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Taabinga Homestead Cemetery
Kingaroy Shire, Queensland, Australia

Contributed by Janice Nightingale, Nov 29, 2000 [bluejan_too@hotmail.com]. Total records = 8.

Taabinga Station is situated a few minutes drive from Kingaroy.

It was originally taken up by the Haly brothers in 1846. It was sold to Tom Alford in 1875 and finally to Arthur Youngman. The station is still owned by members of the Youngman family, and is at times, open to the public.

Check for Open Days before visiting. The cemetery contains the graves of family members and employees of the Station and is surrounded by an iron and chain fence.

- Janice Nightingale

Baker, Matilda Anne, d. 13 May 1864, age: 3y4m, daughter of George and Bridgetta Baker, bur. row 1 grave1
Haly, Anastasia M, d. 10 Jun 1858, age: 1yr, same grave as Charles W R Haly, bur. row2 grave 1
Haly, Charles W R, d. 2 Jul 1858, age: 13m, same grave as Anastasia M Haly, bur. row2 grave 1
Leu, Gwenyth Ethel, b. 11 Jan 1913 Taabinga, d. 4 Jan 1998 Taabinga, (Fitty) nee Youngman, wife of Robert (Bobby) H. H., lost at sea 1 Sep 1942, wife of Rudolph Leu
Leu, Rudolph, no dates
Weldon, Henry, d. 30 May 1869, age: 32yr, stockman, bur. row 4 grave 5
Youngman, Arthur, b. 1862, d. 1935, husband of Daphne Florence Youngman, bur. row 3 grave 3
Youngman, Daphne Florence, b. 1887, d. 1975 wife of Arthur Youngman, bur. row 3 grave 3

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