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Woombye Cemetery
Maroochy Shire, Queensland, Australia

Contributed by Joy Byrne (deceased)

Abbott, Rodney Mark, d. 30-11-1953, Age/Birth:Nov1953
Acton, Alice, d. 16-7-1946, Age/Birth:81
Adams, Alfred (Fre), d. 1956, Age/Birth:1888
Adams, Beatrice Maud, d. 10-11-1935, Age/Birth:56
Adams, David James, d. 15-4-1932, Age/Birth:70
Adams, Frances Ellen (Fanny), d. 7-5-1921, Age/Birth:35
Adams, George James, d. 8-2-1984, Age/Birth:74
Adams, John Walker, d. 1-6-1917, Age/Birth: 1-6-1917
Adams, Kaye Francis, d. 27-2-1948, Age/Birth:22-2-1948
Adams, Louisa Annie, d. 3-3-1945, Age/Birth:72
Adams, W. H. (Billy), d. 18-12-1944, Age/Birth:37
Adams, William Henry Huxtable, d. 25-9-1962, Age/Birth:81
Adams, William Henry, d. 20-6-1979, Age/Birth:1912
Addison, Constance Smith, d. 22-6-1996, Age/Birth:86
Addison, Samuel, d. 15-8-1998, Age/Birth:15-8-1998
Addison, Sidney Walter, d. 22-3-1996, Age/Birth:90
Ahlstrom, Erling Leander, d. 5-6-1967, Age/Birth:64
Aird, Archibald Haswell, d. Oct 1932, Age/Birth:1854
Aird, Charles, d. Sept 1958, Age/Birth:1883
Aird, Charlotte, d. 21-4-1887, Age/Birth:1821
Aird, Christian Stumpf, d. 18-8-1995, Age/Birth:30-12-1899
Aird, Christina E, d. 21-2-1949, Age/Birth:82
Aird, Davina, d. 1894, Age/Birth:5
Aird, Ethel Augusta May, d. 10-8-1990, Age/Birth:91
Aird, Hazel J, d. 16-3-1960, Age/Birth:36
Aird, John, d. 13-8-1960, Age/Birth:63
Aird, Kathleen Mary, d. 15-3-1980, Age/Birth:20-2-1909
Aird, Wallace Charles, d. 2-3-1979, Age/Birth:60
Aird, Zillah Winifred, d. June 1947, Age/Birth:1890
Alford, Barbara, d. 17-2-1967, Age/Birth:88 & 11mths
Alford, E. M., d. 20-4-1914, Age/Birth:6 dys
Alford, James, d. 24-1-1934, Age/Birth:57
Alford, R.J., d. 24-11-1928, Age/Birth:2 dys
Ali-Haapala, Niilo Armas, d. 7-10-1987, Age/Birth:26-3-1927
Allen, Keith Graham, d. 5-3-1951, Age/Birth:24-2-1951
Allen, Roy Stuart Sidney, d. 20-6-1945, Age/Birth:14-8-1891
Allman, Cyril Albert, d. 29-12-1977, b. 7-10-1908
Allman, Daphne Alice, d. 20-12-2000, b. 7-8-1912
Ambryn, Nell, d. 20-11-1938, Age/Birth:36
Anderson, Neils Julius, d. 29-10-1954, Age/Birth:1870
Andrews, Minnie E, d. 1940, Age/Birth:1903
Ardrey, Annie, d. 1942, Age/Birth:1866
Ardrey, Edgar Ernest, d. 26-3-1999, Age/Birth:3-12-1913
Armstrong, Andrew Joseph Clinton, d. 30-7-1998, Age/Birth
Armstrong, Ethel, d. 1986, Age/Birth:1890
Armstrong, George Andrew, d. 1959, Age/Birth:1879
Armstrong, Peter Brown Palma, d. 1939, Age/Birth:1913
Armstrong, Thomas, d. 27-4-1912, Age/Birth:1868
Arnold, R.J., d. 6-9-1942, Age/Birth:18
Ashton, Sarah, d. 24-8-1947, Age/Birth:72
Ashton, Thomas Tasker, d. 9-12-1956, Age/Birth:84
Ashton, Thomas William, d. 11-11-1966, Age/Birth:58
Atkin, Alma Georgina, d. 19-9-1983, Age/Birth:2-10-1906
Atkin, Elizabeth, d. 26-9-1969, Age/Birth:96
Atkin, Ernest Edward, d. 12-1-1983, Age/Birth: 4-4-1898
Atkin, Willie, d. 4-8-1942, Age/Birth:75
Atkinson, Bette Gill, d. July 1943, Age/Birth:Oct 1942
Atkinson, Charles Edward, d. 10-4-1992, Age/Birth:13-11-1906
Atkinson, Colin James, d. 4-1-1997, Age/Birth:1-7-1935
Atkinson, Edith Alice, d. 20-8-1965, Age/Birth:87
Atkinson, Elizabeth Mary, d. 23-6-1961, Age/Birth:73
Atkinson, Emily, d. 2-4-1972, Age/Birth:93
Atkinson, Emma, d. 22-8-1944, Age/Birth
Atkinson, Francis Robert, d. 20-2-1928, Age/Birth:48
Atkinson, George Henry, d. 25-7-1982, Age/Birth:7-12-1896
Atkinson, George, d. 22-7-1929, Age/Birth:77
Atkinson, Jane, d. 7-9-1936, Age/Birth:65
Atkinson, John E, d. 12-10-1962, Age/Birth:84
Atkinson, John 'Jack', d. 16-7-1954, Age/Birth:30-5-1924
Atkinson, John Penny, d. 25-5-1927, Age/Birth:79
Atkinson, John Thomas, d. 4-5-1971, Age/Birth:67
Atkinson, Lee Doris, d. 4-2-1945, Age/Birth:2-2-1945
Atkinson, Leslie Peter, d. 5-5-2001, b. 18-6-1939
Atkinson, Mary, d. 12-9-1951, Age/Birth:91
Atkinson, Oliver John, d. 12-6-1959, Age/Birth:75
Atkinson, Robert Morris, d. 22-3-1960, Age/Birth:20
Atkinson, Thomas Ashburner, d. 30-4-1924, Age/Birth:70
Atkinson, Thomas, d. 14-5-1992, Age/Birth:9-12-1913
Atkinson, William John, d. 28-12-1994, Age/Birth:6-8-1904
Audsley, Francis John, d. 18-4-1988, Age/Birth:6-9-1899
Avery, Rodney Charles, d. 4-4-1991, Age/Birth:24-1-1991
Aylward, Cyril James, d. 5-4-1996, Age/Birth:16-11-1918
Baggett, May Elizabeth, d. 18-8-1915, Age/Birth:1870
Bailey, Douglas Richard, d. 7-11-1950, Age/Birth:1885
Bailey, Edith Mary, d. 22-1-1966, Age/Birth:85
Bailey, Elizabeth Sarah, d. 19-8-1996, Age/Birth
Bailey, Frederick Walter, d. Mar 1957, Age/Birth:1901
Bailey, Mary Alice Elizabeth, d. 27-2-1929, Age/Birth:52
Bailey, Thomas Frederick, d. 25-4-1943, Age/Birth:68
Bailey, William John, d. 6-1-1974, Age/Birth:61
Baker, E.W., d. 11-12-1966, Age/Birth:80
Baker, Florence, d. 15-7-1943, Age/Birth:71
Baker, Frederick Howel Ernest, d. 16-2-1937, Age/Birth:1869
Baker, Helen, d. 24-5-1997, Age/Birth:89
Baker, Marion Margaret, d. 28-6-1936, Age/Birth:1889
Baker, Norman, d. 19-3-1938, Age/Birth:1921
Bakke, Reidar Toralf, d. 6-1-1947, Age/Birth:1893
Ballard, Benjamin Glen, d. 23-7-1974, Age/Birth:71
Ballard, Desmond Gordon, d. 15-12-1942, Age/Birth:26-9-1940
Ballard, Lucy Elizabeth, d. 20-10-1995, Age/Birth:91
Ballard, Margaret Ann, d. 1-3-1947, Age/Birth:28-2-1947
Banks, Mary Ann, d. 25-1-1951, Age/Birth:1884
Banks, T.S., d. 3-7-1943, Age/Birth:31
Banks, William Thomas, d. 6-6-1934, Age/Birth:1879
Barker, John Francis, d. 3-1-1979, Age/Birth:78
Barker, Rose Rebecca, d. 1-2-1996, Age/Birth:89
Barrett, Charles Edward, d. 7-7-1973, Age/Birth:1903
Barrett, Hulda Johanna, d. 8-6-1974, Age/Birth:1895
Bartholomew, Ada Anna, d. 23-6-1953, Age/Birth:1869
Bartholomew, Colin Albert, d. 10-9-1954, Age/Birth:1922
Bartholomew, Hazel Eva, d. 4-6-1931, Age/Birth:1901
Bartholomew, Irene, d. 6-12-1938, Age/Birth:1895
Bartholomew, James Bland, d. 24-6-1953, Age/Birth:82
Bartlett, Kenneth Edward, d. 21-7-1997, Age/Birth:76
Barton, Kevin, d. 4-12-2000, b. 3-7-1971
Barton, Olive, d. 16-7-1932, Age/Birth:00-7-1932
Barton, William, d. 20-4-2006, b. 25-3-1940
Bassett, Clifton, d. 19-11-1947, Age/Birth:1880
Bassett, Edith Amy, d. 00-12-1967, Age/Birth:1881
Bate, Eric, d. 29-12-1936, Age/Birth:1894
Bate, Jessie Gordon, d. 31-8-1946, Age/Birth:1858
Bate, Jonathan, d. 28-3-1933, Age/Birth:1855
Bauer, Allen Joseph, d. 1993, Age/Birth:4-7-1910
Bauer, Charles, d. 13-2-1890, Age/Birth:1857
Baumann, Cedric Lawrence, d. 31-1-1934, Age/Birth:infant
Baumann, Elsie Irene, d. 30-7-1980, Age/Birth:1899
Baumann, Ewald Franz, d. 7-6-1958, Age/Birth:7-8-1892
Baumann, Gloria Olive, d. 7-4-1942, Age/Birth:6-6-1925
Baumann, Gottfried August, d. 19-11-1922, Age/Birth:30-8-1846
Baumann, Ivy Gladys, d. 23-3-1934, Age/Birth:15-11-1944
Baumann, Johann, d. 26-5-1957, Age/Birth:27-2-1885
Baumann, Leonard, d. 24-7-1973, Age/Birth:27-9-1894
Baumann, Rosa Fredericka C (Rosina), d. 17-1-1924, Age/Birth:1861
Beattie, Elizabeth Jane, d. 28-1-1946, Age/Birth:53
Beattie, Jack, d. 1956, Age/Birth:1898
Beausang, Peggy Hilda, d. 28-3-1917, Age/Birth:11-3-1917
Beckwith, Alma Rose, d. 00-12-1934, Age/Birth:00-11-1934
Beckwith, Edith Ellen, d. 22-5-1935, Age/Birth:54
Beckwith, Rupert Clarence, d. 27-1-1942, Age/Birth:64
Beggs, Warren John, d. 00-1-1944, Age/Birth:00-2-1938
Bell, David, d. 17-1-1903, Age/Birth:58
Bendixen, Christine Dorothea, d. 25-7-1933, Age/Birth:97
Bendixen, Louise A. C., d. 8-5-1950, Age/Birth:79
Bendixen, Momme G, d. 28-4-1919, Age/Birth:76
Bergman, Nina, d. 28-4-1995, Age/Birth:11-1-1982
Betts, R.J., d. 26-2-1943, Age/Birth:23
Bicheno, Joseph, d. 8-2-1913, Age/Birth:71
Bicheno, Sarah Ann, d. 21-6-1939, Age/Birth:93
Biddulph, Betty Ellen Rose, d. 4-8-1924, Age/Birth:0-2-1923
Biggs, George Henry, d. 17-1-1927, Age/Birth:20
Biggs, Peggy Lawein, d. 0-7-1943, Age/Birth:1940
Bignall, Eliza, d. 18-7-1924, Age/Birth:1830
Bingham, E.B., d. 29-7-1942, Age/Birth:23
Birrell, W.L., d. 25-6-1942, Age/Birth:24
Bishop, Janene Ann, d. 9-1-1988, Age/Birth:13-7-1954
Blackburn, Henry, d. 7-8-1943, Age/Birth
Blackburn, Jane, d. 13-12-1916, Age/Birth:13-1-1860
Blair, baby son, d. 14-11-1958, Age/Birth:14-11-1958
Blair, Jemima, d. 27-1-1949, Age/Birth:1874
Blair, Robert, d. 22-7-1951, Age/Birth:1866
Blanch, Elizabeth, d. 25-8-1944, Age/Birth:87
Blanch, Hector T, d. 2-4-1951, Age/Birth:84
Bloomfield, Charles August, d. 19-1-1943, Age/Birth:1875
Bloomfield, John Anthony, d. 29-7-1974, Age/Birth:75
Bock, Ernst Hermann, d. 10-6-1955, Age/Birth:1909
Bock, Heinerich A, d. 27-12-1951, Age/Birth:1878
Bock, Sophie Karoline H., d. 22-8-1962, Age/Birth:1881
Bohan, Peter W, d. 0-11-1956, Age/Birth:0-11-1956
Bond, Eliza Elizabeth, d. 7-9-1937, Age/Birth:66
Bonisch, Mary, d. 18-4-1984, Age/Birth:3-1-1921
Booka, Charles, d. 23-9-1944, Age/Birth:1854
Booth, Thomas, d. 9-6-1961, Age/Birth:1878
Boothby, Valentine Charles, d. 23-10-1958, Age/Birth:66
Bourke, B.P., d. 22-11-1990, Age/Birth:64
Bourke, Shane C, d. 11-1-1980, Age/Birth:24
Bourne, Charles Frederick, d. 19-12-1915, Age/Birth:1836
Bourne, Evelyn Harriet, d. 14-11-1951, Age/Birth:34
Bourne, Helen Isabel, d. 19-7-1960, Age/Birth:79
Bourne, James, d. 18-4-1959, Age/Birth:81
Bowden, Thomas George, d. 9-4-1950, Age/Birth:1873
Bowser, Annie Maria, d. 17-4-1975, Age/Birth:83
Bowser, Cecil Alfred, d. 7-2-1953, Age/Birth:1904
Bowser, Edward Ernest, d. 2-3-1956, Age/Birth:65
Brake, Catherine, d. 3-9-1932, Age/Birth:1857
Bran(d)t, Thomas, d. 22 Dec 1908, age: 30yr 7mo 6da, accident
Branch, Katharine Diana Francesca, d. 30-5-1987, Age/Birth:15-9-1965
Branch, Peter Wilfred, d. 17-5-1993, Age/Birth:11-1-1927
Branch, Violet Noel, d. 28-8-1987, Age/Birth:25-12-1895
Bray, Jessamine Grace, d. 16-11-1936, Age/Birth:1887
Brewer, Emma, d. 22-6-1947, Age/Birth:92
Brewer, Violet Edith, d. 16-2-1954, Age/Birth:69
Bridger, Noel Ray, Sgt Pilot, d. 28-9-1995, Age/Birth:5-11-1924
Bridger, Noel Ray, d. 28-9-1995, b. 5-11-1924
Briggs, Agness, d. 29-11-1929, Age/Birth:55
Briggs, Edgar, d. 4-8-1979, Age/Birth:76
Briggs, Ernest, d. 31-10-1961, Age/Birth:91
Briggs, 'Jackie', d. 22-6-1943, Age/Birth
Briggs, Tom, my brother, d. 8-2-1990, Age/Birth:76
Brinkley, Charles Henry, d. 15-4-1986, Age/Birth:4-11-1915
Brinkley, Charles Henry, d. 19-8-1962, Age/Birth:82
Brinkley, Dorothy Gladys, d. 11-7-1989, Age/Birth:68
Brinkley, Grace Delphine, d. 26-11-1978, Age/Birth:47
Brinkley, Lily Ethel, d. 10-10-1985, Age/Birth:95
Brinkley, Scott, d. 26-7-1979, Age/Birth:7hrs
Brogan, Narelle Evelyn, d. 24-7-1980, Age/Birth:'25
Brook, Alice, d. 24-4-1958, Age/Birth:22-4-1887
Brook, John, d. 10-10-1956, Age/Birth:24-4-1887
Brooker, John Henry, d. 12-1-1973, Age/Birth:64
Brooker, Obed Huntley, d. 9-2-1968, Age/Birth:99 & 7mths
Brooker, Sarah Frances, d. 16-4-1959, Age/Birth:91
Brown, Rodney Hayden, d. 30-5-1976, Age/Birth:10-6-1944
Brown, Roland Thorne Seccombe, d. 4-11-1992, Age/Birth:13-10-1918
Brown, Thomas Henry, d. 22-3-1976, Age/Birth
Browne, Ellen Maud Mary (Ella), d. 23-12-1969, Age/Birth:1876
Browne, Eva May, d. 19-3-1972, Age/Birth:1900
Browne, Hannah Ivy Isabel, d. 24-2-1977, Age/Birth:1912
Browne, Walter Isaac, d. 17-7-1955, Age/Birth:1878
Browne, William Henry, d. 14-6-1966, Age/Birth:1898
Brownlie, Agnes Paxton, d. 9-8-1964, Age/Birth:1894
Brownlie, Claude, d. 22-8-1941, Age/Birth:1887
Brownlie, Daniel McInness (Don), d. 19-11-1955, Age/Birth:1889
Bruford, Joan Amie Pontet, d. 30-9-1993, Age/Birth:31-8-1904
Bruford, John Ord Bews, d. 23-6-1970, Age/Birth:1-4-1913
Brumpton, Bessie, d. 21-10-1945, Age/Birth:1860
Brumpton, Charles, d. 2-6-1943, Age/Birth:1863
Bugenhagen, Amy, d. 28-2-1955, Age/Birth:1903
Bugenhagen, Frederick, d. 15-1-1967, Age/Birth:1884
Bugenhegen, Emelie, d. 23-2-1931, Age/Birth:1850
Bugenhegen, Frederick, d. 6-8-1934, Age/Birth:1845
Buhk, Anne Dorothea, d. 1960, Age/Birth:1880
Buhk, Wilhelm Friedrich, d. 1948, Age/Birth:1873
Bull, Eleese Joan, d. 14-6-1947, Age/Birth:1870
Bull, William McLeod, d. 13-12-1931, Age/Birth:86
Bunney, Edward John, d. 14-3-1988, Age/Birth:1-10-1915
Burden, Elinor Julie, d. 14-10-1924, Age/Birth:43
Burden, George W, d. 6-10-1960, Age/Birth:73
Burden, John R, d. 1-6-1918, Age/Birth:61
Burden, Julia, d. 8-5-1937, Age/Birth:91
Burnett, Edward Lionel, d. 28-10-1950, Age/Birth:75
Burnett, Ernest Jones, d. 1940, Age/Birth:1853
Burnett, Ethel Jane, d. 1937, Age/Birth:1868
Burnett, Isabel Doretta, d. 23-1-1944, Age/Birth:65
Burns, Hannah Nicholson, d. 2-12-1948, Age/Birth:70
Burrell, Philip John, d. 17-5-1995, Age/Birth:24-4-1952
Burton, R. L., d. 20-12-1942, Age/Birth:19
Bury, Edward Charles, d. 13-8-1949, Age/Birth:29
Butler, C. J. J., d. 5-8-1952, Age/Birth:39
Butt, Annie, d. 21-8-1971, Age/Birth:92
Butt, George John Jnr, d. 17-9-1948, Age/Birth:71
Butt, George John, d. 20-4-1937, Age/Birth:82
Butt, Lucy Emma, d. 29-6-1964, Age/Birth:82
Butt, Maria, d. 22-2-1943, Age/Birth:89
Butt, William J, d. 30-7-1940, Age/Birth:78
Cadden, Leslie G. B., d. 29-12-1950, Age/Birth:72
Cadden, Sarah B, d. 11-10-1952, Age/Birth:76
Cahill, Colin Thomas, d. 1-2-1993, Age/Birth:5-12-1929
Cain, Alfred, d. 19-8-1986, Age/Birth:8-5-1913
Cain, William St John, d. 23-4-1937, Age/Birth:24-6-1888
Caird, John Lindsay, d. 1987, Age/Birth:1899
Cairns, W. C., d. 10-10-1942, Age/Birth:24
Callaghan, Lilian Ada, d. 19-9-1983, Age/Birth:70
Callaghan, Margaret Lyon, d. 25-10-1935, Age/Birth:56
Callaghan, Owen, d. 15-8-1942, Age/Birth:73
Callaghan, Stanley, 2nd AIF, d. 12-7-1969, Age/Birth:1-6-1905
Callaghan, William Arthur, d. 29-10-1970, Age/Birth:60
Cameron, Margaret Jane, d. 6-9-1941, Age/Birth:58
Campbell, A. W., d. 26-6-1942, Age/Birth:32
Campbell, John, d. 1-6-1941, Age/Birth:73
Campbell, Marie, d. 5-2-1943, Age/Birth:73
Campbell, Robert, d. 12-4-1988, Age/Birth:19-11-1912
Campbell, Scott Andrew, d. 28-9-1997, Age/Birth:1-12-1975
Cannon, Bridgett Elizabeth, d. 16-8-1949, Age/Birth:14-2-1872
Cannon, Thomas Theodore, d. 8-5-1963, Age/Birth:24-9-1879
Caplick, August R, acc killed, d. 1-3-1943, Age/Birth:47
Caplick, Elizabeth, d. 16-10-1969, Age/Birth:78
Cardinal, Ada, d. 1941, Age/Birth:1876
Cardinal, Alice Ellen, d. 1968, Age/Birth:1913
Cardinal, Christopher, d. 1927, Age/Birth:1867
Cardinal, William Charles, d. 1979, Age/Birth:1906
Carey, J.L., d. 8-8-1942, Age/Birth:25
Carhart, Michael John, d. 10-4-1936, Age/Birth:Jun1934
Carroll, Richard Lawrence, d. 8-7-1990, Age/Birth:14-11-1968
Carter, David G, d. 1980, Age/Birth:1906
Carter, Frederick, d. 29-1-1934, Age/Birth:59
Carter, Herbert, d. 19-11-1932, Age/Birth:16
Carter, John Patrick, b. 07 May 1924, d. 10 Dec 2004
Carter, Lucy Mary, d. 4-6-1929, Age/Birth:52
Carter, Melva Olive, d. 31-5-1979, Age/Birth:58
Carter, Mildred Olive, d. 10-11-1938, Age/Birth:44
Carter, Noelene Olive, d. 28-3-1980, acc killed, Age/Birth:17
Carter, Robert Allan, d. 30-11-1980, Age/Birth:62
Carter, Trevor (Bill), d. 20-8-1984, Age/Birth:58
Casey, Monica Cecilia, d. 31-1-1965, Age/Birth:1890
Castleton, Louise Jean, d. 29-8-1985, Age/Birth:4-1-1913
Castleton, Reginald Henry, d. 24-8-1985, Age/Birth:19-7-1909
Cavanagh, G.A. J. (Alf), d. 18-3-1977, Age/Birth:69
Cavanagh, Jessie Amelia, d. 5-6-1946, Age/Birth:71
Challands, John, d. Jun 1927, Age/Birth:1915
Chapman, W.J., d. 1-4-1943, Age/Birth:53
Clark, Bruce, d. 3-8-1995, Age/Birth:25-8-1982
Claydon, Nathan Bruce, d. 16-2-1998, Age/Birth:28-3-1928
Clayton, Lily, d. 11-9-1947, Age/Birth:63
Clemann, G.R., d. 21-10-1942, Age/Birth:34
Clough, John Crossby, d. 19-4-1993, Age/Birth:20-3-1933
Cochrane, Allan J, d. 25-12-1948, Age/Birth
Cody, Patrick, d. 10-7-1993, Age/Birth:67
Cogill, Alice Gregor, d. 1992, Age/Birth:1914
Cogill, James, d. 7-1-1952, Age/Birth:74
Colgan, Irene Mary, d. 13-9-1992, Age/Birth:8-11-1921
Colless, Hilda Grace, d. 27-9-1980, Age/Birth:28-1-1893
Colless, James Joseph, d. 6-4-1973, Age/Birth:22-2-1890
Colless, James William, d. 14-1-1955, Age/Birth:1899
Collingwood, Christopher William, d. 5-10-1994, Age/Birth:11-12-1988
Collins, James Frederick, d. 27-10-2005, b. 30-5-1920
Collins, Peter, d. 5-12-1979, Age/Birth:2-6-1914
Collins, Samuel, d. 8-3-1999, Age/Birth:19-1-1919
Collins, Verle Lauretta, d. 3-8-1945, Age/Birth:30
Collins, Violet, d. 12-10-2005, b. 11-11-1912
Constable, Agnes P, d. 17-11-1961, Age/Birth:65
Coomber, Laurence, d. 30-10-1999, Age/Birth
Coomber, Sybil Harding, d. 16-11-1990, Age/Birth:26-6-1927
Coomber, Thelma May, d. 20-5-2003, b. 1-10-1922
Coombs, Aubin Harold, d. 3-6-1999, Age/Birth
Coombs, Eva Elizabeth, d. 22-11-1984, Age/Birth:61
Cooper, Charles Leslie, d. 27-1-1986, Age/Birth:6-9-1912
Cooper, Charles, d. 9-5-1926, Age/Birth:57
Cooper, Daphne Margaret Ward, b. 5 Oct 1922 Cairo, d. 30 Jul 2001
Cooper, David, d. 31 Oct 1957
Cooper, Geoffrey Dryden Bliss, b. 7 Apr 1913 London, d. 13 Jul 1995
Cooper, William Douglas, d. 4-4-1948, Age/Birth:13
Corlis, Philip Edwy M.d., d. 10-2-1949, Age/Birth:79
Corlis, Winnie May, d. 3-9-1941, Age/Birth:70
Cornelius, Roslyn Frances, d. 10-8-1960, Age/Birth:4mths
Cotterell, Arthur Charles, d. 1991, Age/Birth:1916
Cotterell, Charles Worsley, d. 1978, Age/Birth:1915
Cotterell, Martha Jane, d. 1903, Age/Birth:1850
Cotterill, Cecil Charles, d. 30-1-1975, b. 15-1-1909
Cotterill, Hazel Margarete, d. 15-12-2001, b. 8-10-1912
Cozens, David Norman, d. 6-9-1950, ex R.A.A.F, Age/Birth:42
Cozens, Evan Ronald C, d. 9-2-1942, Age/Birth:20
Cozens, George Edgar, d. 19-8-1931, acc killed, Age/Birth:17
Cozens, Harriet Amelia, d. 24-1-1968, Age/Birth:84
Cozens, John David, d. 21-9-1937, Age/Birth:67
Craig, Henry Alexander, d. 2-1-1973, Age/Birth:76
Craig, Lucy May, d. 24-8-1963, Age/Birth:69
Craig, Mervyn H.A., d. 8-7-1941, Age/Birth
Cramb, Sarah, d. 20-6-1939, Age/Birth:80
Crawford, Bertha, d. 12-2-1959, Age/Birth:77
Crawford, Clare, d. 20-4-1996, Age/Birth:3-5-1922
Crawford, Lily Agnethe, d. 10-2-1987, Age/Birth:38
Creagh, Richard Blakeney, d. 8-4-1989, Age/Birth:14-3-1938
Crocombe, Jane Ann, d. 25-12-1951, Age/Birth:81
Crocombe, William Bricknell, d. 14-9-1957, Age/Birth:83
Crofton, Edward J, d. 31-3-1918, Age/Birth:61
Croker, Ernest Robert Cyril, d. 12-4-1981, Age/Birth:76
Croker, Evelyn Theresa, d. 14-10-1989, Age/Birth:77
Croker, Walter James, d. 30-11-1961, acc killed, Age/Birth:28
Cross, Andrew, d. 14-6-1991, Age/Birth:30-12-1969
Crouch, George Frederick, d. 8-3-1988, Age/Birth:67
Crumpton, Eli Norman, d. 19-5-1946, Age/Birth:44
Cumner, David M, d. 26-9-1956, Age/Birth:77
Cumner, Margaret Marie, d. 19-6-1945, Age/Birth:70
Cunning, Barry F, d. 10-5-1959, Age/Birth:2-7-1944
Cunning, Catherine, d. 10-6-1927, Age/Birth:13-10-1855
Cunning, Charles E, d. 13-12-1928, Age/Birth:30-8-1923
Cunning, Frank, d. 12-4-1995, Age/Birth:25-6-1913
Cunning, Gertrude, d. 7-4-1958, Age/Birth:2-12-1887
Cunning, Graham A, d. 27-4-1944, Age/Birth:21-4-1944
Cunning, Robert David, d. 14-11-1996, Age/Birth:3-1-1919
Cunning, William Snr, d. 8-10-1938, Age/Birth:22-8-1858
Cunning, William, d. 29-6-1958, Age/Birth:12-4-1883
Curby, N. L., d. 6-6-1993, Age/Birth:56
Curry, Ada May, d. 4-1-1963, Age/Birth:61
Curry, James M, d. 24-7-1965, Age/Birth:74
Dakin, Oswald, d. 1962, Age/Birth:1880
Dalton, Angela Madeleine, d. 26-7-1968, Age/Birth
Dalzell, James Allan, d. 31-10-1921, Age/Birth:87
Dalzell, John Lloyd, d. 20-9-1943, Age/Birth:78
Dalzell, Mary, d. 5-7-1924, Age/Birth:87
Daniell, Rebekah Anne, d. 1-12-1995, Age/Birth:19-7-1993
Daniels, C. Edward, d. 1946, Age/Birth:1863
Darr, G. D., d. 12-1-2004, age: 81yr
Darson, Agnes Mary Ellen, d. 1975, Age/Birth:1904
Darsow, Lucas Herman Phillip, d. 1965, Age/Birth:1897
Davey, Charlotte, d. 1944, Age/Birth:1860
Davey, John, d. 1915, buried Gallipoli, Age/Birth
Davey, Mary Minnie, d. 1917, Age/Birth:1886
Davey, Thomas, d. 1917, Age/Birth:1893
Davey, Thomas, d. 1920, Age/Birth:1849
Davies, Donald Andrew, d. 17-1-1998, age: 49yr
Davies, Vida, d. 1968, Age/Birth:1905
Davies, William, d. 1973, Age/Birth:1901
Davis, John, d. 1929, Age/Birth:1847
Dawson, Annie Elizabeth, d. 1-7-1977, Age/Birth:1886
Dawson, Daniel Taylor, d. 5-1-1960, Age/Birth:1882
Dawson, Ross, acc killed, d. 4-6-1938, Age/Birth:1915
De la Perrelle, J.P.R., d. ? (Anglican Priest), Age/Birth:?
De la Perrelle, 'Queen' Florence Gertrude Buttress Hilliam, d. 21-1-1976, Age/Birth:85
De Rouserail, Countess Paula Josette, d. 1990, Age/Birth:1921
De Vond, Mark Leslie, d. 28-2-1978, Age/Birth:10-2-1965
Dean, 'Dad', d. 20-12-1968, Age/Birth
Dean, Eliza Davis, d. 22-10-1936, Age/Birth:1860
Dean, James Luke, d. 1943, Age/Birth:1868
Dean, Mary Ellen, d. 12-12-1951, Age/Birth:1885
Dean, Sara Emily J., d. 8-8-1941, Age/Birth:1861
Dengate, George Eaton, d. 1993, Age/Birth:1954
Dent, Ernest Charles, d. 1-6-1953, Age/Birth:45
Dent, Ivy Ellen, d. 22-8-1994, Age/Birth:11-4-1913
Dent, Mary Annie Maud, d. 11-10-1954, Age/Birth:8-11-1885
Dent, Mildred S, d. 16-11-1952, Age/Birth:54
Dent, Thomas O, d. 13-8-1969, Age/Birth:85
Dent, William Patrick, d. 15-3-1951, Age/Birth:16-9-1879
Dethridge, Mary Louise, d. 16-12-1987, Age/Birth:16-8-1908
Devenney, Robert, d. 8-2-1998, Age/Birth:9-8-1930
Devitt, Mary Josephine Patricia, d. 20-3-1959, Age/Birth:3-5-1912
Devitt, Patrick James, d. 18-3-1974, Age/Birth:30-8-1943
Dickens, A.G., d. 15-1-1963, Age/Birth:84
Dickson, Sarah A, d. 6-10-1947, Age/Birth:81
Dickson, William M, d. 21-1-1952, Age/Birth:88
Docherty, Daniel, d. 26-6-1949, Age/Birth:76
Docherty, Jane, d. 31-3-1955, Age/Birth:84
Doe, Hannah Elizabeth, d. 23-9-1983, Age/Birth:6-5-1899
Doig, Andrew, d. 26-4-1946, Age/Birth:58
Doig, Elizabeth Ann, d. 17-11-1969, Age/Birth:79
Donadel, Antonio, d. 8-11-1956, Age/Birth:74
Donadel, Lucia, d. 21-2-1976, Age/Birth:89
Donaldson, Michael, d. 23-1-1913, Age/Birth:2-2-1881
Downes, Ethel Amelia, d. 4-2-1953, Age/Birth:65
Downes, Horace Edwin, d. 6-7-1955, Age/Birth:67
Downes, John Valentine, d. 21-6-1952, Age/Birth:8
Drane, Marjorie Allison, d. 24-2-2004, b. 16-11-1918
Drane, Ronald Ernest, d. 4-12-2000, b. 25-5-1909
Driver, Thomas Richard, d. 9-4-1993, Age/Birth:13-11-1903
Duffield, Esther, d. 9-1-1930, Age/Birth:59
Duffield, James Frederick, d. 12-10-1955, Age/Birth:75
Duffield, John, d. 20-2-1930, Age/Birth:85
Duffield, Laura Mary, d. 28-8-1952, Age/Birth:70
Duffield, Selina, d. 20-6-1924, Age/Birth:1851
Dulava, Jan, d. 20-7-1979, Age/Birth:68
Duncan-Smith, India, d. 20-3-2003
Dunn, Dorothy Blanche, d. 21-9-1981, Age/Birth:21-7-1889
Dunn, John Norman, d. 23-10-1989, Age/Birth:3-1-1924
Dunn, Norman, d. 21-8-1956, Age/Birth:65

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