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Williamsford-Rosebery Cemetery
West Coast Council, Tasmania, Australia

Contributed by Marie Toth, Feb 13, 2004, last edited Mar 19, 2007 [tollrose@iprimus.com.au]. Total records = 218.

The cemetery is located by driving south from Rosebery (only one road) for approx 2km, then taking the turn signposted to Williamsford and Montezuma Falls, About 1km further along that road, the cemetery is found on the right hand side, Rosebery (and the now abandoned town of Williamsford)

Both of these towns have been mining towns, hence the unusually high number of accidents shown in the listing.

Fuller details of the markers and relationships shown on them is available on my personal website, which can be found here.

I recorded all of the visible markers myself, and about half a dozen were obtained from the council records, and three were given to me verbally by relatives visiting recent burial sites. This is complete up to 4th Feb 2004.

- Marie Toth

Cemetery Records

Bacon, John Charles, d. 15 May 1940, age: 71yrs, Wife: Drucilla,
Baker, Rowlands, d. 19 Aug 193?, Wife: Eilen
Baldock, Archibald, d. 19 Jun 1972, age: 57yrs, Wife: Vyvie
Baldock, Darrell William "Darry", d. 1972, Second son of Vyvie & late Arch Baldock, Killed in a rock fall
Barnes, Claudie, d. 27 May 1989, age: 4yrs
Barnett, William Frederick, no dates
Barratt, Ray, no dates
Beck, A. W., d. 21 Oct 1942, age: 52yrs, 4434 Pte, 10 Battalion, A, I, F
Beck, George, no dates
Bellchambers, (Baby), no dates
Bennett, Arthur F. "Toddler", d. 24 Jul 1969, age: 68yrs, Wife: M, Bennett
Bennett, Edward Arthur, b. 1927, d. 1978, Eldest son of Myrtle & late Arthur Bennett
Bennett, Jane Maree, b. 1 Apr 1965, d. 24 Sep 1967, age: 2yrs, Parents: Judith & Lionel Bennett
Bennett, Michael "Tod", d. 18 Oct 1971, age: 25yrs, "Mike", "My youngest son"
Bennett, Myrtle Irene, b. 3 Mar 1909, d. 21 Oct 1992, age: 83yrs, Husband: Arthur (Toddler) Bennett
Bennion, Edward, d. 12 Apr 1953, age: 62yrs, Wife: Kate, Served with Royal Lancashire Fusiliers
Bennion, Kate, d. 24 Nov 1960, Husband: Edward Bennion
Berry, Marjorie, d. 2 Jan 1974, age: 53yrs, Husband: Hugh John Berry
Berry, Vernon John, b. 1940, d. 1998, age: 57yrs
Berryman, Claude Victor, d. 5 Aug 1963, age: 62yrs, "Dad"
Berryman, Leigh Anthony, b. 3 May 1985, d. 1 Jan 2001, age: 15yrs, Parents: Colleen & Paul
Berryman, Phyllis Coralie, d. 26 May 1965, age: 62yrs, Husband: Claude Victor Berryman, "Mum"
Bracken, Cyril James, d. 18 Oct 1966
Bracken, George, d. 27 Oct 1952, age: 87yrs, "Father"
Bracken, Katherine, d. 4 Feb 1942, age: 77yrs, "Wife & mother"
Bramwell, John Robert, d. 17 Mar 1967, age: 30yrs, Wife: Sandra, "Accidentally killed"
Britten, Barry, d. Jun 2003
Burke, Patrick, d. 25 Jan 1931, Accidentally killed landslip river with T, Crabtree and U, J, Clare
Burke, William Joseph, d. 12 Jun 1945, age: 29yrs, Memorial s/w Patrick Burke, Died Prisoner Of War, Sandakan, Borneo, VX39200 Pte, Aust, Corps of Elec, & Mech, Engineers A.I.F. 2nd Bde, Ordnance Wksp, Parents: Joseph & Constance Mary Burke of Williamsford, Shown: Panel 29, Labuan Memorial
Burns, Charles Henry "Harry", b. 26/9/1932, d. 17 Mar 1998, age: 66yrs, Child: Anne-Marie
Burns, Frances Mary, d. 14 Dec 1926, age: 65yrs, Husband: Felix Burns
Burns, Shirley Bertha, b. 3/9/1926, d. 30 May 2002, age: 76yrs, (Lacey), Nee: O'Donohue, Mother, Grandmother
Charlton, Henrietta M, d. 21 Mar 1988, Wife and mother
Clare, U. J., d. 25 Jan 1931, Gunner, Wife: Winifred, Accident, killed landslip river with T, Crabtree and P, Burke
Clark, Mark Joseph, d. 18 Jun 1957, age: 89yrs
Cobbing, Jack, no dates
Connors, Cornelius Joseph, d. 27 Mar 1948, Wife: Mary
Connors, Mary Blanche, d. 14 Jun 1966, "Aunt of Auriel"
Cook, Joseph, d. 11 Feb 1957, age: 67yrs, Wife: Rosa
Corbett, Faye, no dates
Cosgrove, Edith, no dates
Cosgrove, T, no dates
Costelloe, Gladys Muriel, b. 19/1/1923, d. 17 Nov 2000, age: 77yrs, Nee: Graue, Husband: Maurice "Cossie", Great-grandmother
Costelloe, Maurice G, d. 15 Oct 1967, age: 49yrs, Wife: Gladys, VX32010 Private 2/24 Infantry Battalion
Cox, Malcolm, no dates
Davey, Gavin Frederick, d. 8 Nov 1959, age: 8yrs, Parents: George & Jean, Accidentally killed, Traffic accident
Davey, Mark Thomas, d. 24 Nov 1971, age: 5yrs, Parents: Cedric & Jean
Dick, Avis Jean, d. 12 Jan 1972, age: 32yrs, "Wife and mother"
Dick, Michelle Jean, b. 19/2/1961, d. 9 Oct 1992, age: 31yrs, Mother: Avis Jean Dick, Sibling/s
Dick, Royce Leo "Budgie", d. 21 Aug 1973, age: 38yrs, Uncle of Michelle Jean Dick
Dick, Suzanne Kaye, b. 19/5/1956, d. 28 Nov 1956, age: 6mths, Infant daughter of Margaret & Warner
Direen, Elizabeth, d. 30 Mar 1984, age: 93yrs, Husband: late William Direen, Mother
Dodds, Franc?s Marion, no dates
Duehurst, Anthony, no dates
Duncan, A. G. W., d. 30 Apr 1968, age: 51yrs, Wife: Sylvie (Tiny), TX12247 Sergeant Army Service Corps
Dunn, Ada Lena, b. 12/12/1896, d. 1 Mar 1979, age: 82yrs, Husband: late Patrick Albert Dunn, Grand-children
Dunn, James, no dates
Dunn, Patrick Albert, b. 26 Jan 1895, d. 19 Aug 1945, age: 50yrs, Wife: Ada Lena Dunn
Dunstan, Leslie James, b. 28 Dec 1911, d. 21 Jun 2002, age: 90yrs, Wife: Thora, Great-grandfather
Dunstan, Michael Hedley, d. 11 Sep 1989, age: 16yrs, Parents: Ossie & Marg, "Died tragically"
Dunstan, Thora Beatrice, b. 8 Oct 1915, d. 7 Jan 2003, age: 87yrs, Husband: Leslie James, Great-grandmother
East, Kate Medeline, d. 16 Feb 1948, age: 75yrs, Husband: late V, E, East
East, Leslie Corbon, d. 13 Sep 1948, age: 30yrs, Parents: K.M. & late E. V. East
East, Paul, d. 2 Jan 1966
Edge, Colin Percy, d. 20 Jan 1961, age: 2hrs, "Mum & Dad"
Edgerton, Arthur, b. 1920, d. 1926
Edgerton, Leila, b. 1918, d. 1922
Edgerton, Letitia, b. 1886, d. 1933
Edgerton, Max, b. 1923, d. 1924
Edgerton, William, b. 1877, d. 1939
Edgerton, William, no dates
Emerson, Laurence, no dates
Evans, Joanne, b. 24 Feb 1969, d. 3 May 1969, age: 2mths
Fairfield, Elsie Anne, b. 29 May 1892, d. 17 Dec 1972, age: 80yrs, Husband: Thomas Fairfield
Fairfield, Thomas, b. 21 Nov 1880, d. 28 Nov 1940, age: 60yrs, Wife: Elsie Fairfield
Fenton, Alice Mary, d. , Husband: Allan Fenton
Field, Darrell John, d. 17 Nov 1973, age: 21yrs, Parents: Joyce & Johnny Field, Traffic accident
Field, John, d. Abt 2001, Wife: Joyce
Ford, Harold "Mick", d. 8 Aug 1968, Late 1st A, I, F, 49th Battalion, "Tot"
Frew, Brian John, b. 5 Mar 1966, d. 2 Dec 2001, age: 35yrs, Parents: William & Susan Frew (nee Dunstan), Children
Gannon, Timothy, d. 15 Aug 1934, age: 83yrs
Gibbons, A. O., d. 1 Feb 1980, age: 65yrs, Wife: Mary, Children, TX5486 Corporal 2/6 Infantry Battalion
Green, Bryan Clarence, d. 4 Sep 1935, age: 11mths, Parents: Mavis & Harry Green
Griffiths, Frank Gordon, d. 11 Jul 1967, age: 59yrs, Wife: Vera, Children
Grossmann, Wolfgang F, b. 30 Jan 1936, d. 2 Feb 1967
Grubb, Christine, no dates
Hampton, Linda May, d. 1 Jun 1960, age: 64yrs, Husband: William, Children
Hampton, Maxwell John, d. 14 Jul 1928, age: 11wks, Parents: V. & C. Hampton
Hampton, William Henry, d. 27 Apr 1970, age: 74yrs, Wife: Linda, Children
Hampton, William Thomas, d. 23 Apr 1939, age: 11yrs, Only son of William & Linda Hampton
Harrison, Leslie Thomas, d. 12 May 1979, age: 54yrs, Wife: Margaret, Children
Harrison, Michael John, d. 27 Sep 1970, age: 18yrs, Parents: Margaret & Leslie Harrison
Healy, Amelia, no dates
Healy, Francis "Frank", d. , age: 55yrs, Child
Healy, Michael Grant, b. 1943, d. 1968, Father: Francis (Frank)
Healy, Reginald, no dates
Hess, Ellie Mary, d. 8 Apr 1945, age: 49yrs
Hess, L., no dates
Hess, Laura, d. 9 Dec 1943, age: 77yrs, Mother
Hetherington, Ellen Janet "Nellie", d. 10 May 1943, age: 65yrs, Husband: R. J. Hetherington, Mother
Hetherington, Ian Neil, d. 25 Jul 1947, age: 6yrs, Parents: C. & R. Hetherington
Hetherington, Robert Neil, d. 1 Aug 1938, age: 22yrs, Parents: R.J. & N. Hetherington
Holohann, M, J, no dates
Howe, Rob?, no dates
Huston, Alice, d. 6 Mar 1966, age: 88yrs, Child
Huston, James Ronald, d. 1 Oct 1980, age: 67yrs, Parents: Thomas & Alice, Late 2nd A.I.F.R.A.E. TX15013 C.L.E. (G.L.E.?)
Huston, John Richard Dudley, d. 8 Dec 1986, age: 71yrs, Parents: Thomas & Alice, Siblings, Accident
Huston, Patrick Joseph, d. 16 Jul 1985, age: 80yrs, Parents: Thomas & Alice, Wife: Violet, Siblings
Huston, Robert Ambrose, b. 8 Sep 1909, d. 8 Sep 1989, age: 80yrs, Parents: Thomas & Alice, Siblings, Late A.I.F. TX15007 A.I.F.R.A.E
Huston, Thomas, d. 12 Jul 1963, age: 63yrs, Mother: Alice Huston
Huston, Violet, no dates
Jacobs, Tamara Maree, b. 1974, d. 23 Mar 1974, age: 10wks, Mother: Julie Jacobs
Jacobs, W. A. "Bill", d. 13 Jul 1973, Wife: Joyce, Child, TX9454 Private 2nd A, I, F
Johnson, Gladys, d. 5 Nov 1954, age: 70yrs, Husband: late Charles Johnson, Grandmother
Jones, Pearl Pauline, b. 1 Aug 1919, d. 6 Dec 1989, age: 70yrs, Husband: Harold, Grand-children
Kaye, Gladys Margaret, d. 1 Nov 1973, age: 63yrs, Husband: Bill Kaye, Child
Keating, Elizabeth Rose Ann, d. 15 May 1969, Mother
Keating, George, d. 8 Sep 1966, Wife: Irene, Children
Keating, Raymond, d. 18 Mar 1968
Kelly, Ellerie Ada, d. 28 Apr 1967, age: 56yrs, Husband: Leo (Mick), Mother
Kelly, Lyell Terrance, no dates
King, Leo Joseph, b. 24 Jun 1899, d. 3 Mar 1967, age: 67yrs, Siblings
Klimeck, Frank, d. 20 Mar 1938, age: 51yrs, Wife: Het, "Dad"
Klimeck, Het, d. 31 Mar 1950, age: 60yrs, Husband: Frank
Krauss, Rolf, b. 10 Aug 1929, d. 7 Feb 1970, age: 40yrs
Lancaster, Matthew "Chub", b. 21 Sep 1986, d. 6 Mar 1999, age: 12yrs, Parents: Janice & Samuel, Siblings
Lawler, Beatrice Elizabeth, b. 20 Jun 1900, d. 5 May 1972, age: 71yrs, Husband: John Thomas Lawler, Children
Lawler, John Thomas, b. 15 Mar 1898, d. 11 Dec 1960, age: 62yrs, Wife: Beatrice, Children
Lenane, Shirley Elizabeth, b. ? Jun 1937, d. 27 Jun 1988, age: 50yrs, Nee: Sullivan, Parents: Arthur Conelious & Vera Sullivan, Siblings
Lincon, (Baby), no dates
Logue, Michelle Maree, no dates
Mackrell, (Baby), d. abt, late 1950's, Baby daughter of Glennon & Zoe
Mansfield, Ernest George, d. 6 Feb 1959
Mansfield-Mee?, Myrtle Susannah, d. 26 Jun 1975, Nee: Charlton, Husband: Ernest George Mansfield, Children
Marston, Denis Charles, d. 15 Nov 1961, age: 2?yrs, Parents: Albert & Elne, Accident -Tullah
Martain, Tasman, d. 29 May 1912, age: 4yrs, Parents: W. & A. Martain
McBain, John, b. 8 Aug 1896, d. 2 Sep 1913, age: 17yrs, "Killed at the T.M.E. company"
McDonald, Raymond Joseph, d. 10 Oct 1957, age: 51yrs, Wife: Alice, Children
McKay, Nancy Isobel, d. 6 Jun 1974, w/o Ronald Francis Forbes, age: 64yrs, parents of Dawn, Margaret (Jean) and Wendy
McKay, Ronald Francis Forbes 'Major', d. c.1980, h/o Nancy Isobel
McMahon, Violet Evelyn, b. 1932, d. 1975, Nee: Wordsworth
McRedmond, Molly, d. Abt 2000
McVicars, William John, d. 1970
Meirhofer, Rudi, b. 22 Jan 1932, d. 29 Oct 1986, age: 54yrs, Wife: Dang
Melsell, Fred, no dates
Miller, Reginald Z, d. 1 Jul 1965, age: 55yrs, Wife: Patricia, Children
Miller, Robert Cecil, d. 18 May 1961, age: 71yrs
Moore, Catherine Fraser, b. 6 Jun 1897, d. 28 Aug 1968, age: 71yrs, "Mum"
O'Connor, Alice, no dates
O'Connor, Patrick, no dates
O'Dea, G, no dates
O'Dea, Matthew Gerard, b. 3 Jun 1925, d. 17 Apr 1961, age: 35yrs, Parents: William & Violet O'Dea, Wife: Faye, Children, Work accident Rosebery, Royal Australian Navy 1943-47, Active service on HMAS Kanimbla, Able Seaman PM5640
Oliver, R, no dates
Osborne, Colin Thomas, d. 15 Jan 1956, age: 2yrs
Owens, Lucy Frances, d. 21 Feb 1964, age: 88yrs
Papazachariou, Joanna Andrina, b. 9 Mar 1979, d. 12 Mar 1979, age: 3days
Pearce, Tony John, b. 14 Nov 1981, d. 24 Jan 1982, age: 2mths
Powell, Michael Francis, d. Abt 5/2003
Prees, Mary Ann, no dates
Quinn, A. C., d. 6 Oct 1968, age: 54yrs, Wife: Dorothy, Children, TX2883 Private, Army Medical Corps
Ramsdale, Kenneth Blake, d. 1968, Wife: Dulcie, Children
Ramsdale, Leanne Faye, d. 1975, age: 13mths, Parents: Susan & Roy, Siblings
Ramsdale, Roy Gordon, d. 21 Aug 1935/6?, age: 21yrs, Son of R, W, Ramsdale, Accident- memorial by father, mother and workmates
Ready, Jack, d. 20 Feb 1934, age: 17yrs, Parents: E, & M, Ready, "Drowned in the Stitz River", (Stitt River?)"
Reynolds, Murray Victor, b. 14 Mar 1947, d. 2 Jul 1966, age: 19yrs, Parents: Freda & Laurence, Siblings
Rush, Lindy Jane, b. 7 Oct 1975, d. 10 May 1976, age: 7mths
Rutherford, Roland, d. 27 Jan 1952, age: 47yrs, Wife: Evelyn, Child: Bob
Schinogl, Istvan, d. 27 Mar 1958, age: 43yrs, Children, "Came from Alag, Hungary 1951, 7 years in Rosebery", Died in mine accident
Schulz, Winifred Rose, b. 1913, d. 1963, Husband: John Donald, Children
Seen, Raymond, d. 1 Mar 1972, age: 47yrs, Wife: Edna, "Accidentally killed", Rock fall -Rosebery
Sellars, Judith Anne, d. 21 Feb 1945, age: 2 & 1/2yrs, Parents: P.J.& C.K. Sellars
Smith, Anthony "Frog", b. 2 Jul 1953, d. 8 Jul 1991, age: 38yrs, Parents: late Kathleen & Leonard, Siblings
Smith, Brian Craige, d. 29 Apr 1984, age: 19yrs, Parents: Brian & Shirley, Siblings, Motor cycle accident
Smith, Kathleen Elizabeth, d. 4 Feb 1986, age: 68yrs, Husband: Leonard, Child
Standley, Andrew, d. 2 Nov 1962
Stanley, Bertha, d. 11 Jul 1956, age: 69yrs
Stanley, Harry James, d. 23 Jul 1956, age: 78yrs
Stanley, Harry James, d. 26 Jan 1958, Parents: Bertha & Harry Stanley
Stingel, Raymond Malcolm, d. 16 Jan 1966, age: 17yrs, Parents: Des & Mavis, Traffic accident -Rosebery
Sturgales, (Baby), no dates
Sullivan, Arthur Conelious, d. 21 Jan 1973, age: 55yrs, Wife: Vera Sullivan, Children
Sullivan, Peter ??, no dates
Sullivan, Rodney Garth, d. 17 Nov 1973, age: 21yrs, Parents: Arthur Conelious & Vera Sullivan, Siblings
Taggart, Daniel Adam, b. 5 Jan 1974, d. 7 Jan 1974, age: 2mths, Parents: Marlene & Laurie, Siblings
Taggart, E, no dates
Taggart, Elsie?, no dates
Taggart, Rex Ernest, d. 27 Mar 1972, age: 59yrs, Wife: Millicent, Child
Targett, Thomas Clive, d. 16 Aug 1966, age: 42yrs, Wife: Dawn, Children, Accident, Rock fall -Rosebery
Taylor, Robert, d. 19 Dec 1942, age: 67yrs, Wife: Ann Colston Taylor
Thomas, Blanche, d. 20 Oct 1947, age: 54yrs
Thomas, Maisie Alma, d. Jul 1965, Mother
Thomas, Percy Leo, d. 1 Nov 1954, Wife: Blanche
Thompson, Dennis, b. 1951, d. 1970, Parents: Bill & Annice, Siblings
Traill, Bernard Mylne, d. 22 Apr 1929, age: 42yrs, Wife, Accident, Williamsford
Tyrell, Keith Robert, d. 21 Jul 1985, age: 37yrs, Wife: Frances, Children
Vinc, Alice, no dates
Walker, Valma May, d. 1941, age: 10yrs
Ware, Jean, d. Abt 1980's
Watson, Allan Richard Thomas, d. 22 Feb 1942, age: 23yrs, Parents: Thomas & Christina, Brother, TX5113 Private Aust, Infantry, 2/40 Bn A.I.F. Timor, Shown: Panel 5, Northern Territory Memorial
Watson, Maxwell Grameme, d. 3 Sep 1972, age: 50yrs, Parents: Thomas & Christina of Rosebery, Brother
Watson, Thomas Robert, d. 1965, Wife: Christina
Weaver, Margaret Frances, d. 3 Jun 1972, age: 52yrs, Husband: Herbert, Children
Weiderman, Clarice Aileen, d. 26 Feb 1973, age: 34yrs
Weiderman, Sherriee Lynda, d. 16 Nov 1972, age: 2 1/2 yrs, Mother: Clarice
Welling, Sterle Leslie, d. 14 Apr 1976, age: 60yrs
Wems, Joe, no dates
White, Josephine, d. 20 Nov 1932, age: 70yrs
Williams, Cecil Richard, d. 22 Aug 1964, age: 68yrs, "Sister & brothers & nieces"
Williams, Eric Archibold, d. 24 Nov 1940, Wife: Grace A, Williams, Child
Williams, Marjorie Elizabeth, b. 1903, d. 1974, Nee: Cording, Husband: Percival
Williams, Richard Henry, d. 17 Oct 1941, age: 68yrs, Wife: Lucy
Williams, Robert Percival, b. 1891, d. 1962, Wife: Marjorie Elizabeth
Williamson, Samuel, d. 9 Jan 1963, age: 33yrs, Wife: Ellen, Child, Accident -Rosebery, (Fire officer killed when fire tanker overturned on way to fire, )
Winskill, Beverley, b. 29 Jul 1940, d. 27 Apr 2003, age: 63yrs, Nee Browne, Husband: William David Winskill, Daughter
Winskill, Mary Ellen, d. 28 Nov 1943, "Mum"
Worsley, Alonzo Albert, b. 14 Dec 1893, d. 1 Dec 1960, age: 66yrs, Wife: Dorothy Ringville Worsley (nee Burns)
Worsley, Dorothy Ringville, b. 12 Apr 1900, d. 31 May 1966, age: 66yrs, Parents: late Frances & Felix Burns
Worsley, Richard Horace, d. 6 Sep 1926, age: 31yrs, Accident, memorial by wife and workmates

Rutherford,, no dates
Burns,, no dates
Wem,, no dates
Thor,, no dates
Sheperd,, no dates
?owling, Jo?n, b. 22 Aug 1992, d. 22 Aug 1992, age: 1day
??, Arthur George, no dates
B/H/oward, ??, Edward, b. 1 Apr ????, d. age: 80yrs

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