manitoba, d. 1929-05-04 Vancouver, BC, bur. 1924-05-07, Plot: HORNE2-*-03-017-0014
LORD, Frances Ceclia, d. 1957-10-02, Plot: HORNE2-*-01-040-0008 (280)
LORD, Ivens, d. 1922-06-11, Plot: 1919-*-B-005-0006
LORD, James Macarthur P., d. 1938-07-28, Plot: JONES-*-*-139B-0008A
LORD, Jessie, d. 1948-02-02, Plot: ABRAY-*-15-031-0010 (488)
LORD, Joseph A., d. 1953-04-11, Plot: ABRAY-*-15-031-0010 (488)
LORD, Mary, Age: 87 yrs, b. Ontario, d. 1953-09-08 Vancouver, bur. 1953-09-10, Plot: MASONIC-*-*-027-0015
LORD, Robert Dorin, d. 1944-03-21, Plot: JONES-*-09-005-0015
LORD, Rupert E., bur. 1982-06-08, Plot: JONES-*-12-007-0008
LORD, Sisley, d. 1933-12-10, Plot: HORNE1-1-02-010-0003
LORD, Steward David, d. 1955-10-19, Plot: ABRAY-*-04-017-0002
LORD, Stuart, d. 1932-02-26, Plot: HORNE2-*-05-032-0003
LORD, William Rose, Age: 78 yrs, b. U.S.A., d. 1945-04-16 Vancouver, bur. 1945-04-17, Plot: MASONIC-*-*-027-0016
LORE, Chew, d. 1940-08-07, Plot: JONES-*-19-008-0013
LORE, Yip June, d. 1963-10-02, Plot: OLD-2-02-025R-0006
LOREAU, Joseph H., d. 1943-08-31, Plot: OLD-4-05-019-0016A
LOREN, Joseph, d. 1935-06-14, Plot: JONES-*-13-012-0008
LORENGEN, Heinrich, Age: 49 yrs, b. Germany, d. 1962-12-20 Vancouver, bur. 1963-01-04, Plot: MASONIC-*-03A-006-0002
LORENSHEET, Gustave Henry, d. 1942-02-26, Plot: HORNE2-*-09-026-0002 (362)
LORENTZ, Dagmar, bur. 1980-09-26, Plot: JONES-*-38-*-1681
LORENTZEN, Karl Ludwig, Age: 96 yrs, bur. 1974-09-17, Plot: MASONIC-*-11A-008-0004
LORENTZEN, Wilkelmina, Age: 77 yrs, b. Denmark, d. 1959-06-14 Vancouver, bur. 1959-09-22, Plot: MASONIC-*-11A-008-0004
LORENZ, Otto, d. 1955-04-24, Plot: OLD-5-03-022-0010
LORENZEN, Emma, bur. 1989-05-11, Plot: JONES-*-33-003-0014
LORENZEN, Frank, bur. 1993-07-28, Plot: JONES-*-37-*-1514
LORENZEN, Johannes Peter, d. 1962-06-24, Plot: JONES-*-33-003-0015
LORENZO, Spagmolo, d. 1963-06-14, Plot: HORNE1-2-01-*-0038
LORENZON, Maria, bur. 1965-02-03, Plot: JONES-*-18-007-0003
LORETAN, (Baby Boy), bur. 1971-03-26, Plot: JONES-*-18-016-0009A
LORETTE, Henry Loyd, d. 1960-07-27, Plot: OLD-5-04-024-0015
LORIGHT, Jessie Hope, d. 1930-02-01, Plot: JONES-*-05-002-0002
LORIMER, (Baby), Age: Stillborn, bur. 1948-07-31, Plot: JONES-*-18-024-0014
LORIMER, Adam, d. 1909-05-31, Plot: HORNE1-5-03-009-0006
LORIMER, Charles Harold, bur. 1977-10-26, Plot: ABRAY-*-10-008-0014 (59)
LORIMER, Charles S. D., d. 1944-05-18, Plot: ABRAY-*-11-005-0004 (36)
LORIMER, Elizabeth, d. 1946-04-21, Plot: ABRAY-*-10-008-0013 (59)
LORIMER, George, d. 1912-11-21, Plot: JONES-*-08-015-0016
LORIMER, Henry, d. 1950-01-20, Plot: ABRAY-*-18-034-0010
LORIMER, Isabella W., d. 1960-05-05, Plot: HORNE1-2-03-004R-0012 (203)
LORIMER, Isabella, bur. 1991-06-13, Plot: JONES-*-01-025A-0014 (118)
LORIMER, Margaret Ann, d. 1962-01-06, Plot: ABRAY-*-11-005-0004 (36)
LORIMER, Marjory (Harris), d. 1924-01-05, Plot: HORNE1-5-03-009-0007
LORIMER, Martha Grace, bur. 1986-11-24, Plot: ABRAY-*-10-008-0014 (59)
LORIMER, Mary, bur. 1987-06-04, Plot: JONES-*-01-025A-0013 (117)
LORKING, Sophia, d. 1940-04-06, Plot: JONES-*-16-004-0008A
LORLIE, (Baby), Age: Stillborn, bur. 1920-11-10, Plot: OLD-5-05-018-0008
LORMOR, Charles I., Age: 76 yrs, b. New York, USA, d. 1929-07-18, bur. 1929-07-20, Plot: JONES-*-37-040-0015
LORMOR, Harold Samuel, Age: 26 yrs, b. Dakota, USA, d. 1919-05-25, bur. 1919-05-27, Plot: JONES-*-37-040-0016
LORMOR, Harriet, Age: 83 yrs, b. USA, d. 1945-01-09, bur. 1945-01-11, Plot: JONES-*-37-040-0015
LORO, Roberta "Spilsbury", Age: 47 yrs, d. 1997-06-21 Vancouver, bur. 1997-06-27, Plot: JONES-*-31-034-0009A
LORRAIN, Alexander, d. 1937-04-19, Plot: JONES-*-22-005-0011
LORRANCE, James Ed., Age: 51 yrs, b. Manitoba, d. 1941-05-30 Vancouver, bur. 1941-06-03, Plot: HORNE2-*-15-033-0010
LORRIE, (Baby), Age: Stillborn, bur. 1934-05-31, Plot: JONES-*-18-006-0005
LORT, Joyce Elizabeth, bur. 1968-03-15, Plot: HORNE1-3-01-010-0002
LORTIE, Joseph Paul, bur. 1988-05-05, Plot: OLD-4-03-022-0001A
LORWAY, Leila Victoria, Age: 59 yrs, b. Victoria, d. 1947-05-26 Vancouver, bur. 1947-05-28, Plot: MASONIC-*-*-117-0013
LORY, Wai, d. 1930-01-14, Plot: OLD-3-04-011-0001
LOSACEC, Savino, d. 1938-05-09, Plot: JONES-*-22-004-0013
LOSCOMBE, Marie Doris, Age: 76 yrs, bur. 1985-08-08, Plot: MASONIC-*-*-*-0103-3
LOSETH, Evan, bur. 1982-09-10, Plot: HORNE2-*-06-*-0818
LOSIE, Robert Alex., d. 1920-02-04, Plot: OLD-4-06-011-0002
LOSO, Mary, Age: 51 yrs, b. Port Essington, d. 1961-03-13 Vancouver, bur. 1961-03-17, Plot: KP-*-*-001A-0002
LOSS, Charles (Baby), Age: Stillborn, bur. 1942-01-31, Plot: JONES-*-18-007-0010
LOSTER, (Baby), Age: Stillborn, bur. 1936-05-31, Plot: JONES-*-18-005-0015
LOT, John Davey, d. 1952-12-02, Plot: JONES-*-13-024-0004
LOTASKI, Walter Paul, Age: 61 yrs, d. 1998-03-03 Vancouver, bur. 1998-03-12, Plot: JONES-*-24-014-0009A
LOTH, Ada Mildred, Age: 94 yrs, d. 2000-07-04 Vancouver, bur. 2000-08-22, Plot: OLD-1-02-013-0011
LOTH, Carlton Wilfred, bur. 1967-08-15, Plot: OLD-1-02-013-0011
LOTHIAN, Duncan, d. 1913-03-15, Plot: JONES-*-05-024-0004
LOTHIAN, Edward, Age: 82 yrs, b. Quebec, d. 1957-06-21 at home, bur. 1957-06-24, Plot: KP-*-*-009-0010
LOTHIAN, Fremlin Edward, Age: 22 yrs, b. Lynn Creek - BC, d. 1930-04-23 Lynn Creek, BC, bur. 1930-04-26, Plot: KP-*-*-009-0011
LOTHIAN, Helen May, Age: 92 yrs, bur. 1969-08-07, Plot: KP-*-*-009-0010
LOTHIAN, John J., bur. 1965-11-30, Plot: JONES-*-05-024-0002
LOTHIAN, John James, d. 1965-11-30, Plot: JONES-*-05-024-0002
LOTHIAN, Kathleen M., d. 1962-03-01, Plot: JONES-*-35-003-0016
LOTHIAN, Mary Ann, d. 1932-07-17, bur. 1932-07-19, Plot: JONES-*-05-024-0003
LOTHIAN, Mary W., d. 1947-12-06, Plot: ABRAY-*-12-003-0004 (10)
LOTHIAN, Robert John, Age: 74 yrs, bur. 1972-06-22, Plot: OLD-5-01-015R-0011 (64)
LOTHIAN, Thomas, d. 1918-11-04, Plot: JONES-*-35-003-0015
LOTHIAN, Walsh Henry, Age: 7 yrs, b. 2253 Oxford Street, d. 1919-12-02 Vancouver, bur. 1919-12-04, Plot: KP-*-*-009-0012
LOTKO, Alexander, Age: 84 yrs, d. 1995-01-26 Burnaby, BC, bur. 1995-01-30, Plot: IOOF-*-*-063-0014
LOTKO, Irene, bur. 1990-11-05, Plot: IOOF-*-*-063-0013
LOTRIAN, Duncan, d. 1913-03-13, Plot: JONES-*-05-024-0002
LOTT, (Baby Boy), d. 1962-08-15, bur. 1962-08-22, Plot: JONES-*-18-014-0004
LOTT, Alva S., d. 1951-03-13, Plot: IOOF-*-*-057-0015
LOTT, Bertha Maria, bur. 1977-11-29, Plot: HORNE2-*-02-014-0012 (96)
LOTT, Charles Warren William, bur. 1985-10-16, Plot: HORNE2-*-15-*-0252
LOTT, Florence May, d. 1952-03-15, Plot: JONES-*-34-021-0003 (229)
LOTT, Gordon Lucas, Age: 65 yrs, bur. 1975-11-17, Plot: JONES-*-41-*-0967
LOTT, Harold A., d. 1926-12-17, Plot: IOOF-*-*-057-0016
LOTT, Harry Kenneth, d. 1936-09-20, Plot: HORNE2-*-02-014-0012 (96)
LOTT, Mabel Amelia, bur. 1984-02-06, Plot: JONES-*-41-*-1008
LOTT, Mary Dearness, Age: 69 yrs, bur. 1983-03-03, Plot: MASONIC-*-30A-001-0026
LOTT, Mary E., d. 1916-04-29, Plot: JONES-*-29-014-0016
LOTT, Mary Magdaline, bur. 1965-07-20, Plot: IOOF-*-*-057-0015
LOTTLYOHN, Orval, d. 1915-07-20, Plot: JONES-*-10-011-0007
LOTZKAR, (Baby Boy), Age: Stillborn, b. Vancouver, d. 1911-12-09 Vancouver, bur. 1911-12-12, Plot: OLD-1-05-007-0006
LOTZKAR, Brana, Age: 78 yrs, b. Russia, d. 1928-05-13 Vancouver, bur. 1928-05-14, Plot: OLD-1-06-013-0010
LOTZKAR, Jack, Age: 36 yrs, b. Bulgaria, d. 1936-07-21 Vancouver, bur. 1936-07-22, Plot: OLD-1-06-013-0009
LOTZKAR, Joseph, Age: 96 yrs, b. Austria, d. 1927-04-22 Vancouver, bur. 1927-04-24, Plot: OLD-1-06-013-0011
LOTZKAR, Lena, Age: 82 yrs, bur. 1977-02-21, Plot: OLD-1-06-014-0005
LOTZKAR, Leon, Age: 83 yrs, d. 1976-01-10, bur. 1976-01-12, Plot: OLD-1-06-014-0006
LOTZKAR, Solomon, Age: 65 yrs, b. Bulgaria, d. 1948-10-20 Los Angeles, bur. 1948-10-24, Plot: OLD-1-06-013-0012
LOU, Chew Chen, d. 1930-01-19, Plot: OLD-3-04-011-0002
LOU, G., bur. 1958-02-01, Plot: JONES-*-12-006-0010
LOU, Leon J., d. 1918-10-03, Plot: OLD-3-05-020-0016
LOU, Lim, d. 1941-11-24, Plot: OLD-2-04-018-0001A
LOU-HING, Stanley Clyde, Age: 74 yrs, b. 1915-06-14 Guyana, d. 1990-04-11, bur. 1990-04-17, Plot: JONES-*-03-009-0013
LOUCKS, (Baby), d. 1913-10-25, Plot: JONES-*-27-028-0010
LOUCKS, Charles Edwin, Age: 88 yrs, d. 1958-12-12, Plot: JONES-*-27-028-0009
LOUCKS, Cornelius Alva, Age: 82 yrs, b. Ontario, d. 1948-08-13 Vancouver, bur. 1948-08-17, Plot: HORNE1-3-02-010-0008A
LOUCKS, Edward Alfred, d. 1961-10-21, Plot: JONES-*-27-028-0012
LOUCKS, Elisha Jay, Age: 49 yrs, b. Ontario, d. 1911-04-19 Vancouver, bur. 1911-04-20, Plot: KP-*-*-001-0009
LOUCKS, Emma Jane, bur. 1968-10-12, Plot: JONES-*-27-028-0011
LOUCKS, Frances Graham, Age: 57 yrs, b. Ontario, d. 1932-05-07 Vancouver, bur. 1932-05-11, Plot: KP-*-*-027-0005
LOUCKS, Letitia, d. 1913-01-16, Plot: JONES-*-27-028-0010
LOUDEN, James, d. 1942-11-19, Plot: ABRAY-*-05-002-0003
LOUDEN, Margaret L., d. 1943-12-04, Plot: JONES-*-40-001-0008A
LOUDER, Thomas, d. 1924-07-14, bur. 1924-07-16, Plot: 1919-*-C-039-0008
LOUDON, Thomas Lee, d. 1937-09-04, Plot: JONES-*-40-001-0008A
LOUDON, William, bur. 1953-02-27, Plot: ABRAY-*-21-017-0015
LOUF, Edward, d. 1901-07-13, Plot: OLD-4-03-024-0014
LOUGH, Charles Edward, d. 1910-02-15, Plot: OLD-5-03-K-0004
LOUGH, James C., d. 1945-09-06, Plot: ABRAY-*-03-012-0009
LOUGH, Katherine, d. 1913-05-10, Plot: JONES-*-31-007-0007
LOUGH, Vilma Elizabeth, d. 1914-07-29, Plot: JONES-*-28-006-0010
LOUGH, William R., bur. 1914-06-02, Plot: JONES-*-31-007-0006
LOUGHEED, Alfred Lindsay, Age: 17 mos, d. 1911-09-27, bur. 1911-09-28, Plot: JONES-*-02-014-0005
LOUGHEED, Annie Louise, d. 1960-03-06, Plot: HORNE2-*-10-011-0008 (148)
LOUGHEED, David Henry, d. 1940-02-27, Plot: HORNE2-*-10-011-0008 (148)
LOUGHEED, David Hilliard, b. 1887-03-11, d. 1948-06-28, Plot: JONES-*-02-014-0011
LOUGHEED, Enid Mable, Age: 37 yrs, b. Alberta, d. 1956-04-16 Vancouver, bur. 1956-04-18, Plot: KP-*-*-027-0016
LOUGHEED, Frederick James, Age: 82 yrs, bur. 1979-08-08, Plot: MASONIC-*-*-090-0016
LOUGHEED, Irael, d. 1921-10-05, Plot: JONES-*-*-107B-0002
LOUGHEED, Isabella, d. 1922-03-21, Plot: JONES-*-*-107B-0002
LOUGHEED, James Alexander, Age: 54 yrs, b. Ontario, d. 1932-10-01 Vancouver, bur. 1932-10-05, Plot: KP-*-*-027-0015
LOUGHEED, James Lindsay, b. 1884-05-22, d. 1963-11-15, Plot: JONES-*-02-014-0006
LOUGHEED, Jane E., d. 1958-02-04, Plot: JONES-*-44-022-0010
LOUGHEED, Jennie Finley, bur. 1982-05-20, Plot: IOOF-*-*-105-0009
LOUGHEED, Jessie Christina, Age: 97 yrs, b. 1896-06-16 Montreal, d. 1993-10-30 Surrey, bur. 1993-08-18, Plot: JONES-*-02-014-0005
LOUGHEED, Joseph, d. 1942-02-02, Plot: HORNE2-*-12-047-0009
LOUGHEED, Lindsey, d. 1914-08-19, Plot: JONES-*-02-014-0008
LOUGHEED, Marjorie A., Age: 1 yr, b. Vancouver, d. 1916-05-14 Kamloops, BC, bur. 1916-05-17, Plot: KP-*-*-027-0016
LOUGHEED, Nelson Seymour, b. 1884-03-16 Ontario, d. 1944-06-06, Plot: JONES-*-02-014-0009
LOUGHEED, Norman Jeoffry Miller, b. 1894-02-01 Collingwood ON, d. 1984-07-06, bur. 1984-07-19, Plot: JONES-*-02-014-0005
LOUGHEED, Rebecca E., d. 1918-12-28, Plot: JONES-*-*-107B-0001
LOUGHEED, Ruby Louise, b. 1890-12-12, d. 1918-11-30, Plot: JONES-*-02-014-0010
LOUGHEED, Ruth (Mccallan), b. 1867-09-07 Ontario, d. 1947-04-17, Plot: JONES-*-02-014-0007
LOUGHEED, Samuel, d. 1943-01-20, Plot: JONES-*-44-022-0010
LOUGHEED, Sarah (Burns), b. 1888-03-20 Toronto, d. 1971-07-13, bur. 1971-07-15, Plot: JONES-*-02-014-0005
LOUGHEED, Sarah A., d. 1916-05-17, Plot: JONES-*-44-022-0009
LOUGHEED, Scott, d. 1956-02-27, Plot: JONES-*-20A-023-0010 (378)
LOUGHEED, William, d. 1912-10-27, Plot: HORNE1-5-01-014-0009
LOUGHLAN, Leo., d. 1963-04-26, Plot: HORNE2-*-BLVD-015-0002
LOUGHLIN, Alice Mary, d. 1959-01-23, Plot: HORNE1-5-01-003R-0012 (932)
LOUGHLIN, Edward Bernard, d. 1951-09-06, Plot: HORNE2-*-12-016-0006
LOUGHLIN, Gilbert, Age: 56 yrs, bur. 1971-05-18, Plot: 1919-*-*-*-2421
LOUGHLIN, Joseph Andrew, bur. 1991-05-02, Plot: JONES-*-47-*-1825
LOUGHLIN, Marguerite Ellen, bur. 1992-09-17, Plot: JONES-*-47-*-1826
LOUGHLIN, William G. O., d. 1923-06-07, Plot: 1919-*-D-031-0015
LOUGHRAN, Frank, d. 1941-03-04, Plot: HORNE2-*-10-008-0013 (129)
LOUGHREY, James, d. 1944-09-20, Plot: JONES-*-08-023-0009A
LOUGHRIDGE, Milton Edward, d. 1940-06-17, Plot: HORNE2-*-16-059B-0008
LOUGTON, (Babies - Twins), Age: Stillborn, bur. 1944-11-30, Plot: JONES-*-18-004-0006
LOUIC, Korn, d. 1921-07-21, Plot: OLD-4-04-014-0007
LOUIE, (Baby), Age: Stillborn, bur. 1936-03-31, Plot: JONES-*-18-005-0013
LOUIE, (Baby), Age: Stillborn, bur. 1942-09-30, Plot: JONES-*-18-004-0007
LOUIE, (Baby), Age: Stillborn, bur. 1944-03-31, Plot: JONES-*-18-007-0011
LOUIE, (Baby), Age: Stillborn, bur. 1944-07-31, Plot: JONES-*-18-004-0011
LOUIE, (Baby), Age: Stillborn, bur. 1949-01-31, Plot: JONES-*-18-017-0003
LOUIE, (Baby), d. 1919-12-20, Plot: OLD-3-04-009-0007
LOUIE, (Baby), d. 1927-05-25, Plot: OLD-5-06-002-0004
LOUIE, A. S., d. 1955-07-22, Plot: JONES-*-21A-028-0013
LOUIE, An, d. 1957-03-14, Plot: JONES-*-21A-021-0004
LOUIE, Bar Way, d. 1945-11-26, Plot: JONES-*-21-015-0006
LOUIE, Bing Wai, d. 1946-03-31, Plot: JONES-*-21-007-0005
LOUIE, Chee, d. 1964-02-15, Plot: OLD-3-05-003A-0002 (387)
LOUIE, Chin Kim, d. 1943-12-28, Plot: JONES-*-20-007-0009A
LOUIE, Chong, bur. 1971-03-23, Plot: OLD-3-04-*-2248
LOUIE, Cynthia, Age: 35 yrs, bur. 1972-07-19, Plot: JONES-*-06-*-0445
LOUIE, Dick, d. 1945-11-26, Plot: JONES-*-21-010-0016
LOUIE, Doo Ho, d. 1958-02-10, Plot: OLD-4-04-005R-0013 (133)
LOUIE, Doon, Age: 82 yrs, bur. 1983-06-07, Plot: MASONIC-*-*-*-0060
LOUIE, Fay, d. 1958-05-23, Plot: OLD-4-04-005R-0002 (370)
LOUIE, Fong, d. 1922-02-28, Plot: OLD-4-04-018-0009
LOUIE, Fong, d. 1958-02-19, Plot: OLD-4-04-005R-0012 (134)
LOUIE, Foo, d. 1956-04-20, Plot: JONES-*-21A-018-0014
LOUIE, Gar Wing, bur. 1971-03-05, Plot: OLD-3-04-*-2291
LOUIE, Gon Doo, d. 1964-01-12, Plot: OLD-3-05-004A-0015 (404)
LOUIE, Hing On, bur. 1966-02-25, Plot: OLD-1-04-*-0100
LOUIE, Hoo, d. 1921-12-11, Plot: OLD-4-04-019-0005
LOUIE, Hop, d. 1946-04-13, Plot: JONES-*-21-002-0014
LOUIE, Howard William, bur. 1989-06-02, Plot: OLD-5-05-002-0011
LOUIE, Jacob, bur. 1969-04-16, Plot: OLD-5-03-*-1842
LOUIE, Joseph Ying, Age: 82 yrs, bur. 1983-05-02, Plot: MASONIC-*-*-*-0212
LOUIE, Kin, d. 1920-01-30, Plot: OLD-3-04-011-0006
LOUIE, Kong Lock, d. 1922-06-17, Plot: OLD-4-04-021-0009
LOUIE, Lim, d. 1949-05-09, Plot: JONES-*-11-006-0005
LOUIE, Lin, bur. 1971-03-12, Plot: OLD-3-06-*-1089
LOUIE, Loy "Loy - Jan Foo", Age: 71 yrs, bur. 1972-11-22, Plot: JONES-*-03-*-0197
LOUIE, Man On, bur. 1975-10-01, Plot: JONES-*-12-007-0005
LOUIE, Mary, d. 1962-09-15, Plot: HORNE1-2-01-*-0125
LOUIE, Ned James Paul, bur. 1987-01-08, Plot: HORNE2-*-04-*-0606
LOUIE, Neon "Luey, Tue Neon", bur. 1970-11-30, Plot: OLD-3-04-*-2295
LOUIE, Nim "Quoon", bur. 1966-01-25, Plot: OLD-1-04-*-0071
LOUIE, Park, d. 1959-12-16, Plot: OLD-4-06-006R-0005 (269)
LOUIE, Pond, d. 1942-06-16, Plot: JONES-*-20-023-0002
LOUIE, Shun, Age: 84 yrs, bur. 1977-06-29, Plot: JONES-*-13-*-0209
LOUIE, Sing, d. 1940-01-13, Plot: OLD-4-04-021-0001A
LOUIE, Wai Down, d. 1957-11-02, Plot: OLD-4-04-015R-0010 (154)
LOUIE, Wing, d. 1944-09-25, Plot: JONES-*-21-016-0004
LOUIE, Won, d. 1963-05-13, Plot: OLD-2-01-025R-0001
LOUIE, Yee How, d. 1944-12-30, Plot: JONES-*-21-008-0004
LOUIE, Yee Lim, d. 1942-01-10, Plot: JONES-*-20-022-0013
LOUIE, Yew Bun, d. 1951-03-22, Plot: JONES-*-18-023-0010
LOUIE, Yin Jo., d. 1922-08-27, Plot: OLD-4-04-023-0001
LOUIE, Yip, Age: 48 yrs, d. 1945-11-20, Plot: JONES-*-21-015-0005
LOUIS, (Baby), Age: Stillborn, bur. 1932-10-31, Plot: JONES-*-18-015-0002
LOUIS, David, Age: 37 yrs, b. Russia, d. 1927-04-29 Deep Cove, BC, bur. 1927-05-01, Plot: OLD-1-06-008-0006
LOUIS, Frances, d. 1908-04-04, Plot: HORNE1-3-04-007-0016
LOUIS, Peter, d. 1919-02-03, Plot: JONES-*-*-140B-0004
LOUIS, Tom, d. 1931-03-01, Plot: HORNE2-*-06-009-0007
LOUNGO, Gerardo, d. 1965-04-27, Plot: HORNE1-2-04-*-0442
LOUNSBERRY, (Baby), Age: Stillborn, bur. 1941-12-31, Plot: JONES-*-18-014-0007
LOUNSBURG, Isa Buriell, d. 1960-12-26, Plot: OLD-5-04-R-0010
LOUNSBURY, Charles J., d. 1959-01-28, Plot: HORNE1-5-01-003R-0014 (934)
LOUNSBURY, Irvine, d. 1958-01-15, Plot: HORNE1-3-03-013A-0001 (121)
LOUREIRO, Francis "Frank", Age: 36 yrs, b. Hong Kong, d. 1923-01-13 Vancouver, bur. 1923-01-17, Plot: JONES-*-45-020-0006
LOUSSINIAN, Hagop, Age: 89 yrs, d. 1999-06-05 Vancouver, bur. 1999-06-10, Plot: JONES-*-25-010-0010
LOUSTRAND, Anders, bur. 1956-07-01, Plot: JONES-*-12-006-0009
LOUTHT, Frederick, bur. 1987-06-04, Plot: JONES-*-01-025A-0015 (119)
LOUTIT, Andrew Allan, d. 1946-04-01, Plot: ABRAY-*-02-005-0010
LOUTIT, Arthur, Age: 54 yrs, b. Vancouver, d. 1943-12-24 Vancouver, bur. 1943-12-30, Plot: MASONIC-*-*-182-0006
LOUTIT, Edward Henry, Age: 13 yrs, b. Vancouver, d. 1924-02-11 Vancouver, bur. 1924-02-12, Plot: MASONIC-*-*-182-0008
LOUTIT, Isabelle, Age: 56 yrs, b. Ireland, d. 1940-01-07 Essondale, BC, bur. 1940-01-09, Plot: MASONIC-*-*-182-0007
LOUTIT, James Irvine, Age: 63 yrs, b. Scotland, d. 1923-12-21 Vancouver, bur. 1923-12-24, Plot: MASONIC-*-*-182-0011
LOUTIT, James Slater, b. Vancouver, d. 1955-11-21 Vancouver, bur. 1955-11-25, Plot: MASONIC-*-*-182-0005
LOUTIT, John Irving, Age: 27 yrs, b. B.C., d. 1939-12-11 Essondale, BC, bur. 1939-12-12, Plot: MASONIC-*-*-182-0007
LOUTIT, Runa, Age: 93 yrs, b. Ireland, d. 1959-01-13 Vancouver, bur. 1959-01-15, Plot: MASONIC-*-*-182-0010
LOUTTIT, Alexander, d. 1943-05-30, Plot: HORNE2-*-01-026-0014 (215)
LOUTTIT, Eliza, d. 1949-09-09, Plot: HORNE2-*-01-026-0013 (215)
LOUTTIT, Margaret, Age: 68 yrs, bur. 1967-11-30, Plot: MASONIC-*-28A-003-0003
LOUTTIT, Thomas, d. 1953-03-22, Plot: ABRAY-*-18-039-0002
LOUWE, Garrit, bur. 1987-06-04, Plot: JONES-*-01-025A-0015 (119)
LOVALLO, Phylis Knowlton Mackay, bur. 1989-01-13, Plot: HORNE1-2-05-001-0011
LOVATT, (Baby), Age: Stillborn, bur. 1916-03-01, Plot: OLD-5-04-011-0014
LOVATT, Albert Victor, d. 1912-10-31, Plot: JONES-*-28-012-0015
LOVDAHL, Alfred E. T. E., bur. 1970-07-28, Plot: JONES-*-12-007-0004
LOVE, (Baby), Age: Stillborn, bur. 1920-04-09, Plot: OLD-5-05-018-0004
LOVE, (Baby), Age: Stillborn, bur. 1926-06-04, Plot: OLD-5-06-004-0014
LOVE, (Baby), Age: Stillborn, bur. 1928-03-31, Plot: OLD-5-06-005-0005
LOVE, (Baby), Age: Stillborn, bur. 1931-12-31, Plot: JONES-*-18-016-0007
LOVE, (Baby), Age: Stillborn, bur. 1947-12-31, Plot: JONES-*-18-007-0013
LOVE, (Baby), d. 1904-12-31, Plot: OLD-4-02-014-0016
LOVE, Alfred R., d. 1939-02-10, Plot: HORNE2-*-15-045-0011
LOVE, Archibald, d. 1959-05-28, Plot: HORNE2-*-15-021-0012
LOVE, Bella, d. 1910-12-20, Plot: HORNE1-2-04-020-0012
LOVE, Catherine Christina, d. 1926-10-15, Plot: 1919-*-D-047-0012
LOVE, Charles D. O., d. 1918-04-12, Plot: JONES-*-47-019-0012
LOVE, Charles Douglas, bur. 1978-03-20, Plot: JONES-*-47-019-0012
LOVE, Daniel Stirrat, Age: 32 yrs, b. Scotland, d. 1910-09-22 North Vancouver, bur. 1910-10-01, Plot: MASONIC-*-*-015-0005
LOVE, David Herbert, d. 1937-04-20, Plot: 1919-*-C-001-0012
LOVE, Dorothy Edith, bur. 1991-11-13, Plot: JONES-*-45-013-0013
LOVE, Douglas, d. 1907-08-13, Plot: HORNE1-2-04-004-0008
LOVE, Elizabeth (Hamilton), Age: 73 yrs, b. 1858-09-26 Scotland, d. 1932-02-04 Vancouver, BC, bur. 1932-02-06, Plot: 1919-*-C-021-0005
LOVE, Flora Ann, bur. 1971-10-08, Plot: JONES-*-41-008-0008
LOVE, George, b. Vancouver, d. 1895-03-07 Vancouver, Plot: OLD-1-01-023-0004
LOVE, George, bur. 1952-11-14, Plot: ABRAY-*-21-018-0003
LOVE, Gladys Elizabeth, Age: 75 yrs, bur. 1986-03-26, Plot: IOOF-*-*-001A-0023
LOVE, Graham, bur. 1977-01-14, Plot: ABRAY-*-02-*-1248
LOVE, Hannah M., d. 1945-07-20, Plot: JONES-*-47-019-0011
LOVE, Harriett, d. 1916-11-24, Plot: OLD-1-04-001-0005
LOVE, Hugh Thomas Mercer, d. 1920-05-15, Plot: JONES-*-45-013-0013
LOVE, Irene Lucy, bur. 1998-08-14, Plot: JONES-*-26-*-0287
LOVE, Isabel Baxter, d. 1908-07-20, Plot: HORNE1-1-03-003-0015
LOVE, James Gordon, d. 1937-07-05, Plot: HORNE2-*-16-046-0016
LOVE, James John, d. 1945-07-05, Plot: ABRAY-*-03-017-0009
LOVE, James, Age: 76 yrs, bur. 2000-09-12, Plot: JONES-*-26-*-0287
LOVE, James, bur. 1905-08-09, Plot: HORNE1-2-03-019-0001
LOVE, James, d. 1904-07-01, Plot: HORNE1-2-03-018-0001
LOVE, John Henry, d. 1935-11-29, Plot: JONES-*-22-014-0011
LOVE, John, bur. 1954-07-02, Plot: ABRAY-*-21-039-0009
LOVE, Joseph, bur. 1974-05-17, Plot: ABRAY-*-10-030-0010 (414)
LOVE, Joseph, d. 1923-04-25, bur. 1923-04-27, Plot: 1919-*-C-001-0011
LOVE, Kate Elizabeth S., Age: 73 yrs, b. New Brunswick, d. 1951-04-09 Vancouver, bur. 1951-04-13, Plot: IOOF-*-*-039-0009
LOVE, Leonard Alexander, d. 1927-02-04, Plot: HORNE2-*-14-008-0013
LOVE, Leslie O., Age: 57 yrs, bur. 1980-02-07, Plot: MASONIC-*-26A-002-0021
LOVE, Margaret Eleanor, bur. 1988-02-26, Plot: JONES-*-47-019-0012
LOVE, Margaret, d. 1941-10-08, bur. 1941-10-11, Plot: 1919-*-C-001-0012
LOVE, Martha, d. 1946-04-04, Plot: ABRAY-*-10-030-0010 (414)
LOVE, Mary Ann, d. 1946-01-02, Plot: ABRAY-*-12-025-0013 (317)
LOVE, May, d. 1926-12-17, Plot: JONES-*-10-012-0016
LOVE, Patricia, Age: 67 yrs, bur. 1983-05-24, Plot: MASONIC-*-*-*-0462
LOVE, Richard C., bur. 1952-12-04, Plot: ABRAY-*-21-005-0002
LOVE, Swan, d. 1911-06-10, Plot: OLD-5-03-003-0003
LOVE, Victor H. L., d. 1919-03-05, Plot: JONES-*-*-129B-0005
LOVE, Victor, Age: 7 yrs, b. Red Deer - AB, d. 1908-04-07 Vancouver, bur. 1908-04-09, Plot: MASONIC-*-*-014-0005
LOVE, William Hamilton, Age: 36 yrs, b. 1886-12-25 Scotland, d. 1923-11-02 Vancouver, BC, bur. 1923-11-06, Plot: 1919-*-C-021-0005
LOVEDAY, Cecil Phillip, d. 1959-11-30, Plot: HORNE2-*-15-018R-0002
LOVEDER, Esther Margaret, bur. 1973-05-30, Plot: JONES-*-01-014-0007
LOVEGROVE, (Baby), Age: Stillborn, bur. 1956-10-31, Plot: JONES-*-18-025-0004
LOVEGROVE, Henry John, d. 1958-10-02, Plot: OLD-1-02-020-0012
LOVEGROVE, Sarah Jane, d. 1958-07-18, Plot: OLD-1-02-020-0012
LOVELACE (PILKINGTON), Richard William (A. W.), d. 1959-02-07, Plot: HORNE2-*-15-034R-0004
LOVELACE, A., d. 1913-07-24, bur. 1913-07-26, Plot: OLD-5-04-009-0012
LOVELESS, Frederick George, Age: 72 yrs, d. 1947-10-26, Plot: HORNE1-3-02-020-0012
LOVELESS, Mary Ethel, bur. 1969-08-04, Plot: JONES-*-04-001-0098
LOVELESS, Roy H., d. 1949-12-22, Plot: JONES-*-04-001-0080
LOVELESS, Vera, Age: 85 yrs, d. 1964-10-14, Plot: HORNE1-3-02-020-0011
LOVELESS, William, Age: 29 yrs, d. 1904-01-15, Plot: HORNE1-3-02-020-0011
LOVELL, Albert John, d. 1957-03-04, Plot: HORNE2-*-09-015-0013 (245)
LOVELL, Doris Rose, d. 1917-11-03, Plot: JONES-*-0-014-0005
LOVELL, Eliza Harriet, d. 1941-01-11, Plot: JONES-*-0-014-0007
LOVELL, George Albert, Age: 67 yrs, b. Nicomen - BC, d. 1959-09-08 Vancouver, bur. 1959-09-11, Plot: KP-*-*-038-0001
LOVELL, Henry William, d. 1941-06-17, Plot: JONES-*-0-014-0007
LOVELL, Louise Cameron, Age: 90 yrs, bur. 1982-02-15, Plot: KP-*-*-038-0001
LOVELL, Mary Ann, bur. 1959-08-01, Plot: JONES-*-12-006-0012
LOVELL, Richard, d. 1916-01-10, Plot: JONES-*-29-010-0011
LOVELL, Rose May, d. 1959-02-05, Plot: JONES-*-0-014-0006
LOVELL, Walter, d. 1939-08-23, Plot: HORNE2-*-15-033-0003
LOVELL, Wilfred Henry, bur. 1980-01-23, Plot: JONES-*-0-014-0006
LOVELOCK, Albert, d. 1934-08-30, Plot: HORNE2-*-12-037-0010
LOVELOCK, Gary John, Age: 46 yrs, d. 1997-02-15 Vancouver, bur. 1997-02-24, Plot: MASONIC-*-*-102-0007
LOVELY, (Baby), d. 1913-08-03, Plot: JONES-*-28-004-0014
LOVELY, Amanda Irene, Age: 9 hrs, bur. 1983-08-15, Plot: HORNE1-5-02-*-1249-05
LOVELY, David George, Age: 50 yrs, bur. 1976-02-16, Plot: KP-*-*-005R-0010
LOVELY, Thomas John, d. 1950-01-08, Plot: ABRAY-*-18-030-0007
LOVENDAHL, Waldemar, bur. 1978-08-25, Plot: JONES-*-39-*-1469
LOVERICH, James, d. 1939-07-09, Plot: JONES-*-22-001-0008A
LOVERIN, Earl Stanley, Age: 51 yrs, bur. 1970-01-02, Plot: OLD-5-05-002A-0003 (278)
LOVERING, Lowell C., d. 1909-08-28, Plot: OLD-5-02-012-0013
LOVEROCK, Harriett, d. 1934-04-05, Plot: HORNE2-*-11-002-0005
LOVESTEAD, Gina, d. 1932-09-25, Plot: HORNE2-*-12-029-0008
LOVETH, (Baby), d. 1897-12-03, Plot: OLD-3-03-023-0009
LOVETT, Alex William P, d. 1924-10-24, Plot: 1919-*-C-042-0014
LOVETT, Alexander, Age: 28 yrs, b. Nova Scotia, d. 1918-10-30 Vancouver, BC, Plot: JONES-*-35-009-0002
LOVETT, Alfred Gregory, d. 1936-06-08, Plot: 1919-*-C-042-0014
LOVETT, Francis, d. 1915-04-26, Plot: HORNE1-4-02-018-0014
LOVETT, John, d. 1937-07-25, Plot: JONES-*-22-006-0002
LOVETT, Joseph Henry, d. 1948-12-13, Plot: ABRAY-*-15-044-0013 (703)
LOVETT, Mary M., d. 1938-10-31, Plot: HORNE1-4-02-018-0016
LOVETT, Mary, d. 1935-08-23, Plot: HORNE2-*-07-018-0014 (274)
LOVETT, Norah, bur. 1982-06-03, Plot: ABRAY-*-15-044-0013 (703)
LOVETT, Robert E., d. 1925-06-21, Plot: HORNE1-4-02-018-0016
LOVETT, Robert, d. 1923-02-17, Plot: HORNE1-4-02-018-0015
LOVGREN, Olaf, d. 1940-11-14, Plot: HORNE2-*-10-010-0011 (143)
LOVICK, (Baby), d. 1903-09-26, Plot: OLD-4-03-010-0015
LOVICK, Donald (Baby), Age: Stillborn, bur. 1941-01-31, Plot: JONES-*-18-004-0008
LOVIE, Alice Maud, d. 1948-06-26, Plot: ABRAY-*-15-033-0012 (474)
LOVIE, Joseph, d. 1952-10-25, Plot: ABRAY-*-15-033-0012 (474)
LOVISON, Alba A. (Baby), Age: Stillborn, bur. 1961-01-31, Plot: JONES-*-18-015-0014
LOVITT, Edward Asch, d. 1939-11-13, Plot: HORNE2-*-01-026-0016 (216)
LOVITT, Gelethe Esseneene, d. 1962-01-08, Plot: HORNE2-*-01-026-0015 (216)
LOVRIC, Luka, d. 1934-05-10, Plot: HORNE2-*-11-003-0009
LOVRICH, Mladenka, d. 1938-05-15, Plot: HORNE2-*-12-010-0001
LOW, (Baby Girl), bur. 1964-05-26, Plot: JONES-*-18-007-0008
LOW, (Baby Girl), d. 1961-09-19, bur. 1961-09-22, Plot: JONES-*-18-015-0003
LOW, (Baby), Age: Stillborn, bur. 1951-03-31, Plot: JONES-*-12-007-0001
LOW, (Baby), d. 1934-05-13, Plot: HORNE2-*-11-004-0011
LOW, Alexander, d. 1943-01-13, Plot: HORNE2-*-09-001-0016 (88)
LOW, Amy Sylvia, bur. 1976-12-09, Plot: HORNE2-*-02-022-0009 (175)
LOW, Anne Findlay, d. 1944-04-05, Plot: HORNE2-*-08-015-0014 (246)
LOW, Arthur Richard, d. 1940-02-13, Plot: HORNE2-*-02-022-0010 (175)
LOW, Bing Fong, d. 1958-09-14, Plot: OLD-4-05-016R-0010 (207)
LOW, Bing Soon, d. 1964-11-02, Plot: OLD-4-04-*-1265
LOW, Bow, d. 1940-04-12, Plot: OLD-2-04-022-0016A
LOW, Chim, bur. 1968-03-04, Plot: OLD-3-05-*-0867
LOW, Chin, d. 1929-03-31, Plot: OLD-3-04-010-0003
LOW, Ching Gum, d. 1954-06-09, Plot: JONES-*-18-020-0003
LOW, Chong Bats, d. 1934-01-15, Plot: OLD-3-05-010-0007
LOW, Chong Kee (Gunn), bur. 1966-08-13, Plot: OLD-1-04-*-0236
LOW, Chong, d. 1958-11-02, Plot: OLD-4-05-025R-0005 (287)
LOW, Chong, d. 1961-10-30, Plot: OLD-4-02-025R-0002
LOW, Chow, bur. 1970-12-24, Plot: OLD-3-04-*-2294
LOW, Chow, d. 1944-02-29, Plot: JONES-*-20-015-0012
LOW, Choy Jow "Joe", Age: 69 yrs, d. 1975-09-05, bur. 1975-09-12, Plot: JONES-*-01-*-0008
LOW, Chun Lam (Lim), bur. 1971-02-09, Plot: OLD-3-04-*-2276
LOW, Chung Hong, Age: 85 yrs, bur. 1985-04-16, Plot: MASONIC-*-*-*-0528
LOW, Chung, d. 1922-05-13, bur. 1922-05-20, Plot: OLD-4-04-015-0014
LOW, Dan, d. 1946-07-16, Plot: JONES-*-21-014-0008A
LOW, David, d. 1928-01-01, Plot: HORNE2-*-04-014-0015
LOW, Delores Sylvia, bur. 1989-05-29, Plot: OLD-5-05-002-0013
LOW, Dick, d. 1945-02-25, Plot: JONES-*-21-001-0005
LOW, Dong Hack, d. 1934-03-26, Plot: OLD-3-05-022-0005
LOW, Dong Poy, d. 1950-06-03, Plot: JONES-*-11-002-0002
LOW, Elizabeth Mary, Age: 77 yrs, bur. 1989-09-27, Plot: 1919-*-*-*-1887
LOW, Eric Savill, bur. 1990-02-22, Plot: HORNE1-4-03-012-0008
LOW, Fon Yew "Lowe - Ho An", Age: 84 yrs, bur. 1977-03-30, Plot: JONES-*-02-*-0180
LOW, Fook Dong, d. 1959-04-24, Plot: OLD-4-05-006R-0002 (317)
LOW, Fook, d. 1959-06-15, Plot: OLD-4-05-005R-0016 (174)
LOW, Gar Look, bur. 1985-11-12, Plot: IOOF-*-*-063-0012
LOW, Gee (Frank), d. 1953-07-10, Plot: JONES-*-18-012-0003
LOW, Gee Kin, d. 1941-05-31, Plot: JONES-*-20-021-0004
LOW, Gee, d. 1960-01-01, Plot: OLD-4-06-016R-0016 (246)
LOW, George, d. 1936-07-22, Plot: HORNE2-*-08-015-0014 (246)
LOW, Gip, d. 1952-03-17, Plot: JONES-*-18-013-0014
LOW, Goon Boo, Age: 79 yrs, d. 1961-04-12, Plot: OLD-4-02-016R-0013
LOW, Goon Low, Age: 80 yrs, bur. 1987-01-26, Plot: 1919-*-*-*-0387
LOW, Guk, d. 1950-08-12, Plot: JONES-*-11-001-0012
LOW, Gung Yip, d. 1953-11-10, Plot: JONES-*-18-002-0009A
LOW, Helen Mary, d. 1912-01-24, Plot: JONES-*-05-018-0016
LOW, Herman Shone Onn, Age: 1 mo, bur. 1971-12-16, Plot: HORNE1-4-04-*-0817-4
LOW, Hin Chow, Age: 86 yrs, bur. 1976-11-29, Plot: JONES-*-01-*-0076
LOW, Hing Yew, d. 1961-01-05, Plot: OLD-4-03-025R-0006
LOW, Hing, d. 1962-06-26, Plot: OLD-4-05-017-0016A
LOW, Hong, d. 1934-08-28, Plot: JONES-*-19-020-0002
LOW, Hoy Kee, d. 1965-07-02, Plot: OLD-4-04-*-1587
LOW, Hoy, bur. 1967-11-20, Plot: OLD-2-05-*-0654
LOW, Hoy, d. 1945-02-28, Plot: JONES-*-21-001-0007
LOW, Jane Anderson (Aitken), Age: 78 yrs, b. 1875-12-24 Edinburgh, Scotland, d. 1954-03-19, Plot: HORNE2-*-04-043-0008A
LOW, Jean, Age: 64 yrs, bur. 1964-06-19, Plot: MASONIC-*-28A-001-0032
LOW, Joe Gain, Age: 73 yrs, bur. 1977-02-08, Plot: JONES-*-01-*-0045
LOW, Joe, d. 1930-01-03, Plot: OLD-3-04-012-0015
LOW, John H., d. 1911-08-02, Plot: JONES-*-05-018-0015
LOW, John Ramsey, d. 1961-10-07, Plot: JONES-*-05-018-0015
LOW, John William, d. 1911-05-04, Plot: HORNE1-1-02-006-0006
LOW, John, d. 1963-12-31, Plot: HORNE2-*-04-043-0008A
LOW, Jong, d. 1932-08-10, Plot: OLD-3-05-001-0001
LOW, Jong, d. 1961-02-20, Plot: OLD-4-02-015R-0009
LOW, Kam Chun, bur. 1970-07-28, Plot: JONES-*-12-007-0004
LOW, Kay, d. 1952-03-24, Plot: JONES-*-21A-026-0006
LOW, Keery Kim, bur. 1993-08-25, Plot: HORNE2-*-12-*-0261
LOW, Kew, bur. 1966-01-22, Plot: OLD-1-04-*-0069
LOW, Kieth T. (Baby), Age: Stillborn, bur. 1958-07-31, Plot: JONES-*-18-016-0010
LOW, Kin, d. 1933-10-16, Plot: OLD-3-05-009-0011
LOW, Kon Jap, d. 1948-10-28, Plot: JONES-*-20-005A-0013
LOW, Kon Leong, Age: 88 yrs, bur. 1977-06-23, Plot: JONES-*-02-*-0151
LOW, Kue Jan, d. 1943-11-15, Plot: JONES-*-20-014-0001
LOW, Kum Yun, Age: 89 yrs, bur. 1976-05-10, Plot: JONES-*-01-*-0043
LOW, Kum, d. 1944-04-21, Plot: JONES-*-20-006-0002
LOW, Kung Ching, d. 1947-08-23, Plot: OLD-6-01-004-0011 (27)
LOW, Lai Yin "Ng", Age: 71 yrs, bur. 1977-12-30, Plot: JONES-*-13-*-0137
LOW, Land, bur. 1977-10-21, Plot: JONES-*-01-010-0016
LOW, Lee Man, d. 1942-05-02, Plot: JONES-*-20-012-0013
LOW, Lim (Chun Lam), bur. 1971-02-09, Plot: OLD-3-04-*-2276
LOW, Lok Fun, d. 1950-08-02, Plot: JONES-*-11-001-0011
LOW, Long, d. 1921-03-31, Plot: OLD-4-04-012-0001
LOW, Louise, bur. 1969-09-15, Plot: OLD-3-05-*-1121
LOW, Loy, d. 1941-02-22, Plot: JONES-*-20-025-0008
LOW, Lum (Ah Lum), bur. 1967-11-15, Plot: OLD-2-05-*-0710
LOW, Lum Tan, bur. 1967-04-15, Plot: OLD-2-04-*-0490
LOW, Lung, d. 1943-03-18, Plot: JONES-*-20-008-0010
LOW, Maggie, d. 1907-02-24, Plot: OLD-5-02-015-0007
LOW, Man, d. 1952-02-28, Plot: JONES-*-18-013-0008
LOW, Marjorie Gilland, bur. 1994-09-14, Plot: HORNE1-4-03-012-0008
LOW, Marlene April, d. 1986-07-19, bur. 1986-07-25, Plot: HORNE2-*-10-*-1768
LOW, Mary Louise, d. 1942-12-21, Plot: HORNE2-*-02-022-0009 (175)
LOW, Matilda A., d. 1939-08-31, Plot: JONES-*-05-018-0014
LOW, Men., bur. 1971-04-16, Plot: OLD-3-05-*-1106
LOW, Ming Chew, d. 1958-01-01, Plot: OLD-4-04-015R-0016 (148)
LOW, Ming., bur. 1968-09-27, Plot: OLD-2-06-*-0693
LOW, Moe, d. 1921-02-12, Plot: OLD-4-04-011-0005
LOW, Monc, bur. 1967-11-28, Plot: OLD-2-05-*-0655
LOW, Mook, d. 1958-05-15, Plot: OLD-4-04-016R-0012 (161)
LOW, Mun Guen, d. 1951-02-01, Plot: JONES-*-18-008-0009A
LOW, N. G., bur. 1959-08-01, Plot: JONES-*-12-006-0012
LOW, On, d. 1938-01-24, Plot: OLD-4-04-024-0006
LOW, Pamela (Baby), Age: Stillborn, bur. 1958-06-30, Plot: JONES-*-18-016-0010
LOW, Ping "Lew, Bing", bur. 1966-07-04, Plot: OLD-1-04-*-0235
LOW, Poy Won, Age: 76 yrs, d. Vancouver, bur. 1996-08-02, Plot: IOOF-*-*-063-0011
LOW, Poy, bur. 1975-10-01, Plot: JONES-*-12-007-0006
LOW, Quan, Age: 56 yrs, b. China, d. 1959-06-03 Surrey, BC, bur. 1959-06-08, Plot: OLD-4-05-005R-0012 (178)
LOW, Quon Lee, d. 1950-08-31, Plot: JONES-*-11-001-0007
LOW, Robert, bur. 1951-07-09, Plot: JONES-*-12-006-0007
LOW, Sai Yong, d. 1955-01-14, Plot: JONES-*-18-001-0011
LOW, Sam, bur. 1962-01-01, Plot: JONES-*-12-006-0014
LOW, Sam, d. 1955-03-23, Plot: JONES-*-21A-007-0015
LOW, Sang Lee "Harry", Age: 72 yrs, b. 1905-10-11 China, d. 1978-04-05 Vancouver, BC, bur. 1978-04-10, Plot: OLD-4-05-*-1331
LOW, Sew, d. 1941-01-02, Plot: JONES-*-19-010-0013
LOW, She, d. 1934-12-12, Plot: JONES-*-19-011-0005
LOW, Shen Jong, bur. 1970-04-13, Plot: OLD-3-06-*-0905
LOW, Show (Shon), d. 1963-01-08, Plot: OLD-2-01-005R-0003
LOW, Shu Chin, d. 1954-10-22, Plot: JONES-*-18-001-0010
LOW, Sing, d. 1943-01-29, Plot: JONES-*-20-025-0002
LOW, Suen, bur. 1961-02-01, Plot: JONES-*-12-006-0013
LOW, Suey, Age: 58 yrs, b. China, d. 1949-08-11, bur. 1949-08-13, Plot: JONES-*-11-007-0003
LOW, Sum Fong, bur. 1989-04-07, Plot: OLD-5-05-015-0013
LOW, Sun, d. 1958-08-28, Plot: OLD-4-05-025R-0009 (217)
LOW, Thomas, d. 1943-04-04, Plot: ABRAY-*-03-038-0005
LOW, Tim, d. 1932-05-06, Plot: JONES-*-23-009-0004
LOW, Tong, d. 1936-05-21, Plot: JONES-*-19-017-0014
LOW, Typhena, d. 1904-08-27, Plot: HORNE1-1-02-006-0005
LOW, Wah Gee, d. 1953-03-17, Plot: JONES-*-21A-015-0003
LOW, Wah Yick, d. 1944-06-19, Plot: JONES-*-21-017-0002
LOW, Wah Yun, d. 1962-01-13, Plot: OLD-2-04-025R-0001 (167)
LOW, Wai Gee, d. 1955-02-16, Plot: JONES-*-18-001-0012
LOW, Wai Sing, bur. 1970-07-17, Plot: OLD-3-05-*-1072
LOW, Walter John Frederick, Age: 61 yrs, d. 1969-09-25 Vancouver, bur. 1969-09-29, Plot: 1919-*-*-*-1887
LOW, Way Chok, d. 1921-03-14, Plot: OLD-4-04-011-0009
LOW, Way Yen, d. 1919-08-12, Plot: OLD-3-04-003-0009
LOW, Way, d. 1921-03-11, Plot: OLD-4-04-011-0009
LOW, Wing Sang, d. 1941-06-12, Plot: JONES-*-20-021-0006
LOW, Wing, Age: 67 yrs, b. China, d. 1951-02-24 Vancouver, BC, bur. 1951-02-28, Plot: JONES-*-18-023-0008
LOW, Wing, bur. 1959-03-01, Plot: JONES-*-12-006-0011
LOW, Won, bur. 1960-07-01, Plot: JONES-*-12-006-0013
LOW, Wong Looh, d. 1929-01-11, Plot: OLD-3-04-002-0016
LOW, Wong, bur. 1987-06-04, Plot: JONES-*-01-025A-0015 (119)
LOW, Wong, d. 1920-05-20, Plot: OLD-4-04-007-0016
LOW, Wun, d. 1957-06-01, Plot: JONES-*-21A-021-0014
LOW, Yee, d. 1951-05-26, Plot: JONES-*-18-022-0012
LOW, Yen Hoy, d. 1957-12-14, Plot: OLD-4-04-015R-0003 (351)
LOW, Yet Jing, d. 1953-01-16, Plot: JONES-*-21A-015-0013
LOW, Yock Hong, Age: 95 yrs, bur. 1985-03-11, Plot: MASONIC-*-*-*-0527
LOW, Yock Kan, d. 1931-06-04, Plot: OLD-3-06-003-0002
LOW, Yok, d. 1944-04-10, Plot: JONES-*-20-006-0009
LOW, Yook Lum, bur. 1966-07-11, Plot: JONES-*-04-005A-0003 (178)
LOW, You Moo, d. 1932-01-04, Plot: OLD-3-06-001-0001
LOW, You, d. 1951-05-07, Plot: JONES-*-21A-026-0008
LOW, Young (Geo), d. 1958-11-28, Plot: OLD-4-05-016R-0006 (295)
LOW, Yow, bur. 1967-03-11, Plot: OLD-2-04-*-0504
LOW, Yuen Bun, d. 1938-03-22, Plot: OLD-3-06-007-0012
LOWAN, Buddy Albert, bur. 1993-11-15, Plot: HORNE2-*-07-035-0009
LOWAN, Marion Alice, Age: 45 yrs, d. 1969-04-27 Vancouver, bur. 1969-04-30, Plot: 1919-*-*-*-1765
LOWDEN, (Baby), Age: Stillborn, bur. 1936-10-31, Plot: JONES-*-18-005-0007
LOWDEN, (Baby), Age: Stillborn, bur. 1948-03-31, Plot: JONES-*-18-004-0013
LOWDEN, Adam John, d. 1965-07-30, Plot: HORNE1-1-04-*-0060
LOWDEN, Ann, d. 1955-06-27, Plot: ABRAY-*-18-019-0006
LOWDEN, Edwin I., d. 1949-09-15, Plot: ABRAY-*-18-019-0006
LOWE, (Baby Girl), bur. 1965-11-18, Plot: JONES-*-18-006-0006
LOWE, (Baby), Age: Stillborn, bur. 1933-10-31, Plot: JONES-*-18-006-0010
LOWE, (Baby), Age: Stillborn, bur. 1938-04-30, Plot: JONES-*-18-014-0009A
LOWE, (Baby), Age: Stillborn, bur. 1940-11-30, Plot: JONES-*-18-004-0009
LOWE, (Baby), Age: Stillborn, bur. 1941-12-31, Plot: JONES-*-18-014-0010
LOWE, (Baby), Age: Stillborn, bur. 1945-12-31, Plot: JONES-*-18-014-0012
LOWE, (Baby), Age: Stillborn, bur. 1956-02-28, Plot: JONES-*-18-025-0009
LOWE, (Baby), Age: Stillborn, bur. 1956-08-31, Plot: JONES-*-18-025-0006
LOWE, (Baby), bur. 1969-02-03, Plot: JONES-*-18-016-0009
LOWE, Agnes Elise, bur. 1988-08-17, Plot: OLD-4-05-009-0011
LOWE, Alan (Baby), Age: Stillborn, bur. 1961-06-30, Plot: JONES-*-18-015-0001
LOWE, Alexander D., bur. 1971-08-17, Plot: JONES-*-12-007-0005
LOWE, Alexander, d. 1914-03-23, Plot: OLD-5-04-018-0014
LOWE, Alexandra J., d. 1917-10-12, Plot: JONES-*-25-013-0010
LOWE, Alice, d. 1948-08-30, Plot: HORNE2-*-07-039-0014 (570)
LOWE, Allen, d. 1961-06-15, bur. 1961-06-20, Plot: JONES-*-18-015-0002
LOWE, Annie, Age: 80 yrs, d. 1970-08-31 Vancouver, bur. 1970-09-04, Plot: 1919-*-*-*-1824
LOWE, Charles Robert, d. 1946-06-12, Plot: ABRAY-*-02-007-0010
LOWE, Charles William, d. 1951-03-12, Plot: ABRAY-*-19-001-0011
LOWE, Choy, d. 1943-06-23, Plot: JONES-*-20-024-0004
LOWE, Christine, bur. 1968-03-21, Plot: JONES-*-12-007-0003
LOWE, Dark Fong, d. 1938-04-22, Plot: JONES-*-19-025-0010
LOWE, Donald McNicol, bur. 1971-11-23, Plot: JONES-*-25-013-0010
LOWE, Edgard Alexander, d. 1949-06-10, Plot: 1919-*-A-042-0004
LOWE, Eliza F., d. 1921-05-03, Plot: 1919-*-A-042-0004
LOWE, Ella May, Age: 29 yrs, d. 1920-01-27, bur. 1920-01-29, Plot: JONES-*-26-014-0007
LOWE, Ellen E., bur. 1965-01-18, Plot: ABRAY-*-12-036-0010 (418)
LOWE, Fanny Elinor, Age: 82 yrs, d. 1994-12-25 Burnaby, BC, bur. 1995-01-04, Plot: JONES-*-03-022-0015
LOWE, Fanny, d. 1947-03-27, Plot: ABRAY-*-12-035-0003 (403)
LOWE, Francis Charles, d. 1930-11-15, Plot: HORNE2-*-03-005-0001
LOWE, Frank, d. 1917-03-18, Plot: OLD-4-06-015-0005
LOWE, Gam Sing, bur. 1966-06-23, Plot: OLD-1-04-*-0104
LOWE, George Samuel, d. 1961-06-13, Plot: ABRAY-*-16-013-0015 (211)
LOWE, Gladys Maude Blackmore, Age: 56 yrs, b. 1901-mm-dd England, d. 1957-12-31 Vancouver, BC, bur. 1958-01-04, Plot: HORNE1-2-03-005A-0002 (52)
LOWE, Gong, d. 1946-01-05, Plot: JONES-*-21-010-0011
LOWE, Goon, d. 1946-01-16, Plot: JONES-*-21-013-0009
LOWE, Gordon Harold, Age: 49 yrs, d. 1996-03-28 Vancouver, bur. 1996-04-04, Plot: HORNE1-2-02-008-0010
LOWE, Gum Yook "Cum Yook Low", Age: 79 yrs, bur. 1984-09-21, Plot: MASONIC-*-*-*-0631
LOWE, Harold Cecil, bur. 1974-05-02, Plot: ABRAY-*-07-*-1205
LOWE, Hoy, d. 1938-12-08, Plot: OLD-3-06-014-0001A
LOWE, Isabella, d. 1950-08-30, Plot: ABRAY-*-16-013-0015 (211)
LOWE, James, d. 1943-09-08, Plot: JONES-*-20-014-0009
LOWE, Lillian, Age: 44 yrs, bur. 1986-01-21, Plot: IOOF-*-*-*-0979
LOWE, Lily, d. 1926-08-15, Plot: OLD-5-06-007-0014
LOWE, Louisa Fanny, Age: 87 yrs, b. England, d. 1954-09-07 Vancouver, BC, bur. 1954-09-10, Plot: JONES-*-03-022-0015
LOWE, Louise Elizabeth, d. 1929-04-27, Plot: JONES-*-25-013-0010
LOWE, Louise, d. 1933-10-28, Plot: HORNE2-*-11-009-0003
LOWE, Margaret H., d. 1962-01-25, Plot: JONES-*-04-005A-0003 (178)
LOWE, Mew Yin Wah, Age: 64 yrs, bur. 1989-01-27, Plot: MASONIC-*-*-*-0631
LOWE, Ming, bur. 1964-10-01, Plot: JONES-*-12-006-0016
LOWE, Nancy, d. 1945-07-01, Plot: JONES-*-10-001-0009A
LOWE, Percy Edward, d. 1951-06-10, Plot: HORNE2-*-11-009-0003
LOWE, Richard W. (Baby), Age: Stillborn, bur. 1951-07-31, Plot: JONES-*-12-007-0002
LOWE, Thirby Allan, Age: 72 yrs, d. 1960-03-12, bur. 1960-03-15, Plot: JONES-*-26-014-0008
LOWE, Thomas, bur. 1991-06-13, Plot: JONES-*-01-025A-0014 (118)
LOWE, Thomas, d. 1936-07-19, Plot: JONES-*-19-015-0015
LOWE, Viola Rowena, d. 1937-01-13, Plot: HORNE2-*-03-005-0001
LOWE, Walter Albert, d. 1947-02-12, Plot: ABRAY-*-12-036-0010 (418)
LOWE, Wilfred, bur. 1987-06-04, Plot: JONES-*-01-025A-0015 (119)
LOWE, William J., d. 1962-03-22, Plot: IOOF-*-32-020-0008A
LOWE, William Jesse, Age: 72 yrs, b. Ontario, d. 1935-04-01 Vancouver, BC, bur. 1935-04-04, Plot: JONES-*-03-022-0016
LOWE, William John, d. 1931-06-05, Plot: 1919-*-A-042-0003
LOWE, William S., bur. 1963-10-02, Plot: JONES-*-12-006-0016
LOWE, Wong Jong, bur. 1967-02-21, Plot: OLD-2-04-*-0642
LOWELL, Amy Helme, Age: 89 yrs, bur. 1989-11-21, Plot: MASONIC-*-*-179-0010
LOWERS, (Baby), Age: Stillborn, bur. 1947-12-31, Plot: JONES-*-18-007-0013
LOWERY, Ethel, d. 1940-07-07, Plot: JONES-*-0-037-0008A
LOWERY, Marion, d. 1920-07-19, Plot: JONES-*-*-110B-0003
LOWERY, Ruby G., d. 1919-01-04, Plot: JONES-*-*-110B-0004
LOWES, Alfred Norman, d. 1948-07-14, Plot: ABRAY-*-15-039-0016 (588)
LOWES, Alice Louise, d. 1955-01-12, Plot: ABRAY-*-13-002-0013 (6)
LOWES, Cornelius William, d. 1945-01-08, Plot: OLD-4-03-018-0001A
LOWES, John Wilson, bur. 1979-12-04, Plot: JONES-*-46-*-2052
LOWES, Laura, d. 1956-07-24, Plot: ABRAY-*-15-039-0016 (588)
LOWES, Thomas Stanley, Age: 78 yrs, d. 1998-01-10 Vancouver, bur. 1998-01-15, Plot: ABRAY-*-13-002-0014 (6)
LOWES, William, d. 1949-02-18, Plot: ABRAY-*-13-002-0014 (6)
LOWETC, (Baby), Age: Stillborn, bur. 1938-03-31, Plot: JONES-*-18-017-0008A
LOWEY, (Baby), Age: Stillborn, bur. 1937-10-31, Plot: JONES-*-18-024-0009A
LOWGOOD, Margaret Belle, d. 1951-01-02, Plot: OLD-4-01-015-0001A
LOWICK, Patrick, bur. 1952-12-09, Plot: ABRAY-*-21-006-0008
LOWINSKI, Maud, b. Warsaw, Poland, d. 1890-09-23 Vancouver, Plot: OLD-3-01-006-0016
LOWKES, George Joseph, d. 1964-11-10, Plot: HORNE1-3-03-*-0533
LOWNDES, Ralph Hamilton, Age: 89 yrs, b. England, d. 1956-02-05 Port Coquitlam, BC, bur. 1956-02-09, Plot: MASONIC-*-07A-002-0001
LOWNEY, John, d. 1914-02-01, Plot: OLD-4-05-013-0010
LOWREY, Charlotte L., d. 1950-12-27, Plot: ABRAY-*-15-019-0004 (240)
LOWREY, James Alexander, bur. 1974-01-16, Plot: JONES-*-31-*-0095
LOWREY, James McIntosh, bur. 1981-05-27, Plot: JONES-*-31-*-0095
LOWREY, William, bur. 1987-06-04, Plot: JONES-*-01-025A-0013 (117)
LOWRIE, (Baby), Age: Stillborn, bur. 1921-02-15, Plot: OLD-5-05-018-0010
LOWRIE, (Baby), Age: Stillborn, bur. 1928-02-28, Plot: OLD-5-06-005-0007
LOWRIE, (Baby), Age: Stillborn, bur. 1947-12-31, Plot: JONES-*-18-007-0013
LOWRIE, Charles, d. 1907-05-12, Plot: OLD-5-02-019-0015
LOWRY, (Baby), bur. 1967-10-18, Plot: JONES-*-18-006-0014
LOWRY, Agnes May, d. 1941-03-14, Plot: 1919-*-D-015-0006
LOWRY, Blanche, d. 1925-01-19, bur. 1925-06-21, Plot: 1919-*-D-015-0006
LOWRY, Blanche, d. 1950-07-21, Plot: HORNE1-6-02-H-0006
LOWRY, Charles Chauncery, d. 1940-04-12, Plot: JONES-*-*-148B-0003
LOWRY, Clifton Ettery, bur. 1990-10-19, Plot: HORNE2-*-08-*-1389
LOWRY, Esther, Age: 76 yrs, d. 1983-01-08 Vancouver, bur. 1983-01-25, Plot: 1919-*-*-*-1660
LOWRY, Ethel Elizabeth, d. 1911-04-10, Plot: HORNE1-6-02-H-0006
LOWRY, Eveline Edgeworth, Age: 102 yrs, d. 1995-02-28 Burnaby, BC, bur. 1995-03-03, Plot: JONES-*-37-032-0014
LOWRY, Flora C. (Winning), Age: 86 yrs, b. Ontario, d. 1961-12-13 Steveston, BC, bur. 1962-02-08, Plot: JONES-*-05-012-0006
LOWRY, John George, d. 1933-11-27, Plot: JONES-*-37-032-0014
LOWRY, Lillian Elizabeth, Age: 88 yrs, bur. 1966-06-08, Plot: JONES-*-20A-004-0003 (27)
LOWRY, Lucy Emma, d. 1913-06-22, Plot: OLD-1-02-022-0004
LOWRY, Marie Etta, d. 1936-09-24, Plot: JONES-*-08-009-0012
LOWRY, Mary Elizabeth, d. 1935-12-08, Plot: JONES-*-37-032-0015
LOWRY, Mary Emily, Age: 78 yrs, d. 1962-05-25, bur. 1963-05-23, Plot: OLD-5-RE5-001-0015
LOWRY, Pearl Ida Ethel, Age: 86 yrs, d. 1999-03-25 Vancouver, bur. 1999-03-30, Plot: JONES-*-*-133B-0015
LOWRY, Robert James, d. 1919-05-31, Plot: JONES-*-37-032-0016
LOWRY, Roy Archie, Age: 73 yrs, b. Ontario, d. 1957-01-24, bur. 1957-01-28, Plot: JONES-*-20A-004-0003 (27)
LOWRY, Samuel William, d. 1956-01-13, Plot: HORNE1-6-02-H-0006
LOWRY, Tena, d. 1962-06-14, Plot: JONES-*-33-005-0008
LOWRY, Thomas Harold, Age: 90 yrs, b. Ontario, d. 1999-09-04 Burnaby, BC, bur. 1999-09-23, Plot: 1919-*-*-*-1660
LOWRY, Wilhelmina, d. 1943-07-10, Plot: HORNE2-*-09-038-0001 (537)
LOWRY, William Bertram, bur. 1952-10-01, Plot: JONES-*-12-006-0005
LOWRY, William E., d. 1919-10-14, Plot: JONES-*-*-148B-0003
LOWRY, William Robert, d. 1940-04-17, Plot: HORNE2-*-15-005-0013
LOWSEY, Florence, d. 1907-08-17, Plot: OLD-5-02-021-0003
LOWSON, David, d. 1942-12-03, Plot: HORNE2-*-09-003-0001 (17)
LOWTHER, Bada, d. 1946-01-28, Plot: OLD-3-01-017-0016A
LOWTHER, Osmond Richard, d. 1942-08-04, Plot: ABRAY-*-06-039-0002
LOWTHER, Thomas, bur. 1974-01-30, Plot: JONES-*-31-*-0076
LOX, John, bur. 1961-02-01, Plot: JONES-*-12-006-0013
LOXLEY, Frank, d. 1959-09-25, Plot: HORNE2-*-14-018R-0007
LOXTERKAMP, Marcel Leonard, bur. 1975-01-03, Plot: JONES-*-26-*-0188
LOXTERKEMP, (Baby), Age: Stillborn, bur. 1951-08-31, Plot: JONES-*-12-007-0002
LOY, Bak Shing, d. 1956-02-14, Plot: JONES-*-21A-019-0008
LOY, Chang, d. 1926-06-11, Plot: OLD-5-06-007-0003
LOY, Chung Shing, d. 1957-05-05, Plot: JONES-*-21A-020-0005
LOY, Go, d. 1918-10-26, Plot: OLD-3-05-019-0015
LOY, Jang, d. 1952-12-03, Plot: JONES-*-21A-016-0006
LOY, Jew, d. 1961-05-21, Plot: OLD-4-02-006R-0015
LOY, Kang Wa, d. 1958-03-13, Plot: OLD-4-05-015R-0001A (310)
LOY, Kay Sing, d. 1914-11-24, Plot: OLD-3-04-013-0011
LOY, Kwong Leong, bur. 1971-04-06, Plot: OLD-3-04-*-2262
LOY, Lap Sang, d. 1941-05-06, Plot: JONES-*-20-001-0011
LOY, Ng Jin, d. 1929-08-09, Plot: OLD-3-04-007-0015
LOY, See, d. 1964-02-16, Plot: OLD-3-05-003A-0015 (394)
LOY, Sha Fon, Age: 90 yrs, bur. 1974-03-14, Plot: JONES-*-03-*-0261
LOY, Shee, d. 1964-02-09, Plot: OLD-3-05-003A-0005 (390)
LOY, Tom Doe, d. 1929-02-25, Plot: OLD-3-04-004-0013
LOY, Wah, d. 1922-08-04, Plot: OLD-4-04-022-0016
LOY, Wai, d. 1953-10-13, Plot: JONES-*-18-020-0015
LOY, Way, d. 1944-11-01, Plot: JONES-*-21-009-0003
LOY, Yee, bur. 1967-05-02, Plot: JONES-*-12-007-0003
LOY, Yuk, d. 1957-02-07, Plot: JONES-*-21A-010-0012
LOYAL, Horace, d. 1911-02-19, Plot: OLD-5-03-006-0001
LOYCHUK, Mary, Age: 64 yrs, bur. 1978-03-06, Plot: IOOF-*-*-*-0345
LOYD, Kathleen A., d. 1913-11-28, Plot: JONES-*-31-023-0010
LOYD, Margaret Elizabeth, d. 1917-02-16, Plot: JONES-*-25-016-0015
LOYD, Martha Ann, d. 1950-04-14, Plot: IOOF-*-32-023-0006
LOYER, Ralph Delbert, Age: 48 yrs, b. 1923-07-07, d. 1972-01-13, bur. 1973-01-24, Plot: MASONIC-*-19A-002-0017
LOYER, Walter, bur. 1991-06-13, Plot: JONES-*-01-025A-0014 (118)
LOYLIE, John, d. 1929-02-11, Plot: HORNE2-*-13-038-0011
LOYNES, Edna, Age: 90 yrs, bur. 1991-10-22, Plot: MASONIC-*-*-061-0015
LOYNES, John Girling, Age: 78 yrs, bur. 1979-09-14, Plot: MASONIC-*-*-061-0015
LOZIER, Marie A., d. 1920-01-09, Plot: JONES-*-26-028-0009
LOZO, Edmond (Edmund), bur. 1984-05-16, Plot: HORNE2-*-14-*-0400
LOZOVSKY, Nora, Age: 38 yrs, bur. 1977-12-29, Plot: MASONIC-*-24A-003-0028
LOZOWSKI, Michael, bur. 1984-06-28, Plot: HORNE2-*-05-*-0683
LU, Cheng Pan, Age: 59 yrs, b. 1925-10-13, bur. 1984-07-17, Plot: IOOF-*-*-*-0174
LU, Chong Fai, d. 1910-01-04, Plot: OLD-4-04-022-0003
LU, Han, bur. 1986-08-15, Plot: HORNE2-*-10-*-1763
LUAH, Chan Dick, d. 1927-08-22, Plot: OLD-4-04-023-0012
LUBBACK, Qucenie Lilly Eugene, Age: 4 yrs, b. Winnipeg, d. 1911-01-15, bur. 1911-01-17, Plot: HORNE1-3-04-019-0001
LUBBOCK, Violet E. V., Age: 10 yrs, b. Winnipeg, d. 1917-11-27, bur. 1917-11-29, Plot: HORNE1-3-04-019-0001
LUBIBRATICH, Velko, d. 1927-12-02, Plot: HORNE2-*-04-022-0007
LUBICH, George, d. 1963-09-10, Plot: JONES-*-15-006A-0005 (426)
LUBIENIECKI, George, bur. 1970-07-28, Plot: JONES-*-12-007-0004
LUBZUISKI, (Baby), d. 1935-07-18, Plot: JONES-*-*-107B-0001
LUCA, Maria Immacolata, Age: 67 yrs, bur. 1973-03-03, Plot: KP-*-*-031A-0014
LUCA, Salvatore, d. 1914-09-15, bur. 1914-09-16, Plot: JONES-*-15-022-0001
LUCAS, Agnes Elizabeth, bur. 1956-06-05, Plot: JONES-*-31-012-0008A
LUCAS, Agnes, d. 1936-09-02, Plot: HORNE2-*-08-010-0009 (153)
LUCAS, Albert Edward, d. 1959-04-30, Plot: HORNE1-1-01-001-0007
LUCAS, Alexander, Age: 90 yrs, b. Ontario, d. 1942-06-08 Vancouver, bur. 1942-06-11, Plot: MASONIC-*-*-118-0003
LUCAS, Alexei, Age: 80 yrs, bur. 1972-10-30, Plot: JONES-*-08-*-0674
LUCAS, Alfred, d. 1939-10-09, Plot: HORNE2-*-15-013-0004
LUCAS, Annie, Age: 81 yrs, b. England, d. 1962-08-20, bur. 1963-05-15, Plot: MASONIC-*-03A-012-0001
LUCAS, Anoosh, Age: 80 yrs, bur. 1994-05-16, Plot: JONES-*-08-*-0674
LUCAS, Barbara Jean, Age: 47 yrs, bur. 1975-08-15, Plot: MASONIC-*-*-189-0007
LUCAS, Carrie, d. 1898-09-11, Plot: OLD-1-04-018-0002
LUCAS, Christina (Laing), Age: 61 yrs, b. 1877-07-14, d. 1939-07-09, Plot: HORNE2-*-08-047-0003 (627)
LUCAS, Eleanor M., d. 1928-08-10, Plot: HORNE2-*-04-034-0004
LUCAS, Emma Ada, d. 1943-12-29, Plot: HORNE2-*-11-027-0013
LUCAS, Ernest, bur. 1987-06-04, Plot: JONES-*-01-025A-0013 (117)
LUCAS, Flora, Age: 41 yrs, b. Australia, d. 1901-04-24 Vancouver, BC, bur. 1901-04-25, Plot: OLD-0-04-013-0007
LUCAS, Flora, Age: 41 yrs, b. Australia, d. 1901-04-24 Vancouver, Plot: OLD-0-04-013-0006
LUCAS, Frederick George Turner, Age: 55 yrs, b. Ontario, d. 1935-09-24 Vancouver, bur. 1935-09-26, Plot: MASONIC-*-*-118-0003
LUCAS, Frederick, d. 1943-09-26, Plot: JONES-*-27-021-0008A
LUCAS, George Henry, Age: 67 yrs, b. 1878-01-04, d. 1945-07-11, Plot: HORNE2-*-08-047-0003 (627)
LUCAS, George William, bur. 1966-08-12, Plot: ABRAY-*-03-040-0005
LUCAS, George William, d. 1926-09-02, Plot: 1919-*-D-060-0007
LUCAS, George, d. 1907-12-24, Plot: OLD-5-02-H-0011
LUCAS, Georgina Louise, d. 1923-11-23, Plot: 1919-*-C-046-0012
LUCAS, Gloria, d. 1935-04-28, Plot: HORNE2-*-12-021-0013
LUCAS, Harriett Ann, Age: 72 yrs, b. England, d. 1948-12-05 Vancouver, bur. 1948-12-09, Plot: MASONIC-*-*-105-0012
LUCAS, Harry B., d. 1955-09-21, Plot: ABRAY-*-05-021-0004
LUCAS, Hilda Joan, bur. 1975-08-11, Plot: JONES-*-28-*-0424
LUCAS, James Ernest, Age: 46 yrs, bur. 1993-09-30, Plot: HORNE2-*-08-*-1380-1
LUCAS, Jane Frances, Age: 63 yrs, b. Ontario, d. 1920-05-31 Vancouver, bur. 1920-06-02, Plot: MASONIC-*-*-118-0004
LUCAS, John, b. Vancouver, d. 1892-12-09 Vancouver, Plot: OLD-1-01-009-0012
LUCAS, Johnathan Allan, d. 1936-12-06, Plot: HORNE2-*-16-033-0014
LUCAS, Joseph J., d. 1932-01-20, Plot: HORNE2-*-11-027-0014
LUCAS, Leonard, Age: 55 yrs, d. 1947-12-24, bur. 1948-01-02, Plot: JONES-*-26-001-0016
LUCAS, Louise Jane, d. 1940-10-18, Plot: HORNE2-*-09-016-0004 (204)
LUCAS, Mabel Gertrude, Age: 88 yrs, bur. 1969-03-03, Plot: 1919-*-*-*-1653
LUCAS, Mary Arthur, d. 1913-10-22, Plot: JONES-*-15-013-0008
LUCAS, Naomi, Age: 82 yrs, d. 1947-03-06, Plot: HORNE1-3-03-010-0008A
LUCAS, Queenie Gladys, bur. 1989-08-04, Plot: ABRAY-*-03-040-0005
LUCAS, Sarah Millicent, bur. 1982-08-11, Plot: HORNE1-1-01-001-0008
LUCAS, Stella, bur. 1987-06-04, Plot: JONES-*-01-025A-0015 (119)
LUCAS, Susan, d. 1922-08-28, bur. 1922-08-30, Plot: 1919-*-C-036-0008
LUCAS, Thomas, d. 1910-06-06, Plot: OLD-4-02-004-0007
LUCAS, Vincente, Age: 65 yrs, b. 1932-10-01, d. 1998-04-08 Vancouver, bur. 1998-04-24, Plot: ABRAY-*-12-*-0799
LUCAS, W.C. Jack, Age: 72 yrs, bur. 1980-07-07, Plot: MASONIC-*-26A-003-0001
LUCAS, Walter John, d. 1957-02-27, bur. 1957-03-07, Plot: OLD-5-04-016-0006
LUCAS, Walter, d. 1949-12-23, Plot: ABRAY-*-18-027-0011
LUCCHETTA, Carol John, bur. 1993-08-11, Plot: JONES-*-17-006-0004
LUCCHETTA, Gina, d. 1940-09-23, Plot: JONES-*-17-006-0004
LUCCHETTA, Serafino, Age: 35 yrs, b. Italy, d. 1918-11-01 Vancouver, bur. 1918-11-03, Plot: JONES-*-17-006-0004
LUCCHIN, (Baby), d. 1961-06-26, Plot: HORNE1-2-01-*-0089
LUCCHIN, Silvo, Age: 67 yrs, d. 1998-03-14 New Westminster, BC, bur. 1998-03-20, Plot: HORNE1-2-01-*-0089
LUCCOCK, Eleanor, d. 1960-07-06, Plot: ABRAY-*-15-056-0016 (816)
LUCCOCK, John W., d. 1948-11-09, Plot: ABRAY-*-15-056-0016 (816)
LUCE, John Def., d. 1957-02-11, bur. 1957-02-14, Plot: HORNE1-3-03-007-0008A
LUCE, Mary, Age: 80 yrs, d. 1947-04-09, Plot: HORNE1-3-03-007-0008A
LUCERON, George, bur. 1980-06-17, Plot: 1919-*-*-*-0351
LUCHENE, Evelyn Maria, bur. 1984-11-21, Plot: 1919-*-D-038-0011
LUCHER, (Baby), Age: Stillborn, bur. 1920-12-27, Plot: OLD-5-05-018-0009
LUCHI, Marina, Age: 3 days, bur. 1967-08-25, Plot: HORNE1-3-01-*-0075-1
LUCHI, Rodney, Age: 2 days, bur. 1967-08-25, Plot: HORNE1-3-01-*-0075-1
LUCHO, Ruth, d. 1912-05-05, Plot: JONES-*-08-019-0006
LUCIANI, Joseph, d. 1921-01-16, bur. 1921-01-19, Plot: 1919-*-B-003-0006
LUCICH, Robert, bur. 1968-10-29, Plot: OLD-5-02-*-1917
LUCIE, Alfrieda Mueller, Age: 68 yrs, b. Ontario, d. 1962-09-09 Vancouver, bur. 1963-02-25, Plot: MASONIC-*-03A-006-0001
LUCIER, Mark Felix (Marc), bur. 1983-05-31, Plot: HORNE2-*-16-*-0209
LUCIK, Eleferey, d. 1915-03-08, Plot: OLD-4-05-019-0010
LUCIOW (LANTZ), Maksym (Max.), d. 1950-03-09, Plot: HORNE1-5-01-010-0008A
LUCK, Albert, d. 1954-03-21, Plot: JONES-*-13-029-0001
LUCK, George, d. 1921-05-23, Plot: JONES-*-45-023-0010
LUCK, Quai Lum, d. 1955-08-07, Plot: JONES-*-19-004-0007
LUCKE, Terri, bur. 1987-06-04, Plot: JONES-*-01-025A-0015 (119)
LUCKER, (Baby), Age: Stillborn, bur. 1943-08-31, Plot: JONES-*-18-017-0006
LUCKETT, (Baby), Age: Stillborn, bur. 1942-10-31, Plot: JONES-*-18-004-0007
LUCKETT, Anna, Age: 73 yrs, bur. 1970-12-04, Plot: 1919-*-*-*-2172
LUCKETT, George, d. 1938-05-09, Plot: JONES-*-26-038-0014 (618)
LUCKING, Alfred, d. 1911-09-26, Plot: OLD-5-03-015-0001
LUCKIW, Stephen, Age: 73 yrs, b. 1904-12-17 Ukraine, d. 1978-01-24 Vancouver, BC, bur. 1979-03-01, Plot: JONES-*-12-007-0007
LUCKMAN, Katherine, bur. 1991-06-13, Plot: JONES-*-01-025A-0014 (118)
LUCKSTEIN, Gerd Helmut, Age: 41 yrs, bur. 1993-01-14, Plot: HORNE2-*-08-*-1365-1
LUCKSTEIN, Willi, bur. 1987-09-04, Plot: HORNE2-*-09-*-1807
LUCKY, Mary, d. 1919-04-05, Plot: JONES-*-24-004-0011
LUCKY, Stefan, Age: 52 yrs, bur. 1988-03-21, Plot: MASONIC-*-*-060-0009A
LUCO, Joe, d. 1913-03-09, Plot: JONES-*-07-018-0013
LUCUS, Anna May, Age: 68 yrs, b. USA, d. 1962-11-26 Vancouver, bur. 1962-12-14, Plot: MASONIC-*-03A-005-0002
LUCYK, Alexander, Age: 46 yrs, d. 1969-11-30 Vancouver, bur. 1969-12-04, Plot: 1919-*-*-*-2002
LUDBROOK, (Baby), Age: Stillborn, bur. 1934-02-28, Plot: JONES-*-18-006-0003
LUDBROOK, Annie Gertrud, d. 1955-10-08, Plot: HORNE2-*-05-026-0011
LUDBROOK, Dora Pat., d. 1929-04-18, Plot: HORNE2-*-05-026-0011
LUDDINGTON, Mabel, Age: 81 yrs, b. Ontario, d. 1963-11-19 Hope, BC, bur. 1963-11-26, Plot: MASONIC-*-*-046-0003
LUDDINGTON, Melton A., d. 1951-07-03, Plot: ABRAY-*-20-010-0016
LUDDITT, Alfred Ernest, d. 1956-06-02, Plot: JONES-*-01-005-0052
LUDEMAN, Joyce Irene, Age: 62 yrs, bur. 1985-11-01, Plot: MASONIC-*-29A-002-0009
LUDEMAN, Philip Stanley, Age: 80 yrs, bur. 1991-04-11, Plot: MASONIC-*-29A-002-0009
LUDENATI, S., d. 1901-09-14, Plot: OLD-2-04-013-0006
LUDESCHER, (Baby), Age: Stillborn, bur. 1957-04-30, Plot: JONES-*-18-025-0001
LUDESCHER, (Baby), Age: Stillborn, bur. 1958-03-31, Plot: JONES-*-18-025-0016
LUDESCHES, (Baby), Age: Stillborn, bur. 1952-05-31, Plot: JONES-*-12-004-0005
LUDESHER, (Baby), Age: Stillborn, bur. 1954-07-31, Plot: JONES-*-12-005-0001
LUDHICWIZ, Florjan, d. 1951-06-18, Plot: OLD-4-03-009-0012
LUDINGTON, (Baby), Age: Stillborn, bur. 1933-07-31, Plot: JONES-*-18-006-0012
LUDINGTON, Charles L., d. 1937-12-23, Plot: HORNE2-*-08-024-0016 (352)
LUDINGTON, Florence B., d. 1945-06-08, Plot: HORNE2-*-08-024-0016 (352)
LUDINGTON, Lloyd Richard, bur. 1988-06-07, Plot: HORNE2-*-08-024-0016 (352)
LUDINGTON, Mary Lawrence, Age: 61 yrs, b. Scotland, d. 1956-03-02 Vancouver, bur. 1956-03-05, Plot: MASONIC-*-*-166-0014
LUDINGTON, Raymond William, bur. 1991-05-09, Plot: HORNE2-*-08-024-0016 (352)
LUDINGTON, Tracy Grant, bur. 1994-03-03, Plot: HORNE2-*-08-024-0016 (352)
LUDLOFF, Carlos, d. 1914-08-20, Plot: OLD-4-05-010-0016
LUDLOW, (Baby Girl), Age: 3 days, b. Vancouver, d. 1919-04-02 Vancouver, Plot: HORNE1-5-01-025-0006
LUDLOW, Ansley Roy, Age: 79 yrs, bur. 1969-04-25, Plot: JONES-*-36-007-0010
LUDLOW, Betty Doreen, Age: 66 yrs, bur. 1993-02-05, Plot: JONES-*-36-007-0010
LUDLOW, Emily, d. 1940-11-06, Plot: HORNE2-*-07-019-0003 (223)
LUDLOW, Eva, Age: 29 yrs, b. Nova Scotia, d. 1927-09-20 Vancouver, BC, bur. 1927-09-23, Plot: JONES-*-36-007-0010
LUDLOW, George Lawrence, bur. 1950-09-08, Plot: HORNE2-*-01-006-0003 (22)
LUDLOW, Latitia, bur. 1958-08-04, Plot: HORNE2-*-01-006-0002 (21)
LUDLOW, Lorraine, d. 1938-03-20, Plot: JONES-*-17-020-0009A
LUDLOW, Nancy, bur. 1929-12-28, Plot: HORNE2-*-01-006-0004 (22)
LUDLOW, Richard, d. 1935-04-08, Plot: HORNE2-*-07-019-0003 (223)
LUDLOW, Roy Gordon, d. 1926-02-26, Plot: 1919-*-D-056-0014
LUDLOW, William, bur. 1929-02-11, Plot: HORNE2-*-01-006-0003 (22)
LUDVIGSON, Jarl, bur. 1970-07-28, Plot: JONES-*-12-007-0004
LUDVIGSON, Thorvald Johannes, Age: 67 yrs, d. 1970-11-23 Vancouver, bur. 1970-12-03, Plot: 1919-*-*-*-1818
LUDWIG, Irene, Age: 47 yrs, b. Manitoba, d. 1960-01-04 Vancouver, bur. 1960-03-29, Plot: MASONIC-*-13A-008-0004
LUDWIG, John Jacob, d. 1963-01-12, Plot: OLD-5-01-025R-0015 (78)
LUDWIG, Paul Roderick, d. 1932-12-30, Plot: HORNE2-*-05-037-0007
LUE, Wee Noey, d. 1961-10-25, Plot: OLD-4-02-025R-0001A
LUE, Yee Thick, d. 1963-10-05, Plot: OLD-2-02-025R-0007
LUECK, Kenneth William, Age: 73 yrs, bur. 1998-09-29, Plot: IOOF-*-*-*-0993
LUECK, Margaret Mary Alice "Marie Alice Marguerite", Age: 55 yrs, bur. 1985-06-28, Plot: IOOF-*-*-*-0993
LUEGER, Constance, bur. 1994-01-24, Plot: HORNE2-*-11-023-0011
LUEKEN, Charlotte Lillian, bur. 1967-12-08, Plot: OLD-2-03-*-0393
LUEN, Otto, d. 1963-01-02, Plot: OLD-5-01-025R-0012 (81)
LUEN, Soo, d. 1951-02-12, Plot: OLD-6-02-004-0006 (62)
LUESLEY, (Baby Boy), Age: 3 days, b. Terrace, BC, d. 1955-10-08 Vancouver, bur. 1955-10-13, Plot: JONES-*-12-005-0013
LUESLEY, George Henry, d. 1960-09-01, Plot: HORNE2-*-07-030-0015 (432B)
LUESLEY, Regina, d. 1943-06-10, Plot: HORNE2-*-07-030-0015 (432B)
LUESQUE, Demetrius, d. 1960-05-02, Plot: HORNE1-2-03-004R-0007 (118)
LUEY (LOUIE), Tue Neon (Neon), bur. 1970-11-30, Plot: OLD-3-04-*-2295
LUFF, Greta Mae, bur. 1968-11-15, Plot: 1919-*-*-*-1054
LUFF, Maria, d. 1905-01-27, Plot: HORNE1-2-03-010-0006
LUFF, Mary Ann, d. 1943-02-17, Plot: HORNE2-*-07-010-0001 (73A)
LUFF, Sam, d. 1897-04-18, Plot: OLD-3-03-019-0010
LUFF, Samuel, d. 1907-06-08, Plot: HORNE1-2-04-004-0015
LUFT, Adam Henry, bur. 1972-03-06, Plot: JONES-*-17-020-0008A
LUFT, Edward B., d. 1938-02-23, Plot: JONES-*-17-020-0008A
LUGGI, Michel, Age: 37 days, bur. 1967-09-20, Plot: HORNE1-3-01-*-0077-2
LUGREEN, Mary A., d. 1918-11-09, Plot: JONES-*-17-014-0014
LUGRIN, Vivian M., d. 1939-03-22, Plot: JONES-*-0-011-0009A
LUHEUYANE, (Baby), Age: Stillborn, bur. 1923-04-23, Plot: OLD-5-05-023-0013
LUHMAN, Nellie M., d. 1923-05-19, Plot: 1919-*-C-049-0013
LUHTALA, Charles, bur. 1958-09-01, Plot: JONES-*-12-006-0011
LUHTALA, Elizabeth Miriam, bur. 1983-02-02, Plot: HORNE1-4-01-*-0925
LUHTALA, John Jeltti, bur. 1977-12-12, Plot: HORNE1-4-01-*-0925
LUHTALA, John Richard, d. 1965-10-21, Plot: HORNE1-4-01-*-0925
LUI, Chong, d. 1944-12-13, Plot: JONES-*-21-008-0016
LUI, Herbert, bur. 1998-06-25, Plot: OLD-3-01-*-0818
LUI, Wai, Age: 53 yrs, bur. 1983-06-16, Plot: IOOF-*-*-*-0764
LUI, Yan Tai., bur. 1973-01-29, Plot: OLD-4-03-*-1362
LUIE, Gunn "Pan", "Louie, Pam", Age: 83 yrs, d. 1968-07-27 Vancouver, BC, bur. 1968-08-07, Plot: OLD-2-05-*-0475
LUIE, Sam, d. 1936-10-16, Plot: JONES-*-19-016-0008
LUIGI, Regina Naria, d. 1914-07-21, Plot: OLD-4-05-016-0012
LUIM, Shang, d. 1913-07-04, Plot: OLD-3-04-005-0014
LUING, Chee, d. 1945-06-10, Plot: JONES-*-21-018-0008A
LUINN, Ann Catherine, d. 1916-06-11, Plot: OLD-5-04-025-0008
LUIS, Gloria Correia, Age: 40 yrs, b. 1933-07-01 Portugal, bur. 1973-07-11, Plot: 1919-*-*-*-0178
LUK, (Baby Boy), Age: 1 hr, bur. 1982-10-22, Plot: HORNE1-5-02-*-1249-04
LUK, Eyee Shun, bur. 1966-07-14, Plot: JONES-*-12-007-0003
LUKACS, Janos, Age: 80 yrs, d. 1999-07-08 Vancouver, bur. 1999-08-13, Plot: OLD-5-05-022-0005
LUKAS, Anica, d. 1954-12-07, Plot: HORNE2-*-03-016-0005
LUKAS, Serge, bur. 1987-06-04, Plot: JONES-*-01-025A-0015 (119)
LUKASZEWZCH, Joe, d. 1942-11-02, Plot: HORNE2-*-12-003-0011
LUKE, (Baby), Age: Stillborn, bur. 1936-09-30, Plot: JONES-*-18-005-0007
LUKE, Adelene, Age: 15 days, b. Vancouver, d. 1889-07-24 Vancouver, bur. 1889-07-25, Plot: OLD-3-01-017-0004
LUKE, Albert, Age: 12 days, b. Vancouver, d. 1889-07-21 Vancouver, bur. 1889-07-22, Plot: OLD-3-01-017-0004
LUKE, Choy, Age: 83 yrs, bur. 1973-11-29, Plot: JONES-*-03-*-0256
LUKE, Joseph, d. 1945-06-19, Plot: ABRAY-*-12-046-0001 (593)
LUKE, Lee Yick, d. 1915-06-20, Plot: OLD-3-04-017-0016
LUKE, Lucy Harriett, d. 1961-08-06, Plot: ABRAY-*-12-046-0001 (593)
LUKE, Mary, d. 1942-06-26, Plot: HORNE2-*-10-021-0002 (289B)
LUKE, Reginald, bur. 1953-02-01, Plot: JONES-*-12-006-0004
LUKE, Robert, d. 1952-12-06, Plot: HORNE2-*-10-021-0002 (289B)
LUKE, Sara E., d. 1936-06-20, Plot: HORNE2-*-08-013-0006 (182)
LUKE, William Henry, d. 1945-09-14, Plot: HORNE2-*-08-013-0006 (182)
LUKE, Wong, d. 1956-07-07, Plot: JONES-*-21A-022-0011
LUKER, (Baby), Age: Stillborn, bur. 1928-09-30, Plot: OLD-5-06-005-0001
LUKES, (Baby Girl), bur. 1970-03-12, Plot: JONES-*-18-016-0012
LUKES, Lily, d. 1936-02-09, Plot: JONES-*-22-019-0005
LUKEY, James Dewar, Age: 44 yrs, b. BC, d. 1907-04-26 Vancouver, bur. 1907-04-29, Plot: HORNE1-2-04-013-0004
LUKEY, James Doug., d. 1929-10-14, Plot: HORNE1-2-04-013-0003
LUKEY, Richard James, bur. 1904-03-16, Plot: HORNE1-2-04-013-0004
LUKICH, George, bur. 1971-01-19, Plot: ABRAY-*-10-015-0003
LUKICH, Helena Mary, bur. 1986-05-20, Plot: OLD-3-02-*-0820
LUKICH, Rade, Age: 26 yrs, b. Yugoslavia, d. 1929-01-11 Britania Mines, Plot: HORNE2-*-04-037-0008
LUKINCHUK, Nicholas, Age: 73 yrs, d. 1951-11-29, bur. 1951-12-06, Plot: JONES-*-26-005-0009A (72)
LUKKEN, (Baby), Age: Stillborn, bur. 1941-04-30, Plot: JONES-*-18-024-0007
LUKOMSKI, Anton, d. 1959-02-17, Plot: HORNE2-*-16-031A-0009
LUKOV, Eddie, Age: 10 yrs, b. British Columbia, d. 1904-07-18 Vancouver, bur. 1904-07-20, Plot: OLD-1-05-004-0012
LUKSIS, George, d. 1951-11-25, Plot: ABRAY-*-02-015-0005
LUKTALA, Eva, d. 1946-06-21, Plot: ABRAY-*-12-028-0013 (293)
LULCHAK, George, Age: 81 yrs, bur. 1973-07-04, Plot: JONES-*-25-*-1217
LULTZ, Carl, d. 1951-02-07, Plot: ABRAY-*-19-007-0006
LUM (LAM), Hoy, bur. 1971-07-09, Plot: OLD-4-06-*-1289
LUM (LEE), Lee (Willian), bur. 1971-02-05, Plot: OLD-3-04-*-2257
LUM (LEE), Mui, bur. 1977-07-29, Plot: OLD-4-03-*-1458
LUM (LIM), Ping Ching (Bang Ching), d. 1952-11-07, Plot: JONES-*-21A-016-0009
LUM, (Baby Girl), bur. 1965-06-22, Plot: JONES-*-18-006-0003
LUM, (Baby), Age: Stillborn, bur. 1924-04-29, Plot: OLD-5-05-023-0001
LUM, (Baby), Age: Stillborn, bur. 1940-04-30, Plot: JONES-*-18-007-0009
LUM, (Baby), Age: Stillborn, bur. 1953-07-31, Plot: JONES-*-12-004-0010
LUM, (Baby), Age: Stillborn, bur. 1958-11-30, Plot: JONES-*-18-016-0013
LUM, (Baby), d. 1930-11-10, Plot: OLD-3-04-022-0013
LUM, Ah Nin, d. 1963-07-14, Plot: OLD-2-02-016R-0002
LUM, Bing Kee, d. 1948-10-13, Plot: JONES-*-20-005A-0016
LUM, Boo, bur. 1966-09-30, Plot: OLD-1-04-*-0271
LUM, Bow, d. 1935-09-21, Plot: JONES-*-19-013-0008
LUM, Buck Bue, d. 1947-01-17, Plot: JONES-*-21-006-0016
LUM, Bue, d. 1938-01-25, bur. 1938-01-29, Plot: OLD-4-04-019-0002
LUM, Bun Chee, d. 1944-06-12, Plot: JONES-*-21-017-0001
LUM, Charlie Duck Chang "Puck Chong", Age: 70 yrs, b. 1890-07-12 China, d. 1961-02-07 Vancouver, BC, bur. 1961-02-10, Plot: OLD-4-02-015R-0015
LUM, Chee, d. 1936-02-24, Plot: JONES-*-22-009-0005
LUM, Chong Yow, d. 1935-04-22, Plot: JONES-*-19-019-0016
LUM, Chong, d. 1957-10-16, Plot: OLD-4-04-015R-0013 (151)
LUM, Chong, d. 1960-03-14, Plot: OLD-4-06-016R-0005 (251)
LUM, Chow, d. 1950-02-03, Plot: JONES-*-11-003-0013
LUM, Choy Fung, Age: 73 yrs, bur. 1976-03-01, Plot: JONES-*-01-*-0034
LUM, Choy, d. 1939-06-15, Plot: JONES-*-22-008-0004
LUM, Chu Wah, bur. 1971-07-28, Plot: OLD-3-04-*-2268
LUM, Chuck Hon "Lim", d. 1965-07-20, Plot: OLD-4-04-*-1591
LUM, Chuck, d. 1930-12-29, Plot: OLD-3-04-015-0006
LUM, Chue, d. 1939-06-05, Plot: OLD-3-06-008-0001A
LUM, Chung Yem, bur. 1968-03-12, Plot: OLD-3-05-*-0868
LUM, Dack Sum, Age: 73 yrs, b. China, d. 1949-03-06, bur. 1949-03-09, Plot: JONES-*-11-008-0007
LUM, Dan Gar, d. 1942-04-12, Plot: JONES-*-20-008-0005
LUM, Dan Gar, d. 1943-04-07, Plot: JONES-*-20-008-0005
LUM, Dang Gon, d. 1950-10-13, Plot: JONES-*-11-001-0003
LUM, David, d. 1962-06-24, Plot: OLD-4-06-005-0016A
LUM, Duck Chong, d. 1902-08-29, Plot: OLD-1-04-020-0001A
LUM, Duck Mee, d. 1955-03-04, Plot: JONES-*-18-001-0005
LUM, Foo, d. 1943-02-09, Plot: JONES-*-20-008-0008A
LUM, Foo, d. 1945-09-10, Plot: JONES-*-21-020-0005
LUM, Foon, d. 1953-12-01, Plot: JONES-*-18-009-0009A
LUM, Frank, d. 1918-12-27, Plot: OLD-3-06-001-0010
LUM, Fung, d. 1959-10-20, Plot: OLD-4-06-006R-0009 (235)
LUM, Gee, d. 1962-02-17, Plot: OLD-2-04-025R-0007 (173)
LUM, Gin Nuey, d. 1921-06-19, Plot: OLD-4-04-013-0012
LUM, Gin, d. 1946-10-05, Plot: JONES-*-21-014-0006
LUM, Goon Quon, Age: 85 yrs, b. China, d. 1949-07-31, bur. 1949-08-03, Plot: JONES-*-11-007-0005
LUM, Gow, d. 1938-08-15, Plot: JONES-*-22-017-0013
LUM, Gum, d. 1943-06-04, Plot: JONES-*-20-003-0006
LUM, Harry "Lam, Christmas Lock", bur. 1965-04-13, Plot: OLD-4-04-*-1497
LUM, Hee, d. 1958-11-30, Plot: OLD-4-05-016R-0007 (294)
LUM, Hen Yoke, d. 1925-10-01, Plot: OLD-5-06-019-0016
LUM, Hin Dot "Lam", Age: 81 yrs, bur. 1976-09-17, Plot: JONES-*-01-*-0053
LUM, Hong, Age: 85 yrs, bur. 1973-12-13, Plot: JONES-*-04-*-0363
LUM, Hudson Gar Soon, bur. 1970-06-10, Plot: OLD-3-04-*-0155
LUM, Ing, d. 1934-12-03, Plot: JONES-*-23-003-0002
LUM, Jack, d. 1961-08-23, Plot: OLD-4-02-005R-0015
LUM, James, bur. 1973-12-06, Plot: OLD-3-04-*-0144
LUM, Jeng Sing, d. 1954-07-04, Plot: JONES-*-18-020-0001
LUM, Joe Fat, d. 1942-12-02, Plot: OLD-4-04-014-0001A
LUM, Joe, d. 1943-07-05, Plot: JONES-*-20-017-0016
LUM, Jun Kuon, d. 1959-04-03, Plot: OLD-4-05-006R-0007 (312)
LUM, Kaw Choo, d. 1964-01-21, Plot: OLD-3-05-004A-0004 (399)
LUM, Kee, d. 1953-01-22, Plot: JONES-*-18-008-0006
LUM, Kew Wai, bur. 1973-10-27, Plot: JONES-*-28-*-0391
LUM, Kew Wai, d. 1961-02-13, Plot: OLD-4-02-015R-0016
LUM, Ko Luk, Age: 73 yrs, b. China, d. 1948-12-17, bur. 1948-12-22, Plot: JONES-*-11-009-0011
LUM, Kow, d. 1952-09-30, Plot: JONES-*-18-019-0001
LUM, Kum Chin, d. 1945-03-24, Plot: JONES-*-21-018-0014
LUM, L. W., bur. 1958-02-01, Plot: JONES-*-12-006-0010
LUM, Lap Tong, d. 1959-07-26, Plot: OLD-5-RE5-001-0004
LUM, Lee Ling, d. 1934-08-18, Plot: JONES-*-19-021-0007
LUM, Lee, d. 1942-03-01, Plot: OLD-2-04-010-0001A
LUM, Lee, d. 1943-09-23, Plot: JONES-*-20-014-0013
LUM, Lillian Eng, Age: 25 yrs, b. Vancouver, d. 1940-05-11 Vancouver, bur. 1940-05-15, Plot: OLD-2-04-023-0016A
LUM, Lim Look, d. 1962-09-26, Plot: OLD-4-05-021-0016A
LUM, Lim, d. 1922-08-09, Plot: OLD-4-04-022-0008
LUM, Ling Ko, d. 1940-07-07, Plot: JONES-*-19-007-0003
LUM, Lok, bur. 1961-02-01, Plot: JONES-*-12-006-0013
LUM, Low Chee, bur. 1950-11-23, Plot: JONES-*-12-006-0008
LUM, Loy, d. 1948-07-30, Plot: JONES-*-20-006A-0012
LUM, M., bur. 1962-07-01, Plot: JONES-*-12-006-0015
LUM, Man, d. 1961-03-27, Plot: OLD-4-02-015R-0007
LUM, Mee, d. 1947-11-17, Plot: JONES-*-21-012-0008
LUM, Mei Ko, d. 1938-11-08, Plot: JONES-*-22-008-0013
LUM, Ming, d. 1940-06-06, Plot: JONES-*-19-007-0008
LUM, Ming, d. 1953-09-23, Plot: JONES-*-18-020-0012
LUM, Moy Yee, d. 1963-02-24, Plot: OLD-2-01-006R-0008
LUM, Philip, d. 1937-06-29, Plot: JONES-*-19-012-0009A
LUM, Poy, d. 1941-04-16, Plot: JONES-*-20-001-0013
LUM, Quai Bark, d. 1961-04-06, Plot: OLD-4-02-015R-0008
LUM, Quai Chu, Age: 77 yrs, bur. 1978-06-28, Plot: JONES-*-02-*-0159
LUM, Que, bur. 1987-06-04, Plot: JONES-*-01-025A-0013 (117)
LUM, Quon, d. 1944-07-03, Plot: JONES-*-21-017-0009A
LUM, Quong, d. 1946-05-15, Plot: JONES-*-21-002-0005
LUM, Rita, bur. 1977-01-31, Plot: JONES-*-06-023-0016
LUM, Sah, d. 1963-08-25, Plot: OLD-2-02-016R-0007
LUM, Sam Fat, d. 1928-05-09, Plot: OLD-4-04-003-0009
LUM, Sar, d. 1927-04-05, Plot: OLD-5-06-004-0003
LUM, Sew, Age: 91 yrs, bur. 1974-08-29, Plot: JONES-*-04-*-0280
LUM, Shee Fong, d. 1961-06-09, Plot: OLD-4-02-006R-0006
LUM, Shing, bur. 1962-07-01, Plot: JONES-*-12-006-0015
LUM, Shing, d. 1957-04-14, Plot: JONES-*-21A-020-0010
LUM, Shum, d. 1943-05-30, Plot: JONES-*-20-003-0004
LUM, Shun, d. 1957-01-19, Plot: JONES-*-21A-031-0008
LUM, Sin, d. 1940-08-26, Plot: JONES-*-19-008-0014
LUM, Sing, d. 1952-12-29, Plot: JONES-*-18-008-0004
LUM, Sing, d. 1963-12-25, Plot: OLD-3-05-005A-0002 (407)
LUM, Soo, bur. 1966-01-28, Plot: OLD-1-04-*-0094
LUM, Soo, d. 1918-04-10, Plot: OLD-3-05-004-0013
LUM, Sun, d. 1946-01-08, Plot: JONES-*-21-011-0005
LUM, Sun, d. 1962-03-07, Plot: OLD-3-06-004-0001A
LUM, Taw (Tan), d. 1957-08-27, Plot: JONES-*-21A-010-0004
LUM, Tsang, d. 1953-02-09, Plot: JONES-*-18-003-0011
LUM, Violet, d. 1942-08-12, Plot: OLD-3-04-013-0001A
LUM, Wah Chew, bur. 1969-09-13, Plot: OLD-3-05-*-0916
LUM, Wah Seto, d. 1952-05-26, Plot: JONES-*-21A-026-0003
LUM, Wan, d. 1944-03-30, Plot: JONES-*-20-015-0006
LUM, Wan, d. 1957-10-14, Plot: JONES-*-21A-009-0006
LUM, Watt, d. 1921-06-03, Plot: OLD-4-04-013-0007
LUM, Wing Chow, d. 1940-07-13, Plot: JONES-*-19-007-0002
LUM, Wing, d. 1953-04-26, Plot: JONES-*-21A-006-0011
LUM, Wo Yew, bur. 1970-11-10, Plot: OLD-3-05-*-1113
LUM, Won, Age: 82 yrs, bur. 1958-02-06, Plot: OLD-5-04-001-0015
LUM, Wong Gum, d. 1938-02-15, Plot: OLD-3-04-007-0016A
LUM, Wong, d. 1946-09-17, Plot: OLD-3-06-012-0010
LUM, Wyne (Baby), Age: Stillborn, bur. 1961-04-30, Plot: JONES-*-18-015-0016
LUM, Yang, Age: 86 yrs, bur. 1972-10-10, Plot: JONES-*-04-*-0295
LUM, Yap Gay, d. 1937-07-01, Plot: JONES-*-19-006-0001
LUM, Yee Ming, d. 1954-12-30, Plot: JONES-*-21A-007-0003
LUM, Yee, bur. 1969-12-11, Plot: OLD-3-06-*-0881
LUM, Yee, d. 1935-11-21, Plot: JONES-*-22-009-0004
LUM, Yee, d. 1948-01-23, Plot: JONES-*-21-005-0003
LUM, Yen Jan, bur. 1963-10-02, Plot: JONES-*-12-006-0016
LUM, Yew Hum, Age: 68 yrs, d. 1997-06-28 Vancouver, bur. 1997-07-04, Plot: JONES-*-37-001-0002
LUM, Yick Tong, d. 1951-03-07, Plot: JONES-*-18-003-0007
LUM, Yick, d. 1922-05-15, Plot: OLD-4-04-016-0014
LUM, Yip, d. 1960-02-23, Plot: OLD-4-06-016R-0012 (250)
LUM, Young See, bur. 1974-06-24, Plot: JONES-*-09-005A-0016
LUM, Yue Dack, d. 1960-05-13, Plot: OLD-4-03-016R-0013
LUM, Yun, bur. 1982-06-08, Plot: JONES-*-12-007-0008
LUM, Yut (Guey Lering), bur. 1967-02-02, Plot: OLD-2-04-*-0486
LUM, Ywai Kit, Age: 68 yrs, d. 1948-10-25 Vancouver, bur. 1948-10-28, Dis: 1948-11-12, Dis# 2412D, Plot: OLD-1-03-021-0016A
LUM, Ywai Kit, Age: 68 yrs, d. 1948-10-25 Vancouver, bur. 1948-11-12, Plot: JONES-*-19-025-0011
LUM, Zing Wain, d. 1956-11-21, Plot: JONES-*-21A-029-0001
LUM-YORK, Christine, bur. 1974-07-27, Plot: JONES-*-26-*-0238
LUMB, Hugh Fitzgerald, Age: 75 yrs, bur. 1964-02-05, Plot: MASONIC-*-17A-008-0001
LUMB, Mabel Keturah, Age: 95 yrs, bur. 1981-12-16, Plot: MASONIC-*-17A-008-0001
LUMB, Raymond E., d. 1929-04-02, Plot: HORNE2-*-05-026-0013
LUMB, Thomas Henry, d. 1924-04-08, Plot: 1919-*-C-006-0004
LUMB, Vera Alberta (Luno), Age: 68 yrs, d. 1971-07-14, Plot: JONES-*-37-036-0001
LUMBARD, Josephine, d. 1952-08-05, Plot: HORNE1-1-04-011-0001
LUMBERE, Yon, d. 1924-11-27, bur. 1924-11-29, Plot: 1919-*-D-040-0001
LUMBERTEES, (Baby), Age: Stillborn, bur. 1941-01-31, Plot: JONES-*-18-004-0008
LUMLEY, Annie Lauretta, bur. 1975-04-15, Plot: OLD-4-02-007-0013
LUMLEY, Marie Lucy Marion, d. 1930-07-22, Plot: OLD-4-02-007-0001
LUMLEY, Mark Gardner, d. 1910-05-01, Plot: OLD-4-02-007-0004
LUMLEY, Mark L., d. 1908-03-13, Plot: OLD-4-02-007-0003
LUMLEY, Mark, d. 1956-05-12, bur. 1956-05-14, Plot: OLD-4-02-007-0014
LUMO, Mitchell, bur. 1960-07-01, Plot: JONES-*-12-006-0013
LUMORE, Alice, d. 1921-10-28, Plot: 1919-*-A-023-0011
LUMSDEN, Agnes Beatrice (Patterson), bur. 1980-12-15, Plot: JONES-*-02-008-0005
LUMSDEN, Edith Effie, d. 1954-12-23, Plot: HORNE2-*-16-029-0001
LUMSDEN, Florence V. S., d. 1945-12-09, Plot: ABRAY-*-10-034-0003 (447)
LUMSDEN, Isabella, d. 1957-01-15, Plot: JONES-*-02-008-0008
LUMSDEN, James Drysdale, bur. 1956-06-25, Plot: JONES-*-02-008-0005
LUMSDEN, Kathleen Olive, bur. 1975-07-15, Plot: JONES-*-29-*-0495
LUMSDEN, Mary Elizabeth (Burgess), d. 1911-12-09, Plot: JONES-*-02-008-0006
LUMSDEN, William Watt, d. 1940-12-06, Plot: HORNE2-*-10-014-0003 (167)
LUMSDON, Mary Ann, d. 1933-07-04, Plot: HORNE2-*-07-004-0013 (49)
LUMU, Paars, d. 1928-12-06, Plot: OLD-5-04-014-0011
LUN, Chang C., bur. 1962-07-01, Plot: JONES-*-12-006-0015
LUN, John Bing, d. 1916-02-04, Plot: OLD-3-04-024-0009
LUN, Sing, d. 1915-06-26, Plot: OLD-3-04-017-0001
LUN, Yew, d. 1956-01-27, Plot: JONES-*-21A-018-0006
LUNA, Erik M., d. 1914-02-27, Plot: OLD-5-04-013-0016
LUNAN, Clara Anetta, d. 1917-09-22, Plot: HORNE1-4-02-006-0013
LUNCH, Lassai, d. 1903-03-26, Plot: OLD-3-01-003-0012
LUND, (Baby Girl), d. 1963-04-18, bur. 1963-04-25, Plot: JONES-*-18-014-0011
LUND, (Baby), Age: Stillborn, bur. 1914-11-28, Plot: OLD-5-04-012-0014
LUND, (Baby), Age: Stillborn, bur. 1926-04-15, Plot: OLD-5-06-004-0015
LUND, (Baby), Age: Stillborn, bur. 1935-10-31, Plot: JONES-*-18-005-0011
LUND, Annie, d. 1940-12-19, Plot: HORNE2-*-10-010-0005 (73)
LUND, Arne J., d. 1952-12-14, Plot: JONES-*-33-012-0009A
LUND, Aubrey, d. 1900-09-01, Plot: OLD-1-03-016-0005
LUND, Carl Emil, d. 1936-02-25, Plot: JONES-*-22-019-0011
LUND, Carl, bur. 1986-10-29, Plot: JONES-*-08-005A-0016 (300)
LUND, Charles, b. Sweden, d. 1893-07-21 Steveston, Plot: OLD-1-01-007-0001
LUND, Edith, d. 1946-01-14, Plot: IOOF-*-32-038-0006
LUND, Edwin, Age: 49 yrs, d. 1951-11-27, bur. 1951-12-03, Plot: JONES-*-26-021-0013 (275)
LUND, Elizabeth, bur. 1996-03-14, Plot: JONES-*-01-025A-0014 (118)
LUND, Elizabeth, d. 1951-02-08, Plot: HORNE2-*-07-028-0013 (417)
LUND, Emil E., d. 1920-12-31, Plot: JONES-*-45-022-0016
LUND, Emily Charlotte, bur. 1966-04-27, Plot: HORNE1-5-01-*-1217
LUND, Fred, d. 1926-11-19, bur. 1926-11-24, Plot: 1919-*-F-008-0005
LUND, Hanna, d. 1963-04-01, Plot: JONES-*-08-005A-0016 (300)
LUND, Helmer Ludvig, Age: 78 yrs, bur. 1986-07-17, Plot: MASONIC-*-30A-004-0034
LUND, Henry B., d. 1919-03-06, Plot: JONES-*-*-132B-0011
LUND, John Robert, d. 1930-02-05, Plot: IOOF-*-32-038-0006
LUND, John, d. 1912-09-08, Plot: OLD-5-04-004-0007
LUND, Jonas Wilhelm, Age: 67 yrs, b. Sweden, d. 1956-10-18, bur. 1956-10-30, Plot: JONES-*-20A-006-0013 (125)
LUND, Julia, d. 1932-10-17, Plot: HORNE2-*-05-039-0001
LUND, Louis Sigur, d. 1934-12-22, Plot: JONES-*-23-003-0009
LUND, Minnie, d. 1918-11-14, Plot: JONES-*-37-045-0004
LUND, Sverre, bur. 1959-08-01, Plot: JONES-*-12-006-0012
LUND, Wong Chee, d. 1916-03-24, Plot: OLD-3-04-025-0002
LUNDBERG, (Baby), Age: Stillborn, bur. 1949-04-30, Plot: JONES-*-18-014-0003
LUNDBERG, C. A., d. 1900-07-28, Plot: OLD-4-03-014-0005
LUNDBERG, Charles, d. 1935-11-22, Plot: HORNE2-*-12-011-0003
LUNDBERG, John, d. 1939-01-05, Plot: JONES-*-22-007-0008
LUNDBIRG, Fred, d. 1927-01-13, Plot: OLD-4-05-005-0012
LUNDE, Allan Wm (Baby), Age: Stillborn, bur. 1954-04-30, Plot: JONES-*-12-005-0016
LUNDE, Emil Hjalmar Smith, Age: 43 yrs, d. 1940-08-12, Plot: JONES-*-39-001-0016
LUNDEGREN, Baby Girl, d. 1926-02-06, Plot: JONES-*-02-009-0014
LUNDEGREN, Charles, Age: 64 yrs, b. California, d. 1941-01-18 Vancouver, bur. 1941-01-21, Plot: JONES-*-02-009-0015
LUNDEGREN, Dorothy Haywood, Age: 74 yrs, bur. 1988-09-20, Plot: JONES-*-02-009-0015
LUNDEGREN, Gladys A., d. 1912-05-08, Plot: JONES-*-02-009-0014
LUNDEGREN, Irvin Lewis, Age: 71 yrs, bur. 1983-03-10, Plot: JONES-*-02-009-0015
LUNDEGREN, Mary Adelaide, d. 1946-01-06, Plot: JONES-*-02-009-0016
LUNDEN, Edward A., Age: 60 yrs, bur. 1977-02-17, Plot: MASONIC-*-24A-002-0003
LUNDEN, Marie, Age: 73 yrs, bur. 1996-07-22, Plot: MASONIC-*-24A-002-0003
LUNDEN, Paul, d. 1934-08-01, Plot: JONES-*-14-023-0001
LUNDGREN, Alfred Olaf, d. 1953-11-26, Plot: HORNE2-*-09-050-0015 (783)
LUNDGREN, Astud, d. 1924-01-22, Plot: 1919-*-C-010-0008
LUNDGREN, Karl Helmer, bur. 1965-08-12, Plot: JONES-*-12-007-0003
LUNDGREN, Karl Ludvig, Age: 60 yrs, b. Sweden, d. 1960-06-18 Ashcroft, BC, bur. 1960-06-23, Plot: HORNE1-2-04-002R-0001 (134)
LUNDGREN, Otto, d. 1954-06-18, Plot: HORNE2-*-04-019-0008A
LUNDIE, (Baby), Age: Stillborn, bur. 1920-07-02, Plot: OLD-5-05-018-0006
LUNDIE, James, Age: 73 yrs, bur. 1969-08-04, Plot: MASONIC-*-21A-004-0030
LUNDIE, Robert Martin, bur. 1976-01-14, Plot: JONES-*-06-018-0007
LUNDIE, Zena Lilian, bur. 1989-12-29, Plot: JONES-*-06-018-0008
LUNDIN, Ernest, d. 1918-10-25, Plot: JONES-*-17-014-0001
LUNDIN, John, d. 1945-01-02, bur. 1945-01-06, Plot: OLD-4-03-018-0016A
LUNDIN, Sven Edward, Age: 83 yrs, bur. 1964-12-11, Plot: MASONIC-*-04A-013-0003
LUNDIN-BROWN, Agnes W., bur. 1965-05-15, Plot: ABRAY-*-12-020-0010 (162)
LUNDIN-BROWN, Ely Mgt., d. 1946-03-07, Plot: ABRAY-*-12-020-0010 (162)
LUNDMARK, Manfred F., bur. 1963-05-15, Plot: JONES-*-12-006-0015
LUNDMARK, Peter, bur. 1966-02-24, Plot: JONES-*-12-007-0003
LUNDNAN, Carl, d. 1941-12-28, Plot: JONES-*-41-025-0015
LUNDON, Elizabeth, d. 1924-03-15, Plot: 1919-*-C-006-0013
LUNDON, Margaret, bur. 1964-10-01, Plot: JONES-*-12-006-0016
LUNDQUIST, John, d. 1950-09-27, Plot: ABRAY-*-17-008-0010
LUNDQUIST, M. B., d. 1962-12-07, Plot: OLD-5-01-016R-0006 (12)
LUNDREN, (Baby), Age: Stillborn, bur. 1926-09-30, Plot: OLD-5-06-006-0001
LUNDSTEDT, Elda Johanna (Edla), Age: 86 yrs, bur. 1984-06-20, Plot: MASONIC-*-*-*-0485
LUNDSTEDT, Vaino Carl, Age: 84 yrs, bur. 1984-12-13, Plot: MASONIC-*-*-*-0485
LUNDTRUM, (Baby), d. 1920-04-20, Plot: OLD-5-05-016-0012
LUNDWILL, Douglas John Frederick, Age: 42 yrs, bur. 1985-07-25, Plot: IOOF-*-*-*-1100
LUNDY, (Baby Boy), bur. 1963-05-30, Plot: JONES-*-18-014-0012
LUNDY, Carrie, b. Ontario, d. 1911-07-24 Vancouver, Plot: OLD-1-01-023-0010
LUNDY, David E., d. 1902-08-15, Plot: OLD-3-01-010-0001
LUNDY, Duane Benjamin, Age: 42 yrs, d. 1997-01-30 Vancouver, bur. 1997-02-17, Plot: JONES-*-08-005-0008
LUNDY, George H., d. 1945-07-18, Plot: ABRAY-*-12-043-0010 (554)
LUNDY, James Joseph, d. 1950-09-21, Plot: ABRAY-*-17-002-0006
LUNE, Or, d. 1924-11-27, Plot: OLD-3-06-007-0005
LUNEN, Samuel, Age: 66 yrs, bur. 1974-10-25, Plot: JONES-*-17-*-0985
LUNG (TOY), Lee (Lee Wing), d. 1929-04-11, Plot: OLD-3-04-010-0016
LUNG, (Baby), d. 1909-07-24, Plot: OLD-3-04-017-0009
LUNG, (Baby), d. 1916-01-01, Plot: OLD-3-05-001-0008
LUNG, Chong Lei, d. 1938-09-18, Plot: OLD-5-06-001-0006
LUNG, Chung Yue, d. 1924-03-15, Plot: OLD-3-06-020-0004
LUNG, Ding Sing, bur. 1969-03-14, Plot: JONES-*-12-007-0003
LUNG, Harriett Wong, d. 1933-12-05, Plot: OLD-3-05-010-0015
LUNG, Helde A. H., d. 1919-03-01, Plot: JONES-*-*-132B-0011
LUNG, Hock, bur. 1961-07-01, Plot: JONES-*-12-006-0014
LUNG, Jar Bin "Louie", "Chuck Ping", d. 1965-03-31, Plot: OLD-4-04-*-1351
LUNG, Lai "Leong, Ming Mon", d. 1936-05-26, Plot: JONES-*-19-017-0005
LUNG, Lee, d. 1926-02-24, Plot: OLD-5-06-008-0009
LUNG, Mah Dung, d. 1916-03-28, Plot: OLD-3-04-025-0003
LUNG, Pon Kim, d. 1917-04-10, Plot: OLD-3-05-003-0014
LUNG, Sam (Hon), d. 1943-06-23, Plot: JONES-*-20-024-0003
LUNG, Soon, d. 1952-11-20, Plot: JONES-*-18-008-0013
LUNG, Toy Kee, d. 1918-05-14, Plot: OLD-3-05-011-0010
LUNG, Wa, d. 1903-05-25, Plot: OLD-3-04-023-0015
LUNG, Wong, d. 1920-02-27, Plot: OLD-3-04-014-0007
LUNG, Yun, d. 1945-08-19, Plot: JONES-*-21-020-0002
LUNGE, Sing, d. 1914-05-02, Plot: OLD-3-04-006-0001
LUNGULL, Michael, Age: 67 yrs, bur. 1984-09-28, Plot: MASONIC-*-30A-003-0003
LUNGULL, Rose, bur. 1991-04-18, Plot: HORNE2-*-01-*-1000
LUNGULL, Thomas, bur. 1986-06-04, Plot: HORNE2-*-01-*-1000
LUNN, (Baby), Age: Stillborn, bur. 1926-07-31, Plot: OLD-5-06-004-0014
LUNN, (Baby), Age: Stillborn, bur. 1937-07-31, Plot: JONES-*-18-005-0001
LUNN, Archibald William, d. 1937-01-26, Plot: 1919-*-A-016-0008
LUNN, Arthur William, d. 1937-01-28, Plot: 1919-*-A-016-0008
LUNN, Benjamin, d. 1935-09-13, Plot: JONES-*-24-020-0011
LUNN, Charles McL., d. 1950-04-09, Plot: ABRAY-*-18-035-0008
LUNN, Edward, Age: 89 yrs, d. 1932-11-01, Plot: HORNE1-3-02-006-0012
LUNN, Elizabeth, Age: 90 yrs, d. 1932-09-13, Plot: HORNE1-3-02-006-0011
LUNN, Ellen, d. 1924-03-29, bur. 1924-04-02, Plot: 1919-*-A-016-0008
LUNN, Frederick Charles, d. 1951-04-18, Plot: OLD-5-01-008-0016A
LUNN, George, d. 1957-02-18, Plot: HORNE2-*-08-020-0010 (314)
LUNN, Henry George, bur. 1965-07-30, Plot: ABRAY-*-06-041-0016A
LUNN, Jean, d. 1937-01-18, Plot: HORNE2-*-08-020-0010 (314)
LUNN, Mary Ann, d. 1927-11-06, Plot: HORNE2-*-04-011-0015
LUNN, May, bur. 1987-06-04, Plot: JONES-*-01-025A-0015 (119)
LUNN, Mildred Leone, d. 1937-12-15, Plot: 1919-*-A-016-0007
LUNN, Mlaved Lione, d. 1937-12-13, Plot: 1919-*-A-016-0007
LUNN, William, d. 1927-04-28, Plot: 1919-*-A-016-0007
LUNN, William, d. 1927-05-02, Plot: 1919-*-A-016-0007
LUNNON, Harry, d. 1919-07-07, Plot: OLD-4-06-011-0012
LUNO, Franklin, d. 1921-04-18, Plot: JONES-*-37-036-0003
LUNO, Matilda, d. 1924-09-25, Plot: JONES-*-37-036-0002
LUNO, Ruth V., d. 1918-11-16, Plot: JONES-*-37-036-0004
LUNOW, Hilda, d. 1942-12-12, Plot: JONES-*-08-005-0008
LUNOW, Philppine, Age: 75 yrs, bur. 1983-04-29, Plot: MASONIC-*-*-*-0408
LUNOW, Robert, d. 1946-09-14, Plot: JONES-*-04-022-0008A
LUNOY, Thomas, d. 1947-10-03, Plot: OLD-5-03-022-0016A
LUNSET, Knut, d. 1921-04-08, bur. 1921-04-11, Plot: 1919-*-B-004-0008
LUNSFORD, Horace O., bur. 1952-04-03, Plot: ABRAY-*-20-013-0010
LUNT, James, d. 1935-07-19, Plot: JONES-*-22-014-0004
LUNT, Thomas, d. 1919-12-17, Plot: OLD-5-05-015-0007
LUNT, William, d. 1936-04-13, Plot: HORNE2-*-16-023-0014
LUNT, William, d. 1943-06-05, Plot: JONES-*-30-024-0008A
LUNTER, Basil R., d. 1923-01-07, Plot: 1919-*-C-051-0006
LUNTER, George, d. 1921-12-22, Plot: OLD-5-05-V-0016
LUOMA, Emil E., bur. 1963-10-02, Plot: JONES-*-12-006-0016
LUOMA, Eno, bur. 1954-01-01, Plot: JONES-*-12-006-0003
LUON, Chee Yon, d. 1941-05-25, Plot: JONES-*-20-021-0001
LUON, Doy, d. 1952-01-07, Plot: JONES-*-21A-005-0007
LUON, Lee, d. 1942-02-11, Plot: JONES-*-20-019-0016
LUON, Lim, d. 1941-07-15, Plot: JONES-*-20-020-0002
LUONG, The, Age: 86 yrs, b. 1911-07-01, d. 1997-11-11 Vancouver, bur. 1997-11-19, Plot: JONES-*-42-002-0008A
LUONKI, S., d. 1903-04-09, Plot: OLD-2-04-018-0005
LUPART, Isabella, d. 1948-01-16, Plot: HORNE1-4-03-002-0008A
LUPTON, Ernest, Age: 57 yrs, b. England, d. 1938-02-07 Vancouver, bur. 1938-02-10, Plot: KP-*-*-035-0016
LUPTON, Gordon, Age: 72 yrs, bur. 1995-06-12, Plot: KP-*-*-035-0016
LUPTON, Henry William, d. 1949-09-03, Plot: ABRAY-*-18-012-0016
LUPTON, Lily, Age: 86 yrs, bur. 1970-01-22, Plot: KP-*-*-035-0016
LUPTON, Salome, d. 1951-12-19, Plot: ABRAY-*-18-012-0016
LUPUL, (Baby Girl), bur. 1965-07-02, Plot: JONES-*-18-006-0004
LUPYNIS, (Baby Boy - Twin A), Age: Stillborn, bur. 1965-02-16, Plot: HORNE1-3-01-*-0023-2
LUPYNIS, (Baby Boy - Twin B), Age: Stillborn, bur. 1965-02-16, Plot: HORNE1-3-01-*-0023-2
LURS, Auston, d. 1954-03-22, Plot: HORNE2-*-13-026-0010
LURS, John William, d. 1929-02-01, Plot: JONES-*-23-017-0013
LUSCHER, Nicola Arbuthnot, bur. 1989-10-31, Plot: JONES-*-05-015-0001
LUSCOMBE, (Baby), Age: Stillborn, bur. 1930-09-30, Plot: JONES-*-18-025-0004
LUSCOMBE, John Thomas, d. 1919-03-29, Plot: JONES-*-35-017-0002
LUSCOTT, Walter, d. 1946-01-05, Plot: ABRAY-*-03-009-0002
LUSH, (Baby), Age: Stillborn, bur. 1952-10-31, Plot: JONES-*-12-004-0013
LUSH, (Baby), d. 1924-09-01, Plot: 1919-*-C-044-0009
LUSH, Anna P. (Baby), Age: Stillborn, bur. 1953-08-31, Plot: JONES-*-12-004-0010
LUSH, Stewart Clayton, bur. 1952-04-29, Plot: ABRAY-*-20-024-0010
LUSK, Ethel May, d. 1944-02-11, Plot: JONES-*-30-010-0008A
LUSK, Mabel F., d. 1953-10-10, Plot: IOOF-*-32-002-0009A
LUSK, Patricia Anne, d. 1948-03-23, Plot: ABRAY-*-15-040-0001 (527)
LUSK, William James, bur. 1984-12-19, Plot: HORNE2-*-13-*-0538
LUSON, Surie Ann, d. 1912-09-01, Plot: HORNE1-2-03-015-0006
LUSSIER, Amanda, d. 1960-10-03, Plot: HORNE1-2-04-004R-0016 (167)
LUSSIER, Andrew Leo, bur. 1973-04-01, Plot: JONES-*-12-007-0005
LUSSIER, Felix Theodore, bur. 1988-10-20, Plot: JONES-*-47-*-1804
LUSSIER, Fern, bur. 1977-03-08, Plot: JONES-*-26-*-0359
LUSSIER, Frances Louise, Age: 90 yrs, d. 1998-10-01 Burnaby, BC, bur. 1998-10-05, Plot: JONES-*-47-*-1804
LUSSIER, Joseph Etienne, Age: 76 yrs, bur. 1972-01-13, Plot: JONES-*-09-*-0561
LUSSIER, Joseph L., d. 1943-10-09, Plot: OLD-4-05-018-0001A
LUSSIER, Mabel Alena, Age: 73 yrs, bur. 1985-06-16, Plot: JONES-*-09-*-0561
LUSSIER, Raoul, Age: 71 yrs, d. 1999-06-28 Vancouver, bur. 1999-07-08, Plot: JONES-*-25-017-0004
LUSSIN, Graseasa, d. 1931-11-21, Plot: JONES-*-26R-001-0008
LUSSIN, Joseph "Guiseppe", d. 1956-06-29, Plot: JONES-*-26R-001-0008
LUSSIN, Luigi, d. 1920-03-02, Plot: JONES-*-43-003-0003
LUSSIN, Teresa, d. 1919-12-13, Plot: JONES-*-26R-001-0007
LUST, Henry, d. 1956-04-18, Plot: OLD-5-04-010-0008
LUSTED, Elizabeth A., d. 1941-09-07, Plot: JONES-*-46-004-0006
LUSTING, Anton, bur. 1989-01-13, Plot: OLD-3-03-022-0016A
LUSZTIG, Alfred Peter, Age: 73 yrs, bur. 1970-07-23, Plot: ABRAY-*-15-*-0438
LUSZTIG, Zsuzsa, Age: 65 yrs, bur. 1972-08-04, Plot: ABRAY-*-15-*-0438
LUTCHUT, Walter, Age: 56 yrs, bur. 1975-12-23, Plot: JONES-*-0-*-1448
LUTERBACH, Roberta Jeanette, Age: 44 yrs, bur. 1999-08-11, Plot: 1919-*-D-010-0009
LUTES, Kathleen, d. 1944-05-25, Plot: ABRAY-*-11-005-0003 (35)
LUTHER, Robert H., d. 1919-02-21, Plot: JONES-*-24-002-0006
LUTHI, John, d. 1938-02-07, Plot: JONES-*-22-015-0013
LUTLJE, Georgina, d. 1950-08-05, Plot: ABRAY-*-16-001-0014 (116)
LUTON, Edward Albert, bur. 1990-08-24, Plot: ABRAY-*-15-079-0001 (1163)
LUTON, Minnie Esther, bur. 1974-06-19, Plot: ABRAY-*-15-079-0001 (1163)
LUTRO, Neilson Benjamin, bur. 1953-03-01, Plot: JONES-*-12-006-0003
LUTTMAN, Sheila, bur. 1969-02-05, Plot: JONES-*-18-016-0009
LUTZ, (Baby), Age: Stillborn, bur. 1956-09-30, Plot: JONES-*-18-025-0005
LUTZ, Cyril Wilfred, d. 1961-07-09, Plot: OLD-5-04-S-0003
LUTZ, Dane, d. 1941-05-06, Plot: JONES-*-16-025-0003
LUTZ, Florence N., d. 1913-08-24, Plot: JONES-*-15-011-0015
LUTZ, Natalie, d. 1963-03-18, bur. 1963-03-23, Plot: HORNE2-*-BLVD-028-0002
LUTZEN, (Baby), Age: Stillborn, bur. 1951-04-30, Plot: JONES-*-12-007-0001
LUXMORE, Alice, d. 1921-11-04, Plot: 1919-*-A-023-0011
LUXMORE, Ernest C., d. 1961-11-18, Plot: JONES-*-30R-002R-0009A (106)
LUXMORE, Lillian Ethel, bur. 1971-06-15, Plot: JONES-*-30R-002R-0009A (106)
LUXON, Arthur Charles, Age: 29 yrs, d. 1996-09-26 Vancouver, bur. 1996-10-04, Plot: OLD-1-01-023-0015
LUXTON, Alice M., d. 1956-03-12, Plot: JONES-*-20A-017-0009 (2890
LUXTON, Henry George, d. 1955-09-28, Plot: JONES-*-20A-017-0009 (2890
LUXTON, John, d. 1937-07-30, Plot: JONES-*-13-014-0012
LUYTTENS, (Baby), Age: Stillborn, bur. 1923-01-25, Plot: OLD-5-05-012-0004
LUZNISK, Peter, d. 1922-11-17, Plot: OLD-5-05-W-0013
LUZON, Peter, d. 1962-11-30, Plot: OLD-4-01-025R-0016A (160)
LY, Hing, d. 1945-03-29, Plot: JONES-*-21-018-0011
LY, Kevin, Age: 4 mos, bur. 1993-03-15, Plot: 1919-*-*-*-1487-2
LY, Mom, Age: 49 yrs, bur. 1993-05-21, Plot: 1919-*-*-*-1638
LY, Ngan, Age: 75 yrs, bur. 1988-04-12, Plot: MASONIC-*-23A-001-0033
LY, Thuyen Ouyen, Age: 77 yrs, d. 1996-08-03 Burnaby, BC, bur. 1996-08-14, Plot: OLD-1-01-009-0012
LYALL, (Baby), Age: Stillborn, bur. 1949-08-31, Plot: JONES-*-18-007-0014
LYALL, Alice, Age: 97 yrs, d. 1999-04-11 Vancouver, bur. 1999-04-19, Plot: ABRAY-*-14-001-0011 (3)
LYALL, David, d. 1942-02-06, Plot: ABRAY-*-04-001-0006
LYALL, James Russell, b. Gateshead, County Durham, England, bur. 1977-12-20, Plot: ABRAY-*-14-001-0011 (3)
LYALL, Victoria May, bur. 1975-08-19, Plot: ABRAY-*-12-032-0011 (379)
LYALL, William, Age: 62 yrs, b. England, d. 1936-11-15 Vancouver, bur. 1937-05-29, Plot: 1919-*-C-023-0012
LYALL, William, d. 1923-09-21, bur. 1923-09-24, Plot: 1919-*-C-023-0012
LYCAN, Vera Ruth, d. 1961-05-02, Plot: JONES-*-26R-011-0005
LYCERT, (Baby), Age: Stillborn, bur. 1945-03-31, Plot: JONES-*-18-024-0012
LYCETH, George H., d. 1899-10-13, Plot: OLD-1-03-021-0015
LYCETT, Alice Dixon, bur. 1967-05-02, Plot: JONES-*-12-007-0003
LYCETT, Barbara Maggy, Age: 76 yrs, b. England, d. 1953-11-22 Vancouver, BC, bur. 1953-11-25, Plot: MASONIC-*-*-098-0008
LYCETT, Gabriel, Age: 81 yrs, b. England, d. 1948-02-10 Vancouver, bur. 1948-02-12, Plot: IOOF-*-*-029-0009A
LYCETT, Geo Hales, d. 1939-07-12, Plot: JONES-*-16-022-0009A
LYCETT, Lillie, Age: 70 yrs, b. USA, d. 1943-08-09 Vancouver, bur. 1943-08-12, Plot: IOOF-*-*-029-0009A
LYCETT, Mary, d. 1947-08-20, Plot: HORNE1-5-03-010-0009
LYCETT, Matilda, Age: 27 yrs, b. Vancouver, BC, d. 1907-02-11 Vancouver, BC, bur. 1907-02-15, Plot: HORNE1-2-04-007-0009
LYCETT, Sampson Loynton, Age: 89 yrs, bur. 1979-10-10, Plot: MASONIC-*-*-098-0007
LYDER, Owen C. H., d. 1952-10-22, Plot: JONES-*-03-021-0010
LYDOLF, Carl Nelson, Age: 79 yrs, b. 1903-01-05, d. 1981-01-06, bur. 1981-01-08, Plot: IOOF-*-32-*-0112
LYE, Edward D., d. 1912-04-25, Plot: JONES-*-09-002-0014
LYE, Florence Isabel Charlotte, d. 1908-06-30, Plot: HORNE1-1-03-014-0012
LYE, Gee, d. 1929-03-10, Plot: OLD-3-04-010-0007
LYE, Harry, d. 1925-09-05, Plot: 1919-*-D-054-0011
LYE, Henry Peter, d. 1926-05-03, Plot: OLD-1-03-014-0009
LYE, Lilian A.B., d. 1945-05-10, Plot: HORNE1-1-03-014-0009
LYE, Lillian Alice, d. 1947-02-19, Plot: ABRAY-*-10-002-0006 (7)
LYE, Sarah Frances, d. 1922-06-26, Plot: HORNE1-1-03-014-0010
LYE, Sydney H., d. 1959-02-01, Plot: ABRAY-*-10-002-0005 (7)
LYELL, (Baby), Age: Stillborn, bur. 1942-11-30, Plot: JONES-*-18-004-0007
LYFFE, (Baby), Age: Stillborn, bur. 1925-03-13, Plot: OLD-5-05-023-0012
LYFORD, Richard, d. 1944-06-27, Plot: ABRAY-*-05-018-0005
LYLE, Lydia, bur. 1989-09-14, Plot: JONES-*-47-*-1983
LYLE, William Herbert, d. 1948-01-14, Plot: OLD-3-02-009-0001A
LYLICK, (Baby), Age: Stillborn, bur. 1950-04-30, Plot: JONES-*-12-005-0008
LYMAN, Guy F., Age: 4 yrs, b. Ontario, d. 1890-11-21 Vancouver, Plot: OLD-2-01-009-0005
LYMAN, Harold Fogg, Age: 36 yrs, b. England, d. 1917-10-30 Vancouver, bur. 1917-11-05, Plot: MASONIC-*-*-076-0004
LYMAN, Martha J., d. 1927-11-16, Plot: IOOF-*-*-107-0011
LYMAN, Morris, Age: 39 yrs, b. 1873-12-25 Austria, d. 1913-04-22 Vancouver, bur. 1913-04-24, Plot: OLD-1-06-001-0001
LYMAN, Troy Justin, bur. 1968-03-20, Plot: OLD-3-03-*-0843
LYMAN, William L., bur. 1924-05-21, Plot: IOOF-*-*-107-0012
LYMBURNER, Edith, bur. 1987-06-04, Plot: JONES-*-01-025A-0015 (119)
LYMDZIAK, Peter, Age: 63 yrs, bur. 1974-04-26, Plot: JONES-*-10-*-1510
LYMONS, (Baby), d. 1919-02-02, Plot: JONES-*-*-132B-0005
LYN, W. B., d. 1956-09-30, Plot: JONES-*-21A-030-0015
LYNAM, James, d. 1941-07-24, Plot: ABRAY-*-04-010-0006
LYNASS, Frances Cora A., d. 1931-04-23, Plot: HORNE2-*-05-018-0015
LYNASS, Lionel L., d. 1948-05-09, Plot: ABRAY-*-07-023-0014
LYNASS, Margareth, d. 1929-09-20, Plot: HORNE2-*-05-018-0015
LYNASS, Mary Ann, d. 1930-11-08, Plot: HORNE2-*-06-007-0010
LYNCH, (Baby), Age: Stillborn, bur. 1949-09-30, Plot: JONES-*-18-007-0003
LYNCH, (Baby), Age: Stillborn, bur. 1950-12-31, Plot: JONES-*-12-004-0016
LYNCH, Alexander, bur. 1987-06-04, Plot: JONES-*-01-025A-0015 (119)
LYNCH, Anna, bur. 1972-07-28, Plot: OLD-4-03-*-1602
LYNCH, Annie Irene, Age: 78 yrs, bur. 1974-12-11, Plot: JONES-*-0-*-1456
LYNCH, Celena, d. 1943-02-24, Plot: JONES-*-37-016-0009A
LYNCH, Charles Henry Miss, bur. 1968-10-26, Plot: HORNE2-*-13-018A-0011
LYNCH, Charles, Age: 73 yrs, b. St. Jaques - New Brunswick, d. 1960-10-28 Port Hardy, BC, bur. 1960-11-03, Plot: KP-*-*-002R-0007
LYNCH, Christina, d. 1932-09-22, bur. 1932-09-24, Plot: HORNE2-*-05-035-0006
LYNCH, Claraence James, d. 1907-04-15, Plot: OLD-5-02-015-0009
LYNCH, Earl B., bur. 1983-12-07, Plot: JONES-*-12-007-0008
LYNCH, Earl, Age: 64 yrs, bur. 1975-03-17, Plot: JONES-*-08-*-0638
LYNCH, Edith, d. 1918-10-22, Plot: JONES-*-35-010-0002
LYNCH, Edward Arthur, Age: 85 yrs, d. 1975-02-11 Vancouver, bur. 1975-02-17, Plot: 1919-*-*-*-1721
LYNCH, Edward, d. 1922-12-24, Plot: OLD-5-05-012-0008
LYNCH, Edward, d. 1937-12-30, Plot: HORNE2-*-16-045-0016
LYNCH, Elizabeth Mae, d. 1963-04-24, Plot: JONES-*-08-005A-0004 (294)
LYNCH, Emma Mary, Age: 81 yrs, d. 1951-04-21, bur. 1951-04-24, Plot: JONES-*-26-011-0015 (196)
LYNCH, Evelyn S. L., d. 1937-01-26, Plot: HORNE2-*-07-019-0011 (279)
LYNCH, George, d. 1916-09-13, Plot: OLD-5-04-S-0016
LYNCH, Irene, d. 1961-05-29, Plot: HORNE1-5-03-004R-0010 (837)
LYNCH, James, d. 1930-09-02, Plot: HORNE2-*-06-019-0002
LYNCH, John Edward, bur. 1966-01-15, Plot: ABRAY-*-06-045-0013
LYNCH, John, bur. 1952-08-01, Plot: ABRAY-*-20-017-0015
LYNCH, John, d. 1920-01-27, Plot: JONES-*-45-015-0016
LYNCH, John, d. 1931-12-28, Plot: JONES-*-35-010-0001
LYNCH, John, d. 1948-09-25, Plot: OLD-5-03-019-0001A
LYNCH, Joseph H., d. 1912-12-26, Plot: JONES-*-08-006-0004
LYNCH, Joseph, d. 1936-01-09, Plot: JONES-*-37-016-0009A
LYNCH, Leo Charles, Age: 68 yrs, d. 1970-04-12, bur. 1970-04-16, Plot: ABRAY-*-21-*-0035
LYNCH, Louise, d. 1943-05-09, Plot: HORNE2-*-09-048-0006 (622)
LYNCH, Margaret, d. 1918-10-23, Plot: JONES-*-35-010-0001
LYNCH, Matthew, d. 1948-10-20, Plot: OLD-1-03-022-0001A
LYNCH, Maurice Patirox, d. 1964-04-20, Plot: HORNE1-3-02-*-0497
LYNCH, Mona Lillian, bur. 1966-04-19, Plot: HORNE1-5-02-*-1032
LYNCH, Patrick Joseph, Age: 60 yrs, bur. 1977-05-10, Plot: ABRAY-*-21-*-0127
LYNCH, Pauline, Age: 86 yrs, d. 1971-05-04 Vancouver, bur. 1971-05-07, Plot: 1919-*-*-*-1721
LYNCH, Peter, d. 1909-07-11, Plot: HORNE1-5-04-006-0013
LYNCH, Thomas Joseph, bur. 1989-10-05, Plot: HORNE2-*-09-*-1788
LYNCH, Thomas, bur. 1960-02-01, Plot: JONES-*-12-006-0012
LYNCH, Thomas, d. 1931-03-16, Plot: HORNE2-*-13-043A-0001
LYNCH, Vera Mary, Age: 90 yrs, d. 1995-03-13 Burnaby, BC, bur. 1995-03-21, Plot: HORNE1-3-02-*-0497
LYNCH, Violet May, d. 1920-03-13, bur. 1920-03-19, Plot: 1919-*-B-027-0006
LYNCHAM, Francis P., d. 1905-11-19, Plot: HORNE1-2-03-004-0015
LYNCHE, (Baby), Age: Stillborn, bur. 1949-09-30, Plot: JONES-*-18-007-0003
LYNDE, (Baby), d. 1919-03-21, Plot: JONES-*-46-001-0010
LYNDMAN, (Baby), Age: Stillborn, bur. 1943-07-31, Plot: JONES-*-18-017-0006
LYNDS, (Baby), Age: Stillborn, bur. 1917-03-02, Plot: OLD-5-04-011-0005
LYNDS, Lillian L., d. 1929-07-14, Plot: JONES-*-0-010-0001
LYNDS, Lorraine F. R., bur. 1967-05-02, Plot: JONES-*-12-007-0003
LYNDZIAK, Alexander, d. 1959-12-23, Plot: HORNE1-4-04-003R-0010 (488)
LYNE, Norman F., Age: 53 yrs, b. USA, d. 1919-01-11 Vancouver, BC, bur. 1919-01-14, Plot: JONES-*-*-080B-0001
LYNES, Florence Margaret, bur. 1988-03-10, Plot: OLD-2-03-015-0012
LYNES, Hazel, d. 1926-12-01, Plot: JONES-*-10-012-0015
LYNES, William James, bur. 1974-07-18, Plot: JONES-*-26-*-0360
LYNES, William John, bur. 1969-03-08, Plot: OLD-2-03-015-0012
LYNESS, (unknown) "Robert Stanley?", bur. 1991-05-15, Plot: JONES-*-12-007-0009
LYNESS, Charlotte, Age: 68 yrs, d. 1903-11-17, Plot: HORNE1-3-02-005-0004
LYNESS, Doris May, b. 1913-05-25 Vancouver, d. 1938-12-23 Vancouver, Plot: JONES-*-13-001-0004
LYNESS, Henry H., d. 1922-12-09, Plot: JONES-*-45-020-0010
LYNESS, John, d. 1928-05-31, Plot: HORNE2-*-13-051-0011
LYNESS, Robert Fletcher, d. 1960-05-23, Plot: HORNE1-4-01-017-0002
LYNESS, Robert Wesley, d. 1937-04-28, Plot: HORNE2-*-08-027-0001 (369)
LYNESS, Sarah Jane, d. 1955-10-22, Plot: HORNE2-*-08-027-0001 (369)
LYNESS, Stuart William, Age: 90 yrs, d. 1923-07-27, Plot: HORNE1-3-02-005-0003
LYNGHOLD, L. K., d. 1908-10-06, Plot: HORNE1-4-04-005-0004
LYNGVED, Carl, d. 1913-11-27, Plot: JONES-*-15-013-0011
LYNHAM, Mary, d. 1908-07-24, Plot: OLD-1-03-025-0007
LYNHAM, Oliver, d. 1902-07-30, Plot: HORNE1-2-02-015-0015
LYNIS, Frances Mathew, d. 1951-11-27, Plot: HORNE2-*-12-018-0014
LYNN, Charles E. J., d. 1913-03-15, Plot: JONES-*-07-018-0009
LYNN, Chester Edward, d. 1930-01-15, Plot: HORNE2-*-11-039-0012
LYNN, Elizabeth, d. 1912-07-30, Plot: JONES-*-08-009-0016
LYNN, Fred Charles, bur. 1934-01-12, Plot: HORNE2-*-01-004-0007 (16)
LYNN, Hannah, bur. 1970-04-23, Plot: 1919-*-B-041-0007
LYNN, Hart Jordon, d. 1932-11-04, Plot: HORNE2-*-11-039-0011
LYNN, Ida Loretta, bur. 1951-07-06, Plot: HORNE2-*-01-004-0008 (16)
LYNN, John W., d. 1953-03-10, Plot: ABRAY-*-18-040-0001
LYNN, Melford Frank, d. 1963-07-27, Plot: HORNE2-*-11-039-0009
LYNN, Thomas, d. 1922-03-24, bur. 1922-03-27, Plot: 1919-*-B-041-0007
LYNOTT, D'arcy W., d. 1918-08-25, Plot: JONES-*-46-009-0009
LYON, A., bur. 1932-02-06, Plot: HORNE2-*-06-030-0011
LYON, Alexa, d. 1932-02-05, Plot: HORNE2-*-06-030-0011
LYON, Alexander, d. 1962-10-21, Plot: HORNE2-*-06-030-0011
LYON, Arthur Brenton, Age: 47 yrs, d. 1901-05-25, bur. 1901-05-27, Dis: 1957-08-21, Dis# D-000164, Plot: OLD-0-04-014-0012
LYON, Arthur Brenton, Age: 47 yrs, d. 1901-05-25, bur. 1957-08-21, Plot: OLD-1-01-024-0001
LYON, Charles Craig, d. 1924-09-29, Plot: 1919-*-C-042-0010
LYON, Ethel Annie, bur. 1990-05-31, Plot: 1919-*-*-*-0340
LYON, Grace Lillian, d. 1949-05-25, Plot: ABRAY-*-15-047-0009 (675)
LYON, Hugh Sangster, d. 1946-02-28, Plot: IOOF-*-*-040-0008A
LYON, James, bur. 1970-07-28, Plot: JONES-*-12-007-0004
LYON, James, bur. 1987-06-04, Plot: JONES-*-01-025A-0013 (117)
LYON, Janet, Age: 63 yrs, b. Scotland, d. 1939-05-15 Vancouver, bur. 1939-05-17, Plot: KP-*-*-015-0003
LYON, Jean McE, Age: 47 yrs, b. Scotland, d. 1912-11-14 Vancouver, bur. 1912-11-16, Plot: KP-*-*-015-0004
LYON, Joseph James, d. 1935-04-18, Plot: HORNE2-*-16-011-0011
LYON, Maria, Age: 56 yrs, b. Nova Scotia, d. 1905-12-08 Vancouver, bur. 1905-12-09, Dis: 1957-08-21, Dis# D-000165, Plot: OLD-0-04-014-0011
LYON, Maria, Age: 56 yrs, b. Nova Scotia, d. 1905-12-08 Vancouver, bur. 1957-08-21, Plot: OLD-1-01-024-0002
LYON, Robert Stewart, Age: 34 yrs, b. Scotland, d. 1909-11-10 Vancouver, bur. 1909-11-13, Plot: HORNE1-5-03-014-0006
LYON, Robert, Age: 73 yrs, b. Scotland, d. 1955-08-24 Vancouver, bur. 1955-08-26, Plot: KP-*-*-015-0001
LYON, William, d. 1908-07-21, Plot: OLD-5-02-011-0001
LYONS, (Baby), d. 1921-07-01, Plot: OLD-4-05-004-0015
LYONS, Albert, d. 1945-12-09, bur. 1945-12-14, Plot: OLD-4-02-016-0001A
LYONS, Allen Bernard, bur. 1974-04-30, Plot: JONES-*-31-022-0007
LYONS, Andrew, d. 1949-01-31, Plot: HORNE2-*-09-044-0009
LYONS, Anita M. E., d. 1958-06-26, Plot: HORNE2-*-10-036-0010
LYONS, Anna Clementina Lillian, bur. 1970-08-27, Plot: JONES-*-01-024-0007
LYONS, Annie Mary, d. 1950-06-16, Plot: ABRAY-*-15-064-0016 (972)
LYONS, Arthur McD., d. 1915-03-15, Plot: HORNE1-3-04-007-0009
LYONS, Barry Dean, Age: 35 yrs, d. 1997-04-24 Vancouver, bur. 1997-05-02, Plot: ABRAY-*-12-032-0008 (328)
LYONS, Broden Winsby, bur. 1966-02-24, Plot: JONES-*-12-007-0003
LYONS, Cecil Edward, bur. 1967-08-17, Plot: OLD-4-02-*-1211
LYONS, Charles Arthur Guard., bur. 1971-10-19, Plot: JONES-*-01-024-0006
LYONS, Cicely Agnes, bur. 1978-10-25, Plot: HORNE2-*-09-044-0006
LYONS, Clementine Jane, d. 1935-12-28, Plot: JONES-*-01-024-0007
LYONS, Edith Jane, bur. 1965-10-13, Plot: HORNE1-3-02-010-0015
LYONS, Edith, d. 1962-05-28, Plot: JONES-*-01-015A-0006 (90)
LYONS, Edward, bur. 1981-08-18, Plot: HORNE2-*-09-044-0008
LYONS, Edwin William, d. 1941-01-15, Plot: HORNE2-*-14-018-0016
LYONS, Eliza, d. 1903-05-27, Plot: HORNE1-3-02-010-0004
LYONS, Ernest Raymond, d. 1947-08-21, Plot: HORNE2-*-09-044-0011
LYONS, Eva Buchan (Mcadam), Age: 79 yrs, b. 1877-06-25 Ontario, d. 1957-03-18 Vancouver, bur. 1958-11-28, Plot: JONES-*-38-008-0007
LYONS, Florence M., d. 1913-07-12, Plot: JONES-*-31-022-0005
LYONS, Florence Mary (Fitch), Age: 90 yrs, b. 1874-01-04 Nova Scotia, d. 1964-05-27 Vancouver, bur. 1964-05-29, Plot: JONES-*-31-022-0007
LYONS, Frances M., d. 1935-11-22, Plot: HORNE2-*-09-044-0010
LYONS, Frank, d. 1931-09-16, Plot: JONES-*-44-005-0010
LYONS, Garland Joseph, bur. 1973-09-24, Plot: HORNE1-3-02-010-0005
LYONS, Gilbort, bur. 1987-01-02, Plot: HORNE2-*-03-*-0636
LYONS, Godfrey Philip, Age: 89 yrs, d. 1997-07-22 West Vancouver, bur. 1997-07-24, Plot: HORNE1-3-02-010-0014
LYONS, Gratton Lemon, d. 1949-07-31, Plot: ABRAY-*-18-015-0010
LYONS, Henry Albert, d. 1932-11-09, Plot: JONES-*-31-022-0008
LYONS, Henry Waldo, Age: 66 yrs, b. 1899-07-17 Vancouver, d. 1966-01-09 Vancouver, bur. 1966-01-12, Plot: JONES-*-31-022-0006
LYONS, Herbert David, d. 1955-02-02, Plot: JONES-*-01-024-0005
LYONS, Holly Frances, bur. 1976-10-25, Plot: HORNE2-*-09-044-0005
LYONS, James (Rev.), d. 1938-04-24, Plot: JONES-*-01-024-0006
LYONS, James Gordon, d. 1949-05-06, Plot: ABRAY-*-07-043-0016
LYONS, James Gordon, d. 1953-05-28, Plot: ABRAY-*-20-033-0002
LYONS, James, d. 1930-07-11, Plot: HORNE2-*-06-018-0009
LYONS, James, d. 1946-03-28, Plot: OLD-3-01-014-0001A
LYONS, John Henry, d. 1954-07-14, Plot: HORNE1-3-02-010-0016
LYONS, John Lawrence, d. 1960-10-04, Plot: HORNE1-3-02-010-0008
LYONS, John Richard, d. 1920-10-31, Plot: HORNE1-3-02-010-0003
LYONS, John, d. 1908-01-26, Plot: HORNE1-3-04-007-0010
LYONS, John, d. 1942-03-25, Plot: HORNE2-*-10-011-0004 (145D)
LYONS, John, d. 1949-01-30, Plot: HORNE1-1-02-010-0008A
LYONS, Joseph Allan, d. 1932-03-20, Plot: HORNE2-*-11-030-0007
LYONS, Louisa Mary, d. 1918-11-13, Plot: HORNE1-3-02-010-0007
LYONS, Louise Jane, d. 1914-09-06, Plot: HORNE1-3-04-007-0009
LYONS, Lucy M., d. 1919-03-28, Plot: JONES-*-44-005-0009
LYONS, Mabel, d. 1947-01-25, Plot: IOOF-*-*-040-0008A
LYONS, Mabel, d. 1953-06-20, Plot: JONES-*-12-001-0005
LYONS, Mary Margaret, Age: 88 yrs, d. 1995-09-07 West Vancouver, bur. 1995-09-11, Plot: HORNE1-3-02-010-0014
LYONS, Maude, d. 1919-12-30, Plot: JONES-*-24-017-0003
LYONS, Mavis Ruth, bur. 1985-01-04, Plot: HORNE1-3-02-010-0013
LYONS, Minnie, Age: 35 yrs, b. Ontario, d. 1903-12-25 San Francisco, bur. 1904-01-05, Plot: HORNE1-3-02-005-0002
LYONS, Minnie, d. 1927-07-17, Plot: JONES-*-27-020-0004
LYONS, Minnie, d. 1934-06-24, Plot: JONES-*-14-018-0006
LYONS, Moreen E., d. 1927-05-25, Plot: JONES-*-07-020-0014
LYONS, Norma Joan E., d. 1942-05-14, Plot: HORNE2-*-10-036-0007
LYONS, Ormond Oscar, d. 1957-10-09, Plot: HORNE2-*-10-036-0009
LYONS, Philip, d. 1917-02-07, Plot: HORNE1-3-02-010-0006
LYONS, Phillip John, bur. 1965-10-30, Plot: HORNE2-*-09-044-0012
LYONS, Raymond, d. 1914-03-08, Plot: HORNE1-3-04-007-0010
LYONS, Reginald E. G., d. 1963-02-10, Plot: JONES-*-01-024-0006
LYONS, Rupert Denis, d. 1942-09-03, Plot: HORNE2-*-10-036-0008
LYONS, Thomas, d. 1930-05-25, Plot: HORNE2-*-13-040-0006
LYONS, Verna Kaye, bur. 1990-04-18, Plot: JONES-*-17-005-0014
LYONS, Veronica, bur. 1987-06-04, Plot: JONES-*-01-025A-0013 (117)
LYONS, William George V., d. 1911-10-08, Plot: JONES-*-01-024-0005
LYPKE (LYPKA), George, bur. 1973-11-10, Plot: JONES-*-31-*-0103
LYPKIE, Thelma Julia, Age: 59 yrs, bur. 1976-05-04, Plot: KP-*-*-*-0190
LYS, Harry, d. 1925-09-03, Plot: 1919-*-D-054-0011
LYSELL, (Baby), Age: Stillborn, bur. 1939-06-30, Plot: JONES-*-18-024-0008
LYSHOLT, (Baby), Age: Stillborn, bur. 1957-05-31, Plot: JONES-*-18-025-0010
LYSON, Lloyd, bur. 1979-09-21, Plot: ABRAY-*-16-020 0012
LYSTER, (Baby), Age: Stillborn, bur. 1949-10-31, Plot: JONES-*-18-004-0014
LYTE, Elizabeth, d. 1951-07-27, Plot: HORNE2-*-09-049-0012 (788)
LYTLE, Arthur Erwin, d. 1945-02-16, Plot: ABRAY-*-03-023-0008
LYTLE, Ernest Wendle, d. 1904-07-23, Plot: HORNE1-3-02-012-0006
LYTLE, George Edgarton, d. 1913-07-04, Plot: JONES-*-27-012-0006
LYTLE, Guy Sebern, Age: 83 yrs, d. 1962-06-29, bur. 1963-05-23, Plot: OLD-5-RE5-002-0001
LYTLE, James Ernest, bur. 1992-06-12, Plot: HORNE1-3-02-012-0005
LYTLE, James, d. 1940-08-29, Plot: JONES-*-24-006-0009A
LYTLE, Lillian Ester, bur. 1984-10-31, Plot: HORNE1-4-01-*-0754
LYTLE, Margaret, d. 1903-07-01, Plot: HORNE1-3-02-012-0005
LYTLE, Mary Agnes, d. 1965-12-17, Plot: HORNE1-4-01-*-0754
LYTLE, Mary Ellen, d. 1945-05-05, Plot: ABRAY-*-10-059-0015 (831)
LYTLE, Mary, Age: 87 yrs, d. 1999-12-13 Vancouver, bur. 1999-12-17, Plot: HORNE1-3-02-012-0005
LYTTLE, Carol Mary, Age: 29 yrs, b. 1948-06-03, d. 1977-09-23, bur. 1977-09-26, Plot: JONES-*-39-*-1412
LYTTLE, Henry Hugh, d. 1963-07-21, Plot: OLD-2-03-015-0013
LYTTLE, Margaret M., d. 1963-07-21, Plot: OLD-2-03-015-0013
LYTTLE, William H., d. 1963-07-21, Plot: OLD-2-03-015-0014
LYTTLETON, Fanny, Age: 62 yrs, d. 1939-07-18, Plot: HORNE1-3-03-008-0013
LYTTLETON, Harry Albert, Age: 78 yrs, d. 1950-04-23, Plot: HORNE1-3-03-008-0013
LYTTLETON, John Mich., d. 1911-01-14, Plot: HORNE1-5-04-017-0012
LYTTLETON, Mary, Age: 37 yrs, d. 1906-10-14, Plot: HORNE1-3-03-008-0016
LYTTLETON, Richard, d. 1915-10-08, Plot: HORNE1-5-04-017-0012
LYTTON, (Baby), Age: Stillborn, bur. 1925-05-09, Plot: OLD-5-05-023-0010

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What makes us Different?

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Each transcription we publish comes from a single-source, be it the cemetery office, government office, church office, archived document, a tombstone transcriber. Other websites already do an excellent job of crowd-sourcing a single cemetery together. But genealogists also need to see the original records from a single source. That's what we offer.