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Jamestown Cemetery
Jamestown, Northern Areas, South Australia

Contributed by Leonard "Spike" Jones, Mar 10, 2001 [ekips@ozemail.com.au].

Dates are listed as: day/month/year

ULINTZ, Albert, age 74, bur. 13/05/1915, Plot: DN24
USHER, Alfred George, age 66, bur. 10/06/1959, Plot: CD6, h.o. Vera.
USHER, George R., age 50, bur. 12/05/1909, Plot: DU17, h.o. Mary Annie.
USHER, Mary Annie, age 79, bur. 13/10/1946, Plot: DU17, w.o. George R.
USHER, Vera, age 86, bur. 19/01/1979, Plot: CD5, w.o. Alfred George.
USHER, William Thomas, age 2y6mo, bur. 18/06/1891, Plot: BR19, Eldest s.o. G.&M.A.
VAN ROEKEL, Joanna Antonetta, age 88, bur. 20/12/1994, Plot: EE24, w.o. Lowie.
VAN ROEKEL, Lodovicus (Lowie), age 81, bur. 16/02/1988, Plot: EE25, h.o. Ann.
VAN ROEKEL, Lodovicus Francis (Luke), age 26, bur. 22/09/1969, Plot: EE26, M.V.A., Accidentally killed.
VEAITCH, Alice Alexandria, age 76, bur. 23/08/1943, Plot: BJ18
VEAITCH, Annie Elizabeth, age 75, bur. 24/10/1951, Plot: BJ17, BJxx
VICTORY, Anastasia, age 42, bur. 29/06/1916, Plot: FB22, w.o. Timothy.
VINCE, William Chichester Albert., age 36, bur. 31/08/1878, Plot: BQ30, Quarry accident.
VOHR, Oscar Edwin, age 2wks, bur. 07/07/1880, Plot: CO2
WADE, David, age 19, bur. 22/12/1894, Plot: CF1
WADE, Ellen Elizabeth, age 5mo, bur. 11/01/1882, Plot: FI18
WADE, Joseph, age 44, bur. 15/11/1876, Plot: BO32
WADE, Maria, age 45, bur. 04/06/1885, Plot: BP11
WAIT, Kenneth Price, age 14y10mo, bur. 24/12/1919, Plot: EA20, s.o. A.&L.
WALKER, Alfred K., age 14, bur. 03/06/1887, Plot: BN24
WALKER, James, age 63, bur. 13/08/1914, Plot: 0
WALKER, Sarah, age 33, bur. 13/10/1890, Plot: BS15, Daughter Florrie Eliz. Bn. 28/07/90 on hdstn, no burial record., w.o. George.
WALKER, Wells Mattinson, age 65, bur. 19/11/1973, Plot: EA25
WALL, John, age 69, bur. 16/01/1926, Plot: HD10
WALL, Mary Craig, age 7dys, bur. 03/01/1887, Plot: CN23
WALLACE, Elba Ann, age 81, bur. 17/12/1950, Plot: HA4, w.o. John WALLACE. d.o. John and Mary KEAN.
WALSH, ??, age Stillborn, bur. 10/05/1876, Plot: 0
WALSH, Frank, bur. 07/07/1904, Plot: GI17
WALSH, Inf., age Stlbn, bur. 17/03/1958, Plot: FG7
WALSH, John, age 33, bur. 20/05/1891, Plot: GG17
WALSH, Kym James, age 1dy, bur. 06/07/1948, Plot: FG6
WALSH, Muriel, age 57, bur. 07/01/1917, Plot: FD20
WALSH, Peter, age 41, bur. 04/07/1883, Plot: BH19
WALSH, Peter, age 6mo, bur. 31/12/1882, Plot: GG18
WALSH, Peter, age 73, bur. 16/02/1910, Plot: GB13
WALSH, William Patrick, age 2wks, bur. 06/02/1883, Plot: GH17
WALTON, Ann Gertrude, age 92, bur. 11/12/1984, Plot: BC23, p.o. Nell, Gordon, Rita, Ida, Eric, Beryl, Bill, Norman, Ray and Audrey.
WALTON, David William Frederick, age 71, bur. 28/04/1961, Plot: BC24, h.o. Ann Gertrude. p.o. Nell, Gordon, Rita, Ida, Eric, Beryl, Bill, Norman, Ray and Audrey.
WALTON, Roland, age 87, bur. 23/09/1969, Plot: DD22, Also stone for Gladys May, h.o. Gladys. f.o. Roger.
WARNER, Alfred Harry, age 72, bur. 10/10/1930, Plot: CI19, h.o. Martha Jane.
WARNER, Amos Murrie, age 81, bur. 16/04/1991, Plot: EJ13
WARNER, Hazel Beryl Templer, age 78, bur. 23/09/1991, Plot: EJ13, w.o. Murrie, sis.o. Myrtle RAWLINS.
WARNER, Herbert John, age 63, bur. 04/11/1942, Plot: DG23
WARNER, Martha Jane, age 89y 8mo, bur. 02/12/1955, Plot: CI20, w.o. Alfred Harry.
WARNER, Mary Ann, age 29, bur. 13/12/1890, Plot: BS19
WARNER, Maud, age 85, bur. 14/02/1973, Plot: DG25, w.o. Herbert John.
WARNEST, Laurel Myrtle, age 62, bur. 16/09/1980, Plot: DG9, w.o. Paul Edwin. p.o. Elaine, Kathleen, Robert and Faye.
WARNEST, Paul Edwin (Ted), age 74, bur. 23/12/1983, Plot: DG8, h.o. Laurel aso Adelia. p.o. Elaine, Kathleen, Robert and Faye.
WARREN, Benjamin, age 53, bur. 09/07/1922, Plot: BG32
WARREN, William, age 18, bur. 10/01/1875, Plot: 0
WATKINS, Ivy Pearl May, age 56, bur. 19/12/1952, Plot: BZ28, White Painted Railing, w.o. John. p.o. Jean Pearl.
WATKINS, John Frederick, age 62, bur. 15/04/1954, Plot: BZ29, White Painted railings p.o. Jeannie., h.o. Ivy, p.o. Jean Pearl.
WATKINS, Lewis, age 45, bur. 24/02/1874, Plot: 0
WATT, Gordon George, age 21, bur. 10/12/1879, Plot: BP29
WATT, Thomas, age 4, bur. 08/03/1878, Plot: BP28
WEANER, John, age 81, bur. 18/04/1878, Plot: BO32
WEBB, Richard Charles, age 74, bur. 19/09/1983, Plot: DF11, h.o. Nell, p.o. Beverly David, Neil and Jackie.
WEBB, Roma Nell, age 70, bur. 11/12/1990, Plot: DF10, w.o. Dick. p.o. Beverly David, Neil and Jackie.
WEBB, William, age 52, bur. 21/04/1886, Plot: BP17
WECKERT, Friedrich William, age 75, bur. 22/08/1896, Plot: BS9, a.k.a. William (One of two stones written in German)., b. 20/03/1821.
WEDDING, Annice, age 52, bur. 07/07/1938, Plot: BJ11, w.o. T.J.
WEDDING, Carl James, bur. 16/03/1923, Plot: BJ23, s.o. Johann Frederick.
WEDDING, Cora Irene, age 73, bur. 01/03/1963, Plot: AF15
WEDDING, Hermann Frederick, age 43, bur. 31/05/1930, Plot: AF16, h.o. Cora Irene
WEDDING, Johann Frederick, age 71, bur. 15/06/1923, Plot: BJ22
WEDDING, Johanna Elizabeth, age 81, bur. 26/03/1942, Plot: BJ21
WEHR, Alma Gertrude, bur. 04/08/1913, Plot: DP22
WEHR, Ernest Raymond, age 78, bur. 08/10/1977, Plot: DL7, h.o. Linda Mary, p.o. John and Mollie.
WEHR, Johann Heinrich, age 63, bur. 07/02/1922, Plot: DP23, f.o. Alma Gertrude.
WEHR, Linda Mary, age 84, bur. 23/01/1988, Plot: DL8, w.o. Ernest Raymond, p.o. John and Mollie.
WEHR, Mildred May, age 1dy, bur. 09/09/1931, Plot: DP23
WEHRMANN, Amelia Augusta, age 64, bur. 07/02/1906, Plot: AN3, w.o. Wilhelm.
WEHRMANN, Amelia Minnie, age 87, bur. 24/05/1963, Plot: BE31, w.o. Reinhold Otto.
WEHRMANN, Anne Naomi, age 90, bur. 26/03/1969, Plot: BI13, w.o. Franklin.
WEHRMANN, Daniel, age 20hrs, bur. 14/04/1982, Plot: DH6, Inf. of trevor and Cheryl.
WEHRMANN, Elsie Beatrice, age 78, bur. 14/06/1990, Plot: BE29
WEHRMANN, Elsie Myrtle, age 82, bur. 21/03/1990, Plot: ED10, w.o. Harry Otto, p.o. Gwenda , Eric and Judith.
WEHRMANN, Emil, age 64, bur. 21/12/1952, Plot: DZ25, h.o. Leonora.
WEHRMANN, Franklin A., age 50, bur. 23/10/1957, Plot: BI14, h.o. Naomi.
WEHRMANN, Frederick Charles, age 87, bur. 24/04/1990, Plot: DE5, h.o. Minnie, p.o. Brian, Alwyn, Barbara, Joan and John.
WEHRMANN, Gordon Keith, age 58, bur. 13/03/1974, Plot: BE30
WEHRMANN, Harry Otto, age 70, bur. 14/12/1970, Plot: ED10, h.o. Elsie Myrtle. p.o. Gwenda , Eric and Judith.
WEHRMANN, Henry, age 1wk, bur. 01/08/1883, Plot: GG18
WEHRMANN, Isabella Alice, age 33, bur. 11/03/1896, Plot: CQ14
WEHRMANN, Ivan William, age 77, bur. 23/04/1990, Plot: DO9, h.o. Marjorie Jean p.o. Bill, Nella, Rob, Yvenne and Helen.
WEHRMANN, Leonora E., age 76, bur. 28/07/1964, Plot: DZ24, w.o. Emil.
WEHRMANN, Marjorie Jean, age 58, bur. 08/07/1974, Plot: DO10, w.o. Ivan p.o. Bill, Nella, Rob, Yvenne and Helen.
WEHRMANN, Minnie Christina, age 84, bur. 23/05/1985, Plot: DE6, w.o. Frederick, p.o. Brian, Alwyn, Barbara, Joan and John.
WEHRMANN, Norman Harold, age 67, bur. 20/07/1981, Plot: BE29
WEHRMANN, Paul Ivan, age 25, bur. 25/05/1998, Plot: EM3
WEHRMANN, Reinhold Otto, age 66, bur. 29/10/1941, Plot: BE32
WEHRMANN, Robert Colin, age 51, bur. 19/11/1997, Plot: EM2
WEHRMANN, Roger, age Stlbn, bur. 30/05/1970, Plot: DD18, Son of Janice and William.
WEHRMANN, Sheila Melba, age 52, bur. 04/04/1972, Plot: DR7, Died as a result of accident p.o. Laraine, Marlene and Trevor.
WEHRMANN, Walter Richard, age 55, bur. 04/04/1972, Plot: DR8, Died as a result of accident p.o. Laraine, Marlene and Trevor.
WEHRMANN, Wilhelm Heinrich, age 65, bur. 01/01/1931, Plot: CQ14
WEHRMANN, Wilhelm, age 88, bur. 28/09/1928, Plot: AN4, h.o. Amelia.
WEIR, Mary, age 59, bur. 07/08/1903, Plot: AU12
WELBOURNE, Edith May, age 9.5mo, bur. 09/01/1898, Plot: BT14
WELBOURNE, Maud Lillian, age 7, bur. 21/03/1893, Plot: BR27
WELBOURNE, Richard, age 4mo, bur. 15/12/1893, Plot: BT14
WELLER, Ellen, age 40, bur. 18/03/1886, Plot: DE18
WELLS, Eric Charles, age 71, bur. 22/11/1988, Plot: EH14, h.o. Jean.
WELLS, Raymond Edwin, age 50, bur. 02/07/1990, Plot: EJ28, h.o. Margaret, f.o. Graham, Jodie and Anthony.
WELLS, Ronald Frederick, age 68, bur. 28/02/1980, Plot: DI7, h.o. Gladys. f.o. Ray, Paul and Colin.
WENHAM, Anne Teresa, age 12, bur. 28/08/1972, Plot: EZ15, Accidentally killed
WENHAM, Daphne Yvonne, age 71, bur. 14/07/1992, Plot: EJ3, w.o. Ronald, m.o. Ian, Jill and Pam.
WENHAM, Hilda Clarice, age 81, bur. 25/08/1970, Plot: AC14, m.o. Bert, Ron, Alby and Merv.
WENHAM, Inf. Daughter, age Stlbn, bur. 07/06/1950, Plot: AZ3, Date hdstn 1951 Same hdstn as E.B. & Y. Jones., Infant daughter of Ron and Daph..
WENHAM, Sydney, age 93, bur. 09/06/1973, Plot: AC13, f.o. Bert, Ron, Alby and Merv.
WEST, Alfred Robert, age 72, bur. 13/06/1960, Plot: AC8, f.o. Carmen (HALL)
WEST, Amy Florence, age 84, bur. 15/09/1970, Plot: AC7, m.o. Carmen (HALL)
WESTERN, James, age 24, bur. 04/07/1876, Plot: CN6
WESTLEY, John Thomas, age 3, bur. 26/07/1883, Plot: BO13
WESTLEY, William David, age 16mo, bur. 10/11/1886, Plot: BQ14
WESTON, Melton Phillip, age 18mo, bur. 24/12/1919, Plot: DP19, Same hdstn as MATES
WHEATLEY, James, age 85, bur. 23/05/1881, Plot: CM22
WHITE, Alfred Wentworth, age 69, bur. 12/11/1949, Plot: BZ4, p.o. Joyce, Hazel and Victor.
WHITE, Alma Marie, age 78, bur. 16/09/1968, Plot: BZ3, Ashes., p.o. Joyce, Hazel and Victor.
WHITE, Bessie, age 11, bur. 15/12/1916, Plot: AN6
WHITE, Catherine Margaret, age 52, bur. 21/01/1914, Plot: AN6, d.o. E. COCKS. w.o. John F.
WHITE, Colin William (Carpy), age 73, bur. 18/06/1997, Plot: B50, SX15077 h.o. Hilda, f.o. Roselie, Norleen and Elaine.
WHITE, Edith Emile, age 9wks, bur. 31/12/1876, Plot: BN16
WHITE, George Ilton, age 50, bur. 16/09/1954, Plot: GZ31, h.o. Olive Margaret, s.o. William and Mary
WHITE, Gus, bur. 03/12/1996, Plot: EL9, Inf. s.o. Deborah and Paul, b.o. Jake and Matt.
WHITE, Gwedoline Smithfield, age 52, bur. 31/01/1965, Plot: DC21, p.o. Ron, Ted, Doris and Margaret.
WHITE, Hannah Elizabeth, age 84, bur. 01/10/1939, Plot: DH25, m.o. Rev A.H. WHITE.
WHITE, Inf., bur. 15/04/1907, Plot: GC19
WHITE, John Field, age 75, bur. 21/10/1923, Plot: AN6
WHITE, Leonard Walter, age 64, bur. 19/07/1974, Plot: DC22, p.o. Ron, Ted, Doris and Margaret.
WHITE, Mary, age 58, bur. 18/10/1924, Plot: FD22
WHITE, Melba, age 5, bur. 07/01/1916, Plot: DM14, Died of diphtheria.
WHITE, Norman Harold, age 63, bur. 10/01/1993, Plot: EL28, h.o. Nellie, f.o. Robin, Judy, Susan, Philip and Joanne.
WHITE, Olive Margaret, age 84, bur. 25/09/1975, Plot: GZ30, w.o. George Ilton, d.o. William and Annie COX
WHITE, Ollingsworth Ivy Muriel, age 68, bur. 15/02/1960, Plot: CD18
WHITE, Patricia Ann, age 1, bur. 08/09/1937, Plot: DI21
WHITE, Reginald James, age 75, bur. 27/04/1977, Plot: DC10
WHITE, Samuel, age 25, bur. 03/01/1898, Plot: CE3
WHITE, William W., age 67, bur. 13/09/1958, Plot: CD17, William Walter, h.o. Ivy
WHITE, Winifred May, age 65, bur. 09/05/1973, Plot: DK28
WHITEHORNE, Alice Mary Maude, age 78, bur. 20/08/1955, Plot: AD7
WHITELEY, Annie Elizabeth, age 91, bur. 15/05/1985, Plot: DE9, m.o. Gladys, Ernie, Elsie, Douglas, Jean, June and Malcolm.
WHITEMAN, James, age 59, bur. 03/03/1894, Plot: DE24
WHITHORN, John James Edward, age 48, bur. 20/01/1953, Plot: HZ11, h.o. Mabel, f.o. John and Morris.
WHYTE, William, age 78, bur. 08/12/1942, Plot: HI3
WIGHT, Adelaide Mathilda, age 72, bur. 26/09/1939, Plot: DH22
WILKIN, Laminka, age 55, bur. 26/04/1972, Plot: EZ19, m.o. Annette, Veronica and Graham.
WILKIN, Ronald, age 6mo, bur. 13/02/1926, Plot: BH9
WILKINS, Eber Aquila, age 81, bur. 28/06/1954, Plot: DZ3, h.o. Maria Fanny.
WILKINS, George Edwin, age 79, bur. 11/09/1959, Plot: AC18, p.o. Ila and Harold.
WILKINS, Herbert David, age 80, bur. 16/09/1965, Plot: DC25, h.o. Myrtle.
WILKINS, Maria Fanny, age 80, bur. 27/05/1959, Plot: DZ4, w.o. Eber Aquila.
WILKINS, Myrtle, age 81, bur. 07/07/1970, Plot: DC26, w.o. Herbert.
WILKINS, Robert Dudley, age 63, bur. 03/01/1975, Plot: DO1, h.o. Laurel, f.o. Desmond, Ronald, Marie and Heather.
WILKINS, Unity, age 94, bur. 20/06/1976, Plot: AC17, p.o. Ila and Harold.
WILKINSON, Effie Mabel, age 18, bur. 01/02/1897, Plot: BQ1, d.o. James and Effie
WILKINSON, Hannah Jane, age 66, bur. 04/08/1936, Plot: CH3, p.o. Herbert E.
WILKINSON, Herbert Samuel James, age 73, bur. 26/09/1945, Plot: CH4, p.o. Herbert E.
WILKINSON, James Harold, age 5, bur. 23/04/1885, Plot: BQ4, s.o. James and Effie
WILKINSON, Leon Rex, age 19, bur. 28/03/1970, Plot: EC6, M.V.A., s.o. Norman and Jean.b.o. Norma. B. in L. of Trevor.
WILKINSON, Mercy, age 42, bur. 16/07/1896, Plot: BQ2, w.o. James.
WILKINSON, Norma Merle, age 21y11mo, bur. 21/07/1943, Plot: BE20, d.o. H.E. & E.E.
WILKINSON, Norman Stanley, age 76, bur. 15/05/1986, Plot: EC5, h.o. Jean. f.o. Norma and Rex.(Dec).
WILKINSON, Oswald Gordon, age 3, bur. 22/01/1887, Plot: BQ3, s.o. James and Effie
WILLIAMS, Alexander, age 5mo, bur. 12/04/1898, Plot: CP19
WILLIAMS, Alice, age 4dys, bur. 07/10/1875, Plot: BM9
WILLIAMS, Annie May, age 8, bur. 15/04/1880, Plot: CS21
WILLIAMS, Aubrey Leonard (Sugar), age 64, bur. 07/05/1994, Plot: EE21, h.o. Margaret. f.o. Anthony, Christopher, Mary-anne and Gabrielle.
WILLIAMS, Barton Hunt, age 66, bur. 07/01/1968, Plot: DD27
WILLIAMS, Benjamin, age 69, bur. 14/12/1952, Plot: CQ24, p.o. Dorrie, Laurel, Thelma and Marj.
WILLIAMS, Catherine, age 7mo, bur. 11/02/1875, Plot: 0
WILLIAMS, David Alexander, age 30, bur. 14/04/1944, Plot: DG13, Date ??, h.o. Sylvia f.o. Beverly.
WILLIAMS, David Thomas, age 83, bur. 15/06/1967, Plot: DG15, p.o. Daisy, Robert, Colin and Alex.
WILLIAMS, Edward, age 7mo, bur. 09/02/1875, Plot: 0
WILLIAMS, Elizabeth Agnes, age 80, bur. 08/04/1974, Plot: DG16, p.o. Daisy, Robert, Colin and Alex.
WILLIAMS, Elizabeth Ann, age 2, bur. 09/02/1882, Plot: CP19
WILLIAMS, Ellen Hetty, age 66, bur. 30/06/1961, Plot: CQ23, p.o. Dorrie, Laurel, Thelma and Marj
WILLIAMS, Eric Joseph Clarence, age 75, bur. 12/07/1969, Plot: EE22, h.o. Mary Jane. f.o. Reginald, Donald, Bronte, Valda, Aubrey, Shirley and Kathleen. 1955 Private. 5th. Pioneer Battallion.
WILLIAMS, Esther Elizabeth, age 25, bur. 23/11/1885, Plot: BN9
WILLIAMS, Fanny Louise, age 80, bur. 13/05/1908, Plot: CN4, w.o. Richard.
WILLIAMS, Florence Ann T., age 15mo, bur. 23/10/1890, Plot: CS20, b. 06/07/1889.
WILLIAMS, Francis Alberta, bur. 21/07/1960, Plot: AC4, b. 30/08/1883 ( SABR) A.77yrs, w.o. John
WILLIAMS, Geoffery Craig, age 16, bur. 20/01/1986, Plot: EH25, s.o. Des and Val, b.o. Peter Accidentally killed.
WILLIAMS, Gertrude Rachel, age 42, bur. 24/07/1929, Plot: CS18, w.o. James Looke.
WILLIAMS, Gwendoline, age 1dy, bur. 31/01/1919, Plot: CQ23
WILLIAMS, Hilda Maud, age 59, bur. 01/05/1939, Plot: BR2, w.o. Joseph.
WILLIAMS, James Looke, age 82, bur. 02/11/1969, Plot: CS19, h.o. Gertrude Rachael.
WILLIAMS, James Scholar Archibald Manay, age 9mo, bur. 02/06/1883, Plot: CS22
WILLIAMS, James, age 9, bur. 20/02/1889, Plot: CR22
WILLIAMS, John Henry, age 69, bur. 30/03/1950, Plot: BZ9, h.o. Vera Ellen, p.o. Jean, Jack, Pearl, Ron, Joyce, Len, Joe and Melva
WILLIAMS, John, age 12hrs, bur. 01/06/1966, Plot: AQ2
WILLIAMS, John, age 30, bur. 17/07/1875, Plot: 0
WILLIAMS, John, age 81, bur. 27/12/1960, Plot: AC3, h.o. Frances Alberta.
WILLIAMS, John, age 96, bur. 15/05/1933, Plot: CP19
WILLIAMS, Joseph, age 65, bur. 04/07/1947, Plot: BR1, h.o. Margaret Johanna.
WILLIAMS, Josephine, age 7mo, bur. 10/10/1890, Plot: CS22
WILLIAMS, Julah Hannah, age 33, bur. 21/07/1884, Plot: CR22
WILLIAMS, Kingsley Jack, age 73, bur. 10/02/1989, Plot: DH1, h.o. Thelma Mary. p.o. Allan and Ross.
WILLIAMS, Margaret J., age 58, bur. 04/07/1959, Plot: BI9, w.o. Joseph. m.o. Julia. d.o. Anna & Andrew LAWRIE.
WILLIAMS, Mary Jane, age 93, bur. 14/09/1995, Plot: EE23, w.o. Eric. m.o. Reginald, Donald, Bronte, Valda, Aubrey, Shirley and Kathleen.
WILLIAMS, Peter, age 5dys, bur. 28/12/1932, Plot: CH16
WILLIAMS, Richard Henry, age 48, bur. 16/11/1899, Plot: CN5, Date
WILLIAMS, Ronald James, age 84, bur. 05/01/2000, Plot: EN1
WILLIAMS, Rowena, age 32, bur. 07/06/1925, Plot: BT3, Hdstn for R.C. ??
WILLIAMS, Rupert Carlyle, age 82, bur. 22/08/1992, Plot: EK1
WILLIAMS, Thelma Mary, age 66, bur. 05/09/1983, Plot: DH2, w.o. Kingsley Jack, p.o. Allan and Ross.
WILLIAMS, Thomas, age 1, bur. 28/11/1941, Plot: CE12
WILLIAMS, Thomas, age 57, bur. 06/03/1908, Plot: CR21, h.o. Julah and Maria.
WILLIAMS, Vera Ellen, age 85, bur. 25/06/1985, Plot: BZ9, w.o. John Henry, p.o. Jean, Jack, Pearl, Ron, Joyce, Len, Joe and Melva
WILLIAMS, Vera Neale, age 7wks, bur. 15/09/1885, Plot: BN10
WILLIAMS, William, age 1day, bur. 21/07/1884, Plot: CR21
WILLIAMS, Winnifred Daisy, age 6mo, bur. 23/12/1882, Plot: BM10
WILLS, Bertha Lillian, age 3dys, bur. 24/08/1896, Plot: BT24
WILMSHURST, Elizabeth, age 87, bur. 20/08/1945, Plot: DG22, w.o. Frederick.
WILMSHURST, Frederick John, age 87, bur. 24/07/1940, Plot: DG21
WILSDON, Edith Jane, age 80, bur. 16/04/1960, Plot: CI1, w.o. Harry. p.o. Ruth, Ellis Myrtle and Edie.
WILSDON, Ellis Victor Harry, age 37, bur. 08/01/1943, Plot: BE17, h.o. Nellie Irene. f.o. Don, Ralph, John and Graham.
WILSDON, Esther Stella Ruth, age 77, bur. 08/11/1980, Plot: DK1, d.o. Edith and Harry sis.o. Myrtle, Ellis and Edie.
WILSDON, Harry, age 69, bur. 24/02/1941, Plot: CI2, Chk date., h.o. Edith. p.o. Ruth, Ellis Myrtle and Edie.
WILSDON, May, age 80, bur. 17/07/1982, Plot: BH6
WILSON, Arthur Edwin, age 75, bur. 24/02/1965, Plot: CT13
WILSON, Audrey Prior, age 8mo, bur. 01/09/1916, Plot: DN15
WILSON, Barbara Ann L., age 22, bur. 30/03/1959, Plot: CD11, w.o. Max, m.o. Thomas, Christine, Peter and Heather.
WILSON, Catherine Mc Coll (Kate), age 29, bur. 01/04/1903, Plot: AT16, Died of Cerebro-Spinal meningitis contracted in the discharge of her duties as a nurse at Jamestown Hospital.
WILSON, Ellen, age 18, bur. 29/12/1902, Plot: AQ8
WILSON, Ethel Eliza, age 37, bur. 13/10/1937, Plot: DJ16, w.o. Herbert. m.o. Violet, Alexander, Leslie, Reginald and Edwin. d.o. Mr. & Mrs. J.J. BACON.
WILSON, Francis John, age 5wks, bur. 12/06/1900, Plot: GE20
WILSON, George, age 58, bur. 16/03/1886, Plot: DE17
WILSON, Henry William (Harry), age 49, bur. 10/03/1947, Plot: CE24, p.o. Lavee and Harry.
WILSON, Henry, age 72, bur. 28/10/1931, Plot: DK20
WILSON, Herbert Edward, age 86, bur. 07/01/1985, Plot: DJ15, 576246 Private. 17 Battallion London Regiment. h.o. Ethel. p.o. Violet, Alexander, Leslie, Reginald and Edwin.
WILSON, Inf., age Stlbn, bur. 01/12/1929, Plot: HD4
WILSON, James, age 30, bur. 25/11/1876, Plot: CN19
WILSON, Lily Agnes, age 16y6mo, bur. 04/05/1922, Plot: HD4
WILSON, Lily, age 13mo, bur. 11/03/1902, Plot: BT13
WILSON, Maleta Mary (Girly), age 8, bur. 19/05/1922, Plot: HC1
WILSON, Nellie Florence, age 54, bur. 05/03/1956, Plot: CE23, m.o. Lavee and Harry.
WILSON, Patrick Joseph, age 77, bur. 29/03/1975, Plot: EE2
WILSON, Roy, age 6hrs, bur. 31/07/1897, Plot: BT13
WILSON, Sarah Ann, age 5mo, bur. 10/12/1893, Plot: BT13
WILSON, Thomas, age 22, bur. 05/06/1926, Plot: BH6, h.o. May.
WINGATE, Alfred L., age 17, bur. 20/03/1916, Plot: DN13, Alfred Leslie, s.o. J.E. & M.J.
WISNEVSKE, Frank P., age 22, bur. 07/01/1930, Plot: HF7, Motor Cycle Accident in Ayr St., Accidentally killed.
WISNEVSKE, Jessie Elizabeth, age 65, bur. 19/12/1962, Plot: BC15
WISNEVSKE, John Bernard, age 91, bur. 12/04/1991, Plot: BC15, h.o. Jessie Elizabeth
WISNEVSKE, Mary Ann, age 59, bur. 07/01/1932, Plot: HF8, m.o. Frank.
WISNEVSKE, Paul Michael, age 86, bur. 07/03/1961, Plot: HF8, h.o. Mary. f.o. Frank.
WITHEREN, Andrew, age 32, bur. 04/03/1886, Plot: DF18
WITLOCK, John, age 51, bur. 25/04/1919, Plot: AH6
WOIDT, Anthea Noreen, age 12, bur. 30/03/1974, Plot: DP6, d.o. Irene and John, sis.o. Keith, Graham, Kathleen, Rosalie, Helen, Grant, Elizabeth and Veronica.
WOIDT, John Friedrich, age 89, bur. 10/06/1998, Plot: DP5
WOLF, Siegfried, age 29, bur. 15/11/1957, Plot: AD1, One of only two headstones written entirely in German.
WOOD, Agnes Eveline, age 85, bur. 23/11/1982, Plot: BF17
WOOD, Fensiella Eleanor, age 1, bur. 21/01/1882, Plot: BO5
WOOD, Gilbert, age 82, bur. 10/11/1967, Plot: BF16, h.o. Agnes Evaline. (Eva)
WOODHOUSE, Dorothy Clair, age 10dys, bur. 31/10/1913, Plot: AK3
WOODMAN, Henry, age 24, bur. 25/06/1876, Plot: CM4
WOODS, Elizabeth, age 49, bur. 28/03/1900, Plot: AS16
WOOLCOCK, John, age 37, bur. 30/03/1940, Plot: HH8, s.o. J.H.
WREFARD, Elen Sophia, age 6, bur. 08/12/1877, Plot: BN18, WREFORD
WURST, Carl Wilhelm, age 94, bur. 20/08/1999, Plot: EM15
WYATT, Julia Florence E., age 11mo, bur. 22/01/1887, Plot: CQ22, d.o. W.H.
WYATT, William Henry, age 37, bur. 06/04/1886, Plot: CQ21, h.o. Julia.
YEATES, Carmel Bayliss, bur. 06/05/1990, Plot: EZ8, d.o. Edmund and Winifred MROSEK, w.o Peter, m.o. Mark, Joseph, Mary and Angela.
YEATES, Catherine, age 88, bur. 30/05/1973, Plot: EZ9, w.o. John Allan. m.o. Peter and Mary.
YEATES, George Barr, age 78, bur. 30/09/1902, Plot: CU9
YEATES, John Allan (Kip), age 90, bur. 18/11/1979, Plot: EZ10
YEATES, Louisa Rebecca, age 82, bur. 20/01/1919, Plot: CU10
YELLAND, Arthur John, age 5mo, bur. 03/12/1889, Plot: GG8
YELLAND, Horace, age 10mo, bur. 27/01/1894, Plot: GG8
YON, Peter, age 3hrs, bur. 12/11/1939, Plot: DI14
YOUNG, ??, age Stlbn, bur. 17/04/1947, Plot: DH21
YOUNG, Alice May, age 88, bur. 05/02/1972, Plot: DH19, w.o. George Norman.
YOUNG, Amy Callis, age 78, bur. 01/04/1993, Plot: EA5, w.o. William m.o. Trevor and John.
YOUNG, Charles, age 19, bur. 26/01/1881, Plot: DF13
YOUNG, George Norman, age 54, bur. 26/05/1941, Plot: DH20, h.o. Alice May.
YOUNG, Isaac John, age 53, bur. 17/11/1973, Plot: DP10, h.o. Amy.
YOUNG, Myrtle, age 45, bur. 24/04/1954, Plot: DZ10
YOUNG, William Norman, age 51, bur. 27/07/1965, Plot: EA4, h.o. Amy.
ZERBE, Clement Frederick, age 86, bur. 27/10/1998, Plot: EM9
ZILM, ??, bur. 04/05/1924, Plot: BH23
ZIMMERMANN, Carl A., age 90, bur. 16/06/1914, Plot: DN28
ZIMMERMANN, Hermann, age 47, bur. 24/12/1934, Plot: DU16
ZIMMERMANN, Johann Ferdinand, age 67, bur. 26/09/1899, Plot: AS6
ZIMMERMANN, Mary Anne Louisa, bur. 12/01/1976, Plot: DU16
ZUCHE, Sophia, age 70, bur. 30/12/1880, Plot: CO12

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