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Dalgonally Station Cemetery
McKinlay Shire, Queensland, Australia

Contributed by Anonymous, Feb 17, 2003. Total records = 3.

Arizona Station is a 'Ranch' with no address. You can write to it c/o Post Office, Julia Creek Q 4823. It is on private property and permission must be granted to enter and you will need to be escorted to visit.

To write to the Council, the address is Chief Executive Officer, McKinlay Shire Council, PO Box 177, Julia Creek Q 4823.

These cemetery inscriptions were read in 2001. There are 3 Unknowns.

Greensill, John F. J., d. 19th Apr 1917, age: 55yr Adult
McIntyre, Duncan, d. 4th Jun 1866, age: 35yr Adult, Grave at Grave Hole, See Lions Club book
Smith, John Henry, d. 31st Dec 1913, age: 7yr 4mth Child

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