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Ouyen Cemetery
Ouyen, Mildura Shire, Victoria, Australia

Ouyen is situated 457 kilometres northwest of Melbourne at the crossroads of the Mallee Highway connecting Adelaide with Sydney and the Calder Highway linking Melbourne with Mildura. It is under the Mildura Shire Council.

This is not a complete listing of burials for this cemetery! The records below were provided by contributors to Interment.net. Last edited Feb 23, 2007. Total records = 250.

Contributor's Index:

Cemetery Records

Adair, Alison Jane, d. 23 Jul 2002, aged 89yr, s/w Roy Alfred Adair, m/o Judith, Peter & Alison, D/o Mary & Robert Colvin who are buried in the Underbool cemetery, [HD]
Adair, Roy Alfred, d. 22 Jul 1983, aged 80yr, s/w Alison Jane Adair, [HD]
Allender, Albert Daniel, d. 5 Mar 1969, aged 69yr, s/w Flo Allender, f/o Vern & Ian, [HD]
Allender, Flo, d. 17 Feb 1996, aged 93yr, s/w Albert Daniel Allender, m/o Vern & Ian, [HD]
Andersen, Alan Wilfred, d. 18 Oct 1983, aged 50yr, [HD]
Ayton, Albert, b. 1884, d. 1957, aged 73yr, s/w Fanny Emily Ayton, f/o Bonnie, Frank & Sylvia, "A Pioneer of Ouyen", [HD]
Barnes, Aleck Henry, d. 28 May 1977, aged 87yr, s/w Alice Lilian Barnes, f/o Walter, Joyce, Leslie & Graham, [HD]
Barnes, Alice Lilian, d. 1 Oct 1988, aged 81yr, s/w Aleck Henry Barnes, m/o Walter, Joyce, Leslie & Graham, [HD]
Barnes, Graham Douglas, d. 3 Oct 1974, aged 40yr, s/w Shirley Lorraine Barnes, f/o Judy, Russ & Peter, accident, [HD]
Barnes, Shirley Lorraine, d. 24 Sep 1987, aged 51yr, s/w Graham Douglas Barnes, m/o Judy, Russ & Peter, [HD]
Bayles, Arthur, d. 18 Dec 1939, aged 59yr, s/w Mabel Bayles, f/o Joy, [HD]
Bell, Loreen Mary, d. 8 Nov 2003, aged 83yr, s/w Russell Ernest Bell, m/o Kenneth, Barry & Beverley, [HD]
Bell, Russell Ernest, d. 13 Mar 1993, aged 74yr, s/w Loreen Mary Bell, f.o Kenneth, Barry & Beverley, [HD]
Bethune, Catherine Mary, d. 11 Apr 1973, aged 66yr, s/w James Charles Bethune, [HD]
Bethune, James Charles, d. 5 Aug 1971, aged 79yr, No. 333 2nd Field Arty., s/w Catherine Mary Bethune, [HD]
Bevan, Robert Thomas, d. 24 Feb 1921, aged 3yrs 6 months, [HD]
Blogg, Kendrick Henry, d. 4 Jan 1938, aged 83yr, s/w Rosa Blogg, [HD]
Blogg, Rosa, d. 24 Jul 1934, aged 63yr, s/w K. H. Blogg, [HD]
Bloomfield, Leslie Charles, d. 6 Sep 1975, aged 58yr, [HD]
Bond, William (Bill), d. 31 Jan 1991, aged 76yr, s/w Jean Bond, [HD]
Boschert, Herman (Sonny), d. 18 Feb 1975, aged 75yr, [HD]
Boschert, Hermann, d. 31 Jul 1922, aged 63yr, s/w Marie Emilie Boschert, [HD]
Boschert, Jack Ernest, d. 30 Jan 1990, aged 65yr, [HD]
Boschert, Marie Emilie, d. 5 Oct 1936, aged 69yr, s/w Hermann Boschert, [HD]
Brand, William McKernan, d. 12 Jan 1976, aged 74yr, [HD]
Bridge, Doris, d. 30 Aug 84, aged 85yr, s/w George Frederick Bridge, [HD]
Bridge, George Frederick, d. 2 Jul 75, aged 72yr, s/w Doris Bridge, [HD]
Brittain, Ruby Hannah Jane, b. 16 May 1906, d. 16 Oct 2001, s/w Thomas Whitehead Brittian, m/o Alf & Wendy, [HD]
Brittain, Thomas Whitehead, b. 6 Dec 1893, d. 22 Oct 1962, s/w Ruby Hannah Jane Brittian, f/o Alf & Wendy, [HD]
Burstall, Mary Elizabeth, d. 19 Oct 1949, aged 79yr, s/w Robert John Burstall, [HD]
Burstall, Private. Laurence Wilbur, d. 23 Dec 1941, aged 30yr, 2nd AIF Middle East, buried with Robert John & Mary Elizabeth Burstall. , [HD]
Burstall, Robert John, d. 11 Jul 1938, aged 81yr, s/w Mary Elizabeth Burstall, [HD]
Button, Lorna Laurel, d. 23 Apr 1968, [HD]
Byrne, Allan Albert Devern, d. 13 Apr 1976, aged 61yr, s/w Myrtle Alice Byrne, [HD]
Byrne, Allan Alfred, d. 16 mar 1953, aged 68yr, s/w Ethel Jinnie Byrne, [HD]
Byrne, Ethel Jinnie (Ellis), d. 23 May 1971, aged 81yr, s/w Allan Alfred Byrne, [HD]
Byrne, Herbert R. (Jim), d. 12 May 1989, aged 76yr, s/w Kathlene Byrne, [HD]
Byrne, Joylee Anne, d. 20 Jun 1975, aged 23yr, s/w R. J. Byrne, m/o Monique, Nicole & Simone, [HD]
Byrne, Myrtle Alice (Wilton), d. 6 Dec 1993, aged 75yr, s/w Allan Allan Devern Byrne, [HD]
Byrne, Neville John, b. 1 Apr 1944, d. 6 Jun 1994, s/o Allan & Myrtle Byrne, [HD]
Byrne, Peter James, d. 4 Aug 1942, 'Beloved infant son of A. & M. Byrne', [HD]
Clarke, Amy Kathleen, d. 21 Oct 1982, aged 83yr, s/w James Andrew Clarke, m/o Ivy, Don, Jack & Bob, [HD]
Clarke, James Andrew, d. 15 Dec 1961, aged 69yr, s/w Amy Kathleen Clarke, f/o Ivy, Don, Jack & Bob, [HD]
Clover, Frederick John, d. 24 Jan 1963, aged 22yr, KIA New Guinea, Grandson of Robert & Jessie Mapion Hancock, [HD]
Coe, Kristine Elizabeth, b. 26 Jul 1968, d. 28 Jan 1989, d/o Greg & Margaret Coe, sister to Graeme & Andrea, [HD]
Coleman, Annie, d. 19 Aug 1924, aged 66yr, s/w George Coleman, [HD]
Coleman, Duncan Allen Mayes, d. 8 May 1973, aged 72yr, [HD]
Coleman, George, d. 5 Jan 1932, aged 75yr, s/w Annie Coleman, [HD]
Cooper, Eric William, d. 15 Sep 1983, aged 78yr, b/o Una, Uncle of Byron, Peggy & Jenny, [HD]
Cooper, Mary Alice, d. 30 Jul 1971, aged 77yr, s/w Robert William Cooper, m/o Mona, Scholey & Myra, [HD]
Cooper, Robert William, d. 12 Feb 1963, aged 74yr, s/w Mary Alice Cooper, F/o Mona, Scholey & Myra, [HD]
Crook, Noel James, d. 31 Dec 1964, aged 27yr, [HD]
Cummins, Edward William, b. 24 Jan 1929, d. 5 Jun 1997, aged 68yr, Eldest son of Frank & Eva, B/o Rex & Frank (all dec.) & David, [HD]
Cummins, Frank Lewis, d. 2 Apr 1968, aged 54yr, s/w Mary Margaret Rose Cummins, [HD]
Curram, Lindsay Gorman, d. 26 Jun 1994, aged 79yr, s/o Mary & William Curram b/o Robert John (Jack), Ruth & Ian Curram, [HD]
Curram, Robert John (Jack), d. 22 Oct 1990, aged 79yr, s/o Mary & William Curram, b/o Ruth & Ian& Robert John (Jack). , [HD]
Daft, Ernest Henry, b. 21 Feb 1900, d. 20 Jan 1992 "Life's Gentleman", [HD]
Darley, Peter Leslie "Sparks", b. 4 Sep 1949, d. 5 Jun 1999, aged 49yr, s/w Judith Anne Darley, f/o Anthony & Shelley, [HD]
Davidson, Florence Irene, d. 8 Jul 1972, aged 72yr, s/w George Davidson, [HD]
Davidson, George, d. 6 Jul 1974, aged 72yr, s/w Florence Irene Davidson, [HD]
Dean, Grace Frances, d. 22 Aug 2003, aged 92yr, s/w Herbert Edward Dean, m/o Alan, Verna, Ivy, Ray, Win, Nita, Barry, Ken, Glennis & Reg, [HD]
Dean, Herbert Edward, d. 6 Jan 1987, aged 79yr, s/w Grace Frances Dean, f/o Alan, Verna, Ivy, Ray, Win, Nita, Barry, Ken, Glennis & Reg, [HD]
Dean, Peter James, d. 2 Aug 1977, aged 22, s/o Robert Joseph & Joy Dean, brother to Carol, Jennie & Andrea, [HD]
Dean, Robert J (Bob), d. 13 nov 1972, aged 53yr, VX51203 private 2/23 Inf. Battalion, s/w Joy, f/o Peter, Carol, Jennie & Andrea, [HD]
Dixon, James Hendy, d. 9 Feb 1930, aged 23yr, drowned, [HD]
Dixon, James, d. 17 Apr 1957, ages 80yr, s/w Susan Dixon, [HD]
Dixon, Raymond John, b. 11 May 1948, d. 15 Sep 1977, s/o Jean & Watty, b/o Helen, Kaye & Gerg, s/w Shirley Ann Dixon, F/o Michelle & Belinda, [HD]
Dixon, Susan, d. 23 Feb 1969, aged 91yr, s/w James Dixon, [HD]
Dixon, Walter Charles (Watty), b. 20 Nov 1917, d. 26 Jul 2004, s/w Mabel "Jean" Dixon, f/o Raymond, Helen, kaye & Georgory, [HD]
Dooley, Daphne Lilian, d. 16 May 1991, aged 80yr, m/o Dorothy & Les, nan of Bill, Peter & Jan, [HD]
Dowsley, Berard Alexander, d. 27 Jun 1991, aged 82yrs s/w Phyllis Katherine Dowsley, f/o Marion & Alex, [HD]
Dowsley, Phyllis Katherine, d. 24 Oct 1994, aged 92yrs s/w Dowsley, Berard Alexander, m/o Marion & Alex, [HD]
Drendel, George Stanley, d. 24 Sep 1970, aged 53yr, s/w Edna Maud Drendel, f/o Joy, Iris, Rhonda & Denise, [HD]
Drendel, Kelvin A. (Bill), d. 19 Jan 1988, aged 66yr, s/w Joyce Isabel Drendel, f/o Pamela, Ronald, Lorraine, Graeme, Nola & Dallas, [HD]
Dundee, Ronald James, b. 1 Oct 1963, d. 26 May 1990, s/o Kath & Don, b/o Jenny & David, s/w Karen, dad/o Kristal, father/o Joel, [HD]
Dunkley, Kim Michelle, d. 4 Mar 1964, aged 4 ½yr, d/o Lance & Thelma, s/o Peter & Lisa, [HD]
Emmett, Eleanor, d. 17 Aug 1967, aged 78yr, s/w Robert James D. Emmett, [HD]
Emmett, Irene Helene, b. 8 Nov 1930, d. 30 Jun 1993, s/w Maxwell James Emmett, m/o Keith, Graeme, Jennifer, Rhonda, Kevin, Leanne & Dennis, [HD]
Emmett, Maxwell James, b. 27 Nov 1927, d. 4 Sep 2000, s/w Irene Helene Emmett, F/o Keith, Graeme, Jennifer, Rhonda, Kevin, Leanne & Dennis, [HD]
Emmett, Robert James D., d. 30 Jun 1974, aged 97yr, s/w Eleanor Emmett, [HD]
Emmett, Robert Keith (Robbie), b. 28 Nov 1912, d. 9 Jun 1992, s/o Robert & Eleanor, b/o Frank, Aubrey, Jean, Cora, Max, Neil, Don & Judith, [HD]
Flanner, William John, d. 19 Mar 1979, s/w Jean Mary Flanner, f/o Howard, Robin, Juantia & William, [HD]
Floyd, Mary Elizabeth, d. 1 Aug 1973, aged 90yr, s/w Samuel Floyd, [HD]
Floyd, Samuel, d. 13 Feb 1965, aged 82yr, s/w Mary Elizabeth Floyd, [HD]
Fraser, Matilda A., d. 26 Nov 1988, aged 92yr, s/w William Leslie Fraser, [HD]
Fraser, William Leslie, d. 27 Oct 1974, aged 85yr, s/w Matilda a. Fraser, [HD]
Gibbs, Cr. John Robert J.P., d. 29 Jun 1982, aged 54yr, s/w Valmai (Val) Joan Gibbs, f/o Joan, Christine, Meredith, Susan & Jennifer, [HD]
Gibbs, Valmai (Val) Joan, d. 24 Feb 2003, aged 73yr, s/w Cr. John Robert Gibbs J.P., m/o Joan, Christine, Meredith, Susan & Jennifer, [HD]
Gill, Elizabeth, d. 2 dec 1933, aged 79yr, s/w William Gill, [HD]
Gill, John, d. 1 Oct 1954, aged 76yr, "Our Dear Brother", [HD]
Gill, Len, d. 16 Jun 1952, aged 54yr, "Our Dear Brother", [HD]
Gill, William, d. 20 Dec 1929, aged 82yr, s/w Elizabeth Gill, [HD]
Gneil, Myrtle Florence, d. 9 Aug 1985, aged 88yr, s/w Walter Herman Gniel, [HD]
Gneil, Walter Herman, d. 15 Aug 1965, aged 71yr, s/w Myrtle Florence Gniel, [HD]
Greed, Leslie Hugh, d. 28 Sep 1972, aged 65 yrs, [HD]
Greed, Robin Leslie, b. 1 Sep 1939, d. 9 Jul 2003, s/w Elvie June Greed, f/o Angela, David Helen, [HD]
Hall, A. T., no dates, s/w Annie Hall, [HD]
Hall, Alan Stanley, d. 11 Apr 1963, [HD]
Hall, Annie, no dates, s/w A.T. Hall, [HD]
Hall, Veretta Irene, d. 23 Feb. 1972, aged 69yr, [HD]
Hancock, Douglas Herbert, d. 6 Feb. 1985, aged 58yr, [HD]
Hancock, Jessie Mapion, d. 8 Sep 1963, aged 89yr, s/w Robert Hancock, [HD]
Hancock, Robert, d. 10 Mar 1945, aged 78yr, s/w Jessie Mapion Hancock, [HD]
Hayes, Margaret, d. 5 Aug 1929, "erected by her daughter", [HD]
Heley, C. H. "Major", d. 12 Jan 1928, aged 14yr, s/o W.P. & L.E. Heley, [HD]
Hicks, Daisy Irene (Bell), b. 2 Sep 1905, d. 29 Apr 2000, s/w Garnet Raymond Hicks, m/o Valmai & John Dec., Magaret & David, [HD]
Hicks, Garnet Raymond, b. 21 Aug 1905, d. 22 Mar 1992, s/w Daisy Irene (Bell), f/o Valmai & John Dec., Magaret & David, [HD]
Hirst, Arthur Vernon, d. 4 Feb 1976, aged 74yr, 2/22 Batt. 2nd A.I.F, [HD]
Holland, Bert, d. 9 Aug 1981, aged 78yr, s/w Mabel Helen Holland, f/o Albert & Lynette, [HD]
Holland, Jill Frances, d. 27 May 1973, aged 34yr, s/w Bertie Holland, m/o Carolyn, Deborah, Tracey, Fiona, [HD]
Holland, Mabel Helen, d. 16 May 1998, aged 91yr, m/o Albert & Lynette, [HD]
Honre, Dulcie, Beryl, d. 12 Jun 1990, aged 87yr, s/w William Joseph Horne, [HD]
Horne, William Joseph, d. 20 May 1976, aged 77yr, s/w Dulcie Beryl Horne, [HD]
Howard, George, d. 22 nov 1979, aged 80yr, brother Harry Howard, [HD]
Howard, Harry, d. 24 Feb 1964, aged 58yr, brother George Howard, [HD]
Howard, Lilian May, d. 9 Mar 1985, aged 79yr, s/w Robert John Howard, [HD]
Howard, Robert John, d. 8 Jan 1979, aged 77yr, s/w Lillian May Howard, [HD]
Howe, Joseph William, d. 15 Aug 1977, aged 78yr, s/w Rose Mary Howe, f/o Edna, Irene, hazel & Josie, [HD]
Howe, Rose Mary, d. 2 Dec 1995, aged 91yr, s/w Joseph William Howe, m/o Edna, Irene Hazel & Josie, [HD]
Incwersen, Elizabeth Marie, d. 4 nov 1934, aged 65yr, s/w William A. Incwersen, [HD]
Incwersen, Sidney Alexander, d. 23 nov 1922, aged 13yr, s/o Willliam & Elizabeth Incwersen, [HD]
Incwersen, William A., d. 16 Jun 1927, aged 63yr, s/w Elizabeth Marie Incwersen, [HD]
Jardine, Ronald Raymond, d. 30 Sep 1985, aged 59yr, s/w Joyce Marion Jardine, f/o Julie, Graeme & Phillip, [HD]
Jewson, George Percival, d. 16 Jan 1965, aged 78yr, s/w Irene Florence Jewson, [HD]
Jewson, Irene Florence, d. 30 Nov 1989, aged 90yr, s/w George Percival Jewson, [HD]
Jewson, Leonard George, d. 5 Jun 1965, aged 44yr, Buried with George Percival & Irene Florence Jewson, [HD]
Johnstone, Ian Wallace (Tommy), d. 15 dec 1965, age 41yr, remembwered by Glady, Bruce, Phillip & Peter, [HD]
Kelly, Amos George, B. Lalbert, d. 10 Dec 1990, aged 83yr, [HD]
Kennedy, Edward William, d. 3 Apr 1988, aged 66yr, s/w Valda Patricia Kennedy, [HD]
Kennedy, Sophie Elizabeth, d. 8 May 1970, aged 79yr, s/w William Edward Kennedy, m/o Hilda, Morriss, Edward and Jack, [HD]
Kennedy, Valda Patricia, d. 2 Jul 1982, aged 52yr, s/w Edward William Kennedy, [HD]
Kerr, John Archibold, b. 27 Feb 1922, d. 2 Oct 1993, s/w Veda Ellen Kerr, f/o of 9 children, [HD]
Kerr, Kenneth James, b. 25 Mar 1951, d. 8 Feb 1992, s/w Jennifer Kerr, f/o Amanda & Justin, [HD]
Kruse, Wilhelm (Ted), d. 27 Jul 1978, aged 93yr, [HD]
Lancashire, Edward, d. 15 Sep 1952, aged 78yr, s/w Henrietta Lancashire, [HD]
Lancashire, Henrietta, d. 30 Jul 1935, aged 63yr, s/w Edward Lancashire, [HD]
Lander, John Dungey, d. 1 Jul 1937, aged 69yr, [HD]
Lavery, Alice Frances Marion, d. 14 Apr 1988, aged 92yr, s/w Barney Lavery, [HD]
Lavery, Barney, d. 8 Jun 1967, R.A.A.F., s/w Alice Lavery, f/o Marion Lavery, [HD]
Lawrence, Ruth Eleanor, d. 3 May 1920, aged 26yr, [HD]
Lewis, Keith Allan, b. 8 Dec 1923, d. 28 Dec 1992, s/w Miriam Eliza Lewis, VX72016 Private 2/23 Infantry Battalion, f/o Nancye, Shirley, Allan, Lynette, Julie & Carolyn, [HD]
Lewis, Miriam Eliza, b. 27 Nov 1926, d. 3 Oct 2000, s/w Keith Allan Lewis, m/o Nancye, Shirley, Allan, Lynette, Julie & Carolyn, [HD]
Loveridge, Alfred Ellis, d. 25 Aug 1961, aged 62yr, s/w Jeanne Elliot Loveridge, [HD]
Loveridge, Jeanne Elliot, d. 5 Apr 1985, aged 77yr, s/w Alfred Ellis Loveridge, [HD]
Loxton, Adrian Brian, b. 22 Feb 1970, d. 21 Jun 1992, aged 22yr, s/o Brian & Kathy Loxton, B/o Tanya & Sheridan, [HD]
Loxton, Lily Margaret, d. 1 Jun 1977, aged 86yr, s/w Percy Loxton, m/o Leslie, Ernesr & Joan, [HD]
Loxton, Percy, d. 19 Jun 1980, aged 90yr, s/w Lily Margaret, f/o Leslie, Ernesr & Joan, [HD]
Manley, Keith Leonard (Kevin), b. 1911, d. 18 May 1995, s/w Lorna May Manley, f/o Kevin, Joan, Stanley & Margaret, [HD]
Manley, Lorna May, b. 1916, d. 9 Jan 1991, s/w Keith Leonard Manley, m/o Kevin, Joan, Stanley & Margaret, [HD]
Marshall, Jean, b. 3 Jan 1908, d. 28 Aug 1992, s/w Joseph Marshall, m/o Ian, David & Andrew, [HD]
Marshall, Joseph William, b. 6 Aug 1906, d. 12 May 1997, s/w Jean Marshall, f.o Ian David & Andrew, [HD]
Martin, Alfred Henry Russell, b. 28 Jul 1929, d. 7 Jan 1991, s/w Marion Rose Martin, f/o Russell, Steven, Keith & Danny, [HD]
Martin, Alfred John, d. 12 Aug 1967, aged 77yr, S/w Amy Estelle Martin, [HD]
Martin, Amy Estelle, d. 18 Nov 1961, aged 64yr, s/w Alfred John Martin, [HD]
Martin, Arthur Walton, d. 17 Jun 1988, aged 92yr, s/w Theophilus Martin, [HD]
Martin, Theophilus, d. 27 Oct 1974, aged 83yr,s/w Arthur Walton Martin, [HD]
Matthews, Fred J., d. 20 Jan 1924, aged 54yr, [HD]
Mccaw, R. J (Bob), d. 8 Oct 1964, aged 75yr, late of Chalka Creek, [HD]
Mciver, Peter Edward, d. 13 Mar 1986, aged 86yr, s/w Cherie McIver, f/o Damion, Sonia & Amber, s/o Edie, [HD]
Mclean, Ethel, d. 24 Oct 1928, aged 42yr, s/w Hugh Percy McLean, [HD]
Mclean, Hugh Percy, d. 12 Nov 1971, aged 85yr, s/w Ethel McLean, [HD]
Merrett, Frederick William, d. 9 Jan 1968, aged 68yr, [HD]
Mills, Colin John, 18 Jan 1970, aged 19yr, s/o James & Rita Mills, [HD]
Mills, Emily (Martin), d. 17 May 1958, aged 76yr, s/w John Brabyn Mills, [HD]
Mills, James E, d. 20 Dec 1923, aged 43yr, 'My Dear Husband', [HD]
Mills, James Edwin, d. 27 Mar 1987, aged 70yr, s/w Rita Belle Mills, f/o Valda, James & Colin, [HD]
Mills, John Brabyn, d. 28 Oct 1928, aged 59yr, s/w Emily Mills, [HD]
Moore, Alice Edna Maud, d. 26 Mar 1982, aged 75yr, [HD]
Moore, Mervyn Sydney, d. 2 Oct 1994, aged 55yr, s/o Alice Edna Maud Moore, [HD]
Nulty, Ethel May, d. 23 Sep 1974, aged 80yr, [HD]
Nulty, James, d. 2 Jul 1967, aged 78yr, s/w Ethel May Nulty, [HD]
Oke, Bennett, d. 3 Sep 1944, aged 76yr, [HD]
Owen, John Thomas, b. 1859, d. 1933, "Erected by his Grandchildren", [HD]
Padfield, Arthur John (Paddy), b. 10 Feb 1897 Lyndhurst, Forest, d. 8 Aug 1984, [HD]
Park, Honora Catherine, d. 30 Apr 1937, aged 55yr, s/w William Leslie Park, m/o Lesley, Sylvia, Nancy, John, Joyce & June, [HD]
Park, William Leslie, d. 4 dec 1937, aged 63yr, s/w Honora Catherine Park, f/o Lesley, Sylvia, Nancy, John, Joyce & June, [HD]
Pearce, Augusta M., d. 15 Jun 1980, aged 79yr, s/w Reginald E. L. Pearce, m/o Ivan, Mervyn, Graham, Shirley & Kevin, [HD]
Pearce, Reginald E. L., d. 12 Jan 1977, aged 83yr, s/w Augusta M. Pearce, f/o Ivan, Mervyn, Graham, Shirley & Kevin, [HD]
Pearson, Ernest Alan (Jock), d. 15 Mar 1991, aged 75yr, s/w Sylvia Dorothy Pearson, "beloved husband of Margaret", [HD]
Pearson, John Ernest, d. 15 Oct 1969, aged 83yr, s/w Maud Victoria Pearson, [HD]
Pearson, Maud Victoria, d. 15 Mar 1988, aged 96yr, s/w John Ernest Pearson, [HD]
Pearson, Sylvia Dorothy, d. 14 Aug 1961, aged 42yr, s/w Ernest Alan (Jock) Pearson, [HD]
Pearson, Valentine John (Val), b. 24 May 1919, d. 10 Jan 1999, s/w Patricia Amy (Pat) Pearson, f/o Joy, Beverley, Irene, Judith, [HD]
Pfeiffer, Johannes Herman, d. 24 Jul 1950, aged 71yr, s/w Mary Pfeiffer, [HD]
Pfeiffer, Mary, d. 17 Sep 1963, aged 78yr, s/w Johannes Herman Pfeiffer, [HD]
Pickering, Desmond Maurice, d. 15 Jan 1983, aged 58yr, s/w Joyce Alison Pickering, f/o Geoffrey, Cheryl, Barry & Ricky, [HD]
Pickering, George Louis, b. 17 Jun 1921, d. 14 Oct 1997, b/o Daphne (mrs Smith), Betty (Mrs. Littlewood), Margaret, Mavis (Mrs Bell), all dec, [HD]
Pickering, George Louis, d. 29 Jul 1957, aged 75yr, s/w Margaret Jane Pickering, [HD]
Pickering, Margaret Jane, d. 7 Aug 1963, aged 79yr, s/w George Louis Pickering, [HD]
Pickering, Margaret, d. 3 Oct 1936, aged 23yr, [HD]
Ponsford, C. D., d. 16 Apr 1944, aged 30yr, VYH3432 private, 2/3 Pionewer Battalion, [HD]
Ponsford, Mary Eileen (Garner), b. 10 Jan 1915, d. 3 Feb 1993, s/w Cliff, m/o Graeme & Kay, [HD]
Roberts, Marjorie Ethel, d. 3 dec 1980, aged 8 months, d/o C. H. & A. Roberts, [HD]
Rowan, John Andrew, no dates, buried with Thomas & Lilian Florence Rowan, [HD]
Rowan, Lilian Florence, no dates, buried with Thomas & John Andrew Rowan, [HD]
Rowan, Thomas, no dates, buried with John Andrew & Lilian Florence Rowan, [HD]
Runga, Frederick, d. 12 Aug 1967, aged 81yr, [HD]
Schubert, Ida Gladys, d. 5 Jun 1986, aged 79yr, s/w Leslie William Schubert, m/o Jean, [HD]
Schubert, Leslie William, d. 1952 Tullamore, s/w Ida Gladys Schubert, f/o Jean, [HD]
Schwencke, Herbert G., d. 14 Jul 1986, [HD]
Scown, Richard Allan, d. 23 Jan 1978, aged 18yr, s/o Allan, b/o Len, Mark & Simone, [HD]
Scriven, Bill, no dates, [HD]
Shean, Arthur Victor, d. 8 Jun 1978, aged 85yr, s/w Elise Shean, m/o Leonard, [HD]
Shean, Elise, d. 13 Nov 1968, aged 78yr, s/w Arthur Victor Shean, m/o Leonard, [HD]
Small, Elizabeth, b. 4 Feb 1919, Carluke Scot., d. 18 Aug 1993, [HD]
Small, L. A. C. W., b. 1941, d. 1945, 2040559, Royal Air Force, 460 Squadron R. A. A F. Bomber command Binbrook Lincolnshire England, [HD]
Smith, Clarice L. A. (Polly), d. 26 May 1958, aged 62yr, s/w Stanley George Smith, [HD]
Smith, Daphne (Pickering), d. 11 Oct 1951, aged 41yr, [HD]
Smith, Ernest William, b. Maldon 3 May 1863, d. 16 Dec 1929, aged 66yr, s/w Dorothy,Omond (buried at Box Hill), f/o Ernest, Frederick, Dorothy, Herbert, Robert, Ivy, Verna, Ina, Stanley, Allan & Frank, [HD]
Smith, Maurice Clement, b. 11 Apr 1912, d. 7 Jan 1992, s/w Olive Annie Ollie (Cox), f/o Maurice, Dawn & Marilyn, [HD]
Smith, Minnie Elizabeth, d. 13 May 1966, aged 76yr, s/w William Edward Smith, m/o Jack & Nell, [HD]
Smith, Olive Annie Ollie (Cox), b. 26 Jun 1916, d. 15 Sep 1992, s/w Maurice Clement Smith, m/o Maurice, Dawn & Marilyn, [HD]
Smith, Stanley George, d. 22 Aug 1970, aged 65yr, s/w Clarice L. A. (Polly) Smith, [HD]
Smith, William Edward, d. 28 Sep 1971, aged 92yr, s/w Minnie Elizabeth Smith, f/o Lyla, Cyril & Cora, [HD]
Southwell, Frank Edwin, d. 4 nov 1967, aged 88yr, s/w Honor Amelia Southwell, [HD]
Southwell, Honor Amelia, d. 1 Apr 1944, aged 51yr, s/w Frank Edwin Southwell, [HD]
Southwell, Thomas Raymond, d. 26 Feb 1930, aged 16 yrs 8 mths, [HD]
Southwell, W. J., d. 5 Aug 1939, [HD]
Sporn, Adeline Pauline, d. 31 Aug 1990, aged 68yr, s/w Harold Gordon Frederick Sporn, m/o Cherie & Graeme, [HD]
Sporn, Harold Gordon Frederick, d. 9 May 1995, aged 78yr, s/w Adeline Pauline Sporn, f/o Cherie & Graeme, [HD]
Stone, Alma Esme, d. 6 Oct 1974, aged 55yr, [HD]
Summerhayes, Amy Lynne, d. 16 Jan 1991, [HD]
Summerhayes, Kate Maree, d. 16 Jan 1991, [HD]
Summers, James, d. 17 Jan 1917, aged 98yr, s/w Ellen Summers, [HD]
Swanborough, Clarence Leslie, d. 22 Feb 1982, aged 83yr, s/w Ellen Muriel Swanborough, [HD]
Swanborough, Ellen Muriel, d. 27 Jul 1962, aged 61yr, s/w Clarence Leslie Swanborough, [HD]
Swann, Archibald Philip, d. 14 Oct 1964, aged 70yr, [HD]
Trigg, Frederick Charles, b. 29 Apr 1929, d.26 Dec 1979, buried with Rueben William Trigg, [HD]
Trigg, Rueben William, d. 1 Sep 1977, aged 55yr, buried with Frederick Charles Trigg, [HD]
Tyers, Emilie, d. 14 Jul 1938, aged, s/w William Firth Tyers, [HD]
Tyers, William Firth, d. 9 Sep 1927, aged 61yr, s/w Emilie, [HD]
Vincent, Alfred Joseph, b. 30 Apr 1927, d. 16 Jul 1990, s/w Alma Edith Vincent,f/o Deborah, Gregory, Stephen & Karen, [HD]
Volk, Hilda May, b. 21 Mar 1915, d. 22 Oct 1992, s/w Walter Volk, m/o Max, Vic, Marie, Robin, Sue & Julie, [HD]
Volk, Walter, b. 5 Jul 1900, d. 22 Apr 1979, s/w Hilda May Volk, f/o Max, Vic, Marie, Robin, Sue & Julie, [HD]
Weir, Frank Lewis Gill, killed in action World war 2, [HD]
Weir, Sophia Amelia, d. 12 Oct 1978, aged 86yr, s/w Robert William Weir, m/o Hedley, Frank, Sylvia, Lila & Esme, [HD]
Weston, Helena Elizabeth, d. 21 Feb 1975, aged 73yr, s/w Lewis Edward Weston, [HD]
Weston, Lewis Edward, d. 1 Apr 1978, aged 77yr, s/w Helena Elizabeth Weston, [HD]
Whisson, C., d. 1935, [HD]
Whitford, James, d. 27 9 1917, aged 8 yrs 9 months, [HD]
Whitworth, John Harold, d. 29 dec 1960, s/w Theresa Maud Whitworth, [HD]
Whitworth, Theresa Maud, d. 17 Aug 1974, s/w John Harold Whitworth, [HD]
Wier, Robert William, d. 28 Mar 1977, aged 87yr, s/w Sophia Amelia Weir, f/o Hedley, Frank, Sylvia, Lila & Esme, [HD]
Wills, Nancy, d. 28 dec 1945, aged 81yr, b/w Oliver & Oliver Wills, [HD]
Wills, Oliver, d. 27 Aug 1946, aged 47yr, b/w Oliver & Nancy Wills, [HD]
Wills, Oliver, d. 27 Jun 1923, aged 37yr, b/w Nancy & Oliver Wills, [HD]
Wilton, Gertrude Frances (Battersby), b. 13 May 1897, d. 25 Sep 1989, s/w Thomas Percival Wilton, [HD]
Wilton, Lenard Sydney, b. 8 Jun 1924, d. 10 Jul 1996, s/w Mabel, f/o Brain, Denny, Judy & Chick, [HD]
Wilton, Nancy May, d. 23 Aug 1953, aged 22yr, d/o Thomas & Gertrude Wilton, [HD]
Wilton, Thomas Percival, d. 22 Sep 1962, aged 68yr, s/w Gertrude Frances Wilton, [HD]
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