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Pratten Cemetery
Warwick Shire, Queensland, Australia

Lester Street, Pratten, Qld, Australia

Contributed by Karyn Findlay, Jun 08, 2005 [stephenb@hypermax.net.au]. Total records = 111.

Pratten is approximately 35kms north-west of Warwick.

The cemetery is maintained and administered by the Warwick Shire Council (mail@warwick.qld.gov.au). The cemetery is divided into two distinct sections separated by a small section of bush.

When visited the cemetery was clean and the grass mowed. There are no public facilities available.

The transcriptions were made from digital images and handwritten notes in March 2005 by myself and Stephen Batterham. The list of inscriptions comprised all visible inscriptions at that date.

- Karyn Findlay

Cemetery Records

Ahern, Francis James, d. 26 Jun 1955, age: 56yrs
Ahern, Francis, d. 19 Feb 1947, s/w Jane Ahern
Ahern, Jane, d. 15 Aug 1945, s/w Francis Ahern
Ahern, Mick, d. 18 Dec 1976, s/w Thomas Ahern, Sarah Ahern, Tom Ahern
Ahern, Sarah, d. 26 Aug 1916, age: 80yrs, w/o Thomas, s/w Thomas Ahern, Tom Ahern, Mick Ahern
Ahern, Thomas, d. 30 Nov 1911, age: 80yrs, s/w Sarah Ahern, Tom Ahern, Mick Ahern
Ahern, Tom, d. 1 Sep 1964, s/w Thomas Ahern, Sarah Ahern, Mick Ahern
Anders, Joseph, b. 2 Sep 1916, d. 11 Mar 1988
Ashdon, Edith, no dates
Baker, Ann Elizabeth, d. 23 Oct 1941, s/w Florence Baker
Baker, Bridget, d. 6 Jul 1924, age: 85yrs 6mths, s/w John Baker
Baker, Charles, d. 3 Jul 1958
Baker, Florence Mary, d. 20 Dec 1944, s/w Ann Elizabeth Baker
Baker, John, d. 16 Oct 1915, age: 77yrs, s/w Bridget Baker
Baker, Margaret Teresa, d. 3 Oct 1922, age: 42yrs, w/o P L Baker, m/o Patricia, s/w Patricia Baker
Baker, Mary, d. 10 Mar 1912, age: 39yrs, w/o John
Baker, Patricia, no dates, age: 11mths, d/o Margaret Theresa and P L Baker, s/w Margaret Teresa
Beattie, Samuel James, b. 22 Apr 1875, d. 30 Dec 1884, s/o George and Margaret Beattie
Beil, Elizabeth, d. 10 Aug 1934, age: 85yrs, s/w Tobias Beil, Marmaduke Beil, William Adam Beil
Beil, Marmaduke, d. 4 Oct 1917, age: 31yrs, Killed in Action France, s/w Tobias Beil, Elizabeth beil and William Adam Beil
Beil, Tobias, d. 11 Jan 1910, age: 72yrs, s/w Elizabeth Beil, Marmaduke Beil, William Adam Beil
Beil, William Adam, d. 31 May 1940, age: 55yrs, s/w Tobias Beil, Elizabeth Beil and Marmaduke Beil
Bradfield, Robert John, d. 28 Apr 1906, s/o Wm & M A Bradfield
Clare, Ann, d. 11 Jul 1898, age: 72yrs, w/o Patrick Clare, s/w Patrick Clare
Clare, Elizabeth, d. 19 Aug 1930, age: 71yrs, s/w Patrick Douglas Clare
Clare, Patrick Douglas, b. 17 Mar 1859, d. 28 Nov 1917, s/w Elizabeth Clare
Clare, Patrick, d. 11 Jun 1904, age: 82yrs, h/o Ann, s/w Ann Clare
Corey, Denis, d. 21 Dec 1907 Pratten, age: 75yrs
Costello, Alexander, d. 7 Apr 1914, s/o A and A E Costello
Costello, Alexander, d. 7 Jun 1900, age: 57yrs, h/o Annie E Costello, s/w Annie E Costello
Costello, Annie E, d. 2 Mar 1955, age: 90yrs, s/w Alexander Costello
Draydon, Christina, d. 13 Sep 1913, age: 42yrs, w/o Joseph Draydon Jnr, s/w Joseph Draydon
Draydon, Joseph, d. 17 Oct 1931, age: 56yrs, s/w Christina Draydon
Draydon, Joseph, d. 22 May 1919, age: 82yrs, h/o Ann Maria
Fraser, Annie, d. 22 Jul 1905, age: 25yrs, s/w Isobel E Fraser
Fraser, Harry, d. 15 Feb 1930, age: 32yrs, s/w Robert Misson Fraser, Mary Jane Fraser, Lilly Fraser, Mary Jane
Fraser, Isobel E, b. 20 May 1924, d. 17 May 1927, s/w Annie Fraser
Fraser, Lilly, d. 18 Oct 1920, age: 37yrs, s/w Robert Misson Fraser, Mary Jane Fraser, Harry Fraser, Mary Jane
Fraser, Mary Elizabeth Rose, d. 5 Oct 1966, age: 83yrs, s/w Robert Vincent Fraser
Fraser, Mary Jane (Polly), d. 26 Mar 1971, age: 92yrs, s/w Robert Misson Fraser, Mary Jane Fraser, Lilly Fraser, Harry Fraser
Fraser, Mary Jane, d. 3 Dec 1926, age: 77yrs, s/w Robert Misson Fraser, Lilly Fraser, Harry Fraser, Mary Jane
Fraser, Robert Misson, d. 22 Aug 1922, age: 76yrs, s/w Mary Jane Fraser, Lilly Fraser, Harry Fraser, Mary Jane
Fraser, Robert Vincent, d. 15 Feb 1946, age: 71yrs, s/w Mary Elizabeth Rose Fraser
Fraser, Valma Mary, d. 20 May 1949, age: 1yr
Garsden, Doris, d. 21 Apr 1916, age: 8mths, s/w Ivan Garsden
Garsden, Ivan, d. 15 Jun 1909, age: 6wks, Interred Woombye, s/w Doris Garsden
Gibson, Caroline, b. 3 May 1838, d. 12 Jul 1919
Haager, Elizabeth Byam, b. 20 Mar 1846 Boilth, Wales, d. 29 Sep 1934 Pratten
Hart, Darrell John, b. 24 Jan 1952, d. 21 Jul 1992
Hart, Raymond John, b. 1 Jan 1928, d. 26 Sep 1997
Lambley, Charles, d. 26 Jan 1905, age: 78yrs, h/o Margaret, s/w Margaret Lambley
Lambley, Margaret, d. 5 Jan 1909, age: 80yrs, w/o Charles Lambley, s/w Charles Lambley
Lambley, S E, d. 9 Jan 1920, age: 62yrs, s/w Willie Lambley, William Lambley
Lambley, William, d. 9 May 1947, age: 91yrs, s/w Willie Lambley, S E Lambley
Lambley, Willie, d. 6 Mar 1906, age: 17yrs, s/o William and Sarah Lambley, s/w S E Lambley, William Lambley
Lay, Elizabeth Frances, d. 1 Jan 1908, age: 89yrs
Lyell, Susannah, d. 29 May 1970, age: 82yrs, s/w William Alfred Lyell
Lyell, Vera May, d. 22 Apr 1931, age: 20yrs
Lyell, William Alfred, d. 23 Jan 1957, age: 78yrs, s/w Susannah Lyell
MacPherson, Archibald Cameron, d. 10 Feb 1928, Richmond Hill, Pratten, age: 86yrs, s/o Alex MacPherson, Tarbot, Dumbartonshire, Sco
Mara, James, d. 1 Jun 1909 Pratten, age: 63yrs, s/w Margaret Mara
Mara, Margaret, d. 12 Feb 1915 Pratten, age: 65yrs, s/w James Mara
Meiklejohn, J C, d. 5 Mar 1943, age: 69yrs
Nicholls, George Arthur, b. 12 Dec 1936, d. 18 Feb 1938, s/o Norman and Caroline Nicholls, s/w Norman David Nicholls
Nicholls, George, d. 21 Mar 1960, age: 90yrs, s/w Janey Nicholls
Nicholls, Isaac, d. 18 Feb 1902, age: 71yrs, s/w Sarah Nicholls
Nicholls, Janet, d. 13 Mar 1961, age: 85yrs, s/w George Nicholls
Nicholls, Leslie Edwin, d. 9 Jul 1934, age: 20yrs, s/w Stanley J Nicholls
Nicholls, Norman David, b. 14 May 1934, d. 16 May 1934, s/o Norman and Caroline Nicholls, s/w George Arthur Nicholls
Nicholls, Norman David, b. 3 Mar 1903, d. 11 Sep 1989
Nicholls, Sarah, d. 17 Apr 1872, age: 39yrs, s/w Isaac Nicholls
Nicholls, Stanley J, d. 5 Jan 1904, age: 6yrs, s/w Leslie Edwin Nicholls
Nicholls, Walter, d. 21 Oct 1915, age: 29yrs
Reading, William, d. 14 Jul 1922, age: 63yrs
Seibel, Christina, d. 26 Feb 1887, age: 41yrs, w/o Conrad, s/w Conrad Seibel
Seibel, Conrad, d. 23 Jun 1895, age: 53yrs, s/w Christina Seibel
Seibel, Cordelia, d. 20 Sep 1941, age: 52yrs, Wife and Mother
Sidney, Emily, d. 16 July 1900, age: 2yrs 9mths, Eldest d/o Samuel and Alice Sidney
Smith, Alice Jane, d. 7 Dec 1966
Smith, Benjamin, d. 1 Oct 1921
Smith, Eva, d. 13 Sep 1893
Smith, Gertrude Elizabeth, b. 4 Nov 1900, d. 7 May 1981
Smith, Henrietta, d. 1 Sep 1912
Smitten, Lucy, d. 22 Oct 1945, age: 77yrs, s/w Mark Smitten
Smitten, Mark Victor, d. 5 Jun 1968, age: 70yrs
Smitten, Mark, b. Birmingham, Eng, d. 12 Mar 1927, age: 68yrs, s/w Lucy Smitten
Springate, Elizabeth, d. 28 Apr 1980, age: 73yrs, s/w William henry Springate, Walter Springate
Springate, George Essex, d. 14 Sep 1960, age: 69yrs
Springate, Walter, d. 4 Oct 1911, age: 18yrs, s/w William henry Springate, Elizabeth Springate
Springate, William Henry, d. 4 Sep 1911, age: 64yrs, s/w Elizabeth Springate, Walter Springate
Steel, Charles, d. 25 Nov 1936, age: 71yrs, s/w John Steel
Steel, Elizabeth, d. 2 Dec 1941, age: 64yrs, s/w Robert Steel
Steel, Harry W, d. 23 Nov 1930, age: 83yrs, s/w Mary E Steel
Steel, Harry Willshire, d. 10 Aug 1957, age: 80yrs
Steel, Jane, d. 8 Feb 1909, age: 78yrs, w/o Thomas Steel, s/w Thomas Steel
Steel, John, b. 12 Aug 1864, d. 29 Oct 1886, s/w Charles Steel
Steel, Mary E, d. 25 Nov 1907, age: 61 yrs, s/w Harry W Steel
Steel, Robert George, d. 8 Apr 1904, age: 2yrs, s/o Robert and Elizabeth, s/w Stanley Norman Steel, William Thomas Steel
Steel, Robert, d. 13 Aug 1941, age: 67yrs, s/w Elizabeth Steel
Steel, Stanley Norman, d. 7 Mar 1928, age: 23yrs, H and F of Ethel and Max, s/o Robert and Elizabeth, s/w William Thomas Steel, Robert George Steel
Steel, Thomas, d. 22 Sep 1913, age: 89yrs, s/w Jane Steel
Steel, William Thomas, d. 21 Nov 1920, age: 23yrs, s/o Robert and Elizabeth, s/w Stanley Norman Steel, Robert George Steel
Stevenson, Joseph, d. 30 Jan 1912, age: 92yrs, Erected by Margaret
Tambling, Alfred, d. 12 Jul 1942, age: 84yrs, s/w Annie I Tambling
Tambling, Annie I, d. 20 May 1945, age: 78yrs, s/w Alfred Tambling
Tambling, Mary Ann, b. 20 Apr 1835, d. 25 Jun 1903, s/w Richard Tambling
Tambling, Richard, d. 10 Oct 1901, age: 82yrs, s/w Mary Ann Tambling
Weir, Alfred, d. 9 Mar 1933, age: 62yrs, s/w Elizabeth Eve Weir
Weir, Elizabeth Eve, d. 24 Oct 1952, age: 78yrs, s/w Alfred Weir
Weir, George, d. 24 Nov 1914, age: 68yrs, s/w Sarah Elizabeth Weir
Weir, Sarah Elizabeth, d. 30 Mar 1908, age: 55yrs, w/o George, s/w George Weir

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