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Strathalbyn Cemetery
Strathalbyn, Alexandrina, South Australia

Strathalbyn would have to be the most laid back town, I have ever visited. 9.30 a.m. on a weekday, and I thought I was the only one in town. It was eerie. When the cafe opened, the service was fast, friendly, and the food delicious. The cemetery was out of town, stretching down a hillside. Lovely rose gardens at the lower slopes. [JB]

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Cemetery Records

Bartlett, Agnes, d. 12 May 1951, age: 89yr, w/o Thomas, [JB]
Bartlett, Alfred J, d. 1943, b. 1860, h/o Susan, [JB]
Bartlett, Cecil E, d. 26 Sep 1917, (killed in France), [JB]
Bartlett, Edith O, d. 9 Mar 1976, age: 70yr, w/o Stephen T, [JB]
Bartlett, Ethel Willow, d. 20 Jan 1982, age: 82yr, [JB]
Bartlett, Francis W, d. 3 Jul 1923 in Adelaide, [JB]
Bartlett, Harry Lionel, d. 27 Oct 1989, age: 86yr, h/o Ethel Willow, [JB]
Bartlett, Hazel Cavell, d. 12 Sep 1995, b. 31 May 1916, w/o Howard, [JB]
Bartlett, John Francis, d. 27 Dec 1938, [JB]
Bartlett, Sarah Susan, d. 19 Aug 1954, [JB]
Bartlett, Stephen T, d. 18 Sep 1992, age: 90yr, [JB]
Bartlett, Susan, d. 1932, b. 1866, [JB]
Bartlett, Susannah, d. 21 May 1897, age: 66yr, w/o Thomas, [JB]
Bartlett, Thomas, d. 28 Feb 1933, age: 70yr, [JB]
Bartlett, William Arthur, d. 26 Sep 1942, [JB]
Crawford, Betty Helen, b. 8 Dec 1926, d. 29 Oct 1996, w/o John (Jack) Crawford, [BH]
Crawford, John (Jack) Geoffrey, b. 27 Sep 1924, d. 11 Mar 1995, h/o Betty, [BH]
Galpin, Rex Albyn, d. 16 Nov 1982, age: 67yr, h/o Mavis, [JB]
Gilbert, Alice, d. 7 Sep 1908, age: 28yr, w/o W.H.Gilbert, [JB]
Gilbert, Annie Brown, d. 8 Jul 1973, age: 87yr, w/o Walter Henry, [JB]
Gilbert, H.Roy, d. 19 Jun 1989, age: 79yr, h/o Kath & Thelma, [JB]
Gilbert, Kathleen Elizabeth, d. 25 Aug 1978, age: 69yr, w/o Roy, [JB]
Gilbert, Walter Henry, d. 8 May 1972, age: 88yr, h/o Annie, [JB]
Holdsworth, Brian Maxwell (Bluey), b. 23 Dec 1932, d. 20 Sep 1999, h/o Bronwyn, [BH]
Krollig, John Theodore, b. Jun 06 1880, d. Jun 28 1961, [BW]
Perry, Florence, d. 27 Dec 1963, age: 91yr, [JB]
Perry, George, d. 11 Jan 1953, age: 83yr, [JB]
Prosser, Ada, d. 27 Feb 1959, age: 81yr, w/o John, [JB]
Prosser, Effie Jane, d. 13 Jul 1966, age: 64yr, w/o Leo, [JB]
Prosser, John, d. 11 May 1942, age: 73yr, [JB]
Rainsford, Frederick George, d. 25 Jul 1995, Grandfather, [RF]
Rainsford, Phillis May, no dates, Grandmother, w/o Frederick, [RF]
Reynolds, Elizabeth, b. 1813, Con Eng, d. 4 Feb 1891, w/o John, d/o William & Elizabeth Morcomb, [GS]
Reynolds, John, b. 1810, Con Eng, d. 25 Apr 1877, h/o Elizabeth, s/o Richard & Mary Reynolds, [GS]
Reynolds, Richard, b. 1842, Con Eng, d. 28 Dec 1867, h/o Mary Ann Isabella, s/o John & Elizabeth Reynolds, [GS]
Taylor, Ada Mary, d. 1951, b. 1861, [JB]
Taylor, John, d. 1939, b. 1851, h/o Ada Mary, [JB]
Watt, Allen, d. 29 Jun 1862, age: 6yr, [JB]
Watt, Elizabeth, d. 5 Jan 1906, age: 57, w/o Robert, [JB]
Watt, George, d. 9 Dec 1879, age: 1yr 11mo, [JB]
Watt, Jessie, d. 31 Jan 1974, age: 87yr, c/o Robert & Elizabeth, [JB]
Watt, Marion, d. 28 Jun 1867, d/o Thomas & Mary, age: 32yr, [JB]
Watt, Marion, d. 39 Jun 1893, c/o Robert & Elizabeth, age: 9yr, [JB]
Watt, Mary Craig, d. 4 Jan 1877, c/o Robert & Elizabeth, age: 7dys, [JB]
Watt, Mary, d. 4 Jul 1889, age: 79yr, w/o Thomas, [JB]
Watt, Robert, d. 3 Aug 1933, age: 88yr, third s/o Thomas & Mary, [JB]
Watt, Thomas, d. 15 Sep 1892, age: 84yr, [JB]
Watt, Thomas, d. 9 Mar 1878, age: 4yr, c/o Robert & Elizabeth, [JB]
Watt, William Gordon, d. 22 May 1972, age: 86yr, [JB]
Westley, Susan, b. 1844, Con Eng, d. 19 Jan 1936, w/o William Edward, d/o John & Elizabeth Reynolds, [GS]
Westley, William Edward, b. 1839, d. 21 Dec 1878, h/o Susan, s/o Thomas & Mary Westley, [GS]
Wittwer, Alma, b. 1 Dec 1914, d 28 Sep 1990, w/o Ben, d/o John Krollig, [BW]
Wittwer, Ben, b. 26 Sep 1907, d. 13 Sep 1987, h/o Alma Wittwer, [BW]

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