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Port Elliot-Middleton Cemetery
Alexandrina Council, South Australia

Lines Road Between Port Elliot and Middleton.

Cemetery opened in 1880.

This is not a complete listing of burials! The records below were provided by contributors to Cemetery Records Online. Total records = 85.

Contributor's Index:

Cemetery Records

Abbot, Mary, d. Nov 26, 1922, age: 91yr, Wife, [JR]
Abbott, John, d. 3/11/1893, age: 62yr, [JR]
Barker, Eliza, d. 08/09/1905, age: 85yr, Wife, [JR]
Barker, John, d. Jul 24, 1920, age: 86yr, [JR]
Bews, Agnes, d. Jul 15, 1914, age: 79yr, Wife, [JR]
Bews, Peter, d. 10/10/1883, age: 54yr, [JR]
Buckenar, Alice, d. 10/5/1894, age: 60yr, [JR]
Chibnall, John, d. 26 Jul 1893, age: 86yr, [JR]
Clark, Gloria, b. Pt Elliot, d. 10-2-1961, Pt Elliot, age: 26yr, [JR]
Clark, Jane, d. 1/11/1903, age: 84yr, [JR]
Clark, Mary Kathleen, d. Sep 13, 1970, age: 65yr, Wife, [JR]
Clark, Norman Richard, d. Jul 17, 1976, age: 72yr, [JR]
Coote, Clara Vinie, d. 29 Nov 1924, age: 57yr, Wife, [JR]
Coote, Claris May, d. 22 May 1969, age: 81yr, Wife, [JR]
Coote, Ellen, d. 7 Sep 1976, age: 92yr, Wife, [JR]
Coote, Ernest Horace, d. 17 Jan 1964, age: 70yr, [JR]
Coote, John Richard, d. 2 Aug 1926, age: 61yr, [JR]
Coote, Robert Henry, d. 27 Jun 1935, age: 61yr, [JR]
Darkins, George, d. Jun 16, 1901, age: 73yr, [JR]
Darkins, Kazia, d. 4/5/1896, age: 67yr, Wife, [JR]
Dent, Raymond John, b. Pt Elliot, d. 4-7-1969, Pt Elliot, age: 33yr, [JR]
Dodd, John George, b. 1849, d. 1929, age: 80yr, [JR]
Dodd, Keith, d. 11-6-1993, Pt Elliot, age: 71yr, [JR]
Dodd, Mary Anne, b. 1854, d. 1939, age: 85yr, Wife, [JR]
Drever, Jean Ruby, b. 1919, d. 1991, age: 72yr, [JR]
Drever, William David, b. 1902, d. 1982, age: 80yr, [JR]
Duffield, Emily, d. 16 May 1987, age: 83yr, Wife, [JR]
Duffield, Lesie, d. 19 Mar 1972, age: 71yr, [JR]
Eatts, Amel Horace, d. 15-5-1961, Pt Elliot, age: 68yr, Father, [JR]
Eatts, Emily Isabella, d. 15-8-1951, Pt Elliot, age: 57yr, Wife, [JR]
Eatts, Graham Kingsley, b. Pt Elliot, d. 25-8-1981, age: 52yr, Son, [JR]
Ellis, Albert Alfred, d. 28 Nov 1971, [JR]
Ellis, Amelia, d. 1/05/1917, age: 85yr, Wife, [JR]
Ellis, Christina, d. 2 Dec 1972, age: yr, Wife, [JR]
Ellis, Thomas, d. 21/5/1889, age: 70yr, [JR]
Gartery, Bessie Frances, d. 8 Jan 1956, age: 71yr, [JR]
Hann, Ivan Ernest, b. 24-2-1910, d. 29-7-1992, Pt Elliot, age: 82yr, [JR]
Harding, Burt.F.S, d. 21 Aug 1969, age: 88yr, [JR]
Harding, Eliza, d. 08/09/1905, age: 85yr, Wife, [JR]
Harding, James Shaw, d. Jun 19, 1904, age: 92yr, [JR]
Haynes, Jacob. G.A, b. 1862, d. 1927, age: 65yr, [JR]
Haynes, Magdalene . B, b. 1866, d. 1948, age: 82yr, Wife, [JR]
Henley, Thomas, d. 11/06/1915, age: 79yr, [JR]
Hilitunen, Alex, d. 1/05/1917, age: 25yr, 12th Battalion AIF, [JR]
Hotham, Harriet Maria, d. Dec 22, 1905, age: 84yr, Wife, [JR]
Hotham, Iema Maria, d. 3/5/1899, age: 51yr, Eldest Daughter, [JR]
Johnson, Anne, d. 28 May 1998, age: 81yr, Wife, [JR]
Johnson, Peter Norman, d. 15 Oct 1998, age: 77yr, [JR]
Jolly, Dorothy.F, d. 1 May 1982, age: yr, Wife, [JR]
Jolly, Walter.H, d. 14 Aug 1962, age: 63yr, [JR]
Kenny, George Buxton, d. 28-4-1958, Pt Elliot, age: 62yr, [JR]
Kenny, Stuart, b. 12-1-1914, d. 6-3-1983, Pt Elliot, age: 69yr, [JR]
Kluge, Eunice.F, d. 21 Dec 1998, age: 87yr, Wife, [JR]
Kluge, R. H, d. 12 Jun 1952, age: 38yr, Army Service Corps, [JR]
Langham, Wilfred, b. 12/07/1917 UK, d. 16 Oct 1988, age: 71yr, [JR]
Lovell, Mary Elizabeth, d. 1 Dec 1949, age: 90yr, Wife, [JR]
Lovell, William Benjamin, d. 18 Feb 1943, age: 82yr, [JR]
Mortess, William Harris, d. 13 Jun 1920, [JR]
Mudge, Frank Alfred, d. 24 Jul 1995, age: 89yr, [JR]
Mudge, Gladys Ellen Eve, d. 24 Jan 1999, age: 93yr, Wife, [JR]
Munro, Ann Dorothy, d. 8/7/1889, age: 76yr, Wife of William Dodd, [JR]
Nosworthy, Ann, d. 10 Aug 1964, age: 95yr, Wife, [JR]
Nosworthy, William Henry, d. 20 Aug 1953, age: 77yr, [JR]
Perry, Laura Ruth, b. Feb 21, 1916, d. 18 Feb 1995, age: 79yr, [JR]
Plush, Lilian (Ella), d. 11/07/1981, age: 92yr, [JR]
Plush, Maud, d. 12/7/1950, age: 71yr, [JR]
Plush, Wilfred, d. Mar 16, 1973, age: 94yr, [JR]
Rev Hotham, John, d. 26/5/1885, age: 68yr, Concrecational Church, [JR]
Rogerson, John Victor, d. 6 May 1990, age: 64yr, [JR]
Rowland, Albert George, b. 11-11-1886, Laura, d. 12-1965, Pt Elliot, age: 79yr, My Father, [JR]
Rowland, Florence Mabel, b. 24-6-1893, d. 14-10-69, age: 76yr, My Mother, [JR]
Rowland, Florence, d. 18-6-1993, age: 96yr, Cousin, [JR]
Rowland, Percy Thomas, d. 24-8-1943, Pt Elliot, age: 58yr, Cousin, [JR]
Sarah, Elizabeth, d. 01/04/1920, age: 82yr, [JR]
Squires, Ester, b. 1833, d. 1921, age: 88yr, Wife, [JR]
Squires, Thomas, b. 1834, d. 1922, age: 88yr, [JR]
Sweetman, Albert, d. Aug 21, 1976, age: 72yr, [JR]
Teakie, Elliot Henry, d. 29 Feb 1940, age: 65yr, [JR]
Teakie, Gwenneth Marion, d. 9 Jan 1985, age: 76yr, Daughter, [JR]
Teakie, Laura Mabel, d. 25 Jul 1967, age: 88yr, Wife, [JR]
Tuckwell, Shirley Doreen, b. Feb 14, 1934, d. 1 Nov 1998, age: 64yr, [JR]
Walton, Emily Annie, d. 3/28/1900, age: 32yr, Wife of C A Walton, [JR]
Watson, Albert George, d. 28 Feb 1983, age: 88yr, [JR]
Watson, Effie Lillian, d. 15 Aug 1979, age: 81yr, Wife, [JR]
Wood, Anna.M, b. 10/10/1847, d. 17 Mar 1923, age: 76yr, [JR]

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