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Jamestown Cemetery
Jamestown, Northern Areas, South Australia

Contributed by Leonard "Spike" Jones, Mar 10, 2001 [ekips@ozemail.com.au].

Dates are listed as: day/month/year

SAINT, ??, bur. 30/11/1925, Plot: FF22
SAINT, Alfred James, age 34, bur. 14/12/1924, Plot: FF21
SAINT, Annie, age 59, bur. 17/12/1923, Plot: GC2, w.o. William.
SAINT, Clarence, age 2mo, bur. 05/03/1902, Plot: GC2
SAINT, Inf., bur. 09/01/1910, Plot: GC2
SAMBELL, George, age 5wks, bur. 18/05/1904, Plot: AQ14
SAMBELL, Inf. Daughter, age Stlbn, bur. 15/06/1948, Plot: AH3, d.o. Ralph. and Claire
SAMBELL, James William, age 79, bur. 23/11/1885, Plot: CM6, w.o. Susannah. Pioneers of South Australia, Arrived Phoebe 1846.
SAMBELL, Olive May, age 1, bur. 05/09/1877, Plot: BN12
SAMBELL, Roger Dean, age 4yrs, bur. 27/10/1964, Plot: AH3, s.o. Ralph and Claire, b.o. Helen and Vivienne.
SAMBELL, Susannah Pryn, bur. 22/07/1882, Plot: CM5, w.o. James. Pioneers of South Australia, Arrived Phoebe 1846.
SANDERS, Dulcie Muriel, age 19mo, bur. 06/10/1917, Plot: DM23, d.o. W.&E.
SANDERS, Elsie Madge, age 59, bur. 06/10/1948, Plot: CJ5, w.o. Gordon.
SANDERS, Francis Gordon, age 59, bur. 27/03/1939, Plot: CJ5, h.o. Elsie.
SANDERSON, Christina, age 91, bur. 25/10/1950, Plot: DT14
SANDERSON, John, age 59, bur. 15/02/1910, Plot: DT15
SANDLAND, Agnes, age 85, bur. 31/07/1945, Plot: EB27, sis.o. Elizabeth Mitchell
SANDLAND, John Geoffery, age 37, bur. 27/01/1921, Plot: CU4, h.o. Elizabeth. Late 10th. Batt. A.I.F.
SANDLAND, Lily Agnes, age 65, bur. 01/11/1923, Plot: EA24, w.o. William.
SANDLAND, Lucy Maria, age 42, bur. 05/12/1896, Plot: CU1, w.o. Robert Cooper.
SANDLAND, Robert Cooper, age 72, bur. 26/10/1921, Plot: CU2
SANDLAND, William Edward, age 75, bur. 14/07/1931, Plot: EA23, h.o. Lily.
SANDO, Kathleen Agnes, age 78, bur. 17/07/1981, Plot: EG28, m.o. Gwenda, m.i.law. o. Ross, Nanna o. Rosslyn, Dianne, Trevor, Leon, Denise, Grant, Michelle, Mark and Leah.
SANDS, Mary, age 32, bur. 29/03/1912, Plot: GD29
SANDS, Rowland Edward Samuel, age 4mo, bur. 23/03/1904, Plot: GD29
SAUNDERS, Charles William, age 58, bur. 10/06/1929, Plot: BG3
SAUNDERS, Edith, age 21, bur. 11/02/1929, Plot: BG4
SAUNDERS, Eric, age 27, bur. 03/10/1950, Plot: DS10, h.o. Doreen Mavis. Accidentally killed.
SAUNDERS, Glanville George, age 27, bur. 09/03/1928, Plot: BJ5, Hdstn KEATLEY
SAWATZKE, August Gustav, age 84, bur. 06/10/1950, Plot: DQ27, p.o. Cliff, Fred and Ken.
SAWATZKE, Jane, age 33, bur. 18/07/1911, Plot: DQ28, p.o. Cliff Fred, and Ken.
SAWATZKE, Wilhelmina, age 73, bur. 11/06/1913, Plot: DO28
SAYERS, Federica, age 5mo, bur. 28/03/1886, Plot: BQ7
SCAMMELL, Herbert, age 23, bur. 14/07/1892, Plot: BS27
SCARFE, Lynette Rosely, age 18, bur. 29/08/1966, Plot: EA2, d.o. Betty and George. sis.o Anthea, Melita, Kingsley, Rohan and Perry. Accidentally killed.
SCHABER, Joseph, age 65, bur. 16/04/1888, Plot: GH9
SCHARBERG, Mary Ann, age 43, bur. 07/06/1879, Plot: GI5
SCHIEMENZ, Annie Julia, age 71, bur. 21/07/1997, Plot: DD5
SCHIEMENZ, Graham John, age 26, bur. 04/05/1977, Plot: DD5, s.o. Anne and the late James, b.o. Pat.
SCHLANDERS, Andrew, age 38, bur. 29/04/1896, Plot: CQ15
SCHMIDT, Ross, age 67, bur. 20/09/1994, Plot: EL18, h.o. Doxie Heather, f.o. Heather and Wayne. g.f.o. Brett and Mark.
SCHNAARS, Henry, age 86, bur. 04/06/1924, Plot: BH22
SCHUBERT, ??*, age 1day, bur. 05/05/1878, Plot: BO28, Given name Polly. (S.A.B.R.), Polly (SADR)
SCHUBERT, Alfred, age 50, bur. 05/06/1930, Plot: BG11
SCHUBERT, Johann Gottliebe, age 80, bur. 30/07/1925, Plot: BG12
SCHUBERT, Mabel, age 39, bur. 11/06/1928, Plot: BG11
SCHUBERT, Pauline, age 89, bur. 16/02/1940, Plot: BG12
SCHULTZ, August, age 76, bur. 23/06/1929, Plot: CI7, Name on hdstn Frederick M.
SCHULTZ, Maria Jane, age 79, bur. 24/11/1934, Plot: CI8, (Mother)
SCHULTZ, Sidney George, age 50, bur. 07/02/1974, Plot: DD8, s.o. Blanche and Roy.
SCHULZ, Roy Frederick, age 78, bur. 09/07/1977, Plot: DC9, h.o. Blanche, f.o. Geoffery, Amanda, Annette, Faye, Leanne and Leahy.
SCOTT, Charlotte Jane, age 64, bur. 09/02/1965, Plot: CZ19, d.o. Charlotte and William.
SCOTT, Charlotte Sarah, age 81, bur. 17/12/1951, Plot: CZ19, w.o. William Henry.
SCOTT, David, age 24, bur. 23/10/1880, Plot: DE15
SCOTT, Ethel Jean, age 86, bur. 03/10/2000, Plot: DL1
SCOTT, Rose, age 1, bur. 16/02/1880, Plot: CK6
SCOTT, William Charles, age 74, bur. 17/10/1978, Plot: DL2, h.o. Ethel Jean, f.o. Duncan and Katherine.
SCOTT, William Henry, age 76, bur. 24/06/1951, Plot: CZ20, h.o. Charlotte Sarah. f.o. Charlotte Jane.
SEAL, Catherine Agnes, age 78, bur. 06/05/1984, Plot: EG25, w.o. George, p.o.Margaret, Noreen, Carmel, Mary, Bernadette, John and Imelda.
SEAL, George, age 84, bur. 10/07/1982, Plot: EG25, h.o. Catherine, p.o.Margaret, Noreen, Carmel, Mary, Bernadette, John and Imelda.
SEAL, William Thomas, age 82, bur. 19/01/1937, Plot: FF13
SEAMAN, Emma, age 88, bur. 24/11/1955, Plot: DJ20, w.o. William Albert.
SEAMAN, William Albert, age 67, bur. 06/05/1937, Plot: DJ19, h.o. Emma.
SEDDON, Margaret, age 58, bur. 14/12/1992, Plot: EK17, w.o. Derek, m.o. stephen and Colin.
SEXTON, Imfant of J. W., age Stlbn, bur. 08/09/1954, Plot: GZ32
SHAKES, Peter Rodney, age 14mo, bur. 19/01/1946, Plot: CT16, s.o. A.& H.
SHANE, Alexander, bur. 12/10/1919, Plot: HA10
SHANE, Bridget, age 57, bur. 13/02/1926, Plot: HA11, Date 12/12/26 hdstn.??, w.o. Alexander.
SHANE, Cathryn Briget, age 89, bur. 25/09/2000, Plot: EF16
SHANE, Daniel, age 73, bur. 21/12/1945, Plot: HD14, h.o. Sarah Cecilia.
SHANE, Infant of Michael, age Stlbn, bur. 15/05/1953, Plot: HZ10
SHANE, Mary Cecilia, age 70, bur. 24/04/1978, Plot: EF17
SHANE, Michael Francis., age 44, bur. 18/11/1959, Plot: GZ9, h.o. Nell. f.o. Margaret and Geraldine.
SHANE, Patrick Joseph, age 58, bur. 13/02/1968, Plot: EE27
SHANE, Sarah Cecilia, age 41, bur. 11/06/1925, Plot: HD15, w.o. Daniel.
SHANE, Vincent Ignatius., age 6wks, bur. 24/10/1925, Plot: HD14, Name on hdstn Vincent Ignatius ??, s.o. Sarah and Daniel.
SHANNON, Catherine Handra, age 78, bur. 30/01/1949, Plot: FC17
SHANNON, Michael Kevin, age 9, bur. 26/02/1918, Plot: GF11, G.s.o. Bridget and James KERIN.
SHANNON, William James, bur. 26/02/1918, Plot: FC18
SHARPE, Ernest Stanley James, age 35, bur. 21/06/1940, Plot: AE1
SHAW, Malcolm, age 58, bur. 31/05/1890, Plot: BS12
SHEARER, Oliver Howard, age 5, bur. 03/04/1893, Plot: BR28
SHERIDAN, Ellen Agnas, age 48, bur. 06/06/1912, Plot: GB25, Ellen Agnes nee HOWARD
SHERIDAN, Inf.*, bur. 09/04/1880, Plot: BH25, Florence, A.2y.
SHERIDAN, James Edward, bur. 17/01/1908, Plot: GC23
SHERIDAN, John, age 39, bur. 17/02/1904, Plot: GI28
SHERIFF, Inf., age Inf., bur. 07/04/1912, Plot: DP24
SHERLOCK, Brian John Martin, age 71, bur. 26/02/1999, Plot: EM22
SHILLABEER, George R.M., age 18, bur. 17/11/1903, Plot: AU15, George Rennie Murray
SIEBERT, Betty, age 4hrs, bur. 03/09/1939, Plot: AF3
SIEGERT, Eva May, age 52, bur. 06/07/1944, Plot: BE3
SIEGERT, Frederick Wilhelm, age 64, bur. 27/09/1945, Plot: BE4, h.o. Eva May.
SIEGERT, Lloyd Stanley, age 24, bur. 06/10/1941, Plot: BE2, Accidentally drowned.
SIEGERT, Louise Auguste, age 83, bur. 25/08/1933, Plot: FD9
SILVERTHORNE, Ellen, age 88, bur. 23/03/1927, Plot: GG27
SIMES, Gordon, age 2, bur. 23/05/1891, Plot: BR15
SIMON, Gustave, age 39, bur. 23/10/1876, Plot: GI30
SIMONS, Beatrice Sarah, age 10mo, bur. 20/05/1878, Plot: BO29, Beatrice Sarah Oaklands. Bn aboard 'Oaklands'
SIMONS, Mary Ann, age 23, bur. 11/04/1888, Plot: CP18
SIMPSON, Allan Maxwell, age 40, bur. 09/01/1960, Plot: AC1, h.o. Kathleen, f.o. Carolyn and Jane.
SIMPSON, Eliza Jane, age 97, bur. 19/12/1966, Plot: CH15
SIMPSON, Hilda May, age 76, bur. 28/12/1970, Plot: CD24, p.o. Allen, Lorna, Ron, Doreen, Jack, Daphne, Ivan and Enid.
SIMPSON, Jennifer Marjorie, age 10mo, bur. 27/12/1955, Plot: BD24, d.o. Jack and Marjorie.
SIMPSON, John, age 86, bur. 19/04/1945, Plot: CH16, h.o. Eliza Jane.
SIMPSON, Richard, age 76, bur. 01/02/1932, Plot: CH16, Stone on CH15 with W. BECKWITH.
SIMPSON, Samuel Gabriel, age 60, bur. 15/07/1958, Plot: CD23, p.o. Allen, Lorna, Ron, Doreen, Jack, Daphne, Ivan and Enid.
SIMPSON, William Kenneth, age 1, bur. 15/02/1907, Plot: AN15
SIVIOUR, ??, age Stlbn, bur. 16/06/1947, Plot: AF11, s.o. Elsie and Gordon.
SIVIOUR, Evelyn, age 97, bur. 30/06/1946, Plot: CH2, w.o. James.
SIVIOUR, Graham Bruce, age 3y8mo, bur. 18/09/1949, Plot: AZ12, Run over, in Dunure Tce., s.o. Norm and Mary. Accidentaly Killed.
SIVIOUR, James Henry, age 82, bur. 28/01/1961, Plot: DH28
SIVIOUR, James, age 85, bur. 06/12/1935, Plot: CH1, h.o. Evelyn.
SIVIOUR, Margaret, age 60, bur. 25/06/1939, Plot: DH27, Date hdstn, w.o. J.H. m.o. Gordon, Norm and Don.
SIVIOUR, Mary Kathleen, age 70, bur. 21/01/1983, Plot: AZ14
SIVIOUR, Norman Henry, age 67, bur. 13/08/1980, Plot: AZ13
SKURRAY, Flossie Florence, age 31, bur. 05/06/1925, Plot: BG16, w.o. J.C.
SLATTERY, ??, age 73, bur. 18/02/1914, Plot: GC22
SLATTERY, Catherine Agnes, age 85, bur. 16/11/1948, Plot: HI7, Hdstn 05/11/48
SLATTERY, Edith Mary, age 90, bur. 29/04/1991, Plot: EF27
SLATTERY, Ellen, age 5wks, bur. 23/02/1903, Plot: GE25
SLATTERY, Emma, age 44, bur. 20/10/1907, Plot: GC22
SLATTERY, Inf., age Stlbn, bur. 03/09/1940, Plot: FC14
SLATTERY, Infant of Desmond John, age Stlbn, bur. 28/12/1952, Plot: DZ22
SLATTERY, John Ignatius, age 69, bur. 23/06/1963, Plot: FZ23, h.o. Olive Gertrude and Kathleen Agnes.
SLATTERY, Margaret A., age 84, bur. 14/09/1958, Plot: GZ12
SLATTERY, Mary Imelda, age 88, bur. 28/10/1983, Plot: EF4
SLATTERY, Michael Anthony, age 82, bur. 27/07/1980, Plot: EF3, h.o. Mary Imelda.
SLATTERY, Michael, age 84, bur. 01/06/1945, Plot: HI6, h.o. Catherine.
SLATTERY, Monica Therese, age 2y6mo, bur. 28/02/1934, Plot: FC14
SLATTERY, Olive Gertrude, age 60, bur. 08/01/1960, Plot: FZ24, w.o. John Ignatius, m.o. Mary.
SLATTERY, William Francis, age 73, bur. 27/08/1970, Plot: EF28, h.o. Edith Mary.
SMALLACOMBE, Mary, age 29, bur. 02/01/1917, Plot: FD21
SMALLACOMBE, Mary, age 76, bur. 21/06/1908, Plot: DU23
SMART, Cedric James, age 53, bur. 27/05/1975, Plot: DG12, s.o. the late P.H. & L.L.
SMART, Cora Minetta, age 25, bur. 20/06/1915, Plot: DN22, d.o. J. & S.J.
SMART, David Norman, age 78, bur. 23/04/1964, Plot: DZ27, p.o. Rex, Vera Jean, Russell and Eric.
SMART, Deborah Louise, age 18, bur. 01/06/1988, Plot: EG17, d.o. Keith and Terri.
SMART, Edna Edith, age 76, bur. 15/04/1992, Plot: EJ6, w.o. Vic, m.o. Ronda, Kevin and Andrew.
SMART, Elsie Grace, age 34, bur. 02/04/1942, Plot: EC13, w.o. John Edgar, p.o. Dorothy and Marjorie.
SMART, Eric Norman, age 52, bur. 13/04/1975, Plot: CZ6, h.o. Nancy, f.o. David, Robert, Margaret and Judith.
SMART, Fanny, age 65, bur. 01/05/1970, Plot: DC16, d.o Maria and Harrison DAVIES.
SMART, Grace Agnes Wilson, age 80, bur. 17/11/1976, Plot: DM11, d.o. John and Sarah Jane.
SMART, Ian Dennis, age 2dys, bur. 28/01/1943, Plot: EC15, s.o. Dorrie and Rex.
SMART, Ida Minnie, age 69, bur. 11/09/1952, Plot: DZ28, p.o. Rex, Vera Jean, Russell and Eric.
SMART, Inf., age Stlbn, bur. 13/02/1913, Plot: DO16
SMART, Infant of Eric., age Stlbn, bur. 09/03/1952, Plot: CZ5
SMART, John Edgar, age 84, bur. 31/08/1989, Plot: EC13, h.o. elsie Grace, p.o. Dorothy and Marjorie.
SMART, John, age 78, bur. 11/06/1933, Plot: DN21, h.o. Sarah Jane.
SMART, Leslie George, age 58, bur. 18/03/1960, Plot: BE15, See WILSDON E., h.o. Nellie Irene. Step.f.o. Don, Ralph, John and Graham.
SMART, Lillian Louise, age 89, bur. 05/08/1973, Plot: DZ15, w.o. Percival Horace, p.o. Cliff, Eric, Audrey, Mona and Cedric.
SMART, Lillian May, age 71, bur. 13/08/1952, Plot: CZ1, p.o. Jack, Norman, Bob, Vic, Len and Archie.
SMART, Lyla Alberta Myrtle, age 91, bur. 08/07/1984, Plot: DM10, sis.o. Grace.
SMART, Nellie Irene, age 73, bur. 15/01/1982, Plot: BE16
SMART, Norman James, age 71, bur. 20/08/1999, Plot: C69
SMART, Percival Horace, age 53, bur. 01/04/1954, Plot: DZ14, Chk date 03/01/1953 hdstn., p.o. Cliff, Eric, Audrey, Mona and Cedric.
SMART, Robert William Fleming, age 82, bur. 02/11/1969, Plot: CZ2, p.o. Jack, Norman, Bob, Vic, Len and Archie.
SMART, Violet Lillian., age 86, bur. 20/08/1999, Plot: C69
SMEE, Bethel, age 2mo, bur. 04/11/1890, Plot: BR13
SMITH, Adelaide May, age 77, bur. 20/09/1961, Plot: DD27
SMITH, Agnes Kathleen, age 71, bur. 14/02/1976, Plot: EE17, p.o. Kaye and Robert.
SMITH, Catherine Francesca, age 81, bur. 31/01/1973, Plot: HG10, w.o. John L.
SMITH, Catherine, age 41, bur. 26/05/1886, Plot: DF19
SMITH, Charles E., age 92, bur. 13/01/1958, Plot: BZ11
SMITH, Charles William, age 39, bur. 05/05/1921, Plot: DK28
SMITH, Desmond John, age 2y6mo, bur. 23/12/1938, Plot: HG9, s.o. Catherine and John L.
SMITH, Elizabeth, age 80, bur. 20/04/1894, Plot: BU16, Date ??? hdstn 24th Ap., w.o. Joseph BROOKS.
SMITH, Ernest Roy, age 8mo, bur. 17/04/1892, Plot: BR24
SMITH, George, bur. 02/03/1877, Plot: 0
SMITH, Herbert J., age 18, bur. 25/12/1899, Plot: AS13, Herbert John
SMITH, James, age 28, bur. 18/01/1884, Plot: BP7
SMITH, Joen Ray*, age 2mo, bur. 01/08/1902, Plot: CT12, Ivan Ray
SMITH, John Joseph Lawrence, age 65, bur. 13/07/1944, Plot: HG9
SMITH, John Vivian, age 78, bur. 03/05/1985, Plot: DK27
SMITH, Kathleen, age 2dys, bur. 25/09/1940, Plot: CF9
SMITH, Leonard Jack, age 70, bur. 05/01/1990, Plot: EJ25, h.o. Florence Rose (Ren). f.o. Jeffery derrell and Sharyn.
SMITH, Margaret Sheridan, age 18, bur. 07/09/1876, Plot: GH32
SMITH, Mary Ann, age 53, bur. 26/08/1916, Plot: FG22
SMITH, Rita, age 9mo, bur. 14/08/1900, Plot: CT12
SMITH, Roy Stanley, age 41, bur. 09/02/1935, Plot: CG14, h.o. Emmie. f.o. Gwenda, Marj and Betty.
SMITH, Ruth, age 41, bur. 06/01/1916, Plot: DM28, d.o. M. & Late J. of Grange.
SMITH, Samuel, age 78, bur. 13/12/1889, Plot: BP24
SMITH, William Charles, age 76, bur. 07/04/1976, Plot: EE16, p.o. Kaye and Robert.
SNODGRASS, ??*, bur. 24/02/1878, Plot: BN23, John (SADR) of Leamington.
SNODGRASS, Mary, age 72, bur. 23/02/1909, Plot: DS28, m.o. Mary, Robert and Margaret.
SNODGRASS, Robert, age 61, bur. 15/06/1932, Plot: DS27, h.o. Lily. f.o. Effie and Irene.
SOLOMON, Ann, age 81, bur. 09/08/1950, Plot: BG22, w.o. William George.
SOLOMON, Cecil Albert, age 67, bur. 12/09/1973, Plot: DQ1, h.o. Vera, f.o. Bruce and Keith.
SOLOMON, Christabel Maude, age 91, bur. 30/04/1986, Plot: EH1
SOLOMON, George Henry, age 61, bur. 18/06/1953, Plot: BZ31, h.o. Olive Clara.
SOLOMON, Inf.*, age Stlbn*, bur. 21/12/1881, Plot: CO22, George Judah, A.2dys. (SADR)
SOLOMON, James Henry, age 73, bur. 05/05/1970, Plot: ED1, b.o. Chrissie, May, Bill, Cecil, Winnie , Reg. Also George and Len.
SOLOMON, John Leonard., age 48, bur. 02/09/1956, Plot: BD21
SOLOMON, Olive Clara, age 53, bur. 18/03/1952, Plot: BZ32, w.o. George Henry.
SOLOMON, Pretoria May, age 90, bur. 11/02/1990, Plot: EJ22, d.o. the late William and Ann of Bundaleer.
SOLOMON, Reginald Thomas, age 79, bur. 23/03/1991, Plot: EJ14, h.o. Beryl, f.o. Rhonda.
SOLOMON, William George, age 61, bur. 04/07/1925, Plot: BG21, h.o. Annie.
SOLOMON, William Lloyd, age 84, bur. 29/08/1989, Plot: EH12, s.o. late William and Anne.
SOMMERVILLE, David, age 60, bur. 05/06/1948, Plot: AE12
SOUTER, Elizabeth Mary, age 80, bur. 02/04/1950, Plot: BZ6
SOUTER, John, age 91, bur. 24/05/1953, Plot: BZ5
SOUTER, Wilga, age 37, bur. 23/07/1940, Plot: CG7, Erected by John SOUTER and Family. Also in Memory of Warrie. (Addendum)
SOWERBY, Horace James, age 32, bur. 02/08/1902, Plot: AT15, h.o. Elizabeth Ann
SOWTON, Nicholas, age 49, bur. 04/03/1878, Plot: BN29
SPARKS, Herbert Simeon, age 84, bur. 16/10/1993, Plot: CC16, h.o. Marjorie, p.o. Graham, Frederick and Valmai
SPARKS, Luke, age 20wks., bur. 22/08/1994, Plot: EL22, Inf. s.o. Leah and Jeffery
SPARKS, Marjorie Mavis, age 79, bur. 18/10/1984, Plot: CC16, w.o. Herbert Simeon, p.o. Graham, Frederick and Valmai
SPARKS, Stephen David, age 73, bur. 02/02/1957, Plot: BD1, h.o. Maud
SPARKS, Victorine Maud Sarah, age 93, bur. 01/11/1970, Plot: BD1, w.o. Stephen David.
SPAVIN, Alexander, age 86, bur. 16/07/1948, Plot: AP5
SPAVIN, Augusta Rosalie, age 90, bur. 03/03/1966, Plot: GD18
SPAVIN, Freda Pretoria M., age 89, bur. 10/05/1993, Plot: EK15
SPAVIN, Isabel, age 42, bur. 16/05/1906, Plot: AP5
SPAVIN, Margaret Anne, age 48, bur. 03/06/1962, Plot: FZ7
SPENCER, Bethanie Kynisha, age 5wks, bur. 04/12/1996, Plot: EL8
SPICER, Matthew Allan, age 13wks, bur. 17/04/1875, Plot: BM18
SPRATT, Mabel Rhoda, age 74, bur. 05/11/1989, Plot: DE12, w.o. Thomas James, m.o. Graham. g.p.o. Michelle and Christy.
SPRATT, Thomas James, age 75, bur. 27/02/1985, Plot: DE12, h.o. Mabel Rhoda. f.o. Graham. g.p.o. Michelle and Christy.
STACEY, Allan Jefferson, age 85, bur. 01/01/1995, Plot: B47, h.o. Muriel, f.o. Robert, Jill and Margaret.
STACEY, Ann, age 4, bur. 03/11/1890, Plot: GG1
STACEY, Frances, age 73, bur. 22/09/1945, Plot: AE16, w.o. Phillip. m.o. Violet and Vera.
STACEY, Frederick, age 2, bur. 18/02/1883, Plot: CP12
STACEY, Infant of Murray., age Stlbn, bur. 28/12/1952, Plot: DZ23
STACEY, John Dodd, age 71, bur. 11/06/1936, Plot: DJ24, h.o. Susan Fanny.
STACEY, Mary Ann, age 91, bur. 05/02/1930, Plot: CJ3, Colonists for 78 years.
STACEY, Mira Isabella, age 79, bur. 17/04/1997, Plot: CJ1
STACEY, Phillip George, age 90, bur. 12/02/1956, Plot: AE15, h.o. Frances.
STACEY, Sarah Ann, age 1, bur. 24/12/1874, Plot: BM13
STACEY, Sarah Ann, age 4hrs, bur. 15/06/1877, Plot: BN6
STACEY, Susan Fanny, age 83, bur. 08/04/1947, Plot: DJ23, w.o. John Dodd.
STACEY, Walter James, age 59, bur. 01/02/1906, Plot: AO7
STACEY, William, age 88, bur. 26/11/1929, Plot: CJ2, Colonists for 78 years.
STAGG, John William, age 56, bur. 09/03/1965, Plot: DC28, h.o. Evelyn May. f.o. Kingsley, Elaine and Shirley.
STAKER, Hazel Alma, age 85, bur. 15/02/1998, Plot: EB12
STAKER, Mischel Mervyn, age 10mo, bur. 02/02/1910, Plot: DT17, s.o. J.R. & Elsie M.
STAKER, William Edward Mayoh., age 50, bur. 11/02/1964, Plot: EA10
STANTON, Christina, bur. 28/08/1882, Plot: CP10
STANTON, Douglas Roland, age 3mo, bur. 26/02/1915, Plot: DP17
STANTON, George Henry, age 73, bur. 05/02/1934, Plot: CH9, h.o. Mary Ann.
STANTON, Josiah, age 65, bur. 19/03/1903, Plot: CP10
STANTON, Mary Ann, age 75, bur. 31/08/1942, Plot: CH10, Date hdstn 1943.??, w.o. George Henry.
STANTON, Mervyn Keith, age 14dys, bur. 18/12/1920, Plot: DP17
STANTON, Myrthe, age 2mo, bur. 22/01/1914, Plot: DP17
STANTON, Robert Treaner, age 80, bur. 09/04/1938, Plot: CP10
STEGGALL, Annie Matilda May, age 50, bur. 24/05/1947, Plot: CT24, d.o. Matilda.
STEGGALL, Inf., age Stlbn, bur. 26/09/1938, Plot: FF12
STEGGALL, Matilda, age 60, bur. 11/01/1935, Plot: CT23, w.o. Late George.
STEPHENS, Ernest Bertram, age 42, bur. 18/01/1925, Plot: BG23
STEPHENS, John, age Stlbn, bur. 11/05/1888, Plot: BQ28
STEPHENSON, ??, bur. 02/09/1918, Plot: DM16
STEVENS, Margaret, age 63, bur. 01/10/1935, Plot: DL17
STEWART, Alice, bur. 18/09/1881, Plot: CP24
STEWART, James, age 42, bur. 15/08/1880, Plot: CP24
STEWART, John, age 38, bur. 06/04/1887, Plot: BR18, Also inf. son Robt. Mitchell
STEWART, Lorraine Margaret, bur. 22/07/1986, Plot: EH2, of Toogoom Qld.d.o. Pearl and Bill Crawford. w.o. Mike, m.o. Ben and Rebecca.
STEWART, Robert Mitchell, age 11mo, bur. 23/01/1887, Plot: BQ18, s.o. Rev. Stewart
STOCKMANN, Amanda Sophia, age 1, bur. 09/08/1884, Plot: BO10, Reg. Sophia Amanda, b. 14/05/1883. d.o. Henry and Ernestine.
STOCKMANN, Carl (Charles), age 20, bur. 06/01/1886, Plot: BP13, Reg. Charles Henry
STOCKMANN, Ernestine, age 74, bur. 11/10/1914, Plot: BP14, w.o. Henry.
STOCKMANN, Heinrich, age 58, bur. 04/11/1890, Plot: BP14, h.o. Ernestine.
STOCKMANN, Hulda Emilia, age 5, bur. 18/06/1883, Plot: BO11, 18/06/1883. d.o. Henry and Ernestine.
STOCKMANN, Rebecka Magretha, age 3, bur. 26/06/1883, Plot: BO10, b.29/06/1879. d.o. Henry and Ernestine.
STOKES, Donald Frederick, age 6, bur. 21/01/1943, Plot: CF8
STONE, Nathaniel, age 92, bur. 17/06/1936, Plot: DI24
STONE, Roy Jack, age 46, bur. 01/05/1975, Plot: DO3, h.o. Maureen. f.o. Michelle, Katherine and Paula.
STREICH, Friedrich, age 55, bur. 11/07/1911, Plot: DQ23
STRUDWICK, Albert Christopher, age 2y9mo, bur. 17/06/1922, Plot: BI28
STRUDWICK, Albert George, age 88, bur. 09/02/1978, Plot: BI26, h.o. Lilious Evelyn (Dec) Nee WATKINS. also h.o. Lily Mary Jane, nee THRESHER
STRUDWICK, Edward, age 73, bur. 11/02/1925, Plot: BG29, h.o. Mary Maria.
STRUDWICK, Lilious Evelyn, age 42, bur. 10/12/1936, Plot: BI27
STRUDWICK, Mary Maria, age 79, bur. 20/10/1932, Plot: BG30, w.o. Edward.
STUCKLEY, Ruth, age 20, bur. 22/03/1910, Plot: DS22, STUTLEY Ruth Maud
SULLIVAN, James, age 24, bur. 23/02/1886, Plot: GH12
SUMMERS, Clarence Henry, age 70, bur. 08/02/1966, Plot: CZ17, h.o. Freida. p.o. thelma, Addy, Ralda, Ross, Dennis, Nora, Conrad and Zeta.
SUMMERS, Freida Martha, age 51, bur. 26/06/1941, Plot: CZ18, w.o. Clarence Henry, p.o. thelma, Addy, Ralda, Ross, Dennis, Nora, Conrad and Zeta.
SUMMERS, Leyland Ross, age 61, bur. 22/03/1985, Plot: DE11, s.o. Freda and Clarence, b.o. Thelma, Addy, Ralda, Dennis, Nora, Conrad and Zeta.
SUTHERLAND, Bruce, age 8mo, bur. 17/12/1882, Plot: CP7
SWEARSE, Ada Beatrice, age 70, bur. 20/01/1984, Plot: DF7, w.o. Lester, p.o. Colin Faye and Raelene.
SWEARSE, Allan Theodore, age 37, bur. 12/07/1942, Plot: BE24, Accidentally killed.
SWEARSE, Darryl John (Darby), age 18, bur. 25/11/1981, Plot: DG6, Accidentally killed. s.o. Errol and Lorna, b.o. Allan, Debbie and Greg.
SWEARSE, Edna Jane, age 73, bur. 31/03/1998, Plot: A14
SWEARSE, Lester James, age 85, bur. 15/01/1993, Plot: DF6, h.o. Ada Beatrice, p.o. Colin Faye and Raelene.
SWEARSE, Martha Matilda, age 74, bur. 28/10/1955, Plot: BD30, w.o. Thomas.
SWEARSE, Thomas, age 76, bur. 07/06/1958, Plot: BD29, h.o. Matilda.
SWEARSE, Unnamed Twins, age Stlbn, bur. 02/10/1960, Plot: CD3
SWEENEY, Walter Edward, age 21, bur. 03/04/1972, Plot: DD13
SWEENEY, William Patrick, age 78, bur. 11/09/1967, Plot: EE28
SWEETAPPLE, Sarah Newton (May), age 44, bur. 28/03/1922, Plot: BI30, w.o. Frederick.
SYMONDS, Alfred John, age 84, bur. 24/05/1968, Plot: DT4, h.o. Florence. f.o. Jean and Gwenyth.
SYMONDS, Frank Henry, age 44, bur. 22/03/1934, Plot: EB17, Age 34 hdstn incorrect., h.o. Eva. f.o. Yvonne and John. Late 3rd. Light Horse.
SYMONDS, Gertrude Mary, age 60, bur. 07/01/1941, Plot: EC17, w.o. Walter Edward.
SYMONDS, Glenda Kay, age 9wks, bur. 02/04/1961, Plot: BC30, d.o. Lil and Alan. s.o. Beth, Ian, Mary and Allison.
SYMONDS, Walter Edward, age 83, bur. 27/02/1970, Plot: EC18, h.o. Gertrude Mary.
SYMONS, Margaret Alacoque, age 1, bur. 17/05/1891, Plot: GG4, TYMONS
SYMONS, Mary Jane Thomas, age 3, bur. 21/10/1875, Plot: BL18
TABE, Carrie, age 37, bur. 23/07/1900, Plot: AT3
TALBOT, Annie, age 73, bur. 25/08/1942, Plot: DL26
TALBOT, Cedric Jeffery, age 76, bur. 12/11/1998, Plot: BD7
TALBOT, Eric James, age 58, bur. 20/03/1986, Plot: DE3, h.o. Dawn Audrey, f.o. Peter and Brenton.
TALBOT, George, age 65, bur. 05/12/1927, Plot: DL25
TALBOT, Henry, age 90, bur. 03/11/1912, Plot: DQ21
TALBOT, Jeffery James Lovell, age 78, bur. 26/08/1967, Plot: BD8
TALBOT, Marie Henrietta, age 59, bur. 20/09/1957, Plot: BO7
TALBOT, Rupert Henry Garnett, age 3mo, bur. 02/09/1899, Plot: CT9
TALBOT, Susannah, age 89, bur. 23/08/1911, Plot: DQ20
TAPE, Irene May, age 4mo, bur. 01/07/1923, Plot: AG12
TAPLEY, Mary, age 28, bur. 09/12/1908, Plot: DU20, Olive Mary, Date from hdstn
TARDREW, ??, age Prem, bur. 01/08/1902, Plot: AT14
TARPY, ??, age 69, bur. 11/09/1912, Plot: GA3
TAYLOR, ??, bur. 19/07/1876, Plot: CN9
TAYLOR, Arthur Victor (Jack), age 64, bur. 07/02/1959, Plot: CD8, h.o. Evelyn, f.o. Arthur(Skip) and Dianna.
TAYLOR, Stephen, age 68, bur. 08/06/1909, Plot: DT22
TEAGUE, Alice Maud, age 5, bur. 04/01/1888, Plot: BP6
TEAGUE, Edward, age 1mo, bur. 16/01/1884, Plot: BP6
TECHRITZ, Catherine Sarah, age 3wks, bur. 06/05/1879, Plot: CK13, d.o. Carl Julius and Sarah
TEDDY, John Henry, age 58, bur. 25/11/1913, Plot: DT13, h.o. Rachael.
THOMAS, Alan Lancelot, age 89, bur. 20/07/1992, Plot: EJ2, h.o. Rita Elsie Doris
THOMAS, Albert Leslie, age 90, bur. 05/04/1980, Plot: DM7, h.o. Alice Pearl, p.o.Max, Joy and Edna. G.p.o. Kym Raelene and John. 1076 P.O. Australian Naval and Military Expeditionary Force.
THOMAS, Albert Stanley, age 54, bur. 08/02/1950, Plot: BZ22
THOMAS, Alice Pearl, age 88, bur. 07/02/1979, Plot: DM6, w.o. Albert Lesley. p.o.Max, Joy and Edna. G.p.o. Kym Raelene and John.
THOMAS, Allan Clifton, age 65, bur. 24/01/1978, Plot: DK9
THOMAS, Annie, age 6, bur. 18/12/1879, Plot: CK8
THOMAS, Eileen Gladys, age 72, bur. 31/05/1971, Plot: H3, Possibly HF03 or HZ03
THOMAS, Frederick Thomas, age 1, bur. 11/12/1883, Plot: BO16
THOMAS, Garfield Garnard, age 77, bur. 04/08/1997, Plot: EL2, h.o. Joyce, f.o. Shirley, Valarie, Malcolm and Peter.
THOMAS, Henry, age 27, bur. 28/02/1891, Plot: BS21
THOMAS, John Henry, age 91, bur. 12/01/1976, Plot: DM9, h.o Rose.
THOMAS, John Richard Glanville, age 79, bur. 07/04/1969, Plot: EC7, h.o. Phyllis Meek. f.o. Alan, Jean, Phyllis, William, Garfield and Lester.
THOMAS, Maxwell Albert, age 63, bur. 12/03/1985, Plot: DE4
THOMAS, Phyllis Meek, age 96, bur. 20/09/1975, Plot: EC8
THOMAS, Rebecca, age 4, bur. 20/07/1880, Plot: CO5
THOMAS, Rita Elsie Doris, age 88, bur. 30/04/1997, Plot: EJ2
THOMAS, Rose Elizabeth, age 92, bur. 08/11/1982, Plot: DM8, w.o. John Henry.
THOMAS, Thomas John, age 77, bur. 12/06/1970, Plot: BZ21
THORPE, Albert J., age 59, bur. 28/05/1893, Plot: DE21
THREADGOLD, Alfred, age 66, bur. 17/11/1921, Plot: AI1, h.o. Susan
THREADGOLD, Susan Maria, age 74, bur. 16/12/1932, Plot: AI2, w.o. Alfred.
THYER, Arthur Ernest, age 8, bur. 10/10/1885, Plot: FC3, 7th. and youngest s.o. Joseph and Jane.
THYER, Jean, age 54, bur. 19/10/1893, Plot: FC4, Belalie East hdstn, w.o. Joseph.
THYER, Joseph, age 1dy, bur. 21/05/1891, Plot: FC4
TIDSWELL, ??, age Stlbn, bur. 19/09/1948, Plot: BE26
TIERNEY, James, age 25, bur. 17/05/1890, Plot: GF4
TIERNEY, John, age 23, bur. 09/06/1886, Plot: EI13
TOAL, Martin Francis (Rev. Fr.), age 77, bur. 26/04/1978, Plot: EE4, b. in Ireland. 04/11/1900 Ordained Genoa, 29th. May 1926. Died Melbourne 22/04/1978.
TOAL, Timothy Francis, age 82, bur. 16/07/1984, Plot: EE5, b. in Ireland. 26/01/1902. Ordained Genoa, 29th. May 1926.
TOHOLKE, Henrietta May, age 10mo, bur. 17/03/1886, Plot: GG14
TOHOLKE, John, age 80, bur. 20/04/1928, Plot: CI13
TOHOLKE, Louisa, age 19, bur. 05/06/1875, Plot: CL20
TOHOLKE, Luxton, age 91, bur. 15/04/1989, Plot: DO11
TOHOLKE, Mary Ann, age 73, bur. 23/10/1938, Plot: CI14
TOHOLKE, Rita Gwendoline, age 71, bur. 27/06/1974, Plot: DO12, w.o. Luxton. m.o. Gwenda, John and Dean.
TOMKINS, Ellen Lily Mary, age 62, bur. 01/09/1970, Plot: EC26, d.o. Late William and Lily. sis.o. Will, Fred and John.
TOMKINS, John Cecil, age 62, bur. 06/11/1964, Plot: DG26, s.o. William and Lily.
TOMKINS, Lily Mary, age 69, bur. 01/08/1940, Plot: DG25, w.o. Late William. m.o. Will, Fred, John and Ellen.
TOMKINS, Robert, age 73, bur. 31/08/1940, Plot: CF10
TOMKINS, William Weymouth, age 83, bur. 20/12/1973, Plot: EC25, b.o. Ellen L.M.
TOOLE, John, age 74, bur. 18/08/1900, Plot: GD12
TRAVERS, ??, bur. 28/07/1907, Plot: GE17
TRAVERS, Anastasia, age 1dy, bur. 10/07/1899, Plot: GE17
TRAVERS, Ansbert Margaret, age 29, bur. 27/01/1928, Plot: FD12, d.o. Joseph and Bridget.
TRAVERS, Bridget, age 53, bur. 14/10/1923, Plot: FC9, w.o. Joseph.
TRAVERS, Catherine, age Prem, bur. 27/07/1903, Plot: GE17
TRAVERS, Ellen, age 59, bur. 27/11/1930, Plot: HF10, w.o. Michael.
TRAVERS, Francis Edward, age 61, bur. 18/02/1955, Plot: GZ29, s.o. Michael and Ellen.
TRAVERS, Inf., age Prem., bur. 11/01/1901, Plot: GE17
TRAVERS, John James, age 72, bur. 18/06/1982, Plot: EF6, h.o. Anna Catherine, f.o. Christopher.
TRAVERS, Joseph Francis, age 82, bur. 14/03/1947, Plot: FC12, h.o. Bridget.
TRAVERS, Mary Jane, age 85, bur. 21/01/1981, Plot: EF9
TRAVERS, Michael James, age 68, bur. 24/08/1931, Plot: HF9, h.o. Ellen.
TRAVERS, Michael Joseph, age 88, bur. 07/04/2000, Plot: EF7
TRAVERS, Nicholas, age 12, bur. 31/05/1926, Plot: GC32, Nephew o. Patrick. Eldest s.o. Edward and Susan.
TRAVERS, Patrick, age 12, bur. 09/01/1908, Plot: GC32, Date 16/07/1908 hdstn
TRAVERS, Robert, age 48, bur. 01/03/1879, Plot: CK12
TRAVERS, Thomas, age 72, bur. 08/08/1975, Plot: GZ28, s.o. Michael and Ellen.
TREDREA, Edna, age 44hrs, bur. 20/11/1945, Plot: AH12
TREDREA, Infant of Douglas, age Stlbn, bur. 18/05/1952, Plot: AN6
TREDREA, Infant son of Douglas., age Stlbn, bur. 05/09/1951, Plot: AN6
TRENGROVE, Mary Ada, age 49, bur. 23/11/1927, Plot: BN23
TREVENA, Lawrence E., age 3yrs6mo, bur. 09/12/1897, Plot: AU1
TREVORROW, Barry Francis, age 1dy, bur. 10/04/1938, Plot: HH12
TREZISE, Kevin Leonard, age 34, bur. 28/09/1979, Plot: DC2, h.o. Pam.
TREZISE, Robert Geoffery, age 30, bur. 20/08/1973, Plot: DC12, h.o. Phyllis. s.o. Olive and Bert.
TRILLING, Albert, age 45, bur. 19/12/1877, Plot: GI24, b.o. Ida.
TRILLING, Ida, age 75, bur. 04/01/1905, Plot: GI23, sis.o. Albert.
TRIPHOOKE, Ellen Maria, age 10mo, bur. 11/02/1883, Plot: BO9
TRIPHOOKE, Maud Elsie, age 10mo, bur. 12/02/1883, Plot: BO9
TUCKER, Ernest Henry Nova, age 4dys, bur. 15/01/1877, Plot: CN24
TUCKER, Malcolm William, age 83, bur. 17/10/1988, Plot: EH15
TUDOR, Annie Margaret, age 24, bur. 30/06/1927, Plot: BJ27, d.o. Margaret and William.
TUDOR, Cecil Addison, age 79, bur. 11/07/1974, Plot: DO5, h.o. Janet Gilmore, f.o. Allan, Garth, Shirley and Lenore.
TUDOR, Elmer William Owen, age 27, bur. 06/05/1921, Plot: BJ28, s.o. Margaret and William.
TUDOR, Garth Addison, age 52, bur. 14/11/1978, Plot: DN2, h.o. Eunice, f.o. Rosalie, Noel, Sue and Bronwyn.
TUDOR, Margaret Edith, age 92, bur. 06/07/1960, Plot: BF27
TUDOR, Noel Garth, age 20, bur. 22/03/1976, Plot: DN3, M.V.A., Only s.o. Garth and Eunice. b.o. Rosalie, Sue and Bronwyn.
TUDOR, William Owen, age 86, bur. 09/09/1944, Plot: BF28
TULLY, Evelyn Jessie, age 43, bur. 11/02/1953, Plot: HZ8, w.o. Frank. m.o. Bob, Margaret and Barbara.
TUMBRIDGE, John Ernest Leonard, age 6mo, bur. 21/12/1878, Plot: BK1, TUNBRIDGE
TURNER (RICHARDSON), Stephanie Ann, age 12, bur. 28/02/1992, Plot: EJ9, d.o. Francie (nee RICHARDSON) sis.o. Jaqueline and twin of Hamish.
TURNER, Sydney Morris, age 70, bur. 19/06/1929, Plot: CI9, h.o. Louisa.
TWIGDEN, Alma Elizabeth, age 100, bur. 07/10/1998, Plot: DJ1
TWIGDEN, William Alfred, age 89, bur. 21/10/1979, Plot: DJ2, h.o. Alma Elizabeth. p.o. Olive Elizabeth METCALF.
TYLER, Archibald John, age 30, bur. 12/08/1915, Plot: DN16

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