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Eton Cemetery
Mackay City, Queensland, Australia

Contributed by Alan Wagener, May 2000 [myra@mackay.net.au]. Total records = 26.

Eton is a small village close to Mackay, Queensland, Australia. It is some 30 km west on the main Peak Downs Highway to Clermont, at the base of the escarpment.

Cemetery Records

Burgess, Ellen, d. 1 Oct 1940, b. 1891, age 49y, 'wife and mother'
Burgess, Graham W., d. 13 Jul 1926, b. 1888, age 38y
Burgess, Sarah, d. 3 Nov 1916, b. 1852, age 64y, w/o William Burgess. with Thomas Burgess
Burgess, Thomas, d. 15 Nov 1916, b. 1892, age 24y, with Sarah Burgess. Son?
Dunne, Kathleen, Inf d/o R.D. and Lily Dunne
Dunne, Patrick John, Inf s/o R.D. and Lily Dunne
Kemp, Charles William, d. 19 Apr 1919, b. 1867, age 52y
Kennedy, Sarah Ann, d. 13 Feb 1929, b. 1856, age 73y
Lee, Ada, d. 31 Dec 17, w/o J. Lee
Lowther, Emily Josephine, d. 5 Oct 1924, b. 1859, age 65y
Lowther, Samuel Montgomery, d. 25 Jan 1927, b. 1841, age 86y, Father of Emily and W.M. Lowther?
Lowther, W. M.(Pte), d. 29 Sep 1918, k.i.a. France, s/o Samuel Lowther?
Michelmore, Elizabeth, d. 29 Dec 1933, b. 1877, age 56y, w/o John Alfred Michelmore
Northey, Marie, d. 3 Oct 1939, b. 1853, age 86, w/o William Northey
Northey, William, d. 9 Nov 1929, b. 1849, age 80y, h/o Marie Northey
Pollard, Nance, d. 15 Dec 1921, w/o W. Plooard
Porter, John, d. 11 Jul 1908, b. 1844, age 64y, h/o Mary Porter
Porter, Mary, d. 22 Apr 1891, b. 1848, age 43, w/o John Porter
Porter, S. E. (Capt.)(MC), d. 25 Nov 1908, of wounds in England, b. 1876, age 32y, Presumed to be s/o John Porter
Schmidt, Arthur, d. 25 Jul 1918, b. 1891, age 27y, s/o Henry Schmidt?, with Evelyn Schmidt (no date)
Schmidt, Henry, d. 21 Jan 1923, b. 1871, age 52y
Simpson, Catherine, age 77y, w/o James Augustus Simpson
Simpson, James Augustus, age 84y, h/o Catherine Simpson, Father of Thomas, William and James Allan Simpson
Temple, John, d. 3 Jan 1914
Vaughn, Annie, d. 24 Oct 1891, b. 1854, age 37y, w/o Austin Vaughn
Vaughn, Austin, d. 8 Sep 1936, b. 1855, age 81y, h/o Annie Vaughn

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