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Mount Isa Sunset Lawn Cemetery
Queensland, Australia

This is not a complete listing of burials! The records below were provided by contributors to Cemetery Records Online. Total records = 202.

Contributor's Index:

Adams, William, d. 23 May 1959, age: 76y, AIF, regt no. 2721, 12th trench mortars, [SH]
Ah One, Dolly, d. 2/19/1971, Loving Family, Mary, Kevin, Roy, Jackie, Dyer, Freddie, Ginger, Blackie, Molly, Gongie, Irene, Wictharn, Annie, shared grave with george ah one, [SH]
Ah One, George, d. 2/12/1982, Loving Family, Mary, Kevin, Roy, Jackie, Dyer, Freddie, Ginger, Blackie, Molly, Gongie, Irene, Wictharn, Annie, shared grave with dolly ah one, [SH]
Ah-One, Freddie, d. 4/6/1986, age: 37y, shared grave with mabel edna dempsey, [SH]
Ahnfeldt, John Vivian, d. 17 Feb 1962, age: 59y, JOCK, my dear husband & our father, [SH]
Allen, Francis, d. 1/27/1933, [SH]
Anderson, Victoria Frances, b. 8/17/1966, d. 1/12/1967, daughter, [SH]
Andrew, Clarice Anne, b. 1899 Glenbrook NSW, d. 1967, semper fidelis, s/w William Hyde Andrew, Sylvia Merle Andrew, Rodney Mayo Andrew, W.H. Andrew, [SH]
Andrew, Rodney Mayo, d. 24 Jul 1982, age: 53y, our dad & friend, s/w Clarice Anne Andrew, William Hyde Andrew, Sylvia Merle Andrew, W.H. Andrew, [SH]
Andrew, Sylvia Merle, b. 1932, d. 1974, our wife & mother, s/w Clarice Anne Andrew, William Hyde Andrew, Rodney Mayo Andrew, W.H. Andrew, [SH]
Andrew, W.H., d. 13 Sep 1958, age: 65y, RAN signalman 7063, wife Clarice, children Marceline & Rodney, s/w Clarice Anne Andrew, Rodney Mayo Andrew, Sylvia Merle Andrew, William Hyde Andrew, [SH]
Andrew, William Hyde, b. 1893 "Yerrinbool, NSW", d. 1958, husband & friend, s/w Clarice Anne Andrew, Rodney Mayo Andrew, W.H. Andrew, Sylvia Merle Andrew, [SH]
Aston, Ernest Arthur, d. 10 Nov 1961, age: 78y, [SH]
Barraclough, Horace Charles, b. 1915, d. 1984, Always Remembered, [SH]
Barratt, Hubert Ashton, d. 7/10/1951, age: 65y, [SH]
Barta, Anita, b. 1918, d. 11 Oct 1997, mother, grandmother & greatgrandmother, s/w Maxmillian Barta, [SH]
Barta, Maxmillian, b. 1898, d. 4 Jun 1960, husband & father, s/w Anita Barta, [SH]
Beaumont, Audrey Glen, d. 1-Aug-38, age: 11y, remembered by your parents, [SH]
Beck, Maud Matilda, d. 8/17/1992, age: 90y, [SH]
Bessesen, Sarah Elizabeth, b. 3/28/1915, d. 8/21/1993, Mother, Nana, Greatnana, Great Greatnana, [SH]
Bianco, Giovanni, d. 8/4/1979, age: 52y, [SH]
Boyd, Mary Dorothy Joan, d. 12/25/1950, age: 25y, daughter, [SH]
Brassil, John Edward, d. 4/27/1941, age: 10 1/2m, remembered by Mummy and family, [SH]
Brennan, Thomas James, d. 11/22/1949, age: 52y, 10308, 1st.NZEF, [SH]
Brodie, G., d. 4/21/1930, armed forces insigna?, [SH]
Brookdale, L., d. 1/13/1949, australian imperial force, [SH]
Buckler, Peter Ronald, b. 3/6/1942, d. 8/20/1942, s/o Sheelagh and Charles, brother of Tony, Anne, Kerry and Michael, [SH]
Burato, Jean Mary, b. 12 Sep 1929, d. 14 Oct ?, [SH]
Burgan, Lorna Denice, d. 3/4/1964, age: 1y5m, [SH]
Burr, Cecil John, d. 10/27/1937, age: 31y, [SH]
Butt, Frank Daniel, b. 18 Apr 1936 Melbourne, d. 21 Aug 1960 Mount Isa, our beloved son, brother & friend, [SH]
Campbell, Angus Macarthur, b. 18/2/1882, d. 7/19/1964, age: 82y, Loving Family, [SH]
Campbell, Edward, d. 31 Jan 1962, age: 62y, h/o Laura, [SH]
Carlsen, Ellen Sylvia, d. 10/19/1939, age: 34y, my dear wife, [SH]
Christie, Michael Peter, d. 17 Mar 1964, age: 17y, Mike, [SH]
Christie, Peter, d. 21 Dec 1964, age: 47y, Dad, my dear husband & our family, [SH]
Christie, Victoria, d. 5 Feb 1962, age: 17y, Vicki, our darling daughter & sister, [SH]
Cianetti, Emilio, b. 3/12/1905, d. 4/23/1972, shared grave with pelicrina cianetti, [SH]
Cianetti, Pelicrina, b. 10/1/1910, d. 11/7/1994, shared grave with emilio cianetti, [SH]
Clarke, Edward, d. 8/20/1941, age: 42y, Ted, workmates and friends, [SH]
Clifford, Walter Henry, d. 25 Apr 1958, age: 45y, AIF corps of ELEC. & MECH ENGINEERS, s/w Walter Henry Clifford, [SH]
Clifford, Walter Henry, d. 28 Apr 1958, age: 43y, AIF regt SX5017, 2/24 FLD. CO., s/w Walter Henry Clifford, [SH]
Cole, James Herbert, d. 10/4/1936, age: 57y, Herby, [SH]
Cole, Vivian Collins, d. 10/4/1931, age: 19y, [SH]
Colli, John Dennis, d. 8/5/1964, age: 1d, s/o R and A Colli, [SH]
Colli, Mauro, d. 9/19/1966, age: 1d, son, [SH]
Collins, Vera, d. 1/28/1935, age: 21y, remembered by brother Jack Mcnamara, [SH]
Condron, Thomas, b. 1863, d. 1942, [SH]
Constantinides, Ares, b. 18 Apr 1956 Mount Isa, d. 1 Nov 1962 Mount Isa, from father, mother, brothers & sister, [SH]
Cooney, John Henry, d. 12/2/1963, age: 66y, Jack, [SH]
Davis, C. H., d. 30 Dec 1959, AIF MN, [SH]
Dempsey, Harold John, d. 1/23/1965, age: 44y, My Dear Son, [SH]
Dempsey, Mabel Edna, d. 10/30/1998, age: 53y, shared grave with freddie ah-one, [SH]
Dempsey, Rose Grace, d. 8/24/1981, age: 28y, [SH]
Downey, Mildred Lilian, d. 20 Jun 1960, age: 53y, my dear wife & our mother, [SH]
Doyle, Lawrence Patrick, d. 2/4/1930, age: 26y, Larry, drowned, [SH]
Ehn, Evert, b. 5 Feb 1906 Finland, d. 1 Apr 1965, [SH]
Ellwood, Alfred George, d. 10/19/1931, age: 31y, beloved son, [SH]
Erickson, Elmer Richard, d. 13 Sep 1960, age: 64y, our husband & father, [SH]
Eschler, Tamas, d. 7/8/1964, age: 75y, Tom, Our Father, [SH]
Fava, Giovani, d. 1/25/1964, age: 23y, Dilino, Our Dear Son, Accidentally Killed, [SH]
Flynn, Patrick Brian, d. 9/3/1962, age: 21y, remembered by wife Kay, [SH]
Gagnin, F.A., d. 11/30/1943, age: 31y, friend, motor accident, [SH]
Gardiner, William, d. 12/30/1943, age: 46y, [SH]
Gatt, Theresa, d. 5/10/1930, wife of A.G. Gatt, [SH]
Gemmell, Elizabeth B., d. 20 May 1962, age: 21y, accidental death, [SH]
Gillon, Rosina Mary, d. 8/2/1941, age: 34y, wife and mother, [SH]
Godfrey, Henry George, d. 12/5/1968, age: 49y, Skinny, Husband, Father and Grandfather, [SH]
Goodwin, R., d. 9/21/1943, age: 43y, AIF, 57605, 9th.batt, [SH]
Gotsch, Carl, b. 1890, d. 1976, Our Beloved Papa, shared grave with olive clare gotsch, [SH]
Gotsch, Olive Clare, b. 1896, d. 1981, Our Mama, Nee Churchward, shared grave with carl gotsch, [SH]
Grech, Augustus, d. 8/21/1967, age: 72y, Husband, Father and Grandfather, [SH]
Greenalch, Irene May, d. 1982, wife of Wornell "Bill" Greenalch, beloved mother and grandmother, [RD]
Greenalch, James Wornell, b. 1927, d. no date, h/o Irene Hides, s/o Vera and ??, [RD]
Hammat, Ellen Eliza Jane, d. 21 May 1962, age: 73y, our dear mother, [SH]
Hanninen, Viljo, b. 14 Apr 1908 Finland, d. 24 Jul 1960, [SH]
Heath, Jean Ann, d. 6 May 1963, age: 23y, My dear wife & our mother, [SH]
Hein, Heinz Siegfred, d. 2/5/1965, age: 58y, [SH]
Hill, William James, d. 11/10/1932, age: 74y, [SH]
Hollonds, Patricia Hilda, d. 11/15/1964, age: 37y, [SH]
Hoosan, Hommett, d. 7/22/2000, age: 88y, [SH]
Hudson, Violet (Biondi), b. 1922, d. 1943, [SH]
Huey, Patrick Joseph, d., [SH]
Hunt, Andrew, d. 7/8/1964, age: 66y, Brother, [SH]
Hyslop, W., d. 8/25/1942, A.I.F. 6519, 1st batt, [SH]
Janezic, Mirko, b. 10/30/1920 Podraga, Yugoslavia, d. 2/14/1965 Rockhampton, Remembered By Friends, [SH]
Jimmieson, Alison Louise, d. 30 Nov 1958, [SH]
Kaeser, George Albert, d. 10/20/1930, age: 69y, my father, [SH]
Kelly, Bernard Alfred, d. 2/22/1965, age: 15y, Our Son and Brother, Accidentally Killed, [SH]
Kelly, Florence Gertrude, d. 1/29/1944, age: 67y, wife of James, [SH]
Kennedy, Bessie, d., wife of Bob, [SH]
Kenny, L.G., b. 11/20/1947, d. 12/30/1991, Bub, [SH]
Kent, Alfred Robert, d. 28 Mar 1960, age: 66y, POP, our father, [SH]
King, Maud, d. 7/10/1974, age: 60y, shared grave with william king, [SH]
King, William Robert, d. 6/7/1970, age: 65y, shared grave with maud king, [SH]
Kinsey, M.H., d. 12 May 1960, AIF. J21850. RN, [SH]
Kooyman, John, d. 10/2/1989, age: 44y, Remembered By Mother and Family, [SH]
Krebs, Arthur John, d. 11/25/1964, age: 81y, [SH]
Laakso, Hilma Maria, b. 14 Aug 1893, d. 16 Mar 1965, MUMMU, [SH]
Lancaster, David, d. 10/12/1943, [SH]
Lanskey, Esther Evelyn, d. 8/15/1962, age: 45y, our daughter and sister, [SH]
Lanskey, Reginald Thomas, d. 8/14/1968, age: 45y, Tom, Our Son and Brother, [SH]
Laszlo, Gergye, b. 3/12/1933, d. 12/23/1988, Hungary, [SH]
Lawlor, Robert O., d. 7/6/1933, age: 46y, husband and father, [SH]
Leon, Gladys, d. 20 Dec 1961, age: 38y, [SH]
Livingstone, David John, d. 11/20/1972, age: 48y, Husband and Father, [SH]
Locke, Malcolm, d. 2/4/1985, age: 57y, [SH]
Logan, Grace, d. 9/13/1998, age: 66y, Dad and Mum, shared grave with jack logan, [SH]
Logan, Jack, d. 2/27/1993, age: 69y, Dad and Mum, shared grave with grace logan, [SH]
Mabb, Florence, d. 9 Jun 1962, age: 52y, My dear wife & our mother, [SH]
Macnamara, Owen Roe, d. 6/30/1978, age: 82y, Good Night, Bill, John, Keith, Mary and Moya, [SH]
Maggs, K. J. M., d. 16 Dec 1959, Ernie Dare, Mary & family, wife & our mother, [SH]
Major, Bruce, b. 12/24/1947, d. 8/1/1988, age: 41y, aboriginal cross, [SH]
Major, Lee Marie, d. 5/13/1986, age: 25y, [SH]
Markkanen, Pentti, b. 24 Jun 1931 Finland, d. 6 Jun 1962, [SH]
Mather, Kelly Joy, d. 7/10/1967, daughter, [SH]
Matthews, Lorrie E. B., d. 10/30/1929, age: 18y6m, died of pneumonia, people of Junda?, [SH]
Mazzoni, Alessandra, d. 5/14/1941, age: 37y, [SH]
McCarthy, Charles, d. 9/2/1949, age: 62y, [SH]
McEvoy, Myra, d. 12/18/1938, age: 32y, wife of Richard, mother of Dawn, Peter, Patricia and Ian, [SH]
McGuinness, John Augustine, d. 4/13/1965, age: 30y, Remembered By Loving Wife and Family, [SH]
McKillop, Julia Ann, d. 10/8/1947, age: 64y, mother, [SH]
McKillop, Ranald Peter, d. 2/11/1950, age: 62y, my dear father, [SH]
McNamara, Jack, d. 5/10/1966, age: 56y, remembered by wife and son, [SH]
McWilliams, Walter Leonard, d. 1/9/1946, age: 60y, [SH]
Moran, Ronald Henry, d. 3/8/1963, age: 20y, our son and brother, accidentally killed, [SH]
Morgan, Roy Charles, d. 9/16/1940, age: 29y, [SH]
Mortensen, Georgena Anne, d. 16 Feb 1962, age: 2.5m, our daughter & sister, [SH]
Munzer, Martin, d. 2/8/1964, age: 52y, [SH]
Murray, Nora, d. 24 Nov 1958, NORA, dear aunty, [SH]
Neil, James Walter, d. 2/19/1930, age: 43y, remembered by wife, daughter and sons, accidentally killed, [SH]
Neilson, Eric, b. 12/12/1887 Finland, d. 5/28/1943 Mt.Isa, age: [SH]
Northam, John Henry, d. 31 Jul 1960, age: 57y, Harry, my dear husband, [SH]
Nowicki, Boleslaw, b. 10/25/1929 Poland, d. 6/23/1967, Missed By Wife and Son, [SH]
O'Brien, Michael John, d. 7/27/1948, age: 43y, wife Monica, [SH]
O'Farrell, N.A., d. 8/15/1931, 374 private, 6th batt., [SH]
O'Hanlon, J.A., d. 5/13/1963, P201 2Nd.Aif, [SH]
Ormonde, Irene Hilary, b. 1912, d. 1962, Wife, Mother, Grandmother and Friend, [SH]
Parker, R.A., d. 1/14/1992, age: 68y, 43925 Leading Aircraftsman Raaf, [SH]
Parolin, Quinto, d. 11/9/1965, age: 38y, Remembered By Wife Gina, Daughters Ghiarmaine?, Maria and Son Livio, [SH]
Paterson, G.F., d. 9 May 1962, BEF, 28222AIF, [SH]
Pattison, Richard, d. 20 Jan 1961, age: 14y, mum, dad & sister Shirley, [SH]
Peedo, Miia Glenda, b. 30 Nov 1993, d. 5 Apr 1994, d/o Mich and Marja Peedo, s/o Katja, Annika, Tarja and Emmi, [MP]
Perry, Eric Colin, d. 22 May 1960, age: 33y, wife Ivy, children, Connell & Rhonda, [SH]
Pershouse, Evelyn Kay, b. 23 Nov 1961, d. 25 Nov 1961, [SH]
Price, Thomas, d. 1939, age: 22y, [SH]
Quinlan, May, b. 1916, d. 1989, daughter of Thomas Condron, [SH]
Quinn, L. L., no dates, [SH]
Rafter, Gregory John, d. 1/18/1965, age: 2y2m, son and brother, [SH]
Robins, Anne-Maree, d., age: 11y, Your Loving Family, [SH]
Russell, Vida May, d. 4/19/1965, Mum, [SH]
Ryan, Patrick Joseph, d. 11/10/1931, age: 54y, dear husband, [SH]
Ryder, Gregory Douglas, b. 1953, d. 1958, our son, [SH]
Sadler, Mary, d. 10/21/1938 Mt.Isa, age: 74y, sw Matthew Sadler, [SH]
Sadler, Matthew, d. 8/2/1935 Mt.Isa, age: 76y, remembered by wife, son and daughter, sw Mary Sadler, [SH]
Said, Frank, d. 2/23/1983, age: 65y, Mum and Dad, shared grave with mary said, [SH]
Said, Mary, d. 7/4/1980, age: 63y, Mum and Dad, shared grave with frank said, [SH]
Santa Maria, Cipriano, d. 6/13/1964, age: 42y, Accidentally Killed, Loving Wife, Family, Brothers and Sisters-In-Law, [SH]
Scobie, Kathleen May, b. 8/8/1924, d. 7/18/1963, My Wife, [SH]
Seel, Alice Kate, d. 16 Jul 1960, age: 68y, my dear wife, [SH]
Siili, Juho, b. 19 Jun 1907 Finland, d. 12 Jan 1962, muistosi sailyy kauniina, [SH]
Slobbe, Berdina Maria, d. 1/20/1986, age: 89y, loving mother, grandmother and greatgrandmother, sw Gerardus Hendrikus Slobbe, [SH]
Slobbe, Gerardus Hendrikus, d. 5/29/1962, age: 62y, Jerry, loving husband, father and grandfather, sw Berdina Maria Slobbe, [SH]
Smyth, Alan, d. 1/17/1941, age: 13y, son and brother, [SH]
Speakman, Letitia Beatrice, d. 10/15/1941, age: 54y, wife and mother, [SH]
Staszinszky, Peter John, d. 10/31/1966, age: 20m, son, [SH]
Stepanov, Angelina, d. 2/7/1967, age: 43y, Gina, Wife, Mother, Sister, Grandmother, [SH]
Stewart, Thomas James, d. 12/11/1949, age: 2d, [SH]
Stokes, Fay Eva, d. 19 Jun 1962, age: 21y, my dear wife, our daughter & sister, photo, [SH]
Thorton, Armond James, d. Oct-30, age: 16 1/2y, our son and brother, [SH]
Toby, Ida, b. 1889, d. 2/25/1976, age: 87y, aboriginal cross, [SH]
Tosh, Edward, d. 16 Mar 1959, age: 52y, s/w Janet Tosh, [SH]
Tosh, Janet, d. 28 Nov 1986, age: 77y, s/w Edward Tosh, [SH]
Treacy, Ellen, d. 11/27/1937, age: 63y, remembered by husband and daughter, [SH]
Tuckwell, Lincoln Edwin, d. 16 Apr 1958, age: 62y, AIF regt 3604, 25th BTN. 12th ENGINEERS, [SH]
Valgmaa, Endel, d. 14 Nov 1958 Mount Isa, surnud? 33 aastat vana, Puhka Rahus 'Kannukukk', olgu kerge sulle, vooramaa muld, [SH]
Von Sendon, William, d. 29 Aug 1960, age: 27y, [SH]
Walsh, Thomas E., d., [SH]
Walton, Henry Thomas, d. 4 Dec 1961, age: 81y, our father, [SH]
Weber, Anne, d. 9/21/1982, Remembered By Husband George, Sister Grace, Sister-In-Law Elizabeth, [SH]
Webster, Joseph Frederick, d. 11/11/1932, age: 33y, h/o A.Webster, father of Evelyn, [SH]
Weir, Robert, d. 9 Aug 1960, age: 40y, [SH]
Wellington, Agnes Forsyth, d. 24 Mar 1972, age: 76y, NES, sadly missed by family Alf, Dick, Thora, Shirley, Joyce & John, s/w Henry Alfred Wellington, [SH]
Wellington, Henry Alfred, d. 29 Apr 1965, age: 67y, ALF, sadly missed by wife Nes & family, Alf, Dick, Thora, Shirley, Joyce & John, s/w Agnes Forsyth Wellington, [SH]
Wilburn, Eileen Agnes, d. 5/12/1983, age: 75y, Our Mother, [SH]
Wilburn, Sydney, d. 12/10/1991, age: 77y, shared grave with william robert wilburn, [SH]
Wilburn, William Robert, d. 5/21/1995, age: 56y, shared grave with sydney wilburn, [SH]
Williams, F. E., d. 24 Jan 1962, 2nd AIF. NX73829, [SH]
Williams, Richard Earl, b. 1900, d. 13 May 1905, my friend, [SH]
Willis, Elizabeth Agnes, d. 2/25/1965, age: 79y, Grandmother, shared grave with joyce doris willis and leonard harold willis, [SH]
Willis, Francis William, d., age: 2y, s/o F and A.Willis, [SH]
Willis, Joyce Doris, d. 8/16/1973, age: 45y, Mother, shared grave with elizabeth agnes willis and leonard harold willis, [SH]
Willis, Leonard Harold, d. 2/10/1995, age: 65y, Father, shared grave with eliabeth agnes willis and joyce doris willis, [SH]
Wilson, Ernest, d. 5/20/1969, age: 42y, Husband and Father Of Josie and Family, [SH]
Wilson, John Thomas, d. 4/6/1970, age: 45y, Son Of Robert and Barbara, [SH]
Wilson, Judith Mary, d. 7/16/1966, age: 16y, Judy, Daughter and Sister Of Ernie, Josie and Family, [SH]
Windus, Sylvia May, no dates, age: 59y, [SH]
Wing, Doris Louise, d. 11 May 1958, age: 5m, our darling daughter, BABY, [SH]
Winn, J. H., d. 7/2/1933, armed forces insigna?, sw John Harrington Winn, [SH]
Winn, John Harrington, d. 7/1/1933, age: 35y, sw J.H. Winn, note different dates!, [SH]
Winter, Rugby Ballantyne, d. 25 Nov 1961, age: 79y, [SH]
Young, Kevin Ronald, b. 12 Feb 1937, d. 5 May 1963, 'Scrubcat', [SH]

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