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Mount Magnet Cemetery
Mt. Magnet Shire, Mid West, Western Australia

Contributed by Lynne McLean, Jul 27, 2000 [lindilou@bigpond.com].
Total records = 700.

Mt. Magnet is a small country town about 600kms from Perth in Western Australia, under the management of the Mt Magnet Shire Council.

I have transcribed the cemetery records for the Mt. Magnet Cemetery for my genealogical projects using the copies of the burial records, acquired from the Mt. Magnet Shire Council. I also video'd all the graves that had headstones. There are some records missing, due to a fire in the town. These are record numbers 186 - 222 from Sep 1931 - Jun 1935.

They were buried in the religious denominations to start with, but later, as it filled, they were just put anywhere. For those with headstones and inscriptions, 'HS' has been placed at the end of their entry.

- Lynne McLean

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