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Rye Cemetery
Mornington Peninsula, Victoria, Australia

Napier and Lyons Street, Rye, Victoria

Rye is located at the southern end of the Mornington Peninsula about 85 klms from Melbourne. The cemetery is adjacent to the Rye Primary School.

The cemetery is managed by the Rye Cemetery Trust. PO Box 754, Rye, Victoria 3941
Phone: (03) 5985 1343, Fax: (03) 59851128

This is not a complete listing of burials for this cemetery! Records below were provided by contributors to Interment.net. Last edited Feb 12, 2007. Total records = 258.

Contributor's Index:

  • [JN] Julie N

c/o = child of
d/o = dau of
h/o = husband of
p/o = parents of
s/o = son of
w/o = wife of

Adcock, R. C., d. 1 Feb 1996, aged 79yrs, w/o Norma, f/o Denise and Keri, [JN]
Ainley, Alfred John, d. 24 Nov 1979, aged 94yrs, h/o Leila Evelyn, f/o John, Allan and Bill, [JN]
Ainley, Leila Evelyn, d. 4 Jun 1963, aged 72yrs, w/o Alfred John, m/o John, Allan, and Bill, [JN]
Aldridge, M. S., d. 28 Jan 2003, aged 83yrs, [JN]
Allison, Charles David, no dates, aged 82yrs, [JN]
Andrew, Edgar (Ted), b. 18 May 1913, d. 28 Feb 1996, h/o Dorothy, f/o Bob, [JN]
Atkins, Bradley Craig, no dates, aged 27yrs, s/o Edna and Colin Atkins, [JN]
Bain, S. O. F (Stanley Oswald F)., d. 24 Dec 1961, aged 49yrs, [JN]
Baker, Harry, d. 16 Sep 1967, aged 69yrs, h/o Irene, [JN]
Baker, Irene Annie, d. 23 Jan 1975, w/o Harry, [JN]
Ball, W. Oram, d. 30 Oct 1919, aged 83yrs, [JN]
Barnaby, Annie, d. 17 Aug 1919, aged 56yrs, [JN]
Barry, Rich, no dates, [JN]
Barton, Edna, d. 6 Aug 1998, aged 82yrs, w/o Harry, f/o Ray, Graeme and Gwenda, [JN]
Barton, Harry, d. 12 Jan 1995, aged 82yrs, h/o Edna m/o Ray, Graeme and Gwenda, [JN]
Bates, Elizabeth Stark (Watson), b. 4 Nov 1897, d. 27 May 1997, w/o George, m/o Jack, [JN]
Bates, Jack, d. 16 Aug 1962, aged 42yrs, s/o Elizabeth and George, [JN]
Bates, P.G., d. 6 Jul 1963, aged 68yrs, h/o Elizabeth, [JN]
Batten, Ronald J., b. 6 Jan 1955, d. 9 Apr 1955, s/o Kevin and Judith, [JN]
Bennett, Eliza Jane, d. 29 Jan 1869, aged 8mths, d/o Thomas and Eliza, [JN]
Bew, Frank James, b. 1910 d. 1995, h/o May, [JN]
Bishop, Marjorie, b. 1935, d. 1996, w/o Barry, m/o Peter Huntly, [JN]
Blount, James Howard, b. 2 Jun 1901, d. 29 Jan 1999, h/o Margaret, [JN]
Blount, Margaret (Maggie), b. 7 Dec 1903, d. 28 Sep 1995, w/o James Howard, [JN]
Blythe, Ellen Mary, b. 2 Mar 1913, d. 3 Mar 1998, w/o John H. Blythe, m/o John and Joel, [JN]
Blythe, John Howard (Harry), b. 20 Aug 1905, d. 13 Jun 1998, h/o Ellen M, f/o John and Joel, [JN]
Bowden, Ada Gladys, b. 1909, d. 1995, m/o Douglas and Keith, [JN]
Bracegirdle, Judith Anne, b. 1951, d. 1991, d/o Ron and Bev, m/o Shane, Gavin and Russell, [JN]
Bray, Ken, d. 10 Aug 1980, [JN]
Brooks, Raymond Douglas, d. 2 May 1985, aged 43yrs, h/o Dawn, f/o John and Sharon, [JN]
Brown, Ether May, d. 2 Jun 1995, aged 93 yrs, w/o Thomas Edward Brown, m/o Alex, [JN]
Brown, Patricia Mary, b. 17 Jun 1928, d. 18 Aug 2004, w/o Alby, m/o Patsy and Peter, [JN]
Cain, Annie, b. 1842, d. 1894, [JN]
Cain, Catherine, d. 27 Jan 1995, w/o James, [JN]
Cain, Dorothy Muriel, d. 9 May 1984, aged 54yrs, [JN]
Cain, Ethel May, d. 23 Nov 1892, aged 84yrs, w/o Owen Cain, [JN]
Cain, Eugene (Joe), b. 10 Jun 1912, d. 28 Aug 2002, h/o Marion, [JN]
Cain, James Valentine, d. 10 Jan 1939, aged 33yrs s/o J and C Cain, [JN]
Cain, James, b. 1847, d. 1917, s/o Owen and Sarah, [JN]
Cain, James, d. 28 Aug 1941, aged 72yrs, h/o Catherine, [JN]
Cain, John, d. 21 Feb 1975, aged 68yrs, f/o James V. Cain, [JN]
Cain, John, d. 22 Aug 1947, [JN]
Cain, Joseph, b. 1839, d. 1887, [JN]
Cain, Marie Monica (Minnie Hughes), d. 30 Apr 1954, aged 69yrs, w/o Thomas V. Cain, [JN]
Cain, Marie Monica (Minnie), d. 30 Sep 1934, aged 20yrs, d/o Thomas and Marie, [JN]
Cain, Marion, b. 13 Dec 1911, 4 Jan 1998, w/o Joe, [JN]
Cain, Mary Agnes, d. 6 Feb 1946, aged 91yrs, w/o Michael Cain, [JN]
Cain, Mary Ellen, d. 2 Mar 1923, aged 57yrs, w/o Owen Vincent Cain, [JN]
Cain, Michael, b. 1874, d. 1894, [JN]
Cain, Michael, d.15 Jul 1918, aged 75yrs, h/o Mary A. Cain, [JN]
Cain, Owen Biglow, d. 19 Sep 1988, aged 94yrs, [JN]
Cain, Owen Vincent, d. 6 Oct 1956, aged 90yrs, h/o Mary Ellen Cain, [JN]
Cain, Owen, d. 26 Jun 1896, aged 98yrs, f/o James, [JN]
Cain, Sarah, d. 26 Oct 1895, aged 96yrs, [JN]
Cain, Thomas Vincent (Tom), d. 29 Jul 1971, aged 87yrs, h/o Maire M. Cain, f/o Marie Monica Cain, [JN]
Cains, Charles Henry, d. 17 Aug 2001, aged 92yrs, [JN]
Cains, Jessie Olive, b. 19 Mar 1912, d. 17 Sep 1992, [JN]
Cairns, Alexander, b. 17 Jan 1827, d. 17 Jul 1911, h/o Janet, [JN]
Cairns, Alexander, d. 19 Nov 1912, aged 56yrs, s/o Alexander and Janet D. Cairns, [JN]
Cairns, Arthur, b. 1883, d. 1942, [JN]
Cairns, Charles, d. 13 Jun 1957, aged 75yrs, s/o John and Mary, [JN]
Cairns, David, d. 11 Feb 1930, aged 66yrs, s/o John and Mary, [JN]
Cairns, David, d. 23 Oct 1936, aged 73yrs, [JN]
Cairns, Eileen Veronica, d. 12 May 1955, bur. with George & Neville Hill & Oscar E Cairnes, [JN]
Cairns, Elizabeth, d. 7 Sep 1948, aged 84yrs, [JN]
Cairns, Emma, d. 25 Dec 1914, aged 63yrs, w/o John D. Cairns, [JN]
Cairns, Florence C. M., d. 20 Jul 1954, aged 82yrs, w/o Walter Cairns, [JN]
Cairns, James, b. 1840, d. 1929, bur. with Johanna, Arthur and Percy, [JN]
Cairns, Janet Dalgleish, d. 7 Feb 1898, aged 70yrs, w/o Alexander, [JN]
Cairns, Johanna, b. 1854, d. 1941, bur. with James, Arthur and Percy, [JN]
Cairns, John Dalgleish, d. 28 Jul 1941, aged 91yrs, h/o Emma Cairns, [JN]
Cairns, John, d. 9 Feb 1914, aged 64yrs, [JN]
Cairns, Mary, d. 23 Mar 1914, aged 42yrs, d/o Mary and Robert Cairns, [JN]
Cairns, Mary, d. 3 Feb 1942, aged 84yrs, [JN]
Cairns, Mary, d. 9 Dec 1901, aged 73yrs, w/o Robert Cairns, [JN]
Cairns, Oscar Edwin, d. 16 Jan 1960, bur. with George & Neville Hill & Eileen V. Cairnes, [JN]
Cairns, Percy, b. 1898, d. 1976, bur. with James, Johanna and Arthur, [JN]
Cairns, Robert, d. 10 Sep 1920, aged 67yrs, s/o Robert and Mary, [JN]
Cairns, Robert, d. 16 Feb 1910, aged 54yrs, s/o Alexander and Janet D. Cairns, [JN]
Cairns, Walter, d. 10 Apr 1965, aged 85yrs, h/o Florence Cairns, [JN]
Cairns, William, d. 24 May 1938, aged 74yrs, [JN]
Cappadona, Gaetano (Tom), b. 29 Jan 1914, d. 5 Dec 1994, [JN]
Carlin, Margaret, b. 16 Oct 1929, d. 27 Jul 1993, m/o Helen, Christine and Craig, [JN]
Carlin, Neil, b. 15 Nov 1921, d. 12 Apr 1995, f/o Helen, Christine and Craig, [JN]
Casey, J. H., d. 27 Oct 1994, aged 74yrs, bro to Frank, Winifred andEileen, [JN]
Clarke, Lillian, b. 1892, d. 1984, [JN]
Clarke, Reginald, b. 1893, d. 1940, [JN]
Collins, Noeline Ethel, b. 25 Dec 1925, d. 9 Mar 2004, w/o John, Graham (dec), Stephen, Anne and Lynne, [JN]
Conway, Sharon Patricia, d. 4 May 2000, aged 35yrs, d/o Patricia and John Smith, granddaughter of C&R. Randall, [JN]
Cotter, Lorna Miriam, b. 1924, d. 2004, w/o Keith, m/o Julie (dec), Carole andSally, [JN]
Craven, Alexander Edward, d. 18 Dec 1994, aged 74yrs, h/o Phyllis Cordelia, f/o Marlen and Louise, [JN]
Crouch, Grace Jessica, b. 14 Oct 1929, d. 10 Jul 1998, [JN]
Culverhouse, Margaret, d. 31 Oct 1975, aged 17yr, d/o Jean and Sydney Culverhouse, sis to Lee, Glenn and Johnnie, [JN]
Cumming, Heather, d. 14 Oct 2003, aged 75yrs, w/o Kenneth, m/o Peter and Stuart, [JN]
Cumming, Kenneth, d. 18 Dec 1994, aged 63yrs, h/o Heather, f/o Peter and Stuart, [JN]
Dark, Wilhelmina (Mina), b. 28 Oct 1905, d. 22 Jan 1995, m/o Maureen, [JN]
De Araugo, M. R., d. 3 May 1996, aged 70yrs, h/o Tess, f/o Bernadette, Martin, Therese and Michael, [JN]
Duffy, Francis Joseph, b. 1887, d. 1946, h/o May Victoria, [JN]
Duffy, May Victoria, b. 1891, d. 1970, w/o Francis, [JN]
Earl, B. J. J., d. 5 Apr 1996, aged 78yrs, h/o Eunice, f/o Lindsay, Marilyn and Lynette, [JN]
Edmonds, John, d. 9 Apr 1923, aged 58yrs, [JN]
Edmonds, Marion, d. 24 Jun 1926, d/o Mary and Edwards, [JN]
Elbourne, H. H., d. 30 Sep 1999, aged 76yrs, h/o Flo, f/o Colin, Robert and Sharon, [JN]
Featherstone, Jillian Elizabeth, b. 7 Apr 1947, d. 25 Mar 1993, w/o Bill, m/o Andrea and Dean, [JN]
Fitzgerald, Alexander J., d. 13 Jul 1939, aged 89yrs, h/o Mary A, [JN]
Fitzgerald, Mary A, d. 7 Dec 1932, aged 80yrs w/o Alexander J., [JN]
Foubister, James Eric, d. 9 Nov 1949, h/o Kate, [JN]
Freer, Jessie Anastasia, d. 5 Aug 1980, aged 98yrs, d/o Albert and Sarah Morgan, [JN]
Frost, Kathleen Margaret, d. 18 Feb 1999, aged 77yrs, w/o Kevin, [JN]
Gallagher, Frank, d. 13 May 1974, h/o Linda, f/o Veronica & Francis, [JN]
Gallagher, Linda, b. 23 Jun 1904, d. 19 Sep 2000, w/o Frank, m/o Veronica & Francis, [JN]
Gibbs, Jack, b. 1919, d. 1994, h/o Joyce, f/o Janice, June and Wendy, [JN]
Godwin, Dianne Michele, d. 29 Jan 1995, aged 38yrs, w/o Ian m/o Christine, Rachel, Ryan and Brett, [JN]
Goldsbrough, W.O.Dennis (Goldie), d. 6 Feb 1996, h/o Alice Patricia, [JN]
Grzeskowiak, Walenty, d. 5 Dec 1974, aged 65yrs, [JN]
Gunn, Ronald James, b. 28 Oct 1950, d. 28 Mar 1995, h/o Ann, [JN]
Hadfield, Julia, d. 22 May 1957, aged 62yrs, [JN]
Hall, Ernest Sinclair, b. 1871, d. 1956, h/o Lily, [JN]
Hall, Lily, b. 1875, d. 1951, w/o Ernest Sinclair, [JN]
Hamilton, Dame Kitty (Waller), b. 3 Jul 1902, d. 3 Jul 2002, aged 100yrs, w/o James, [JN]
Hammond, John Douglas George, d. 29 Oct 1996, aged 80yrs h/o Kathleen Winifred, [JN]
Hammond, Kathleen Winifred, b. 7 Jan 1914, d. 9 Nov 2004, w/o John Douglas George Hayes, Edna May, b. 11 Jan 1913, d. 2 Feb 1986, [JN]
Hayes, Frank, b. 4 May 1921, d. 23 Oct 1995, h/o Madeline Amelia, [JN]
Hayes, Madeline Amelia, b. 3 Nov 1915, d. 9 Mar 2002, w/o Frank, [JN]
Hender, Keith, b. 1940, d. 2004, partner of Sue, f/o David and Brad, [JN]
Hill, Alf Lenard, d. 21 Dec 1985, aged 68yrs, [JN]
Hill, Annie T., d. 31 Aug 1980, [JN]
Hill, Clarence Victor, b. 24 Nov 1933, d. 1 Jun 1996, h/o Jackie, [JN]
Hill, George Alexander, d. 24 Jan 1929, bur. with Neville G Hill & Eileen V & Oscar E Cairns, [JN]
Hill, Neville George, d. 20 Nov 1918with George A Hill & Eileen V & Oscar E Cairns, [JN]
Hoban, Thomas Andrew, d. 6 Dec 1986, aged 75yrs, bro to Mary Teresa Sone, [JN]
Holding, Frederick, d. 5 May 1995, aged 89yrs, f/o Barry, Raymond and Bruce, [JN]
Holding, Ruby Florence, d. 4 Jun 2004, aged 90yrs, m/o Barry, Raymond and Bruce, [JN]
Hughes, Julia, b. 1872, d. 1910, bur. with Joseph, Annie and Michael, [JN]
Hutchinson, James Patrick, b. 16 Feb 1895, d. 5 Dec 1972, h/o Clara Ella, f/o Pauland Maurice, [JN]
Jones, Allison May Webb, b. 1928, d. 1999, [JN]
Jones, Joseph Frederick, d. 8 Jan 1946, [JN]
Kennedy, Maryann Sarah, d. 4 Mar 1910, aged 35yrs, d/o Rachel and Ralph Patterson, [JN]
Lafferteen, Alexander, d. 25 Oct 1889, aged 76yrs, [JN]
Lee, Cyril Henry, d. 24 Mar 1975, aged 74yrs, h/o Gertrude, [JN]
Lee, Gertrude, d. 5 Dec 1962, aged 61yrs, w/o Cyril Henry Lee, [JN]
Lee, William Henry (Billy), b. 2 Mar 1922, d. 17 Mar 2001, s/o Gertrude and Cyril, [JN]
Lehman, Ida Florence, d. 12 Dec 1990, aged 87yrs, w/o Oscar, [JN]
Lehman, Oscar, d. 17 Aug 1962, aged 69yrs, h/o Ida Florence, [JN]
Long, John Thomas, d. 14 Apr 1977, aged 79yrs, [JN]
Maccormack, Donald Fletcher, b. 4 Feb 1921, d. 21 Apr 1996, [JN]
Mack, Elisabeth, b. 18 Apr 1906, d. 4 Dec 1996, [JN]
Martin, Patrick Joseph, d. 18 Dec 1969, h/o Alice, [JN]
McCabe, Charles, b. 1927, d. 1993, h/o Anne, [JN]
Mills, Dorothy Jean, b. 5 Jan 1925, d. 14 Jun 1996, w/o Samuel A, m/o Carolyn, Graeme, Heather and Lorraine, [JN]
Mills, Samuel Alexander, b. 25 Feb 1921, d. 16 Oct 2003, h/o Dorothy Jean, f/o Carolyn, Graeme, Heather and Lorraine, [JN]
Minogue, Edward Briddon, b. 1891, d. 1964, h/o Mary, [JN]
Minogue, Mary, d. 13 May 1983, aged 92yrs, [JN]
Mitrione, Emma, b. 8 Aug 1942, d. 5 Jun 1997, w/o Michael, [JN]
Moat Ada Elizabeth, b. 28 Jul 1889, d19 Sep, 1982, w/o William, [JN]
Moat, William, d. 24 Dec1953, h/o Ada E, [JN]
Morey, Sydney Basil, b. 8 Sep 1915, d. 7 Jul 1995, h/o Lila, f/o Bas, Carlyne, Wayne, John and Donna, [JN]
Morgan, A. F., d. 21 Oct 1985, aged 63yrs, h/o Norma, [JN]
Morgan, Albert H., d. 21 Dec 1925, aged 51yrs, h/o Sarah, [JN]
Morgan, Sarah, d. 25 Jun 1951, aged 74yrs, w/o Albert, [JN]
Mulligan, John Patrick, d. 5 Jul 2000, h/o Patricia J. Mulligan f/o Michael, Moya, John, Paul andCatherine, [JN]
Mulligan, Patricia Josephine (Cain), d. 23 Mar 1995, w/o John P. Mulligan, Michael, Moya, John, Paul and Catherine, [JN]
Munyard, Vera May, b. 1907, d. 1996, w/o William, m/o Morrie & Florence, Ken & Joan (dec), Beverley & Don, Neville & Dorothy, [JN]
Munyard, William, b. 1908, d. 2003, h/o Vera M, Morrie & Florence, Ken & Joan (dec), Beverley & Don, Neville & Dorothyf/o, [JN]
Murray, R. V., d. 4 Jan 1995, aged 74yrs, [JN]
Newton, Eric Robert, b. 1916, d. 1998 h/o Lucille, [JN]
Newton, Lucille, b. 1922, d. 1995, w/o Eric Robert, [JN]
Newton, Raymond, d. 21 Feb 1995, aged 73yrs, h/o Jean, [JN]
Norquay, Wm. C., d. 19 Mar 1938, h/o E.T.H. Norquay, f/o Neil, [JN]
O'Brien, Clarence Edward, b. 9 Feb 1904, d. 12 Nov 1965, h/o Merle, [JN]
O'Brien, Irene May, b. 27 May 1910, d. 30 Oct 1998, w/o William J. O'Brien, m/o Patricia, Peter and Barry, [JN]
O'Brien, Merle, b. 9 Nov 1923, d. 1 Sep 1998, w/o Clarence Edward, [JN]
O'Brien, William J, b. 26 Oct 1904, d. 25 Sep 1991, h/o Irene O'Brien, f/o Patricia, Peter and Barry, [JN]
O'Donnell, Amy Frances, d. 8 May 1973, aged 83yrs, w/o Francis Joseph, [JN]
O'Donnell, Francis Joseph, d. 28 Jul 1971, aged 82yrs h/o Amy Francis, [JN]
Ockleshaw, Geraldine Joyce, b. 1912, d. 1995, w/o Kenneth Raymond, [JN]
Ockleshaw, Kenneth Raymond, b. 1912, d. 2000, h/o Geraldine Joyce, [JN]
Palmer, Linden Archibald, b. 26 Jul 1923, d. 24 Sep 1983, [JN]
Patterson, Rachel, d. 27 May 1923, aged 73yrs, w/o Rulph m/o Mary A .S Kennedy, [JN]
Patterson, Ralph, d. 4 Dec 1930, aged 82yrs h/o Rachel, f/o Mary A.S. Kennedy, [JN]
Patterson, William, d. 3 Feb 1916, aged 69yrs, [JN]
Penlington, Elizabeth, d. 23 Aug 1938, [JN]
Perry, Frederick Charles, b. 1921, d. 1998, h/o Alice Irene, f/o Barbara, Doug and Julie, [JN]
Phillips, Ronald Allan, b. 4 Jul 1928, d. 2 Jul 1995, h/o Joan, f/o Ken, Stephen and Christine, [JN]
Pollard, Bruce John, b. 14 Aug 1956, d. 26 Nov 1996, h/o Janine, f/o Kain and Meagan, [JN]
Purves, Isabella, b. 1886, d. 1983, [JN]
Purves, Peter, b. 1880, d. 1940, [JN]
Quigley, J. J., d. 3 Nov 1999, aged 79yrs, s/o May and John, b/o Laurie, Mary (dec), Patricia and Francis, [JN]
Randall, Catherine Maria, d. 27 Jun 1983, aged 81yrs w/o Robert g/d Sharon P.Conway, [JN]
Randall, Robert, d. 4 May 1985, aged 84yrs, h/o Catherine g/d Sharon P.Conway, [JN]
Reed, Cherryl Lynette, d. 2 Mar 1974, aged 31yrs, w/o Brian, m/o Sharon and Leeanne, [JN]
Richards, Cecily Joan, d. 9 Nov 1995, aged 69yrs, w/o Arthur b/o Noreen and Louise, [JN]
Robertson, Keith William, d. 1 Aug 1983, aged 65yrs, h/o Marjorie, [JN]
Rowe, Gordon Oswald, d. 22 Jun 1995, aged 78yrs, h/o Jean, [JN]
Rowley, Annie Margaret, d. 26 Dec 1978, aged 88yrs, [JN]
Rowley, Billie Forsyth, b. 20 Jan 1930, d. 22 May 2002, aged 72yrs, w/o Robert J, [JN]
Rowley, Christena (nee Edwards), b. 1838, d. 3 Sep 1924, aged 86yrs, [JN]
Rowley, Desmond Neville, d. 7 Jul 1982, aged 51yrs, h/o Bonnie, f/o Sue, Karen, Janine, Anthony, Paul and Michael, [JN]
Rowley, Martha Melecca, b. 22 Nov 1880, d. 25 Aug 1913, aged 33yrs, [JN]
Rowley, Richard, b. 21 Oct 1867, d. 21 Mar 1903, aged 36yrs, [JN]
Rowley, Robert James, b. 9 May 1924, d. 4 Sep 1999, h/o Billie Forsyth, [JN]
Rowley, Robert, b. 1822, d. 29 Dec 1911, aged 89yrs, [JN]
Rowley, Robert, d. 4 Oct 1957, aged 80yrs, [JN]
Schrivener, Winifred Rena, b. 29 Jul 1926, d. 6 Feb 2002, w/o William, m/o Leslie (dec) and Margaret, [JN]
Shanahan, Bernie, b. 15 Feb 1907, d. 16 Jun 1996, h/o Madge, [JN]
Shanahan, Madge, b. 8 Aug 1909, d. 18 Jun 1996, w/o Bernie, [JN]
Smale, Ellen May, b. 1915, d. 1991, d/o M& F Duffy, [JN]
Sone, Mary Theresa, d. 29 Sep 1985, aged 87yrs, sis to Thomas Hoban, [JN]
Spunner, George Robert, b. 4 Mar 1861, d. 15 Aug 1882, bro to Margaret Sarah Stringer, [JN]
Spunner, John, d. 25 Apr 1922, aged 87yrs, h/o Susan, [JN]
Spunner, Susan, d. 9 Apr 1899, aged 63yrs, w/o John, [JN]
Stenniken Elizabeth Penlington, d.23 Aug 1938 age 72yrs, d/o Mary Ann and Benjamin Stenniken, [JN]
Stenniken, Benjamin, d. 9 Oct 1897, aged 82yrs, h/o Mary Ann, [JN]
Stenniken, Mary Ann, d. 7 Jun 1922, aged 96yrs, w/o Benjamin, [JN]
Stenniken, Mary Jane, d. 7 Nov 1938, d/o Mary Ann and Benjamin Stenniken, [JN]
Stone, Allan William Harnutt, b. 11 Sep 1908, d. 21 Aug 1996, h/o Mabel, f/o Elaine and John Watts, [JN]
Stringer, George Henry, d. 27 Jan 1887, aged 28yrs, h/o Margaret Sarah, [JN]
Stringer, Margaret Sarah, d. 15 Aug 1947, sister of George Robert Spunner, [JN]
Sullivan, E, b. 1831, d. 1891, bur. with P.Sullivan & D & E Weir, [JN]
Sullivan, P, b. 1826, d. 1900, bur. with E.Sullivan & D & E Weir, [JN]
Sullivan, Vincent James, b. 24 Mar 1922, d. 13 May 1995, h/o Mary, [JN]
Sutherland, Bernice, b. 29 Oct 1927, d. 13 Aug 2001, w/o Bill, m/o Peter, Helen, Alison and Colin, [JN]
Taylor, Neil John, b. 20 Feb 1922, d. 5 Apr 1994, h/o Betty, f/o Peter and Roslyn, [JN]
Thompson, Jean, b. 26 Nov 1924, d. 17 Nov 1993, m/o Glenn, Lee and Maggie Culverhouse (nee Kelsey and Culverhouse), [JN]
Trevorrow, Peter John, d. 6 Sep 1995, aged 48yrs s/o Valerie and John, b/o to Adrian, Leigh and Graham, [JN]
Tully, Jean Dexter, b. 18 Oct 1923, d. 19 Feb 1995, m/o Gaye & Jeff, [JN]
Van Houts, Antony Johannes, d. 2 Sep 1971, aged 32yrs, [JN]
Van Houts, Rosemary Margaret, d. 15 Apr 2003, aged 59yrs, [JN]
Vance Allan John, b. 29 Nov 1906, d. 5 Jun 1997, [JN]
Vance, Winifred Mary, d. 17 May 1976, [JN]
Vandermeer, F. C. (Frank), b. 23 Nov 1912, d. 17 Sep 2003, h/o Ann, [JN]
Vine, Ronald Harold, b. 19 Jan 1927, d. 21 May 1996, f/o David Mark and Jenny, [JN]
Walter, Cresswell Armstrong, d. 21 Jun 1995, aged 84yrs, f/o Andrew, Richard, Michael and Elizabeth, [JN]
Walter, Isabel Rose, d. 13 Apr 2001, aged 89yrs, w/o Cresswell Armstrong, m/o Andrew, Richard, Michael and Elizabeth, [JN]
Wardle, Mark Andrew, b. 23 Nov 1969, d. 23 Nov 1986, aged 17yrs, [JN]
Watts, John Francis, b. 30 Nov 1905, d. 16 Feb 1976, aged 70yrs, h/o Lily, [JN]
Watts, John Francis, d. 25 Dec 1963, h/o Margaret, grand son buried Kieran with her, [JN]
Watts, Margaret Annie, d. 3 Dec 1943, w/o John Francis, [JN]
Wee, Patrick, no dates, [JN]
Weir, D, b. 1856, d. 1906, bur. with E.Weir & P & E. Sullivan, [JN]
Weir, E., b. 1900, d. 1902, bur. with D.Weir & P & E. Sullivan, [JN]
Weir, Ellen, d. 24 Aug 1946, aged 86yrs, [JN]
Welsh, Janet, d. 11 Nov 1934, aged 71yrs, w/o A.H. Welsh, [JN]
Whaley, Henry (Harry), b. 17 Nov 1907, d. 1 May 2003, h/o Helen (Nell), [JN]
White, Evelyn Graham, d. 7 Jul 1951, aged 81yrs, [JN]
White, Herbert George, d. 5 Jun 1951, aged 80yrs, [JN]
Whitley, Dorothy Marie, d. 30 May 1962, w/o William Carl, [JN]
Whitley, William Carl, d. 23 Aug 1982, h/o Dorothy M., [JN]
Wilkins, George Albury, d. 24 Feb 1995, aged 84yrs, h/o Jenny, f/o Len, [JN]
Williams, Caroline, d. 29 Apr 1949, aged 90yrs, [JN]
Williams, Edward William, d. 12 Nov 1926, aged 91yrs, f/o Marion Edmonds, [JN]
Williams, James Campbell, d. 10 Sep 1947, aged 87yrs, [JN]
Williams, Mary, d. 21 Apr 1914, aged 92yrs, w/o Edward William, m/o Marion Edmonds, [JN]
Wilson, Janet C. (Cairns), d. 4 Apr 1934, aged 69yrs, d/o Mary and Robert Cairns, [JN]
Wilson, Ronald Leslie, b. 23 Jan 1923, d. 18 Nov 1995, h/o Vera, f/o Ronald Monica, Josephine and Catherine, [JN]
Winzer, Leslie M., d. 1 Jul 1962, aged 53yrs, [JN]
Woodgate, Alfred David, d. 3 Feb 1991, age 90yrs, h/o Mary, f/o Evelyn, Lorraine and Mervyn, [JN]
Zaccaria, Massimiliano, b. 31 Mar 1924, d. 13 Oct 2000, h/o Antonia, [JN]

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