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Coochiemudlo Island Memory Wall
Coochiemudlo Island, Redland Shire, Queensland, Australia

Shirley Street, Coochiemudlo Island

Contributed by Judith Dickson, Jun 09, 2008, last edited Jun 23, 2008 [deminc@hotmail.com] Total records = 25.

Coochiemudlo Island is located in Moreton Bay within the Redland Shire. It can be reached by water ferry or vehicular ferry leaving from Victoria Point. The island is only 5 square kilometers in size. It is popular with day trippers for its safe beaches and facilities for family picnics.

The Pine Ridge Chapel is an easy walk from the jetty used by the passenger ferry. To reach the Chapel, walk up Elizabeth Street and turn right into Shirley Street.

This Columbarium wall is situated outside the Pine Ridge Chapel. It is sometimes referred to as Pine Ridge Chapel Columbarium Wall. It is still in use with many empty and/or reserved niches.

This is a listing of all memorial plaques on this memorial wall as of June 2008.

- Judith Dickson

Cemetery Records

Armour, Patricia Lynn, d. 31 Jul 1999, aged 58yrs
Armstrong, Ron, b. 26 Aug 1937, d. 9 Jun 2004
Cain, Francis Charles, d. 29 May 1985, aged 83yrs
Cain, Ivy Lillian Mary, d. 28 Jun 2001, aged 94yrs
Chippindale, Penelope Ann "Penny", d. 19 Apr 1999, aged 59yrs
Collett, Cecil Jack, b. 28 Oct 1914, d. 12 Sep 2001
Collett, Joyce Edna (Field), 15 May 2007, aged 96yrs
Elsdon, Edward James, d. 10 Dec 1962, aged 46yrs
Fraser, Ronald W., b. 1 Oct 1920, d. 6 Jan 1994
Hilko, Gaye Ellen, b. 29 May 1951, d. 8 Mar 1999
Maddison, Frederick, d. 13 Aug 1995, aged 82yrs
Madge, Alan John, b. 27 Jan 1931, d. 3 Feb 2007
McCullough, Georgina Mary Ellen, b. 1960, d. 2004
Morrison, Barry Alexander, d. 17 Feb 2007, aged 62yrs
Murray, Evelyn Ann (Hammelswang Marshall), b. 30 Jan 1920, d. 23 Mar 2001
Murray, Reg H., d. 7 Apr 1994, aged 71yrs
Nelson, Ruth Jean, d. 28 Mar 2005, aged 84yrs
Peberdy, Warwick Allan, b. 17 Jul 1948, d. 16 Mar 2003
Powers, Eddie, d. 24 Nov 1999, aged 87yrs
Reeve, Valerie Sherlock, d.6 Jan 2001, aged 77yrs
Seaman, John Richard, b. 27 Nov 1929, d. 10 Mar 2002
Searle, Eric Baker, b. 23 Nov 1930, d. 16 Oct 2000
Smith, Geoffrey Dennis, d. 8 Jun 2005, aged 58yrs
Sutherland, Jean Goodenough, b. 24 Jul 1908, d. 2 Nov 2000
Taillier, Sylvia Ivey, b. 1914, d. 2002, "Coochie Pioneer 1954 – 1969"

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