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Sarina Cemetery
Sarina Shire, Queensland, Australia

Cemetery is maintained by the Sarina Shire Council 65 Broad Street, Sarina Qld 4737 (0749) 561 444. The town is situated on the Bruce Highway, 37 km south of Mackay and 307 km north of Rockhampton.

This is not a complete listing of the burials in this cemetery. The records below were provided by contributors to Interment.net. Last edited Oct 10, 2008. Total records = 260.

Contributor's Index:

Ablett, Isabelle May, b. 16/12/1913, d. 11/01/2004, [JC]
Ablett, William Charles, b. 12/02/1910, d. 29/11/2000, [JC]
Andersen, Carolyn Joyce, b. 05/01/1942, d. 29/01/2007, [JC]
Andersen, George Kenneth (Mick), b. 21/06/1914, d. 26/10/1988, [JC]
Andersen, Margaret (Marge), b. 18/05/1913, d. 02/08/1995, [JC]
Aslette, Trevor Anthony, b. 01/06/1965, d. 01/01/1996, [JC]
Atherton, Charlotte, 22/03/1905, aged 61yrs, [JC]
Atherton, Edmund, 08/02/1899, aged 59yrs, [JC]
Austin, Raymond Maurice (Butch), b. 19/08/1948, d. 24/04/2000, [JC]
Bagley, Hellen Ruby, b. 29/05/1911, d. 08/10/2003, aged 92yrs, [JC]
Bagley, William Richard Charles, b. 25/02/1906, d. 20/09/1991, aged 85yrs, [JC]
Bailey, Zane Kellon, b. 27/07/1978, d. 05/07/1997, car accident, [JC]
Baillie, Millicent Margaret Marion, b. 24/03/1917, d. 03/03/2000, [JC]
Bane, David Allan, d. 28/09/1996, aged 43yrs, [JC]
Barke, Jennifer Lynne (Nielsen), b. 10/10/1945, d. 12/05/2003, [JC]
Bartlem, John Frederick, d. 12/06/1950, aged 72yrs, [JC]
Bartlem, Ronald George, d. 11/09/1994, aged 68yrs, [JC]
Bartley, Gladys May, b. 31/01/1922, d. 07/10/2003, [JC]
Bates, George, d. 08/03/1986, aged 69yrs, [JC]
Bates, Maureen Lenore, d. 31/12/2001, aged 81yrs, [JC]
Baulch, Arthur John (Jack), b. 15/03/1908, d. 30/12/1998, [JC]
Baulch, Dorothy Elizabeth (Dot), b. 27/12/1914, d. 29/06/2002, [JC]
Bell, Alice, d. 15/05/1892, 59yrs, [JC]
Biltoft, Hilma, d. 06/07/1896, aged 36yrs, [JC]
Biltoft, Josephine Tait, d. 26/03/1949, aged 54yrs, [JC]
Blyth, Sinton Taylor, b. 01/10/1931, d. 19/08/1982, [JC]
Boswood, John, b. 1914, d. 2007, [JC]
Boyle, F. S., d. 16/02/1999, aged 80yrs, 42 infantry Battalion, [JC]
Bradford, D., d. 15/01/2006, aged 80yrs, [JC]
Bradford, Edward Albert, b. 24/08/1914, d. 18/03/1998, [JC]
Bradford, Margaret Ellen, b. 10/06/1918, d. 27/06/2001, [JC]
Bradford, William Edward, b. 09/01/1945, d. 21/05/1966, [JC]
Breen, Ryan Adam (Bully), b. 07/01/1980, d. 27/06/1999, [JC]
Breen, Shannon Jay (Doodle), b. 19/07/1978, d. 05/07/1997, car accident, [JC]
Bromley, Marjorie Irene (Cheeseman), b. 07/05/1923, d. 04/08/1999, [JC]
Bromley, Walter Ronald Victor, b. 09/03/1923, d. 10/08/2006, [JC]
Brookes, Dulcie May, b. 1951, d. 14/01/1987, [JC]
Brown, Marilyn Anne, b. 02/02/1950, d. 19/02/2001, [JC]
Campbell, Beatrice Winifred, b. 16/09/1898, d. 07/01/1981, [JC]
Campbell, Betty Margaret, b. 03/11/1916, d. 29/06/2002, [JC]
Campbell, James, b. 16/12/1889, d. 22/11/1941, interred Mackay Cemetery, [JC]
Campbell, Neville William Alexander, b. 12/03/1914, d. 19/11/1986, [JC]
Casey, R. L., d. 30/10/2003, aged 82yrs, 2/5 Australian General Hospital, [JC]
Catling, Lilian, b. 03/05/1897, d. 18/09/1993, aged 96yrs, [JC]
Catling, Walford Hewitt, d. 07/08/1980, aged 85yrs, [JC]
Chamberlain, Michael Ian, b. 17/10/1955, d. 07/11/2001, [JC]
Chamberlain, Percy John George, d. 14/06/1985, aged 62yrs, [JC]
Chamberlain, Vera Phyliss, d. 22/01/2008, aged 82yrs, [JC]
Chapman, Peter Norman, b. 03/04/1957, d. 14/02/1988, [JC]
Clarendon, Kathleen Joan, b. 24/08/1922, d. 10/03/1983, [JC]
Clarendon, Stanley Victor, b. 30/08/1912, d. 15/10/1982, [JC]
Clark, Annie, d. 07/08/1978, aged 63yrs, [JC]
Clark, Benjamin David John (Benny), d. 01/09/1983, aged 80yrs, [JC]
Cliffe, Evelyn Grace, d. 11/03/1999, aged 74yrs, [JC]
Colquhoun, G. M. (Mary), 31/08/1916, 16/08/1996, [JC]
Colquhoun, T. O. (Tom), b. 01/08/1916, d. 07/08/1976, [JC]
Cornwell, Lyn Clematis Evelyn, b. 15/03/1918, d. 11/04/2005, [JC]
Cranston, Frances Estelle, b. 13/03/1920, d. 26/09/1978, [JC]
Cranston, Lillian (Ruddell), b. 10/09/1913, d. 12/02/2000, [JC]
Cranston, Stanley Richard, b. 18/04/1911, d. 03/02/1993, [JC]
Crichton, Alice Elizabeth, d. 08/05/1988, aged 76yrs, [JC]
Crichton, William Mathieson, d. 19/02/1991, aged 81yrs, [JC]
Cross, Catherine Mary, b. 17/02/1915, d. 25/03/2004, [JC]
Cross, Frank Joseph, b. 18/12/1912, d. 07/10/1987, [JC]
Crouch, Hilda Grace, b. 25/10/1920, d. 15/08/2007, [JC]
Curness, Alister Stanley, b. 13/11/1978, d. 03/10/2003, [JC]
Curness, Ceridwen Robyn (Ceri), b. 19/08/1950, d. 16/02/1991, [JC]
Davids, Bernie, b. 08/11/1919, d. 27/11/1996, aged 77yrs , [JC]
Day, Frank, b. 1917, d. 1998, [JC]
Derbin, E. H., d. 24/12/1998, aged 75yrs, 58/59 Infantry Battalion, [JC]
Dick, William Robert, d. 10/12/1985, aged 76yrs, [JC]
Dingle, Roger Wilton, d. in infancy, [JC]
Dixon, Maud Mary (Peggy), b. 14/07/1925, d. 31/12/1986, [JC]
Dixon, William Thomas (Bill), b. 16/01/1919, d. 07/07/2002, [JC]
Dobie, Christopher James (Chris), b. 20/09/1975, d. 06/12/2000, [JC]
Dunn, Patricia Mary, b. 29/11/1935, d. 30/07/2003, [JC]
Edwina, b. 15/06/1943 Mount Morgan, d. 23/12/1985 Sarina, [JC]
Faulkner, Ross Callan, b. 04/02/1947, d. 12/12/1996, [JC]
Foden, Harry Ashford Thomas, b. 1899 d. 22 Mar 1979, h/o Violet, [JC]
Foden, Violet Ivy May Jansan, b. 1902 d. 12 May 1971, w/o Harry, [JC]
Ford, Ruth Alice, d. 20/05/1973, aged 58yrs, [JC]
Ford, Walter John, d. 11/05/2001, aged 90yrs, [JC]
Forster, Margaret Louise (Solli), b. 23/05/1954, d. 02/09/1990, [JC]
Forster, Stephen John (Fod), 31/10/1959, d. 02/09/1990, [JC]
Foster, Doris Bessie, b. 14/10/1915, d. 19/08/1993, [JC]
Franettovich, Doreen Ellen (Blakeley), b. 31/01/1920, d. 23/05/1997, [JC]
Franettovich, Vince Anthony, b. 16/10/1916, d. 08/05/1982, [JC]
Freemantle, Donald Arthur (Don), d. 08/05/1989, aged 79yrs, [JC]
Freemantle, Mary Taylor Boyd, b. 01/10/1912 Windy Walls Scotland, d. 01/07/1977, [JC]
Freese, E. W., d. 21/10/1995, aged 73yrs, 10 Field Ambulance, [JC]
Freese, Nada Irene, d. 13/03/1987, aged 70yrs, [JC]
Gauci, Angela, b. 03/05/1928, d. 29/03/2004, aged 75yrs, [JC]
Gauci, Charlie, b. 30/10/1950, d. 14/05/1953, aged 2yrs 7mths, [JC]
Gertau, Kathleen Mary, b. 30/09/1937, d. 04/10/1998, aged 61yrs, [JC]
Graham, Elizabeth Gray, d. 12/05/1972, aged 87yrs, [JC]
Graham, Elsie Frances Mary (Grahamie), d. 03/01/2004, aged 91yrs, [JC]
Graham, George (Georgie), d. 29/0/1988, aged 83yrs, [JC]
Graham, John, d. 13/08/1949, aged 67yrs, [JC]
Graham, Ronald Alexander, b. 08/08/1927, d. 01/03/2000, [JC]
Green, Heather Olivia, b. 03/07/1959, d. 29/01/2003, [JC]
Grendon, Alida Carola, b. 02/06/1939, d. 26/12/1984, [JC]
Grendon, George Lewis, b. 20/06/1924, d. 26/07/1998, [JC]
Griffin, Owen John, b. 01/12/1943, d. 12/03/2008, [JC]
Grose, Marie Narelle (Ellis), b. 20/04/1909, d. 11/07/1998, [JC]
Harrison, Martin, b. 26/01/1919, d. 21/07/2005, [JC]
Harrison, Melissa Marie, b. 25/03/1987, d. 02/08/1987, [JC]
Harrison, Rodney Martin, b. /11/1956, d. 18/02/2007, [JC]
Hemmings, H. J., d. 16/07/2000, aged 67yrs, 1/1731 Lance Corporal, [JC]
Holdsworth, Colin Ratcliffe, b. 20/12/1929, d. 29/05/1995, [JC]
Hopkins, Gary William (Hoppy), b. 12/03/1944, d. 19/06/2000, [JC]
Horne, Catherine Beverage, b. 17/01/1925, d. 28/02/1991, [JC]
Horne, William Alexander, b. 11/05/1922, d. 18/04/2002, [JC]
Howard, Marjory Thora, b. 17/09/1918, d. 17/08/2007, [JC]
Howland, Noel, b. 16/02/1921, d. 23/02/2007, [JC]
Hughes, Doris Franklin, b. 1914, d. 2000, [JC]
Hunter, John, b. 1900, d. 1958, [JC]
Hunter, Lily, b. 1907, d. 1991, [JC]
Isaacs, Eric Llewellyn, 24/09/1997, aged 87yrs, [JC]
Jackes, Herbert, 26/09/1954, aged 47yrs, [JC]
Jackes, Hillian, d. 20/06/1997, 90yrs, [JC]
Jansen, West Henry, d. 04/06/1944, aged 66yrs, son of Isaac & Rosanna Jansan, [JC]
Johansen, Frederick George, b. 16/12/1920, d. 20/02/2002, aged 82yrs, [JC]
Johnson, Desmond Robert, b. 07/02/1926, d. 22/06/2003, [JC]
Jones, H. E., d. 26/08/2001, aged 78yrs, Infantry, [JC]
Keating, Alice Annie, d. 20/09/1987, aged 93yrs, [JC]
Keating, Allan Cecil, d. 23/06/1986, aged 27yrs, [JC]
Keating, Edward Samuel, d. 07/03/1940 aged 53yrs, [JC]
Keating, Edward Samuel, d. 29/06/1981, aged 70yrs, [JC]
Keating, Eric Stanley, d. 29/12/1978, aged 59yrs, [JC]
Keating, John Henry, d. 07/08/1974, aged 81yrs, [JC]
Keating, John, d. 26/02/1941, aged 1hour, infant, [JC]
Keating, Maud Elizabeth, d. 24/09/1966, aged 70yrs, [JC]
Keating, Mavis Theresa, b. 20/08/1918, d. 05/08/2002, [JC]
Keating, Percy Holman, d. 05/03/1974, aged 82yrs, [JC]
Keating, Rex Edward, d. 22/01/1958, aged 25yrs, [JC]
Keating, Richard Holman (Dick), b. 04/05/1913, d. 09/09/1985, [JC]
Keating, Thelma Agnes, b. 16/12/1915, d. 29/11/2003, [JC]
Keating, William Wallace (Polo), b. 28/08/1916, d. 15/03/1987, [JC]
Kenny, Dorothy (Dolly), d. no dates, aged 88yrs, [JC]
Kenyon, Joyce Douglas (Thorp), b. 19/01/1917, d. 25/07/1985, [JC]
Kenyon, Thomas William, b. 22/04/1912, d. 29/08/1999, [JC]
Kerwitz, Ionie Florence, b. 10/02/1930, d. 22/12/2006, [JC]
Ketchell, Titom, b. 28/06/1974 Tully, d. 16/11/1984 Sarina, accidentally, [JC]
Kliese, Desley Winifred Irene, b. 26/01/1946, d. 07/11/2003 , [JC]
Lennox, R. A., d. 19/12/2001, aged 81yrs, [JC]
Limmage, Henry James, d. 5 Nov 1967, h/o Cathleen Limmage, unmarked grave, [JC]
Limmage, Henry Lawrence, d. 27 Jul 1975, aged 45yr, s/o Henry James and Cathleen Limmage, accidently killed, [JC]
Livingston, Francis David (Doc), b. 04/09/1930, d. 14/03/2002, [JC]
Lockie, Dulcie Eugenie, d. 09/01/1999, aged 81yrs, [JC]
Lockie, Vincent James, d. 11/05/1987, 71yrs, [JC]
Mansfield, Elva Mary, d. 30/12/1986, aged 49yrs, [JC]
Marr, Raymond Peter (Jimmy), d. 21/08/2002, aged 66yrs, [JC]
Matsen, Amelia Auld, b. 21/08/1904, d. 05/08/1988, [JC]
Matsen, Charles Percival, b. 05/07/1896, d. 03/08/1987, [JC]
Matton, Francis Colin (Col), d. 27/04/1998, aged 71yrs 3mths, [JC]
Matton, Ivy Mary (Robertson), d. 16/09/1982, [JC]
McCanna, Elsie Clara, b. 07/12/1920, d. 15/11/2002, [JC]
McFadzen, Fergus William M.B.E., b. 20/05/1910, d. 02/09/1986, marr 15/12/1937, [JC]
McFadzen, Lucy May (Watt), b. 06/09/1915, d. 26/05/2002, wife of Fergus William, [JC]
McGavin, Darren John, b. 6 Nov 1976, d. Jan 1996, s/o Micheal and Carroll McGavin, [JC]
McGavin, Darren John, d. 15/01/1996, aged 19yrs, [JC]
McGavin, Troy Micheal, b. 13 Mar 1966, d. 26 Jun 1988, s/o Micheal and Carroll McGavin, [JC]
McPhee, Laura Ethel (Smyth), b. 28/12/1894, d. 07/10/1995, aged 100yrs 9mths, [JC]
Menso, John Anthony, b. 07/12/1960, d. 17/04/2002, [JC]
Menso, Joseph John, b. 13/12/1947, d. 19/06/2000, [JC]
Mian, Luis Laurence, 28/06/1987, aged 90yrs, [JC]
Miles, E. F., d. 03/07/2000, aged 83yrs, [JC]
Miles, Leslie Charles, d. 28/01/1975,aged 59yrs, [JC]
Miles, Muriel Rita, d. 05/06/2005, aged 86yrs, [JC]
Moren, Alfred Charles, b. 22/10/1905, d. 23/01/1989, [JC]
Moren, Beryl Eileen, b. 22/10/1908, d. 12/08/1988, [JC]
Muggleton, Hannah Jane, d. 17/08/1903, aged 58yrs, [JC]
Muggleton, James, d. 01/06/1901, aged 58yrs, [JC]
Muldowney, Wesley William, b. 05/11/1963, d. 16/12/1989, aged 26yrs, [JC]
Murray, Heather Louise, d. 16/03/1987, aged 4weeks, [JC]
Nelson, Wesley John, d. 17/04/1983, aged 43yrs, [JC]
Neyland, Jean, d. 21/10/1998, aged 76yrs, [JC]
Neyland, John Thomas, d. 13/07/1984, 68yrs, [JC]
Nielsen, George Henry, d. 17/01/1975, aged 72yrs, [JC]
Nielsen, Hazel May (Limmage), d. 26/05/2005, aged 77yrs, [JC]
Nielsen, Myrtle Ellen, d. 25/10/1994, aged 85yrs, [JC]
Nielsen, Walter, b. 1926, d. 27 Jan 1992, h/o Hazel May, s/o Peter and Martha Nielsen, [JC]
Norman, Elizabeth Emma, b. 26/04/1907, d. 16/07/1995, [JC]
Parry, R. C., d. 26/08/2003, aged 80yrs, [JC]
Paton, Leslie Donald Geoffrey, b. 05/07/1943, d. 16/06/2000, [JC]
Paton, Sidney Eric, b. 04/12/1941, d. 19/01/2007, [JC]
Patterson, Ruby, b. 01/08/1905, d. 02/07/2004, [JC]
Pearson, Valmai Mary, d. 17/09/2001, aged 78yrs, [JC]
Pearson, william Kirk (Bluey), d. 22/04/1977, aged 56yrs, [JC]
Petersen, Allan James, b. 18/01/1945, d. 02/12/2005, [JC]
Pitcher, Tom Douglas, b. 11/09/1960, d. 08/01/1986, [JC]
Plath, Lynette Mary, b. 26/10/1955, d. 24/03/2001, [JC]
Plumb, Alfred John, b. 08/03/1904, d. 03/11/1975, [JC]
Plumb, Sybil Elizabeth, b. 11/01/1915, d. 27/12/2000, [JC]
Poole, James Dunbar (Jim), d. 06/01/2000, aged 85yrs, [JC]
Pratt, Gayle Lorraine, b. 12/11/1954, d. 10/12/2004, [JC]
Randell, Beryl Ellen, d. 28/07/1996, aged 74yrs, Aust Women's Army Service, [JC]
Randell, E. J., d. 30/07/1995, aged 77yrs, 2/9 Infantry Battalion, [JC]
Ratter, John Henry, d. 03/07/1981, lost at sea off Newfoundland, aged 27yrs, [JC]
Richards, George William, 11/11/1993, aged 60yrs, [JC]
Rienecker, Henry Emil, b. 12/11/1899, d. 20/02/1980, [JC]
Rienecker, Maud Elizabeth, b. 17/06/1898, d. 30/01/1981, [JC]
Robert, Lester Rodney, b. 31/01/1929, d. 29/12/1997, aged 68yrs, [JC]
Roberts, A. L., d. 21/11/1999, aged 74yrs, [JC]
Roberts, H. R., d. 17/06/1987, aged 73yrs, Royal Australian Air Force, [JC]
Robinson, Reginald J., d. 03/08/1986, aged 74yrs, 2/7 Field Company RAE, [JC]
Rogers, John (Jack), b. 15/07/1923, d. 27/05/1990, aged 66yrs, [JC]
Ross, Alice, b. 10/01/1919, d. 04/03/1978, [JC]
Ross, Charles Frederick, b. 12/03/1917 NZ, d. 25/10/1995 NZ, [JC]
Ross, Hugh Callan (Bluey), d. 21/07/1991, aged 68yrs, [JC]
Saeverud, Jemima, b. 12/01/1915 Scotland, d, 19/02/2004, [JC]
Saeverud, Stork Olsen, b. 09/09/2000, [JC]
Sagigi, Masi (Chico), b. 13/07/1938, d. 21/04/2005, [JC]
Saxby, Raymond Vincent (Sax), b. 05/03/1941, d. 05/06/1991, aged 50yrs 3mths, [JC]
Schaefer, Arthur Edward, d. 20/09/1977, aged 66yrs, [JC]
Schaefer, Lionel Eric, d. 08/07/1978, aged 65yrs, [JC]
Schaefer, Maureen Thelma, d. 23/11/2005, aged 82yrs, [JC]
Schaefer, Stanley Thomas (Stan), d. 02/02/1999, aged 83yrs, [JC]
Schatkowski, Daniel, d. 05/12/1982, aged 75yrs, [JC]
Schatkowski, Laura, b. 16/04/1913, d. 05/09/2002, [JC]
Shailer, Ashleigh Rebecca, d. 19/12/1967, beloved infant of Terri-Louise, [JC]
Shardlow, Gary John, d. 29/08/1999, aged 39yrs, accidentally killed, [JC]
Shaw, Herbert William (Kiwi Bill), b. 25/03/1925 Timaru NZ, d. 03/07/1990 Sarina, [JC]
Simonsen, Gwendoline Constance, d. 01/05/2000, aged 92yrs, [JC]
Simonsen, Herbert Henry, d. 02/01/2004, aged 97yrs, [JC]
Sleeman, Harold, d. 25/08/1998, aged 79yrs, [JC]
Smith, Anne Elizabeth, b. 15/02/1942, d. 07/12/2005, [JC]
Smith, Daniel William, d. 19/01/1974, [JC]
Smith, Evelyn Daphe, d. 20/08/1996, [JC]
Smith, Vincent Charles, b. 1893, d. 1955, Stationmaster-Salad, [JC]
Smyth, Stewart, b. 01/03/1927, d. 04/07/1992, [JC]
Solli, Asbjorn, b. 31/12/1917, d. 27/11/2001, [JC]
Solli, Sylvia Frances, b. 28/11/1923, d. 12/11/1983, [JC]
Stanton, Patricia Ann, b. 20/08/1943, d. 27/11/2005, [JC]
Stevenson, Gordon, d. 14/05/2005, aged 80yrs, [JC]
Stevenson, Helen Georgina, d. 12/06/1999, aged 70yrs, [JC]
Streeter, A. F. B., b. 05/07/1921, d. 06/08/1986, [JC]
Streeter, A. S., b. 29/03/1921, d. 20/07/1994, [JC]
Strid, John Victor, d. 12/01/1988, aged 81yrs, [JC]
Strid, Mabel Hannah, d. 25/06/1999, aged 90yrs, [JC]
Tass, Colin Peter, d. 14/09/1961, aged 37yrs, [JC]
Taylor, Charles William, d. 10/04/1986, aged 81yrs, [JC]
Taylor, Ellen, d. 09/10/1997, aged 90yrs, [JC]
Turner, George Thomas, b. 21/11/1919, d. 25/04/1988, [JC]
Tyack-Newton, Rebecca Michelle (Becky), d. 16/10/1977, infant, [JC]
Wallace, Vanessa Maree, b. 18/03/1966, d. 04/11/1997, [JC]
Warren, Isabell (Russell), b. 1918, d. 1999, [JC]
Wedmaier, Darrell Bruce (Dar), b. 31/07/1933, d. 11/05/2002, [JC]
Westcott, Henry, b. 09/04/1916, d. 08/11/2002, [JC]
Wheeler, Henry William, b. 09/01/1896, d. 06/10/1973, [JC]
Wheeler, Shailie, b. 04/03/1911, d. 24/11/2001, [JC]
Williams, Margaret Rae, d. 29/05/1903, aged 28yrs, [JC]
Williams, William Blair Gordon, b. 12/06/1980, d. 06/07/2001, [JC]
Wills, Barry Thomas, b. 10/10/1954, d. 27/09/1998, [JC]
Wills, Malcolm William, b. 29/11/1931, d. 31/12/1989, [JC]
Wilson, Cassandra Elizabeth (Cassy), b. 30/12/1997, d. 08/02/1998, [JC]
Woodford, Lynne, b. 22/11/1942, d. 30/10/2003, [JC]
Wright, Florence Ada, b. 16/06/1904, d. 07/03/1997, [JC]
Zarb, Angela, d. 20/09/2004, aged 90yrs, [JC]
Zarb, Vincent, d. 09/03/2001, aged 91yrs, [JC]

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